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This was written by my husband about a very dear friend of mine who really is a dreadful tease. For all you teases out will get yours hehehehhe

hope you enjoy comments welcomed.

We were sitting around one night when a friend Stacy called wanting to party. Let me tell you about her she is 22, 5‘8 and 120 lbs. Very sexy. She and my wife Shelia have been friends all their lives. She came over and we sat around and had a few drinks. I was talking shit as usual trying to get her to have a little fun. She loves to tease me and to tell the truth I love it to. I’ve gotten little peeks of her goodies now and then but never got to sample them. Well back to the story.

As the night went on we got a little buzzed and I was getting better and better shots of her pretty pussy. I know she saw me look several times. After a few more drinks I started thinking she might be coming around. Shelia was asleep so I decided to test the waters. I started rubbing her leg nice and soft but she brushed my hand away and said “Stop.” Not enough alcohol yet, I thought. We drank some more, I handed her the bottle every few minutes.

After a while I decided to try again. I started the same way, softly rubbing her leg and this time she didn't push me away. I started slowly working my way up her thigh. My cock was rock hard and I didn’t think she was going to stop me. Then dammit, halfway up she stopped me and pushed my hand away. Oh I was so close...Maybe a few more drinks will loosen her up some more I thought. So we finished off the bottle and chit chatted. The whole time she was giving me shots up her short shorts..I figured I would try one more time.

I started at her ankle working my way up long long smooth legs. Just as I touched her clean shaven pussy she stopped me again saying “you are my best friends husband...” By that time i was so horny I decided to try to wake Shelia up.

I leaned over her and whispered, “Daddy’s horny, take off your clothes.” She did and started rubbing my cock. She had all 7.5 inches hard in a flash and she was dripping wet. I eased around so I could slip into her nice warm pussy. After about 5 strokes, she looked at me and said “What are you doing?” She had been asleep the whole time. Then she grinned at me and I slid back into her hot tight pussy and continued to fuck her nice and low enjoying her pussy as Stacy watched us. Or so I thought. I looked over and Stacy had passed out. I got an idea, and told Shelia what had happened earlier while I continued to fuck her. Then I told her my idea. She said sounds good so I got up and got our handcuffs.

We both jumped on Stacy. We drug her to the floor and cuffed her hands behind her back. She woke up and was screaming “what the hell are yall doing???” Shelia replied “You will see you teasing ass slut.” Then she got over Stacy in a 69 position. I started fucking her from behind and in just a few minutes Shelia was squirting girl cum Stacy’s face. She was still fighting us so Shelia started licking her pussy, making Stacy squirm and moan against her will. I couldn’t hold out any longer and filled Shelia’s pussy with hot sticky cum. She sat up and planted her pussy on Stacy’s mouth. Shelia said “clean my pussy you teasing ass bitch.” As I watched my cum run into Stacy’s mouth my cock got hard again.

Shelia noticed and said “She's in no position to stop you now. Take that pussy.” So I did. I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy she was trying to get away and said “ no please, dont.”, but she was dripping wet. I couldn’t wait any longer and drove all 7.5 inches straight in. God it felt so nice as i sawed back and forth. Her pussy started clamping down and massaging my cock. I fucked her for about 20 minutes then I decided I wanted her ass.

I told Shelia to grab her legs and hold them up. Then I pulled out and started rubbing some of her juices on her asshole. She realized what I was doing and said “NO not there Ive never done that before.” I replied “ oh well looks like Im going to get a cherry from you after all.” I slowly eased the head in and Stacy screamed “No.” Shelia said “ Take it bitch, you’ve teased daddy for the last time.” Shelia started rubbing her clit and her pussy started flowing again, running down onto my cock giving me the lube I needed to slide all the way into her ass. Stacy was screaming no its to much, and my wife told her to shut up and sat on herf face while I hammered her ass.

After about ten minutes of this I was ready to blow and asked Shelia where she wanted me to cum. She told me to cum in Stacy’s mouth. I pulled out and put my cock in her face. She tried to keep her mouth shut, but Shelia pinched her nose. When she opened her mouth I shoved my whole cock diwn her throat and unloaded what seemed like a gallon of cum while she gagged and choked. When I was done I asked her if she would ever refuse me again. She said “No sir, you can fuck me any time you want.”


2011-06-08 10:32:29
Nice, but better if longer and more detailed.

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