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Please read parts 1first
In the second part things are becoming a lot more interesting. Please read part 1 first and watch for the third (and final) part. When rating please keep in mind the context of this entire true story.

“There, problem solved” she announced.

Obviously, any embarrassment from the candid photos was long forgotten. I glanced over to Jill to catch her reaction as did Lisa.

“Well if we are doing this together…..” Jill said as she undid her bikini top while Lisa gently clapped her hands together joyfully.

I turned back to Lisa, half the rope and slipped the midpoint over her head. Bringing together the two pieces that were now hanging in front of Lisa I tied simple knots at intervals just below the collar bone, between her breasts, at the base of her ribs, and mid way down her flat stomach.

Jill watched intently while leaning against the footboard of our king sized bed. Lisa alternated between looking at Jill and watching my progress. I noticed Lisa’s breathing was starting to get deeper, a clear sign to me she was getting turned on with the anticipation of the next knot.

I always take time for the next knot. Partially because getting it in the right spot is important, partially just because I like to prolong Lisa’s anticipation and partially because I like the close up view of Lisa’s body. I tied the next knot being careful that it would be right over Lisa’s clit as the rope was brought between her legs. I also made sure that both parts of the rope slipped between Lisa’s pussy lips, which when combined with the exact placement of the knot brought a sharp intake of Lisa’s breath.

Stepping behind Lisa I gave the two ends of the rope another firm tug which threw her slightly off balance. As she leant against me, with her eyes closed, Lisa’s pubic mound was thrust forward in Jill’s direction before Lisa recovered her balance. I watched as Jill’s eyes widened at the sight of the knot and the rope separating Lisa’s lips rudely and as Jill slowly scanned up Lisa’s body. When our eyes finally met Jill licked her lips unconsciously before she half smiled at me.

I brought both ends up and through the loop at the back of Lisa’s neck before bringing them around to the front, one on each side.

“Jill, will you help me?”

She wasted no time stepping forward and stood face to face, just inches from Lisa.

“Take each end of the rope and pass it under and back around each strand of rope between the top two knots I made. Then loop the rope back to me. There…..see…. you made a diamond pattern.”

To hand the ends back to me Jill had to lean in closer and extend her arms around Lisa’s side as though she was about to give her a hug. I then took the rope ends and after looping them through the rope running up Lisa’s back handed the ends back to Jill, saying “OK, do that exactly the same between the second and third knots.”

We completed the same procedure as before causing the rope to run over the top of Lisa’s breasts. The next time I ran the rope ends under Lisa’s breasts, which now sported two very erect nipples. I know from experience that when Lisa becomes very aroused her nipples become so hard she says it feels like they are being pinched but rather than being painful they send little shocks straight to her clit causing her pussy to become wet.

This time as I handed the ends back to Jill I noticed her hands were trembling.

“This time Jill, I want you to loop the ends back up just past the second knot and then hand the ends back to me” I noticed the back of Jill’s hands touch the curve of Lisa’s breasts which elicited a slight moan from my wife.

The effect of these ties was to bind and squeeze Lisa’s breasts.

Jill and I continued with the last of the passing the rope back and forth between us to the area between the knot on her stomach and the knot over Lisa’s clit. I made sure to pull the ends a little tighter this last time causing the knot to pull up snuggly (but not too painfully tight) between Lisa’s pussy lips and against her clit. I then finished tying off the ends while taking note that Jill made no attempt to move from being just a few inches from Lisa. Jill seemed frozen in place staring at Lisa and flushed. I also noticed her chest rising as it would for someone slightly out of breath.

When I finished Lisa took one step back, raised her arms shoulder high and said “TaDah” before doing a pirouette for Jill.

“You….it…….look so beautiful,” Jill stumbled to say referring to both my wife and to my handiwork. “How does it feel?”

“Wonderful, sexy, tight” Lisa replied. “But now it’s your turn to find out for yourself!”

Changing places, I repeated most of the same steps on Jill. Jill looked down and watched as I tied the knot between her breasts. I let my hands graze the inside curve of both her breasts while creating the knot testing their firmness and her reaction. Jill looked up at me and whispered “That’s nice.” If Lisa heard she didn’t say anything.

I continued with the other knots tying the last between her pierced belly button and her pubic bone. I took the two ends around the outside of Jill’s trim hips, under the lower curve of her ass cheeks that I had admired at the pool, between her legs and around her thighs. I continued to wrap the rope ends twice around each thigh creating a little rope cuff at the top of her thighs. This still left her pussy exposed. I then pulled the ends back though the cuffs and up her back to the loop at the back of Jill’s neck.

“Lisa, your turn to be the able assistant”

“With pleasure,” Lisa purred with a Cheshire cat smile as she took her place in front of her friend.

Again I handed the ropes around from the back and Lisa would loop them through the ropes and pass the ends back to me leaning forward just as Jill had done.

On the second exchange, as Lisa was reaching forward and around to return the ropes to me Jill leant forward and kissed Lisa on the mouth. It was more than a peck as Jill forced Lisa’s lips apart with her own, but (as Lisa replayed for me later) there was no tongue involved. Breaking off the kiss Jill simply said “Thank you, I owe you one” to my stunned wife who was obviously caught off guard by this feminine exchange.
After completing the main rope tie I stood in front of Jill and looped the shorter rope in half in preparation for the crotch rope. I wrapped the rope around Jill’s waist explaining that pulling the ends through the looped end and then bringing the ends between her legs and tying it off at the back was all I needed to do.

“Aren’t you going to tie a knot for my pussy like you did Lisa?” Jill almost sounded like a disappointed child who didn’t get her fair share of dessert.

“Of course I am” I smiled. There was no way I wasn’t going to get as close to Jill’s beautifully trimmed pussy as I could. I wanted to gaze on her sex, part her lips to uncover her clit so the knot would be perfectly placed, run my fingers down the folds of her flesh as I positioned the rope so her outer lips would be spread and so I could feel her wetness. Not only was I going to tie a clit knot for her I was going to take as much time and as much pleasure as I could without arousing Lisa’s suspicions.

“Wait a minute!” Lisa almost shouted breaking me from my sexual daydream of what was about to come (if not cum). “I have an idea.” Lisa dove under the bed and pulled out her “toy box”, as she calls it.

“Jill, love, what would you say to being filled with something before we put that rope in place?” Lisa said with her back to us.

Jill just smiled and blushed as she nodded in agreement when Lisa turned around now hiding something behind her back.

“Great ‘cause I have the perfect treat for you……just like the picture” And with that Lisa produced a butt plug she had just lubricated and one of her smaller dildos. “Just bend forward a bit and hold your cheeks apart.

Not only did this give Lisa access to insert the butt plug but it meant Jill’s breasts were now pressing against my chest. As Jill rose onto her toes and then settled back down on the plug her breasts and hard nipples rubbed up and down my bare chest. Jill momentarily rested her head on my shoulder as she accommodated the anal intrusion; but immediately stood up straight as Lisa plunged the dildo into her wet pussy making a very wet sound.

“Ahhhhh” was all Jill could say. Lisa reached around and grasped my hand, letting me know to finish the job of trussing Jill.

I then fashioned a rather larger knot, positioned it correctly and then slid the rope between Jill’s legs and back up to the rope around her waist.

“So Jill, how DOES it feel?” Lisa inquired as she stood.

“Nasty……but in a good way. I feel sexy and slutty and captive all at the same time.” Jill was admiring herself and my handiwork in the full length mirror.

“If you want to feel really nasty you should try wearing this in public,” Lisa said with a knowing smile.

Jill looked shocked. “You go out like this?”

“Well, yes and no,” I chimed in. “If you wear something loose no one knows. Here see what I mean,” I continued handing Jill her sun dress. After slipping it on the only thing visible were the two stands around Jill’s neck; but Lisa provided a light summer sweater which covered all telltale signs of the harness.

“I’ve got an idea,” Lisa said, “I’m getting hungry so let’s go to for burgers down the street. You’ll see how exciting this can be.”

I certainly didn’t need much more excitement as I had been sporting an erection for most of the afternoon. But I was intrigued by where this could go. We got in the car and drove a few blocks to Lisa’s favorite burger place. We briefly contemplated walking but felt that would be unfair to the stuffed Jill.

On the way there Jill and Lisa discussed how their respective knots felt on their clits as they shifted their weight in the car seats. I thought that even a fast food place was going to be too long a wait before getting them back to our house.

We ordered our meals but the staff said Jill’s was going to take a minute longer to prepare, so she told us to find a table and start while she waited for her dinner.

Once at the table, I leant across and whispered to Lisa, “I think Jill is enjoying herself.” I nodded in Jill’s direction. Lisa looked to watching Jill stand at the counter slowly shifting her weight from leg to leg causing the knot to rub from side to side over her pussy and clit.

We continued to watch Jill as her order came up and she started walking toward the table holding her tray, smiling the whole time. About half way to us Jill stumbled, put a hand on the back of a nearby chair, dropped the tray onto the vacant table and froze in place for a minute, her eyes wide in seeming disbelief and confusion as she looked our way. Lisa stifled a laugh.

I looked at Lisa then back at Jill before it dawned on me. “You didn’t” I said to Lisa while still looking at Jill as she now composed herself before continuing to our table.

“What the hell was THAT?” Jill asked in a not to quiet voice that brought a puzzled look from the two 20-something gals nearby.

Lisa was giggling as she held out the remote control. When Lisa grabbed my hand in the bedroom previously she handed me a very small wireless bullet. I knew from Lisa’s wink that I was to tie it into the knot over Jill’s clit without Jill knowing. Because of its tiny size I could completely hide it in the oversized knot I tied.

I thought it was intended for later and had no idea that Lisa had slipped the remote into her purse.

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