A tribute...gone but not forgotten
In Your Honor

by onehandedtypist

To flourish in hills
Full of flowers and trees
That grow, multiply and exist
Without the fear of ever being harvested

Tears fall from an overcast sky
A smoky brackishness moistens the ground
Welcoming a new addition to nature

Moons reflect their sun's rays
Burnt orange hue toasts the sun
In celebration of life again realized

Our husks carry us
Weeping and sorrow-filled
Joyous and elated
That one of our own no longer suffers

To be sad on such a dreary day
does not honor the one we lost

Let us continue on our way and hold him close
to our hearts, in our minds
and reunite once more in dreams
until time ceases to turn
the hands of life's clock

Published exclusively for xnxx may 18 2011

Wee HectorReport

2011-07-03 15:02:03
Are you really male? sweetheart. Here's a little vote for you who aren't obsessed with scores. Nighty night SWEETHEART.


2011-06-07 21:38:21
Anonymous reader
2011-06-04 21:56:14 deep, and u other two people, U SUCK

Thank you, anon.

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2011-06-04 21:56:14
deep, and u other two people, U SUCK

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2011-05-20 10:00:06
??!?!?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK

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2011-05-18 22:22:28
What is this i dont even......

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