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This is based off of a real fantasy of mine :) Real people, real fantasy! (Sorry about the paragraphs if they are not to perfection, I just wanted to post it. It's a great story! Tell me what you think or want different! Please be constructive critism or nice complements!)
My eyes were closed but I knew where I was. I was in John’s bedroom, laying in his bed, smelling his cologne and my perfume mixed. The slight smell of laundry detergent and wet dog. I could hear Dimples barking and Charles’s little kitten mews.
“Good morning, Beautiful.” John comes in with a tray and all I see is two glasses of orange juice standing tall. I smell bacon, pancake syrup and eggs.
A smile forms on my face as I sit up. My tank top askew on my body and my long, auburn hair resting on my slightly tanned shoulders. “Breakfast in bed? This is much better than hotel room service.”
John sets the tray of food on my legs and crawls into bed next to me. His hand gently touches my cheek and he pulls me in for a soft but passionate kiss on the lips. “Better in many ways.” He sits up straight and motions for me to start eating.
I take the fork that is neatly laid on a cloth napkin and I poke at some cheesy eggs with ham mixed in. I bring the fork to my mouth and I smile once the eggs are down my throat, “Exquisite.” I giggle. “Wow, baby, you made all this?”
“Yes. Why are you so surprised?” He takes his fork then takes his plate off the tray and sets it on his legs.
“Because, you never want to cook… and now you decide to cook and it’s better than gourmet!” My taste buds are rocking out on this bacon while he just stares at me. “And why breakfast in bed…today? It’s not your birthday, it’s not my birthday, it’s not a holiday today... are we celebrating something?”
John nods, “Well, kinda. It’s an introductory to something.” He turns his back to me and pulls open his nightstand drawer and takes out two envelopes. “I have something here that will totally blow your mind. Or just make you extremely excited, happy and anxious.” He has this big grin on his face.
“What’s that?” I dip my bacon in the sweet syrup (something I have done since I was a kid) and I look at the two envelopes.
“What’s this?” He holds the two envelopes in front of his face. “These are plane tickets.”
“To where? For who?” I savor the bite of bacon I have in my mouth.
“To Greece! And for us!” John holds them out in front of us and looks over at me and kisses my cheek. “Greece, Court! You have always wanted to go! We can finally go!”
I am speechless. My hands grip the two envelopes and rip them out of John’s hands. I look up at him, “GREECE!?”
“Uh-huh.” John puts his arm around me and kisses my cheek again, “A fancy hotel near the town so we can go sight seeing and souvenir shopping. Yes! Greece baby.”
I throw my arms around my kind and loving boyfriend and kiss him hard and long.
His hands caress my back and the back of my neck, and then he pulls back, “We leave in three days.”
“Three days?” I smile, “That’s too long!” I giggle, wanting to take off in flight now!
“Gives us enough time to pack and to tell our families were leaving and to find a place for Charles and Dimples to stay.” John sets the tickets back on the night stand and takes the tray from my legs. “Your such an amazing girlfriend, who has been with me forever! You deserve a luxurious vacation, and I deserve a luxurious vacation with a special, sexy, beautiful girl.” He kisses me again after he sets down the tray.


We wheel our suitcases into our hotel room. “Oh my goodness, John!” I walk over to the window and open it, smelling the fresh, sea air. “The view is breathtaking!” I look down on the sparkly, clear blue water of the ocean.
John comes up from behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. “Your breathtaking.” He kisses my neck and blows on my ear, making it tickle.
I giggle, “Stop it.”
“Stop it.” John imitates me. He turns me around so I face him and he leans down presses his lips against mine. His right hand goes to the back of my head and his left hand goes to my ass and he squeezes it.
I jump at his gesture and I wrap my left leg around his leg. “You want something?” I ask, in a business like manner.
“Yes, I want your body naked, spread out on the bed, pronto.” He smacks my ass playfully and kisses my neck.
“I’m starving, can we eat first?” I giggle, smacking his arm gently.
He stops kissing me and looks into my eyes, “Yeah, I’m pretty hungry myself.” He kisses me one more time on my lips and walks over to the desk and picks up a menu. “Room service?”
I shake my head, “No, it’s too expensive. Let’s go out.” I swing my purse over my shoulder and brush my hair out of my face and stand by the door, “It will be more fun.”
He smiles, “Oh yes it will.” He grabs his phone off the bed and the card key from the desk. He pinches my ass before we open the door and leave the hotel. “Where should we go?”
“I don’t know, let’s look around when we get into town.” We leave the hotel and the town is in walking distance. “It’s so nice how everything is in walking distance, so convenient.”
John’s hand reaches for mine and our fingers intertwine, “Very convenient, we don’t have to rent a car.”
I nod. We walk into the busy part of town where there are side street markets and dead, fresh fish being tossed over your head. We finally get to road that is lined with shops and restaurants, obviously a tourist attraction place. “Let’s check that one out?” I point to a building with a red roof, called Hondros. “It looks cute.”
We trudge down to the restaurant, stomachs growling and money to spend in our pockets. John opens the door for me and I lead inside.
I inhale and I close my eyes, “It smells so good in here.” I stand very close to John and he puts his arm around me.
“It does smell amazing in here.” John agrees.
A woman comes up to us in an black waist apron with a note pad tucked in the pouch. Her attire looks very American diner. She says something to us in Greek, but John and I don’t understand.
We look at her, embarrassed that we don’t speak Greek. Finally, John speaks up, “I’m sorry, we don’t speak Greek.”
The woman looks bashful then, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” She puts her hands to her mouth like she can’t believe what she just did.
“It’s ok, I think we were more embarrassed than you are now.” I giggle.
We all laugh it off and then the waitress introduces herself as Ismini and she will be our waitress tonight. She took us to a table for two and it had two candles placed on it. Once we were seated, she handed us each a menu and smiled, “I will be back shortly to take your order.” Her English was awesome.
John looks over the menu and then looks at me, “Courty, there are so many choices.” He puts the lovely, beige, card stock menu down on the table.
“I know!” I say, as I keep looking over the menu. “Maybe we could get Ismini over here to translate.”
“That’s a good idea.” John hales Ismini over and she gladly accepts.
“What would you like me to translate?” She asks.
I point to a bunch of figures that says something in Greek, “This…”
“That is Garides me Domata kai Feta.” She smiles.
“What’s that?” I ask.
“Greek style shrimp with tomato and Feta cheese.” She looks at both of us, wondering if that is what we are going to decide to have.
I look at John and he looks at me. He looks up at Ismini, “Bring two.”
“Coming right up. What would you like to drink with that?” She gets out her notepad and scribbles our food order.
“Just water for me.” I say, not really interested in drinking wine.
“Water for me too, thanks.” He hands his menu back to Ismini.
I hand mine to her as well and fold my hands on the table.
“Alrighty, will be back with your food, shortly.” She smiles and walks off to the kitchen.
“Mmm, Greek style shrimp with tomatoes and feta cheese!” John exclaims, rubbing his hands together and licking his lips.
“It sounds delicious. I can’t wait to eat.” My stomach growls so loud and I hunch over and hold my stomach. “Oh my god, that’s so embarrassing.”
John and I both laugh. “I love you, Court.” He reaches his hand across the table, grabs my wrist and takes my hand into his.
“I love you, too, John.” I look into his magnificent hazel eyes. John’s facial features are exquisite. “You are probably the sexiest man alive.”
“Nah…” John says.
“Stop it! You are, don’t lie and say ‘No!’ because you are! You are to me.” I smile to him and wrap my right ankle around his.
He smiles, “You’re my sexy little thing.” He gently plays footsie with me under the table as we wait for our food.
After about 15 minutes, our food is brought out of the kitchen and Ismini walks up to us with a platter of food and a fold up tray table. She unfolds the tray table and sets the tray down. “Two very delicious Garides me Domata kai Fetas.” She places plate in front of me and than John.
“Thank you.” I say, unwrapping my fork from the napkin.
“No problem. And here are your waters.” She takes two water glasses in each of her hands and sets down in front of us. “I will be stopping by every so often to check up on you two. Have a lovely dinner.” She walks to the front counter and disappears behind the doors leading to kitchen.
The dinner is simply scrumptious and we both have smiles on our faces the whole time. The new flavors tingle on our tongues as we savor the meal. “This is delicious.” I mumble through a slightly full mouth of shrimp, pointing my fork downwards to the food.
“Mhm.” John giggles as he is chewing and then swallows, “It’s amazing.”
During our meal, we talk about what we would like to do next. “I kind of just want to go back to the hotel room and rest.” I suggest, “Jet lag is kinda getting to me.”
John nods, “That sounds nice.” He drags out the word ‘nice’ to make it longer, like he is thinking of other things.
I giggle, “Oh John, stop thinking impure thoughts in public.” I say jokingly.
“I’m kidding. But before we go back to the hotel, I have to show you something.” He stops eating for a second and stares at me, his fork poking a piece of shrimp on his plate.
“What is it you have to show me?” I ask, bringing a piece of tomato to my mouth.
“You’ll have to see.” He lifts the fork to his mouth and bites off the shrimp. His eye brows rise and he smiles deviously. “It’s a surprise, babe.”
“Oh, one of those.” I act as if I don’t care, but inside I am going crazy and needing to know.
“I know your just dying to know!” John says after he swallows.
I nod, closing my eyes and holding my fork in my hand. I open my eyes and giggle, “You now me too well.”
John shrugs and shovels his fork around the plate and scoops up some feta cheese.
A little while after we finish eating, Ismini comes over to us with our check, John pays it and we thank Ismini for being so kind and helpful. We give her a gracious tip of course. John takes my hand and we walk out of the Hondros. “That was delicious.” John repeats.
“It was! I am going to Google that recipe so maybe I could make it at home for us or for our families.” We walk down a hill and John leads us off to side. “What? This isn’t the way-.”
John interrupts me, “But it is, my darling.” He takes me to a cliffy hill side, over looking the water. The sun is setting and it the water sparkles with what little sun light the sun has to offer before retiring. We walk under an archway and John pulls me close to him, having my body pressed against his, “I love you so much, Courtney.” He kisses my head and hugs me.
“I love you too, John.” I say, rubbing my hand up and down on his strong arm, holding me. He lets me go and turns his back to me. “John, what’s wrong?”
He hunches over and takes something from his pocket, “Nothing at all, sweetheart.” He turns around again, and kneels down on one knee, holding in his hand a navy blue, velvet box, holding a beautiful diamond ring wedged inside.
My eyes grow wide and he takes my hand. All I can do is stand there and let him hold my hand into his.
He has this ginormous smile on his face, “Courtney, I love you so much. We have been together forever, since we were freshmen in high school. We have been best friends since second grade. We are now in college and very much in love. During our journey together, I have learned something: you are the only one for me. Your passion and smile make me melt. You scare the hell out of me, and my grandpa always said to marry a very special girl who means the world to you, and who scares the hell out of you.” He stares up into my eyes for a few seconds and then continues, “I want no other, I want you! So, Courtney, will you marry me and be my wife?”
I am speechless. My eyes begin to water and I start to speak, but nothing comes out. I try again, “Yes!”
John takes the ring from the box, and slips it on my ring finger. He puts the blue box in his pocket, stands up and embraces me, kissing me with love. “I love you baby.” He whispers.
“I love you too.” We kiss in between the beautiful arch way, the sun is saluting us to our happiness together, and the audience of ocean watching this beautiful moment, capturing the scene. (The ocean must have many secrets to tell).
John’s hands caress my shoulders. He tugs on the waistband of my jeans, “Make love to me, Courtney.” He whispers, breathlessly.
Still kissing him, I slide my hands from his shoulders and over his shirt covered chest. I feel every line of his defined upper body, it turns me on me so much. My hands go under his shirt, touching his bare skin.
He lets out a sigh, a sigh of lust.
My hands go back to the bottom of his shirt and I pull up, peeling the fabric from his body, pulling it off his head and throwing it to the ground.
“My turn.” John’s hands reach up underneath my shirt, and feel the outside of my pink, lacy bra. “This isn’t needed.” He pulls me close and reaches around behind me, under my shirt and un hooks my bra. His big, soft hands caress my breasts from the inside of my shirt. His hands trail down my stomach and he grabs the bottom of my shirt and pulls it upward, revealing my bra, which is hanging by the straps on my shoulders. He tosses to the ground. “God, Courtney.” He pulls my bra from my shoulders and lets it slide down my arms, leaving my upper body shirtless, and naked.
We both hurry and take off our own pants and undergarments. I gather my clothes in a pile near John’s, so we don’t loose it. Right there in the arch way, luckily private for now, we embrace in a passionate hug and kiss. John’s lips press against mine, his mouth slightly opens, unleashing his tongue. I feel his wet, slippery tongue lick my lips, the closed gate for his passage. I open my lips, letting his tongue inside my mouth to meet with my tongue. Our tongues dance and wrestle together as we are interlocked into a kiss.
John breaks it quickly and takes my hand. “Come on.” He whispers.
“What?” I ask, smiling.
We run to the ocean, and step through the sand to the ocean. We splash through the shore with our feet as we enter the water. It’s warm and we have a miraculous view of the beautiful pink and orange sky.
John swims up to me and grabs my waist, and buries his face into my neck. “Oh baby.” He licks down my neck and to my chest, he lifts his head back up and he looks at my breasts, “Those have always been one of my favorite parts of your body.” He dives in, wrapping his lips around my lightly colored, pink nipple. Pressing his lips together, squeezing my nipple in between them, it makes me squeal.
“Oh John!” I watch him suck on my nipples, he looks like a baby who is nursing on his mother’s breasts. “Suck my nipples.” I demand.
His tongue goes crazy, flicking my sensitive nipples and tonguing the tip of them. I know my pussy is getting wetter and wetter by every touch. John takes his head from my 38 B chest and brings my body closer to his, where my breasts are poking at his chest. He kisses me long, gentle, and lovingly, “Wrap your legs around my waist, Courty.” He whispers.
I do so, and I feel his big cock scrape against my leg. He is rock hard and I get excited, knowing that is going to be inside me with in seconds. My arms wrap around his neck so I am secure to his body.
He reaches his arm in between our sandwiched bodies, grips his cock in his hands and positions it to my the opening of my tight pussy. “Are you ready baby?”
“Fuck, John! Just stick it in already!” I giggle. “I mean, Yes.” I knew this was supposed to be romantic love making, but instinct kicked in, and when John and I have rough sex, I say abrupt words.
“Mmmmmmmm.” John thrusts his hips upward and his cock enters my dripping pussy.
“OOooooohhh, John!” I clutch his back as he enters me.
“Oh fuck, Courtney!” He moans. I feel every vein and his cock head scrape against the walls of my pussy.
“Faster John!” I demand him.
He quickens his thrusts and I move my hips to his thrusts, grinding on his cock. My breasts squish against his chest and he slides his hands to my waist and bounces me up and down on his cock.
We are making love in the ocean, one of my odd, sexual fantasies.
“Oh, Courtney!” He pounds my little pussy with his 8 inches of hard, raging cock.
“Cum inside me, John!” I whisper to him seductively and in a moan. My pussy tightens around his cock, gripping it and not letting it go. His cock reaches one of my inner sensitive spots, “OH FUCK!” I yell aloud.
“That’s my girl.” His thrusts become more powerful and my tiny body is at his disposal. “Mmmmm Courtney, your gonna let your man cum inside you?”
“Fuck yes! Fucking cum inside me, John!” I grip his back and the heels of my feet beat against his ass.
“Oh fuck Courtney!” He thrusts harder and faster.
“I’m gonna cum, John!” I hold onto him tight as I release. My warm girly cum drenches his cock. My clitty stimulated by it rubbing on his skin.
“OHHH!” He continues to pound my pussy and his arms hold me tight, “I’m gonna cum Courtney! I’m gonna fucking cum!”
A split second later, a warm flood of his sperm spurt inside my pussy. I feel the warmth of his liquid swarm inside me. It feels amazing. “I love you, Courtney.”
I hold him tightly and I kiss him, his cock still wedged deeply in my pussy. “I love you too, John.”
We stand in the ocean, John holding me tight with his cock inside my pussy, kissing as we step into a part of our relationship.


2011-05-19 06:55:26
The BEGINNING to what will be a fantastic love story. 9/10 and Thank you.

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2011-05-19 01:30:32
Thank you very very much! I wont worry about those people. lol

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2011-05-18 23:45:48
Very nice story! I really liked it. You call your self a Romance Writer for a reason. You are a Romance Writer and a very good one.

Keep up the good work and do not worry about the negative people, and the nit pickers they have no life.

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