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A story I found on the net and wanted to share
Vicki's Furry Friend by Richard Mountbatten

Chapter 1

The cold, winter rain beat a relentless tattoo against the glass panes
of the bedroom window, and Victoria Young shivered involuntarily
beneath the thick quilt covering her firm young body. The curvaceous
brunette drew it tighter around her chin, listening to the gurgle of
water in the roof drains, and wished her husband, Kirk, were home on
this afternoon of all afternoons.

It was New Year's Eve.

But he wasn't home, and he wouldn't be home until six o'clock---it was
a little after three now. He was a physical education teacher at Valley
Glen College, and had the misfortune---or fortune, depending on whose
point of view was taken---to be a hundred miles away in Lakeland,
coaching the college's freshman basketball team in the championship
game of the Holiday Classic Tournament.

It would be nice, she thought, if Kirk were here right now, lying with
me under this warm old quilt with his arms around me. Perhaps we could
even make love; yes, that would be nice---to make love with Kirk on
this cold New Year's Eve afternoon.

She thought about her husband of less than a year, about his tall,
handsome body and his pleasantly freckled face topped with that funny
little shock of dark red hair. She thought about Ws quiet tenderness,
his concern when she was feeling low or under the weather, his self-
assurance about future prosperity, when his enormous talent was
realized and he was entrenched as Valley Glen's head coach. He often
talked of the day when they could live in their own home, perhaps one
of the older but aesthetically appealing homes along faculty row or one
of the newer, more modem ones in the hills above the campus, instead of
this small and somewhat shabby guest house six miles north of the
college on a once prosperous citrus ranch now withering into obscurity
under the crush of exorbitant property taxes brought about by the greed
of the area's land developers; when they would drive an elegant
Cadillac or Lincoln instead of the five year old Volkswagen they owned
at present; when they could have a couple of kids and take yearly
vacations to exotic ports of call such as the Virgin Islands.

And Vicki believed that all of these things would one day come true,
because she believed in Kirk. He was ambitious, and was willing to put
in long hours to achieve the goals he had set for himself and his
lovely raven-haired wife; Victoria, in turn, was just as willing to
sacrifice such things as companionship on a regular basis and luxuries,
both personal and household.

Still, Vicki thought, there were times when she wished that such
sacrifices did not have to be made---times like now. She had begun to
picture her husband's strong body as it looked when he was naked, and
the mental image caused little tingling sensations to race along her
flesh. He had such a magnificently muscled body, with little curling
red hairs and a flat, hard stomach that curved into a thickly thatched
mound of dark red pubic hair. And his penis---so long and hard,
trembling like a leashed animal when he was aroused, its head so thick
and reddened and secreting warm white seminal fluid ...

Vicki flushed a bright crimson at the thought of her husband's huge
sexual member. God, it was so big it frightened her at times; she
remembered her anguished cry on her wedding night, the thought that it
would split her apart. Her fears had been groundless, of course, since
she had been able to take all of it inside her---and quite comfortably,
too, after the first initial pain of her broken maidenhood. Kirk had
been gentle with her on their honeymoon, and she had found herself able
to respond to his lovemaking very quickly, to even achieve an orgasm
once in awhile. Her mother had once told her that most women never
reach a climax in marriage, and she considered herself a lucky and
blessed person to be able to cum with her husband perhaps once every
four or five times they made love.

Lying there on their big, brass-framed double bed, beneath the heavy
quilt, the voluptuous brunette knew that this afternoon was one of
those times that she could---surely would---reach orgasm with her
husband. But Kirk wasn't here. She couldn't have sex. She couldn't have
an orgasm ...

Now relax, she told herself, he'll be home at six and you can make love
then. The party at Dr. Kaye's isn't until nine, and that will be plenty
of time---six to nine---to do it. Oh, but damn it, I can't seem to get
the picture of that wonderfully hard penis of his out of my mind ... I
can almost feel it inside my vagina right now, moving in and out while
he kisses my breasts and puts his tongue in my mouth ...

"Now stop that!" Vicki reprimanded herself. Think about something else,
for heaven's sake; it's not going to do you any good to get yourself
all worked up like this and not be able to have release. Think about
the party tonight; think about Doctor Eric Kaye.

Victoria smiled to herself as she pictured the salt and pepper haired,
distinguished looking psychology professor for whom she worked as a
personal assistant. He was extremely good-looking, polite and well-
mannered, and a privilege to work for; she considered herself extremely
lucky to have been chosen over a number of other applicants four months
previously. There were times when she wondered why he had selected her
over some of the other girls who had applied---oh, she had all the
necessary qualifications, of course; she had been to college, which was
where she had met Kirk, and she had excellent grades and references---
but still, some of the other girls had been equally well-qualified.
Well, perhaps she had impressed him somehow during their personal
interview, and that was why she got the job.

Vicki had to admit Eric Kaye was an extremely attractive man, one whom
she would definitely have been inclined to fall for if she wasn't
already married. He had a smile which could melt butter---that had been
one of her mother's favorite expressions---and he made you feel very at
ease when you were around him. She had caught him casting an
appreciative glance her way a time or two which couldn't be considered
of the strictly impersonal type, and she supposed he found her
attractive too. But he had always been the perfect gentleman---had
never so much as intimated a pass at her much less made an actual

That was the reason she had eagerly accepted his invitation two days
ago to have her and Kirk spend New Year's Eve with he and his wife,
Christine, at the secluded home in the hills above Glenview. They had
decided on a quiet evening, he had said, and since Vicki had mentioned
to him that she and her husband hadn't anything planned for the
occasion, why shouldn't they spend it together? They could have a
couple of drinks, talk shop, and get to know one another socially.

Kirk had thought the invitation a godsend when she had told him about
it, and had accepted at once. He had told her that an evening with Dr.
Kaye---who was one of the most respected researchers and lecturers in
the field of behavioral science in the whole state---was to be
considered not only an honor, but a potentially valuable asset to his
own career. When you labeled such men as Dr. Kaye among your personal
friends, you had one foot in the door already to tenure in one's chosen
field. There were few administrative committees of which Dr. Kaye was
not a respected and influential member, including the Faculty
Appointment Committee, that illustrious group of individuals that held
in their weighty hands the fate of all faculty appointments, be it
Chairman of the Department of Physical Sciences ... or head coach.
Vicki couldn't remember Kirk having been happier over something since
she had told him she was going to work for Dr. Kaye those four months

It promised to be a fine evening if Eric Kaye entertained as well as he
performed the duties of his profession---and Vicki was certain that he
would. She was looking forward to it immensely. Who wanted to go out to
a nightclub or a boisterous house party on New Year's Eve, anyway?
Crowds, a lot of noise and too much drinking, not to mention amorous
inebriates who had but one thing on their minds and didn't care whose
wife they fondled at the stroke of midnight. No, she didn't want any of
that this New Year's Eve; she just wanted to be with her husband and
with someone like Eric Kaye whom she liked and admired and enjoyed
talking to.

The young dark-haired girl shivered again as the sky grew blight for a
brief instant with a zigzag flash of lightning, and a clap of thunder
rumbled outside the bedroom window. The rain hammered against the panes
as if demanding entrance. Vicki sighed, wishing she could fall asleep
and have the nap she had intended for herself when she'd come to bed.
But she was wide awake, and still thinking about Kirk, about him
nakedly lying there with her on the bed with his arms around her ...

Once again, the mental image of his huge, warmly pulsating penis came
into her mind. She tried to dispel the lewd picture, but it refused to
go away this time; she kept seeing his thick shaft of virile flesh
vividly, as if she could reach out and touch it. The little tingling
sensations had increased now, and she could feel her nipples harden
beneath the old housecoat she wore over her brassiere and panties.

Now this is silly, she chided herself primly. Stop it this instant,
Victoria Young! You're twenty-three years old and too big to indulge in
sex fantasies, for goodness sake!

But the vision of Kirk's long hard cock remained in her mind. And it
was joined now by another image, a scene from her pre-marriage days
when she and Kirk were just engaged. Lying there, she remembered the
occurrence clearly, very clearly and graphically ...

It had been a hot night in early July, and they had just come from a
small dinner party at the home of Kirk's parents in Santa Rosa, over a
hundred miles north of the college both were attending at that time.
The dinner had been given in honor of the soon-to-be-wed couple, and
both their parents---as well as a select group of their respective
relatives---had been present. There had been several bottles of
California vintage champagne consumed during the course of the evening,
and she and Kirk had had their share---and then some. They had departed
shortly before midnight for the drive back to the campus.

She had sat very close to Kirk on the drive, feeling closer to him
mentally than she ever had before. She even put her hand on his leg,
stroking it gently but without any real sexual connotation. When they
approached Stinson Beach, Kirk suggested they stop and park awhile on a
remote section of the highway overlooking the dark, restlessly stirring
ocean. Vicki, feeling the effects of the champagne, didn't object; she
was in a responsive mood, and the idea of parking with her betrothed
for a little light pre-marital kissing and petting did not seem in the
least wrong to her.

Kirk put his arms around her and drew her tight against him the moment
the car was stopped and the headlights switched off. He kissed her
then, their mouths fusing with the ease of lovers, and she opened her
lips almost eagerly to accept his probing tongue. Their tongues met and
tasted one another, exchanging a lover's kiss. Kirk's hands were
restless on her back and shoulders, moving back and forth, up and down,
around and over her low-cut white silk dress. Vicki felt an almost
overpowering surge of desire at the nearness, the intoxicating male
odor of the man she loved; his kisses were eliciting a full and total
response inside the bride-to-be, and when his moving hands gradually
worked their way around to lightly cup her firm full breasts, she made
no effort to stop him from doing so. Her mother had warned her against
allowing Kirk to become too familiar before their wedding night, but
the closeness she felt for him at that moment transcended all the
parental warnings and instilled taboos.

He began to caress her lushly ripened breasts in earnest then, as his
eager tongue probed in and out of her opened mouth. God, his gentle
touch felt so good on her! She wrapped her hands in his hair, kissing
him even more passionately, and then his fingers had dipped inside the
low-cut front of her dress to slide inside her brassiere. The contact
of his hand on her naked flesh thrilled Vicki beyond recall, and before
she knew it, she was allowing him to unbutton the back of her dress and
slip the garment down over her shoulders. His deft fingers found the
catches on her brassiere, unsnapped them, and she felt a cool rush of
air against her now-erect nipples as her firm white breasts were fully
exposed to Kirk's hungry gaze.

He began to stroke her naked young breasts gently with his palms,
rolling his hands over her perfectly-formed voluptuous mounds before
bringing them up to massage the hardened nipples. Taking the taut,
dark-brown buds between thumb and forefinger, he tweaked them into a
quivering rigidity. Vicki moaned with increasing fervor as Kirk's
caresses wrung soft cries of delight from her throat; little shivers of
arousal began to course through her, and she had felt a warm wetness up
between her legs seeping from her excitedly throbbing cunt.

Even when Kirk's head dipped down and his wetly heated lips encircled
one of her erect little nipples, tongue swirling round and round the
goose-bumped areola, Vicki didn't feel any panic. Even though this was
the first time she had bared her breasts to a man, or had their
nakedness kissed, the thought never entered her mind that what she was
doing might lead to uncontrollable passion. The young brunette was with
the man she loved, and she felt safe, felt warm and somewhat drowsy,
and very excited as his gently sucking mouth moved like a hungry
child's on her soft, pliant breasts.

But then, suddenly, one of Kirk's hands left her ripely quivering
breast and moved down to stroke her thighs where the hem of her dress
had slipped up. His fingers hungrily traversed the silky soft skin of
her inner thighs, then moved upward, sliding the dress still higher
until the tips of his searching fingers were resting on her warmly
moistened vaginal mound and the white silk of her panties were
glistening in the pale moonlight which shone in through the car's
windshield. Only then did Vicki feel the first stirrings of panic for
Kirk had groaned and clamped his lips hard around her rigid nipple
while his other hand squeezed and kneaded the resilient flesh of her
naked young breast. The squirming young brunette felt confused,
uncertain; she wanted to be rid of his moist warm mouth on her bosom,
his lusting touch on her bare flesh---and yet she didn't want to be
free of it. For a moment, she was undecided, and that was time enough
for Kirk to bunch her dress at her waist and begin caressing the
smooth, flat plane of her exposed belly.

His fingers had slipped inside the elastic waistband of her panties
almost before Vicki realized what was happening, and suddenly he was
tugging the flimsy material down, down over her pubic area, sliding her
panties from under her nakedly quivering buttocks. The moist heat of
his palm pressed against her hair-covered pussy mound, and rippling
waves of erotic pleasure threatened to blank the young girl's mind
completely of the consequences of his actions. Gently, he insinuated
his outstretched middle finger into the soft warm virginal slit up
between her thighs, parting her moistly sensitive cunt lips and probing
at the thin hymeneal membrane which gave mute testimony to her
unsullied reputation. Meanwhile he was using his thumb to tweak the
sensitive nub of her clitoris, teasing over it again and again and
causing a sharp cry of commingled fear and intense pleasure to bubble
out of her throat. Her hands in his hair tightened, pulling his head
down harder against her breasts even as her voice was repudiating her
actions by moaning, "No, no, no, no!" over and over,

A whispering, unmistakable sound had filled the car at that moment---
the sound of a zipper being pulled hurriedly down as Kirk's hand left
her breast momentarily. Her eyes fluttered open in alarm and, in the
moonlight, she saw for the first time an erect male organ quivering in
all its awesome passion. Abruptly, the fear routed her lust so that
there was no longer a struggle going on inside her; the sight of his
menacing blood-filled cock decided matters for the terrified young
brunette. She had to stop him, stop him right now!

"No!" she cried, trying to twist away from him on the seat. "Kirk, for
God's sake, don't! We ... we can't ... can't do this! It's wrong ...
Kirk, we're not married! It's wrong!"

"Please, baby, please!" he mumbled, his voice thick with the lust that
was reflected in his dark eyes. His hand was stroking the full length
of his thick monstrous penis now, she could see that, and her efforts
to free herself became more panicky. Her aroused young fiancee was too
strong for her, however, and before she could escape she had been
forced back and down across the seat. It was then Vicki felt the smooth
hot head of his lust-thickened penis touch her thigh, and she jumped
from the electric contact of pulsating hardness against her fevered
skin. Groaning in his uncontrollable passion, Kirk began forcing her
now-tightly-closed legs apart, and the frantically squirming girl could
feel his great pulsating cock trembling like an impossibly large wedge
being driven into and splitting a tinder-dry log. As he rammed it
repeatedly against her partially opened thighs.

And then, as if in the throes of some consuming pain, Kirk put both of
his big hands on her nakedly quivering breasts, squeezing them
painfully before lowering his head and planting hot, moist kisses upon
the twin mounds, all the while murmuring like a madman, "Oh, oh, oh ...
oh, God, Vicki ... baby ... oh, Jesus, baby, I'm going to cum ... I
can't help it, Vicki, baby, I'm going to cummmmmm!"

She felt his hotly throbbing penis begin to jerk out of control against
her soft white thighs, felt a hot jetting spurt splash against the
innocent folds of her pussy---another, and another, a whole series of
eruptions that flooded her vaginal area and thighs with sticky semen
that flowed down to pool on the car seat beneath her. Kirk had been
mewling and convulsively twitching above her, planting those hot,
liquid kisses on her still quivering breasts as his seed emptied out of
his wildly ejaculating cock onto her naked flesh while she tried to
force him off of her ...

Well, that had been the beginning, she thought, as she now lay beneath
the quilt on the bed she shared with Kirk. Abruptly, Vicki found
herself filled with the same kind of tingling arousal she had felt on
that night. Her mind was beginning to drift with the same kind of
mindless excitement, the same attitude of not caring about consequences
as her mind carried her on to further heights of sexual fantasy---to
the feel of Kirk's warmly pulsing penis inside her vagina, to the touch
of his lips and hands on her naked flesh. She began to squirm in the
growing passion on the bed, and her wetly aroused vagina began to
secrete its liquid excitement, moistening her panties as it had that
night in the car. There was a tender aching up between her legs, and
the need for release of her ever-increasing passion was becoming
strong, too strong!

Involuntarily, the young dark-haired wife's hands began to move down
along her tautly rippling belly. Knowing what was about to happen, she
forced them up, but they immediately went back down again as if they
had a will of their own. The inside of her mouth was dry, and she ran
her tongue over her lips several times in an effort to rid herself of
the and taste. Oh God why am I doing this to myself? she thought dimly.
Why am I getting so worked up?

But in that moment, she didn't care what she was working herself up to-
--even though in a comer of her brain she knew the answer. Her hands
were moving sensuously around to her front now, moving across the full
firmness of her pliant young breasts. Gradually, she began opening and
closing her legs as she massaged her sensitive mounds of warm flesh,
the sound of the thrumming rain on the window seeming to consume her
very being. She watched, fascinated, her own fingers began plucking at
the buttons on the front of her housecoat, opening the garment all the
way down. Her hands traveled almost greedily up and down her body now,
over the brassiere-encased mounds of her breasts, down to her throbbing
pubic mound, across the smoothness of her taut little belly.

Vicki was a tall young woman, with long slender model's legs and fully
rounded hips and breasts, and her hands seemed to be seeking knowledge
of every inch of her proportionately lovely flesh. She ran her nails
tantalizingly over the area up between her thighs, arching her long
limbs up and spreading them open to the delicious, forbidden delights
which her caresses were instilling within her body. Her mouth was
parted, and her brain was whirling with the heat of her growing lust;
she flailed her head from side to side on the pillow, her long, raven-
black hair swirling in a tangled cascade of shimmering loveliness. The
quilt was kicked off of her eagerly trembling body, as her hands
continued their mad pace up and down, down and around, teasing her now-
fevered flesh into even more intense arousal, her brain alive with lewd
thoughts of her husband's long hard penis sawing in and out of her
wetly throbbing vagina ...

Vicki arched her back, her hands moving behind and under her to quickly
unsnap the catches on her brassiere; she had to have her breasts free,
had to touch the rigid nipples without the encumbrance of clothing. She
pulled the brassiere off, tossed it to the floor beside the bed, and
her hands hungrily engulfed the soft warmth of her alabaster mounds.
Slowly, rhythmically, she began to roll the nipples back and forth,
squeezing them and then releasing them, squeezing, then releasing ...

The entire time she was thinking: No, no, this is wrong, it's evil ...
it's sick! I'm ... I'm ... yes, admit it, Victoria Young ...
masturbating! Masturbating like a teenage girl after she's read a spicy
novel ... I'm a grown woman, married, with a husband ... and yet I'm
lying here and playing with my own breasts ... it's perverted, but, oh,
God, it feels so good ... so good ...

Her tight hand left her nakedly quivering breast and moved slowly down
over her stomach to the elastic waistband of her panties. In spite of
her self-recrimination, her shame at what she was doing, she wasn't
able to stop herself. There was only her urgency now, frantic need for
release from the ever-building whirlpools of passions inside her
shamelessly aroused body.

She was drawing her panties down now, drawing them sensuously over her
pubic mound while her other hand continued to stroke the nipple of one
breast. She raised up on the bed, pulling the thin wisp of a garment
down to her ankles, her eyes tightly shut, and then pulling them off
completely so that she was completely naked. She lay back again, one
hand on her breast, the other stroking first one thigh, then the other,
carefully avoiding for the moment the moist inferno of lust between her
legs. Then, when she could stand the pressure no longer, her eager hand
shot to the hotly pulsating folds of her pussy, and pressed against the
wet sensitive flesh there as she once again brought her legs up off the
bed and splayed them wide apart. Her tight little vaginal passage was
opened wide now as she gently eased her outstretched finger into her
wetly clasping pussy.

She imagined it was Kirk's hand, his finger, touching her there,
stroking her down there. She imagined it was he who was now caressing
her hair-lined cuntal lips until they seemed to be swollen with blood
the way his long thick cock was swollen with blood, until her clitoris
was as hard as his cock was hard. She found her sensitive nerve bud
with the tip of her searching finger and began to tease it back and
forth, running the nail round the quivering tip until the delight
caused her to jackknife her legs back up against her chest, mashing her
breasts flat. Her buttocks, white moons of the softest, most flawless
flesh imaginable, jerked and twisted in complete wantonness under her
fingering, and the resulting erotic sensations caused the sweat to bead
and shine on her lust-grimacing face, matting her raven hair to her

Oh, God, I wish Kirk was here! she groaned through the daze of passion
which controlled her brain. I wish Kirk was playing with my pussy ... I
wish he was going to put his penis ... oh, his lovely hard penis ...
into my vagina and ... fuck me, hard, harder until he came and I came
... oh God I want to cum so bad, so bad ... Kirk, Kirk, I need you,
Kirk, I need youuuuuu!

Faster and faster and faster, Vicki's finger fucked into her moistly
clasping cunt, deliberately teasing her clitoris and vaginal opening
until her orgasm was only moments away. Her hips thrashed and pounded
the bed beneath her, as her other hand squeezed and kneaded her nakedly
quivering breasts and nipples causing wave after wave of pain-pleasure
to ripple outward from her sensitive flesh. There was no guilt, no
shame for her in that frozen period of time; there was only the
wonderful, rapturous feelings of impending climax which were filling
her very soul.

Kirk, oh Kirk, please Kirkkkkkkk ... ooooohhhhh God, pleaseeeeeeee ...

Chapter 2

Slowly, as she reached for her release, an unwelcomed sound penetrated
the lustfully stimulated young wife's brain: a knocking at the back
door ... persistent ... but ... not demanding ... yet! For a long
moment, the rapturously captivated Vicki did not move, couldn't move in
the throes of her forbidden enchantment. But the knocking continued ...
Oh God, just a minute more and I would have come! she thought wildly.

Damn! she cursed under her breath, then quickly grasped her robe as she
shivered maddeningly from the impassioned sensations still electrifying
her loins. Who the devil could it be?

"Vicki ...? Oh, Vickiiiii ...?" a throaty female voice called.

There's no mistaking that voice; it was the landlady's, Vicki thought
dejectedly as she slipped into the robe, hurriedly buttoned it and then
gave her hair several quick pats.

"Oh, there you are, honey," the voice gushed as Vicki approached the
windowed kitchen door with a forced calm that belied the inner turmoil
she felt.

"I hope I didn't interrupt you?" the older woman continued. Then, not
waiting to be invited in, she opened the door, paused to let her big
Doberman pinscher enter first and then boldly stepped in herself.

"No, that's all right. I was just getting ready to bathe," Vicki lied.

"Gee, honey, I'm sorry," the woman said in a tone that clearly
indicated she really wasn't. "I just had to come over as soon as I
found out," she continued breathlessly as her eyes traveled up, and
then down, her tenant's scantily clad body. "With Harold being gone, I
just knew you wouldn't mind, and if I've told him once, I've told him a
hundred times that you and Kirk are the best tenants we've ever had,
always so thoughtful and considerate, and ..."

"Mrs. Hatton! " Vicki interjected firmly.

"Yes, my dear?"

"What is it you know I wouldn't mind?" Vicki asked with a trace of
impatience that went unnoticed in the older woman.

"Wouldn't mind? Wouldn't mind? Oh, yes," she said, her thought process
finally overtaking her runaway tongue. "I knew you wouldn't mind taking
care of Fello," she continued to gush excitedly, then smiled broadly at
her own cleverness at remembering. "He's such a doll ..." She smiled
again. "Really no trouble at all ..." She glanced warmly at the big
friendly dog shaking profuse amounts of rain water on the recently
polished floor. "... and I really must leave tonight ..." Her dark eyes
darted upwards again, searching the young woman's for some sign of
acceptance. "... and it's the only flight 'til two tomorrow afternoon
..." Her eyes dropped, quickly swept the room, then returned to
Vicki's. "... and Bill doesn't think Effie will last more than a couple
of days," she concluded somewhat breathlessly.

Vicki remained motionless for a long moment digesting the flow of words
which over the months she had become accustomed to. Her eyes shifted
from her raincoat clad and dripping landlady to the dog who was still
busily shaking water all over her clean kitchen floor. Finally, she
lifted her glance again, studied those of the expectant woman, and

"You want me to take care of Fello for you while you visit your sister
who is ill, is that it?"

"Oh, I knew you'd understand, dear," the older woman enthused. "If I've
told Harold once, I've ..."

"Mrs. Hatton!"

"... Yes, dear?"

"How long are you planning on being away?"

"Oh! I really wouldn't know." The landlady's eyebrows arched upwards
and frown lines wrinkled her forehead beneath a mop of rain-matted dark
hair. After a moment her expression changed, registering satisfaction,
and as she ticked each item off with the forefinger of her right hand
touching in turn each of the upraised fingers of her left, she said:
"Let's see, one day to get there, two or three days 'til the funeral, a
day or two to ..."

"Mrs. Hatton!"

"... Yes, dear?"

"Why don't you call me from your sister's after you have appraised the
situation," Vicki said, stepping forward to place a gentling hand on
the other woman and begin guiding her toward the door, "and let me know
then. In the meantime you can write me a list of the things I need to
know ... the phone number where you'll be, instructions for the care
and feeding of Fello and anything else you think is important.
Meanwhile, Fello can stay here with me and when your ready to leave you
can drop the list off. Okay?"

"Oh, I just knew you'd understand, dear," Mrs. Hatton said happily as
she stodgily allowed Vicki to guide her to the door. "If I've told
Harold once ..."

"Mrs. Hatton!"

"... Yes, dear?"

"You hurry on over to the house, and pack and write me that list. And
don't worry about a thing. "

"Oh, you're so sweet. I knew you ...

"And don't worry about Fello," Vicki interjected as she opened the

Mrs. Hatton's eyes flicked to the huge animal who was now sniffing at
the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink. "Now you be a good dog, Fello,"
she gushed sweetly. "You mind Vicki."

Fello looked up momentarily, then resumed sniffing.

Vicki gave her landlady a convincing smile.

Mrs. Hatton's eyes suddenly began to twinkle mischievously as she
backed through the doorway. She said:

"Thank you, dear. I'm sure Fello will be as much of a companion to you
as he is to me. You know, what with Harold being away so much of the
time and ..."

"Mrs. Hatton!"

"... Yes, dear?"


"Good-bye, dear."

For several moments Vicki watched the retreating figure of her
landlady, then a soft whine from the big Doberman pincher behind her
interrupted her thoughts. She turned, frowned momentarily, then smiled
down at the handsome animal as he ambled toward her.

"What is it, Fello, baby?" she cooed softly. "Are you hungry, baby?"
she continued, lovingly stroking the mighty dog's head.

The pleasing sound of the young woman's soft, crooning voice together
with the gentle pressure of her small, stroking hand filled Fello with
warm-hearted relish. Instinctively, he raised his head and began
licking her hand to impart his growing attachment to her.

"Supposing we look in the fridge to see what we can find for you to
eat, handsome? I think there might even be a nice big steak bone

The intelligent animal whined, almost as if he knew what she were
saying, Vicki thought, as she embraced him against her leg and
continued stroking his head.

Fello whimpered softly, partially in awareness to her melodious voice
bestowing kindness and love, but even more because he had sensed in his
closeness against her, a poignant smell not unfamiliar to him, a heady
scent which immediately inspired trained responses inside his sleek,
muscular body---the human mating aura he had been skillfully educated
by his female owner to recognize ...

Her mind still a conglomeration of mixed-veined thoughts, Vicki opened
the refrigerator and bent down to retrieve the steak bone from its
place on a lower shelf.

Behind the bent figure, Fello's head abruptly nudged forward in
underneath the hem of the loose housecoat.

Vicki was frozen into immobility at the feel of the unmistakable cool
wetness of Fello's nose high on the softness of her inner thigh! Why
she didn't jerk upright in shock, fear, or at least, a smattering of
self-decorum, she could only lay to the prurient incitement which still
smoldered inside her loins. Instead, she continued to stoop there,
waiting, knowing that the big dog's head was wedged up under her short
robe from behind, animalishly sniffing. And then, the hot unmistakable
lap of his long slippery tongue snaked up against her still moistened
vaginal lips!

Good God! He's sensed my erotic state!

It had to be that! His searing tongue felt like a firebrand caressing
the swollen lips of her still feverishly throbbing pussy! Again, he
licked, and she hung there in her stooped-over position as he drew the
long wet length of his tongue undeniably between her partially spread
vaginal lips, licking along the entire hair-lined furrow.

Slowly, Vicki raised up ... straightening. She held the bone in her
hand as she turned to gaze down in bewilderment at the handsome animal
who was staring up at her with brown eyes twinkling, ears erect, mouth
open, and bobbed tail wagging.

Then he growled, softly.

"Wh-What has Mrs. Hatton been teaching you, Fello, baby?" Vicki asked

The massive Doberman pinscher uttered another muted growl, and the
sensually intoxicated young wife wasn't sure why ... whether for the
bone she held, or because he sensed the rekindled passion up between
her trembling thighs!

Good God! I've got to get hold of myself! she thought as she held the
bone out to the attentive dog who accepted it willingly. "Now you be a
good dog," she said aloud. Then, without warning, a shiver of lewd
excitement coursed the length of her body, and for a moment she shook
uncontrollably. When it had passed, she turned and made her way shakily
to the bedroom.

Once there, she flung herself across the rumpled bed and began to sob.
Her mind was a quagmire of troubled thoughts; her body had betrayed
her. Not once, but twice! What was happening to her? Why had she
relented to her own pleasure giving fingers? Why did Kirk have to be
away when she needed him so desperately? Why, why, why?

Finally, the crying subsided and the confused young wife rolled over,
fluffed up a pillow and then stretched full length on the bed, her head
pounding with the ache of emotional turmoil. She had always been a
logical thinker, but this sudden attack on her emotional stability had
left her frightened and confused. And in this state she refused to
accept the difficulty of examining her plight through cold, painful
logic. Instead, she surrendered mind and body to the refreshing comfort
of escapism, to the warm enveloping arms of deep, painless sleep.

And yet, although the agony of reality was, for the moment, effaced
from memory, her body, even in sleep, remained tense with desire.

Although sleep---deep, mind-rejuvenating sleep---came, with it rode
that swirling vortex of uninhibited thought known as subconscious. And
there, in the fragments of an instantaneous, unvoiced thought, in the
hazy mirage of dream, Vicki's mind began playing tricks on her: giant,
transparent fingers fluttered incessantly like perpetually waving
whiffs of graceful, beckoning sea grass; an endless pack of howling
wolves chased a young, naked child across miles of searing, barren
plain; the child tripped and suddenly the lead wolf, snarling and wild-
eyed, was upon her ...

* * *

... Strange sensations of tingling warmth rippled through Vicki's
abdomen as she lay limply on her back, a maze of disconnected thought-
waves suddenly swirling through her head. Confusion swept through her
and she tried to move, but stopped at the sound of a low, animal-like
snarl. She opened her eyes then, yet continued to lie there unmoving,
the strange stirring sensations in her belly ever-increasing with a
weirdly rising excitement. Her sleep-drugged brain functioned slowly in
its effort to restore normalcy. W-Where was she ...? It was dark ...
yet through the open window across the room she could see a half-moon
and ... and stars ... wh-what had happened ...?

Thunder filled the darkness of the room as simultaneously, further
charges of stimulating arousal raced through her loins and belly. Vicki
raised her hands to her throat in instinctive fear, then lifted herself
to her elbows to see what had awakened her. Then, by the flash of
revealing lightning, she saw that she was naked ... wholly and
shamefully naked ... saw that she was lying with her legs obscenely
spread apart ... and ... and Fello, her landlady's massive Doberman
pinscher was standing between her thighs, his tongue laxly out and his
great head lowered just above ... above her naked vagina!

Again, fire-filled sensations charged through the core of her desire-
stimulated body. The warm wet contact of his saliva-drenched tongue
spread open the sparse, hair-lined lips of her young cuntal crevice as
the dog began laving her sensitive inner-flesh with a taunting upsweep
that sent uncontrollable shivers of sudden passion bursting over her!
My God! He ... he was licking her down there between her open thighs,

The unbelievably lewd sight of what was happening, combined with the
realization that Fello was once again licking at her nakedly
defenseless pussy, was about to drive the dark-haired young wife

She gaped at him through the darkness which her eyes were growing
accustomed to, and saw his own burning orbs staring hotly at her
nakedness as he continued to obscenely lick and nuzzle at her exposed
vaginal lips. A tremor of incredulous sensations caused her to convulse
and she found her hips rising of their own accord.

Oh God, he-he was almost human ... that expression in his unrelenting
eyes ... and what he was doing to her nakedly betraying loins!

Oooohh ... what he was doing to her! She'd never known such sensuous
feelings in her belly, and her wildly excited little pussy felt as if
there were a hot billowing fire glowing inside it! Even ... even her
breasts tingled in lewd excitement, she realized, as she mentally
cupped, then pinched their tiny, hardened nipples ... But ... but this
was insane!

It had to be stopped!

Feebly, Vicki cried out, then attempted to scramble onto hands and
knees and blindly crawl away. Fello waited only long enough for her to
reach the all-fours position before unleashing a savage growl, stopping
the curvaceously naked young wife in icy-veined terror. She had heard
of cases where Doberman pinschers had tumed on their owners after years
of docility. Was this the case?

From that point, the huge dog never teemed to hesitate, but moved as if
his intentions had been pre-determined. He mounted her from behind, his
powerful forepaws clutching at the soft, white flesh of her youthfully
curved hips, his tongue hanging loosely from his open mouth!

Vicki dared not breathe! She was that terrified with his sudden clamber
up behind her unprotected nakedness, his strong, hairy forelegs
clutching at her narrow waist and the arch of her hips! Her firm young
breasts quivered and swayed in fright beneath her chest as the big
animal's hind legs came in closer to her defenselessly upraised
buttocks. Then suddenly, she felt the coolness of the metal license tag
that hung from his collar grazing the smooth-fleshed hollow of her
naked back! He ... he was going ... going to do it to her ... as if she
were nothing more than a ... a whining bitch dog!

"N-no ... no, please ...!" Vicki heard herself whimper as something
long, wet, and pointed probed back between her nakedly raised ass-
cheeks and lewdly spread thighs. Her brain swam once more! My God, he
was going to do it to her ... He was!

At that precise moment, whatever additional thoughts she had were
abruptly swept away when she sensed the tapered tip of his hardened
animal-penis prodding at the hair-lined opening of her moistly
pulsating vagina. Dear God, no ... no! She desperately tried to squirm
away from the vise-like grip of his encircling paws, but it was
useless, and like a charging, white-hot lance, the solid thickness of
his long animal-cock spread her soft hair-fringed pussy lips and forced
its way up into her saliva-slackened little vaginal passage with a
slight wet popping sound, rippling the smoothly yielding vaginal walls
wide apart before its bevel-tipped hardness!

Vicki gasped for breath as the huge length of animal penis stretched
and then began slowly sliding up inside her young cuntal channel---
going in deeper and deeper until finally its pointed end smacked
against her sensitive cervix. Again, she choked out a whimpering gasp,
while the great beast who was mounting her from behind snarled out a
low commanding growl of triumph, then began to animalistically hump and
fuck up into her!

The young wife's mind was a vortex of unheralded, emotional sensations!
Her head vibrated with the erotically pounding blood racing through her
brain, while her youthfully naked body that was bent in submission
before the massive dog quivered and convulsed in the throes of unknown,
sensuous agony. Her vaginal-passage felt as if it had been impaled with
the heavy, sawed-off limb of a young tree; yet, at the same time, there
were weird spasms of intensively rising desire filling her!
Nevertheless, she compulsively fought the sensuality, her sickened,
fear-filled mind concerned only with the horrifying animal fucking she
was receiving from behind!

Again, with a twisting lurch of her naked, youthful body, she tried to
shake free from the long, piercing thickness filling her tight young
pussy, but her efforts were in vain. Fello's fierce growl chilled the
very marrow of her bones, while his powerful hairy forelegs clutched
possessively at her waist and hips! Thrusting! Thrusting! Like a
searing firebrand it slithered in and out of her wetly clasping cunt,
spreading the passage open wider and wider as he hammered his long hot
cock up between her trembling thighs! Oh God, she thought, oh God! I
can't let this feet so good ... I can't. And then feeling her savage
arousal building, she moaned and rifted her impaled ass-cheeks higher.

The panting Fello's sexually-stimulated intellect made the mighty dog
aware of the young girl's sudden resignation and surrender before him.
Briefly and in desperation, she had struggled at one last frantic
attempt to escape before hopelessly subjecting herself before his
conquering attack. He sensed the final resistance draining from her
naked, human flesh, and a new hunger raced through his body. He watched
the upper portion of her smooth female back drop until her face and
naked breasts were flattened down against the bed, the rounded mounds
of her soft white buttocks raised submissively to his assault.

Then, through his unfathomably keen senses he felt his long, lust-
hardened penis slithering forward with easier strokes as her vaginal
lubricants began paving the way for his deeper penetration. Soon his
cock was entirely buried in the moist clutching heat of her female
passage, while his swollen, sperm-laden testicles were swinging down
and slapping hard against the soft dampness of her lightly curling
pussy hair. Mercilessly, then, he bucked and plunged into the warmly
yielding cuntal flesh, hearing her feminine moans and feeling the
trembling nakedness of her smooth, white buttocks flattening in a
universal hunger back up against his belly as he attempted to skewer
her onto the last remaining inch of his long scarlet rod of animal

Though her young brain was still overwhelmed with the incredible
obscenity the suddenly-gone-berserk dog was committing on her helpless
body, Vicki could not ignore the sensual excitement his enormous animal
cock had set off inside her. At first, his savage thrust into her loins
had nearly blinded her with the excruciating agony of its huge hardness
bursting so unexpectedly into her. But now, the stark horror and shame
of the shocking animal-rape itself was forgotten, and only the
thrilling presence of the brute's long thick cock fucking rhythmically
in and out of her hotly quivering vagina registered in her mind. As
Fello relentlessly continued to piston up into the liquid, wide-
stretched flesh between her lewdly upturned buttocks, sensations
equaling those which his hot laving tongue had first spread through her
trembling young belly returned, more intense than ever! Oh God, if she
were sinning by succumbing to him, let it be! Oh God ... let it be ...!

Now, as unthinkable as it was, the shamelessly aroused young wife had
begun to feel the texture of his sleek animal coat beneath his belly
brushing against her nakedly exposed buttocks, and she pressed her
tingling breasts harder into the bedspread, scraping her sensitive
little nipples against the satin material.

Her passion confused brain reeled with the unbelievable intoxication of
what was happening to her! She, a human, being attacked and actually
raped by a dog, as if she were a bitch-animal of his own kind! And yet

Never in her life had she felt so ... so lust-filled ... or even known
the lewd, wonderfully obscene sensation of wanting to be fucked ...
fucked ... fucked until she was almost dead from the joy of it!

"Oooohh ... ooohhh ... yes, yes ... do it! F-fuck me, fuck me harder,
like that!" Vicki hissed with trembling lips, twisting her young face
to gape back and up at the panting beast whose long wet cock was sawing
in and out of her eagerly pulsating vagina. She was helplessly impaled
on his huge animal-penis and reveling in a newly discovered joy of its
unnatural possession of her desire-awakened young vagina.

A sensual moan of passion escaped her lust-contorted lips as she began
to move wantonly backwards, rhythmically gyrating her ass-cheeks to
meet Fello's cunt-skewering thrusts. The dog's forelegs clung to her
softly curved hips like strong, furry arms as she began to fuck back at
him, using the penis-gripping undulations of the female whore down
through the ages.

Though Vicki could hardly govern her awakened natural desires, her
intuition said that she was, in some weird way, winning the favor of
the vicious animal fucking up into her receptive young cunt. That
insane belief, and that alone, evaporated the terror and shame she had
known in the beginning. Only a youthful, all-consuming lust filled her
now as she rotated her nakedly rounded buttocks backward in answering
little circles to the beast's long wet cock. Instinctively, she
realized that she had given herself fully to the erotic wonder of the
obscene animal fucking she was receiving from this whining Doberman

Fello knew and welcomed the hot, wet clasping of the kneeling female's
vagina against his thrusting length of hardened maleness. The animal
had no way of knowing that the lower, more base instincts of the
human's body had taken control at the precise moment her supposedly
superior mind fell into complacent Just. She was relying on an
instinctive knowledge---of male and female---older than either species.
It was natural; she couldn't help it, he discerned as he fucked more
eagerly up between her nakedly quivering buttocks.

Vicki wished there was some way she could bend her head all the way
back up under her kneeling body and watch his enormous, pleasure-giving
dog-cock disappearing inside her wildly excited pussy! God, she was
little more than a deplorable bitch ... but she'd never even imagined
such erotic bliss existed! Just to see his beautiful penis ... see it
fucking in and out up inside her wetly throbbing cunt lips! She
visualized the lewd spectacle, the mere thought of their unnatural
coupling sending an alien excitement raging through her passionately
aroused young body. She groaned aloud in her all-consuming passion and
ground her softly yielding buttocks back hard against his strong,
mercilessly battering animal-flesh as she felt the tiny rivulets of
moisture flowing down the crevice between her rotating ass-cheeks.
Then, as the naked young wife felt the hot streams of liquid excitement
beginning to dribble down her inner thighs, she groaned loudly for the
sudden mounting pressure in her loins and belly signaled that she was
about to cum.

Fello rapidly fucked in and out of the slavishly kneeling woman, a wet
staccato of flesh-slapping sounds hollowly filling the dark open cellar
of her femininity, his keen animal-brain savoring a measure of
vengeance in Ws human rape of her helpless young body. His powerful,
hardened penis was ripping into her as if she were some ripe fruit,
destroying her chaste mind forever. Between each thrust, he felt her
tight vaginal passage swallowing his solid penile length, holding it
fast in the hot, hungry clutch of her eagerly working cuntal muscles.
Her smooth white body tensed and relaxed again and again beneath him as
she began an incessant moan. His great organ grew and hardened even
more when he felt the soft fleshy ridges inside her hotly contracting
belly giving way before his unsparing assault.

Again, she lewdly twisted her head to look back at him, and the
Doberman pinscher witnessed her mouth suddenly gasping open, but the
scream was half-choked in her slender young throat. Instead, she began
to toss her head wildly from side to side, her raven hair flailing like
a billowing black cloud of ember about her naked shoulders. She had
reached the beginning of a female orgasm, he perceived, when she began
to savagely swivel her rounded white buttocks back against him like all
rutting bitches. His tongue hung loosely from his panting mouth as he
fucked with heavy buttock flattening humps up between her furiously
undulating mounds of female-flesh. Once more, she moaned, this time,
her cry piercing the lonely darkness while she rammed deliriously back
onto his huge thrusting hardness as he drove it mercilessly forward to
begin spitting its hot wet semen in bullet-like spurts deep up into her
hungrily clasping cuntal passage!

The big dog felt her buttocks begin to contract and jerk back against
him. He felt the thick heated combination of their orgasmic release
seeping wetly out around the flushed lips of her rhythmically throbbing
pussy lips as her vaginal opening squeezed and pulled at his
ejaculating penis.

The dark-haired female fell forward then, away from him, tier legs
still spread wide apart, and in the light of the half-moon her rounded
white buttocks glistened wetly from his expended semen. He could see
her opened pink flesh and the soaked black hair of her ravished young
loins as silo panted in her obscenely spread position. Exultantly, he
stepped over her outstretched nakedness, raised his head, and howled

For long moments the satiated young wife lay sprawled face-down on her
own bed, breathing spasmodically as the ebb of her cumming washed over

But, before long, the euphoria dissipated, and the full realization of
what had just happened filled her mind with self-loathing and abject
shame. Oh God, what had come over her? Was she ... no better than those
night creatures you were always reading about in the newspapers? What,
all of a sudden, had caused her to submit to gratification in this evil
manner? Wasn't the love-making of her husband, Kirk, enough to satisfy
her need any longer? Had some alchemy suddenly transformed her into a
... well, some kind of nymphomaniac who wasn't able to control her

All of these questions had no immediate answers for the bewildered
young wife, and she moaned piteously in degradation on her lovely bed.
Her stomach was queasy now, a result of humiliation, and she felt
debilitated as hot tears began to flow from her eyes. After a few
moments she sprang off the bed and ran nakedly into the bathroom,
refusing to look at the now docile figure of Fello curled comfortably
at the foot of the bed.

What had come over him? He looked so natural, so harmless lying there.
Where had he learned such ... such degrading practices! Had Mrs. Hatton
trained him for just that purpose? These, and a thousand other
questions burned in the young wife's brain, as the shame of the lewd
act she had performed washed over her. Abruptly, she resolved to banish
the entire thing from her mind. Forever! She would never mention it!
She would forbid herself to think of it, to remember it. It was sick!
She was sick! She must seek help! And Kirk must never know. Never! And
to these ends the young wife applied herself.

She spent the better part of an hour under a hot shower spray in a vain
attempt to cleanse her body of imaginary impurities which seemed to
coat her skin like some malignant fungus.

And when Kirk Young arrived home, he found a very strange wife indeed;
a wife who was one minute loving and considerate, and the next
preoccupied and withdrawn. And he later encountered Fello and a
knowingly smirking Mrs. Hatton, and heard the explanation for the
former's presence and the latter's departure.

And finally, he experienced a growing apprehension about their
appearance that evening at the Kaye's party ...

Chapter 3

Kirk Young adjusted his tie and smoothed a hand along the side of his
carefully combed red hair, both gestures for the twentieth time since
he and Vicki had left their small bungalow to drive to the Kaye's
Glenview Hills home shortly before nine that night. He felt nervous
excitement at the prospect of this evening with the eminent faculty
member. He had come into close contact with Dr. Kaye only once,
briefly, when he had picked Vicki up at work one night, and had been
impressed by the man's bearing; one of these days, and in the not too
distant future, he would have that kind of stature---both physical and

Kirk looked at the lovely, raven-haired figure of his young wife as
they prepared to traverse the ribbon of concrete leading to the Kaye's
expansive home. She wore a simple black shift which clung to her full,
ripened breasts and perfectly rounded buttocks; it ended just above her
knees---not too long, not too short; it accentuated the long litheness
of her beautiful legs. She had her hair down tonight, as he liked her
to wear it, strands of the long dark tresses curling around to frame
her face and rest on the upswell of her lush young bosom. She was a
vision in radiant beauty, Kirk thought. Yet, there was something
troubling her he could see it reflected in her soft, dark-brown eyes!

The young husband had sensed her inner unrest the moment he had come
home from the basketball tournament a little past six. She had seemed
withdrawn, ashamed about something. When he had asked her if anything
was wrong, she had told him it was nothing at all and averted her eyes.
He couldn't for the life of him figure out what could have upset her
that way she wasn't normally given to moods and periods of depression;
but then, one never knew what it was that was bothering women most of
the time, anyway. Probably some inconsequential matter that would, if
she relented to explain, seem patently silly as a basis for such

He had thought for awhile after he'd come home that she was going to
remain moody and uncommunicative, but she had responded to his joking,
light banter and seemed to snap out of it somewhat. She was smiling now
as they approached the huge, multi-level home, but he could still
discern that indefinite troubled air about her. Well, at least she
wasn't completely undemonstrative; a few drinks, and she'd come out of
it once and for all, become giggly the way she always did after the
second drink of any kind of liquor.

Kirk whistled softly under his breath as he escorted his voluptuous
young wife to the Kaye's door. In the structure's subtly lit alcove, he
spotted an ebony black door with polished gold knob and knocker. "Man,
this is what is vulgarly known as the creme de la creme," he whispered
to Vicki. "We are consorting with members of the upper echelon tonight,
sweetheart; our future peers, if I may be so modest."

"You may say so, sir," Vicki said with an effort at a frivolous tone to
match that of Kirk's. "It's going to be a fun evening, isn't it,
honey?" There was an almost plaintive hunger on that last sentence.

"That it is," Kirk assured her. He put his arm around her shoulder
affectionately, then lifted the gold knocker. He let it fall, and the
sound echoed like a temple gong in the small alcove.

Almost immediately, the door was opened and the sanding face of Dr.
Eric Kaye looked out at them. He wore a gold lounging jacket with a
matching silk cravat, knife-creased black slacks, and doeskin loafers;
his salt and pepper hair was immaculately combed in a hair-do that
obviously had just been barbered. His smile widened as his bright gray
eyes roamed approvingly over his female assistant. "You look absolutely
the image of Aphrodite tonight, Vicki my dear," he said with genuine
enthusiasm. "Positively gorgeous."

The young brunette wife blushed appreciatively. "Why ... thank you, Dr.

Eric beamed at her and then turned to Kirk. They shook hands warmly.
"Good to see you again, my boy," the suave professor said.

He took Vicki's arm and ushered the two young people inside, shutting
the door behind him.

They were in a huge living room furnished in imported Danish modem with
tastefully chosen representations on the walls and indirect lighting to
accentuate the largeness of the area. There was a large red brick
fireplace, with a wide hearth stacked with cordwood and wrought iron
fixtures, that comprised more than half of one side wall. At the other
end was a large, oiled walnut bar with four stools in dark leather, its
surface covered with crystal decanters and glassware containing liquor
of every conceivable kind. The entire rear wall was a huge view window
with sliding glass doors that opened out onto a balcony that ran the
width of the structure. Blue drapes which matched the shag carpeting
had been drawn back, and the splendor of Glenview as seen through
winter rain was revealed to their eyes. The winking lights of the
college community were reflected in the silver droplets beading the

On a long, low couch near the center of the cavernous room sat a
strikingly beautiful woman in a shimmering silver lame gown that seemed
to Vicki to be scandalously short. She had long, silver-blonde hair and
a wide scarlet mouth, and her beauty was loud and sensual where Vicki's
was quiet and somewhat virginal. She rose as the Youngs approached with
her husband, and smiled with those moist warm lips; the lame dress
rustling with husky whispers as she moved, clinging like a second skin
to her rich, high breasts and sharply defined, protruding buttocks.

Eric Kaye said, "Kirk and Vicki Young, I'd like you to meet my wife,
Christine. Christy, darling, meet Kirk and Vickie."

Christine Kaye rubbed the palms of her hands along her sleek sides as
if she was a languorous cat. Vicki thought a little spitefully, I don't
like her at all; she acts like she's going to start purring any minute.
And look at the hungry expression on Kirk's face ... he's captivated by
her! The brunette young wife wondered then if she were becoming
jealous, and decided that she was; not that she had any cause, of
course, it was only natural for men to be attracted to a woman who was
so obviously sensual. Don't get your claws out, she cautioned herself;
this was to be a fun evening for Kirk's sake ... and yes, for my own
after the traumatic self-abuse I succumbed to this afternoon.

Vicki said, "How do you do, Mrs. Kaye? I'm very pleased to meet you."

"And I, you," Christy said in a husky contralto. She turned her
smoldering black eyes on Kirk and took his hand. "How sweet of you to
come tonight," she cooed.

Kirk flushed slightly as her hand seemed to finger in his longer than
necessary. "Glad we came," he managed, feeling somewhat at a loss for
words for the first time since his teens. This Christy Kaye was
probably the most sensually alluring woman he had ever seen outside of
a movie theater, and he found himself involuntarily wondering what it
would be like to take her to bed. God, she could probably fuck the ass
right off of you, he thought, and then blushed again at the lewdness of
the idea. No use in harboring a lot of crazy thoughts that weren't
going to net him anything anyway.

Still, she was a damned fascinating woman ...

Eric Kaye said, "Have a seat beside Christy on the couch. I'll mix
drinks. Anyone want anything special?"

"Well," Kirk answered, "a little brandy, if you have it. With soda! And
Vicki will have a vodka tonic. Is that all right, honey?"

"Fine," Vicki smiled.

Kaye nodded and said, "Christy?"

"Another champagne cocktail, dear," she breathed.

The smiling professor went to the walnut bar and began to mix the
drinks. As he did so, he allowed himself a secretive smile and let his
eyes undress Vicki Young; if things went as planned, he thought, this
was going to be a night he and Christy---and the Youngs---weren't going
to forget for some time to come.

Neither Vicki nor Kirk noticed that he made both of their drinks

* * *

The evening progressed rapidly, and in spite of her initial dislike for
the silver-haired Christy Kaye, Vicki found herself developing a
certain camaraderie with the woman. The two men seemed to be getting
along famously, and Vicki found Christy to be surprisingly intelligent,
a somewhat paradoxical quality in a woman of her sensual physical
appearance. Soon they woe talking on topics ranging from a recipe for
real Italian veal scaloppini to the damage being wrought by
indiscriminate polluting of America's rivers and lakes.

The first drink Dr. Kaye had given her had been a little strong for
Vicki's liking, but she hadn't wanted to seem immature or impolite---
and so she hadn't said anything. She had drunk it slowly, and when
she'd finally finished it, he'd made her another that hadn't seemed too
strong at all; probably just her imagination with the first one, she'd
mused, and proceeded to drink the second with a bit less caution as she
and Christy talked. When she was again finished, Eric Kaye dutifully
poured her a third Vodka and tonic.

Although she wasn't really consciously aware of it, the amount of
liquor the young brunette wife was consuming began to have a marked
effect on her. Gradually, she experienced a physical relaxing of her
body; the tenseness evaporated, and she was completely relaxed by then,
happy and carefree once in the company of the man she loved and two
people with whom she was enjoying herself immensely.

Kirk, too, had noticed the strength of his brandy-soda when Kaye had
handed him that first drink, but he had considered it a result of the
doctor's flare for being a gracious and liberal host. Besides, he liked
his drinks with a little kick in them---and he could hold his liquor
with the best of men when he drank, even though he didn't indulge very
often. He felt completely at ease with Dr. Eric Kaye, and as the hour
of midnight---and the New Year---drew nigh, he found himself as
complacently secure as he had ever been in his life. The older
professor could be---he hoped was going to be---a valued and valuable
friend, furthering Kirk's career both directly and indirectly; tonight
could be the beginning of a long and satisfactory relationship.

Vicki drained the last swallow of her third drink, and her professor
boss got to his feet immediately. "Another, my dear?" he asked.

"Well ..." Vicki giggled reflexively, and then excused herself and
said, "yes---I think I will have another, Dr. Kaye."

"Eric," he insisted. "There's no need for office formality here,

"Then---yes, I'd love another drink, Eric."

Christy looked at her watch. "It's eleven-thirty," she said. "Don't you
think it's time we opened some of that vintage champagne, baby?"

"Excellent idea," Kaye enthused. "I have it on ice behind the bar."

"Mmmmmm!" Vicki exclaimed. "I adore champagne!"

"Especially imported champagne," Kirk said, grinning.

"This is quite good," Christy told them. "I think you'll like it."

"I'm sure we will," Vicki said, with a soft bubbling laugh. She was
beginning to feel slightly giddy, almost light-headed, from the three
Vodka tonics she'd consumed over the course of the evening; usually,
two drinks were her absolute limit.

Eric Kaye popped the cork on a gold-foil encased magnum he produced
from behind the walnut bar and poured four crystal champagne glasses
full of the bubbling golden liquid. The two couples drank a toast to
one another's health and happiness for the coming year, and the doctor
refilled their glasses; another toast to Kirk's success in the field of
coaching, and again Kaye poured.

They sipped two more glasses each, talking and laughing, until suddenly
Christy announced, "It's two minutes till Midnight!"

Eric hurried to the bar, and from behind it produced some small party
hats and four long, wooden favors that unwind like a frog's tongue when
someone blows into them. The laughing couples put on the hats as
Christy and Vicki began a loud and boisterous countdown by Christy's
thin gold watch. Five-four-three-two-one ...

"Happy New Year!"

"Happ ... happy New Year!"

Vicki seemed to be floating on a pleasant, euphoric cloud, and she
realized fully for the first time that she was extremely drunk. It was
such a good feeling to be very drunk, she thought; why hadn't she
gotten drunk more often if the feeling was this good? She felt strong
hands pulling her to her feet, and strong arms encircle her, and she
saw the smiling face of her husband before her eyes. She brought her
arms up and clung to Kirk's neck as he kissed her, opening her mouth
eagerly to accept his tongue. She wantonly rubbed her breasts against
his chest, enjoying the feeling of sensuality which the liquor had sent
rippling through her body and the embrace of Kirk had magnified; she
could feel his penis, pressing against her abdomen, jerk slightly in
his pants, and she knew he was aroused by her passionate kiss.

But then a voice said close to her, "How about a kiss for your
employer, my dear?" Vicki and Kirk broke apart, and she giggled as she
saw Eric affect a mock pout at her ignoring of him; he seemed to be
feeling the effects of the evening's liquor consumption as well.

She took a step forward, putting her hands boldly on his shoulders, and
said, "Of course, you can have a kiss, Eric!"

He gathered her into his arms, and his mouth closed over hers, lightly
at first and then more ardently as she responded to his expert
movements. His breath smells sweet and warm. even with the odor of
liquor on it, she thought numbly as she kissed him. And he really knows
how to kiss ... his lips are so soft ... oh I feel so wicked, letting
my boss kiss me this way with my husband standing right there, but
after all it is New Year's Eve and there's no harm that will come of it

Suddenly, Eric's mouth pressured hers open wide and his tongue slipped
along her wetly parted lips, darted inside to meet hers. Vicki felt a
tremor of excitement course through her at such familiarity, and
instead of being angered or frightened, she was oddly responsive to his
invasion of her mouth. She clung to him almost as passionately as she
had clung to her husband moments earlier, and allowed his moistly
flicking tongue to fill her mouth for a long moment, swirling round and
round her own, before she drew back, giggling, to break the embrace ...

As soon as his wife had begun kissing Eric Kaye, Kirk had immediately
turned toward the voluptuous Christy; what the hell? he thought with
the lack of inhibition the champagne and brandy had combined to bring
about, there wasn't anything wrong with kissing a beautiful and
exciting temptress like Christy Kaye, not if her husband was standing
right there kissing his wife, now was there? Besides, he was feeling
pretty damned high---maybe he couldn't hold the booze as well as he'd
thought, not that it mattered much one way or another---and just
looking at Christy during the evening had made him desirous of even so
little as a simple kiss. In fact, he had been secretly hoping that he
would have an opportunity such as this when midnight arrived; those
full sensuous lips of hers glistened invitingly, and she had the
damnedest habit of moistening them constantly with the tip of her
little pink tongue, making you want to taste them more and more each
time you looked at them.

Christy was smiling when he turned to her, and her eyes said that she
knew what he wanted to do and that it was all right. She opened her
arms to him, and he pressed in close to her, feeling the taut, hard-
nippled firmness of her breasts brand his chest hotly, even with the
silver lame gown and his suit between their bare flesh. Then his lips
were on hers, and her tongue flickered into his mouth to fuse with his,
teasing along the ridged roof and over his teeth.

Holy Christ! Kirk thought with surprise. She really knows how to
French-kiss! I'll bet she's something wild in the sack ... I'll bet she
lets Eric go down on her, and I'll bet she goes down on him, too ...
Christ, it must be nice to have a wife who's really a happy slut in
bed, who isn't afraid to experiment and try new positions, new ways ...
Vicki's a damned beautiful woman, and I love her, but all she wants is
Western style, no oral sex and no experimentation ... she's just static
when it comes to love-making ... that goddamned old lady of hers was
the problem, all right, with all the moralistic crap about sex being
only for procreation and not to be enjoyed for its own sake ...

Christy's hot, probing tongue began to flash in and out of Kirk's mouth
as if she was trying to rape him with it, and he felt his penis give an
involuntary leap of arousal. The silver blonde seemed to sense his
passion, and wantonly ground her pelvis tighter against his loins,
moving her hips in a lewd circular motion. Christ in heaven, what was
she doing? Kirk thought with liquored confusion. It was almost as if
she was trying to screw him standing up, right there with all their
clothes on! Hell, she dry-fucked better than Vicki actually made love,
and his eagerly throbbing cock was almost erect from her erotic
movements against him.

But then, abruptly, Christy withdrew her tongue from his mouth and
pulled back, smiling sultrily at him with her smoky eyes half-lidded.
She smoothed the lame gown with the palms of her hands, as she had done
earlier. Kirk released several short breaths, flushed guiltily at the
bulge along the light leg of his trousers and darted a look to see if
Vicki had noticed his excitement. But she was laughing merrily as Eric
put one of the little party hats on her head, and Kirk breathed a sigh
of relief. After a moment, his penis returned to its normal state, and
he tried to push the incident out of his mind. It couldn't have meant
anything anyway, he told himself; but the way she'd turned on like that
meant Christy Kaye was sure to be ready for a screwing any time,
anywhere, and it probably didn't take more than a pat on the fanny to
set her sex fires to burning.

They sang Auld Lang Syne, loudly and off-key, and then convulsed into
gales of laughter, blowing on the party favors and noisemakers which
Eric had produced just before midnight. Kaye poured them all more
champagne, and they continued to drink until Christy suggested they

Kirk and Vicki nodded enthusiastic approval of the idea, and Eric put a
mood music tape Gleason's Music for Lovers---on a tape deck located in
an impressive bank of stereo components behind a sliding panel in one
wall. Vicki and Kirk danced together for awhile, as did Eric and
Christy, and then they changed partners; the changing seemed the most
natural thing in the world to Vicki, who rested her raven head against
Eric Kaye's shoulder and allowed him to pull her close.

As they moved slowly on the azure carpet, Vicki thought drowsily: This
is one of the most wonderful evenings I've ever spent ... so happy and
beautiful and perfect, being with the two closest men in my life---my
husband and my boss ... oh I don't want tonight to ever end ...

Kirk's thoughts as he held Christy tightly in the fold of his arms were
of a different nature. He tried to concentrate on the music, tried to
keep from dwelling on the warm softness of the provocative woman in his
embrace, but it was futile. His mind was filled with lewd thoughts of
Christy Kaye: How she would look and feel nakedly spread out beneath
him with the silver hair tangled in his fingers while he fucked into
the tightness of her cunt again and again. His restlessly stirring cock
ached with a growing lust, and it was rising again into half-erectness
from the contact of her abdomen beneath the silver gown.

He told himself again and again that such thoughts were wrong, that he
was somehow mentally cheating on his wife by even thinking them. He
knew his face and neck were flushed red, and he knew that his pulsating
penis could be felt by Christy; what was she thinking? he wondered.
Surely she knew what was on his mind, feeling his long thick cock
nudging against her loins. Was she secretly laughing at him? Or,
somehow, was she attracted to him? That could be it; else, why hadn't
she pulled back at the feel of his hard-on? Jesus, what would she do if
he made a pass at her? Would she slap his face, or would she ...?

His reverie was broken by the sound of his wife's voice. Vicki said: "I
... I feel a little woozy, Eric. I think I'd better sit down." She
giggled suddenly. "Think I've had a wee bit too much champagne ..."

Concern crept into Kirk's mind, momentarily overshadowing his salacious
thoughts. He watched as Eric led Vicki to the couch and seated her
there. Vicki leaned her head back against the cushions and closed her
eyes; her face was flushed from the combined effects of alcohol and

Kirk went to his wife, unmindful that the bulge along his trouser leg
was readily apparent to the Kaye couple, unaware of the meaningful
looks the two exchanged. He sat beside Vicki and took her hand; damn,
he was feeling that champagne himself. The room seemed to have a haze
in it, dulling his vision somewhat, and the inside of his mouth was

He said: "Are you okay, honey? Do you want me to get you anything?"

"She'll be all right," Eric said. "She just needs to rest for a few

"Yes ..." Vicki began. Then she giggled again, fluttering her eyes
open, and leaned up to kiss him hard, wetly. Unintentionally, Kirk felt
himself comparing her kiss with that of Christy Kaye's; the older
blonde won hands down, and he told himself again to stop such thinking
before he did something he would be sorry for.

"I'll be all right, honey, I'll be ... all right," Vicki moaned, laying
her head back and closing her eyes again.

"Do you want to go home now?"

"Oh no! No, Kirk, I'm having such a good time ...

Kirk felt a hand on his shoulder, and when he looked up Dr. Kaye smiled
disarmingly at him. "Give her a few minutes rest, Kirk my boy. She's
fine, if I know women---and I think I do." He grinned again.

Kirk stood up, and his own smile was lopsided. "Well," he said, "I
guess you're right." He blinked his eyes rapidly a few times. "Whew!
Guess I'm feeling that champagne too."

"Why don't you go out onto the balcony and get some fresh air?" Christy
suggested. "It's stopped raining."

"Sounds like a good idea," he agreed.

She stepped forward and took his arm. "Come on, Kirk," she urged, and
led him toward the view window. She drew back one of the sliding doors
and ushered him onto the wet floor of the balcony.

The sudden rush of chill winter air sobered Kirk somewhat, and he went
to the railing and took several deep breaths. He stared out at the
lights of Glenview, spread out panoramically below him in the velvet
black background of the night. He sensed Christy coming up beside him,
felt her touch him with her body. Then he heard her say words which,
with a shock, sobered him almost completely.

She said, "Do you still have a hard-on, Kirk? Let me see if you do. Let
me see if that beautiful cock of yours is still hard."

He turned abruptly, startled by her obscene remark. Her eyes lowered to
the front of his trousers, and she made a mock pout when she saw that
there was no longer a bulge present.

He said: "Christy, what ...?"

"Now, now," she said throatily, "let's not fence, shall we? I know I
gave you a nice hard-on, when I was kissing you, and again when I was
dancing with you. Why do you think I was rubbing my pussy against the
big old cock of yours, Kirk?"

"I ... I ..." he faltered. "Jesus Christ!"

She laughed softly, sensually. "I know what you were thinking, you
know," she told him confidently. "You were thinking that you'd like to
fuck me, weren't you? You were thinking that you'd like to put that big
hard cock of yours in my cunt and fill me up with a great load of your
cum. Isn't that right?"

Involuntarily, Kirk's penis jumped once more into erection at the
continued lasciviousness of Eric Kaye's voluptuous wife. It was
throbbing wildly in his pants, and his brain was reeling. Why was she
talking to him this way? he thought in confusion. What was the matter
with her? Was she even more over-sexed than he'd thought---some kind of
nympho or something? She must be crazy to come on to a man she's only
just met this way, with her husband and his own wife less than twenty
feet away; didn't she realize what could happen, making lewd
suggestions the way she was?

Christy leaned close to him and put her hand on his chest. She let it
remain there for a moment, before she moved it slowly down over his
stomach and began tantalizingly stroking the pulsating bulge.

"Well, Kirk?" she asked, her breath like hot flowing honey against his
cheek. "You haven't answered me; you would like to fuck me, wouldn't
you? Tell me how you'd like to fuck me."

He didn't know what to think, what to say. He wanted to turn and run
inside the house again, get away from something he wasn't able to
understand and therefore wasn't able to cope with, but he was rooted to
the spot. The pressure of her gently kneading fingers on his balls and
penis brought great swirling billows of heat rising upward through his
loins, and his testicles ached almost painfully with sexual need.

"My cunt is on fire, you know that don't you, Kirk?" Christy whispered.
"My cunt is on fire for your big cock. Oh, and it is big, too, Kirk;
it's even bigger and harder than I expected it would be!"

She was rhythmically stroking his lust-swollen cock and balls now
through his trousers, moving closer to him so that the tips of her
fully rounded breasts touched his cheek; her tongue came out like a
molten fire-brand and traced a quick, liquid path down over his jawline
and then back up over his lips before she drew her head back again.

"I want you to fuck me, Kirk," she breathed in her sensuous voice. "I
want you to fuck me, and I want to fuck you. Fuck, fuck, fuck ... Don't
make me beg for it."

Kirk was trembling almost uncontrollably, his mind awhirl with panic-
tinged thoughts. Never before had he been faced with a situation as
staggering as this one, and he simply couldn't react. He could feel the
heat of lust rising still higher inside him from her ministrations,
from her lips and tongue, threatening to consume him completely. His
whole being was crying out for release.

"First I'll suck you," Christy said, and the licentious words tore
through Kirk like a hot knife. "First I'll take your big cock in my
mouth and suck you. Maybe I'll even suck you until you cum, until you
fill my mouth with your hot sticky semen. Then, later, we'll fuck. Yes,
that's exactly what I'm going to do. You'll love it, darling!"

"No ..." It was a strangled protest, but one that seemed even in his
ears to lack conviction. The heat was rising ... No, no, no! his brain
warned, but it too lacked conviction. No, this is wrong, all wrong!
You've got to stop this now, before it's too late! You've got to go
back inside, go back to where your wife is waiting, take Vicki home,
get out of here, don't listen to her, don't let her talk you into
anything. Jesus, Eric Kaye is right inside, a man I've always admired
and I'm out here with his wife's hand playing with my nuts and my cock
... Jesus, what would Vicki say if she found out? I'm a happily married
man, for God's sake, a happily married man with a promising career
ahead of me, and if I don't put a stop to this bullshit right now I
could blow both my marriage and my career in one stupid moment of
weakness ...

"No," he said, again. "No, Christy, stop, please---"

"Yes," she said, sensuously squeezing and stroking down between his
legs. "You want me to suck you off, don't you, Kirk? You want me to
suck you and fuck you, suck you and fuck you, suck you and fuck you
..." Christy's words were almost hypnotic in their chanting intensity,
and suddenly Kirk knew that he did want her to suck him and fuck him,
did want her and to hell with the consequences! Oh Jesus, Jesus, he had
to have her! Nothing mattered but the acute pleasure-pain in his groin-
--not his wife, not his career, nothing but this hot-blooded little
blonde bitch who was stroking and caressing him.

"Yes!" he hissed savagely. "Yes, goddamn it, yes, yes, yes! I want you
Christy, oh Christ, I want you to suck me and I want to fuck you!"

Christy laughed throatily---and released his cock and balls, stepping
back. "Come with me," she commanded.

He stared at her, his temples pounding with the liquor and the passion
she had set to burning inside him. "But---where? God, your husband ...
Vicki ..."

"Don't worry about them," she said. She put out her hand. "Follow me,
Kirk. Come with Christy."

It was as if she was commanding a little boy, and yet he was powerless
to do anything but obey. He stepped forward, mutely, and she took his
hand and led him across the wet balcony to a door set into the far
wall. As they passed by the view window, he could dimly see that Eric
Kaye was sitting beside Vicki on the couch, looking down at her, paying
no attention whatsoever to what was happening on the balcony.

Kirk's heart was plunging wildly in his chest as Christy opened the
door and led him into a short, shag-carpeted hallway. At its far end
was another door, and she opened that, taking his hand and ushering him
inside. She followed him, closing the door behind her.

It was a bathroom.

Black and gold tile covered the floor and walls, and the fixtures were
of the same color scheme with polished gold faucets and trim. There was
a large inlaid mirror on one wall. "This is our private bath. It's one
of my favorite rooms."

Kirk stared about him open-mouthed. What was she going to do in here,
for Christ's sake? The bathroom was huge, with plenty of open space,
but ...

She seemed to sense his confusion, and she laughed huskily. "We're
going to take a bath together, Kirk," she said. "Won't that be fun? You
and I together in the tub there."

The idea somehow aroused Kirk to even more passionate heights. He and
Christy Kaye, bathing together while their respective spouses were in
another room nearby! The very lewd boldness of it was tremendously
exciting. Would she suck him off while they were in the bathtub? he
suddenly wondered. Jesus, he'd heard about getting a blow job while you
were taking a bath, but he'd never in his wildest dreams thought it
would happen to him. He'd only had one blow job in his life, and that
was from a town girl near the Army camp where he'd been stationed five
years ago.

Christy stepped forward to the sliding, frosted glass doors covering
the bathtub and drew them open. She closed the drain and turned on the
hot and cold water faucets; then straightening, she turned to Kirk

And she began to take her silver lame gown off

His cock palpitated maddeningly as he watched the sultry silver blonde
reach behind her and draw the zipper down, then shrug out of the
garment. It fell slowly, like cascading, shimmering diamonds, and
puddled around her ankles to radiate in the overhead light. She was
clad in a French brassiere that did little to conceal her ripely
rounded breasts, and a pair of bikini panties that covered even less of
her beautiful buttocks. She spread her legs apart, and then slowly
reached behind her to unhook the brassiere, letting it fall to the
floor as well. Her naked young breasts bobbed into view, and Kirk
sucked in his breath at the sight of the proudly upraised mounds
jutting out from her chest, topped with rigid brown nipples in the
darker fields of her areolae.

Her hands stroked her sides as she moistened her lips provocatively,
never taking her eyes from Kirk's face. Slowly, her hands slid down to
her hips, to the waistband of her panties. With that same tantalizing
slowness, she drew the flimsy little nylon triangle down, down over her
dark black pussy hair that contrasted startlingly with her white skin
and her silver blonde hair. Then the wet, petal-like lips of her hair-
lined cunt came into view, and again Kirk sucked in his breath; his
wildly burgeoning cock jumped, and he could feel seminal fluid ooze
from the glans opening.

Christy stepped out of her panties finally, and stood nakedly unashamed
before him. Her legs were long and tapered and her buttocks were satin-
smooth and dimpled enticingly. She stepped forward, still letting her
pink tongue flick over her lips.

"Do you like?" she asked in a teasing, girlish voice. She cupped her
breasts. "Do you like my tits? Are they big enough for you?"

"Yes! Oh God, yes!"

"And my cunt?" Her hands dipped lower, framing the ebony triangle as if
it were some work of art. "Do you like my cunt, Kirk?"

"Oh Jesus, I love it! I love it!"

Christy laughed appreciatively. "Get naked, honey," she told him. "Get
naked so I can see that big beautiful cock of yours."

Kirk hesitated, as guilt once more seized hold of him. No, he thought,
God no, I can't do this, I can't! It's ... it's insane! How can I take
a bath with this woman, have her suck my cock, fuck her, how can I do
that with my wife in the same house, with her husband in the same
house? It's crazy, like some dream ... maybe it is a dream, maybe I'll
wake up any minute now ... but no, it's real, all right, that cunt of
hers is real and those beautiful tits are real and my cock, so hard
it's about ready to burst is real ... Jesus, I want her, I want her!
I've got to have her ... yes, that's all that matters! I've got to have
her or I'll go out of my mind!

Having made his decision, whether right or wrong, Kirk felt as if a
great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He blanked his mind to
all but the provocative woman who stood naked before him, to all but
the billowing heat of building cum that bloated his balls. Feverishly,
he tore at his clothes, throwing his suit coat onto the floor, tearing
his shirt and tie off, unbuckling his trousers and letting them fall.
He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, shed his shorts and T-

At last he, too, was naked. His long hard cock jutted out from his
hirsute loins like a huge, quivering standard, the head an angry
purplish red and sheened with his seminal fluid. His balls hung swollen
in their soft, swaying sac below, swinging lightly as his chest heaved
with excitement. His eyes were glassy.

Christy let out a soft sighing whistle of approval. "It's everything I
thought it would be, Kirk," she said. "It's a beautiful cock, even more
beautiful than my husband's. God, I'm going to give such a wonderful
cock everything it deserves; I'm going to lick it and suck it until I
milk every last drop of cum from those beautiful hairy balls of yours!"

A small, tortured cry erupted from Kirk's throat, and he lunged
forward, gathering Christy in his arms, pressing his rigid shaft
against her belly. His hands roughly caressed her soft warm breasts,
kneading and squeezing them, rolling the turgid nipples between thumb
and forefinger. He was almost mindless with lust for her, making little
mewling sounds in his throat.

She moved to the medicine cabinet set on one wall, opened it, and
removed a large bottle. She took the bottle to the tub and emptied some
of its clear liquid into the rapidly-filling, king-size receptacle.
Dimly, Kirk saw that it was bubble bath, that shining colored bubbles
were forming on the steaming water which was emptying down from the
gold faucets.

Christy reached out and shut off the taps at last, and there was no
sound in the bathroom then except for his ragged, excited breathing.
She leaned forward, presenting her soft, velvet buttocks to his eyes,
and raised one leg to place her foot on the lip of the tub. Kirk's
impatiently pulsating penis gave a convulsive leap as he saw the soft,
fluted lips of her cunt flower open before his eyes, saw the glistening
strands of curly black pubic hair that fringed the moist teasing slit.
Then she put one foot into the water, testing it, and stepped over into
the brimming, bubbled water. Slowly, tantalizingly, she sank down into
it, until the bubbles completely covered her voluptuous body, only her
silver head showing. her eyes lidded. "Come on in, honey," she invited.
"It's just fine in here."

Kirk, his brain containing nothing in that moment but overwhelming
lust, needed no further urging. Trembling, his massively thickened cock
swaying in front of him, he joined her in the tub, sitting down
opposite her at the other end. His feet slid along the outside of her
legs as he settled down, his toes touched the satiny skin of her hips
and sides, the water was hot and sweet-smelling, and he could feel the
warmth send little ripples of pleasure along his groin.

Christy wiggled her toes, stretching forward, and he felt her toenails
tickle his balls deliciously. She giggled with delight as she saw the
purplish head of his cock shoot up like a periscope among the popping
bubbles. She raised up, so that her high, firm breasts floated like two
lovely balloons on the water, drawing her toes along the inside of his
thighs as she did so. She rose up onto her knees then, staring at him,
licking her sensually parted lips.

"Do you want me to suck you now?" she asked. "Do you want me to suck
your big hard cock now, Kirk?"

"Yes! Suck it, oh Jesus suck it, suck it!"

Christy lowered her head, and Kirk watched her mesmerically as she took
a mouthful of the hot, soapy water; little bubbles were in evidence
around her glistening mouth when she raised her head again, as if she
was a bitch dog with the froth, and the sight further increased the
passion which was seething inside his body. She eased forward,
positioning her head directly above the jutting head of his swollen
rod, and her hand slid through the warm water to grasp his cock at the
base, her little finger teasing his bloated scrotum below.

Breath burst from Kirk's lungs in staccato explosions as he felt her
hand on his genitals. Her cheeks were puffed out from the soapy water
she was retaining there.

Then, like a striking snake, her head darted down and her lips came in
contact with the head of his cock, parted to take the lust-inflated
head between them. At the same time, she released the water which she
had been holding inside her mouth, and it cascaded like warm flowing
oil down over the length of his throbbing shaft.

A cry of wanton delight came from the very core of Kirk's being, and
his hands came out of the bath water involuntarily to tangle themselves
in the silver blonde tresses of Christy's head. He levered up as he did
so, driving more of his excitedly throbbing penis into the warm,
incredibly soft cavern of her mouth. The back of his head was resting
on the tub's lip, and he could look down to see half of his thick
burgeoning manhood disappear into her ovalled red lips, see her lust-
contorted features as she allowed the shaft of hard pulsating flesh to
remain in her mouth without moving her lips on it, without touching it
with her tongue. Kirk's testicles were boiling cauldrons of semen now,
and lie knew it wouldn't be long before it would come spewing out of
his hardened pole like a flow of hot molten lava.

"Suck me!" he commanded down to the top of her head.

He tried to push her head down on his cock with his hands wrapped in
her now-wet silver hair, but she resisted, tickling his balls
maddeningly with her fingers. She pulled out of his grip to smile
teasingly up at him. "Do you like my mouth wrapped around your cock,

"Yes! For Christ's sake, suck me, Christy!

Once more her head dipped, and her tongue came out then to lick circles
of liquid fire around and around the head, flicking into the glans eye,
lapping up the excited pre-ejaculate seeped from there. His hands
tightened painfully in her hair, and he endeavored to bury his rigidly
erect penis inside her mouth again. But still she resisted, licking and
washing the head of his cock tantalizingly, twirling her tongue faster
and faster around the blood-swollen head.

She drew back once again, leaving his wildly jerking rod of flesh, and
lowered her head to the water another time. Again, her mouth filled
with the hot, soapy liquid---and again, she bobbed her head down over
his excited penis before taking the head between her lips carefully.

She began to suck him slowly, rhythmically, with the warm water still
held in her mouth.

"Oooooohhhhhhh!" Kirk moaned in rapturous passion, as the combined
sensations of Christy's soft lips and tongue, and the hot water she was
gurgling around his cock, made him almost insane with desire. Never had
he imagined anything to be this good! Christ in heaven, how could a man
go through twenty-six years of life without ever having had anything as
good as this!

"MMMmmmmmmm!" Christy hummed as she washed his cock again and again
with the soapy water, bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. Kirk
was watching her slave on him, jerking his hips upward into her face
and driving her head down with hard thrusts of his hands in her hair,
and the sight was one so lewdly exciting that he began to chant to her
between bared teeth.

"Suck it, suck it, suck it, suck it!"

Christy's tongue, with a nerve-tingling lap on the out-stroke, was like
a separate entity, a mad thing as she sucked him. Her mouth worked
hungrily, greedily, her concentration full and complete on the task she
was performing, swirling the hot water around and around his cock
without losing so much as a droplet of it from the cavern of her softly
ovalled mouth. Her breasts danced wildly, beating the water to a
bubbled froth, as her head pumped, as the soft wet skin of her lips
puckered outward and then back in again as she sawed her mouth the full
length of his hotly pulsating cock.

It won't be long, he thought numbly, completely abandoned now to the
orgasmic mouth-fucking he was receiving, it won't be long before I cum,
before I fill her mouth and her throat and her belly with my cum ... it
won't be long before I shoot a load like I've never shot before, before
I have an orgasm that'll put all the ones I've had with Vicki to shame
... it won't be long, it won't be long now at all ...

Chapter 4

Victoria felt a soft, cool hand stroke her forehead and her long raven
hair, and her eyes came open instantly. Her head lilted from the back
of the couch, and she could feel her heart hammering in her chest.

At first, she had a strange disembodied feeling; she didn't know where
she was, even who she was. The room was unfamiliar, and the man sitting
next to her, stroking her, wasn't her husband ... but then she
recognized Dr. Eric Kaye her employer, and the room as his home---and
the evening's events came back to her completely. It was all right; she
was safe. She leaned back against the cushions again, sighing, and then
winced as a little throbbing pain in back of her eyes made itself known
to her.

"I ... fell asleep, didn't I?" she said to Eric, a little sheepishly.

"That you did," he told her, smiling. He moved back away from her
slightly, looking into her eyes. "How do you feel now?"

"Still a little woozy," she confessed. "How long have I been sleeping?"

"Not long. About fifteen minutes."

Vicki looked around the room, then frowned. "Where's Kirk?"

Eric got to his feet, his expression sobering. Inside, though, he was
seething with anticipation of what he felt sure was about to happen.
The timing was perfect, he thought; Christy should have things well in
hand---more properly, he told himself with a mental grin, well in
mouth---by now. Christ, she'd had Kirk all but fetching sticks for her
when she'd led him off the balcony earlier. It was really a pleasure to
watch her work; she knew how to entice a man, that was for sure, and
she was the best fuck he'd ever had, although a few women he'd known
had come close. All things considered, Christy was the perfect wife for
him, and he the perfect husband for her. They both loved fucking more
than anything---yes, he had to admit he loved it even more than his
work---and their respective skills in acquiring new flesh for the fold
were perfectly harmonious. He was a damned lucky man.

Kaye held out his hand to the beautiful young woman on the couch, and
Vicki took it. He lifted her onto her feet, steadying her with his
other hand on her elbow. "There's something I think you should see, my
dear," he said.

"See?" she asked, confused. "But---where's Kirk? And ... where's

"Come along, now," Eric said soothingly, and steered her down a hallway
at the far end of the living room, opening a door off it. He groped on
the wall inside, and soft lighting cast an eerie illumination over the
previously darkened room.

Despite this supernatural gloom Vicki could see that it was a lavishly
furnished bedroom, with thick carpeting and a huge double bed. The
furnishings appeared to be of the same Danish modem style as the living
room furniture. She stopped just inside the door, looking befuddledly
about her.

"This ... this is your bedroom," she said inanely.

"Yes, that's right," Eric said in his soft voice. "Mine and Christy's."

"I ... don't understand, Eric. What ...?"

"Come over here," Kaye told her, motioning toward a slightly ajar door
set in the far wall. "I think you ought to see this, Vicki."

Perplexedly, she followed the respected educator across the carpeted
floor to the door. There, adjacent to the door, were mounted numerous
switches, knobs, and Eric Kaye reached up to twist one of them,
bringing the previously soft strains of the Gleason orchestra into ear-
consuming loudness. Then, with a flick of his deft fingers on a second
switch, the room was plunged once again into murky darkness, the only
illumination a small ribbon of light permeating from the room beyond
the slightly ajar door. Vicki opened her mouth to complain about this
unexpected action, but her protest died unvoiced as he quickly opened
the door, once again illuminating the bedroom with an elongation of
brilliance. Instinctively, Kaye stepped forward, frowning deeply, and
then she could see into what was obviously a bathroom, black and gold
tiled with ...

Vicki froze suddenly, froze in abject horror. Involuntarily, a small
cry burst from her throat and was immediately lost in music emanating
from speakers in both rooms. Vicki felt as if someone had kicked her in
the stomach; she couldn't seem to find her breath, and she stood there
gasping, her eyes bulging wide with sheer disbelief.

What she saw was a rite as old as time itself being performed in a
large marble-lined bathtub directly before her eyes, not five feet
away. It was the perverted rite of fellatio, a disgusting practice
which Vicki had always held in abhorrence as being something which
prostitutes did for money and which sluts did for the satisfaction of
degenerate desires; something which pimps allowed upon their flesh, and
maladjusted men in dirty hotel rooms.

But the two participants in the tableau before her were not of this
ilk. They were Christy Kaye---and her husband, Kirk, the man she loved.
Christy was kneeling in the tub, amidst a thick coating of bubbles, her
head slaving up and down over Kirk's groin, her lips sliding around his
huge, erect penis hungrily, as if it woe some obscene peppermint stick.
His hands were wrapped in her hair, urging her on to even faster
bobbings and lickings, and there was on his face a mask of pure and
mindless lust. His lips were pulled back over his teeth, spittle was
dribbling out onto his chin, and he had both his legs spread wide,
heels resting on the tub's two lips on either side of the sucking
silver-blonde kneeling between them.

A strangled gasp escaped Vicki's throat, a gasp of nightmarish
rejection of the sickening picture burning the retinas of her eyes. She
staggered backward, wanting to turn and flee, run, get out of there,
blot that terrible scene from her mind---but Eric caught hold of her,
restraining her, preventing her from taking her gaze from the wildly
jerking couple in the bubble bath.

Kaye smiled knowingly as he watched with admiration the way his wife's
mouth and tongue were working around Kirk Young's lust hardened cock.
Damn, but she could really give a blow job! His own cock leapt into
instant arousal, watching her, and the feel of Kirk's young wife's
soft, resilient flesh trembling under his hands sent little ripples of
heat flashing through his groin. "Well, what do you think of your
husband now, Vicki?"

"Oh my God!" Vicki wailed in undisguised misery. "Oh, my God, my God!"
She leaned back against Eric almost without realizing it, while her
mind fought to accept the reality of what she was seeing.

"Do you know what's happening in there, Vicki?" Eric asked softly, his
voice almost hypnotic now. "That's your husband and my wife, and
they're making love---oral love, the best kind of love. Your husband
and my wife, Vicki ..."

"No! God, no, no, no!" The words tore from Vicki's throat in an almost
pleading tremolo, as if she was trying to convince herself that it
couldn't be happening. Her brain seethed with tumbling, reeling
thoughts and emotions.

That's Kirk, my Kirk, my husband ... lying nude in a tub filled with
bubble bath with the ... the bitch-whore wife of my employer. That's
the man I promised to love, honor and obey, until death do us part ...
lying in there with another woman's mouth on his penis, letting her
kiss him there, obviously enjoying it the way his face is twisted like
some beast in heat, letting her do that to him while the woman he
supposedly loves, his wife---ME---is in the same house ... oh, God, it
couldn't be true, it couldn't be happening ... but it was! This sick,
foul, perverted, disgusting thing is happening, right before my eyes
... I'm watching my whole world collapse right in front of me,
everything I believed in, believed was good and clean and decent is
being soiled and made a mockery of before my very own eyes ...!

Eric Kaye was holding her very tightly now, and she suddenly became
aware of a prodding against her buttocks and the pounding of the
doctor's heart. She shuddered, trying to turn; did ... Eric have an
erection from watching this? My God, was he aroused? How could that be?
That was his wife in there, wasn't it? Just like that's my husband ...

As if sensing her thoughts, Eric moved his pelvis against her buttocks
lightly, and in her ear he whispered in the same mesmeric tone, "It's
exciting to watch, isn't it, my dear? It's exciting to watch your
husband make love to someone else. It arouses your passions, doesn't
it? It makes you want to make love yourself, doesn't it, Vicki?"

"Nooooo!" she moaned. What was the matter with him? Had he taken leave
of his senses, acting this way, talking like that? She didn't know Eric
Kaye at all, that was plainly evident; she didn't know what kind of a
man he was deep inside at all. Why ... why, it was almost as if he was
reveling in the sickness before their eyes ... as if he had known all
along that it would happen, and was waiting expectantly for it ...

"Look at the way Christy moves her mouth up and down on your husband's
cock," Kaye intoned behind her, his breath hot in her ear. "Look at the
way her mouth works on his penis, Vicki. That's exciting, isn't it? You
feel aroused watching it, don't you?"

"No, it's ... evil, disgusting!" Vicki flung at him, struggling to
break free, but his grip was like iron on her. She felt anger rise in
her---not unreasoning anger that replaced the shocked horror which had
numbed her mind until then. The line between love and hate was a thin
one, and she had crossed over it the moment she'd seen what Kirk was
doing in that bathtub with Christy Kaye. She hated him now, no longer
loved him; she hated him enough to kill him! Yes, to kill him, to cut
off that offending member of his with a butcher knife and watch him
bleed to death! And she hated Eric Kaye, too, hated him almost as much
as she did Kirk, for he was a party to this animalistic depravity, she
knew that somehow ...

She twisted and jerked in the educator's grasp, but in vain. She was
breathing hard, her eyes locked on the tableau before her, watching
Christy Kaye's undulating buttocks lashing the bubbled water in lewd
motion as she slavered her mouth up and down around Kirk's long hard
cock. Her wet silvery hair was fanned out, floating in the water over
Kirk's belly, and her tongue was lashing furiously around and around
the head of the cock in her mouth on the outstroke. There was the same
mindless lust, contorting her features as was contorting Kirk's.

"Watch them, Vicki, Eric commanded hypnotically, holding her. "Watch
them, watch my wife suck your husband's cock!"

His salacious words brought a gasp from Vicki, but even so, she found
herself obeying Kaye's words. She was watching, watching with widening
eyes, and her struggles ceased despite the fact that the hot anger of
moments earlier, tempered somewhat now, still remained. The doctor
began to whisper more obscene remarks into her ear, and his hand moved
around under her breasts, the forearm raising them up as he held her.
He was telling her again how exciting it was to watch the perverted
lovemaking in the bathroom, how it gave vent to rising passions to see
other people doing it.

And suddenly, in spite of herself, Vicki became aroused.

She could feel her nipples harden beneath the black dress she wore,
beneath her brassiere; she could feet her vaginal juices begin to flow
as they had earlier when she had allowed her landlady's dog to bring
her to climax. She tried to will the unwanted desire away, tried to
turn her eyes from the lascivious sight of Kirk and Christy, but she
could do neither. The passion was growing inside her now, for once
kindled, it was spread rapidly, like an inferno consuming her flesh,
causing her to tingle deliciously all over.

Eric, sensing her arousal, felt a glowing triumph. It was going to work
out just as he and Christy had planned! She was going to come across,
he felt sure of it now; he had been right in his appraisal of the
hidden depths of Vicki Young, and after four months of looking at her
five days a week and wanting her more and more each day, he was going
to have her! Soon, soon!

He renewed his whispers into her ear with more and more lewd words and
suggestions, and his hand moved up to cup one of her breasts, lightly
kneading it. Christ, but she had nice tits! She wasn't protesting now,
either; she was watching Christy suck her husband off, and she wasn't
fighting his advances. He pressed his erect cock tighter against her
buttocks, insinuating the hardened bulge into the soft yielding crevice
between her ass-cheeks.

"My wife and your husband, Vicki," he breathed into her ear. "My wife
and your husband---fucking. That's what they're doing, you know.
Christy is mouth-fucking Kirk. Christy and Kirk, making love. So why
shouldn't we make love, Vicki? Why shouldn't you and I fuck? I want to
fuck you, Vicki. Vicki, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you right
here, right now, while we watch your husband and my wife. I want to
fuck you standing up right here, Vicki!"

Vicki's mind was still a seething turmoil of anger and hatred, made
irrational by the amount of liquor she had consumed on this evening,
but it was fast becoming swamped by her rising passion. Eric's words
were taking their toll now. She could feel his hand on her breast, knew
she should take it away, stop him from touching her like that. She
could feel his penis, hard between the sensitive cheeks of her
buttocks, and she knew she should stop that, too. But the feelings they
evoked were pleasant, adding fuel to her excitement---and she didn't
want to stop.

She wanted to ...

She wanted to make love!

She wanted Eric Kaye to make love to her!

The sudden, overwhelming realization made Vicki's head pound
rhythmically. Yes, that was what she wanted! She wanted him to do what
he was whispering in her ear ... wanted him to ... to FUCK her! She
wanted to be fucked! She wanted to punish Kirk for what he had done to
her, what he was doing to her right now by allowing Christy to suck him
like that! What better way than to make love to Christy's husband!
Nothing else mattered right now, right at this moment. All that
mattered was getting back at Kirk, hurting him like he was hurting her-
--and the prurient desires which were raging in her flesh, demanding to
be satisfied ...

"Vicki," the doctor was whispering, "Vicki, I want to fuck you while we
stand here and watch your husband fucking my wife! Do you hear me,
Vicki? I want to fuck you while we ..."

"Yes!" Vicki heard herself cry out. "Yes, Eric, yes, yessss! I want
you, Eric, I want you to ... to fuck me!"

Kaye's hand squeezed her breast harder, and his breath exploded into
her ear. Those were the words he had waited a long, long time to hear!
He cupped both her breasts, moving his pelvis tight behind her. "Right
here, right now," he whispered.

"Yes! Yes, yes!"

"While we watch Christy sucking Kirk."

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Lean forward and put your hands on the doorjambs so you can see," he

Vicki complied, past all caring now, wanting only release from the
floodtide of passion surging like combers on a stormy beach through her
being. She wanted him, wanted his penis inside her, wanted him, wanted
him, wanted to hurt Kirk.

Eric's dexterous fingers were on the buttons of her dress now, snapping
them open one by one. Slowly, he drew the garment off her shoulders,
down over her limp arms and then off her body altogether. She raised
one foot, then the other, to step out of the dress, wearing only
brassiere and panties now. Eric unfastened her brassiere snaps, letting
it fall away, and her full, taut-nippled breasts swayed into freedom.
Even in her humped over position, there was no pendulous effect to
full, firm mounds---they remained high and firm on her chest.

Vicki felt the doctor's fingers teasing along the silk-encased material
of her buttocks, his nails digging lightly into the resilient, passion-
warm flesh. Then he was tugging at the waistband of her panties,
pulling them down. A cool rush of air blew along her backside, and she
dimly realized that she was now completely nude, her full, rounded
buttocks presented to the lusting gaze of her employer with total
abandonment and surrender.

In the bathroom, in the bathtub filled with soapy water, Vicki could
see Christy pulling Kirk's cock into her mouth voraciously, the shaft
sliding along her tongue like butter along velvet as she endeavored to
take every single inch of his monstrous shaft into the soft, wet folds
of her cheeks. Christy's buttocks undulated madly, and Kirk was jerking
and twisting in wild frenzy under her ministration; the foamy water
lashed over the edge of the tub like surf over a boat pier, spilling
onto the floor in glistening pools. And still Christy sawed up and down
with enraptured, frenetic movements on his penis, her white cheeks
puffed out and contrasting with the blood-red shaft, her mouth so
tightly sucking him that her lip-flesh pulled out grotesquely as her
head bobbed up, then turned into almost completely disappearance as she
lunged downward again and he levered up to meet her bobbing thrust.

He's going to cum in her mouth, Vicki thought numbly. He's going to
fill her mouth with his seed, strangle her on it, drown her in his hot
semen ... The thought was perversely exciting, and down between her
legs she felt her pussy begin to secrete her fluids in ever-increasing
amounts as she watched Christy Kaye suck and lick her husband's cock.
Behind her, Eric Kaye was massaging her buttocks, kneading and
squeezing the bare flesh with his long, sure fingers, pulling the
crevice of her tight, firm buttocks wide apart to reveal the
salaciously enticing furrow which nestled glistening between Vicki's
slender well-tapered legs. Then he brought one hand around to
manipulate one of her breasts, fingers roiling and teasing the rigid
bud at its peak; his other hand dipped into the soft, hairlined slit,
middle ringer extended and teasing, down and under along the incredibly
soft cunt of the young bereaved wife. He found her clitoris, rigid and
tingling, and began to tease it with the tip of his finger; Vicki
mewled with unwanted delight at the electric flashes his probings were
sending through her every fiber.

At that moment, she felt his one hand leave her breast and, a second
later, heard the unmistakable whisper of a zipper being drawn down. She
tensed, opening and closing her legs around his invading finger,
waiting for what she knew was to come. Eric pressed forward again, and
Vicki felt the hard, rubbery tip of his erect penis rub along the
velvety surface of her buttock cheeks, dip into the moist crevice and
down toward where his finger was sliding into the moist, warm folds of
her cuntal mouth.

He's going to do it to me with his big, hard penis, she thought. He's
going to do to me what I vowed no other man but my husband would ever
do to me ... I'm about to commit adultery, no better than a common
whore, no better than Christy Kaye in there with my husband ... but for
the first time in my life, it doesn't seem to matter, and I know why it
doesn't ... everything I've ever believed in has been destroyed
tonight, my whole world destroyed, and so I might as well sink to the
depths of these other degenerates, to the depths to which my husband
has sunk ...

Eric worked the blood-engorged knob of his long, purple-veined cock up
and down in Vicki's moist, soft cunt with increasing fervor. Christ,
this was really going to be good! He told himself It was going to be
one of the best fucks he'd ever had, he could sense it, feel it in the
marrow of his bones. His balls felt as if they contained lead weights,
and his cock throbbed and jerked with the need to fuck her. He was
going to get his nuts after about ten strokes, he was so goddamned
excited! But what the hell ... this wasn't going to be the last time he
would screw Mrs. Vicki Young; no sir, not the last time at all ...

"I'm going to fuck you now, Vicki," he whispered. "I'm going to put my
hard cock in your cunt and fuck you until you scream!"

"Yes, Eric!" Vicki heard herself agree in a half whisper. "Fuck me,
please fuck me!"

"Reach behind you and take my cock in your hand," he commanded. "Put it
in, Vicki. Put my cock in your cunt!"

Groaning with the billows of fire that were racing through her
bloodstream, Vicki obeyed the order, reaching behind her to grasp the
fleshy, lubricated-slick head of Eric's huge cock. God it was so big!
Could I take it all? Yes ... yes, I can take it; I have to take it!
Vicki splayed her legs wider apart, bracing herself against the doorway
with her eyes feasting on the lewdly jerking couple in the bathtub, and
guided Eric's thick cock to her cuntal orifice, placing it there at the
door of her secret, innermost recesses as if it was some pagan offering
to a heathen god. She eased the thick head inside, reveling in the
delicious sensations which were reducing her to nothing more than a
quivering mass of flesh.

"Fuck me, Eric!" she pleaded. "Hurry, hurry, hurryyyyy!"

"Yes, fuck you," Kaye murmured, and he couldn't control himself any
longer. He levered forward with all the power in his hips and pelvis,
sending his huge lust-hardened cock tearing along the warm, wet,
yielding walls of her vagina like some terribly destructive machine
created to wreak havoc by a madman. The fleshy head slammed against her
cervix, and his loins ground against her jutting ass-cheeks, and his
balls bounced resoundingly against her wet pubic mound below.

"Uuuuuuuhhhh! Oh God, Eric ... you're so biggggg!" Vicki grunted as he
withdrew slightly and levered forward again.

Kaye's hands came around to cup and knead her breasts, his breath hot
and ragged on the back of her neck. He couldn't control himself now ...
there weren't going to be any preliminaries, any slow and easy build-
up. He was just going to fuck her, fuck her as if they were two rutting
beasts, fuck her the way he wanted to fuck, the way he knew
instinctively that she wanted to fuck! He began to saw into her, back
and forth, withdrawing his long hard shaft almost all the way out, and
then lunging forward again to bring groans of tormented pleasure
bubbling from Vicki's lips.

"Do you like it?" he hissed. "Do you like my cock in your belly?"

"Yes! Oh yes, I love it in me, Eric! It's so big, so good in my belly

"I'm going to fill you up with cum, Vicki!" he moaned, sawing faster
and faster into her wet, butter-soft cuntal passage. "I'm going to fill
you up!"

"Yes, yes, fill me up, Eric, fill me!"

It feels good inside me, it really does, she thought in her liquor-
fogged, passion-fogged brain. This forbidden, illicit penis violating
my secret womanhood feels so good, so wonderful ... I'm a slut, but it
feels so fantastically good ... and look at Kirk in there, took at his
face, the way he's twisting and jerking. He's going to cum any second
now, and ... yes, God yes, so am I and so is Eric!

She watched Christy Kaye's mouth work harder and faster on Kirk's cock
in the swirling water of the bathtub, work with incredible speed until
her silver-blonde head seemed to be a blur of motion. Kirk was levered
up almost out of the water now, driving his loins into her face,
thrusting her flailing head down on his hardened tool to bend it from
side to side with her insatiable lips and tongue. Her hand kneaded and
caressed his balls, urging him on to climax, and suddenly Vicki saw her
husband's mouth fly open as he drove upward maniacally. A strangled
scream that reached even her ears tore from his throat.

"I'm cuuummiiimnnggggg!" he howled, and Christy pulled her head back so
that only the head of his cock was between her lips, churning her mouth
and tips crazily as the first molten jet of his cum burst into her
mouth from his overflowing scrotum. Christy's cheeks hollowed and
bloated, hollowed and bloated as she milked his erupting cock,
swallowing voraciously to keep from choking as he flooded his warm
white sperm deep into her mouth.

Vicki saw her husband's cum dribbling out around Christy's wildly
sucking mouth, rolling down over her wet and bubbled chin to commingle
with the soapy water, and the sight of such salacious perversion
triggered her own climax. She buffeted back against Eric's thick
pistoning cock like some barnyard beast, her hips churning against his
loins, reveling in the lewd slapping sounds of his balls smacking down
against her pussy hair and the wet sucking noises of his hotly
pulsating cock as it sawed into her convulsing young cunt. Her entire
being was filled with her beginning orgasm, and her wildly exalting
body trembled and vibrated at the onslaught of the doctor's invading

"Eric, Eric, Eric!" she wailed mindlessly. "Eric, I'm going ... going
... going to climax ... Eric I'm there, I'm there ... OOOHHHHhhhhh!"

"Me toooooo!" he groaned behind her, unable to control the spinning
heat in his balls. With one final, almost sadistic lunge, he came in
time to her cumming, spewing forth a great, burning surge of churning
white semen far, far up into her wildly quivering womb. He was moaning
in orgiastic rapture, filling her belly with his sperm, inundating her
with it. Vicki's pussy flowered open around Eric's wildly spasming
cock, and her juices exploded to mingle with his deep inside her still
contracting belly.

She had never known an orgasm like this in her life!

It was as if she had been transported out of her own body, transported
to some far-reaching galaxy on soft, gentle wings. She knew nothing but
incomparable rapture for long soulless, mindless minutes, floating, her
mind drifting and expanding as if with an injection of some
hallucinogenic drug as her employer's cock gave one final jerking spurt
of cum and then began to rapidly deflate, draining in her cunt as it
went limp. Finally it slipped from her sperm-flooded passage with a
soft, obscene popping sound, trailing sticky strands of cobwebby semen
from saturated cuntal slit.

Vicki slumped forward onto her knees on the carpet and emitted a long
blissful sigh of satiation as she saw Christy collapse across her
husband Kirk in the bathtub and kiss him passionately on the mouth with
his cum still painting the blonde's lips and chin. Vicki was almost
comatose in the aftermath of her tremendous orgasm, and she only
vaguely felt Eric's strong arms lift her up and carry her across the
room to place her gently between cool, clean sheets on the wide double

She slept.

Chapter 5

Vicki awoke slowly, coming into awareness by degrees. The room was
completely dark, and she lay between fresh, sweet smelling sheets on a
strange bed, curled into a fetal position with her knees drawn up to
her breasts. She turned her head, unleashing a sharp pain in her
temples, that made her groan softly in the darkness.

Slowly the young brunette moved her hand, and her fingertips touched
the bare satiny surface of one hip. She realized then that she was
naked---and the events which had transpired earlier came flooding back
into her conscious memory. She groaned again, this time not from the
pain in her head but from abject shame and mortification, feeling sick
to her stomach and suddenly dirty, ashamed. It was as if her skin were
being overrun with tiny, slime-footed creatures, microbes of the most
diseased variety entering the pores of her skin.

She rolled over onto her back, feeling hot tears of degradation begin
to cascade from her eyes. Oh God, oh God, she lamented, what have I
done? What have I done? I've desecrated my marriage vows ... it doesn't
matter that Kirk did it first, not now when my mind is rational once

The tears flowed hot and bitter, stinging her cheeks, and again she
moaned piteously. She was sick, mentally sick, that was the only
logical conclusion. She needed psychiatric help, for in one day she
seemed to have forsaken all that she ever considered sacrosanct---her
innocence in matters sexual, her marital contract, her love for her
husband. Was there hope for her, and or had some incredible
transformation taken place inside her body that was unalterable? Had
she somehow become a carnal animal instead of a wholesome, loving
woman? Oh God, what was the answer? What was the problem?

The sound of a door softly opening snapped Vicki's head off the downy
pillow, breaking her reverie, and she looked toward the bedroom
entrance. The door was opening slowly, and in the light from the
hallway beyond she could see her husband standing framed there, staring
in at her. No! her mind shouted. No, go away, go away! I don't want to
see you, not now, not ever! Go away, you ... you animal ...!

But he didn't go away. Instead, Kirk came into the room, walking
softly, and crossed over to the bed. Reaching out, he switched on the
lamp on the bedside table, flooding the bed with soft, diffused light.
Vicki turned her head away, flinging one arm up to cover her eyes. Kirk
sat down beside her.

"Honey?" he whispered. "Honey, how do you feel?"

"Go away!" she pleaded. "Leave me alone!"

"Vicki, what is it?"

"You know what it is!" she flared. "Oh, my God yes, you know what it is
you ... you unfaithful beast!"

"Oh, Jesus!" he said softly, realizing that, somehow, she knew what had
happened between him and Christy in the bathtub earlier. It wasn't
possible that she could know, and yet ... "Vicki, listen to me. Please,
honey, listen ...

"I won't listen! I won't!" She turned her head toward him, her eyes
blazing wetly with tears of anger. "I know what you did tonight, Kirk!
I saw you! Oh, dear God, I saw you and Christy together! I saw ... saw
her with her mouth on your ... your ..." She couldn't say it, couldn't
continue. She buried her face in the pillow, crying unabashedly now.

He touched her tentatively, and then withdrew Ws hand as she cringed
like a beaten puppy from his touch. "Vicki ... Vicki, if you only knew
the shame I feel right now. If you only knew the guilt, the terrible
guilt ... Vicki, I was drunk and I was ... oh, Christ, I don't know
what what I was! I'm not trying to make excuses, I just lost my head. I
didn't want it to happen, I didn't, Vicki. You have to believe that!"

"I don't have to believe anything," she told him, and the anger was
rising higher in her now, reaching a fever pitch as it compounded with
her own guilt and shame. "All I know is, you were doing something ...
unspeakable with another woman, with that slut Christy Kaye ..."

"She's not a slut," Kirk said defensively, and instantly he regretted
his words.

"No? Then what is she?"

"A woman, that's all. A hot-blooded woman, she loves and enjoys sex.
There's nothing wrong with that, Vicki."

"She's a whore! A filthy whore!"

"No, damn it, she's not ..."

"Why are you defending her, Kirk? Why? I'm your wife, not her. I'm the
woman you supposedly love, not that ... that harlot."

Kirk felt anger kindle inside him, too. He hadn't expected Vicki to
understand, not really, and he didn't blame her for being upset. But
... well, damn it, he felt some inexplicable necessity for vindicating
Christy's behavior on this night. "Listen, Vicki," he said, "Christy
Kaye is a woman, nothing more, nothing less. Just because she's able to
respond where some women aren't ..."

"Meaning me, is that it?"

"I didn't say that."

"But that's what you meant, isn't it?"

"All right, then! Goddamn it, yes, that's what I meant! Christy really
knows how to please a man, to do the things that all men like to have
done in bed. She doesn't just lie there like a goddamned dead fish,
counting the cracks in the ceiling and wishing it was over!" He paused,
and then flung at her, "She's good, the best I've ever had, Vicki!
She's good, do you hear me? Good!"

He has no right to talk to me like that! she thought. He has no right,
not after what he's done! What kind of man is he, to sit there and call
me names, say that I'm no good in bed, when he's just finished having
his ... his penis sucked by another woman! He needs to be hurt, he
deserves to be hurt! I wasn't going to tell him about Eric and me ... I
was going to live with my shame and hope that somehow, someday, things
would work out. But now I am going to tell him! I'm going to tell him!
I'm going to hurt him like he hurt me!

Softly, maliciously, she said, "Eric Kaye didn't think I was such a bad
lay. In fact, he enjoyed me. He enjoyed me so much that he came right

Kirk froze into immobility, staring at her open-mouthed. "What ... what
did you say?"

"You heard me, Kirk! I made love to Eric Kaye! I did it right over
there, and I let him have me from behind while we watched you and
Christy in the bathtub. I let him have me because of what you were
doing ... and yes, because I wanted him, because I was hot! What do you
think of that?"

Kirk was speechless. His ears refused to believe at first what he was
hearing. It wasn't possible! Not Vicki, not his sweet innocent little
wife! Jesus, not her, not Vicki ... with another man, with Eric Kaye,
with his long hard cock shooting off inside her ... Suddenly, his anger
became overwhelming as he realized, irrefutably, that she was telling
the truth---that she had allowed Eric Kaye to fuck her. He bared his
teeth, taking her shoulders roughly in his hands and shaking her. The
covers fell from beneath her chin, and he saw for the first time that
she was naked, that there were thin red marks on her, full, firm
breasts that could only have come from a man's grasping fingers. His
brain reeled with confused thoughts, the predominant of which was blind
rage. "You fucking bitch!" he screamed at her. "You dirty filthy
fucking bitch!"

"And what are you?" she shot back. "You're nothing better, for God's
sake! At least I was faithful until you were unfaithful. At least I
waited until then! How can you be so righteously indignant, when you
were doing practically the same thing I was doing! And liking it more!"

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" he moaned. "Suppose ... you're pregnant? Suppose he
got you pregnant?"

"What would you care if I was?" she asked him angrily. "You don't care
for me any more. You proved that by being with Christy tonight."

"And what did you prove by being with Christy's husband?"

"I proved nothing at all," she said. "I just wanted to hurt you, wanted
to do something equally as terrible as what I was watching you do.
Maybe if I had a child by Eric Kaye it would hurt you even more ..."

"Vicki, Jesus, you can't mean that! You can't want another man's baby!"

Suddenly, then, all the anger drained out of Vicki; it left her all at
once, and she slumped back on the pillow, her eyes closing. She began
crying again. "No," she moaned in a tortured wail. "No, I don't mean
it, Kirk! I don't want his baby! Oh God, Kirk, I'm sick, just sick,
that's all! I don't know what I want, or what I'm saying!"

Kirk, too, was divested of anger now. He leaned over her to brush the
raven hair from her face almost tenderly. "Vicki, oh God, Vicki, I love
you! I love you more now than I've ever loved you! We ... we both made
terrible mistakes tonight, but we can't let it ruin what we have
together ..."

"Oh, Kirk!" she said, and reached up to cup his face in her hands.
"What have we done to each other?"

"Nothing, baby. It will work out, it has to work out."

Will it? she thought, staring up into her young husband's face. Will it
work out, or will this same thing happen again and again. Will Kirk
sleep with other women? Will I sleep with other men? How can either of
us be sure that we won't? How can we trust each other again? Kirk,
Kirk, why did we come here tonight ... why did you have to let Christy
put her mouth on you, and why did I have to let Eric put his long hard
penis into my vagina to cum there, to fill my belly with another man's

She pulled his head down and held it cradled against her, feeling the
soft moistness of his lips pressed against one swelling breast. And in
that moment, oddly and perversely, Vicki began to remember the lewd
fucking she had been given by Eric Kaye. She began to remember his
fleshy, blood-enraged cock sawing in and out of her defenseless vagina,
his hands cupping and kneading her nakedly quivering breasts, his hot
breath blowing maddeningly into her ear. She remembered how it felt
with his cock sliding in and out along her vaginal passage harder and
faster. She began to remember her own cumming, in tune with his, and
how she had been floating, wonderfully floating in the throes of a
climax like she bad never before known ...

Now, with these lewd memories flooding over her, the young brunette's
nipples began to harden on her jutting breasts, and down between her
legs her cuntal mouth moistened with her softly seeping feminine
juices. She could feel her loins tingling, and she began to stroke
Kirk's head, stroke it gently, positioning his face So that it was
pressed into the deep valley between her high-mounded alabaster
breasts. Her breath became ragged and pulsating as the obscene images
darted back and forth in her mind.

I'm becoming aroused again, she thought in horror. I'm becoming aroused
with the need for sex, for release ... My God, I've changed, changed
into something unutterably hideous, and I have no control over myself
... Yes, yes I have control, I have to stop this, I have to stop
thinking these thoughts ...

But she was only deluding herself, for her whole body was beginning to
seethe with passion once again, her brain dwelling on the prurient
sensations of her flesh and pushing away all other thoughts---pushing
away the same and the hurt and the anger and the fear. She spread her
legs far apart under the covers, opening her vaginal orifice erotically
wide, and in a voice that was strange and muffled in her own ears she
said, "Kirk, darling ... Kirk, I want you."

There was a moment of silence, and then he said, "What?"

"I want you, Kirk. I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you
inside me, Kirk, hard and deep. Now! Right now!"

He raised his head, staring down at her unbelievingly. Had he heard
right? "Vicki, you can't be serious ..."

"Oh yes I am," she said. "I'm serious, Kirk. I want you to make love to
me. I want you to ... fuck me, yes, I want you to fuck me, right here
and now in this strange bed in this strange house. I want you to fuck
me, Kirk darling. Please fuck me!"

Kirk's cock leapt into involuntary erection in his trousers at the
obscene words his lovely young wife was whispering to him. What was the
matter with her? Had she somehow become unhinged by what she had seen
and done on this night? But, God, she's so lovely, so perfect ... Yes,
I want her, too! Christ help me, but I want her right now! I want to
fuck her!

"Vicki ... oh, Vicki, yes, I want you, I want to ... fuck you!"

"Then do it! Hurry, darling! Get naked. Quickly, quickly!"

Kirk suddenly jumped to his feet and began to pull off his clothes for
the second time that night. He was becoming incensed with passion as
his brain dwelled on his wife's words, for he knew that this wasn't
going to be an ordinary coupling between them. This was going to be
something new, something special, something he had hoped and prayed for
the entire year they had been married.

He was going to fuck his wife instead of simply having sex with her.

When Kirk was completely naked, his cock swaying menacingly like a
cobra with its thick mushrooming head and ridged expanse, he lay down
on the bed beside his wife and gathered her into his arms. Her hands
immediately searched out the bloated sac of his sperm-filled balls,
lovingly caressing the swollen softness. Then her hand closed around
the base of his shaft and began to rub it lightly as her lips pressed
hotly to the side of his neck as if trying to fuse with his skin.

Kirk's hand moved down between their tightly clasped bodies to fondle
the moist, hair-lined furrow between his wife's velvet-soft thighs,
little groans of rising pleasure escaping his lips. This foreplay was
driving him to the brink of explosion, and the heat in his balls was so
intense he thought he'd cum right then and there. He wanted to fuck
her! Fuck her right now, this second---he couldn't wait to shove his
long throbbing cock deep up into his wife's soft white belly.

"Vicki!" he groaned, wanting to use the words with her that he knew
Eric Kaye must have used. "Vicki, take my cock and put it in your
pussy! Do it now, baby! I want you now, baby!"

Vicki, too, was on fire, thinking only of fulfillment from the still
burgeoning desire consuming her naked flesh. Flushing the covers out of
the way, she raised herself quickly beside him, up onto all fours on
the bed. Then she dipped her fingers down between his splayed legs,
seizing his obscenely bobbing cock again and teasing the hardened head
maddeningly with her thumb, making Kirk squirm and groan with the
intensity of her manipulation. After a moment, she moved forward,
raising one leg and sliding it across him so that she was straddling
his belly with her knees pressed to his sides. The tight, elastic
opening of her cuntal mouth was spread invitingly wide above the
quivering head of his cock still held in her hand. Slowly, she guided
the hot, fleshy monster up to her desire-moistened vagina, teasing the
glans along the butter-soft slit with tantalizing slowness.

Kirk groaned ecstatically, and she crooned, "Do you like that, lover?
Do you like that?"

"Oooooh, yesssss!" he bubbled.

Suddenly, without warning, Vicki dropped downward and impaled herself
on his lust-burning shaft as if it was a knife and she was committing
some kind of cleansing suicide which would make her spirit free and
pure again.

"Aaaaaggghh!" she groaned as the full length of her husband's lust-
engorged cock filled her vagina, slamming painfully against her cervix
deep inside her quivering belly. She sat hard against his bloated
balls, feeling them bulging against her buttocks, and began immediately
to bob up and down, leaning forward on her hands spread wide out on
either side of Kirk's shoulders. Her full, high-set breasts danced
wildly back and forth with her effort, the nipples brushing his hirsute
chest. Her cunt nibbled its way lewdly up his cock to the very crest,
fell back to sheath it completely and then climbed to the tip once
more. The sensitive muscles of her warm wet vagina clasped the turgid
rod of flesh tightly, squeezing it, releasing it, squeezing it again as
if it were a cow's teat and her tender but insistent pussy a strong
milker's hand.

"That's it, baby, that's IIITTTT!" Kirk screamed up at her, taking one
tautly slaving ass-cheek in either hand and kneading them almost
savagely in his passion. "Fuck it, Vicki my darling! Oh Vicki, God,
Vicki, ride my prick and make me cum like you did to Eric!"

Vicki's cuntal passage was one throbbing mass of exquisite joy, so
great a joy that she strove as she had never striven before to reach
the pinnacle of the orgasm which was surging through her in swirling
waves. Dear God, dear God! her brain cried. This was beautiful, this
was wonderful ... never had there been anything as good as this! How
could she have failed to even try anything this good until now? How
could she have been so blind in sexual matters? She wasn't a whore,
wasn't a whore at all ... no, for the first time she realized that she
was just a woman, a woman coming awake as if from some dormancy, a
woman becoming aware of desires and passions and depths which she had
never known or even suspected were there! She was alive! ALIVE!

Kirk's fingers were now digging wildly into the soft firm flesh of her
buttocks, manipulating the perspiration slick mounds. The hard fingers
slipped into the softly sensitive crevice between them, spreading them
wide to expose the tiny, puckered ring of her naked anus. He could feel
with his fingertips the outward-pulling of her cuntal lips as she drew
sensuously upward on his hardened shaft, the inward-contracting of her
fluted pussy mouth when she drove down on his blood-swollen member. The
crazy feeling only further excited him, and he teased his light index
finger back up to probe at her anus, slipping the tip just inside and
eliciting mewls of both pleasure and pain from his wife's nakedly
bobbing form above him. He was seized in that moment with a wicked urge
to degrade his straddling wife and ram his finger deep, deep into her
rectum, and he cried out, "I want to put my finger in your ass-hole,
Vicki, baby! I want to shove my ringer all the way up your beautiful
sweet ass-hole!"

"Yessss!" Vicki heard herself answer, further excited by the
salaciousness of the idea of her virginal anus being penetrated by her
husband's finger. "Yes, Kirk, put it up my ass-hole! Do it now,

Almost brutally, Kirk drove his finger hard up into the spongy orifice
to the first knuckle, spreading the fleshy circle wide to accept his
unnatural probing.

"Auuuuggh!" Vicki screamed. "Oh God, it hurts, it hurts. But don't
stop. Please, don't stop." But then as her rectal passage became
accustomed to the forbidden invader, the writhing brunette felt a
pleasure even more acute than the pain she'd just experienced. Loving
it, wanting it, she drove backward and down on Kirk's rotating finger,
skewering it into her rectum to the second knuckle, all the way to the
palm of his hand. At the same time, she heaved and clasped her warm,
moist cuntal sheath down on his upward-jerking cock as she endeavored
to draw all of it into her lust-incensed belly.

"AAAIIIEEE!" she wailed. "Uuuuugghh, oh, God, Kirk, I love it! I love
your cock in my cunt and I love your finger in my ass-hole! I love it,
Kirk, I love it, love it, love ITTTT!"

Yes, she thought through the kaleidoscopically spinning lights of her
approaching climax, I love it and I love you, my darling husband! I no
longer hate you for what you did with Christy, no longer hate myself
for what I did with her husband ... it was as if tonight was fated and
destined to happen exactly as it did, as if through some divine
guidance you and I were meant to be mutually unfaithful in order to
achieve a greater bond ... yes, in order that we might both learn
something new and wonderful about ourselves and about life, that we
might become better and happier and more fulfilled people ...

"Harder!" she cried out to her husband beneath her insanely undulating
body, tossing her head from side to side in wild abandon and swirling
her long raven hair like some ritualistic dancer about her face. "Fuck
me harder, Kirk darling, fuck me harder with your cock and your finger!
Make me cum at the same time you cum!"

The obscene words spewing unbelievably from the lips of his young dark-
haired wife caused Kirk to lever up off the bed, drubbing his cock even
deeper into her hungrily welcoming belly, worming his finger around
madly in her rectum. She thrust down and back, down and back in a lewd
rocking rhythm, ramming the swollen head of his bludgeoning cock hard
against her cervix, imbedding his finger to its fullest length in the
soft moist darkness of her anal passage. The exquisite unison of the
two invading members and her own frenzied and abandoned jerkings were
completely attuned now, perfectly in time. She reveled in the
lascivious gushing sounds his cock and his finger made as they
withdrew, and then jerked back into her yielding cunt and rectum. They
increased her lust so that the spiraling crescendo of her orgasm
climbed higher, higher and finally reached the peak ...

And she was there!

She was cumming, cumming for the first time like a real woman, cumming
like she had never cum before even with Eric Kaye, cumming like a
loving wife with her own husband's cock buried deep and rock-hard
inside her!

"OOOOOHHHAAGGGHHH! Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm cuuuumminnng!"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Kirk chanted as he felt his own orgasm hit, the
hot torrents of his thick white semen searing like molten lava up along
Ws cock from the sanctuary of his balls.

Glowing flames of his obscenely jetting semen washed against her cervix
and filled her vagina with heat as intense as any blaze, then
overflowed back out of her clasping, twitching cavern to cascade down
around Kirk's madly erupting shaft like some impossibly lewd waterfall
to pool on his belly, drenching their pubic hair with sticky connecting
strands of milky white liquid. And Vicki's cum too, was added to the
lustful flood as she floated away once more into that strange, ecstatic
galaxy of mindless delight, floated even farther away than was
imaginable, to the most mind-boggling far reaches of the universe.
Astride her husband, she jerked and bucked and twisted, riding his
spurting cock and his twisting finger, riding them like they were the
finest of stallions and she an expert bronco-buster.

Finally, she returned to sanity as Kirk withdrew his now-deflated shaft
and his ringer simultaneously, the two escaping hardnesses of her lover
making equally soft wet swishing sounds at her cunt and her rectum. She
collapsed across him, still half-insane with satiated rapture, and
nuzzled her head into the hollow of his throat, feeling their
commingled juices coagulating between their tightly pressed stomachs as
if it was some irremovable glue binding them forever together.

A long time later, Kirk whispered softly, stroking her tangled, sweat-
dampened hair, "Oh, God, darling ... oh, God, I never thought anything
could be that good! Never dreamed of it!"

"Oh, yes!" she agreed. "Oh, yes, lover, it was positively fantastic!"

"Better than with ... with Eric Kaye?"

"A thousand times better! And did Christy make you any happier than I
just did?"

"Christ, no! She couldn't even come close!"

"I love you, Kirk, I really do," Vicki whispered. "And I ... I forgive
you for what happened tonight."

"And I love you ... and forgive you, too."

"You know something, Kirk my darling? I'm glad you ... you did what you
did with Christy and I'm glad I did what I did with Eric. I'm glad
because it made what we just had together possible."

Kirk was silent for a moment, and then he said, "Yes, yes, you're
right. I'm glad too, because ... well, honey, our sex life hasn't been
that great until now. I'm sorry to have to say it, but ..."

"Shhh," she crooned, kissing him tenderly on the cheek. "I know, baby;
I know I was too inhibited, I know that now. But it'll be different
from now on. I'm ... well, I guess I'm changed by this night. I feel
like I'm a different woman."

"I think you are, honey. And I'm so happy that you are that I can't
begin to tell you!"

They were silent for a long time, lost in the presence of one another,
in what they had discovered between them. Finally Vicki said, "You know
... I think Christy and Eric planned what happened tonight. I really

"I was thinking about that, too," Kirk said. "And I agree. Christy
seemed pretty confident, as if she knew we weren't going to get caught
because of some prearranged plan."

"Yes," said Vicki. "And Eric led me in here and directly to that door
as if he knew all along what was happening in that bathtub."

"It's funny, but I can't be angry at them for it. I mean, look what
it's done for us, for our physical unification."

"I didn't think I could ever face either of them again, but now I know
I can," Vicki said. "And not be ashamed."

"Then---shall we stay the night?" Kirk asked.

"When Eric told me you were in here, he suggested we do just that."

"Yes, let's," Vicki said. "I'm ... too tired and contented to move

She rolled off of her husband and lay pressed dose to him on the love-
soaked bed. After a few moments, completely satiated and guilt-free in
their new-found love for one another, they fell dreamlessly asleep

Chapter 6

The odor of bacon frying and fresh-brewed coffee woke Vicki and Kirk
late on the morning of New Year's day. They lay cuddled together in the
strange bed until there was a soft knock on the door and Eric Kaye
called out cheerfully, "Breakfast is ready. Or are you two planning to
stay in bed all day?"

"No," Kirk answered, "we'll be there in a minute."

"As you say, my boy."

Vicki and Kirk dressed leisurely, and hand in hand, they left the
bedroom and walked down the hallway and into the kitchen---a gleaming
area with every conceivable manner of modern convenience, long Formica-
topped breakfast bar and handsome dinette set with sparkling silver and
gleaming china. Eric Kaye was sitting at the dinette, while Christy---
resplendent in a pair of silk lounging pajamas of flaming scarlet, her
silver blonde hair long and flowing---bustled about preparing
breakfast. Eric was adorned in a wine-colored velveteen robe over a
pair of doeskin slacks.

A little self-consciously, Vicki patted her hastily-combed dark hair
and looked down at her wrinkled cocktail dress. She felt a little out
of place dressed as she was, and thought that Kirk in his rumpled suit
felt the same way. But there was no embarrassment in seeing Christy and
Eric. She flashed them a warm smile and exchanged good mornings. No,
she felt no embarrassment nor guilt. Truly, she had changed last night,
she had become a different person---in emotion as well as motive.

Breakfast---bacon, eggs, hash-browns, English muffins and good, strong
coffee---was a pleasant affair, and both Vicki and Kirk found
themselves able to join in the light banter of a breakfast table
conversation without uneasiness. Kirk decided that this kind of thing
was old hat to Eric and Christy. They'd been around and knew how to
make "newcomers" like he and Vicki feel perfectly at ease; the whole
thing was beautifully adult, so very modern. Well, why not? Hell, this
was 1973, wasn't it? Not Victorian England ...

As they ate, Kirk and Eric discussed the Rose Bowl game to be played
that afternoon, and Kirk accepted the renowned educator's invitation to
stay and watch the battle on color television.

Over more of the good coffee, Eric deftly turned to matters more in
keeping with the previous night. "Did you and Kirk enjoy yourselves
last night, Vicki?"

"Yes, we did," Vicki answered, able now to be equally as blase as he
about the evening's events. "We had a really good time."

"And you have no regrets about coming over to spend New Year's Eve with
us?" Christy asked.

"None whatsoever," Kirk answered.

Eric smiled charmingly, and then, with perfect candor, said, "Did you
and Vicki make love?"

"Yes, we did," Kirk answered without a moment's hesitation.

"Was it good?"

"The best either of us have ever had," Kirk said with a bluntness that
surprised even him.

Eric and Christy exchanged smiles. "Do you know why it was so good?"

"I think we do," Vicki said. "A little added excitement kind of helps."

"Then---you both know what the other did?"


"I'm glad," Christy said. "I was a little worried that there might be
repercussions. But Eric and I decided that you were both adult and
willing to learn. We're seldom wrong about such things, but I'm always
a little leery at first."

"You ... do this kind of thing often?" Vicki asked with just a little
twinge of shock.

"To be perfectly frank, yes, we do," Eric told her. "And we're probably
the happiest married couple in the world. You see, this kind of thing--
-hell, we might as well call it what it is: Wife-swapping. Or more
properly group sex. It's a whole new concept, a way of life which can
heighten your physical enjoyment ten times over, even a hundred times.
You abandon unnecessary and binding inhibitions, and give yourself
completely to the gratification of your physical and emotional

"And it makes your relationship with your mate that much more exciting,
that much more fulfilling," Christy interjected. "There's a constant
kind of competitiveness that isn't there with a strictly monogamous
marriage; you're always trying harder to please your mate, because you
know he or she is getting the best he can get from the others. You want
to be better than all of them, and so you put your heart and your body
and your soul into it. And you succeed."

"That's why what you and Kirk had together last night, after both of
you were with us, was so good for each of you. You wanted to prove to
yourselves---and to each other---that your love could produce better
sex than what you had in a moment of passion or rage or what-have-you."

Kirk looked at Vicki, and then said, "You know, there's a lot to be
said for that idea, Eric: I didn't think so before, but now---after
having had first-hand experience ..."

"There's an old saying that says 'Don't knock it if you haven't tried
it.' But most of your puritanical objectors to group sex are in the
category of never having tried it; hell, all of them, as far as I'm
concerned. They condemn it without knowing anything about it, like the
goddamned moralistic, self-righteous hypocrites that they are. As far
as I can determine---and I know people pretty well---most of these
knockers would dearly love to try group sex but haven't got the guts to
do it."

Christy nodded her agreement. "My sentiments exactly," she said, and
smiled warmly at Vicki and Kirk. "I'm so glad you two are
understanding---and sympathetic exceptions to that sterile, narrow-
minded majority."

"I'm going to ask you both a very bold and blunt question," Eric said,
searching both their faces with his penetrating eyes. "Would either of
you---no, both of you---like to have sex with Christy and me again?"

Vicki felt herself blush slightly, and she reached under the table to
take Kirk's hand and squeeze it for reassurance. "I ... I don't know
..." she faltered.

"Tell me this before you answer definitely," Eric said quietly, "did
you like what we had together last night? Did you like the feel of me
inside you?"

As quickly as it had come, the blush went away, and Vicki found herself
staring boldly at Eric Kaye. Yes, she was emancipated undeniably free
from the bonds of Puritanism. She was a member of the same minority as
Eric and Christy---that was a simple and irrefutable fact of life.

"Yes, Eric," she said, "yes I enjoyed the feel of you inside me. And I
enjoyed it when you came in me, and I came with you."

"How about you, Kirk?" Christy said, as Vicki and Eric sat with their
eyes locked together. "Did you enjoy my mouth on your penis in the
bathtub? Did you like the way I made you cum?"

"Yes," Kirk said. "God, you know I did, Christy."

She smiled. "I know, but it's nice to hear it anyway."

Eric got slowly to his feet. "Am I to take it that the answer to my
question is yes, then? You both would like to have sex with us again?"

Vicki and Kirk looked at one another, and between them passed a mute
message of love and agreement. Yes, the look said, yes we want to have
sex---to FUCK---with Eric and Christy again because it will make our
own sex even better, even greater than what we knew last night. Yes, we
want to experiment and learn, we want to have group sex, because we
love each other and we want that love to grow and become unkillable,
unshakable, forever ...

Kirk said it aloud for both of them: "Yes, Eric, we would."

* * *

Moments later, Kirk and Dr. Kaye left the kitchen. Carrying fresh cups
of coffee, they entered the living room and settled down in arm chairs
just in time to watch the opening kick off of the Rose Bowl game. To
Kirk's surprise, he quickly discovered that Eric Kaye was a most
knowledgeable football fan. As the game plans of the respective teams
began to unfold, there developed between the two men a rapport that,
while differing in opinion as to methods and tactics, was nevertheless
respectful. And while these two self-imposed experts bantered back and
forth about the merits of various strategies, in the kitchen, Vicki
cleared the breakfast dishes and carried them to where Christy was
rinsing them before stacking them in the built-in dishwasher.

Suddenly, the young raven-haired wife stopped in mid-step. "Oh,
Christy," she exclaimed, "I forgot all about Fello. He's still locked
up in the kitchen, and he hasn't been fed!"


"Yes, our landlady's Doberman pinscher."

"Oh. Well that's okay, honey, you run along and feed him then."

"You sure? I can wait till we're finished."

"No. You go ahead. I'm almost finished anyway."


"I'm sure," the older woman answered.

"Bring him back with you, if you want. Eric and I are both fond of
dogs." She paused for a moment, then added. "As a matter of fact, we
have quite a few movies in our film library on dogs. When you come
back, we can watch a couple, if you'd like," she concluded, her memory
for a moment lingering on one particular juicy film which never failed
to arouse the most prurient of thoughts in her. Then, turning to place
the last piece in the dishwasher, she was mystified by the expression
of surprise registered on Vicki's face. She took this reaction as one
of shock, little knowing that was not what had startled the young wife.

High color spread rapidly on Vicki's face until her cheeks were flushed
in glowing crimson. Self-consciously she lowered her eyes and shifted
her weight from one foot to the other.

"Jees, honey, I didn't mean to embarrass you," Christy said, wiping her
hands on the gay print apron she had donned while doing the dishes. "I
thought that after last night and out discussion at breakfast that you
were more worldly."

"O---Oh, it---it's not that," Vicki answered shamefully, "It, it's ..."
she stammered. Then, her head drooping to her chest, she began to sob

In two quick strides Christy reached the younger woman, grasp her in
encircling arms and began comforting her in a soothing tone. "Now,
now," she crooned, "you mustn't cry. What's the matter?"

"Oh, Christy ... I'm ... so mixed up. So much has happened ... I Just
don't know what's come over me ..." she sobbed.

"What is it, honey? It can't be what happened last night. You were so
decided about that just a few minutes ago. What, is it, honey? You can
tell Christy."

"Oh, I can't ... I just can't!"

"Sure you can. Come on now. Here, dry your tears and tell me all about
it. It will make you feel better to get it off your chest."

"Oh, I'm so ashamed," Vicki said, but she raised tear-streaked eyes to
look into those of her comforting friend. "It was so ... so dirty ..."
she said, then buried her head into the shoulder of the older woman.

"Now, now, it can't be that bad. Come on over to the table and sit
down. Here," she said, producing a Kleenex from her apron, "dry your
eyes and tell me all about it. Let me decide if it's as dirty as you
seem to think it is."

"Oh, Christy," Vicki began once she had seated herself and successfully
dried her eyes, "I was so lonely, and I got to thinking about Kirk, and
before I knew it I was ... was ... playing with myself ..." Suddenly
she choked on her own words and fresh tears began welling in her eyes.

"You mean you're this upset because you masturbated?" Christy asked

"NO ... no," Vicki sobbed, "it wasn't just that ... it was ... Fello!"

"Fello? Your landlady's dog?" Both women were silent for a moment, then
Christy gasped in understanding. "You ... you let Fello ... Oh, Jesus.
Really? God, you've got to tell me about it," the older woman said
breathlessly. "Jesus! Vicki, honey, you are something else! If you only
knew how many times I've watched those movies and wished I was the
woman in the film. Jesus! You took on a dog and ... Jesus, honey.
You're one up on Christy."

"NO! No, it wasn't like that," Vicki interjected quickly. "I only let
him ... lick me, and then he raped me!"

"Oh, shit! Honey, my panties are already wet just thinking about that

Both women were silent then for a long minute, each occupied with her
own, though different, thoughts. Finally, Christy said: "Vicki, honey,
let's go feed that dog. I want to see this animal for myself!"

Vicki looked at her friend questioningly, then nodded her head
sheepishly but affirmatively.

* * *

By the time the two women returned to the Kaye home, Vicki's attitude
about her actions with Fello the previous afternoon were markedly
changed. The moment Christy Kaye saw Fello, she began to berate the
young brunette for being a fool. Now, as the two women sat side-by-side
on the Kaye's den sofa with the huge Doberman pinscher amiably curled
at their feet, Vicki's pride rose in defense to the older woman's
taunts. A verbal battle that had begun at the Young's bungalow and
continued in the car was still raging strong. The upshot of this
difference of opinion had led Vicki into agreeing to watch one of the
Kaye's "doggy" movies. As both Kirk and Dr. Kaye were still engrossed
in the Rose Bowl game, Vicki and Christy and Fello were the lone
occupants of the darkened den.

For several minutes now, Vicki had been sitting quietly while Christy
set up the projector. As Christy finished threading the film, she
turned to Vicki and said: "Now, well see which one of us is right. Ten-
to-one says you can't watch this film without your panties getting
wet," she concluded challengingly.

Vicki said nothing, but the challenge was registered in her eyes as she
smoothed the skirt which she had changed into at home. Damn! she
thought, I don't care how well known and important Mrs. High-and-Mighty
Kaye is, she won't get the best of me. As if for reassurance she
reached down and petted the sleek head of the dog lying at her feet.

* * *

On the flickering screen, a sweet-faced, innocent looking young girl in
her middle teens was lying naked on a huge circular bed with a bright
scarlet spread, her long legs spread wide to reveal the pinkly
glistening folds of her dark hair-fringed cunt to the eye of the
camera. Her breasts were small and taut, with tiny ruby nipples and
almost no areolae, which further added to the aura of innocence and
purity that even her lewdly exposed position could not deny. Her pubic
mound was covered with thin, softly curling brown hair that matched her
short petite French haircut. She was simply lying on the bed in that
splayed position, her eyes tightly shut and her head to one side as if
she was peacefully sleeping. There was a soft, beautiful smile on her
unpainted, but nonetheless, soft-looking red lips.

Suddenly, the camera left the young girl on the bed and panned to the
bedroom door, which was slowly opening. Then it was pushed wide, and
framed in the doorway was an auburn-haired woman some ten years older
then the teenager on the bed. She, too, was naked, with large, proudly
upthrust breasts and a bushy triangle of auburn-colored pubic hair that
seemed to cover the entire area up between her thighs. Her lips were
spread in a wide lascivious grin as she looked over at the sleeping
brunette on the bed, and one of her hands began to move slowly up and
down her side while the other passed lightly, tantalizingly, over the
side of her full, high-set breasts.

After a moment, she turned and looked back at something in the hallway
outside the bedroom. Momentarily, she made a motion with the hand which
had been stroking her hip, and suddenly a huge, furry form bounded into
view, coming past her to sit on the floor at her feet, just inside the
bedroom. It was a dog, an impossibly huge German shepherd, and its
long, wet red tongue lolled out of the side of its fanged jaws like a
red tie hanging out of a suitcase that has been hastily packed. It
stared up at the auburn-haired woman almost anticipatorily, its thick
bushy tail wagging to and fro with excitement.

Vicki gasped audibly but involuntarily at the sight of the gigantic
beast on the screen before her eyes. Why, oh why, did I let myself get
involved this way, she thought wildly. Damn Christy Kaye! Damn her! But
deep down Vicki knew she must stand up to the bold older woman. She
knew that if she weakened in the blonde's presence, the good that the
Kayes could do for Kirk's career would be lost forever. And, too, there
was the thought of losing Kirk. Now that he had experienced sexual
gratification with another woman, she must be forever on her guard
despite any and all protestations to the contrary. Yes, she would show
Christy Kaye, she had to. There was no turning back from her promise of
not letting the woman best her---no matter what.

"Watch carefully what happens, Vicki," Christy enthused, turning to
intently study her guest who's attention remained on the screen.
Boldly, then, she snuggled closer to the younger woman, brushing as if
by accident one of her round, pliant breasts against Vicki's arm and
then letting her hand come to rest against the outer swell of the
other's curvaceous thigh. Not too fast, she cautioned herself. Play it
slow and I'll have her eating out of my hand in no time. She chuckled
softly to herself, then raised her eyes once again to the screen.

And on the screen, the auburn-haired woman and the huge dog were
walking across the bedroom to the teenager on the bed. As they
approached, the girl's eyes flashed open to stare first at the woman,
then at the dog, in what was obviously mounting horror. She tried to
slide away across the circular bed, her lips parted In fear, but the
woman caught her arm and held her, pulling her down into a prone,
spread-eagled position again. The auburn-haired woman began to speak to
the child then, gesticulating and motioning with her hands, and after a
moment the teenager nodded convulsively. The woman lay down on the bed,
splaying her slender legs wide and smiling salaciously as her yawning
hair-lined cuntal mouth, with its glistening wet, petal-like lips was
exposed to the camera.

The girl licked her innocent and tender lips, still with the fear on
her face, and then gave a quick shudder as if a chill had passed
through her. Then she moved downward on the bed, moving on all fours in
between the auburn woman's widely spread legs. The camera moved to one
side, very close, as the girl leaned forward to dart her head between
the opened legs and bury it against the woman's flaming cuntal slit.
The redhead arched her hips, drawing her knees up almost to her
breasts, flowering wider the huge lust-inflamed cavern as the girl's
tongue snaked out to flick inside the burning circle, lick up along the
moistened furrow to locate the quivering, blood-red vaginal slit. The
child took the miniature phallus between her teeth and began to nibble
it, her actions somewhat looser now, her obscene mouthings of the
woman's pussy becoming a little more frenzied, her ringers digging
harder into the milk-white thighs of the woman she was suckling.

The auburn-haired woman flailed her head from side to side in ecstatic
enrapturement, totally committed with mind and body to the lascivious
nibblings down between her legs. She wrapped her hands in the child's
hair and urged her on, her legs jerking spasmodically into the air
above her. Neither she, nor the teenage girl nestled between her legs,
seemed to notice when the giant German shepherd leaped up onto the bed
and began to edge forward to tentatively sniff the obscenely waving,
yet still completely virginal buttocks of the young girl ...

Vicki was breathing raggedly now, intensely aroused by the lewd
performance she was witnessing, by the eagerly awaited entrance of the
dog for its role in the silent sexual game being enacted on the dancing
movie screen before her eyes. She sat immobile, moistening her lips
again and again, her mind a blank, and when Christy's hand moved up all
the way along her thigh to dip up against the moist, silk-encased slit
between her legs, she closed her thighs against it to imprison it
there. She knew there was no holding back, now. Desire had risen in her
in great swirls of reason-drenching heat. Vicki knew that feeling, knew
there was no denying it. It had happened to her four times in the past
twenty-four hours; once at the touch of her own fingers, then with
Fello, again with her employer, and finally with her own husband. And
now, now with a woman! She should be abhorred at the very thought---but
she wasn't. There was no stopping it. Delicious waves of passion flowed
through her like warm honey, and she squirmed down against the cushions
of the couch, squeezing her suddenly insatiable pussy tight against
Christy's hand. Her other hand moved up to caress one of Vicki's firm,
taut breasts, kneading the spongy mound, bringing the nipple into
turgid erection beneath her garments.

Christy began whispering softly in the young wife's ear, then, lewd
words that caused Vicki to squirm harder and harder on the couch. Then
Christy was insinuating her finger under the tight elastic leg band of
Vicki's panties, into the waiting wet folds of her vagina, teasing
along the sensitive inner walls. Instinctively, Vicki reached out a
hand to return the manipulation, eyes fastened to the lewd picture on
the screen, thinking only of the passion which was coursing through her
body at that moment, realizing with a dim part of her mind that at last
she was free from all inhibitions, free from guilt and shame, totally
abandoned to the delicious rewards of carnal indulgence. And it was the
most secure knowledge she had ever had as she sat in this silent lust-
filled room next to her friend, watching perverted acts being performed
and only moments away from performing others herself.

On the screen, the young girl was still wildly licking and sucking the
auburn-haired woman's vagina, her tongue lapping insanely at the
passion-drenched furrow in which her head was flailing up and down. The
woman's legs were now clasped tightly around the girl's neck, locked
together at the calves, and her buttocks were raised up toward the
ceiling as if they were some salacious offering to a pagan god above.
But now the furry German shepherd was taking an active role, and the
camera zoomed in very close as the animal's tongue flicked out once,
twice, to lick the quivering moons of the young teenager's milk-white
buttocks. Then the dog rooted its cold nose into the crevice between
the girl's invitingly rounded ass-cheeks, and the sudden contact caused
the girl to momentarily discontinue her mad lickings, But the red-
haired woman's hands wrapped in the girl's hair forced the teenager
downward to her task once again, and she resumed her lewd sucking of
the moist blood-inflamed loins between the auburn-haired woman's
jackknifed thighs.

Again, the dog's tongue furled out, this time to lick the soft-petaled
edges of the child's tender and innocent young pussy, licking upward
the full expanse of her cuntal split from her clitoris to her anus,
then back again, and then up again. The girl was trembling almost
mindlessly now at the incredible contact of the animal's hot wet tongue
on her naked genitals, and her head raced like a wild thing in the
"vee" of the older woman's thighs while she tossed and flaiIed her
buttocks and ground her pelvis into the child's secretion-drenched face

The salacious sight of the movie's principle characters had sent Vicki
to a fever pitch of excitement. Oh, God, she wanted release! She wanted
to be fucked more at that moment than she had ever wanted it! She
wanted Fello's hard animal-cock sawing into her again, and most of all,
she wanted to cum with him cumming inside her, cum while Christy Kaye

She emitted a soft strangled gasp and turned to Christy, breathing hot
fire into her ear. "Christy," she rasped. "Christy, I'm going to show
you something that will put your movie to shame! Christy, do you hear
me! I'm going to put Fello's big hard cock inside my pussy!"

"Jesus, you really are hot!" the silver blonde breathed back at her.
"Jesus, so am I. Will you lick me, honey? Lick me while Fello grinds
his big animal cock into your sweet little pussy."

"Beg me," Vicki found herself hissing. "Beg me!"

"Oh, yes, please. P-L-E-A-S-E!" the impassioned blonde pleaded.

Then, in perfectly attuned agreement, both Christy and Vicki began to
shed their clothes in the flickering light from the screen---Christy
pulling off her scarlet lounging pajamas, Vicki her skirt, blouse,
brassiere and panties. Both women then kneeled beside Fello, each with
a hand stroking the now eagerly sniffing dog, each with the other hand
exploring her friend's subtle curves. Hands gently kneaded and
squeezed, fingers fondled naked breasts and bellies and buttocks, and
simultaneously Fello found one soft white hand encircling his
unsheathed rod of flesh while another lovingly cupped his massive hairy

And on the continuing film before the eyes of the passion-stimulated
trio, the huge German shepherd had mounted the teenage girl from behind
while she continued to wildly mouth the auburn-haired woman's cuntal
passage and moist red slit. The animal's long scarlet cock stood out
from its furry loins like some obscene sentinel, and its hind paws
danced crazily on the circular bed in lewd time to its forepaws
caressing the child's sides and flanks.

Her buttocks rotating dervishly in anticipation of what was about to
happen, licking and sucking the widespread cunt of the older woman, the
girl reached behind her and grasped the dog's slick member firmly
between her fingers. Then she guided it toward her own nakedly exposed
loins, spreading her knees out wide on the bed to open her own pussy.
She placed the hot slippery animal cock at the entrance to her innocent
passage, so defenseless and virginal before the eye of the camera,
aiming the great member and then inserting its blood-swollen tip inside
her churning cuntal opening.

The shepherd didn't hesitate a fraction of a second. Once the beast
felt its cock touch the soft warm folds of the young girl's tender
cunt, it slammed forward to savagely drive its immense cudgel deep,
deep up into her moist pink vagina. The dog's huge, sperm-bloated balls
bounced against her passion-drenched pubic hair as the animal bucked
and thrust into the young brunette's pussy with machine-gun like
rapidity. It's tongue hung out of the side of his opened, puffing jaws,
its forepaws circling her midsection now. The girl's small, tight young
breasts seemed to be alive with swirling motion as they danced against
the bed beneath, and her face seemed to be flashing with incredible
sucking and licking movements in the hot, desire-flushed slit in which
it was buried.

Christy and Vicki, driven to new heights of mindless lust by the lewd,
debauched activities they were witnessing on the screen and by the
hard, throbbing animal cock and scrotum twitching in their hands,
collapsed in a heap of swirling, churning lust upon the den rug. Fello
was upon them in a flash, licking and nuzzling between their wantonly-
splayed loins as the film played out its conclusion to viewerless eyes.

The shepherd jerked and bucked into the teenager's defenseless cunt
with its long hot lubricated animal-cock, heaving faster and faster as
it approached its climax. The girl's torso was whipping crazily from
side to side, and the auburn-haired woman's head rolled like a broken
puppet's on the bed as the child's obscene sucking of her cunt
increased to an unbelievable tempo. The girl rammed her buttocks back
against the pile-driving animal with renewed frenzy, faster and faster
and harder and harder.

And suddenly, her orgasm took hold of her.

The camera panned in close to fully capture the abandoned ecstasy which
was contorting almost grotesquely her lovely, fragile young face as the
child licked the other woman's glistening cunt with long precise
strokes like a cat lapping cream. The woman jerked upward with a
convulsive thrust suddenly, and she too was cumming, flailing her head
madly, scissoring her legs up tight around the climaxing girl's neck in
a strangling human necklace.

The dog was the last to cum. A furry blur until its climax hit, it
pounded its long red cock deep into the teenager's spasming pussy. Hot,
spewing animal sperm shot out of the slippery scarlet penis to fill the
girl's belly, fill it to overflowing so that some of the milk-white
liquid flowed back out of her tender young vagina and down onto the bed
to mingle with the lust-fired secretions still pouring from the
redhead's wide-splayed cunt, to be sniffed and licked at by the great
beast after it had withdrawn its deflating cock from the child's pussy
and the girl had fallen forward over the woman whose cunt she had just

The film ended as the dog's cold snout raised up to nuzzle
appreciatively the glistening wet ass-cheeks of the young girl as she
lay in the enveloping fold of the older woman's tenderly caressing arms

Chapter 7

Although the third quarter had just ended and the score was still
fairly close, to Dr. Eric Kaye the outcome was a foregone conclusion;
U.S.C. would win. Kirk Young, however, being an alumnus of Ohio State,
did not share this opinion. In fact, as he had just heatedly pointed
out, there was still fifteen minutes in which the Buckeye's crunching
ground game could grind out touchdowns.

But Eric Kaye's attention span had, over the past few minutes,
disintegrated into nothingness---at least as far as the outcome of the
game was concerned. "Want another beer?" he asked, rising to his feet.

"Yes, thanks," Kirk Young answered without turning his head. "Better
hurry though, the game's coming back on," he called.

A moment later Dr. Kaye returned with the aspiring coach's beer, set it
down beside him and said: "Think I'll go check on the girls. You hold
down the fort," he added somewhat caustically.

"Sure, sure," Kirk answered, his eyes riveted to the large color

* * *

In the darkened den the wall-size silver screen was illuminated with a
rectangle of flickering white light from the whirring projector whose
filmless sprockets whined with mindless regularity. And on the soft
pile rug, three shadowy forms, two human, one animal, rutted in
mindless passion. While the oversized Doberman pinscher humped
staccato-like between the waving, upturned buttocks of his temporary
mistress, his hostess for the day was writhing unashamedly beneath the
obscene tongue-fucking of her guest and latest convert.

It was into this scene of prurience and lust that the renowned educator
Dr. Eric Kaye stepped. To say he was shocked would be a lie. Surprised,
yes---shocked, no. And as was his habit when confronted by a scene of
this nature, he wasted little time in partaking of the proffered
"goodies." As he rapidly stripped off his clothes, his eyes leered and,
coupled with the sounds of lewd wet smacking and slurping, his penis
came to rigid, blood-pounding attention. Before he was completely
undressed, a familiar and welcome cry of ecstatic pleasure burst upon
his ears.

"00000oohhhhh GODDDDD! V-I-C-K-I! I'mmmm ccummiinng!!! ... SHIT!
HARDER!!! ... BITE IT! ... THAT'S ITTTT! ... Oooohhh shittt!!!"

With haste, Dr. Kaye crossed the short distance to his pleasurably
shrieking wife, knelt, and peered with unastonished delight at the
slaving lips and tongue of the young woman who he had painstakingly
maneuvered along the path to lust-filled freedom in the early hours of
that very morning.

"Now, my dear," he said softly to Vicki, "I will give you something to
really work on."

The sound of Dr. Kaye's voice should have been startling to the young
brunette wife, but in her mindless search for release, in her writhing,
buttock-pumping quest for fulfillment from the huge dog fucking into
her from behind, the newly freed woman only welcomed yet another player
on this stage of blissful sensation. When her employer began slowly
stroking his massive rod of hardened male flesh, which had already
brought her one soul-rending climax, she should have felt shamed and
degraded, but she didn't. When he gently took the place of his wife,
positioning himself before her very eyes with his rigid, thick-veined
cock throbbing threateningly at the portals of her saliva and cum-
smeared lips, she should have been terrified, for she had never before
tasted the swollen hardness of a male penis. But she wasn't. And when
that dully gleaming shaft passed between her full red lips, invading
the confines of her virginal mouth, she should have screamed with
terror. But she didn't.

The sensation of that hot, fleshy member passing between her tightly
ovalled lips, sliding smoothly up over her tongue and filling
completely the moist warm cavern of her mouth until it threatened to
lodge firmly and chokingly in her very throat, was the purest of
ecstasies. In that moment, all that had gone on before, every nuance of
pleasure, even the deliciousness of the animal-cock burrowing
incessantly into the core of her belly, could not match the bolt of
electrifying passion that surged with muscle-twitching reality
throughout her entire body. Nothing, absolutely nothing, had ever given
her so much pleasure. But that was only the beginning.

In moments, man and beast coordinated their thrusts, quick jolting
blows that hammered together, completely stuffing mouth and cunt,
skewering unmercifully into throat and cervix and setting up a jarring
vibration that seemed to the ravished young wife as if they were
crashing in mortal thudding combat somewhere between her quivering
breasts and convulsing belly. And as the tempo of rhythmically pounding
cocks burrowed ever deeper, ever harder into Vicki's unnaturally
stretched orifices, her mind began to drift, to float away into another
plane. Where she had been nearly ready to climax under the ravaging
attack of the dog alone, the newly freed wife now found herself, under
the dual pummeling, spiraling upward through a swirl of sensual
pleasure that should never end, must never end. So lost was she in the
rapturous pursuit of never-ending sensuality, that she scarcely felt
Christy begin kneading and squeezing her swaying white breasts in ever
increasing and painful pressure. Indeed, so lost were they all in their
mind-blown pursuits, that none was aware of the slack-jawed figure
standing in the open doorway!

For one brief moment, Kirk wondered if he wasn't in some sort of
drugged coma, imagining it all ... but no ... Christ, he was wide
awake, and it was all happening! He reached for the support of the
door-frame, sensing his heavy cock solidly swelling with a non-
reasonable on-rush of blood! The lust-inciting scene of seductive white
bodies squirming nakedly against one another, satin-smooth feminine
flesh yielding to erotically squirming flesh, was more than he, in his
violent indignation, could restrain!

Christ, it was insane to even try to reason it all with the roaring
furnace of lust bubbling in his balls! The huge animal violently
fucking into his wife's luscious pink cunt and Eric Kaye's cock driving
into her mouth made his own cock ache with lewd desire!

And as Kirk watched, his wife began mewling with the wild, wonderful
sensation of her two lovers' beautiful, lust-hardened cocks, as both of
them prepared to spill their hot, liquid fire into either end of her
body. In passion-filled joy, the young brunette ground her widespread
young buttocks back hard against Fello's furry loins, feeling the tiny
rivulets of moisture building in the smooth crevice between their
excitedly bucking bodies. She sensed tiny streams of perspiration
dribbling 'down the backs of her smooth inner-thighs, while the
mounting pressure in her desire-inflamed loins warned of the climactic
moment that was finally so near at hand!

Damn, Kirk thought, she looked like an animal herself with her tips
locked tightly around the length of Eric's raging cock, increasing her
unbelievably hungry little sucking motions until he thought his balls
would turn inside out! Great swirls of unbearable heat were massing in
their secret depths as he watched his wife's passion-infused face
pulling hungrily on her boss' blood-engorged cock.

And on the rug in front of Vicki, Eric Kaye too, thought his sperm-
bloated balls would soon burst. He felt the muscles of his stomach
tighten and he arched forward, pushing his throbbing hardness up even
farther into the searing heat of her greedily sucking lips! He gaped at
the pink ridges pulling out from her mouth, clinging voraciously to it
as she pumped her head up and down and undulated her smooth white hips
back at the humping Doberman in a wild uncontrolled frenzy!

"Oh, shit ...! Now!" Strangled noises forced their way up into Eric's
throat! "Oh Christ, Vicki baby ... suck it hard ... I---I'm cuummminngg

Vicki heard his cry at the very moment it burst, his desperately
jerking cock gushing forth hot, streaming jets of pungent male cum,
flooding her mouth and throat with its delicious liquid heat! Her
cheeks bloated and contracted as she swallowed in greedy thick gulps,
fastening her lips tightly around the spasming cock so as not to lose a
single drop! On and on, his wonderful balls continued to pump milky-
white sperm into her mouth, while his hands clutched at her head,
pulling her face harder down onto his convulsively softening penis.

The ecstasy of it was even greater than Vicki had imagined! She thrust
her nakedly grinding ass-cheeks back harder at her panting animal-
lover, wanting the full benefit of his expanding cock-flesh raging in
and out of her wildly flaming cunt! Every muscle of her body strained
to feel the erotic release of rapture that would soon explode deep down
in her screaming loins and belly! She continued to gulp and suck wildly
at Eric Kaye's erupting rod of flesh as her hard-clenching vagina
opened and closed like an angered fist in its mad rush to milk Fello's
hotly pistoning animal-cock.

"Oh God ... fuck me you magnificent darling!" she cried. "Fuck me like
you've never fucked before!"

The huge Doberman pinscher whimpered in eager response as he thrust far
up into her from behind in the only depth of expression his basic
instincts knew. The soft wet warmth of her human vagina was greedily
clenching at his aching dog-cock, as if she were his own bitch mate,
and his great heart pounded lovingly in his chest for her. He was
completely unaware of his temporary mistress' true human mate watching
from the doorway.

Fucking bitch! Kirk thought wildly as he watched his wife hump
demoniacally back at the dog. All the rationalization in the world he
might summon would never eliminate the obscene picture their forbidden
embrace etched in his fuming brain, nor the sheer, vengeful lust
mounting from it! Goddamn her! I'll teach that little slut a lesson
she'll never forget! He half-staggered into the room, but the quartet
of rutting bodies was still oblivious to him.

Abruptly, Vicki raised her lips from Eric's now flaccid penis to
whimper out a guttural, animal-like groan from deep in her throat. Her
glazed eyes grew round and unseeing. "Ooohh ... ooohhh, you darling dog
... I can't stand it! I---I'm going madddd! Do it to me harder ...
please do it for me, my lover ...!

Fello responded with a forward thrust and a growl, his massive hardness
beginning to spew its heated animal sperm deep up into her wildly
constricting young belly with long hard spurts.

Again, Vicki cried out weirdly, her crazily, jerking buttocks beginning
to contract in insane rhythm to the violent eruption exploding hotly in
her soft white belly and loins. She threw her head from side to side,
as her tightly clenching cuntal mouth continued to clasp and milk at
her animal-lover's slowly deflating cock. Thin rivulets of the dog's
sticky, white fluids ran hotly down the smooth white columns of her
inner-thighs ... she was almost there ... almost ...

Abruptly, then Fello pulled his now softened penis from her wildly
writhing buttocks!

"Fello! Fello ... please! Come back! Come back ...!" she cried with
mindless arousal.

But he didn't, and as the seconds passed, Vicki realized that he
wouldn't. Oh ... oh God ...! She couldn't hold back the tears flooding
into her eyes. What had he done to her? Oh God! I've got to have a

Wildly, she crawled after Fello, feeling the heat of his animal sperm
still puddling deep in her unsatiated belly.

To this unrestrained exhibition, Kirk pulled lustfully at his clothes,
feeling almost drunk without benefit of a drink in the bitter sexual
arousal that had vengefully overwhelmed him!

Vicki saw him then! Gasping, she watched her angry husband drop his
shorts, and a choking sound burst from deep within her throat!

"Oh! Oh ... my God! Kirk!" she gurgled, trying to sit upright. "Kirk
... Kirk ...!"

"Yeah, it's me, Kirk!" he mockingly repeated, standing naked with hands
on his hips, his long, thickly rigid cock cleaving the air like a
length of cement-hardened hose! "Surprised? Just thought I'd come and
join the party!"

"Oh, Kirk, I ..."

"Shut up and turn over!" he suddenly ordered. "On your knees with your
ass high in the air! Now! Now, baby! Now!"

Vicki wasn't sure what was happening. She knew that she'd never felt so
mortified in her life, yet she was certain that she loved Kirk ... that
from here on their nights together would be filled abundantly with
ecstasy ... but ... but ... what was this?

"What ... what are you going to do ...?"

She both heard and felt the resounding slap of his huge hand across her
naked ass-cheeks at the same time, and couldn't contain her gasp of
pain and surprise.

I said, turn over and raise your ass high, you bitch!" Kirk snarled,
brutally. "Doc, you and Christy move around here so you can watch. I
want you to see this!"

Vicki couldn't believe that her husband would dare slap her ... but he
had! And right across the buttocks, too! She could still feel the
imprint of his hand ... he was angry!

"I'll tell you once more, bitch!" he ordered harshly. "On your knees
with your ass high!

Dear God! He meant it! Why ...? She loved him ... she'd told him so,
and he loved her! What was he trying to do ...? She thought these
things as she assumed the instructed position, somewhat ashamed now as
she nakedly spread her knees and opened herself before all of them ...

"Now, then, baby, I'm going to fuck your asshole ... sodomize you to
seal and forever enjoin our love! They're going to watch! If you want
out, get up and run ... and I promise you, I'll walk out of here!"

Christy had sat up at Kirk's request and Eric had sat behind her,
holding her inside his arms while she clung to his flaccid penis.

My God! Christy thought. He was really going to do it ... he was going
to fuck her ass! Oh, Lord, she thought, imagining how that would feel
... a long thick lust-hardened cock burning its way right up her
rectum! Dear Christ! She couldn't help the lascivious sensations the
mere thought caused her!

She watched, almost transfixed, as Kirk dropped to his knees, clutching
at his massively throbbing member, while Vicki knelt in abject
submission with her buttocks thrust upward only about a foot away from

"I'm not going to do it until you tell me to, baby!" Kirk said
suddenly. "You're going to make the decision ... whether you want to
give yourself to me all the way or not! If you want it in your ass, say
so, because that will be our true marriage! Forever, Vicki, baby!
Forever ... and I have these people to prove it! Now.. . decide ...
right now!"

Christy held her breath. Her belly and loins were like a sensual
beehive. She'd never get enough, and she could tell by the expression
in Vicki's eyes that she felt the same.

Vicki's cunt felt as if it were bubbling like a pit of lava ... as if
nothing in this world could possibly fulfill its need ... but ... to be
sodomized! Then, almost mystically she heard herself say:

"All right! Please, darling, do it! Fuck me there ... in my ass! I want
you more than anything in the whole world! No, lover, fuck me with your
cock in my ass! Now! Now!"

Kirk felt a surge of new blood racing toward the hotly throbbing head
of his extended shaft. He half-grinned at the Kayes who were watching
closely as he kneed himself up between his young wife's widespread
thighs and open buttocks. They could all see her moist cunt, but it was
the small puckered dark opening between her whitely rounded ass-cheeks
that held their attention. They gasped in excited anticipation as he
positioned himself behind her, and then gently dipped his finger
between the hair-fringed lips of her cum-drenched cunt, watching her
hips and buttocks jerk from the erotic intrusion.

Kirk smeared the viscid moisture up and over the crinkled, tight little
hole of her rectum as they all gaped licentiously. He did it several
times, before suddenly grasping and dipping the head of his pulsing
cock between her swollen vaginal lips, and then nuzzling it tightly up
against her stretched anus.

Vicki heard him give a frightening little half-laugh ... a salacious
sound that struck terror into her fearfully quivering belly. Trying to
fight down the rising tide of panic, she clenched her hands into fists
and closing her eyes tightly. I love him! I want him! This is the way
to happiness ... and I'll suffer to get it ... to prove my love to him!

Then, without hesitating another second, he thrust forward and she felt
an agonizing pop and stretching at her rectal passage. Her breath
choked in her throat as a vicious spasm of pain ripped through her.

"Arrggggh! God, no," she screamed, trying to get free of the wickedly
torturous cock reaming into her defenseless back passage, "Kirk, wait!
You're killing me!"

Oh, God ... dear God! She'd thought all along that she could take him
... but she'd sorely misjudged the size and capacity of her rectum! He
was going to split her wide open back there, she now realized, her
rounded white buttocks beginning to thrash insanely, and then she heard
her husband laugh again and felt his strong hands gouging into the
tender flesh of her hips. My God! He was holding her vise-like, and her
every attempted move only served to drive his huge rod of solid male
flesh deeper and deeper up into her cringing back passage.

"Push back! Damnit, shove that sweet ass back onto it!" Kirk commanded,
grasping at her tensed, upper thighs and straining his narrow hips
forward obscenely. "It's too late to run now, baby! You've made your
choice ... so grin and bear it!"

"Oh ... oh God!" Vicki choked, unable to restrain the tears of agony
nor the guttural moans of shame that were abruptly sweeping over her.
Yet it was more than a debasing humiliation of the perverse ass-fucking
he was subjecting her to before the Kaye's ... it was self-shame at her
denial of their love all these months ... but, God in heaven ... could
she stand it ...?

He's ripped me all open back there! Oh ... oooohhhhhh, it's tearing my
rectum apart! Oooooohhhh ... God ... God ... I ... I don't care! He ...
he's punishing me ... oh, how he's punishing me ...! Yes ... yes ... I
want him to ... I do, I do! It's the only way. Right ... right up my
ass, lover ... ohhhh ... punish me, darling, punish ... me ...!

Vicki hunched back determinedly as Kirk thrust forward and she felt the
excruciating torment of his thickly throbbing shaft surging into her,
pushing the rubbery, persistent flesh before it, until at last, with
one final ass-flattening lunge he ground it all the way up inside the
warm, constricting depths of her salaciously stretched rectum!

At last! At last! Her brain reeled in her strange masochistic torment,
then she felt his strong hairy pelvis smack solidly into the softness
between her obscenely upturned buttocks, his balls swinging down hard
against the open lips of her pussy below. She was impaled to the hilt,
and afraid to breathe with the unbelievable racking pressure that felt
as if her thighs were splitting apart.

And watching this lewd tableau, Christy clung to her own husband's now
rock-hard penis with one small, gripping hand as she sat within the
circle of his arms and viewed with lust-inflamed eyes the lurid
spectacle of Kirk's heavy cock moving in and out of the lasciviously
stretched little hole between his wife's ass-cheeks. Sensations of
desire raced through her loins and she couldn't resist slipping her
other hand down between her fevered cunt-lips to gently stroke the tiny
swollen bud of her clitoris while she gaped at the magnificent sodomy.

God, she had never in her life had it that way, but Vicki's
masochistically building pleasure was contagious, and suddenly she
turned to Eric.

"I-I want it like that, too, darling! In-in my ass! Please ... hurry
..." the ash-blonde hissed, scurrying quickly up onto her knees on the
couch and thrusting her lush white buttocks back at him. "Hurry, lover
... before I go out of my mind!" she gasped, twisting her head to look
back at him passionately. "Fuck it ... it's yours ... my virgin asshole

Eric Kaye needed no prodding. His own libidinous mind had been peaked
carnally by Kirk's sodomizing of Vicki, and his throbbing shaft felt as
if it would shatter into bits if he didn't get it off damned soon! His
own wife knelt before him then, and he saw her long fingers appear
between the pink-petaled lips of her cunt to smear her viscous vaginal
secretions back up over her tiny puckered pink anus ... then, she moved
slowly backward, reaching out hungrily for his cock.

He gasped as she took it in her hand and not only placed its turgid
head, but while pressing her buttocks back toward it, wedged the
pulsating head inside the raised little circle of nether flesh,
grinding and undulating her hips in a desperate effort to worm it deep
inside her from behind.

Eric couldn't hold back. He shoved his hips up, clutching at her waist
and pulling her down onto his lap at the same time, driving his thick
cock deep up into the sucking hot channel of her rectum. She grunted a
low, throaty groan that racked her whole soft body, and tried to rise
again, but he held her commandingly.

"Oh ... oh, my dear God!" Christy wailed with the sudden agonizing
shock. It was much more painful than she'd been prepared for. "Oooooh
... wh-what happened ... did it go in? Ooooohhhh ... stop! Stop!"

But Eric wasn't about to stop. His brain had become an inferno of lust,
and the feel of her warm velvety rectal flesh wrapped hotly around the
base of his lust-thickened cock was maddening. He crushed her soft
buttocks back tightly against his loins and reaching around and down
between her thighs to her pussy, felt the viscous moisture from the
pulled open lips of her vagina. His eyes locked on his own hardened rod
disappearing entirely up into the tight, wide-stretched oval of her
anus, and it drove him crazy with lust. He grunted, drawing it out
slightly, watching with bated breath the tender ridges of pink anal
flesh pulling out with it, then being absorbed inward again with his
forward thrust. His breath came faster and suddenly he was sawing
rhythmically in and out of her rectum ... with no thought of anything
but the release of his own lustfully seething sperm!

And on the floor in front of the Kayes, in the same obscene position,
Vicki still felt tom and horribly expanded from the unnatural invasion
of Kirk's massive cock buried deep in her rectum. Yet, at the same
time, she realized that she was strangely beginning to enjoy a strange
sensation of atonement.

She deserved everything her angry young husband was doing to her, and
would do to her from now on. It was all her fault, not his! She'd
nearly ruined both of their lives. She had been a fool ... and now
she'd crawl to him like a slave if he'd have her ... willingly endure
whatever pain, degradation, or humiliation he would subject her to, in
order to prove her love!

Vicki saw then, for the first time, Christy's widely-splayed legs and
Eric's thick cock disappearing up into her rectum. That sight alone was
enough to send wild fermentations racing through her, and suddenly she
was caught up in the lascivious salacity of it all. At first, it had
been a matter of enduring the pain, but now the agony had reached a
startling new stage. Galvanic tingles of excitement were rippling
through her cock-splayed loins ... and ... and the masochistic pleasure
in bending before her husband like some kind of slave-shore
overwhelming! There were still traces of pain as his massive cock raced
deep up into her anal passage, but there was obscene pleasure, too, a
combination of both ... pain and pleasure ... and then, suddenly she
could feel Kirk's fingers playing in her cunt ... tweaking her clitoris
in rapturous delight! Oh ... oh ... she was going to cum this way! She
was! God, how she loved him ... loved all of the beautiful people
around her ... and ... and yes, she loved Fello too ...

"Lover ... lover! Fuck my ass!" she gasped. "Fuck it hard, darling!"

Eric had reached his tripping point and Christy was groaning
meaningfully. He doubted if he could last another full minute! In his
lust-crazed drive, he had lost all sense of reason for a time,
clutching savagely at her hips and thundering into his blonde wife's
wide-stretched rectum with demonic fury. Then, he'd felt something
happen to her. She turned and he saw her teeth clenched and bared in
ecstatic delight, her tongue flicking out in time to the ravaging
strokes he was plunging deep into her. Her long blonde hair flowed out
over her heaving breasts, flailing wildly as with a violent self-
sodomizing thrust she would grunt and toss her head to the other side.

Then he gasped and watched in lewd rapture, realizing now why she was
writhing in ecstatic delight. Fello had moved in between his wife's
widespread legs! He heard the beast whimper eagerly, and saw him lash
out with his tongue, ravenously lapping over the entire area of her
nakedly exposed vaginal crevice! Wildly, then his wife began to moan as
again and again, the huge Doberman pinscher repeated the lust-peaking
act, his lewdly probing tongue knifing savagely through her soft,
sensitive pussy flesh, spreading her open until she began to twitch and
jerk in uncontrollable fury.

"Oh ... oh ... ohhhh!" Christy chanted. "Oh ... oh, my God!" she
wailed. "I-I ... I'm cumming ... darling I'm cuummmiiinnnnngggggg ...!"

That was all Eric needed. Her magnificent climax was causing her nether
passage to tighten and relax like a desperately clutching fist around
his pulsating cock! Too much, he thought! Too fucking much!

"Oooohhhhhh ... aaaggggghhhhhhh! Christy cried out once more as it
began all over again for her. Her senses blurred to all around her in
the enchanting, rushing release; then dazedly, she heard Eric mouth a
foul obscenity and felt him thrust into her so hard she was certain his
cock would touch her throat. She sensed his strong loins jerk
convulsively against the widespread flatness of her buttocks, and then
a great surge of swirling hot sperm flooded deep up into her ravaged
rectum, filling her quaking belly almost to the bursting point ... !
And still, Fello licked at her pulsating vaginal lips! Then, once
again, she was cumming! "OooohhhhHHHHH," she screamed, then collapsed
in a dead faint!

On the floor, Kirk watched Eric pump his load into Christy's quivering
buttocks, and he saw the dog lapping at her vagina, and then heard her
cry of rapture. He felt the sweat streaming from his brow onto his
cheeks, while he fucked his heavy cock into the widely stretched
opening between his own wife's pumping ass-cheeks. Staring down at the
lasciviously grasping little aperture, he pulled the young brunette's
buttocks apart with his fingers, so that he could see the ridges of
pink flesh that pulled out and clung to his lust-thickened cock when he
extracted it, could see them disappearing again when he rammed it
forward. He did it several times with fury, feeling his sperm-bloated
balls slapping into the split of her pink cunt with the force of his
thrust, his fingertips reaching between her swollen pussy-lips to
continually tease her wildly throbbing clitoris.

He wanted her to cum with him ... but he couldn't last much longer! His
balls were ready to spill with all the enchanting love-juice they
possessed. Her warmly sucking anus was extracting the very marrow from
his loins. He levered up behind her and thrust his cock deep, tearing
the soft, white ass-cheeks apart and letting them flatten back against
his pelvis and thighs by her own will while he plunged into her

"Oooooohhhh ... oohhhh, lover!" the perspiring young dark-haired wife
moaned. "Now ... now, darling! I'm going toooo ... yes it's ... it's
... oooohhhhhh ... I'm cuummmiiinnnggggggg ...!"

Kirk's eyes rolled wildly in his head as he shot his powerful load deep
into her wanting rectum and his beautiful wife continued to convulse
and scream in wanton bliss.

God! What beautiful magnificent love this room would remember! he
thought. They had all cum off so beautifully! Then, he too collapsed.

Chapter 8

Four months had passed since that wild, orgiastic night at the home of
Eric and Christy Kaye, and spring with all its attendant joys and
promises had come to Glenview. The weather had turned balmy and spring
fever seemed to have set in.

Vicki found herself thinking just that as she strolled up the walk to
her new Glenview Heights home, bathing in the warm late afternoon
sunshine. This kind of weather made you want to take long rides in the
country, or long walks in the park---or, she reflected with a wicked
little smile to herself, to make love in some little forest glade with
the birds chirping and the clean smell of pine or redwoods in your

She entered the house, and just as she did, Kirk came out of the
kitchen. Her husband was dressed in faded jeans and an old sweatshirt,
and carried a paint brush in one hand. Lumbering along behind him was
an immense Great Dane, head down, sniffing. Kirk grinned as he saw his
wife, put the brush down, and walked over to her.

"Hi, baby," he said as he gathered her into his arms, his fingers
moving up and down over the firmly rounded mounds of her buttocks. "How
was work today?"

Vicki rubbed her pelvis suggestively against his strong male loins,
smiling as she felt his cock begin to harden from her lewd movements.
"Just fine, darling," she answered. "You got home early."

"Ummmmmm," he said, pulling her tighter against him. "I've missed you
all week, so I decided to quit early today. I called Jake Lester and
told him I'd be down first thing Monday morning. Being a sales rep for
the biggest sporting goods firm west of the Rockies does have some
advantages, you know." Then, burying his head against his wife's
shoulder, he whispered, "Besides, I don't want Nicki to think he's the
only man around the house."

Vicki giggled and pressed still tighter against the man she loved.
"That's silly," she said, "you know he's just my week night lover.
Weekends are reserved for my successful traveling salesman husband."

"In that case, I think we should celebrate,"
Kirk whispered into her ear. "Have you any suggestions?"

"Let's go to bed," she teased.

Kirk grinned. "And do what?"

"And fuck," she breathed, reaching down to fondle his now turgid cock.
"And fuck like we always do---long and hard and wonderfully, my

Kirk's breath came faster from his lungs now as his fingers kneaded the
firm resilient flesh of her buttocks, one hand sliding up under the hem
of her skirt to stroke the soft smooth flesh of her naked thigh. "I
want you to suck me before we make love," he said. "I want you to suck
my cock, honey."

"Will you kiss my pussy, too?"

"You know I will!"

"Then what are we waiting for?"

Kirk gathered her up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.
After he placed her on the bed, he pointed to an obviously new
nightgown of the sheerest black chiffon he had ever seen and said:
"What's this?"

"A new nighty, silly," she said coyly. "I went shopping with Christy
after work last night and I couldn't resist it." Her voice took on a
note of mock seriousness, then, and she said: "My husband is absolutely
nuts about flimsy nightgowns, Mr. Salesman. And I think I know someone
else who will be, too."

"What does that mean?" Kirk asked sternly.

"It means, my dear, that yours truly has discovered a young couple
named Ralston, a new faculty couple who, unless I'm very mistaken, are
just like we were when we went to Eric and Christy's for New Year's

"In other words, ripe for the plucking ... or whatever."

"If things are handled right," she smiled wickedly. "Oh, I almost
forgot to tell you! Christy and Eric have acquired a dog---a beautiful
big German shepherd."

"Hmmmmm, well, well. Seems as if the Kaye's learned a thing or two from
us. But what I really want to know is what the Ralstons are like."

"Well, George is very tall ... and handsome ... and well built ... and

"Okay, okay, enough! Tell me what Mrs. Ralston is like."

"Elaine? She's tall and lithe, with nice tight hips and full breasts
and beautiful soft lips."

"I hope they're as soft as yours," Kirk said, standing before her
completely naked now with his hardened penis jutting forward
enticingly. "I hope her lips are as buttery soft as yours, my love,
when she takes my penis into her mouth."

Vicki reached out and encircled his shaft with her fingers, leaning
forward from her sitting position on the bed as she drew Kirk closer to
her. Her tongue snaked out and began to run little circles around the
lubricated, swollen head of his cock. "I'm sure they'll be almost as
soft, my dearest," she crooned just before she took the whole of his
blood-inflamed cock between her soft, sensuously full lips. "Almost,
but not quite."

From outside the closed bedroom door there came the sound of agitated
scratching, followed by a soft, helpless whine ...

The End

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