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This is the first story that I myself, have written and have posted to this site. I hope at least some of you like my story. Please comment this. I like to see what people think, so I know how to better write my stories to come. My goal is to make people want to look forward to my stories, not turn away from them. Remember this is my first one, so of course it may not be the best.

The time was around 1:30 a.m. Ally was on her way home from a late night at work, wearing her usual knee length black skirt, button down white blouse and heels. At 24, Ally stood at five foot six inches, flat footed, with straight long brown hair and blue eyes with a perfect skin complexion, having been one of the lucky teenagers who hadn't encountered acne.

Having left work two hours later than normal, she had decided to take a short cut home through the crime ridden part of town. Normally she would have walked the extra two miles out of the way, but tonight she was just too tired. Little did she know, she would soon regret her decision as she walks up the sidewalk to her house.

As she puts the key in the lock and turns the handle, Ally feels the weight of someone hitting her as he rushes her sending her falling forward towards the floor. Hitting her head on the corner of a table by the door on her way down, she hits the ground. Out cold.

Waking up no later than thirty minutes later, Ally finds herself tied spread eagle on her bed. Her thong shoved in her mouth and duct tape over it in the form of a gag. Blinking through the sleepiness in her eyes, she sees a figure standing on the side of the bed looming over her. It was her captor.

Seeing that she is awake her captor smiles evilly down upon her, all kinds of things going through his mind of what he could and would do to her night. Every position and the feel of his body rubbing against hers.

Starting to undress he revels his muscled and toned body, and his 9 inch cock. In the darkness that was all Ally could really see , that and the ski mask he wore to keep his face covered in case she were to go and report the rape to the cops the following morning. Once fully undressed he crawls onto the bed and over her looking down upon her.

Taking his cock into his hand he rubs it up and down her slit getting it wet with her pussy juices. Ally’s mind told her she didn't want was coming to her, but her body told the opposite. It wanted this. It had been too long since she had had any kind of sexual contact, let alone sex. She gasps around her panties, in her mouth, as she feels the head of his cock force its way into her pussy stretching it open. Holding her breathe till the cock bottoms out in her womb, she lets it out slowly, breathing heavily, her pussy gripping his cock.

"You like what I'm doing to do to you. Don't you, whore?" he asks laughing as she shakes her head no, denying it, and he begins to move. He starts out slow teasing her pussy as he pulls out till just the head of his cock is in her and then thrusts back in fast and deep bottoming out inside her each time. Each time he pulls out slowly picking up the pace till he is pounding away at her pussy.

Pulling out after only a few minutes he cuts the ropes tying her down and flips her over onto her stomach and takes her from behind, thrusting deep into her in a single thrust. This time he chooses a fast and hard speed. Every thrust in, sending her sliding a little more forward on the bed, and every time he pulls out leaving her pussy begging for more. Reaching beneath her he starts to play with her clit, pressing hard on it and moving it in circles causing her to moan and her pussy to gush more juices, lubing his cock even more.

As he continues to play with her clit and pound into her pussy, Ally starts to push back against him meeting his every thrust as she feels herself getting closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. He also is getting close as he feels her body start to shake and as she screams out her release. Going harder he angles himself so he hits her gspot causing her to orgasm one right after another till he himself cums hard deep inside her, spewing shot after shot of his hot sticky cum in her.

As he comes off his orgasm he falls against her breathing heavily, and stays like that till his breathing returns to normal then he slowly and sadly slides his now limp cock from her oozing pussy. His cum rushes out of her as the head of his cock pops free.

Feeling his cum start to rush out of her, Ally rolls over onto her back and looks up at him. He rips the duct tape off her mouth causing her to wince and pulls the panties out of her mouth. Wondering why he hadn't actually hurt her, she reaches up and pulls the ski mask off of his head, and tenses. The guy who had just given her the best sex she has had in years was no other then her twin brother.
Smiling down at his shocked sister, he lies beside her and pulls her against him, “How was it baby sister?”

Finding herself snuggling against his chest she answers, with one word to describe it all, “amazing.” Ally had loved every minute of it. The fact that it had been taboo and something she had never done before just made the experience all the more pleasurable. Closing her eyes, Ally falls asleep in her brother’s arms.

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2014-04-15 08:51:30
while i agree that the story wasn`t all that great, i do encourage you to work on it a little bit more

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2013-01-14 19:49:03
needs some work, but you're not a bad writer. keep up the good work! cant wait to read your other stories.

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2013-01-14 19:48:21
needs some work, but you're not a bad writer. keep up the good work! cant wait to read your other stories.

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2011-07-20 13:17:30
Wow, you people are so dumb. This shit sucks! it's not romantic in any way and definatelly not something i would encourage the author to write again. Instead of lovebites your name should be love to write sucky stories. word of advice just stop you aren't meant for writting stories. of any kind.


2011-05-24 07:45:21
Great story keep up the great work, very romantic and erotic.

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