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A story I found on the net a wanted to share
Girl's School Pet by Jon Reskind

Chapter 1

Arm in arm the two girls came skipping gaily down the path, their faces
radiant with youthful exuberance. At first glance they seemed to look
alike, despite the fact that one was blonde and the other dark, but on
closer examination it became evident that it was only their beauty that
matched them.

The blonde girl was a little taller, her lushly curved body a little
fuller. Big blue eyes helped set off her creamy pink complexion, and
all in all she gave off an aura of beaten gold, fresh rose petals and
rich cream.

Her companion was smaller and more slender but in some way looked even
more lushly developed. Perhaps it was the sinuous and sensual way her
body was formed, with high upstanding breasts thrusting out proudly
from a graceful torso that bloomed out again into tightly rounded hips
above long slender legs. Her hair was made up of rich dark tones hard
to define, perhaps a little more black than brown and matched by the
smoky color of her eyes. With her, one would think of night and heat
and warm passionate embraces.

"Oh, what a day, what a glorious day," the dark one said. "You know
what a day like this makes me think of? It makes me think of making
love out on the grass under the trees. Of having some big strong man
pinning me down to the ground while he ravishes my defenseless young
body." And then she laughed gaily.

"Oh, Penny," her blonde friend said with a rosy blush. "Any kind of
weather makes you think about sex. Sometimes I wonder if you think
about anything else."

"Of course not," Penny replied. "Thinking about anything else would be
a waste of time. Victoria Bennett, if you weren't such a prude you'd
know what I'm talking about. Whoever heard of anyone in this day and
age still being a virgin at eighteen? Doesn't this glorious day do
something for you? Doesn't it make you tingle inside ... right down
here?" And Penny lewdly pointed her finger to where her tightly molded
pants cut into the soft swelling of her pubic mound.

Victoria Bennett blushed again and decided not to say anything this
time. Instead she looked around her and saw that it was indeed a
beautiful day. Both she and her friend, Penny Collins were taking a
short cut across the campus of the small California girls' college
where they were students and roommates. It would have been hard to find
a more perfect setting for a college, high up on cliffs that jutted
starkly from the blue Pacific below. The whole campus was set in a
forest of feathery eucalyptus trees dotted with occasional patches of
dwarf oak. Innumerable small paths criss-crossed through the trees and
the two girls were walking on one of them now, heading towards their
next class in one of the scattered clusters of buildings. The campus
was broken up into many small sections so that it would have a rural,
almost wild air instead of the usual congested concrete vistas of the
average modern college campus.

The month was November and the summer heat was finally over. Victoria
thought to herself that the winters here were usually much nicer since
it never really did get that cold and the fresh autumn air swept away
the moist summer haze and let one see practically forever. The two
girls were approaching the top of a small rise now and the ocean came
into view, a deep glittering blue in the clear air with the horizon
etched sharply against the sky. Looking in the other direction, inland,
the delighted blonde girl could clearly make out the distant mountains
tumbling over one another in wave after wave of muted purples and
blues. Further down the coast it was possible to see the surf crumbling
in brilliant white foam against the base of the ocher cliffs. Blue and
white and brown and violet and green, and the delicious feel of the
tangy salt air sweeping in from the sea, perhaps from as far away as
Japan ... Victoria's reverie was shattered by a delighted whoop from

"Hey, look at old Ben Wright! I think that old bastard has a hard-on
again." Despite herself, Victoria's eyes followed Penny's pointing
finger and focused on the familiar shambling figure of Ben Wright, the
campus watchman. As usual he had his huge German shepherd, Prince, with
him. Together the two made up the entire security force of the girls'
college, all that was needed owing to its isolated location. Victoria
tried to keep her gaze from running down Ben's heavy body to where his
trousers pushed out lewdly just below his belt as he stood raptly
watching two mini-clad coeds passing by, swinging their pert young hips
as if they knew he was watching.

"It's really something that he can still get it up at his age," Penny
laughed. Ben was only fifty but to the girls on campus he seemed
impossibly old, almost a Methuselah. "You know, it's kind of cruel, the
old guy working here with all these girls around, not being able to
touch them. Maybe some of us should get up a collection --- a cunt
collection --- and do something about his problem. God, would you look
at the size of that bulge!" Penny exclaimed in growing awe as she
continued to stare at the front of Ben's pants. A cold calculating look
came into her eyes.

"Maybe I should form a little private charity myself," she mused out
loud. "I'm getting tired of the boys around here with their wham, bam,
thank-you-ma'am tricks. Unless old Wright has a thermos bottle hidden
inside his pants he's got just what little Penny needs."

"Oh, Penny!" Victoria suddenly exploded. "Sometimes I get so sick of
the way you talk. You could turn anything into sex. You leave Mr.
Wright alone. He's a nice man ... and you ... you ..." Victoria
suddenly realized that there were tears in her eyes and that she wanted
to be anywhere but here. Penny was standing staring at her friend,
shocked into silence by the unexpected outburst, and before the
surprised girl could say a word, her blonde roommate ran off quickly
down the path. Penny stood in indecision a moment, wondering if she
should go after Victoria, but then a little tickle of anger started
inside her and she swore softly to herself while shrugging her

"Just typical virgin hysteria," she muttered. "What that girl needs is
to get laid." Then the precocious teenager walked quietly on toward her
next class, taking one last glance at Ben Wright and Prince. Those two
are probably the only two real males on campus, Penny mused to herself.
Boys were fun --- good to break in on --- but men were so much better
... and sometimes she wished she were a female dog --- just looking at
Prince made her feel that way. He was a beautiful animal, sleek and
powerful with a large handsome head, and that was really some cock he
had hanging under his hairy belly. With a shrug of her shoulders, the
beautiful dark-haired girl put Ben and his dog out of her mind, for she
was already planning her night's debauchery.

Chapter 2

About eight o'clock that same night Victoria Bennett was slowly walking
back to the room she shared with Penny, returning from an evening class
and pleased that the night was warm. That was one of the strange things
here, she thought to herself. The breeze died down in the evenings and
it was often warmer than in the day. Victoria found she was quite
comfortable wearing only a sweater and short skirt.

A troubled look came over the blonde girl's beautiful face as she took
the path that would lead her back to her room That whole business of
this afternoon still troubled her and she knew it would be a little
embarrassing when she had to face Penny. She hadn't seen her dark-
haired roommate since they had parted in a huff earlier in the day.
What had happened anyhow? Even though Victoria found her more
knowledgeable friend's speech and manner a little shocking at times,
she was very fond of the other girl, knowing she had no meanness or
cruelty in her heart at all. It was just that she was so totally
devoted to sensual pleasures, a complete sybarite.

That was understandable to the young blonde coed, because she was human
herself. And if she still carefully guarded her virginity, it was more
from a standpoint of caution than any kind of inbred frigidity. No, she
could understand some of the emotions that moved Penny even if she
disapproved of the girl's actions. After all, who was she to throw
stones, Victoria thought a little guiltily, as she remembered the
lustful storms of bottled-up passion that swept over her from time to
time. For more than two years now there had been no other way to still
the desperate cravings that periodically wracked her developing body
but to ... Victoria's innocent young mind could not even form the
forbidden word "masturbate", although vivid images shot through her
mind of the lewd way she satisfied herself time after time with her own
fingers. With a little shiver the beautiful young student put these
thoughts from her mind, knowing that if she continued to think this way
she would end up going back to the room to once again search out the
forbidden gratification.

Maybe it had been Penny's obscene comments about Ben Wright that had so
upset her. Victoria liked the campus cop and had had several quiet
conversations with him. Despite his mature age, Ben seemed awkward and
shy around girls, almost as if he were some young teenage boy about to
ask for his first date.

Not much was known for certain about Ben, but rumors abounded, most of
them too preposterous to believe. Some of the more romantic girls like
to believe that Ben had been shattered by an early tragic life and had
chosen to live out the remainder of his life in simple poverty,
accompanied only by his dog and his memories. But the most persistent
and believable stories were those that claimed that many years before
Ben had been a promising young literature professor and poet, but that
a drinking problem had brought him to ruin. A drinking problem and an
unfortunate tendency to seduce the younger and prettier girls in his
classes. Supposedly he had finally got pregnant the daughter of an
influential and wealthy University Trustee and that meant the end of
his career as a teacher. Yet Ben had been unable to leave campus life
completely and had supposedly drifted from one college to another
performing menial jobs. His past was mostly forgotten now and this job
as watchman at Seaside College was the best he'd found in a long time.
If Ben drank now, Victoria thought to herself, he must do it pretty
secretly. Sometimes he did seem to walk a little strangely, with a
funny look on his face, but that was mostly late in the evenings and on

Ben must have been a really handsome man at one time, the young girl
thought. His hair, even though gray, was still fairly thick and traces
of what must have been its original deep brown color showed through.
Even though his body was a little heavy, it was the heaviness of a big
man, not a fat one, and the way he sometimes moved, especially if the
day was nice and he was feeling good, hinted at the grace and style
that must have been his before the alcohol ruined him. That ruin showed
mostly in his face, which was heavily lined and bore a gaunt, haunted
look. His mind seemed to have been burned out a little also, so that
his speech would ramble from time to time. But all in all he was a
gentle man and young Victoria had found a special place in her heart
for him. Somewhere deep inside herself she knew she liked this
relationship because it was safe. All of the innocent young girl's
natural cravings drew her toward men, her awakened hormones building an
appreciation into her vibrant young senses for the deep sound of a
masculine voice, the virile odor, the size and power of males. Victoria
instinctively knew that if she let herself go she would find herself
helplessly wanting to be made love to, and she was frightened of that.

That's why it was safe with Ben. How could anyone her age imagine
making love to an old, ruined man like Ben Wright? And that was the
reason for her friendship with the older man and perhaps also the
reason she had so stupidly blown up when Penny had made her disturbing
remark about Ben's ... condition. Victoria didn't want anyone reminding
her about that other aspect to Ben's maleness that she had carefully
screened from her mind.

These thoughts were still running through the confused young girl's
head as she approached the dormitory where she and Penny lived with
some twenty other girls, a small wooden building in a eucalyptus grove.
To get to her room it was necessary to go around to the back of the
building. She and Penny had been lucky enough to get the most secluded
room in the dorm. Not only did they have a private entrance but the
whole back wall of the room was made up of sliding glass doors that
opened out onto a small lawn ringed by trees. Victoria noticed as she
passed that the drapes were drawn over the windows, which was strange,
because Penny was something of an exhibitionist and would often undress
with the drapes wide open, saying that no one ever came back behind the
building anyhow, so why worry. Penny seemed to be home, since there was
the dim glow of a light shining through the curtains.

The young blonde entered an outside door and stepped into a narrow hall
that made two sharp turns before it finally ended before the door of
her room. She was just reaching for the knob, trying to decide how she
would act with Penny when she suddenly froze in shock.

My God, was that a moan she had just heard inside?

The startled girl stood for a moment, frozen into immobility, then
suddenly heard it again.

"Oooooohhhhh," the tortured sound floated out from behind the door in
front of her, and it was unmistakably Penny's voice! Lurid images of
her good friend injured, raped, stricken by some horrible illness
flashed through Victoria's mind and she had just broken her reverie and
was starting to rush into the room when she heard Penny's voice once

"Oooooohhhhh, Jimmy, it feels so good. Suck it harder, stick your
tongue up my cunt and make me cum."

A bright flush mounted to Victoria's ivory cheeks as she heard these
lewd words coming from her friend's lips just a few feet away. Her
roommate had a boy in there and it must be that awful Jimmy Philips who
was always smirking at the girls on campus. Victoria detested him
because of the way he would often undress her with his eyes, making her
feel naked in front of everybody. And now he was in her room, the room
she shared with Penny, doing something awful and obscene to her
roommate that she could only guess at. The horrified young girl wanted
at that moment to get back into the clean night air and was backing
slowly down the hall when she heard Penny moan out again.

"God, lick me until I can't stand it anymore and then stick your
beautiful cock in me and fill me with cum." Victoria could actually
hear Penny panting through the door, her breathing ragged and uneven,
giving little choking whimpers like a suffering animal. To her further
horror, Victoria found herself unable to move, a kind of tingling
numbness stealing over her legs so that she could only stand there in
the hall listening to the lewd exciting sounds coming from the other
side of the door while her mind formed wild images of what must be
going on in that room.

Penny was probably naked, Victoria reasoned, her beautiful body spread
in some lewd posture on the bed and maybe Jimmy was naked too, crouched
above her, his tousled blond head buried between Penny's slender
writhing legs. If Jimmy was naked then he probably had an erection, and
the tortured young girl in the hall could not help but wonder just what
it must look like. How big was it? How thick? How long? Victoria had
seen very few male penises and never one fully erect, except once in a
pornographic magazine she had accidentally opened. To the young girl's
shocked amazement, she found that the thought of a male penis, even the
hated Jimmy's, coupled with the sounds of wanton pleasure coming from
her beautiful roommate's lips were causing strange electric tremors to
start high up between her trembling legs.

Victoria pressed her thighs tightly together to try to stop the wild
feelings growing there but that was a mistake, because the increased
pressure on her tender pussy lips only caused new sharp jolts of
pleasure to flood up into her now hot little belly. The petrified girl
was afraid to make the slightest additional movement so she stood
paralyzed, her knees pressed together, her body bent a little forward
at the waist, her hands held out from her body in indecision. All this
time she could not help but think about what was going on in the other
room and how wickedly, sinfully good it must feel to have someone make
love to you the way Jimmy was making love to Penny.

Oh God, the tortured young girl thought, if I only had the courage to
let a boy make love to me. Many had tried, but each time, Victoria had
become frightened by the gasping sound of the heavy uncontrolled
breathing of the inexperienced boys, and by the brutal way they pawed
her tender young body in their juvenile haste. Victoria knew she needed
what Penny was getting in the other room, but something inside her made
her draw the line at getting it from a real flesh and blood boy. She
knew if she gave in with a boy, he would talk about her, brag to the
other boys and she couldn't stand the thought of being the verbal
plaything of all the leering young louts on campus. For her it would
take a shining Prince Charming, made of dreams, or ... her own self.

Almost involuntarily her hands stirred at her sides and moved slowly up
to cup her firm, high-set young breasts through her clothes. A little
shiver of sensual delight ran through the beautiful coed's vibrant
young body as her trembling fingers pressed slowly into the soft
resilient flesh. Then her groping fingertips searched for a moment,
looking for the growing buds of her hidden nipples and softly,
insistently tweaked them into pebble-hard erection while all the time
her senses remained glued to the lewdly exciting sounds coming from
behind the door.

Unsatisfied with caressing her breasts through her clothes, the now-
gasping young teenager slid her hands down to her waist and reached up
under her sweater, working her brassiere up and over her quivering
breasts, gasping with shock as her cool fingers came into contact with
her throbbingly erect nipples. With mad desire, she began to roll the
nakedly hardened little buds between her fingertips, her exposed white
midriff shuddering from the power of the delicious sensations beginning
to permeate her entire body.

Slowly the overwhelmed young girl sank to her knees in the dark
hallway, her hand working furiously over her breasts, her head back,
her eyes half-closed with passion and the tip of her tiny pink tongue
flickering nervously over her full parted lips. Penny's moans from the
other room had become louder now, kind of a strangled animal wailing,
and through the door her kneeling roommate thought she could make out
the obscene wet sucking sounds as Jimmy burrowed his tongue ever deeper
into her roommate's cunt.

Victoria was sitting on her heels now and she spread her knees wide,
feeling the nylon crotchband of her panties stretch tightly across the
soft sensitive flesh of her pubic mound, sensing the smooth material
slipping up into the tender cleft between her cuntal lips. The panting
girl moved one hand down from her straining breasts and slid it slowly
over the velvety skin of her inner thigh, almost gasping aloud as her
thumbnail flicked accidentally across her panty-clad clitoris. She then
slowly, deliberately, ran her nails up and down over the thin nylon
covering her most intimate parts, shivering each time they scratched
over the tiny nerve-filled center of her passion. When she could stand
it no more, Victoria insistently worked the tip of one finger up
underneath the tight legband of her desire-soaked panties and buried it
deep between her throbbing pussy lips. The writhing girl did moan out
loud this time and froze for a moment, afraid that the lovers in the
other room might have heard her, but there was no let-up in the steady
chorus of gasps and pants and lewd slurps filtering through the door.

Without waiting a second longer, Victoria thrust her rigid middle
finger deep up into her waiting vaginal passage, her whole back arching
in answer to the deep flood of liquid pleasure that coursed through her
nerves at her own seductive touch. The panting young blonde knelt for a
moment, completely still, paralyzed by the exquisite sensations of
complete sexual arousal, she felt, then she began to move the finger
inside her clasping cuntal orifice in small little circles, stretching
the opening wider and wider until she was able to worm in another
finger up beside the first.

From behind the door, the sounds of Penny's passion started to assume a
regular air as the girl began a chanting moan in response to whatever
her boy friend, Jimmy was doing to her. Victoria picked up the rhythm
of those passionate gasps and, with the crotchband of her panties
twisted out of the way, began to ram her fingers in and out of her own
wetly sucking cunt while her other hand danced more and more wildly
over her nakedly swollen breasts, massaging them into a painful
hardness that she would never have believed possible.

In and out, in and out, the young blonde's wetly glistening fingers
flashed, keeping time to her friend's passionate gasps and moans so
invisibly near. Victoria was staring straight off into space now, her
eyes vacant and unseeing as if her whole soul were focused on some
distant horizon. The wild ramming of her fingers into her own pussy
increased in tempo as the sounds behind the door grew louder and louder
and it was clear to the writhing blonde coed that something was going
to have to give soon, either with her or with Penny. Her roommate's
choking cries were reaching a crescendo of wild abandon that could only
mean she was nearing orgasm while a burning pressure was building,
building far up inside Victoria's hotly churning belly, demanding
release, demanding that she end it. And then it happened.

"Oh, Jimmy! Ooohhh, G-God ... I'm going to cum ... going to cum ...
going to ... CUUUUUUMMMMMM!" Penny's delirious cry came knifing through
the closed door and then trailed off into a strangled gasp. Even to
Victoria's lust-drugged senses it was possible to hear the wild
crashing of the bed springs as the other girl thrashed wildly in
completely abandoned fulfillment.

This was the moment her secretly listening roommate had been waiting
for and she thrust her fingers as far up inside herself as they would
go, almost as if she were trying to puncture some illusory bubble of
passion and let out all its wild force. And then it hit her, the first
incredible shock of her orgasm. Victoria's straining stomach muscles
sucked in as if she had been struck in the belly and her whole body
stiffened and arched backward. Trying not to scream out in her passion,
the ecstatic young blonde cruelly bit her own lips to choke off any
sound as with wide-staring, unseeing eyes, she threw back her head so
that the cords in her neck stood out like ropes. She had just enough
presence of mind left to thrust her two fingers once more, hard up into
her spasming cunt and then she was completely out of control, her body
jerking and twitching as wave after wave of hot seething sensations ran
a desperate race over her burning nerve-paths. The beautiful young
blonde's knees automatically opened wider as if she were welcoming some
invisible lover up between them, and then she could feel the hot gush
of her own orgasmic juices pouring over her hand, soaking her tight-
stretched panties and smearing down over the smooth skin of her
quivering young thighs.

Victoria had no idea how long it went on but then she was suddenly
aware that there was silence from behind the door to her room and she
froze once again, afraid that the two illicit lovers inside might have
heard her. But then a low hum of intimate whispering began inside the
room, and the kneeling blonde coed knew they were too wrapped up in
what they were doing to have heard anything. Still, the now exhausted
Victoria realized that she had better not remain kneeling here in the
dormitory hallway, her hand thrust obscenely under her panties and her
sweater pushed high over her naked breasts.

With a regretful sigh, the satiated young girl pulled her trembling
fingers from her sucking vagina. They slithered out wetly, almost as if
her pussy did not want them to go and still tried for one last nibble,
like a baby's mouth searching for the withdrawn nipple of its mother's

Victoria got shakily to her feet and slid her cum-soaked panties back
over her still-throbbing vaginal mound, wincing a little as the
material slipped once again between the sensitively swollen cuntal
lips. She turned quickly back toward the building entrance, smoothing
her sweater and brassiere back down into place as she walked. What she
would do, she thought, was take a quick turn around the building to get
her breathing under control and then come back to the room again,
making as much noise as possible this time. Some little spark of venom
inside her prompted her to break up the illicit love-making going on
inside the room - her room as well as Penny's. And perhaps the thought
of that grinning ape, Jimmy Philips, making love to her roommate in her
room - and, horrible thought, maybe even on her bed, was enough to make
the young blonde finish her walk quickly and head straight back to the
dorm. All the time, though, the self-righteous teenager knew that there
was a secret core of jealousy to her emotions, jealousy not of Jimmy,
but of the fact that she had to satisfy herself with her own hands
while her sexually precocious roommate practically rolled in boys.

Chapter 3

The next morning found Victoria once again out walking, by herself this
time. Although the day was just as beautiful as the one before, the
young coed walked with her head down, her beautiful blonde hair falling
forward so that it half-hid her troubled face. Clearly Victoria was
worried. Perhaps in another ten years she might look back on her
present problems as almost humorously trivial, but now they loomed
before her like a granite mountain.

Of course, the main problem was sex, or the fear-filled anticipation of
it. What should she do? What could she do? Like so many other young
virgins, Victoria had heard from the time she was a little girl that
someday some man was going to do something to her. Something so awe-
inspiring and important that at first it could only be hinted at. Over
the years a kind of instinctual dread mixed with breathless
anticipation had built up in the growing girl's mind, so that now, even
though her peer group and various sex-education courses had informed
her beyond a doubt of what was going to happen, there was still an
inbred aura of mystery and fear about the prospect of her first sexual
encounter with a male.

What Victoria had ended up with was a classic case of expectations
exceeding the offered realities. The panting fumblings of her teenage
male classmates had been miles and miles from the expected earth-
shattering revelations on the road past virginity. Although Victoria
had many times before become sexually aroused as some young student ran
his trembling hands over her ripely budding body, the mere sight of the
starving-animal look on his face had been enough to make the sickened
girl pull disgustedly away. Eventually she had gained a reputation for

In itself the problem would have been bad enough, but living with Penny
had made it almost unbearable. Time after time Victoria had had sex
waved in her face as her roommate brought home droves of young men. On
several occasions Victoria had to leave the room she shared with her
dark-haired classmate, knowing it was that or sit by a knuckle-chewing
frustration while Penny proceeded to make love to her young man of the
moment, not even seeming to care that there was someone else watching.

Victoria's answer to this unwanted vicarious sexual stimulation had
been to take refuge more and more often in lonely and secret
masturbation, and this was beginning to bother her now. The young
blonde was not a particularly guilt-ridden person, and for her,
masturbation had begun as a fairly innocent exploration of her
developing young body but then slowly developed into a needed and
pleasureful release of the tensions that normally accumulate in healthy
girls. Even so, she could not help but pick up some of the feelings of
guilt that society hung on her forbidden act, and so Victoria had
compromised in the past by very seldom relieving her frustration with
her own fingers, only in times of the greatest sexual stress, or once
in a while as a kind of reward for virtuous activity.

And that was the core of her worry today. Living with Penny made it
almost impossible to think of anything but sex and Victoria had been
resorting more and more frequently to her emotional pressure-release
until her genitals were practically aching from the constant invasion
of her thrusting fingers. Right or wrong, something told the confused
young girl that this was an undesirable situation and she just didn't
know what to do about it. On the one hand she could allow things to
continue as they were, but her continual nervousness was already
beginning to affect her schoolwork. Or she could take the plunge and
let some eager young man seduce her. Even as this thought entered
Victoria's young mind it was accompanied by a bolt of unreasoning fear,
and she doubted that she would be able to go through with it. How did
Penny and other girls like her do it? The young blonde wondered, and
asked herself for the thousandth time if maybe there was something
wrong with her that kept her from reacting naturally with boys.

With a bitter little chuckle, Victoria let herself think what a
ridiculous turnabout had occurred in just one generation. When her
mother had been her age it was assumed that all girls but a lost few
were virgins when they married. But how different now! It was
practically a badge of shame to still be a virgin at eighteen, almost
like admitting to some kind of mental or physical defect. And the worst
part was that something deep inside Victoria wanted so badly to be made
love to, but couldn't find the right conditions to just let it happen.
If society was going to change in this direction, the unhappy young
girl thought bitterly, it had better develop some institutions to help
out people like her who were only willing to take half-way steps.
Perhaps there could be a ritual deflowering of young maidens followed
by a State School of Fornication Arts. Anything would be better than
being made to feel guilty about being a virgin and then punished by the
scornful talk of the bragging young bucks who seduced you. The whole
system now was so ... haphazard, the grim-faced young girl thought to
herself. Someday, for better or worse, it would happen to her and she
hoped it would leave her with better feelings than some of the
disillusioned girls she met. That was one of the truly outstanding
things about Penny, Victoria mused. She was so absolutely,
unreservedly, unguiltily involved in sex, with the same lack of self-
consciousness of a puppy chasing a ball.

Since she had been walking with her gaze absentmindedly fixed on the
ground in front of her, Victoria hadn't realized she was approaching
Ben Wright and his dog Prince, who were standing together on the top of
a small hill. The young blonde would have been amazed if she could have
known the thoughts that were steaming and bubbling in her older male
friend's mind. Ben had spotted the aimlessly strolling Victoria several
minutes ago, and as she approached, the big hulking wreck of a man had
kept up a running conversation with the politely listening dog,
speaking in an overdone lecture-hall voice.

"Christ, Prince, God must be punishing me for some terrible sin I can't
even remember. Something dark and horrible my mind has blotted from
memory. Something worse than murder, or incest, or not paying my taxes.
Why else would he have put me here in this beautiful place, surrounded
by lovely little pussies that I'm forbidden to touch, tortured by
constant unobtainable temptation?"

Prince looked up intently at his beloved master, not understanding his
words, of course, but sensing he was being included in the man's
deepest musings.

"Take that little doll that's coming up the path," Ben continued in a
doleful tone. "Little Victoria, with those big blue eyes and that
blonde hair and those fantastic tits. How is a man to keep his sanity
while he's talking to her? I ask you, Prince," Ben said in mock
gravity, continuing in the pompous tone of his old poetry-reading days,
"what keeps me from ripping the clothes right off her and taking the
precious jewel of her virginity for my own? And she must be a virgin.
Any girl that nervous has to be a virgin, the signs of it stick out all
over her. In my day, Prince, in my best days, I wouldn't have wasted a
moment in liberating her libido." With a heavy hand, he reached down to
pat the head of his faithful animal companion and the big dog responded
by licking his master's palm.

Prince too had seen Victoria coming and his tail began to wag, because
he liked the young girl and often curled up next to her on those
occasions when she sat talking to his master, seated cross-legged on
the grass with the ease only a young girl can master. Little did the
faithful animal know what agonies those talks caused Ben, particularly
when Victoria was wearing a pair of brief shorts that would pull tight
over her flat-stretched pubic mound and suck up between her legs as she
sat. One time Ben had even been able to see a silky wisp of soft blonde
pubic hair peeking around the edge of her maddeningly narrow crotch

Ben's reputation had not been unknown to the authorities of the college
when they were considering him for the post of watchman. When the
decision had finally been made to hire him, one of the foremost
conditions had been to extract a solemn promise from Ben not to become
involved in any questionable behavior with the young coeds on campus.
At the time, this had seemed like a joke to Ben. He couldn't imagine
any young girl becoming interested in a broken-down old man like
himself, but then the friendship had started with Victoria and the
sight and smell of her and the soft gentle sound of her voice had
brought back sweet memories of the past when he had spent night after
glorious night with a seemingly endless stream of just such lovely
young creatures.

Well, that stream had dried up, Ben thought to himself, first to a
trickle and then fading away completely to a dry channel lined with the
bleached rocks of hopeless memories. Once in a while Ben took some of
his meager salary and went into town to rent a prostitute for the
night, but with the little money he had, he didn't get much back in
return. Besides, his mind had stayed stuck on the young ones ever since
the days of his greatest glory when they had all been his for the
asking. If it hadn't been for the company of his dog, Ben thought he
would probably have cracked up long ago. His dog and the whiskey, his
faithful life-long companions.

Whiskey had been his downfall and now it was a part of his salvation,
the big man thought to himself. He had long ago brought his drinking
under control so that he now only drank on his own time. And never
enough to turn him into the shambling, swearing, sloppy mess he had
once been, but only an amount sufficient to deaden his mind and his
senses to the point where he didn't care what happened. He had
scheduled for tonight another of his regular binges and it looked like
he might need it because he was always depressed after he talked to
Victoria, his unobtainable dream. And sure enough, here she came in his

Victoria had finally looked up from her reverie and spotted her two
male friends, the one human, the other canine, and headed instinctively
toward them. It always made her feel good to talk to Mr. Wright, even
if he often did seem a little strange. Sometimes Victoria wondered why
the man seldom looked straight at her while they were talking but
always seemed to be staring at his fingernails, or the sky, or his dog.

"Hi, Mr. Wright," Victoria said in that clear soft voice that sent
chills up and down Ben's spine whenever he heard it. "Hi, Prince," and
the young girl gave a delighted little laugh as the big dog ran eagerly
to her and jumped up with his feet on her shoulders to lick her face.

"Down, Prince!" Ben ordered. "You're going to get mud all over
Victoria's sweater." But what really bothered the middle-aged man was
the way Prince and the girl were romping together, Victoria's playful
motions causing her full, taut breasts to jump and sway excitingly
inside her thin white sweater.

Oh Christ, Ben thought to himself, she's not wearing a bra! The playful
scratching of Prince's paws across the nubile young girl's lush breasts
had caused her nipples to harden slightly and the sharp little tips
stood out clearly through the flimsy synthetic material. For a moment
Ben even thought he could see the darker shading of the areolas through
the soft white wool. If there was one thing that had turned Ben against
Women's Liberation, it was the no-bra movement. God, it was just too
cruel a torture to let all that hang loose in front of a horny old man
like himself.

Finally Victoria collapsed in a laughing heap on the grass and Prince
sank down next to her, his long pink tongue lolling loosely from
between his powerful jaws.

"Well, watcha been up to lately?" Ben asked to make conversation.

"Oh, nothing much," his young friend answered vaguely. A slight cloud
seemed to come over her beautiful face and then she asked abruptly.
"Mr. Wright, do you ever get lonely here?"

The question floored Ben for a moment and he almost began to laugh.
Lonely? God, if she only knew.

"Oh, maybe a little," he lied. "But then, I've always got Prince, and
he's the best company in the world. Next to you, of course," he
gallantly added.

"You don't have to say that, Mr. Wright," the young blonde answered
with a pleased smile. "I think I'd be about the happiest person in the
world if I had Prince."

The big dog looked quizzically at both of his human companions as he
heard them say his name. He was very content at the moment, being in
the company of the two persons he loved most.

"Well, I don't know about that," Ben replied, scratching his head as if
he were doubtful about the dog. "He can be a lot of trouble. Eats a lot
of food, more than I do, and he stays out to all hours chasing after
lady dogs. Sometimes I think he's a bad influence on my morals."

"Sounds like me and my roommate," Victoria said grimly.

"You mean you're a bad influence on her morals?" Ben asked, feigning

"Oh, no," the young girl said in alarm and then saw that Ben was
kidding her. She and her old friend often played little word games with
each other and Victoria found as usual that it was making her feel

"Never mind," she amended. "I'm just an old wallflower making jealous

"The only things you should be jealous of are the sun and the moon,"
Ben said with continued gallantry, but he began to get an inkling of
what it must be that was bothering the girl. She certainly had seemed
preoccupied and depressed when he'd first seen her walking. Ben had met
her roommate Penny before, and his long years of experience helped him
to recognize the sheer sensual drive in the dark-haired young beauty.
Even though Ben preferred the gentle young blonde sitting before him,
he had to admit that her roommate was the sexiest girl on campus. From
what he had seen on some of his night rounds, the old watchman
suspected that the sultry young temptress knew what every little part
of her body was for. Once she had looked him full in the eye, one of
the most challenging, sexual looks that Ben had ever experienced and he
had thought his cock was going to explode right through his trousers.
What a temptation it had been to proposition the girl, but the stern
warning he had received from the Trustees when he took this job made
him cautious. As a young instructor he'd long ago learned about the
unbalanced young girls that led a man on and then cried rape when you
took them up on their invitation. Ben doubted that Penny was one of
these warped oddballs, but he just didn't want to take the chance. Ben
wondered what it must be like for a seemingly innocent girl like
Victoria to live with Penny. Maybe it was time to change the subject-
for both of them.

"Say, Miss Victoria, I wonder if you could do me a favor? I have to go
into town tonight on some ... business and I wonder if you could kind
of look after Prince for me? You're the only person I'd think of

"Why, I'd really like that, Mr. Wright," the delighted coed said, a
smile of real pleasure coming over her face.

"Great. That takes a load off my mind. What time do you usually get
back from the dining hall?"

"Oh, about nine."

"Could I bring him over to your place around nine-thirty then?"

"Sure," Victoria said excitedly, "just come around to the back and
knock on the sliding glass doors." After a few more bits of
conversations the now happily smiling girl skipped off across the
grass, a happy anticipation coursing through her as if an old friend
were coming to visit. Ben stood watching as she disappeared in the
distance, muttering all the while half under his breath.

"Christ, Prince, look at that tight little ass move. There ought to be
a law. There really ought to be a law." And with a sigh the big man
turned away, heading for his lonely room, Prince following faithfully
at his heels.

Chapter 4

Lying back contentedly on her bed after dinner, Victoria only half-
listened to Penny's constant stream of conversation. The young blonde
was really looking forward to the hour when Ben would bring Prince by.
Sometimes she felt that there was some special bond between her and the
dog, as if they were secret star-crossed lovers and by some evil plot
Prince had been changed into an animal by a wicked witch. The blonde
coed had always loved animals, particularly dogs, but the students were
not allowed to have pets on campus. What a treat it would be to have
Prince to herself for the whole night, almost as if he were hers.

But beyond her normal love for animals, Victoria found some special
quality about Prince that endeared the big animal to her. Maybe it was
his eyes, she thought pensively. When he looked at her she sometimes
felt as if he were another person, there was such a calm intelligence
mirrored there. Another factor was simply that he was very beautiful,
with perfect markings and a powerful yet graceful body. The animal gave
off an aura of pride and strength and virility that the young girl had
so often found sadly lacking in her male schoolmates.

"... And don't you think so?" Penny was saying.

"Hmmmmm, what?" Victoria responded absently.

"Victoria Bennett," Penny said severely, her hands on her hips, "if you
don't want to listen to what I'm saying, just let me know, and I'll
save myself the trouble of talking."

"That would be like trying to turn off Niagara Falls," the young blonde
said teasingly, then instantly repented as she saw the hurt look on her
roommate's face.

"I'm sorry, Penny," she said warmly. "I guess I was just being selfish,
but I really do want to hear what you were saying. Can't you tell me

Penny looked at her blonde friend with a pleased if slightly suspicious
smile, not quite sure yet if the other girl were still kidding her. But
unable to contain her normal talkativeness, she started back into her

"I was telling you about that handsome guy I met in town, you know, the
one who works at the hamburger stand. He offered to take me out tonight
and I'm going to go. The word on the grapevine is that old Ben Wright
is going into town on his weekly bender, so I'm going to sneak out, for
all night, I hope.

Victoria muttered something reassuring in reply, annoyed a little by
the way Penny had referred to her friend Ben. But Penny noticed nothing
and rattled on about her new male find.

"Boy, if that guy is as strong between the legs as the rest of him
seems to be, little Penny should be waddling home with a permanent case
of bow-legs. What muscles! What a face!" The slim, dark-haired girl
sighed while she finished undressing, throwing her jeans onto the
grubby pile of discarded clothes that was jammed between her bed and
the wall. To her own surprise, Victoria found herself unable to pull
her gaze away from her friend's beautiful, half-naked body. Penny was
standing in the center of the room, wearing only a pair of plain white
bikini panties. With a strange unfamiliar fascination, Victoria found
her eyes running lingeringly over the sleek smooth hollows and curves
poised so unselfconsciously before her. Odd that we could have lived
together all these months and I never ready noticed how beautiful Penny
is, Victoria mused, her gaze settling on her friend's beautiful white
breasts. They were wide-set and tapered to pointed pink-tipped nipples,
yet so firm and solidly anchored that they did not droop at all despite
their size, but jutted forward proudly.

Except for her large breasts, the rest of Penny's body was slender and
sinuous, but not thin. With each graceful motion the smooth muscles
rippled sleekly under her velvety skin, causing a constantly changing
pattern of lights and shades to shift over her sensuous form. It was a
moment before Victoria found herself wondering what it must be like to
have one's hands on that lovely body, to feel it writhing helplessly in
abandoned passion. With a little inward shudder of horror, Victoria
made herself stop thinking about such a forbidden subject, but still
she could not take her eyes from the enchanting spectacle before her.

"Maybe I'd better put on some sexy panties," Penny said thoughtfully.
"Just for insurance." Without hesitation, almost as if she were
completely alone, the dark-haired girl hooked her thumbs in the elastic
waistband of the panties she was wearing and drew them swiftly down and
off her legs, unaware that her roommate was automatically holding her
breath as Penny straightened up again with slightly-parted legs, giving
her friend a brief glimpse of the slender pink ribbon of cuntal flesh
winking through the dark curls that so enchantingly covered her vaginal

Victoria was unable to trust her breath again until Penny had turned
away. What was the matter with her? she thought in rising panic. Ever
since that time last night when she had heard Penny making love to
Jimmy Philips, the strangest thoughts had been going through her mind.
She wondered if she were becoming a lesbian and that was why she had so
much trouble with boys. Then Penny bent over to search through a drawer
for another pair of panties and once again her enchanted roommate could
not help the feeling of rising panic in her as the darker girl's
smoothly rounded buttocks were presented to her in their full
sculptured beauty. It was with relief that Victoria finally saw her
friend begin dressing, and in a matter of minutes the ordeal was nearly
over, with Penny fully covered, if you could call it that. She had on
the briefest miniskirt that the young blonde had ever seen. This new
boy friend would certainly have a chance to appreciate Penny's panties
whether he wanted to or not!

"Well, cheerio. Off to the hunt and all that," Penny gaily said and let
herself out through the front door. Victoria genuinely hoped that she
would be successful with her young hero, especially if it would keep
her out all night. The young blonde wanted a chance to sort out her
thoughts before she had to face anyone again. It felt almost as if
there were something in her that was looking for a direction to burst
out in, some relentless pressure that demanded action. But what? It was
such an unspecific feeling ... so hauntingly vague.

Victoria's somber thoughts were abruptly ended by the sound of
scratching on the sliding glass door just a few feet from where she was
lying, accompanied by a low insistent whining. With a little cry of joy
the young blonde jumped up from her bed and moved quickly to the door,
sliding it open without hesitation. Sure enough, there stood Ben and

"Thought I'd let Prince do the knocking," seeing that he's the one
who's coming to stay with you," Ben said huskily. Victoria noticed
immediately that her friend's speech was a little thick and that there
was a strong smell of whiskey about him, and she felt nervous for a
moment. But Prince didn't give her a chance to let her imagination get
the best of her, as he came bounding into the room, running here and
there, thrusting his nose into comers and familiarizing himself with
the place in the ways that matter to a dog. Finally satisfied, the big
animal lay down contentedly on the carpet and looked up questioningly
at his two human friends.

"That's right, Prince, you're going to stay here the night," Ben said
reassuringly. "You take care of Miss Victoria and I'm sure she'll take
care of you."

Weaving a little, Ben looked down to where Victoria had joined his pet
on the floor. Once again the young blonde was sitting in her customary
cross-legged posture and the half-drunk older man groaned inwardly as
he saw the way her tight jeans plastered themselves like a second skin
to her lovely young body. It was almost as if she were naked, Ben
thought to himself. The jeans were old and worn thin, and the blue
material clearly outlined the twin bulges of her cuntal lips, held
invitingly open by her cross-legged posture. Time to get out of here,
old man, Ben thought to himself. Time to split, before you lose control
and fall on your hands and knees before that innocently seductive
little beauty and ram your head between those tender young thighs and
fuck her sweet little cunt with your tongue. The thoughts were too much
for the tortured man and he backed hastily towards the door.

"Well, so long, you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," he said in a
kind of frantic jovialness. He almost tripped over the low metal sill
as he stepped backwards through the doors and slid them almost shut,
leaving just enough space for Victoria to hear him mutter, "Lucky
bastard dog." And then he was gone, a lonely hulking figure heading
towards another night of desperate alcoholic forgetfulness among people
he despised but needed.

"Well!" Victoria said with a little sigh. Never having seen Ben quite
this way before, she was a little upset, but quickly passed it off to
the whiskey her friend had obviously been drinking. Everyone on campus
knew that Ben drank, but few had ever seen him really drunk. With good-
natured tolerance the young student passed the whole thing off as
another one of those inexplicable bits of adult behavior, and then
turned her whole attention to her canine companion for the night.

"Since you're my guest, Prince, I suppose I should offer to entertain
you," Victoria said with pretended gravity. "Would you like to play
cards? Or perhaps you'd care for a cup of tea? Do you take milk and
sugar?" Then giggling girlishly, the happy girl put her arms around the
animal's powerful neck and pushed her warm pink young nose up against
his moist black one. Immediately Prince's long pink tongue shot out and
licked the girl on the face, making her giggle again. On impulse, the
young blonde stuck out her own tongue and tried to lick the dog, but
their tongues met in mid air and caressed for a moment. Victoria
thought of it as funny for a second but then became aware that it felt
good, very good-too good in a weird sort of way --- so with a little
shiver she quickly pulled her tongue back in, a strange look coming
over her face.

The big dog looked up at his young human friend, a little puzzled,
wondering why she had pulled back so hastily from him. But getting to
her feet, Victoria went to her desk and pulled out a small package of
dog candy she had brought this afternoon just for tonight. With
slightly trembling hands the young coed tore open the package and
poured out several pieces for her delighted animal companion, laughing
as Prince nosed eagerly through the little mound of candies, searching
for his favorites.

In a moment both dog and girl were back to the lighthearted mood of a
few moments before. Victoria was tossing pieces of candy into the air
for Prince to catch, trying to race him to the pieces he dropped.
Eventually both became tired and sat quietly watching one another, the
dog sitting on his haunches and Victoria leaning back on her bed
propped up on her elbows.

For the thousandth time the blonde girl found herself thinking how
truly beautiful and handsome Prince was. Not just handsome in an animal
way but also in a virile, male way. Some inclination of the
universality of sexual attraction began to seep through into the young
woman's mind and this time she let it linger there, not letting herself
be afraid. She knew now if she met someone, some man she could trust a
little the way she trusted Prince, then there would be no problem with
sex. The trouble was that she trusted Prince precisely because he was a
dog and didn't have the inbred human ability to trick and to deceive -
the mental agility to use others for his own ends. Too bad humans and
dogs weren't interchangeable as lovers, Victoria mused, and then
laughed to herself a little nervously at the thought.

"Oh, Prince, just be glad that you're a dog and don't have a nutty
human brain that imagines all kinds of problems," Victoria sighed.
Suspecting that it was just general tiredness that was making her so
introspective the young girl stood up and stretched languorously.

"Time for bed, I think," she said to the dog as he got to his feet,
thinking she wanted to play again. "Now let's see, where am I going to
put you?" Victoria mused more to herself than to the dog. "Maybe Penny
wouldn't like it if I let you sleep on her bed, and it wouldn't be
hospitable to let you sleep on the floor, so ..." and a mischievous
little grin flickered over the girl's beautiful features, "so why don't
you sleep up here with me? Oh, I know it'll be a little cramped, but
it'll be nice and warm and friendly too."

Victoria began to get ready for bed, pulling off the white sweater that
still had Prince's paw-prints on it from earlier in the day. As Ben had
noticed then, the blonde young student was wearing no brassiere and her
high firm breasts stretched even more taut and proud as she reached her
arms up to pull the sweater over her head. The rough-knit material
caused her nipples to harden involuntarily as it scraped over them and
a little rash of goose-flesh spread over the girl's skin from the
unexpected sensation.

Wearing only her jeans now, Victoria walked over to the wash basin and
noisily washed her face before groping blindly for the towel.

"That's another thing, Prince," Victoria spluttered. "You never have to
wash your face or hands. Life must be easy for a dog." Walking over to
the closet next, the rosy-cheeked girl began to peel her tight jeans
down her legs, almost losing her balance once before she was able to
kick free of them. Unlike her roommate, she carefully hung the jeans in
her closet and then stood a moment in indecision. Should she put on her
nightgown or not? Maybe not, she finally decided. If Prince was going
to sleep on her bed it might be too warm. So, wearing nothing now but
her tiny bikini panties, the young blonde virgin walked over to the bed
and sat on the edge.

"Okay, buddy, you sleep next to the wall," she said to the dog and
patted the bed for him to jump up. This was quite confusing to the
animal since his master never let him get on beds and he looked up at
the girl with a questioning but adoring expression. Some strange
emotion was starting to form inside the dog's great heart. He had never
seen a naked or semi-naked human female before, and there was something
oddly exciting to Prince about the subtle symphony of pink and cream-
white flesh before him. He loved the girl and now the nearness of her
plus the intoxicating warmth and smell of her velvety flesh caused him
to automatically nuzzle in closer to her, forcing his heavy body
between her slightly open thighs.

"Why, Prince," Victoria asked in surprise. "What's the matter, don't
you want to sleep with me?" And then the startled young virgin jerked
back in surprise and shock as the dog's long pink tongue shot out and
licked her nakedly exposed left breast.

"Uuuuuuhhhnnn," the stunned girl said in involuntary reaction as the
hot rough tongue scraped over her already erect nipples, sending a jolt
of raw pleasure all through her body. Victoria squirmed backward trying
to escape the insistently nuzzling dog until she was half-lying, half-
sitting, propped up against the wall next to the bed. Although the most
sensible thing would have been to reach down and force the dog's head
away from her nakedly tingling breasts, somehow the young virgin's arms
seemed paralyzed, unable to move up the short distance necessary to
protect herself from the affectionate animal's lingual caresses.

"Oh, no, no, Prince," the confused young woman kept repeating
ineffectually as the big animal continued to lick and slaver at her
exposed breasts, moving impartially from one to the other.

Despite her best intentions, Victoria felt a delicious and sensuous
warmth begin to steal over her tingling young body, rippling over her
flesh in electric waves with each further swipe of Prince's long hot
tongue. A dreamy, vacant look came over the blonde student's face, and
for a moment her lovely half-naked body held completely still. Then
finally she permitted the exquisite sensations from the dog's licking
of her firm, trembling young breasts to pour over her in uninterrupted
waves of pure sensual bliss. Then and only then did her hands steal
slowly up from her sides, but instead of pushing the dog away, they
trailed lovingly over the big animal's powerful head and finally
settled firmly behind his ears, actually pulling the furiously licking
animal's muzzle tighter against her now palpitating breasts.

"Oh, Prince, oh, Prince," the gasping young virgin moaned out again and
again, talking in disjointed, confused sentences to the unheeding
animal. "We shouldn't be ... it's ... oh God, Prince, your tongue, your
lovely tongue!"

As soon as the girl had stopped fighting the dog's advance, her legs
fell loosely open so that the strong hairy animal body crowded in even
closer to her, that massive head able to raise up higher from time to
time to bestow a sensual kiss on her half-parted lips. Little by little
the crooning girl became aware that Prince's powerful chest was
pressing hard against her partially opened pussy slit, and that each
time he stretched forward to lick, the movement of the dog's body
against this most sensitive part of her body added thrillingly to the
wild sensations already flowing down from her naked wet breasts.

Becoming more and more aroused with each passing second, Victoria could
feel the hot wet juices of her passion building up in her hopefully
expectant vagina and she pressed her clitoris tightly against the dog's
furry chest, automatically opening her legs wide at the same time.

What had begun for the dog as simple friendly affection, expressed in
the only way he knew, was now assuming different and confusing
proportions. It was hardly likely that the sensitive animal would fail
to pick up his young human friend's rising excitement. And more than
that, the musky stimulating odor of Victoria's advanced sexual arousal
was building just under the animal's thrusting muzzle, causing a
familiar tightness to start forming deep up inside his own hairy loins.
To Victoria's great disappointment, Prince abruptly stopped his
powerful licking of her wildly tingling breasts, and for a moment the
panting girl thought the beautiful animal had lost interest. But then
the huge feral head dropped down between her thighs and began to sniff
inquisitively at the trembling widespread loins from which that strange
but exciting odor was coming.

Victoria watched in fascination as that cool black nose slid ever
further in toward her seeping cunt and a lewd and forbidden idea began
to form in her sex-fevered mind. Would he ... if she encouraged him?
Would he ... lick her down there, just as he had licked her breasts?
Even though she knew how wrong it was, how sinful, the desperately
aroused young virgin could not deny to herself how much she wanted her
animal friend to drive his pointed muzzle deep up between her trembling
thighs and give her the kind of pleasure that her own fingers had never
been able to provide.

"C-Come on, Prince," the girl called out in a shaking voice. "Do it!
Lick me, lick me there! Lick my pussy!" And with that, Victoria slowly
pulled aside the moisture-soaked crotch band of her white nylon
panties, baring to the animal's eager gaze the gleaming wet furrow of
her expectantly waiting little cunt.

"Come on, baby, do it for me! Please, oh please," the hopelessly
impassioned girl begged. She lay there spread-legged on the bed,
holding her panties away from her cunt with her fingers, knowing that
she was about to embark on an unforgivable act, an act so lewd and
perverted there could never be any forgiveness for it. Her imploring
blue eyes met the soft brown ones of the dog, and for a moment the
pleading girl thought that Prince was not going to do it, but then ...

The long hot tongue snaked out once again, stabbing deep up between the
waiting girl's quivering thighs, mercilessly splaying aside the gold-
fringed cuntal lips, sliding up over the wetly flowering vaginal
opening and then digging like a fiery knife into the tiny pink button
of Victoria's clitoris.

"Aaaaahhh," the half-naked girl moaned in helpless submission before
that burning, pleasure-giving tongue. Her back automatically arched to
thrust her steaming genitals up toward the dog and the back of her head
banged against the wall. For long moments the pleasure-wracked girl
held herself rigid in that position, her lovely, eager young body
curved like a drawn bow, her firm, full, saliva-covered breasts thrust
out high and trembling in front of her, her softly flexing thighs
spreading farther and farther apart in a mindless attempt to open her
body to the maximum, begging for Prince's darting tongue to drive deep,
deep up inside her. And it did, again and again and again. Prince
ardently stroked his hot wet tongue up into that glistening pink cuntal
slit, his own loins beginning to burn now as the odor of Victoria's
rising female passion flooded directly into his senses.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, darling," Victoria moaned over and over again, her
hips now starting a slow revolving motion up against the slaving dog's
furiously licking tongue. With one hand the blonde girl continued to
lewdly hold aside the crotch band of her panties while the other was
now pinching and rolling the nipples of the breasts that Prince had

"God, God, keep licking ... licking. It feels so good. I-I'm going to
cum in just a minute ... faster, faster, darling ... aaaahhh, God,
don't ever stop ... oohhh ... oohhh ... oohhh ..."

The helplessly inflamed coed's mindless ravings fell into a kind of
delirious chant, keeping time to the dog's continuous Ravings of her
desire-moistened cunt, and this was the sound that Penny, her roommate,
heard as she stood in amazed wonder outside the door to their room. For
a moment Penny thought she must have come home to the wrong room but
then she recognized Victoria's voice.

My God, she's got a man in there! Penny thought incredulously.
Someone's making love to Victoria Bennett, Prude of the Year!

Penny's first reaction was a little mindless giggle of surprise, but
then a cold calculating expression came over her face. Victoria had
broken in on her the other night just when Jimmy Philips was about to
give her the fucking he had worked her up to. Well, two could play that
game, Penny thought, and she reached up to open the door, but found it
locked. After a moment's hesitation, the young avenger began to knock
loudly, cursing her habitual carelessness which had made her forget her
key. How she would like to have walked in unannounced!

It was long moments before the panting and moaning Victoria became
aware of the insistent hammering at the door, but even then her
inflamed senses pushed it into the background. She was so close, so
close to her orgasm that nothing else mattered in the world. Her
parents, the dean, anyone could have burst in the room at that moment
and the helplessly impassioned girl would have been unable to stop the
desperate search for gratification that was building to a head deep up
inside her seething belly. Just another few seconds and it would be
here ... Victoria gritted her teeth and almost stopped breathing as she
felt herself teetering on the edge of the greatest physical and mental
gratification she had ever known ... and then Prince backed away,
alarmed by the racket that Penny was making.

"Oh, no, no," Victoria desperately gasped, trying to reach out and draw
the animal's head back between her lewdly spread thighs, but Prince
easily dodged her clutching fingers and moved quickly to the other side
of the room.

"Damn, damn, damn," Victoria sobbed out, knowing there was nothing more
she could do to call the alarmed animal back to her. Quickly pulling
her panties back over her swollen pink cuntal flesh, the frustrated
young woman staggered to her feet and snatched her nightgown from the
nearby closet, settling it quickly over her body. She moved toward the
door, recognizing her roommate's voice as she demanded to be let in.
With an angry contemptuous motion, Victoria threw the lock back and
twisted the door handle, letting it open by itself under the pressure
of Penny's knocking.

As soon as the door gave before her, Penny surged triumphantly into the
room, bursting with curiosity to know who it was that had turned her
prim roommate into such an animal.

"Well, it's really something when a person can't get inside her own
room," she began, but stopped dead when she saw no one there but
Victoria and Ben Wright's German shepherd.

"Why, I-I thought there was somebody else in here with you ..." she
began lamely.

"There is," Victoria said icily. "Prince." And she pointed towards the
big animal as he stayed prudently back in the far corner. Penny's first
reaction was to think that whoever it had been must have left through
the sliding glass doors, but she saw that was impossible. Some books
and records were propped against the glass, moved there by Victoria
while she had been playing with Prince and it was clear that the doors
couldn't have been slid back without removing them.

"I-I'm sure I heard somebody," Penny insisted, looking around
suspiciously and fighting down an impulse to look under the beds.

"Well, you're wrong," Victoria retorted and then tried to change the
subject. "What are you doing home, anyhow? I thought you were going to
spend the night locked in the arms of your muscle-bound hero?"

Penny couldn't help making a wry face. "He's muscle-bound all right,
but mostly between the ears. He took me to a soda shop and told me all
about his exploits as a football hero. And then at ten o'clock he said
he had to be home so he could get plenty of sleep. By then I was so
bored that I wouldn't have cared if he promised I could sleep with the
whole football team! So here I am, unloved and unlaid."

While she was talking, Penny took a closer look at her friend and knew
she hadn't been imagining the sounds she had heard. Victoria had been
up to something all right. It showed in the hot flush that bloomed on
her cheeks and her breathing was still ragged and forced. On top of
that, the dark haired Penny distinctly detected the odor of hotly
aroused female flesh. But where the hell was the male who had got her
that way? Penny wondered. It was clear there was no one here but Prince
... and then the horrible suspicion came to the supposedly unshockable
young sexual prodigy.

No! It just wasn't possible! Penny would have believed the earth was
flat before she would accept the suspicion that her prudish roommate
could ever ... No, not with a dog, not ever, and the stunned young
woman sank down slowly to sit on the edge of her bed. She looked up
once to catch Victoria's eye, but the blonde looked away. Then Penny
tried to catch Prince's eye, but he looked away too.

Impossible! Impossible!

Chapter 5

It was a long night for Victoria. Drifting in and out of a troubled
sleep, always at least half-aware of Prince's heavy warm body stretched
out beside her on the bed, the young girl waited only for the morning
when Penny would have to go to an early class and then she would be
alone with her thoughts ... and with the beautiful German shepherd.

Finally the harsh sound of Penny's alarm clock shattered the morning
quiet. As usual, Penny let the alarm ring until it had run down, then
groaning, she got grumpily out of bed to face another day. To her, the
days were long interludes to get through as best as possible, waiting
for the nights, for she was a true night person.

Victoria too got out of bed, preferring to be active, wanting the time
to pass as quickly as possible until her roommate left. Prince remained
lying on the bed for awhile, luxuriating in the unusual privileges he
was enjoying here with his young human friend. The big animal watched
with a heightened curiosity as the two girls dressed before him,
remembering the strange stimulation that had taken charge of him the
night before as he had licked and nuzzled at the intoxicating crevice
between the blonde girl's soft white thighs. Always an affectionate
animal, Prince now found new reasons to want to be near these young
females, who felt and smelled so different from his master.

It wasn't long before Victoria sensed the animal's eyes on her and she
found to her amazement that she was blushing. The young coed had
purposely kept the events of last night as much out of her thoughts as
possible, preferring to be alone before she let herself analyze what it
was that had driven her to that incredible act of bestiality the night
before. But now, with Prince's large brown eyes fixed longingly on her,
the confused blonde was suddenly overwhelmed by the memories of the
exquisite sensations that had seized control of her helplessly writhing
body as Prince's long hot tongue had licked her into panting
submission. Despite the years of social training that told her how
wrong it had all been, Victoria had to admit to herself that it would
be wonderful to once again know the almost unbearable erotic delights
she had experienced with Prince. Maybe when Penny had gone to class ...
Victoria looked up to see that her friend and roommate was almost
dressed now, and perhaps in another few minutes she would be gone.
Perhaps then Prince could finish what he had started the night before

The forbidden nature of her thoughts made Victoria automatically feel
guilty so that she imagined Penny was staring at her, maybe even
reading her shameful thoughts, and there was some justification in
this. Being an intelligent and observant girl, Penny had been watching
her blonde friend with ever-growing curiosity and suspicion, divining
from her nervous and guilty manner that something strange indeed had
been going on in this very room last night. Wanting to escape her
roommate's curious stare, Victoria quickly pulled on her clothes and
left the room, walking down the hall towards the large communal
bathroom shared by all the girls living on the floor.

Victoria took longer than usual washing her face that morning, hoping
that Penny would be gone when she got back to the room so that she
could be alone with the dog to decide once and for all whether or not
she would once again abandon herself to the deliciously sinful
stimulation of the night before.

Finally the young girl walked slowly back to the room, and opening the
door, she was disappointed to see that Penny was still there. But then,
to Victoria's horror she saw that Penny was alone. Prince was nowhere
in sight and the back sliding glass doors were half open.

"Wh-Where's Prince?" Victoria asked in breathless shock.

"Oh, while you were gone old Ben Wright came looking for his dog,"
Penny said. "You just missed them, they left only a couple of minutes

Victoria realized that her face must be showing the shock she was
feeling, a shock that amazed her in its intensity. Yes, she had to
admit to herself now how much she had wanted the dog to again do to her
what he had done last night. But now he was gone ... gone, and the
desperate young woman had no idea when she would be able to see the big
animal alone again. Victoria was dimly aware that Penny was speaking to
her, concern showing on her face.

"What's the matter, honey?" Penny asked, worried, but Victoria didn't
even try to answer, instead bolting for the door, some crazy impulse
inside her demanding that she find Prince as soon as possible. What she
would do when she found him she didn't know, but the young blonde was
beyond all rational thinking now, knowing only an instinctive age-old

"Hey, wait!" Penny cried after her, but then stopped in the doorway,
remembering that these sudden unexplainable flights had been occurring
more and more frequently with her roommate. Why follow her? Penny had
told Victoria time and time again that what she needed was a good fuck,
but the virginal young blonde only became angry, icily suggesting that
it would be a little more seemly if Penny would try to clean up her
speech. Well, the dark-haired young student thought bitterly to
herself, she was getting a little tired of these temper tantrums. Maybe
she had better start thinking of looking for a new roommate, one who
wouldn't make her feel guilty for her thoughts. And with a little
sniff, Penny picked up her books and headed for her first class, angry
now, but familiar enough with her own temperament to know that in a
couple of hours she would have forgotten all about this latest
confrontation with her erratic roommate.

Meanwhile, Victoria was automatically heading for the spot where she
knew Prince and Ben Wright often went in the mornings, the top of a
little hill where they could sit in peace and solitude and look out
over the campus and the ocean beyond, drinking in the beautiful
sunshiny morning.

Sure enough, they were there. Quickening her footsteps, the young
blonde headed for the two masculine figures, one sitting cross-legged
on the ground like some ancient hunter, his canine companion back on
his haunches with his strong beautiful head raised proudly, sampling
the scents borne to him on the morning breeze. Both man and dog turned
as Victoria rushed breathlessly up to them but neither made a sound.
They seemed to be waiting for her to speak, but suddenly Victoria
realized she didn't know what she wanted to say. How could she just
blurt out, "Please, Mr. Wright, may I take your dog home with me and
let him perform shameful acts on my body? Acts that for some reason I
don't seem to be able to do without " Hardly, but that was just what
she wanted.

"Morning," Ben finally said in a thick voice.

"Oh, Mr. Wright," Victoria started, "I-I wonder if ... could I please
...?" but she was cut off by a wave of Ben's big hand as he grimaced in

"Please, child, do you have to shout?" he groaned, and Victoria saw
that the big man must have had a hard night. His face was lined even
more than usual and his eyes glared redly from their deep-sunk sockets,
while his hands kept up a barely perceptible trembling.

"Prince behave himself last night?" Ben asked. Victoria felt paralyzed
with fear for a moment, wondering if by some chance Ben might know what
had happened. But no, that was impossible.

"Wh-Why yes," the young student said haltingly. "It's just that I-I'm
sorry that I wasn't in the room when you got there this morning and
didn't have the chance to thank you ..." Why not ask? the desperate
young woman thought to herself ... "And I wonder, Mr. Wright, Prince
and I were just getting to know one another. Could I maybe ... take him
back with me? Just for the afternoon," she added hastily as she saw a
slight frown come over Ben's ravaged features.

"Well, I dunno," Ben muttered and then seemed to think for a moment.
"But what the hell, I think I'm gonna have to go back to my room and
take a little nap." Then the older man looked sharply up at the blonde
young student. "What you want him for anyhow? You wouldn't want to
seduce my dog away from me, would you now?"

Victoria jumped a little at the word "seduce" and then realized Ben
only meant that he was afraid that the dog might become fonder of her
than of him. What would this man think, Victoria wondered, if he knew
that was just what she wanted to do-seduce his dog? Not for his
affections, but sexually, like some kind of perverted whore. The young
woman almost relented then, some part of her warning that she would be
better off to forget this whole thing and go back to her room alone,
but it was far too late. All her determination had been turned to
finishing what she and Prince had started last night, for curiosity as
well as the pure sexual enjoyment. Yes, she must know what it was like
to be brought to completion by a male, even just a male dog. As far as
that went, maybe it would be better with the dog. At least he wouldn't
force on her crude and unwanted attentions like most of the men she had
met so far in her young life.

It was done, anyhow. Ben was getting to his feet wearily. "Go on,
Prince. Go on back with Miss Victoria while your poor old master goes
home to sleep it off. Christ, what I'd give to be in your shoes-paws."
Ben didn't seem to care that he was getting a little careless in his
speech with Victoria listening. This often happened after a heavy night
of drinking. In fact, he was still a little drunk, all the liquor he
had swilled down last night not yet having had a chance to work through
his system. Why the dog? Ben thought morosely to himself. Why not him,
Ben Wright, lover extraordinaire? Why, these young bitches didn't know
what they were missing. He could still get it up with the best of them,
and when he did, he knew what to do with it, not like this new breed of
bloodless gutless unisex males that lounged and lolled in bored apathy
all over the campus. Ah, hell, the weaving Ben thought to himself, if
he went on thinking this way, the first thing he knew he would shake up
one of these lovely little broads, and then he'd be out on the streets
again. Maybe it was enough to have a warm place to sleep and three
square meals a day. But somewhere deep inside himself, Ben knew that
wasn't enough. No, a man needed more --- pride, affection, acceptance
of his masculinity. Ben knew he was close to blowing it-his job,
everything; maybe reaching out and pinching one of those cute pert
breasts bulging out from that gorgeous little hunk of tail standing so
bug-eyed before him.

But training won out and Ben waved a hand wearily toward Prince,
indicating to Victoria that she should take him away. He wanted her to
leave quietly, but the grateful young girl blurted out her thanks in a
seemingly unending stream of meaningless words before she finally left,
Prince trailing willingly enough after her.

Ben Wright sat for nearly ten minutes in grumpy, meditative loneliness
before little insistent nudges from somewhere deep inside his
subconscious began to warn him that there was something rather strange
about Victoria's nervous insistence on taking the dog.

"Something kind of fishy here," Ben muttered to himself. Sure, lots of
young girls liked dogs, but they weren't in a breathless rush to get
their hands on one. What the hell was with that girl, anyhow? If he had
not been hung over and a little drunk, Ben would have been more
charitable in his thoughts toward Victoria, for he truly liked the
girl. But the bitterness that lurked just under the surface of his
ruined life was spilling from him today in unaccustomed torrents,
making him resent the constant provocation of Victoria's unintended
seductiveness. If she had been someone else's lover, the big man could
have felt more at ease about it, but the shameful waste of that lovely,
ripe, unused little body seemed at the moment a personal affront to
him. What the hell did she want with his dog anyhow?

A small jolt of alarm went through Ben's whiskey-addled brain. Hell,
maybe Victoria was some kind of secret nut and was going to harm his
beloved dog. He had better see to this, the big man thought to himself
and got unsteadily to his feet. He would follow them, the girl and
Prince, and see what she was up to. After all, he represented campus
security and it was his duty to know what kinds of things went on in
the dormitories, or at least that had been his rationalization on those
nights when Ben had lurked outside the windows, secretly hoping to
catch a glimpse of naked young coeds.

With a groan, Ben heaved himself to his feet and set off at a shambling
gait toward the other side of the campus and Victoria's dorm. Just the
thought of maybe seeing the luscious little blonde again was enough to
keep his aching body moving.

Meanwhile, Victoria was speeding toward her room, Prince bounding along
happily after. The young student refused to let herself think at all,
afraid that she might change her mind about what she was going to do.
Finally, breathing hard from the fast pace she had set, Victoria pushed
open the sliding glass doors to her dorm room and she and Prince were
once again alone together, next to the same bed where last night the
excited young girl had given herself in Nameless surrender to the huge
animal. Victoria began to tear at her clothes, not wanting to waste
another minute, knowing that this time Penny would not come back to
bother them. Victoria had seen her enter a classroom while she and
Prince were on their way here.

Prince looked up in undisguised interest at the glittering-eyed girl as
the well-remembered allure of her naked young body was quickly bared
before him. The big dog could feel an automatic tingling starting again
deep in his hairy loins as his animal-memory was aroused once more by
the lust-inspiring sight before him. Finally Victoria stood completely
naked, her high proud young breasts rising and falling quickly from her
urgent breathing, but then she didn't know what to do next. How did one
encourage an animal to do ... this obscene thing?

With a helpless little groan the desire-ridden girl fell limply back on
the bed, her long slender legs falling open to bare the total seething
wetness of her lewdly exposed cunt to Prince's alert eyes.

"Come on, Prince," the girl begged and at the same time her own hands
moved sensuously over her rib cage, sliding upward in little circles
until they had reached the ripely swelling base of her heaving breasts.
"Oh God, Prince, please don't keep me waiting," Victoria moaned while
her fingertips played delicately upward to find her hardening nipples.
The excited young girl's toes curled automatically from the lewd self-
stimulation and she dug her fingers in more deeply, her whole body
thrilling to the waves of pleasure that raced down from her swelling
breasts. For a moment the young blonde became lost in her own self-
gratification, almost forgetting that the dog was there, but then she
looked up and saw his animal eyes on her, a strange wild light in them
she had never seen before. That was when she knew he was going to do it
to her, lick her as he had the night before. With a mindless groan, the
helplessly aroused young virgin let her trembling thighs fall open even
more, longing to have the raging fires burning deep up between her legs
extinguished by Prince's pleasure-giving tongue.

Slowly, cautiously, the big German shepherd moved forward between those
widespread white legs, sniffing once at the proffered, sweet-smelling
orifice displayed so invitingly before him. But to the eager girl's
amazement and disappointment, Prince raised his head once again, and
then placing his forelegs on the edge of the bed he raised his heavy
body up high and began to lick warmly at Victoria's smooth flat belly,
each hot swipe of his tongue pushing the naked young flesh before it in
ripples of heated pleasure .

"Ohhh, ohhh," Victoria gasped as the animal licked higher and higher,
and then his huge head was nuzzling at her breasts while the young
student sucked in her breath as Prince slithered his hot wet tongue
over her pebble-hard nipples, causing her breasts to heave with ever
increasing passion until she thought they would burst from the erotic
pressure. Her eyes glazed from unsubdued lust, the beautiful young
blonde raised her head and looked in wonder and awe down to where the
great hairy head was thrust tightly against her writhing body.

"Oh, Prince, Prince," she moaned, and as if in answer the dog raised
his head to look up at her in love and adoration, almost as if he were
a human lover. Victoria felt a wave of passion and tenderness sweep
over her and she impulsively reached down to pull the animal's proud
head up towards her own passion-softened face. Instinctively the dog's
long tongue shot out again, this time to Wave over the girl's half-
parted lips, and to the young student's amazement, this flooded her
with almost as much pleasure as when his tongue had played wetly over
her nakedly quivering breasts. Shamelessly, passionately, the aroused
young woman extended her own tiny pink tongue so that it touched for a
moment the dog's longer, looser member, sending renewed bolts of pure
sensual pleasure rocketing through her naked young body.

Prince reveled in the sweet hot taste of the girl's tiny pointed tongue
and then suddenly he was reminded of that other piquant taste he had
known from this lovely human body only the night before. With that
memory goading him on, the big dog backed away from Victoria's questing
tongue and dropped back down onto the floor so that his head was once
again positioned between the girl's quivering thighs. Looking up
inquiringly, the aroused animal waited for some sign from the panting
girl above him, some sign that he could go ahead.

It was a moment before Victoria sensed what the dog wanted and then she
blurted out, "Oh, yes, go ahead Prince. Lick me, lick me again, just
like you did last night." Then Victoria felt her own eyes widening in
hypnotized awe as she watched Prince move his head purposefully forward
towards the aching need of her nakedly waiting cunt.

"Aaaaahh," the young virgin gasped as the animal's cool damp nose slid
wetly up the tender flesh of her inner thigh, then it was sniffing
experimentally through her moisture-soaked pussy hair, driving her to
heights of frustrated passion as it glided gently, teasingly over the
hungry pussy-flesh beneath. Victoria could not keep her loins from
bucking forward, trying to impale herself on that thrusting, tickling
nose, when suddenly the dog's hot tongue snaked out once again and
buried itself deep into her seething cuntal flesh.

"Aaaaaaaggghh," the shocked coed cried out involuntarily as her back
arched upward and her head fell back under the stimulus of Prince's
long hoped-for assault. All his canine attention centered on the
golden-haired triangle before him, the animal began to lick in earnest
now, his wetly digging tongue slicing relentlessly through her heated
cuntal flesh, each thrust bringing a deep low moan from the girl on the
bed above him. Lick and lick and lick again. Victoria thought it would
never end, that this sensual heaven would go on forever. Each hot
burning swipe of that merciless tongue seemed in itself to last an
eternity, making the writhing girl aware of every fraction of an inch
that it slid over her convulsing cuntal flesh. She could feel it start
far down at her anus, then thrust deeply into the dripping hot vaginal
slit on its way up before dragging maddeningly over the tiny sensitive
button of her palpitating clitoris. To the passionately moaning young
blonde it felt as if each touch of that wonderful animal tongue was
charged with some unholy electricity that was almost more than her
overloaded nerves could bear.

Victoria could sense that she was nearing orgasm. She had to be. There
had to be eventual release from these impossibly demanding sensations
that Prince was licking into her helpless loins, or she knew she would
go mad, but where was it, where was the hoped-for climax? Desperately
the hopelessly inflamed girl drew her legs up high off the floor,
holding her knees back tight against her flattened breasts with her
straining hands so that her obscenely wide-splayed pussy was offered up
in defenseless sacrifice to the slavering animal above her.

Yes, yes, that would do it, Victoria thought to herself as the dog took
full advantage of her lewd position and drove his scorching tongue ever
deeper into her quaking cuntal flesh. Yes, she was going to cum soon
now, she could feel the fragile bubble growing deep up inside her
already spasming belly. Yes, just another few seconds ...

Victoria looked up in horror as she suddenly became aware that the
delicious licking of her most secret flesh had stopped, and she saw
that Prince was slowly backing away from between her jackknifed thighs.
Lowering her legs in agonized disappointment, the teenage virgin spoke
pleadingly to the dog.

"Prince, what's the matter?" she gasped out, afraid that once again she
would be left unsatisfied as she had been the night before. "Please,
Prince, Victoria wants you to do it. Lick me just a little more, just a
little ..."

And then the desperate girl saw it as the animal backed away another
pace and turned partly sideways to her.

His penis!

Breathlessly the young student gaped at the size of the glistening
scarlet shaft that was slowly emerging from the hairy sheath beneath
the dog's belly. The dripping tapered end dangled and swayed in ever-
growing hardness before the panting teenager's unbelieving eyes.
Victoria had not been the only one aroused by the obscene animal
licking of her lewdly presented cunt. It had been an instinctual
glandular thing as the overwhelmingly spicy taste of aroused female
flesh permeated the dog's sharp senses.

Finally, confused and overwhelmed by the growing pressure in his own
loins, Prince had backed away, not being able to handle at the moment
his sensory overload. He stood hesitantly before Victoria's staring
bulging eyes, waiting, whining with excitement, his bright scarlet cock
growing ever longer and harder beneath him.

For a few moments Victoria could not think at all, fascinated by the
sight of that canine penis presented before her in its full glistening
erectness, slowly becoming aware of the sensations of pure sensual
hunger that great animal member was causing deep up inside her love-
denied cunt. The mesmerized girl let herself slowly submerge into that
need before she realized with sudden horror the terrible nature of the
idea that was building in her mind. An idea too obscene for even the
most depraved person.

She wanted Prince to fuck her! Yes, fuck her with that huge beautiful
cock that now stood stiffly out in its full erection, the cock she had
helped harden by the power of her own bodily abandon. A desperate
struggle began in the girl's confused and over-stimulated mind. Why
not? she thought. Who would know? And then immediately she knew that
she would know, and the frightened young virgin was afraid that such a
memory might be more than she could live with. Shame grappled with
sexual hunger as the aroused young girl tried to think rationally, but
she was far past the ability to reason. It was now or never, her nerves
screamed, and with a little helpless groan the naked teenager slid
slowly from the bed until she was kneeling before the now hungrily
whimpering animal. That did it! The aural evidence of Prince's own
physical need was enough to tip the scales of the agonized girl's
conscience --- that and the lewd sight of a drop of seminal fluid
glistening like a jewel at the tapered point of that red glistening
shaft, promising to fill her with pleasure and satisfy the terrible
hunger in her naked belly.

With a moan of surrender, the young blonde virgin turned her back
towards the German shepherd and dropped to her hands and knees, lewdly
presenting her buttocks to the waiting animal like a bitch in heat. All
hesitation gone now, excitedly aware of the obscene nature of the act
she was about to commit, the inflamed young woman looked back over her
shoulder and hissed:

"Come on, Prince, fuck me. Put your beautiful cock in my cunt and fuck
me until I howl." Prince immediately understood her tone if not her
words, and the big animal stalked forward, his huge penis jerking and
dancing beneath his hairy torso as he moved. And if Victoria's verbal
invitation wasn't enough ... the dog could not have mistaken her
gesture as the girl lewdly reached back to part her swollen cuntal
lips, presenting her pink-petaled vaginal opening back to the eager

The big dog easily mounted the girl's offered buttocks, his strong
furry legs gripping tightly around Victoria's smooth torso. All
instincts told the excited beast to bury his aching cock deep up
between Victoria's expectantly quivering ass-cheeks, but he couldn't
find the entrance. Slipping and dancing in the moist wet cleft between
the crouching teenager's buttocks, time and time again the scarlet
needle-shaped tip failed to enter, although it caught for a moment at
the tiny puckered opening of Victoria's anus, almost ramming brutally
in before the frightened girl was able to twist away from the unwanted
rectal impalement.

Sobbing with frustration and embarrassment, the kneeling young blonde
finally reached back under her body with one hand and took the dog's
slippery penis in her fingers. Prince whimpered as he felt the cool
pressure against his cock but when he made no move to pull away,
Victoria guided the rigid shaft slowly forward, inserting it finally
between her passion-swollen pussy lips, sliding the sharp tapered tip
sensuously up and down as she made sure it was well lubricated with her
own heated sex-juices. Then the panting young coed tremblingly planted
the tip of the organ burning so hotly against her fingers tightly up
against the entrance to her virginal vagina and then braced herself for
the shock to come.

"Come on, Prince," she gasped over her shoulder to the huge dog. "Ram
it in! Fuck me! Fuck your dog-cock right into me!" And that's just what
Prince did. Sensing finally that he was at the entrance to his long-
sought goal, the powerful German shepherd only did what nature
demanded. He fucked forward!

Mercilessly that huge pole of scarlet dog-flesh tore into the virginal
pussy before it, never stopping until the dog's sperm-bloated balls
crushed up against Victoria's widely stretched cuntal lips. As soon as
the animal sensed his complete penetration of the kneeling girl before
him he began to ram into her with relentless jackhammer drives,
machine-like, as he animal-fucked the helplessly cringing Victoria.

"Aaaaaaagh, uuuuuuuunnnnhh," the stunned girl managed to gasp out,
amazed at the sudden sharp pain that exploded in her never before
penetrated cunt at the dog's first brutal lunge. Instinctively she
tried to crawl forward to escape the cruel puncturing of her hymen but
found she could not shake loose Prince's powerful forelegs that clamped
vise-like around her body. As she tried to move forward, the dog
followed, dancing on his hind legs, never missing a stroke as he
continued to fuck into the wailing Victoria.

And that was the incredible scene Ben Wright saw before him as he stood
in shocked wonder just outside the glass doors to Victoria's room,
watching his own dog fucking the beautiful blonde teenager he had
always desired for himself. The innocent young girl who had seemed so
unobtainable, almost mysteriously above him. Victoria the virgin, the
pure, the untouchable. Fucking his dog.

Chapter 6

When Ben arrived at Victoria's dormitory, he had stealthily gone around
to the back, rather than to the front door, telling himself he didn't
want to alarm the girl for no good reason. The big man stayed close to
the wall as he approached the sliding glass doors so that he would not
be observed. Since it was a warm day, the doors were open a little and
Ben had no trouble hearing the strange sounds that floated out from
behind the drapes; moans and gasps and panting whines, both human and
animal. After a few moments hesitation, the spying, hung-over old
security guard cautiously reached a hand through the open doors and
pulled the curtain aside a fraction, and that's when he saw it.

By then Victoria was sliding off the bed and getting on her knees in
front of Princes and Ben had to choke back a gasp as his red-veined
eyes took in the pink and ivory-white, perfection of the young girl's
naked body. As she knelt before his dog, Ben could see that her eyes
were wild and shining with passion and the soft golden down nestling
between her tender young thighs was soaking wet with her vaginal
secretions. My God, what has she been doing? the middle-aged Peeping
Tom thought to himself, wondering if he had started the d.t.'s.

But if he could hardly believe what was before his eyes, what happened
next completely disoriented him as his long lusted after little teenage
friend dropped down on her hands and knees before his dog, her tightly
swelling ass-cheeks raised high, and begged the animal to fuck her! Ben
hardly dared breathe as he watched awestruck through the narrow opening
in the curtain. Unbelieving, he saw his own German shepherd mount the
girl's obscenely presented buttocks knowing it was going to be
impossible for that huge scarlet dog-cock to ever fit into the tiny
pink opening the virginal young girl was offering to the wildly aroused
animal. To his own further surprise the old watchman found that somehow
his own cock was in his hands although he barely remembered having
unzipped his fly to work the heavy flaccid member out through the
opening. He was absentmindedly stroking it into pulsating hardness now
as he watched the drama unfolding just a few yards from his bulging

For one long moment he saw his pet's swollen scarlet penis poised at
the opening to Victoria's tight young cunt, held there by her own
trembling fingers, and then without warning it disappeared from view,
driven deep into the squirming flesh before it by the powerful animal.
It was no surprise to Ben when the crouching Victoria cried out in
pain, the only wonder was that she had been able to take that monstrous
pole of flesh at all. Ben began to pump his own swelling cock more
furiously as he watched the naked young girl cringe before the madly
humping animal behind her, constant little cries and painful whimpers
coming from her beautiful young throat.

And inside the dormitory room, having tried to no avail to escape the
terrible impalement of Prince's driving cock, Victoria knew that there
was no turning back now. She would have to go on to the end, no matter
how much it hurt, go on until Prince emptied his hot animal sperm deep
up into her, his feral passion finally satiated.

The pain-wracked young teenager tried to open her thighs wider, hoping
it would lessen the pain in her cruelly stretched vagina, and indeed it
did help. Even so, Victoria could feel that huge fleshy dog-cudgel
ramming again and again like a rubbery pile-driver deep up into the
unused depths of her virginal pussy until it felt as if her hips were
going to be split wide open. Low, shuddering, pain-filled moans escaped
in a continual stream from lips pulled tightly back over her even white
teeth. Wham, wham, wham, those hairy animal loins thudded resoundingly
into her widespread buttocks, each fierce advance ramming that
merciless scarlet spear another fraction of an inch deeper into her
young plundered loins.

Then to her surprise, the whimpering teenager found that it did not
hurt anymore. In fact, it felt ... good. Little by little the pain-
filled expression on the girl's lovely young face turned into a blind
stare of passionate acceptance as she crouched in helpless submission
before the humping animal behind. Then, almost without warning, the
young blonde felt her hips begin a mindless, automatic motion back
against the invading animal-penis, and in another moment the suddenly
maddened young woman was twisting her buttocks around in lewd circles
of abandoned passion, mewling and moaning in lascivious pleasure.

Oh, God, she thought, if this is how it feels to get fucked, then she
could understand why Penny had devoted so much of her time to it.
Fingers could never do this for a girl, no, it took a cock, a male
cock, even a dog-cock like the one that was filling her with more
pleasure than she had ever thought possible.

The sex-enchanted coed tried to look back under her kneeling body to
see that marvelous red rod of flesh disappearing up into her grasping
cunt, but she could only see the hairy canine balls as they swung
repeatedly against her desire-swollen clitoris, causing her additional
jolts of lewd pleasure. With one hand the straining girl reached back
towards her own pussy and let her fingers encircle Prince's slippery
wet cock as it flashed in and out between her sensitive cuntal lips, at
the same time letting her knuckles dig gratifyingly into her own
genital flesh.

The sweating, panting, moaning girl felt a rush of obscene forbidden
pleasure come over her as the full realization of what she was doing
hit her. Somehow the very thought of crouching lewdly on the floor,
offering her pure young body up to a panting animal to fuck added
another dimension of lust-filled depravity to the sensations and
emotions that were already ravaging her wildly aroused young body. God,
how utterly ... obscene, the no longer innocent virgin, thought to
herself in pleased amazement while ever-growing pleasure radiated
through her shamelessly used body.

Ben, too, outside the window, was panting with arousal from the sheer
depravity of the unnatural scene before him as he lecherously watched
the thick scarlet dog-cock disappear with ferocious regularity up into
his young blonde idol's squirming pink pussy-hole. One of his powerful
hands held the drapes open wider and wider while the other was wrapped
in a death-grip around his own massively erect penis.

"Oooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh," he heard the girl chant in obvious pleasure
as she moved her buttocks back against Prince's hard-driving loins. Ben
began to pump his own cock with increased vigor as he watched the
changing expressions flicker over Victoria's passion-distorted face.
The moaning girl was obviously completely enraptured by the wonderful
animal-fucking she was receiving from behind. With no conscious intent
Ben found that his pummeling of his own lust-thickened shaft had taken
up the same tempo as Prince's cock fucking rhythmically into the tight
pink girl-cunt before it. Ben could see it all since Victoria was
turned flighty away from him, could see that merciless glistening shaft
sawing relentlessly in and out, drawing back the soft clinging vaginal
flesh on the out-stroke and then ramming it back inside each time the
big animal lunged forward. But the most exciting thing to the watching,
masturbating man was the completely wild, committed way that Victoria
moved her own ass-cheeks back to seek fulfillment from the hard red
staff plunging deep up into her seething little belly.

Never in his whole life had Ben ever seen a woman so passionately
involved, so lost in lust, and he knew that somehow he would have to
have her, no matter what it cost. What the hell was he doing out here
anyhow, with that red-hot little piece of tail just scant yards away,
forced to satisfy herself with an animal? It hardly seemed sensible to
the watching man's tortured, titillated brain that he should be out
here pulling on his own hungry cock while his goddamn dog was humping
the wildest piece of squirming hot cunt this side of the moon. The
frustrated security guard decided to gamble. He just had to take the
chance. With decision, he pushed aside the curtains and entered the

As each new thrust from the slaving Prince jolted further delights into
her already passion-flooded body, Victoria found her mind wandering
back to the times when she had been necking with young men and had been
able to feel their erect penises pressing against her thigh through
their trousers. At the time, the innocent young girl had been disgusted
and sickened, but now she wondered how she would have reacted if she
had known just how wonderful a cock could feel, plundering deep up into
her cunt. Cock, cock, cock, the young ex-virgin thought to herself, her
eyes closed in dreamy ecstasy, how different it all seemed now. Under
the constant stimulation she was receiving from Prince's massive penis,
the young girl dreamed of a world populated by innumerable cocks,
enough to keep her satisfied the rest of her days.

And lo and behold, as she finally opened her eyes, the crazily bucking
girl found an enormous swollen cock standing rigidly out right in front
of her face as Ben Wright dropped heavily to his knees in front of her.

"Oh my God," the startled young girl blurted out and tried to stumble
erect, but Prince's powerful body pushed her easily back to the floor.

"That's all right, don't be afraid," Ben said hastily to the frightened
student. "It's only me, your old friend, Ben. I didn't mean to spy. I
was just malting sure everything was all right with my dog, and I can
see he's doing better than I ever imagined."

At first Prince had been alarmed when he saw his master enter, but when
Ben had not made any motions to show that he disapproved of his pet's
new tricks, the grateful animal returned gladly to the task before him,
redoubling the force of his wild thrusts into the sweet smelling young
human who had opened her lovely body to him. And that turned the trick
for Victoria. "Ooooooooh," she cried as the ever swelling animal cock
pounded ever deeper up into her. And, "Ooooooooh," again. For a moment
the young girl's eyes unfocused a little as though she were looking off
into distant mists, and it suddenly didn't matter to her who was
kneeling before her. Only that wonderful filling of her hungry cunt
mattered, and now there was a new cock presented before her dreamy
eyes, filling her with further lascivious thoughts.

"We're friends, aren't we, Ben?" Victoria managed to gasp out between
thrusts of Prince's rampaging cock. "You'll never tell anyone about
this, will you?"

"No, never," Ben growled hoarsely back to her. "It's between you and me
and Prince, and ... this." And Ben moved his swollen cock even closer
to the young blonde's parted lips. Even though it was hard to
concentrate on anything but that magnificent dog-penis fucking into her
from behind, Victoria could not take her eyes away from Ben's rigid
cock as it jutted forward from out of the coarse dark hair covering his
loins. Just the size alone was enough to overwhelm the panting girl as
she stared at her first human penis. My God, she thought to herself, it
was even bigger than Prince's! How could a woman take that monstrous
thing up between her legs without being split in two?

Without really willing it, Victoria found her hand moving up to
encircle that great rod of blood-engorged male flesh with cool fingers.
How hot it was, she thought with surprise, and then she could feel
Ben's pulse beating inside the rubbery shaft like a tiny heart. The
excited girl pushed back the heavy foreskin, revealing the swollen
purple-veined head, slit at the end with a tiny drop of sperm hanging
there, just as it had with Prince. I wonder how that would taste,
Victoria thought, and then she knew that she wanted that huge throbbing
flesh in her mouth. She wanted to sense and savor and taste the whole
of it. Have it rammed into her face while its owner's dog rammed into
her cunt from behind. Slowly her lovely young face moved closer ...
closer ... her hand squeezing harder without her even noticing.

As he knelt before this lovely naked creature he had always desired,
Ben could not keep a small groan from breaking from between his
clenched teeth because of the almost painful delight of her touch. Was
she going to do it? Would she suck him? Ben hardly dared let himself
believe it, even though this previously untouchable young beauty was
now squeezing and stroking his pulsating member, drawing spasms of
pleasure from him that he could hardly stand. Although he didn't want
to do the least thing to alarm her, to break the sensual spell she was
caught in, Ben couldn't resist reaching forward and gently caressing
the lovely golden head below, letting his fingers slide gently around
to the back of her smooth white neck. Then with his hand there, he
slowly drew Victoria's questioning face toward his waiting penis.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," he crooned gently. "Just take it
into your mouth. Lick it like it was a stick of candy."

If Victoria had any fear, it was being driven to the back of her numbed
mind every time Prince rammed his burning cock up into her gratefully
accepting pussy. As that giant animal member thrust deep into her to
its fullest extent, the trembling young blonde could feel her vagina
open up like an accepting flower. and a kind of dizzy euphoria swept
over her. And now, before her very face was this rigid throbbing symbol
of all that was happening to her: Ben's penis.

A new maddening excitement swept over the completely abandoned girl and
she began to pull and jerk harder at the fleshy pole in her hand while
Ben writhed and twisted in blissful agony under her touch. Finally,
unable to stand the temptation another moment, Victoria flicked out her
tiny little tongue and let it glide warmly over the swollen glans. Ben
groaned loudly from the hot searing contact, his whole body spasming as
the lovely blonde student kneeling before him began to run her tongue
in lewd little circles around the tip of his near-bursting penis.

A pungent tang of seminal fluid flooded Victoria's mouth. filling her
with a new kind of wild excitement. She let her hand slide down the
smooth hot penile shaft and then reach inside Ben's trousers until her
fingernails were scratching lightly at the wrinkled hair-covered sac of
his balls. At the same time, she took Ben's cock into her mouth,
feeling the veined underside of the glans sliding erotically over her
tongue until it was all the way back to her tonsils, almost gagging
her. Automatically she began to suck, her ovalled red lips clasping
tightly around the huge lust-swollen shaft sunk so obscenely into her

Ben let his weight fall back on his haunches, afraid that he was going
to collapse from the sheer ecstasy of the coed's unbelievable mouthing
of his cock. As his heavy loins began to rock slowly up into Victoria's
face, his meaty hands circled together behind her head to pull her
sucking lips down tighter against his aching penis. The thick cock slid
lecherously in and out of that passion-softened teenage face to the
accompaniment of a wet sucking sound that could clearly be heard above
Ben's hoarse groans.

Ben stared down at Victoria, hardly daring to believe what was
happening. But there it was right before his very eyes as he watched
the young blonde beauty's rosy cheeks hollow and fill around his
thrusting hardness her tongue snaking maddeningly around it inside her
hot little mouth. And if that wasn't enough, Ben could look back over
the nakedly gleaming back underneath him and stare straight into the
glittering eyes of his own German shepherd as the dog humped
repeatedly, endlessly into this little doll's squirming vagina.

Christ --- Christ, Ben thought to himself, wild sexual fantasies racing
through his brain. Yes, this was just the beginning. He would fuck her
later, stick his cock into that sweet little cunt just the way Prince
was now. And she would suck him whenever he wanted it, maybe while he
sucked her too. Christ --- Christ, but it felt good. The gasping older
man fumbled down with one hand under Victoria's quivering body and
found her voluptuously swaying breasts. He began to knead them cruelly,
first the one passion-swollen mound and then the other, rolling and
squeezing the hard little nipples between his fingers until Victoria
whimpered half in pleasure, half in pain, her lustful sucking of his
hurting penis increasing with every second. Ben reveled in the firm
resilience of the girl's taut young breasts as he molded them like warm
putty in his callused fingers.

Although Victoria had been initially repelled and frightened when Ben
burst in the room, she now found herself totally loving her debased
position as she sucked wantonly at the massive human organ in her mouth
while Prince's canine shaft of pleasure trapped her from the rear.
Never in her young life had the blonde student known such perverse
bliss as she felt now, while being buffeted back and forth between the
two males like a helpless rag doll. Each time Prince slammed powerfully
into her ass-cheeks, she was driven forward with a jerk, impaling
herself even further on Ben's rigid member as it sawed relentlessly up
into her face. The moaning campus guard was becoming less gentle now as
his passion mounted, and reaching up he tangled his hands in Victoria's
long golden hair to hold her head in a vise-like grip while he brutally
rammed his cock far down her throat. The gasping teenager found her
mouth so filled with Ben's stone-hard cock and her own free flowing
saliva that she thought she would choke, and tried to pull her head
away. But Ben's arms were too strong for that as he pulled her head
even tighter into his up-thrusting loins.

"Oh no, baby," Ben muttered half consciously. "You're gonna have to go
on to the end now. Go on till I cum ... gotta cum." And somehow that
made it seem even more exciting to the lewdly crouched girl. Her whole
body oddly tingled at this further humiliation as she found herself
actually trapped between two powerful males who would do what they
wanted with her no matter how she might struggle to get away. Yes, yes,
she wanted them to cum in her. She wanted to feel and taste the hot
human sperm in her mouth while at the same tinge her hungry belly was
filled to the brim with Prince's lewd animal semen. As the last ounce
of hesitation dropped from her, the writhing young blonde turned into a
complete wildcat, ramming back with increased force against her hairy
animal lover behind while her smooth young cheeks formed great hollows
from her powerful sucking of Ben's tingling cock.

I must have pushed the right button, Ben thought, a lewd, almost cruel
grin coming over his normally amiable face. This was without a doubt
the best blow-job the aging man could ever remember getting, and there
were a hell of a lot of good ones in his past. Christ, if all the
people who had shit on him for the past few years could see him now, he
exulted. Yeah, he wished this was all going on in a theater with all
the lousy bastards who had persecuted him watching, dying with jealousy
for what he was getting from this gorgeous young doll. Particularly
those bastard Regents and Trustees of the University who had driven him
from his teaching job, driven him from the position that had once
seemed as if it would supply him forever with a never-ending stream of
luscious young cunt. They had driven him out into a sexual desert where
the only dribbles of gratification he got were from aging prostitutes.

Well, now the long drought was broken, Ben thought to himself, and no
matter what the consequences, he would never go back to the cringing,
fear-ridden life he had been leading. It would be better to starve than
to live in the constant dread that his natural inclinations and hungers
would expose him once again to his enemies.

Wouldn't those dried-up old men who had got him fired love to be in his
place now? Hell, he thought with a lewd chuckle, they'd even love to be
in his dog's place, and Ben smiled at the laboring animal as it stood
on trembling legs, ceaselessly pounding its massive organ into the
wonderful mating-hole that had been so tantalizingly laid out before
him. Seeing that his master was pleased with him, the faithful German
shepherd came as close to smiling as a dog can with his tongue lolling
tiredly from between his gaping jaws.

Watching his wildly humping dog, Ben knew it was only a matter of
seconds before both of them came, so he made several last desperate
thrusts into the butter-soft mouth wrapped so lewdly around his
throbbing cock, while at the same time he roared out one last fell of
general defiance:

"Fuck all you rotten bastards!"

And then a bomb seemed to go off in his balls, followed by a hot rush
of what felt like molten lava as the long bottled-up sperm exploded
from his swollen testicles. Ben's last gallant shout trailed off into a
choking gurgle and he pulled Victoria's lewdly bobbing head desperately
into his steaming loins.

"Now! Oh God, mother-fuck!" Ben shouted deliriously. "Suck it! For
God's sake suck hard, you sweet little bitch. I'm cuummmiiinnngggg!"
And then his back arched while his body helplessly Jerked and twisted
in his ecstasy.

Victoria had wanted him to explode in her mouth and he did. The first
burning gush of seminal fluid flooded into her desperately sucking
mouth, but try as she would she could not swallow it all down without
choking. Sucking and slurping, the slaving girl did the best she could
but thick streams of the viscous white liquid flooded out around the
jerking organ protruding from her tight-stretched young lips, obscenely
covering her chin with sticky trails of the lust-inciting fluid.

Oh God, how she loved the taste of it, the wild-eyed girl thought to
herself, and then the excitement of having her first human cock
shooting into her mouth touched off her own orgasm. As she felt the
first onslaught of her long-building climax, the moaning girl thrust
her buttocks back hard against Prince's laboring dog-cock just as he
thrust forward, wanting to get the full benefit of the animal's long
slender length. The wildly excited girl could feel that rock-hard shaft
smashing past her tender pussy-lips on its way toward the ultimate
depths of her convulsing belly.

That was the final trigger Victoria needed and suddenly she felt as if
she had been hit hard in the stomach with a fist as all her muscles
contracted at once in spasms of wild delight. Her buttocks flexed and
hollowed as her clenching pussy pulled wildly on Prince's near-bursting
dog-penis, while At the same time her lips and tongue kept
spasmodically milking at the still spurting man-cock in her mouth. All
this was too much for the already wildly aroused German shepherd and
suddenly his hot animal cum began to jet up into Victoria's squirming
cunt. The gasping girl had one split second to think how different it
felt from Ben's orgasm, more like one long hot squirt that seemed to
drill a hole right through her quivering insides, and then Victoria's
mind exploded in a great flare of colored lights from this last
incredible stimulation as she started to cum all over again.

Ben had begun to fall back away from the madly bucking girl and his
shrinking penis slipped wetly from between her semen-slick lips as she
gurgled out a long mindless groan of sensual pleasure. Ben got quickly
to his knees, wanting to watch this incredible sight, and his eyes
bulged in amazement as he saw his dog empty his testicles savagely into
the gyrating body of the young blonde teenager who knelt before him in
total, abject depravity. Wailing and thrashing, Victoria pressed her
voracious cunt back against the spurting animal-cock as if she were
afraid to let one drop of the milky fluid escape her. The thick liquid
gushed back out again from where her snug little vagina clasped tightly
around Prince's jerking member, and ran in sticky trails down her
shuddering white thighs. Finally, with one last quiver, Victoria's
sperm-soaked body went rigid in final release, and the exhausted girl
fell limply forward onto the carpet. Prince's now diminishing cock
slipping from her battered cunt with a soft wet sucking sound.

For long moments there was no sound in the small dormitory room but the
harsh breathing of the three depleted occupants. Then Ben got weakly to
his feet, stuffing his still-tender penis back into his pants. He
looked down at the nakedly heaving body of the voluptuous girl who lay
at his feet, and Ben couldn't keep his eyes from feasting on the
glistening beauty of her sensuously swelling hips and buttocks,
especially where he could make out the bright pink gleam of her cuntal
flesh peaking out from between her wide-splayed thighs.

"M-Miss Victoria, are you all right?" Ben asked anxiously as the girl
continued to lie there without speaking.

"O-Of course I'm all right," Victoria gasped out, seemingly not caring
that she was still licentiously exposed to the campus cop's gaze in her
complete and shameful nakedness. But a degree of sanity was returning
to the exhausted, satiated girl, and now that she no longer hungered
uncontrollably after sexual gratification she was able to begin
thinking out what had just happened.

My God, she thought, she had just sucked old Ben Wright's cock! Let it
shoot off right into her mouth! And he had seen his dog making love to

Just at that moment Ben finally dared reach down toward the luscious
body stretched out at his feet. His big hand came to rest half-
possessively on her naked buttocks as he asked, "Can I help you up?"

Victoria twisted away from his touch, panic and revulsion struggling
together inside her confused mind. "Don't you dare put your hands on
me," she shrieked at the surprised Ben.

"W-What?" he said, amazed at the sudden change that had come over the
girl who just a moment before had been so eagerly sucking his cock.

"You --- you leave me alone," Victoria ordered in a desperate voice.
"You know you're not even supposed to be in here."

"Now wait a minute," Ben said defensively. "What the hell's come over
you? You didn't seem so unhappy to see me just a little while ago. Or
my dog either."

And that was just what was bothering the confused and guilt-stricken
young girl --- the memory of the completely abandoned and brazen way
she had reacted to these two males, letting them make use of her body
in any way they wanted --- and she had loved it! Victoria was
desperately looking for someone or something to blame for the wanton
surrender of her treacherous young body, and why not the university
security guard? In a desperate attempt at self-deception, the
humiliated teenager lashed out again at the surprised older man.

"You know what could happen to you if I said you came in here and
attacked me, don't you?" Victoria said, getting groggily to her knees,
still seemingly unaware of her provocative nakedness. But despite his
own growing fear of what this hysterical young woman could do to him,
Ben couldn't help but be entranced by the way her lovely high-set young
breasts danced and jiggled, the tiny still-erect nipples making ruby
patterns in the air as Victoria continued to move nervously. And that
sweet young cunt glistening wetly up at him from her vulnerably open
thighs ... Christ, Ben moaned to himself, and thought even his tongue
was going to get an erection. He was staring so hard and so openly that
Victoria could not help but become aware of the lecherous gleam in his
eyes, and her arms automatically crossed in a vain attempt to cover her
luscious young breasts while her thighs clamped tightly together.

"Oh, get out of here, get out of here," Victoria snapped. "I'm going to
call the dean and tell her what you did. You just wait and see!" Ben
leaped to his feet again, afraid the girl's wild hysterics would summon
half the campus and that he would really be finished. The old familiar
fear of "The Authorities" shot through him and he wanted to run from
the room and hide. But then he remembered the way he had felt while
Victoria had been hanging from the end of his cock, sucking like a two-
dollar whore. Yes, he had felt like a man then, and had promised
himself he would never again act like a coward. Well, by God, Ben
thought to himself, he'd stick by that. He'd had enough humiliation in
his life, so the grizzled ex-teacher drew himself up with more dignity
than he had managed in a long time.

"You just go ahead and do what you like," he told the half-hysterical
girl, "but I'll walk out of here when I'm damn good and ready, not on
the say-so of a lying little bitch like you. Come on, Prince," he said
to his dog and turned regally toward the doors. "Let's get some fresh

Victoria was so surprised by the change in Ben's manner that she forgot
once again about her nudity and let her hands drop limply to her sides.
She remained silent as she watched Ben step out into the open, then
look back once, a stern command in his eyes as Prince lagged behind,
seemingly unable to tear himself away from the scene of so many
delights. Then they were both gone and the humiliated young coed began
sobbing and buried her face in her hands, having something else to feel
ashamed of now.

Outside, Ben began to cool down as he walked. Maybe he'd been a little
hard on the girl, he thought. She was young and what had happened must
have really sent her innocent brain reeling. But oh God, was she
something! There were more pure sensual vibrations coming from that
little hunk of tail when she finally did become aroused than Ben had
ever ran across before in his life. Too bad about the way it had ended.
What a ball it would have been to have a regular thing going with such
a fabulous little broad. Who would have known that such a sweet young
thing could ever turn on like that!

Prince too had his memories of the day, and Victoria's beautiful
passionate little human body had imprinted itself forever on the
animal's brain. Never again would the big dog seek out females of his
own kind, but rather devote himself to a ceaseless search for those
hotly grasping human mating holes. Prince looked up to see that his
master was striding ahead of him, lost in his thoughts. So the big
German shepherd disobeyed Ben for the first time in his life and stole
off to one side of the path, determined to find as soon as possible
another such experience as he had been through today.

Ben didn't notice his faithful dog was missing for several minutes, and
then looking around in surprise, he saw Prince several hundred yards
away, slipping through the brush up the side of a hill.

"Hey!" Ben shouted. "Hey, you come back here." Prince looked around
once guiltily but then actually began to move faster up the side of the

"Why you treacherous little bastard!" Ben roared. "You come back here
or I'll make you wish you'd been born a cocker spaniel, because that's
what you're gonna look like when I catch you."

But it was all to no avail. The big dog disappeared over the top of the
hill, his instincts and drives pushing him on to seek out another
willing human female. Ben stamped his feet, swearing sulfurously, and
then climbed down a little as he muttered to himself.

"Mmmmmmm, that big stupid bastard is heading right for the cliffs. If
he gets all the way there, there'll be no way to come back but by the
main path. It'll be easy for me to cut him off."

But fist the big man needed a drink. He had been betrayed today by the
two creatures he cared for the most, Victoria Bennett and his dog, so
with heavy feet he slogged on the short distance to his room where he
knew a half-full bottle of Scotch was waiting. And then, by God, he was
going to go out and bring back that disobedient mutt of his by the
scruff of his neck.

Chapter 7

Penny had tried to sit faithfully through her afternoon class, but she
found she couldn't keep her mind on the dull lecture the aging
professor was droning out from his lectern. The young student's eyes
kept drifting to the window through which she could see the beautiful
day outside. Finally, knowing she would fall asleep in her chair if she
stayed inside another moment, Penny picked a moment when the professor
was turned toward the blackboard to slip quietly out the door.

Outside, the dark-haired coed felt her senses thrill to the touch of
the bright clear air and she felt like turning cartwheels right there
on the concrete of the plaza. The young girl automatically started back
to her room but stopped in mid-stride. Who wanted to be inside on a day
like today? Suddenly she remembered the secret place that Victoria had
once taken her to in a moment of confidence. It was where her roommate
went when she wanted to be alone, cut off from the world. A place
hidden high up on the cliffs over the Pacific.

Penny quickly directed her steps away from the campus and in a few
minutes she was climbing the slopes of some low hills to the north of
the college. As she got to the highest hill, the full force of the
fresh ocean breeze ruffled through her dark lustrous hair and caused
her skirt to swirl around her long slender legs. Thrilled by the tangy
salt air, the lovely young woman sucked deep gulps of the intoxicating
stuff into her lungs, feeling her head spin a little from the

The path narrowed to a small trail and soon that too seemed to
disappear at some bushes that grew right to the edges of the cliff. But
Penny knew better and carefully felt her way around the outside of the
bushes, not daring to look down as she hovered for a moment over the
sheer drop below. Once on the other side of the screening foliage, the
young beauty had only a short way to go until she rounded a final bend
and found herself descending the face of the cliff. After about fifty
yards the narrow path she was on opened up into a flat area, about
twenty yards across and backed right up to the cliff. Penny gratefully
sank down onto the soft grass that lined this natural hiding place and
let her young body stretch out in lazy comfort.

It was much warmer here than it had been at the top of the cliffs,
because the little cliff-side glade was protected from the wind, being
sunk back into the shale the way it was. After lying still for a few
minutes, Penny decided to sunbathe, knowing she could never find a
place more secluded and private than this. It was just a few seconds
work to slip out of her flimsy clothes and then the dark-haired young
beauty stood naked in all her natural beauty like some ancient sea-
goddess of old. Indeed, it was an apt deion, because the
irrepressible Penny could not just lie there and sunbathe, but ran
gaily around the little glade, reveling in the thrill of being totally
naked out of doors in the bright sunlight. She danced in little
pirouettes to the very edge of the cliff, seeming to dare the nearly
three hundred foot drop to the bright blue water below.

Suddenly Penny spun as she heard a crackling of brush on the path
leading to the glade. She didn't make a mad scramble for her clothes as
her friend Victoria might have done, but walked slowly forward, curious
to see who it was that had found this hidden place, hoping it was a
handsome boy who would complete the day by making love to her.

"Prince!" Penny exclaimed in surprise when the big German shepherd
bounded into the glade, a happy look on his handsome face as he saw his
dreams answered by the vision of this lovely naked human female
standing before him.

But Penny was unaware of the dog's lascivious thoughts and ran happily
up to the big animal. "What are you doing here?" she asked and then
giggled as she looked up once more towards the path. "You didn't bring
your master here with you, did you?" But hearing no further sound from
the brush Penny surmised that Prince had come alone. Even though he
wasn't the hoped-for handsome young man, Penny was glad to see the dog,
since it gave her an additional outlet for her never-ending energy.
Expecting that the normally playful animal would want to run a little,
Penny was bending over to pick up a stick for him to chase when she
suddenly felt his cold wet nose thrust up between her naked buttocks.

"Aaaaaahhh," the surprised young girl yelped as she jumped forward from
the shock. "Hey, now wait a minute," she said. "I know that's how dogs
get to know one another, but as you can see, or smell, I'm not a dog."

But Prince was going directly ahead with his rude sniffing, thrusting
his huge head demandingly up between the young girl's tender young
thighs from the front this time, no mistaking the urgency of his

Penny automatically started to push the animal away from her
unprotected genitals, but then a sudden understanding came into her

"Aha," she exclaimed. "You are Victoria's secret lover!" Prince looked
up, startled by the sudden sharp tone of her voice. He gave a little
whine of hungry anticipation and shuffled his front feet nervously,
like a dog does when someone is holding a bone up over his head. A
sudden spark of almost uncontrollable lust came over Penny as she
looked down at the handsome animal that was so obviously interested in
her sweet little pussy.

"Okay, big boy," she said with a tiny catch in her voice. "Let's find
out what my prudish little roommate sees in you." And with that the
dark-haired young student slowly spread her legs apart as she stood
there naked, at the same time thrusting her hips slightly forward so
that her dark-fringed pubic triangle was positioned right before the
big dog's furry muzzle. With bated breath the young student watched as
that huge head slowly moved forward toward her eager pussy. Little
shivers ran up and down her thighs as once again that cold wet nose
brushed against her naked flesh, tickling the first wispy curls of her
pubic hair.

Then suddenly, without warning, Prince's long wet animal tongue
slithered out of the dog's mouth and splayed wetly over her shuddering

"Uuuuuuuunnnnnhhh," Penny moaned from between gritted teeth as the
first wild sensations shot upward from between her legs. Involuntarily
her nipples began to harden in response to this lewd sexual stimulus.
Penny let her hands slide slowly up over her smoothly curved belly
until they were cupping underneath her breasts, massaging the full,
firmly quivering white mounds in complete sensual surrender as Prince
licked again and again at her tingling cunt.

"Oh God," Penny moaned out to the dog. "The first thing I've got to do
is apologize to Victoria. What the hell did she need with boys when she
had something like you?" Beginning to breathe hard, the gasping young
girl tried to spread her legs open wider as she stood so that the dog's
great lapping tongue would be able to delve more deeply into her
exposed cuntal crevice. Obediently, the big animal thrust his neck
further forward, turning his head a little and licking even harder at
the wet pink vaginal flesh positioned in front of him.

Looking more than ever like some pagan deity, the beautiful Penny stood
in naked abandon before the huge beast squatting on its haunches before
her, her body slowly rotating below the waist in a slow sensual
movement, her hands sliding in passionate circles over her swelling
breasts while her head twisted from side to side, causing her hair to
move over her shoulders like a rich dark cape.

"Oh, Prince ... lover ... I don't think I can stand it!" Penny managed
to gasp out. Never before in her life had she felt such exquisite
sensations darting over her quaking body. This was certainly the most
incredible tonguing she had ever got, the reeling young beauty thought,
so incredibly powerful that her legs were starting to tremble and she
didn't know if she could continue to stand this way with them spread so
wide apart. But, oh God, she sure as hell didn't want it to stop. Penny
knew she would cum soon, but somehow she thought there should be
something more out of this experience than just another orgasm.

Since her vagina was opening up more and more with each nerve-
shattering lick of Prince's big tongue, the happy animal was able to
thrust the tip of his wet fleshy organ a little distance up inside her
warmly seeping cuntal passage. Penny almost rose up on her toes from
the unexpected shock of that hot unnatural penetration and her hands
dropped down to take Prince by the ears and draw his furry head even
deeper up between her shivering thighs. The gasping girl had to lean
forward to do this and she couldn't fail to notice Prince's great cock
as it made it second appearance of the day, swelling into eager
hardness from the wild sensual stimulation of licking this naked young
human female.

But somehow Penny affected the big dog in a different way than
Victoria. There was something less tender, more wild and untamed about
this challenging creature. Something exciting that more nearly matched
the savage instincts inside Prince's animal heart, and that had helped
bring his massively swollen canine penis once again sliding out of its
hairy sheath.

Penny froze, almost forgetting for a moment the wild stimulation of
Prince's tongue as her eyes fastened in hungry awe on his glistening
red penile length. Although the young girl had seen plenty of male
penises in her short lifetime, there was something about the tapered
dripping cock being slowly bared before her that caused her to almost
stop breathing. Combined with the sharp sensations from her desire-
inflamed pussy was the obscene fact that she was looking with such
transparent lust at the cock of an animal. A cock she knew she could
have if she wanted it!

The unnatural, sinful, salacious thought numbed the girl's spinning
brain for a moment as she stood spread-legged above her slavering
animal companion, little fingers of lewd sexual expectation plucking at
her fevered insides. Prince stopped his licking for a moment and looked
up questioningly as he sensed the change of Penny's mood. Without ever
taking her intent gaze from the animal's glistening penis, now over
half-exposed, Penny pushed his head gently away and began to sink down
on her knees next to him. Prince whined unhappily, wanting to go on
tasting the intoxicating perfumes which poured so copiously from the
moist tender orifice up between those silky young human thighs, but his
new mistress began to speak to him softly.

"I-I want to do something for you too, Prince. Would you lie down,
please. Lie down boy."

The big animal thought he was being reprimanded as he heard the
familiar command and he whimpered unhappily while his massive penis
retracted slowly back up into his belly in disappointment. Penny
quickly picked up his mood and began to speak to him more

"That's all right, boy, you've been a good dog. Now just lie down and
Penny will see that you never forget this day." And with that the naked
young coed gently pushed the animal down, saying once again: "That's
the boy, lie down."

hen Prince was lying on the grass, his head flat between his paws, the
girl almost had to laugh at the expression of childlike hopefulness on
his face as he looked up at her with his big brown dog-eyes. Dropping
down next to him on the soft turf, Penny squirmed around so that her
legs and loins were positioned next to his big head while her own head
and shoulders were down by the big animal's hind quarters. Now, the
scheming young woman thought, if he'll just do the rest ...

"Roll over, Prince, roll over," she commanded, giving a little shove
with her hands that pushed him over on his side. Drawing one of her own
legs up off the ground so that her thighs once again opened, baring her
still throbbing pussy between them, the dark-haired young beauty
wiggled her lush young hips closer to Prince's muzzle as he lay facing
her, almost pressing her genitals into the dog's questioning face.

"All right, Prince, do it again," she commanded in an excited voice.
"Lick my cunt just like you did before!"

Needing no further encouragement, the big animal once again buried his
massive head deep up between his young human friend's lewdly parted
legs and began to lap at the warm sex-juices flowing so freely from her
pleasure-filled vagina. For several moments Penny found herself unable
to move or think coherently as the well remembered flood of sensual
bliss paralyzed her every nerve. Then she remembered what she wanted to
do and she looked down hungrily toward the now flaccid sheath that hid
Prince's temporarily dormant penis. Yes, the gasping girl thought as
her belly jerked uncontrollably under Prince's ardent lingual caresses
below. She wanted to bring that giant red shaft of lustful animal
hardness out of its secret hiding place once again. She wanted to make
the handsome dog cum with her own hands, to see his hot sperm jetting
lewdly up from those fur-covered balls and out the pointed tip-end.

The depraved nature of Penny's desires added perversely to the already
tremendous thrills chasing one another up from her twitching cunt as
again and again Prince lapped hungrily over and through the swelling
vaginal mound, his burning tongue digging wetly between her pussy lips
and into her streaming vagina like a knife through warm butter. The
gasping Penny slid one of her hands up over Prince's hairy belly,
letting it glide sensuously deep down into the soft pit of his loins
before finally moving her questing fingers up over the lewdly bulging
sheath and squeezing firmly at the vestigial hardness beneath.

Prince whined sharply as the hot stimulation of his young human
companion's touch caused his penis to jerk uncontrollably deep up
inside his belly. Lying on her side so that her arms were free, the
increasingly excited girl slid her other hand up to join the first and
together they started to press and kneed at Prince's furry cock-sheath.
With a feeling of lustful triumph Penny could feel the hidden shaft
inside begin to stir and grow and the young wanton waited breathlessly
for the first appearance of that oddly exciting tip. To speed its
appearance, she reached back with one hand to her canine lover's
flaccid testicles and scratched lightly with her nails over their
sensitive surface, bringing another sharp yip from the surprised and
pleased German shepherd.

Never had the lust-filled animal expected this. His brief experience
with the more timid Victoria had led him to expect a more passive roll
from his human lovers, but the big dog was filled with pleasure by this
new turn of events. He could continue to steep his intoxicated senses
in the delightful tastes and perfumes coming from the pungent human
pussy-flesh throbbing so hotly under his lashing tongue and at the same
time have his own body bathed in sensual pleasure.

Penny kept up her obscene massaging of Prince's loins, never losing
track of the delightful sensations he was licking into hers. She could
feel a strong surging under her caressing fingers now and knew it would
only be a matter of seconds before she saw the first pink evidence of
Prince's arousal. Oh God, yes, the lewdly aroused young woman thought
to herself, here it comes now! And almost with a rush, the dog-penis
she had been bringing to life shot smoothly out, glistening red in the
clear daylight.

The staring young girl watched in round-eyed fascination as the
throbbing organ grew and grew under the pressure of her hands until it
had reached a truly unbelievable size. It was a moment before the
aroused young woman could bring herself to place her fingers directly
around the naked scarlet dog-flesh but when she finally did she found
it wet and slippery to the touch, lubricated with its own juices. With
a look of unnatural fascination the raggedly breathing young student
seized the throbbing organ directly and began to slide her hands slowly
up and down its burning length. Once again Prince whined loudly under
the girl's lewd ministrations but the pleasure-wracked animal never
once ceased licking at the wetly flowering orifice before him. This had
been a mind-bending day of sexual gratification for the astounded
animal, but the libidinal need in Prince's virile body seemed almost
undiminished as the whining animal reveled in these new pleasures.

For Penny too it was a special day. Many times before the precocious
young teenager had engaged in what she had at the time considered lewd
and forbidden acts. But the very obscenity and depravity of what she
was doing now - actively caressing the penis of an animal while it
licked her to completion --- filled the panting girl with wicked
feelings of sheer sensual lust. Her eyes fastened on that swollen red
animal member trapped so tightly between her pumping fingers as she
rhythmically pulled and jerked, sliding the moist scarlet flesh back
and forth over the rigid hot core beneath, wanting to be able to see
that hot canine sperm jetting forth.

What color would it be? she wondered. How much of it would come pouring
out? Would it look like a man's? All these salaciously exciting
questions burned in the young woman's lust-crazed brain as she pumped
madly on that massive stalk of flesh. And when that happened, when
Prince finally came, she wanted to cum too. Wanted to join the handsome
animal in one long wet orgasmic upheaval, both of them writhing
together in lust-debauched ecstasy.

Chapter 8

Back at the campus, Victoria had stayed in her room for nearly half an
hour, still kneeling naked and unhappy on the floor where she had given
herself to Ben Wright and his dog. Little by little, the sense of the
injustice she had done to the innocent campus guard when she threatened
him with exposure began to seep into her already guilt-ridden brain.
The older man had been a faithful friend, and how could she blame him
for losing control when he had come across her in a lewd and enticing
act of intercourse with his dog? Always eager to accept the blame, the
introspective young blonde felt that somehow she should apologize to
Ben, but how was she ever going to face him again after what had
happened today?

Looking up at the clock, Victoria saw that it was nearly one o'clock
and that soon Penny would be back from her class. That was just the
last thing she needed, the naked young student thought with a small
tinge of alarm: To have to make conversation with her effervescent
roommate. Deciding that it would be better to leave before Penny
returned, Victoria got slowly to her feet and moved to where she had so
heedlessly tossed her clothing when shamelessly stripping for Prince.

Stooping gracefully over, the shamed young student fished her wispy
bikini panties out of the tangled pile and pulled them slowly up over
her thighs, wincing a little as the narrow elastic crotch-band came
into contact with her sex-sensitive pussy lips. Victoria was now
surprised that the delicate area up between her legs was so tender
after the tremendous pounding she had received from Prince's huge
invading cudgel. Despite herself, Victoria could not suppress a thrill
as the memory of that wild animal ravishment came back to her.

The lovely young teenager pulled her sweater over her head, once again
not bothering to put on her brassiere, but a little annoyed that her
still stimulated nipples showed so sharply Trough the fabric. Victoria
started toward the door but decided she had better take a quick look at
herself in the mirror, just to make sure there was not some telltale
bit of guilt showing in her expression. Then with a shudder the
horrified young ex-virgin saw that her chin and throat still were
streaked with threads of Ben's dried cum. Rushing to the sink in the
room, the horrified girl scrubbed furiously at this last remainder of
her earlier willing humiliation, and then knew she had to get off by
herself someplace where she could think.

As she rushed blindly out the door, the disturbed young woman
automatically thought of her secret hiding place on the cliffs, where
she knew she could remain undisturbed for as long as she wanted.
Victoria headed straight there, not stopping to speak to the various
friends and acquaintances she passed on the way, wanting only to be
alone with the clean innocence of the wind and the sea.

Victoria rushed effortlessly up the steep paths and pushed past the
brushy barrier. She was just rounding the last curve on the cliff-side
before the hidden glade when she stopped dead, hearing the unmistakable
high whine of a dog. At first the surprised young woman almost turned
and fled back down the path, but curiosity made her hesitate. Was it
Prince over there? And what had made him cry out like that? My God,
maybe he was hurt, Victoria thought in sudden alarm, and quickly moved
forward, only to halt once again in her tracks as she was presented
with the lewd spectacle of the German shepherd and her shameless
roommate lying locked together in their lewd unnatural embrace. The
shocked young student's first reaction was one of horror, but then a
cynical voice from somewhere back in her brain reminded her that she
was not in a portion to be throwing stones. Indeed, the obscene image
before her captivated gaze could not help but bring back memories of
the deliciously exciting sensations that had wracked her own body just
an hour or so before.

Lustful flames of reawakened hunger began to flicker once again in the
newly aroused teenager's loins as she watched her beautiful dark-haired
roommate writhe sensuously under the onslaught of Prince's tongue. Once
again Victoria found herself captivated by Penny's smooth white

Penny spotted Victoria about this same time, but for nothing in the
world would she have given up the sheer sensual bliss she was
experiencing with her canine lover. Then to her surprise she saw her
golden-haired roommate coming slowly toward her to stand finally
several feet away and, wonder of wonders, Victoria started shedding her
clothes. A few seconds later the naked young blonde dropped down next
to the obscenely locked duo, snuggling her voluptuous cream-white body
up behind Prince's hairy back, her chin nestled close to his laboring
head. The big German shepherd seemed to know without looking who it was
that had joined them, because he never once ceased his furious licking
of Penny's by now wildly throbbing pussy.

Knowing that her own climax was near, the writhing Penny began to pump
her hands even harder at Prince's massively swollen cock, wanting to
see it spurt forth its own hot juices before she was too far gone to
watch it happen. Then to her complete amazement she felt gentle fingers
sliding over her own buttocks and up between her saliva-wet thighs as
Victoria breathlessly searched for her friend's tiny puckered anus.
Slowly, insistently Penny could feel her roommate's finger worming up
into the hot rubbery depths of her rectum, sliding in easily as Penny's
tight little orifice opened eagerly to it. When the thrusting finger
was as far in as it would go, the supposedly innocent Victoria began
ramming it in and out like a slender penis, adding a new dimension to
the already almost unbearable erotic delights convulsing the moaning

Just as she teetered on the edge of one of the wildest orgasms she
would ever experience, Penny felt the near-bursting dog-cock in her
hands begin a violent trembling and jerking. Seizing the twitching
member firmly in both hands, Penny squeezed and milked at it, actually
able to feel the first scalding rush of thick milky sperm rushing the
full length of the spasming member until it finally jetted forth in an
erotic fountain of life, spraying in sticky trails through the air to
lewdly cover her heaving breasts and belly. Sharp yelps of painful
pleasure came from Prince's throat as he continued faithfully to lick
the moaning young girl before him into new heights of frenzy.

This obscenely erotic sight, plus the licking of her pulsating genitals
and the finger twisting and thrusting so knowingly up into her rectum
pushed the maddened coed over the edge. The soaring enlightenment of
her orgasm thundered over the delighted brunette in brightly colored
waves of overwhelming sensation as her spasming hips churned forward in
mindless convulsions as old as time. The gasping and moaning young
beauty writhed nakedly in wild abandon on the grass, her two strange
lovers never ceasing their faithful stimulation of her loins until the
last shudder had passed from her body and she lay exhausted, staring
unseeingly up into the blue sky, dimly aware that Prince's depleted
cock was dwindling rapidly under her fingers. Penny glanced around
dizzily only to see the last of the beveled pink tip sliding once again
up into the animal's panting body. At the same time, Victoria's finger
slid from her expanded rectum with a slight viscous pop.

Prince got to his feet and happily licked Penny's face once or twice
before moving away a short distance across the clearing and stretching
out his pleased body on the grass. This left the two teenage roommates
facing one another, head to toe, their faces lewdly close to one
another's still-trembling young pussies. Penny looked over at her naked
blonde friend, marveling at the gorgeous young body laid out totally
unashamedly before her. In all the time they'd roomed together, Penny
had seldom got more than a glimpse of Victoria naked, for the more
prudish girl had always attempted to dress and undress as privately as
possible. The dark-haired girl stared openly now at Victoria's
stunningly beautiful breasts, her eyes fastening on the tiny pink
nipples that capped the milk-white mounds like glowing jewels. But it
was the nearly concealed gleam of the girl's pouting vaginal lips
shining through the golden fringe of pubic hair that most excited the
irrepressible Penny. Despite a little idle daydreaming, the otherwise
experienced brunette had never been this erotically close to another
naked girl before --- and, besides that, hadn't her supposedly frigid
roommate just a moment ago thrust her finger up Penny's ass and helped
her mount one of her best climaxes ever?

But something was clearly bothering the blonde girl, and Penny reacted
instinctively in her usual warm hearted way, even though a compelling
impulse was building in her to reach out and caress that lovely firm
young flesh spread out before her on the grass.

"What's the matter, honey? Are you sorry you did that?"

"Yes-no ... oh, I don't know anymore." Tears were beginning to shine in
Victoria's big blue eyes as she went on haltingly. "Before today I
thought I knew what was wrong and what was right, but suddenly the
whole world is turned upside down. I-I did something horrible earlier

"You mean because you let Prince lick you? But you did that the other
night too."

"How did you know?" Victoria asked in alarm, her eyes wide and
frightened as she looked up at her roommate.

"Well, it was pretty obvious something had been going on," Penny
answered. "And today when Prince started in on me like he knew what he
was doing ... well, I just knew."

"Oh," Penny said in embarrassed relief. "I was afraid somehow it had
got out and everybody might know. But there's something else," Victoria
added, blushing. "Ben Wright was there too, and I ... did something ...
disgusting to him ... I let him put his penis in my mouth and ..."

"You mean you sucked his cock!" Penny said with a whoop of delight. It
looked like her supposedly prim and proper roommate had facets Penny
had never even imagined. But Penny was immediately sorry that she had
spoken so abruptly, as she saw a look of shocked hurt come over
Victoria's face at her lewd choice of words.

"Take it easy, Vickie," Penny said gently. "What's happening to you is
only that a lot of things you had bottled for a long time are finally
coming out on their own. It's not what you do -you haven't done
anything all that horrible --- but the way you think about it." As she
spoke, Penny gently reached out one hand and began stroking Victoria's
breasts with it, being careful not to make any quick motions that might
alarm the more timid girl. The dark-haired young adventuress felt a
strange thrill run through her at the feel of the soft smooth feminine
flesh under her stroking fingers.

Something about the quiet tone of Penny's words kept the surprised
Victoria from jerking back away from her friend, and she could not help
noticing how good it felt as Penny's hand grew bolder and began
brushing over her tingling nipples.

"How did you ever get the idea of having Prince make love to you?"
Penny asked, preferring to keep Victoria talking.

"I-I, he just started," Penny blurted out, having difficulty
controlling her voice as Penny's fingers began to pay particular
attention to one of her hard-tensed nipples. Oh God, I have to stop
this now, the young blonde thought, trying to focus her erotically
drifting mind, but the words would just not come out.

"Listen, Vickie," Penny said in a low, almost hypnotic voice, once
again shortening Victoria's name affectionately. "I've known you for
some time now and I think that unless you let some of the pressure out
that's building up inside, you'll just split in two." Never stopping
her caressing of Victoria's creamy palpitating mounds, Penny continued.

"This thing with old Ben Wright. Do ... do you think you would want to
do that again?"

"I-I don't know. I think he frightens me a little."

"Well then," Penny continued, an exciting idea growing in her mind.
"Would you like it if I was there too? Ben could make love to both of
us, and you wouldn't have to let him do anything you didn't want him
to." Naturally voyeuristic, Penny found herself becoming strangely
stimulated at the erotic idea of seeing her beautiful roommate get the
hell fucked out of her by Ben's big cock, and from the bulge that often
pushed out the front of Ben's pants, Penny just knew that it was big.

"Oh, Penny, no, I could never do that!" Victoria exclaimed in horror,
but at the same time she could not deny the strange sensations of lust
that churned immediately through her seething insides at the forbidden
idea of being involved with Ben and her beautiful friend ... and maybe
Prince. The confused young girl's thoughts were not helped any by the
maddening way Penny was now rolling and tweaking her ultra-sensitive
nipples, causing her swelling breasts to rise and fall even more

"Look, Victoria," Penny said a little more firmly this time. "It's time
you face up to the fact that your pussy needs attention and unless you
do something about it, you're going to end up a classic neurotic case."
And with those words the emboldened Penny slid her hand lightly down
over Victoria's involuntarily contracting stomach and wriggled it up
between her girl friend's relaxed thighs before she could think to
clamp them together. Penny let her middle finger slip into Victoria's
hot little pussy slit, soaking wet and slippery from her already
freely-flowing sex juices, and then wiggled it in farther until she was
able to sink the tip of it about two inches up into her gasping
friend's scorching hot vagina.

The young blonde froze in shock, stunned almost as much by her friend's
lewd words as by the sudden irresistible stimulation of the finger
thrust tantalizingly up into her most secret parts. God, she thought in
a struggling mixture of horror and lust, Penny was actually finger-
fucking her vagina and it felt almost as good as when Prince had ...

"Did Ben fuck you too?" Penny hissed out erotically, wanting to know
all the salacious details but at the same time not wanting to move her
cuntally embedded finger for fear of frightening off the wide-eyed

"No," the gasping young blonde managed to utter. "But Prince did. He

"What!" Penny nearly shouted out. "He fucked you? You mean he does that
too?" And the young girl could feel an obscene heat building up in her
recently licked pussy that she knew would have to be quenched somehow.

"Why, yes, I thought you'd know. Didn't he ... here? With you?"
Victoria asked, surprised at her friend's reaction.

"Oh God, no," Penny groaned, "but I'm sure going to do something about
that. Promise me something, Victoria. If I lick your pussy-make you cum
--- will you help get Prince to fuck me?"

"L-Lick my pu ..." Victoria said in horrified fascination, already
half-dizzy from the wonderful tingling feelings of her companion's
finger as it moved in lewd little circles just inside the entrance to
her womb. Oh God, no, that was lesbianism ... all wrong ...

"Yes, I want to lick you until you go out of your mind. I've never done
it to a girl before but now I want to more than anything in the world.
And then I want Prince to fuck me while you help him."

Victoria felt enraptured, trapped by the intent look on her young
friend's face as they lay nakedly together in the sunny glen. Her
vagina was almost screaming out in its mad hunger and suddenly
something exploded inside this young girl who had first known true
sexual fulfillment only this morning. A long anguished shudder ran over
her lushly curved body and she said to her friend in a pleading tone:

"Oh yes, Penny, please! Do it for me, make me cum! Pleeeeaaaaasse ..."

Prince looked up sharply from his position a few yards away as he heard
Victoria's voice rise in a passionate moan. The big German shepherd
looked over at the two lovely naked bodies mat had given him so much
pleasure today, watching the blonde girl as she raised her top leg,
still lying on her side. This opened up that well-remembered garden of
delights nestling up between her tender thighs in much the same manner
as the other girl had readied herself for him a little while ago. In
ever-growing fascination the big dog saw Penny's dark head slowly lower
towards that golden triangle so freely offered, hesitate a moment and
then settle downwards with one cheek resting on Penny's thigh, her
mouth less than an inch from the other girl's wetly shining pussy.

With her head down between her roommate's widespread white thighs,
Penny stared in fascination at the slightly flushed cunt lips so near.
Letting her eyes feast on the narrow ribbon of glistening pink pussy
flesh nestled in between, aware that Victoria's damp curly pubic hair
was tickling her nostrils.

Oh, what a tempting sight, Penny thought to herself. Her friend and
roommate needed loving. Well, she would see that she got all she could
handle, and plenty for herself in the bargain too. Maybe soon Prince's
thick cock would be ramming up her own hungry cunt, but first she was
going to lose herself in Victoria's beautiful sensual body.

At the same time, foreign, never-before-experienced sensations were
whipping out of control through Victoria's quivering nerves, her belly
seething with perverse desire as she waited for the first hot contact
of Penny's mouth with her anxiously waiting vaginal flesh. It was
wrong-of course it was wrong. "Lesbianism" it was called, but right now
Victoria didn't care. Right across from her own eyes invitingly waited
Penny's own dark-shadowed loins, tiny drops of moisture seeping from
between the softly swelling pussy-lips, a faint tantalizing musky odor
blending with the sweet smell of the grass below. Later there would be
time to think of the feast nestling so near but now the expectant
blonde wanted only to watch as her friend burrowed her dark head a
little deeper between her thighs ... and then, oh God, the first
incredible ripplings of sensation shot up through Victoria's eager
loins and over her shivering belly from the warm puffs of breath as
Penny's lips grazed lovingly over her naked cuntal flesh.

A second later Penny's tongue shot out and played teasingly inside the
damp liquid slit that was a seething cauldron of need between
Victoria's trembling thighs. The excited young blonde demandingly
thrust her loins forward, trying to entice that little pink messenger
of bliss deeper up into her cunt, but the more experienced Ad withdrew
a moment before, once again letting her tongue shoot out, this time to
swab Victoria's sensitively pulsing clitoris.

"Ooooohhhh, God, aaahhhh," Victoria moaned, unable to keep silent. Her
breath gushed from her lungs with a hiss as Penny began to run her
tongue hotly up and down the full length of her roommate's pussy slit,
taunting over the opening up inside her, like some miniature, writhing

But Penny suddenly deserted the hot liquid depths and waited a moment
before lashing out and stabbing her tongue hard against Victoria's
quiveringly erect clitoris. Once more the writhing blonde cried out in
wild abandon, unable to control herself. That darting jabbing tongue
ran in obscene little circles around her almost painfully palpitating
little sensation bud, and then to her incredible delight Penny began to
suck at it, circling her lips around it in firm embrace while giving
soft little nips with her teeth.

Then once again back down the streaming valley of Victoria's cunt slid
the ravishing tongue, darting, shooting far up into the helpless girl's
steaming vagina, licking broadly over the whole flat-splayed area of
her writhing pussy, teasing at her blood-engorged clitoris. Tongue ...
tongue ... frantic tongue everywhere, driving new and incredible
sensations of delight into the lusting feminine flesh before it.

Squirming and moaning to the rapturous mouthing of her burning cunt,
Victoria mewled and cried out as ripples of fantastic sensation
spasmodically twitched her taut and quivering body. She began to pant
explosively, opening her legs as wide as possible and thrusting her
warmly secreting loins far forward to get the maximum contact with that
torturing spear of flesh. Penny too was gasping, yet never letting her
tongue lose contact with the seething mass of cuntal flesh before it,
with even her little nose buried deep into the warm moist depths.

That last lascivious realization was the final trigger needed to set
off Victoria's impending explosion, finally releasing the intolerable
pressure deep up inside her softly convulsing belly.

"Oooohhhh ... ooohhhh ... God, Penny! I-I'm going t-to ... cuuuuummmmm
... aaaaahhhhhhh!"

The last cry of the climaxing blonde trailed off into a choking wail as
ecstasy deluged her nakedly spasming body, the sleek muscles of her
belly sucking in like working bellows and then going rigid as wave
after wave of release buffeted her screaming insides into mindless
frenzy. Jerking, trembling, writhing, the delirious young woman seemed
lost in a timeless world of endless pleasure, and all this time Penny
never once stopped her ceaseless mouthing, refusing to end it, unable
to get enough of the hot sucking loins before her.

Chapter 9

Ben Wright held his bottle of whiskey up to the light. "Damn," he
grunted as he saw there was only one drink left. With a fierce scowl he
raised the bottle to his lips, tipping his head back to drain it dry.
Disgustedly, he tossed the empty bottle towards the wastebasket, not
caring that it hit the rim and bounced off, sliding across the linoleum
tile before finally clattering to a stop against the kitchen wall.

Ben rose a little shakily to his feet and started toward the door.
"Gonna go out and find my dog," he muttered to himself. "Fine state of
affairs when you can't trust your own dog. Damn mutt goes chasing off
wherever it wants."

Slamming the door behind him, Ben stood unsteadily in a moment in the
warm afternoon sunshine, blinking his watery eyes until they became
accustomed to the light. Then he set off with his heavy gait toward the
cliffs, which was where he believed his dog to be. As he walked, Ben
began to sweat. It was hard going at first with the load of whiskey in
him, but after a few minutes he found it easier going as the exercise
began to work the alcohol from his system.

When he finally got to the cliffs, Ben realized he didn't know where to
start looking, but he hated to give up without a try. He wandered back
and forth over several acres, listlessly calling the animal's name, but
there was no response. Nothing seemed to move up there. There was no
sign of life.

Finally, just as he was getting ready to call it quits and go back to
his room, Ben noticed a sandy trail with a clear set of dog prints
running down it.

"Aha, that's gotta be Prince. No other dog around here has paws that
big," Ben crowed triumphantly, and then began to follow the tracks. It
was easy going for a while, but soon the half-drunk old security guard
found his way barred by heavy brush growing across the trail, dear to
the edge of the cliff. It looked like the end of the chase, but the dog
tracks went right under the brush where it grew a little higher from
the ground. Swearing from a combination of anger and fear, Ben managed
to work his way around the edge of the brush, even though it meant for
a minute that there seemed to be nothing between him and a fatal fall
but the branches he was hanging onto.

But once around the other side there was no problem at all, and Ben
moved along swiftly, his head bent down so he could more easily see the

Meanwhile, unaware of their approaching uninvited guest, Penny and
Victoria were still bound tightly and lewdly together as Victoria
gasped out the last of her orgasm. Penny herself was fast nearing a
peak of almost unbearable excitement, as she continued to thrust her
tongue wantonly up into Victoria's throbbing pussy. She could sense the
warm dampness flowing down between her own hungering cuntal lips and
knew something would have to be done about it soon. Not wanting to give
up the liquid delights of Victoria's cunt, the dark-haired girl kept
her face buried between her blonde friend's thighs as she struggled to
her own knees, until she was positioned over Victoria in the familiar
"sixty-nine" posture, her loins posed over Victoria's face as the young
blonde lay on her back.

Penny heard Victoria whimpering underneath her as she continued to
tongue-fuck lewdly into her pussy. The young brunette waited in
patience, wondering if her innocent young friend would take the offer
of the cunt so blatantly displayed over her gasping mouth.

The sight of the dark-fringed cunt lips pouting down so attractively
near her face was indeed a tempting sight to the half-dazed young
woman. She knew what was expected of her and believed that she wanted
to do it, but for the moment she was incapable of the slightest
voluntary action. Still panting and shaking from the after effects of
her tremendous orgasm, Victoria could only stare up at the lewd feast
spread open above.

Prince was staring too. The big German shepherd had watched with
increasing interest as the two naked white bodies twisted and writhed
together. He had enough experience by now to know what was happening as
he heard the choked gasps and smelled the wonderful perfume of hotly
excited female vagina. Satisfied for the moment from the orgasm Penny
had given him with her hands, Prince had been content to lie and
observe. But when he saw Penny climb on top of her partner in a
position that left her buttocks jutting back toward him, the alert
animal remembered that this was the position Victoria had been in when
he had mounted her earlier in the day. Just the sight of those
beautifully rounded white mounds offered up to him in sensual display
was enough to cause new tremors to begin in the dog's testicles, and in
a minute his cock was once again standing out stiff and rigid from his
furry belly.

Victoria was the first to see his handsome lovable face above her own
as the big dog sniffed hungrily at Penny's obscenely displayed
genitals. His black nose moved in close and brushed lightly over
Penny's tight-puckered anus.

"Ooooooh, God!" Penny squealed. "Is that what I think it is!"

"I-It's Prince's nose," Victoria answered, a little disappointed that
Penny had broken contact with her vagina in order to speak.

"God, it's cold," Penny said with a little shiver. "He's sniffing me,
isn't he?"

"Y-Yes. I think he wants to ... to fuck you. He starts by sniffing and
then licking ..." Waves of lewd excitement shot through the young
blonde's brain. What a view she was going to have as Prince rammed his
heavy dog-cock into Penny's waiting vaginal slit. Right above her face!
Victoria never got to finish her sentence, but watched in awe as
Prince's long red tongue shot out and splayed itself lovingly across
Penny's vaginal mound, licking with one hot swipe clear up to her
rectum. Victoria could feel her friend jerk in reaction above her and a
sobbing gasp came from deep in the whimpering girl's chest.

"Oohhhhhh, God, reach up and put his cock into me, Victoria," Penny
lewdly cried. "I've just got to have it."

Victoria looked back along Prince's hairy belly and, sure enough, there
it was in all its glistening scarlet power, jutting starkly from its
protective sheath and growing longer and thicker every second. The
young blonde reached back eagerly, strangely excited to be a part of
this unnatural but familiar coupling. She took the huge organ between
her fingers, thrilling again to the hot slippery feel, the same as she
had experienced when placing this massive weapon in her own vagina
earlier in the day.

"Come on, come on, Prince. Fuck Penny just like you fucked me!"
Victoria urged, amazed that such words could be coming from her own
lips. Needing very little prompting, the eager animal danced in closer,
rearing up so that his front legs wrapped tightly around Penny's
slender waist, causing Victoria to gasp in frantic delight as she saw
his huge cock posed directly over her face, its beveled tip only half
an inch from Penny's hotly gaping pussy mouth.

"Oh, please," moaned the impatient Penny, moving her hips lasciviously
backwards to try and capture the hard probe she sensed there. "For
Christ's sake put it into me before I go out of my mind." The trembling
girl tried to look back down between her legs to watch Prince's cock go
into her needing hole, but all she could see were the twin mounds of
Victoria's swollen white breasts. Only now she could feel the first
searing contact of the massive organ that would soon impale her and she
raised her buttocks as high as possible, spreading her legs further
open at the same time.

"Now, now! He's going to fuck you, Penny! Hold on tight because he
plays rough!" And then to the dog, "Hump forward and fuck her, Prince.
Come on, fuck her good just like you fucked me!"

And that's just what the big dog did. Feeling his needle-tipped cock
catch at the opening to Penny's nibbling cunt, he instinctively rammed
forward, burying his dripping cudgel in one slithering rush far up into
the kneeling girl's hot little pussy. Animal style, he never gave the
young girl a chance to become accustomed to his huge presence but began
a fierce pumping of his powerful loins, thrusting his cock mercilessly
again and again into the soft flesh before him.

"Uuuuuunnnnhhh," Penny grunted in stunned surprise. Never before in her
whole life had she been so filled. It felt for a moment as if something
would have to tear open inside her to make room for that massively
invading club of flesh. But the young coed's experienced vaginal
muscles soon became accustomed to the jack-hammer-fast intrusions into
her hungry depths and set up an answering rocking motion of her sleek
young buttocks to meet the fiery challenge. It began to feel good,
better than anything the young girl had ever experienced before. She
barely had the presence of mind to once again bury her face between her
roommate's splayed thighs, wanting to get all the erotic stimulation
she could from this bizarre scene.

Below her, Victoria gratefully felt her dark-haired friend return to
the avid sucking of her tingling pussy, staring wide-eyed all the while
at the giant scarlet probe flashing in and out of her girl friend's
juicy cunt. Fascinated, the spell-bound girl watched Prince's cock pull
tiny tendrils of pink pussy-flesh out with it on the out-stroke and ram
them back up inside as the big animal crashed his hips forward for
stroke after stroke. Penny's vagina opened wider and wider, voraciously
trying to swallow every inch of that mighty animal shaft, right down to
the hairy balls that slapped with machine-like regularity against her
swelling clitoris.

All three of the lewdly coupled trio would have quickly come to orgasm,
but suddenly a mighty roar echoed through the little clearing.

"HOT ... DAMN!" Ben Wright bellowed out as he stood in unbelieving
wonder on the nearby path. My God almighty! he thought incredulously to
himself. This was no dog, but some kind of witch-sorcerer! Given a
couple of days the damn animal would fuck every one of the lovely young
cunts on campus! Ben didn't know whether to be proud or jealous of his
dog, as the animal stood humped over not one, but two beautiful naked
young students, his cock buried in the first while the other was
clearly trying to lick his hairy balls.

His roar had an immediate effect on Prince, who suddenly remembered
that his master was angry with him for running away. Hastily the big
German shepherd backed away from the warm twitching melange of female
flesh before him, his swollen cock dragging reluctantly from Penny's
throbbing pussy. Prince ran halfway across the clearing, his still hard
penis catching obscenely at little clumps of brush. Finally the
frightened animal lay down, trying to hide behind a small bush.

"Who took that lovely cock away?" Penny cried out in horror, then
looking around wildly she spotted Ben. "Ben Wright!" she shouted
accusingly. "You scared Prince away. You order him to come back here
right now and finish fucking me!"

Characteristically, Penny's reaction to the sudden intrusion into her
sex life had been free of fright and embarrassment. But not so with
Victoria. As soon as she realized they were not alone, the horrified
young girl tried desperately to squirm out from underneath her girl
friend's body, but could not get clear of Penny's arms and legs. And
Penny seemed to show no inclination to move.

The frustrated young brunette looked angrily around for Prince, but
when she saw the way he was crouched guiltily behind the ridiculously
small bush, she knew there would be no way to get him to mount her

That was when her attention turned to Ben. He was male all right, and
froth what Victoria had told her, the old goat wasn't above dallying
with the coeds. At the same time, she became aware of the furious
struggle Victoria was putting up as she tried to escape from

"For God's sake, Penny, let me up! I want to get my clothes on." Once
again Penny looked up and saw the hungry look on Ben's face as he took
a cautious step toward them. That was when the sudden, lewd, almost
sadistic idea hit Penny. Still holding Victoria down, she called out to

"Okay, you scared away our lover. Now you'll have to take his place."

Ben's jaw dropped as he heard this blatant invitation. But never one to
pass up opportunities, especially if it meant a drink or a fuck, the
big man began tearing madly at his clothes. Penny looked on in pleased
surprise as each flying garment showed her that, for his age, Ben had a
fairly decent body. But Victoria was not pleased at all. Looking up at
her friend, she asked in horror, "Penny, what are you doing?"

By now Ben was totally naked, and his huge penis was already rearing up
its swelling head like an angry cobra. Stroking his aroused member
lovingly, the lusting man approached the struggling girls a little
hesitantly, not quite knowing what was expected of him.

"Okay, Victoria, now calm down," Penny ordered and surprisingly the
young blonde did become quiet, impressed by the tone of command in her
friend's voice.

"Come over here, Ben," Penny said, and as Ben ambled over and squatted
next to them, Penny reached out and stroked his cock, sending it into
spasms of delight.

"Look, Victoria," Penny said in a reasonable tone as if she were
talking of the weather. "There's no point in pretending you haven't
seen this before. You told me that just this morning you were sucking
on it."

Waves of shame passed over the cringing blonde as she heard these
shameful words, but she could hardly deny their truth as Penny

"So far, your whole sex history includes being fucked by a dog, giving
a blow-job, and letting me lick your pussy. Wouldn't you like to be
fucked by a man? "

"No, I want to go home," Victoria half-sobbed.

"Take it easy, baby," Penny said even more gently as with one hand she
drew Ben and his lust-engorged cock even closer to Victoria's fear-
contorted face. With the other hand she began once again stroking her
roommate's lush breasts. Victoria was still so sexually aroused from
the erotic series of events that had marked this one day that she could
not suppress a tremor of delight rippling over her naked flesh.

"Remember the way I licked your pussy?" Penny crooned. "Remember how
good that felt?" She actually got a faint answering nod from the now
quiet Victoria. "And just imagine how good it would feel to have this
big cock shoved up inside you!" For the first time Victoria dared look
directly at Ben's huge swollen penis, only inches from her face. She
remembered the excitement she had felt this morning when it had spurted
its hot load of semen in her mouth. She remembered how it had felt as
Prince fucked up into her from behind at the same time. God, Ben's cock
was even bigger than Prince's. Could she take it up inside her? The
very act of forming this question in her innocent young mind was the
trigger that finally released a hot torrent of lust inside Victoria's
suddenly trembling body. It didn't help any either, the way Penny was
tweaking and pulling at her tingling nipples again.

"Oh God, yes...yes, I want it!" the young blonde suddenly blurted out,
knowing that once again her treacherous body had deserted her. But
there was no denying it. The events of the last hour, while they had
brought her to orgasm once under Penny's lashing tongue, had also
brought her to a peak of unfulfilled sexual hunger such as she had
never known before. Vivid images of Prince's huge glistening cock
fucking into Penny's pussy just inches from her own face flashed
luridly through her mind. Now a huge, beautiful powerful man's cock was
being offered to still her own burning need. Moaning pitifully the
hopelessly aroused young teenager felt her thighs fall mindlessly open,
exposing her fevered cuntal lips to Ben's lascivious gaze.

Knowing she had wont Penny squirmed quickly away from her friend's
heated body, unable to resist loving passing her hand once more over
Victoria's passion-damp pubic curls. She had done all she could, the
young dark-haired beauty thought. giving up. for the moment at least,
her own chance for sexual fulfillment from Ben's massive cock. But she
knew that this was a big moment for her friend and roommate, perhaps
one that would shape her whole sexual future. As Penny had said time
and time again, what Victoria needed was a good fuck!

Well, Penny thought, she was now going to see that she got one, and it
looked like Ben Wright was just the man for the job. The young brunette
watched in fascination as Ben scrambled quickly between Victoria's
welcoming thighs, not wanting the opportunity to slip by. Wasting no
time, he seized his hotly throbbing rod of flesh in one hand and
pressed it firmly between Victoria's well-moistened vaginal lips,
rubbing it up and down the full length of the wetly shining slit so
that the hard bulbous head would be well-lubricated.

Victoria looked up in panting expectation as she felt the throbbing
member finally poised at the entrance to her hungrily waiting vaginal
channel, while a rush of warm tenderness came over her as she looked up
at the big bear-like man hunched over her.

All Ben could think of was what a tight little cunt it was that spread
open so defenselessly before him. He would have to be careful not to
hurt his little friend. But it was a lot harder than he had imagined to
slip his obscenely swollen penis easily into that almost untried
vaginal passage. After a few experimental probes, Ben still found his
cock on the outside, looking in. Finally, staring down at the
quivering, hungering, moaning young blonde, lying nakedly exposed under
him, the head of his aching cock flattened against her pussy opening,
something snapped in the big man's mind. He had to have it and have it

A groan broke from Ben's throat and with a flick of his powerful hips
he buried his rock-hard penis half-way up into Victoria's cunt in one
cruel thrust.

"Aaaaaaagggghhhhh," the hopelessly impaled young blonde cried out in
pain as she felt that huge shaft thunder up into her unprepared cunt
... driving the helpless Inner flesh in rippling waves before it and
almost splitting her wide open. "Oh, please, please, you're hurting
me," she cried out.

But Ben was past hearing. Feeling that tight young flesh wrapped around
his naked cock. he shoved again. sinking in another inch. Once again
Victoria cried out in pain, begging him to stop, but sensing the
nearness of his complete victory, Ben set up a slow rocking motion with
his body, his cock sinking in another fraction of an inch with each
movement. Soon it was sunk all the way to the hilt up between her
quivering legs, and the sweating Ben could feel his balls slapping
against Victoria's tender young anus as he began to extend the length
of his thrusts into the helpless body beneath until his hips were
churning like a pile driver.

By now his young blonde victim was slowly becoming used to his heated
presence deep up inside her belly as her almost virginal vagina slowly
flowered open in a belated welcome. It was beginning to feel to the
young girl like it had this morning when she had reacted so powerfully
to Prince's fucking. Almost without warning her arms and legs snaked
out to wrap tightly up around Ben's laboring form while her suddenly
burning hips began to undulate in wanton abandon under the tremendous
fucking Ben was pouring down into her from above.

"Oh, yessss," she shamelessly crooned, not caring who might be
listening. "Fuck me, lover. Shove your hard cock all the way into my
belly." These lewd words from the lovely teenager writhing below his
plunging loins almost drove Ben mad with increased lust. Digging his
naked toes into the grass, the raggedly breathing security guard rammed
his rod of lust-swollen male flesh again and again into the moist
cuntal softness with all the strength of his body, reveling in the
tortured moans of the wildly excited young beauty below him.

Penny knelt a little to one side of the laboring couple, her eyes
shining as she watched Ben's massive cock slithering in and out of her
flailing friend's hot pink pussy, wishing that somehow she might become
a part of the lewd action. Then looking up, she noticed that Prince had
now come out from behind the bush and was watching with fascination as
his master fucked the blonde girl, his long dog-tongue lolling hungrily
from between his jaws. Clearly the big animal was still sexually
aroused, having been unable to finish his coupling with Penny.

For a moment, Penny thought of having the animal mount her so that her
own raging vaginal need could be stilled. Then an idea hit her, the
most lewd and obscene idea she had ever had!

The young brunette got to her feet in all her naked beauty and moved
around so that Ben could see her but Penny could not. It took her a
moment to capture his gaze since he was pouring all his strength and
concentration into the writhing moaning young female beneath his own
throbbing body, but finally he noticed the gesticulating Penny. He
looked up in bewilderment as first she indicated the watching Prince
and then did a little pantomime suggesting that Ben roll over on his
back, taking Victoria with him. Then she pointed to the dog again and
to her own buttocks and then back to the unheeding Victoria. It took
Ben a moment to understand what she wanted him to do, but finally a
shocked comprehension came over his face, followed by a look of pure
flaming lust as the depravity of her suggestion sank in.

Quickly Ben wrapped his arms around Victoria's body and rolled over on
his back so that she was suddenly astride him, lewdly impaled on his
massive fleshy cock.

"Wh-What?" the surprised young girl gasped out in surprise. But then
she felt Ben thrust up into her from below and a look of pure sensual
bliss came over her pretty face. Delighted with this new sensation, the
gasping young blonde began to slide her throbbing cunt wildly up and
down Ben's pleasure-giving penile shaft, driving it up as far inside
her as she could while at the same time writhing her hips lasciviously
from side to side. The incredible new sensations of pure sensual bliss
she was deriving from this new and exciting position kept the young
girl from noticing that Penny was dragging the at-first reluctant
Prince forward by the collar. Finally the grinning girl had forced the
big animal's head right up to Victoria's churning buttocks.

Familiar sensations began to boil in the nervous German shepherd's
loins as once again his nose was held close to the hot musky loins of a
fully aroused human female. But at the same time the memory of his
master's previous anger made the faithful beast wish he were somewhere
else. Sensing this, Ben looked up straight into his pet's eyes.

"Go ahead, Prince," the big man encouraged. "Come on, get up, get up on
top of her." And at the same time he motioned to the animal to mount
the invitingly spread buttocks before him. This was almost too much of
a contradiction for Prince to stand, but lust overcame caution. With
his master's anger apparently no longer a real threat, the big dog
moved forward and thrust his cold nose right up against Victoria's
tightly puckered anus, sniffing experimentally.

"Wh-What's that?" the young blonde blurted out in surprise.

"Relax, baby, it's just Prince. He's gonna fuck you too," Ben said
huskily, never ceasing his wild ramming up into the Voracious young
pussy above.

"Too? What do you mean, too? Why, there's no place left back there
except ..." A sudden look of horror came over her face as full
realization suddenly struck. "Oh God, no. You're not going to let him
fuck me in the asshole! Ben, Penny ... please! He's too big. He'll tear
me open!"

But wicked little thrills of expectation were already rippling over
Penny's flesh as she breathlessly awaited Prince's next move,
voyeuristic lust overcoming her friendship for her frightened roommate.
And as for Ben, the very thought of his pet fucking this tender young
beauty in the ass while he had his own cock sunk deep in her hot little
pussy was sending uncontrollable bolts of new energy through his tiring

"Take it easy, baby," he wheezed. "You survived it in the cunt this
morning. Just don't fight it and it'll be all right."

"No, no, no!" Victoria wailed in fright, but it was too late. Ben held
her down with his powerful arms wrapped tightly around her while at the
same time he rammed his pelvis up against hers, elevating her rounded
ass-cheeks even more before the waiting Prince. With a shudder of
terror, the young student felt the eager German shepherd mount her, his
forelegs settling familiarly around her waist. Once again the young
woman sensed the dog's tapering hardness trailing between her thighs
but knew that this time there was no place for it to go but into her
defenseless rectum. The tip caught unnervingly at the tight rubbery
anal opening and wormed the slightest bit up inside. Victoria caught
her breath barely in time as, sensing his goal, Prince rammed forward
hard and then harder into her vainly resisting anal entrance. Like a
driven stake, the hot inhuman probe thrust deep inside the rubbery
depths, probing heavily at Victoria's trembling belly.

"Aaaauuuugggghhhh," the shocked blonde student gurgled to this inhuman
impalement, pain screaming through her defenseless young body. Twisting
her hips desperately, the agonized young woman tried to shake the
invading lance from her body, but all to no avail. Both Ben and his dog
held her pinned sadistically between them and the cringing girl knew
that she had no choice but to endure this humiliating agony as both man
and dog fucked mercilessly into her forever-stretched twin passages.

Babbling in pain, Victoria heard the lustful grunts of both her
ravishing males turn into deep-throated whimpers as they began to fuck
up into her with a pounding regularity. Only the fact that she had
already been tremendously aroused permitted the doubly impaled young
girl to stand it at all. And then, to her own amazement, the shattering
pain of the unnatural presence in her rectum began to subside, slowly
replaced by the first stirrings of heightened pleasure. At the same
time she became aware of the perversely erotic thrill of being fucked
at the same time by a man old enough to be her father, and by a rutting

The trapped young girl let herself become fully aware of the great
throbbing dog-cock sliding relentlessly in and out of her aching
rectum, plunging far up into her virginal nether depths to rub lewdly
against Ben Wright's own thrusting cock in her vagina, the two massive
organs separated only by the thinness of membranes. Almost without
realizing it, the newly aroused young blonde found her body trying to
match the tempo of man and dog as they fucked rhythmically up into her
squirming depths. Worming down hard on Ben's cunt-impaling shaft she
could at the same time feel Prince's heavy balls slapping against her
buttocks each time the big animal completed another burning thrust up
into her very bowels. Little moans and whimpers of pleasure began to
replace the young student's groans of pain as she felt both plundering
male organs continue to grow and swell as they pounded pitilessly up
into her searing wet holes.

Just a few feet away, the strangely smiling Penny stood watching the
fruits of her obscene idea, unable to tear her eyes away from the lewd
sight of those two rigid shafts of male flesh, the one human and white,
the other canine and bright scarlet, as they pinned the now wildly
gyrating Victoria between their savage forward lunges. Covetously she
watched Ben's heavy-veined member disappear up between her friend's
full white thighs, only to reappear again slippery and glistening with
her cuntal juices. But even more lust-inciting was the sight of
Prince's glowing animal shaft hammering into Victoria's tender young
anus, pulling tiny ridges of rubbery pink flesh out with it on the out-
stroke and then shoving it fluidly back up inside as the dog's hairy
loins bucked forward again.

The watching young nymph's fingers automatically strayed downward
toward her own aching pussy as she watched the obscenely firing scene
before her, but she knew her fingers would not be adequate to quell the
fire that raged there. No, she needed more. She needed to become a part
of the writhing frieze of bodies tangled in shared depravity on the

Quickly the lovely young brunette moved in close, spreading her slender
thighs wide as she straddled Victoria's back, facing Prince. Arching
her back and thrusting her loins forward at the surprised animal as she
had done earlier, the panting young woman reached down and parted her
lewdly offered pussy lips with her own fingers at the same time
directing an urgent plea to the already occupied German shepherd.

"Please, Prince. Lick my cunt again ... Make me cum ... make me a part
of this."

The faithful animal looked up once at the pleading face above and then
obediently thrust his great head forward to lap hungrily at the hair-
fringed honey-nest before him.

Throwing back her head in abandoned joy, the dark-haired young beauty
completed the pyramid of lust and pleasure that had built up so
obscenely in the secluded glade. Ben looked up from below, twisting his
head a little to the side so he could see around Victoria's laboring
shoulder, letting his eyes travel up Penny's slender shapely legs to
where his dog's great tongue was slavering at the soft flesh between
her firm young thighs. The old lecher knew that never again would he
think back with envy to the old days of his youth. This was the
consummate experience of his life, and he knew if he lived to be a
hundred he would never be able to better this moment. Two ravishingly
beautiful young girls hovered above his pleasure-saturated Moody, one
impaled on his throbbing cock as his cock fucked into her from behind,
while the other stood above him like some naked goddess, wildly
thrusting her streaming cunt against the dog's slavering muzzle.

Unable to take his eyes from the living statue of quivering flesh that
was Penny, he saw her legs begin to tremble as she quickly reached
fulfillment. Then her belly sucked in sharply as the first searing
pangs of her orgasm clutched at her seething insides. Prince began to
lick more eagerly as the bucking jerking girl's cuntal secretions
gushed from her spasming cunt to trickle down onto Victoria's back
below. As the lust-inciting fluids of Penny's orgasm flooded his dog's
senses, his own impending explosion was triggered deep in his hairy
balls. Whimpering, he made one last mighty thrust forward and began to
empty his hot animal sperm into Victoria's tightly clutching rectum,
causing her to cry out in unbridled passion as she felt the first
burning onrush of his obscene animal cum.

"Aaaahhhh, lovers ... fuck me! I can feel both your beautiful cocks
inside me ... Faster, faster ... cum in me!" And then it happened!
"Aaahhiiieee ... Now ... Nooowwww ... I'MMMMM cuuummmiiinnng!"

Enchanting spasms of immeasurable joy wracked the climaxing girl's
seething loins as she felt Prince's scorching jets of hot animal semen
flooding her rectum. She was able to sense every contraction of his
long thick cock as it rifled its load deep up into her convulsing anus.
Then Ben gasped below, swearing obscenely as Victoria plunged her
milking cunt down onto his towering hardness, holding his cock
completely absorbed inside her clutching vaginal passage. As the lust-
maddened girl undulated her naked hips in furious circles, Ben's huge
shaft began pumping thick fiery jets of semen far up into her nakedly
absorbing belly.

Holding both cocks fast with her abdominal muscles, the wildly moaning
blonde student milked and sucked at the two spurting male organs until
they both finally slithered from her gushing cunt in depleted
exhaustion. At last the moaning girl fell forward, half conscious, her
full white breasts flattening against Ben's chest. And dark-haired
Penny collapsed on the grass right next to the gasping couple, her arm
around the German shepherd's powerful neck. It was a long time before
the instigator of this incredible afternoon could finally speak.

"I always said you needed a good fuck, Victoria."


There was a lot more that afternoon, up on the cliffs over the blue
Pacific. Penny was able to tease and cajole the two males into hardness
again, this time to take her as they had taken her roommate. Finally
evening stole away the warmth of the sun and the satiated quartet
slowly dressed and returned to the campus. But not to their old lives.

Ben seemed different to the two girls. Somehow younger and stronger,
with a fierce pride they had never seen in the campus cop before. From
that day forward his drinking diminished and he seemed filled with a
new lust for life.

Victoria stopped her nervous outbursts and her already lovely body
seemed to blossom even more, now that it knew the full meaning of
sexual fulfillment. Even Penny changed, being less desperate in her
age-old search for men. For now she had the constant attention of two
powerful males who were willing at any time to quench her need. In fact
sometimes, the young coed had to beg for mercy.

And Prince? The big German shepherd never again left his master's side,
happy to share with him the ever-growing circle of young girls who
gravitated to them, young girls entranced by the whispered rumors that
circulated in the dormitories. For several years Ben and his dog
remained on the campus before the old security guard finally retired,
secure in the knowledge that there were scores of pretty young women,
graduates of Seaside College, always ready to welcome Prince and him
into their homes, wherever he might wander.

The End


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Very well written, I learned a lot new words :)

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That was fucking hot. Would love to have an experience like that.

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