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A story I found on the net and wanted to share
Auntie's Dog Days by Ray Todd

Chapter 1

Jimmy Martin was kicking a small rock along in front of him as he
slowly walked down the street with his twin sister, Amy. The two kids
had gone over to the local playground for the afternoon, but, finding
no other children there, they were reluctantly ambling back to their
uncle's house.

Because their parents had gone on a company-sponsored three-week
Caribbean cruise, the children were temporarily staying with Uncle Paul
and Aunt Alice, and they were bored silly. They didn't know any kids in
this town, and they wished they were back home.

Another thing that griped the two youngsters was that Aunt Alice made
them do a few chores around the house. When they were home, their
mother never gave the two little brats anything to do, and they
resented their Aunt's bossy orders.

"Shit," Jimmy mumbled to his sister as he gave the rock another short
kick. "What'll we do back at the house?"

"Hell, I dunno," sighed Amy. "Aunt Alice will probably find some dumb
job for us to do."

"I know it," he grumbled. "I wish we were home."

Resenting their aunt, the disgruntled twins kept muttering to
themselves as they slowly headed toward the house. Walking side by
side, Jimmy was about an inch taller than his sister. They were cute
little freckle-faced redheads, and Jimmy was extremely well-built for
his age. Pretty little Amy was just starting to sprout a pair of lemon-
sized tits that pointed out saucily under her T-shirt.

Entering the house through the kitchen door, they saw Max, their
uncle's big Labrador retriever sprawled out on the floor. They were
just about to go into the living room when they heard loud giggling
coming from the den down the hall.

"Oh, honey," they heard Aunt Alice pant. "You shouldn't be fucking
around with me in the middle of the day."

"Why not?" demanded their uncle's voice.

"Because you're making me all hot and horny," giggled their aunt.

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing," she answered. "But the kids might walk in and find us."

"They've gone over to the playground," they heard their uncle say.

Curious to see what was going on, they tiptoed down the hall and peeked
through the partially-open doorway. Both of their mouths dropped open
with shock when they saw their aunt and uncle standing in the middle of
the room. He had his wife's skirt up above her hips, and his fingers
were excitedly goosing into the soft crack between her panty-clad
asscheeks as he writhed against her like a rutting animal.

The children could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Aunt Alice
reach down between their squirming bodies and grasp his cock through
the material of his pants.

"Oh, give it to me, honey!" she sobbed. "Piss on the kids! Give me this
big, hard prick! "

Feverishly pulling and squeezing on his thick cock, the blonde woman's
entire body was trembling with anticipation.

"Hurry!" she panted excitedly. "Pull your goddamn cock out!"

When he didn't respond quickly enough, the insanely-aroused woman
jerked down his zipper and delved into his open fly.

"God, that thing feels good!" she hotly whispered, passionately kissing
him with her moist, parted lips as she curled her fingers around the
throbbing length of his thick, hard prick.

Staring excitedly at the man and woman, the twins watched Aunt Alice
pull their uncle's cock right out of his pants. This was the first hard
prick that Amy had ever seen, and she was fascinated by the contrast of
his milky-white shaft against his big purple cockhead. The amazed,
little redhead could feel her cunt getting all hot and wet as she
watched Aunt Alice's hand slowly sliding the thick, rubbery foreskin up
and down over the throbbing length of his huge boner.

"Goddamn!" gasped Jimmy as the woman released his uncle's prick and
threw herself down on the couch.

"Paul," she whispered, spreading her legs to expose the scanty, blue
panties that just barely covered her cunt. "Would you like to eat my
hot, little pussy?"

Slowly walking toward where his wife was spread out on the sofa with
her skirt pulled up above her ass, Uncle Paul's thick cock was waggling
in front of him through his open fly. The horny blonde opened her
creamy thighs even wider for him as he dropped to his knees between

"What's he gonna do?" Jimmy whispered to his sister.

"Shit, I dunno," giggled Amy. "It looks like he's gonna kiss her pissy

Inhaling the heavenly scent of his wife's cunt, Paul began running his
tongue up and down, licking at his beautiful wife's oozing pussy
through the thin material of her panties. Her tasty little pussy was
leaking her hot fuck-juices into the crotchpiece of her scanty briefs
as she excitedly squeezed his handsome face between her deliciously-
naked thighs.

"Take them off, darling," she passionately whispered. "I want your
tongue deep in my cunt."

Staring excitedly, the twins watched Uncle Paul hook his fingers into
the waistband of her panties and pull them off as she arched her hips
up to assist him.

"Look at that!" gasped Jimmy, gazing at the first woman's pussy he'd
ever seen.

Aunt Alice's cunt was wet with desire, fringed with a growth of soft,
golden hair. The lips of her slippery pussy were spread open like the
petals of a dew-covered flower. Staring at her beautiful cunt, Jimmy
could feel his own hard boner throbbing in his pants. He watched the
hot juices leaking out from her oozing pussy.

"Wow!" whispered Amy when her uncle started licking Aunt Alice's naked

"Oh, yes! Yes!" the beautiful woman squealed, her body shuddering with
excitement. Alice began grinding her swampy pussy up against his
feverishly-licking mouth in slow, sensuous circles, mashing her
slippery crotch all around his tongue and lips. The man's nostrils were
flaring from the pungent fragrance of her steamy pussy.

"Lick me deeper," whimpered the writhing woman. "Tongue-fuck my cunt."

Paul began swirling his tongue around deeper, lapping greedily at the
slippery walls of her lust-slickened inner flesh. Softly moaning with
excitement, the wildly-aroused man plunged his tongue in as far as it
would reach, his nose rubbing against the damp curls around her oozing

"Oh, yes, darling!" she squealed. "That's the way to eat cunt!"

Trying to hold his frantically-writhing wife still, Paul cupped the
soft cheeks of her ass in his palms and teasingly ran the tip of his
tongue up along the length of her pussy until it reached her clit.

"EEEEEEEEGGGHHH!" she screamed, her entire body shivering from the
electric-like contact.

Knowing how much his horny wife was enjoying his expert tongue-fucking,
he continued rhythmically stroking her clit with his experienced
tongue. The sensitive, little bud was stiff and hard as he rolled her
clit around between his lips. She trembled and shuddered.

Moaning loudly, the horny woman rubbed her sopping cunt all over her
husband's face. She could feel his fingers digging into the soft flesh
of her asscheeks as he slurped hungrily on her ravished pussy.

"Oh, Paul!" she suddenly cried, pushing his face from between her legs.
"I wanta be fucked!"

"" he gulped.

"Yes, goddamn it, right now!" she cried, starting to strip her clothes

"But suppose the kids come home," he panted, staring at his
deliciously-naked wife.

"Fuck the kids," she panted. "I wanta be fucked with that beautiful,
big cock of yours."

Being just as hot to fuck as she was, Paul began rapidly removing his
own clothes. When he finally had them all off, he moved over to where
she was spread out on the couch.

"Get on your hands and knees," he whispered. "I'm gonna fuck you silly
before we're through."

"Oh, yes," she panted, quickly assuming the position he'd suggested.

"Here comes my prick," he whispered hotly, grasping her hips as he
knelt behind her. "Are you ready?"

"Fuck, yes!" panted the passionate, aroused woman. "Stick your cock in

She began softly moaning with anticipation when she felt the hard, hot
head of his prick probing between her wetly-flowering cuntlips. He was
going to fuck her just like a dog fucked a bitch in heat, and the
thought of fucking like that further excited the horny woman.

"Goddamn," Jimmy whispered breathlessly as they watched. "He's really
gonna fuck her."

"In her asshole?" asked Amy.

"Shit, no, dummy," he giggled. "He's gonna fuck her pussy from behind
like dogs do it."

From the way Aunt Alice was grinning as she wriggled her ass back
against their uncle, the kids could tell she really liked what he was
doing to her.

Staring excitedly, the twins watched him grasp Aunt Alice's ass a bit
more firmly and lunge forward. Straining to get a better view, the
breathless youngsters watched his big blue-veined cock sink into the
woman's gold-fringed pussy.

"Wow!" gasped Amy.

"Jeez!" panted Jimmy watching bug-eyed as their uncle's throbbing cock
slipped into Aunt Alice's well-stretched pussy. The youngsters could
hardly believe their eyes when his big, thick prick completely vanished
up her dripping cunt.

"Oh, shit!" they heard their aunt moan with joy. "That's such a nice,
big prick!"

"And you're so nice and tight," whispered Uncle Paul.

"Now fuck me good, honey," the kids heard her urge him. "Just fuck the
shit out of me."

Wanting to please his horny wife, Paul began fucking her for all he was
worth, showing absolutely no mercy as he pounded his enormous cock in
and out with all his power.

Feeling something brushing against her leg as she excitedly watched,
Amy glanced down and saw Max, the Labrador retriever, standing next to
her. The animal had obviously heard the noise and had come to see what
was going on. Thinking what a beautiful dog Max was, Amy turned her
attention back to her aunt and uncle.

Excitedly staring, the twins were carefully watching every detail.
Jimmy had a painful hard-on as he watched his uncle's thick prick
gliding in and out between Aunt Alice's slick, slippery cuntlips. It
was exciting to watch the beautiful woman's big, dangling tits swaying
beneath her chest as he violently fucked into her, his big, lusty balls
slapping noisily against her cute, wriggling ass. Listening to Aunt
Alice's squeals of rapture, the kids could see thick cunt-cream oozing
out around their uncle's wildly plunging cock. His hairy belly was soon
drenched with the hot juices that were splattering out of her cock-
stuffed pussy.

"AAAAAAAHHHH! OOOOOOH!" she shrieked with joy as his enormous prick
pounded deep into her writhing cunt.

Wildly waving her ass around, the beautiful woman was frantically
rotating her slick pussy back around the length of his plunging cock.
There was a crazy grin of lust on her face as the horny blonde knelt
beneath her husband's wildly-humping body.

"Boy!" giggled Jimmy, rubbing his hard-on through his pants. "She
really likes his cock."

"She sure does," Amy agreed, feeling all hot and wet between her own
trembling legs. "I wonder what fucking feels like."

"I dunno," panted her brother as he stared excitedly at the way his
uncle's prick was zipping in and out of the woman's slippery cunt "But
it sure looks like fun."

Jimmy had jacked off enough to have an idea of how it would feel, and
he suddenly wished it was his own hard cock streaking in and out of
Aunt Alice's pussy. Thinking how hot and juicy his aunt's cunt looked,
the young boy could almost feel his hard prick fucking in and out of

"What are you doing that for?" asked his sister.

"What do you mean?" he asked, not realizing that he was playing with

"Why are you rubbing the front of your pants?" she innocently asked.

"Because I got a hard-on," he answered.

"Like Uncle Paul has?"

"Yeah," Jimmy said with a grin, lustily rubbing his erection through
his pants.

"Can I see it?" his sister asked.

"Of course not," he answered, getting more and more excited as he
watched his uncle fucking his big, bloated cock into Aunt Alice's hot
juicy hole.

Amy was just as excited as her brother. The sight of her uncle's big
juice-smeared cock had made her all hot and itchy between her legs. She
couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to have Uncle Paul's big
prick zipping in and out of her own wet, little cunt. His cock looked
awfully big, but from the way Aunt Alice was acting, it sure must feel

Completely out of her mind from the intense pleasure she was feeling,
Alice was passionately slamming her ass back, trying to force more and
more of Paul's big cock into her fiery cunt.

"AAAAAAHHHH! OH, YES!" she squealed as his massive prick pounded deeper
and deeper into her churning pussy. "FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK ME GOOD!"

"Jesus Christ!" he panted to her. "I've never seen you as hot to be
fucked as you are today!"

"You haven't seen anything yet," she hysterically giggled. "I'm gonna
fuck your cock off before I'm finished with you."

"Good!" he gasped, pounding his prick even deeper into her hot slippery
cunt. "I hope you fuck me to death!"

"I'm gonna give it a try!" she panted, passionately rotating her hot
cunt around the steaming length of his plunging cock.

Hearing all these dirty words, the excited youngsters looked at each
other and giggled.

"COME ON, PAUL!" they heard aunt Alice squeal as she writhed under
their uncle's thundering assault. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me harder! Oh,
God, harder...harder! That's the way, honey...Fuck me...FUUUUCK

Watching and listening to their aunt and uncle, both kids independently
decided that fucking must be the most wonderful thing in the world.
Little Amy was getting hotter and wetter in her cunt as she watched
Aunt Alice slam her ass back against her uncle's belly, trying to get
even more of his big, thrusting prick into her steamy cunt.

The twins' eyes almost bugged out of their heads as they saw the
woman's slippery juices spurting out around his thick, plunging cock.


Frantically increasing the tempo of his strokes, Paul felt that
glorious buzzing sensation deep in his balls and knew his climax was
only moments away.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" his beautiful wife squealed, raising her ass higher
in the air, exposing the full creamy length of her pussy to his
pounding prick. "Fuck it to me, honey! I'm gonna come! Fuck me! FUCK

The delicious ecstasy was almost more than Alice could stand as his
fantastic boner slammed deeper and deeper into her cunt, the rigidity
of it sawing gloriously against her tingling clit.

"OOOOOOOH!" she shrieked, exploding into a wild climax as she felt her
husband's hot fuck-cream gushing out of his big, exploding cockhead.
"Cream me good, honey! Squirt me good! Fill me with jizz! I'M COMING!"

Shuddering violently, the beautiful woman was frantically screwing her
spasming cunt back tighter around the thick base of his belching
cockshaft, thrilled with the huge amound of cum that he was pumping
into her squirming pussy. Kneeling beneath him as he pumped her glowing
cunt full of fuck-juice, Alice was enjoying the most intense orgasm
she'd ever experienced.

When he'd emptied the last drop of cum into her, Alice collapsed flat
on her stomach with Paul on top of her, his cock still buried in her
cum-fliled cunt.

"God!" she panted. "I never dreamed any fuck could feel that good!"

Not wanting to be caught watching their aunt and uncle, the twins
scurried back down the hall, dragging Max with them.

"My God, look at that!" gasped Jimmy, pointing to the big dog when they
were in the kitchen. "He's got a fuckin' hard-on."

Glancing down under the big Labrador retriever's sleek, black belly,
Amy could hardly believe the size of the long, red cock that was
thrusting out from the animal's furry sheath.

"Holy shit!" she gasped in awe. "I didn't know Max had such a goddamned
big prick."

"Neither did I," agreed Jimmy. "And I didn't know he was such a horny

Chapter 2

After her husband had gone to work the next morning, Alice thought
about the wonderful fuck she and Paul had had. She sat at the table
watching the children finish their breakfast. As always happened the
day after a good fuck, she was in an extremely horny mood. Sitting with
nothing on except a thin dressing gown, Alice could feel the hot juices
oozing out from her cunt.

Waiting for Amy and Jimmy to finish their breakfast, she kept glancing
over at Max, sprawled out on the floor. Looking at the animal's sleek,
black coat, she could hardly wait for the children to go outside and

"May I be excused, Aunt Alice?" said Amy when she'd eaten the last of
her cereal.

"Certainly, dear," Aunt Alice replied with a smile. "What are you going
to do today?"

"I guess we'll go over to the playground," said Jimmy, getting up from
his chair. "There's nothing else to do around here."

As soon as they'd gone, Alice snapped her fingers, and the big Labrador
got up and walked over to her.

"That's a good dog," she whispered, petting his broad head as the
animal pushed his nose up between her bare legs. "Am I gonna get a nice
hot fuck this morning?"

As if the big dog understood what she said, he vigorously wagged his
tail as he sniffed his nose around in her blonde bush.

Getting up from the table, Alice walked upstairs with the dog trotting
right along beside her. As soon as they were in her room, the horny
woman removed her dressing gown and sprawled out crosswise on the bed
with her legs hanging over the side of it.

"Come on, Max, honey," she whispered, spreading her thighs for him.
"Are you gonna eat mama's hot little cunt?"

Excitedly wagging his tail, the big dog moved toward her. With her bare
ass perched on the edge of the bed as she lay back with her legs spread
wide, her juicy cunt was exposed to the excited animal. The depraved
woman had been fucking with the beautiful, big Labrador for over two
years, and the dog knew exactly what to do.

A shudder raced through her deliciously-naked body when she felt his
cold, black nose on the sensitive flesh of her hotly-oozing slit.

"Oh, sweet doggy," she softly moaned when the animal swiped his hot,
wet tongue up the length of her cunt.

As always happened after he had his first taste of her cunt-juices, the
animal went wild. Shaking and whimpering, he was soon flashing that
incredible tongue all around in her cunt, reaching into the very core
of her sensuality. Each plunge of his tongue was carrying her to new
heights of ecstasy. He licked the woman into a writhing frenzy.

"Holy shit!" she squealed, lewdly spreading her naked thighs wider
apart to give him more room. "That's it, Max! Eat me out, you fuckin'

His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as he feverishly licked and
lapped her steamy pussy. Feeling this unbelievable ecstasy down between
her legs, Alice was unconsciously squeezing her big, full tits in her
hand, her fingers teasing and pulling on her hard nipples.

"Oh, goddamn!" she moaned, feeling the walls of her insanely-aroused
cunt involuntarily contracting around the length of the dog's deeply-
plunging tongue. "That's it, baby! Lick my fuckin' cunt!"

It suddenly felt as if she were riding a giant wave as she crested
higher and higher toward a thundering climax.

"OH, YES, MAX!" squealed Alice, her entire body jerking and spasming as
the intense orgasm exploded in her pussy. "LICK! LICK! LICK!"

As the woman's orgasmic juices flooded out of her climaxing cunthole,
the dog licked harder and faster on the tasty discharge, prolonging her
heavenly come until Alice thought she'd lose her mind from the intense
pleasure of it. Even after she'd finished climaxing, Max continued
feverishly licking the woman's cunt until she sat up and pushed his
face out from between her legs.

"Oh, you naughty dog," Alice giggled when she saw his horrendous boner.
"You wanta fuck me, don't you?"

Whimpering and trembling, the beautiful animal excitedly wagged his

Anxious to feel his hard dog-cock in her, Alice dropped to her hands
and knees on the floor. Max had screwed the woman often enough to know
this postion meant she was ready to fuck, but as always, he licked her
bare ass and cunt a bit before mounting her.

"Come on," she whispered back to the animal. "Stick that nice, big cock
in my hot pussy."

Reluctantly pulling his nose out of that fragrant hairy spot between
her legs, Max jumped up and placed his paws on her back. Whimpering
excitedly, he moved them on up to her shoulders as he began prodding
his long hard prick unsuccessfully against her body. As often as the
beautiful beast had fucked her, he could never seem to find the right
hole without her assistance.

Reaching back between her legs, Alice grasped his slippery, hard
cockshaft in her fingers so she could guide it into her pussy. Feeling
her soft fingers around his throbbing boner, his hips began
involuntarily humping in a rapid, fucking motion.

"Take it easy, you dummy," she giggled. "Get it in my cunt before you
start fuckin'."

Firmly holding his slippery, red cock, Alice skillfully guided the tip
of it between the juicy lips of her pulsing pussy.

"Oh, yes, you sweet doggy," she blissfully sighed, feeling his
wonderful prick gliding into her juicy cunt. "Now give me a nice, hot

When the full-length of his long, hard cock was completely in her, the
animal began instinctively pumping. As with all dogs, he began fucking
into her with an animalistic frenzy, drilling his cock in and out with
the rapidity of a machine gun.

"YES! YES!" Alice squealed with delight as the big, black Labrador
feverishly rammed his cock home. "That's the way to fuck!"

Being deliciously jolted as she knelt beneath the magnficient beast,
Alice suddenly wondered what her husband's reaction would be if he knew
how she'd been fucking their dog for the past two years. She wondered
if he'd even fuck her again if he knew her cunt was usually full of
dog-jizz when he shot his wad into it.

The friction of his hard shaft against her clit was driving the woman
wild, and her juicy pink pussylips were glistening with her frothy
discharge. Crouched beneath the wildly-humping dog, Alice could feel
herself being carried closer and closer to a bell-ringing climax.

"Fuck it to me, doggy!" she squealed with delight, her big firm tits
jiggling furiously beneath her as the dog further increased the tempo
of his thrusts. "Oh, fuck! FUCK! FUCK!"

A man would have probably tried to hold back until Alice reached an
orgasm, but not Max. The animal was completely disinterested in
anything but his own sexual gratification. The only thing the dumb
beast was aware of was the heavenly, tingling sensation in his prick as
he raced madly toward a jizz-spewing climax.

Listening to the delicious slurping sound of his hard prick zipping in
and out of her cunt, Alice feverishly ground her ass back against him,
writhing her overheated slit all around the slippery length of his hard
cock. Her big, full tits burned with excitement as they heaved and
bounced below her.

"Oh, God, Max!" the horny blonde whimpered, loving the fantastic fuck
she was getting. "That's the neatest cock in the world!"

Never had Max fucked her with the enthusiasm he was showing today.
Feeling his furry balls slapping against her bottom, Alice was being
carried to new heights of ecstasy. She was conscious of nothing else in
the world except this hard dog-cock that was pounding into the darkest
depths of her ravaged cunt.

"Fuck into it!" she hysterically squealed, her tongue lolling out like
a bitch in heat. "Fuck your doggy-prick into my cunt!"

As if he could actually understand his pretty blonde mistress, Max
began fucking deeper and harder into her juicy pussy. The beautiful,
big animal's hips were jerking with a blinding speed as he frantically
fucked his prick into her.

"Oh, you sweet, fucking' beauty!" she whimpered, arching her ass up to
better receive his magnficient thrusts. "I think I really love you!"

The unbelievable rapture mounted and mounted in her writhing loins as
Alice slammed her hot ass back to get the full length of Max's cock in

"OH, FUCK!" she squealed, raising her creamy ass a bit higher to give
the Labrador still better access to her deliciously-ravished pussy.
"That's the way to use a cock!"

The beautiful blonde's entire body was tingling with unbelievable
ecstasy as the dog's long, red boner vibrated rapidly against her
sensitive clit. The heavenly speed of Max's quick thrusts was bringing
her such intense pleasure that she was almost losing her mind.

"Oh, you beauty!" she sobbed. "God-damn, but you can fuck!"

This was the wildest screwing she'd ever had from the dog, and as he
brought her closer and closer to a thunderous orgasm, her glazed eyes
were staring sightlessly ahead.


Feeling the heat increasing in her loins, the madly-aroused woman was
digging at the carpet with her fingers, humping and bucking beneath the
dog's powerful thrusts.


As if he knew what she was saying, the animal instinctively began
pounding faster and deeper, the top ridge of his long, red shaft
streaking deliciously against her quivering clit.

Crouched on her hands and knees with her ass thrust high in the air,
Alice was taking every magnificent inch of his plunging dog-cock. The
rapture she was feeling was beyond her wildest imagination, and she was
no longer aware of anything in the world except the hotly-sizzling dog-
prick that was fucking in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, shit, baby!" she squealed, clawing at the carpet with her nails.

Each deep thrust of his juice-slickened cock was driving deeper and
deeper into the horny woman's overheated pussy. This was the most
heavenly fucking she'd ever received.

"OH, FUCK!" she suddenly cried at the top of her lungs. "CREAM ME, MAX!

At that very instant, Alice felt his deliciously-hot jizz shooting into
her cunt, and she exploded into the wildest orgasm she'd ever had.
Never in her life had the woman ever experienced such intense pleasure.
Completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of her unbelievable climax, she
continued writhing her sopping pussy back around his spurting cock for
several more moments as the heavenly orgasm continued washing through
her cunt.

When the big Labrador finally pulled his limp wet prick out of the
beautiful woman's cum-drenched pussy, she collapsed on the carpet.

"Jesus, Max," she giggled a few minutes later as she slowly recovered.
"You sure know how to fuck a cunt."

Still in a horny mood, the woman reached over and lightly rubbed Max's
soft cock as he lay sprawled out next to her on the floor. Within a few
seconds, the bright-red head of the dog-prick started peeking out from
its furry sheath. Lazily fingering her own pussy as she fondled the
dog's prick, Alice excitedly watched the animal's organ explode into
another hard-on. Staring at his juice-coated cock, the horny woman
suddenly wondered how it would taste. The animal had been licking and
fucking her for two years, but this was the first time she'd ever
thought about sucking him off.

Still playing with her own pussy, Alice was lying on her side as she
moved her mouth toward his shiny red cock. When her face was up under
his belly, she inhaled the rich canine smell of his damp coat. There
was something erotic about the strong scent of the dog's cock that was
really turning Alice on. She could feel the dog shivering with
excitement as she nuzzled her face up under his soft, furry belly.

Feeling her hot breath on his prick and balls, the animal began
heatedly panting, his thick pink tongue lolling out from the side of
his mouth. His pretty mistress had never had her face up against his
cock before, and the trembling dog didn't know what to make of it.

Taking a deep breath, the woman flicked her tongue out and stroked the
tip of her tongue across the end of his prick, making the beautiful
beast yap from the unexpected pleasure. A strange excitement surged
through Alice's naked body when she felt the texture of a dog's cock
against her tongue for the first time. His cock had a rather strange
taste, but the more she licked the dog-prick, the more she enjoyed the
taste. As the excitement increased in her loins, Alice began slobbering
more feverishly on the hard meat of his dog-cock.

Thoroughly coating his shaft with her spit, the woman soon had the
whimpering dog's prick glistening. Conscious of the trembling animal's
excited whimpers, Alice suddenly closed her lips around the end of his
tasty prick.

"Mmmmmmmmm," the horny woman softly crooned as she took every hard inch
of his red cock into her mouth. Feeling the head of the dog's prick
nudging against the back of her throat, Alice slid her free hand down
over her belly until the fingers found the blonde curls of her cunt

Sucking passionately on the beautiful animal's erotic dog-cock, Alice
began vigorously fingering herself. The thought of this beautiful beast
emptying his hot load of fuck-juice into her mouth seemed to further
arouse the depraved woman.

Alice's husband and all of her other lovers had always told her what a
fantastic cock-sucker she was, and now she wanted to give her pet the
best time he'd ever had. She was going to make sure that Max's first
blow-job would be a doggy-heaven for him.

With all of his prick in her mouth, Alice slowly lifted her head until
only the sensitive end of the dog-cock remained between her lips, and
then after a slight pause, she plunged down over his prick until his
big knob skidded against the back of her throat. Again and again she
repeated the action until the dog was yelping with delight.

Not wanting the animal to pop his nuts too soon, Alice removed her
mouth from his prick and began licking his balls as she lazily fingered
her hotly-flowing cunt.

"Oh, you sweet doggy," she whispered a few moments later when she
decided Max was no longer on the verge of blasting off.

Grasping the base of his long, red prick more firmly in her fingers,
Alice closed her soft, moist lips over the head of his cock again. The
inside of her mouth was soft, warm and wet as she worked on his erect
cock. The horny blonde's tongue slithered from side to side,
deliciously stroking the hard length of his meaty prick, bathing the
entire dog-prick in a warm, moist pool of frothy saliva.

Softly moaning, her eyes half-closed, Alice slid her lips even further
down over the animal's straining prick. She could feel him quivering
with delight as her small, pearly teeth scraped erotically over his
sensitive meat. She moved her head up and down, her talented tongue
feverishly licking, lapping and rolling all around the pulsing head of
the big dog's tasty cock. Alice became even more aroused as her
beautiful Labrador continued trembling and whimpering from the feel of
the pulling suction of her mouth around his spit-lathered penis.

The depraved woman's mouth was moving up and down more rapidly, her
nose rubbing into the soft fur of his quivering belly. Feeling the
animal's cock twitching wildly against her tongue, Alice began rolling
her head from side to side, rotating his erotic dog-prick around in her

Wanting to give her beautiful pet as much pleasure as possible, the
lovely blonde cock-sucker began moving her head up and down with long
deep strokes. Slowly lifting her head until only the tip of his prick
remained between her ovaled lips, she lightly teased the tip of his
cock with her tongue until the buzzing sensations had him yelping with
joy. Then when Alice thought the animal couldn't stand anymore of the
intense ecstasy, she once more lowered her face, taking the throbbing
hardness of his bright red cock deep into her throat. Then back up
again, and down, up and down, up and down until the raw friction of her
soft lips against his sensitive flesh had the dog whimpering with

Completely carried away by what she was doing, Alice was more than
startled when his hot, swirling dog-cum began shooting from the end of
his prick, splashing deliciously against the back of her throat. Thick
rich spurts of this strange-tasiing fuck-cream were flooding all over
her tongue and teeth, pouring down the back of her throat.

The beautiful blonde's mouth was like a suction pump around the end of
his prick as she sucked deeper and harder, thrilled by the strange new
taste of her pet's hot, slippery cum. When his red cock finally started
to shrink in her mouth, Alice sucked even harder and deeper, wanting
every last drop of his delicious jism.

Chapter 3

Returning from the playground that afternoon, both of the twins' minds
were on what they'd seen Uncle Paul and Aunt Alice doing in the den
yesterday. Though they didn't say anything to each other about it,
that's all the children could think about.

During dinner that evening, Jimmy kept glancing at his aunt and uncle,
vividly recalling how exciting it had been to watch his big hard cock
fucking into her pussy. The kid had been walking around with a hard-on
since yesterday afternoon, and the feeling wouldn't go away.

As the evening slowly dragged along, Jimmy couldn't get his mind away
from fucking, and as soon as he went to bed, the horny kid began
excitedly beating his meat. He was almost on the verge of popping his
nuts when the door opened and Amy tiptoed into the room. He realized it
was only his sister, but he got a funny feeling in his cock when the
light from the hall silhouetted her naked body through the thin
material of her nightie.

"Are you awake?" she whispered, walking over and sitting down on the
edge of his bed.

"Yeah," he grinned, turning on the bedside lamp. "I can't seem to get
to sleep."

"Neither can I," giggled Amy. "I keep thinking about Uncle Paul and
Aunt Alice."

"Me, too."

"Jimmy," she asked, her face slightly flushed with embarrassment, "did
you really have a hard-on when you were rubbing the front of your pants

"Sure," he grinned.

"Was it as big as Uncle Paul's?"

"Shit, no."

"Do you have a hard-on now?" his sister excitedly asked.

"No," he answered honestly. He had quickly lost his erection when Amy
had unexpectedly walked into the room.

"Jimmy." She hesitated. "Will you show me your prick?"


"Well," she giggled. "I remember seeing it when we were youger, but I'd
like to see it now that you're big."

"I wouldn't dare." He blushed. "Dad would knock the hell out of me if I

"He wouldn't know about it," she assured her brother. "If you'll show
me your prick, I'll show you my pussy."


"Sure." grinned the cute little redhead. "We could sorta trade, I'll
let you look at my cunt, and you show me your cock."

"Okay," he agreed, throwing back the covers. "Here it is."

The young boy always slept in the raw and Amy's eyes almost popped out
of her head when she first saw her brother's prick. She'd expected to
find a big, thick hose like her uncle had, and she was stunned when she
first saw the adolescent cock that was about as long as her middle
finger, only thicker.

"Gee," she gasped. "It sure isn't very big."

"It gets a lot bigger when I have a hard-on," he explained.

Feeling slightly let down, she just stared at the pale, blue-veined
prick that ended with folds of uncircumcised skin over the head. It
seemed strange to her that there was only a light growth of red fuzz
around the base of his limp cock. Remembering all the thick hair around
her uncle's lusty balls, her brother's little bags seemed so pink and
hairless. Jimmy had told her his cock was smaller than their uncle's,
but she hadn't expected it to be this much smaller.

"Is it all right if I touch it?" she whispered.

"Sure." He grinned. "I'd like that."

When his sister nervously placed her trembling finger on his limp
prick, he couldn't get over how neat it felt to have her touch him down
there. Her hand was so soft and gentle that her touch made him shiver
with excitement.

Amy's warm exploring fingers moved down onto the spongy surface of his
young balls. Cupping his balls tenderly, she squeezed them, feeling the
warmth of the crinkly skin and the hardness of his balls inside.

"What are these?" she whispered, excitedly feeling his balls.

"Those are my balls," he explained. "They store up the cum that I

"Gee, boys are funny," she giggled, still gently fondling his balls. "I
like touching you down there. It makes my pussy all hot and wet.

"I'm glad you like it." He grinned. "It really feels good when you mess
around with me."

Releasing his balls, she began tenderly caressing his limp prick. She
couldn't get over how nice and warm the velvety skin felt against her
trembling fingers. His cock reminded her of a warm, fat worm in her
palm as she closed her fingers around his prick. Giving his cock a
loving squeeze as she instinctively pulled back on his loose foreskin,
she was pleased and excited to see the end of his pink cockhead peeking

"Hey, do that again," he urged, loving the way his sister was fondling
his prick. "Pull the skin back and forth."

When Amy did as he suggested, he could feel the wild pleasure streaking
up and down his cock. Shit, it felt a million times better than jacking
himself off. Getting hornier by the second, Jimmy could feel his cock
starting to twitch and swell.

"Hey!" she giggled as his cock started to throb and swell under her
caresses. "It's moving. What's happening?"

"I'm gettin' a hard-on," he said excitedly. "Just keep doin' that."

Remembering how hard her uncle's cock had looked, Amy stared in
amazement as Jimmy's prick swelled bigger and bigger in her hand. His
cock continued throbbing and growing until his prick was standing up
stiff and straight in her grasp. His cock wasn't as huge as her
uncle's, but it still looked awfully big and hard to the excited little

"Does it feel good to have a hard-on?" she asked, thrilled by the way
his hot erection was throbbing in her hand.

"Shit, yes!" he exclaimed. "But it would feel a lot better if you'd
slide the skin back and forth."

Trembling with horny excitement, the little girl took her brother's
loose foreskin between her thumb and forefinger and began peeling it
back down over his stiff cock. Her eyes became larger and larger as the
shiny pink flesh of his protected knob began to appear. She stared at
the little hole on the end of his gleaming cockhead.

"Is that where the pee comes out?" she asked in an awed voice.

"Yeah." He grinned. "And my jizz shoots out of there too."

Nothing had ever felt so good to him as his sister's fingers sliding
his tightly stretched foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head
of his prick. As the intense pleasure streaked up and down the length
of his hard, young cock, thick bubbles of cum began oozing out from the
end of it.

"Is that jizz?" she excitedly asked.

"That's just stuff that leaks out when I get horny," he explained.

"Like the cream that's oozing out from between my legs right now?"
asked the wildly-aroused youngster.

"Is stuff leaking out of you?"

"Shit, yes," Amy giggled. "I've never been as hot and juicy down there
as I am right now."

"Let me see," panted Jimmy. "You promised to let me see your pussy if I
showed you my cock."

"Okay," she giggled, standing up and quickly removing her nightie.

Jimmy's prick began throbbing more violently as he stared at his
sister's naked little body. She looked so cute with her slim waist,
softly rounded belly and smooth young hips. Her tits were nothing like
Aunt Alice's big, heavy knockers, but she had two cute little lemon-
sized breasts that were capped with big, juicy nipples that made his
mouth water. Her young tits were perfectly formed, standing out firm
and pointed from her chest.

Letting his eyes move on down over her body, they came to rest on the
sweet, puffy lips of her cunt. The creamy flesh around them had a wispy
covering of soft red curls. Her moist little pussylips were gleaming
with a slippery coating of cunt-juice that was oozing out from between
them. Compared to Aunt Alice's sexy body, his sister didn't have much,
but her juicy little cunt and pointy tits were driving him wild.

"Geez," he panted. "You sure got a pretty little pussy."

"D'ya wanta play with it for a minute?" she giggled, hopping up onto
the bed with him.

"Shit, yes!" her stiff-pricked brother exclaimed.

When Amy spread her naked body out on the bed next to him, Jimmy almost
shot his wad. He couldn't believe his sister was really going to let
him fuck around with her cunt. Reaching out, his trembling hand first
touched the inside of her thigh just below her little red-fringed
pussy. He could feel her entire body shivering as his hand slowly moved
higher. The smooth flesh of her naked thigh was soft and yielding, and
the closer his hand got to her pussy, the hotter her skin felt.

Amy was holding her breath in anticipation as his fingers moved closer
to her horny cunt. It was a naughty and exciting feeling to know that a
boy was going to play with her hot little cunt.

"Jimmy," she panted. "When you play with my pussy, will you kiss me
like Uncle Paul kissed Aunt Alice?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You know." She blushed. "Stick your tongue in my mouth."

With his finger almost to his sister's crotch, he put his other arm
around her and pressed his hot open mouth to her softly parted lips.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned, feeling his tongue gliding in around her own.

Probing around in the hot wetness between her legs, the tip of his
finger found the damp fluff of soft red curls that surrounded her
little driping cunt. This was the first time Jimmy had ever touched a
girl's pussy, and a wild thrill raced through every nerve in his body
when the tip of his finger reached the hot slick flesh between her
juicy cuntlips.

"OOOOOOOH!" Amy squealed with delight when his finger wormed into the
slip- pery hotness of her oozing cunt, brushing against the sensitive
little clit at the top of her slit.

"What's wrong?" he panted, quickly pull- ing his finger out. "Am I
hurting you?"

"Shit, no," she giggled. "It feels really neat."

When he screwed his finger back into her horny little cunt, Amy let out
another squeal of delight as her hot juices boiled around his invading
digit. With their mouths locked in a deep passionate kiss, Jimmy began
fingering her a bit more urgently.

Moaning and squealing with excitement, Amy was writhing her naked body
all over the bed as her hot little cunt creamed around his plunging
finger. Amy had seen the pleasure on Aunt Alice's face when Uncle Paul
was fuck- ing around with her, but she couldn't believe anything could
feel this fucking good. As her brother continued fingering her cunt,
the little redhead got hotter and hotter.

With her knees steepled and her feet planted firmly on the bed, Amy was
arching her hips, hotly writhing her slippery cunt up around his
wildly-plunging finger. As his finger zipped in and out of her heavenly
little pussy, he was eliciting soft squeals of delight from deep in her

Completely overwhelmed by these wild, new sensations, the ecstasy was
building and building in her little, uninitiated body. She in-
stinctively knew it was a naughty thing they were doing, but she'd
never felt anything this good in her whole life. Nothing else seemed to
matter except the fantastic tingling sensation in her overheated little

She was frantically arching her hips, trying to fuck her cunt back up
around his plunging finger. The intense pleasure between her legs built
and built until she was aware of nothing but the screaming ecstasy that
was jolting her entire young body. As the searing heat radiated from
between her legs to the tip of her toes, her naked body began tensing
and then suddenly exploded into a wild, jerking climax.

"EEEEEGGGHHH! AAAAAAHHH!" she shrieked, not fully realizing what was
hap- pening to her as she writhed through her very first orgasm.

Screaming and lurching all over the bed, she was unconsciously
squeezing his plunging finger with her climaxing pussy, coating it with
her hot, orgasmic juices.

"OOOOOH, SHIT! OH, SHIT!" she screamed. Babbling and moaning, she glued
her hot, open lips to his as her young body lurched and bucked all over
the bed. When the last delicious tremors finally subsided, she fell
back, completely exhausted.

"Oh, God," she panted, smiling at her brother. "That was so good."

"What did it feel like?" he excitedly asked.

"I just can't describe it," she panted. "But it was so wonderful."

"Amy," he whispered a few minutes later when his sister had completely
recovered from her orgasm. "Will you play with my cock again?"

"Sure," she giggled. "If you'll suck on my tits while I do it."

"That's a deal," grinned Jimmy, anxious to get his lips around those
big, hard nipples.

Facing him on her side, Amy wrapped her fingers around the hard, hot
meat of her brother's stiff prick. A wild tingle rippled through her
young body as she stared down at he throbbing cock she was holding.
Moving her hand up and down, she was thrilled by the feel of his soft
foreskin sliding over his rigid prick.

"Does this feel good?" she whispered.

"God, yes!" he panted.

Unable to believe that she was really playing with a boy's hard cock,
she began moving her hand a bit faster. With his prick throbbing
deliciously in her grasp, Amy could feel it growing even harder and
thicker as she pumped.

"Gee," she giggled, reaching down and cup- ping his cute balls in her
free hand. "Pricks are fun to play with."

As his sister continued deliciously jacking him off, he gently grasped
one of her firm little tits in his hand.

"Oh, yes!" she hotly whispered. "You promised to suck it."

Lovingly stroking his hard meat, Amy watched her brother's mouth moving
toward her tit until his warm lips closed over her nipple.

"Mmmmmmm!" she whimpered. "That feels so good, honey!"

With his lips sucking and pulling on her nip- ple, he flicked the
quivering bud from side to side with his tongue, sending delicious
chills streaking through her hot, young flesh. Part- ing his lips
further, the excited boy sucked more of her hard little lemon-sized tit
into his mouth.

"Oh, Jimmy," she whispered. "That feels so good, honey."

After sucking her spit-soaked tit for several more moments he finally
removed his mouth from it.

"Don't stop!" she squealed with disap- pointment.

"Did you like that?" asked her brother, hungrily licking his lips.

"Shit, yes," she giggled, squirming around to get her other tit near
his mouth. "Now suck this one."

Amy let out a soft moan of satisfaction when he suddenly wolfed her
other nipple into his mouth.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, stroking his hard prick a bit faster as his lips
and tongue worked on her quivering nipple. Rapidly sliding his foreskin
up and down over her brother's erect cock, she could feel his entire
body trembling from the intense ecstasy he was feeling.

"Oh, Jesus!" he suddenly panted, rolling onto his back when he felt his
climax rapidly approaching. "Bring me off, Amy! Keep pumping my cock!"

"What do you mean?" asked the confused little girl.

"I'm almost ready to shoot my load off!" he gasped.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Just pump faster!" he panted. "Pump faster!"

Realizing that she was really going to see a boy shoot his juice, she
excitedly stared at the little slit in the end of his cock as she
rapidly stroked him.

"Aim my prick at your tits!" he heatedly panted. "Let me squirt cum on
your tits!"

Excited at the thought of his jizz shooting onto her tits, she quickly
leaned over him so he wouldn't miss.

"Pump faster!" he squealed. "Bring me off! BRING ME OFF!"

Amy's aim wasn't as good as it might have been, and when the boy's
stiff prick exploded, his thick, white jizz splattered all over his
sister's face and neck.

Chapter 4

For the next few days, the twins did nothing but jack off and finger-
fuck each other. One afternoon when their aunt and uncle had gone
shopping, the two children were spread out naked on Amy's bed when Max
walked into the room. Having just finished bringing each other off, the
twins were too exhausted to pay any attention to the dog.

Moving nervously around the room, Max was excitedly sniffing the air,
inhaling the un- mistakable scent of hot, ripe pussy. Amy's eyes were
closed as she lay back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed.
Floating on a dreamy cloud of ecstasy from her recent orgasm, she was
completely unaware that Max was sniffing up between her legs.

Suddenly feeling the heat of his breath on her pussy, Amy opened her
eyes to see the big animal's face between her thighs.

"What do you want?" she innocently gig- gled, completely unaware of
what the dog had in mind.

Max had licked and fucked Alice enough to know what to do with a
woman's juicy pussy, and this cute little red-fringed cunt was the best
thing he'd ever sniffed.

"Don't!" Amy giggled when he suddenly pressed his cold wet nose into
her fluffy, little bush of red pussy curls.

She was just about to push the pesky animal away when his tongue
flashed out and swiped up along the length of her sweet young slit. The
youngster's entire body shuddered from the intense pleasure it brought

"Oh, Max," she excitedly whispered. "You're a naughty doggy, but that
sure feels neat."

Before the youngster fully realized what was happening, the big animal
drilled his long, pink tongue into her cunt. The incredible feel of
Max's tongue slipping into her hot little pussy sent jolts of frenzied
ecstasy through every tingling nerve in her naked young body.

"Ooooooooh!" she squealed with joy, ex- citedly writhing her juicy cunt
up against his snout as the animal's hot, wet tongue swirled deeper and
deeper into the tasty depths of her deliciously-scented twat.

"Is he hurting you?" Jimmy excitedly asked.

"Fuck, no!" panted Amy. "This feels fantastic!"

"He's lickin' your cunt just like Uncle Paul did to Aunt Alice." Jimmy

"I know!" squealed Amy. "No wonder she liked it so much!"

The cute little youngster was almost hysterical, her breathless squeals
filled with passion. Grabbing at the dog's ears, she forced his mouth
further into her open slit. The joy of her very first tongue-fuck was
filling her cunt with an excruciating pleasure.

"Ooooooooh...aaaaahhhhhh!" whimpered the horny little girl, writhing
her dripping cunt up around the big dog's plung- ing tongue.

Screaming in blissful agony, the cute little redhead couldn't believe
this exquisite pleasure she was feeling for the first time in her life.
Watching the animal's broad nose and mouth burrowing hungrily up
between her wantonly- spread legs, Amy was grabbing at his face, try-
ing to force more of his incredible tongue into her little, hotly-
flowing pussy. Her entire young body was filled with a lascivious
warmth as the beautiful animal feverishly licked on her naked young

The big, black Labrador licked deeper and deeper into her fresh-tasting
cunt as her delicious juices oozed out, spreading a frothy film over
his nose and mouth. Max plunged and twisted his tongue around deep in
her steamy little pussy. Max's cock throbbed violently under his furry

"Ooooooh! Yesssssss!" she squealed, her entire body tensing as she
thrilled to the feel of his tongue gliding in and out of her hot, slick
channel. Her adolescent body aflame with lust, the youngster began
unconsciously rub- bing her cute, hard-nippled tits as Max hungri- ly
licked and tongued the velvet-soft flesh of her drooling cunt. Half-
crazed from the feel of his wonderful tongue in her pussy and the
hotness of his animal breath against the tin- gling flesh of her
flowering cuntlips, she pas- sionately writhed her cunt up around his

"Oh, God!" she sobbed almost beside herself from the intense pleasure
she was feel- ing. "It feels so fuckin' good!"

"D'ya think he'll make you come?" her brother excitedly asked.

"Shit, yes!" she gasped. "I'm almost there now!

Wantonly squealing with joy, Amy was grabbing at his head, trying to
force his mouth even deeper into her sopping cunt. Feeling the animal's
tongue drilling into the hot slickness of her frothy little twat, Amy's
long, red hair was flailing wildly around her face as her head whipped
from side to side. Excitedly writhing her drooling cunt up against his
snout, the horny youngster was wriggling her cute ass all over the bed,
her sweet young body lurching nakedly as her hotly-aroused pussylips
sucked passionately around his tongue.

"Ooooooh, you sweet fuckin' doggy!" she moaned with joy as the intense
pleasure built and built.

Her excited young body lurched violently as his hot, rough tongue
lapped around in her cunt, the rough, wet surface sending a million
delicious sparks flying through her pussy.

"Oh, shit, Max!" she gasped. "That's the way to lick a cunt!"

Never had the youngster experienced such thrilling sensations. Closing
her eyes, she could feel the pleasure radiating from between her legs
to every part of her little, adolescent body. She could hear the
obscenely moist sounds of his tongue slurping on her swampy cunt while
the tip of the dog's tongue teased her quivering clit. The delicious
sensations were building and building in her loins. The youngster
realized that it was depraved and perverted to let a dog lick her
pussy, yet it was filling her with the most intense joy she'd ever

She knew she should push the animal's mouth away from her cunt, but she
completely surrendered to the overwhelming ecstasy that was flooding
through her body. Maybe it was depraved, but she didn't give a shit as
her tingling flesh responded to the fantastic tongue-fuck she was

"Oh, yes, sweet Max," she whimpered as the heavenly ecstasy continued
building in her pussy. "Eat me good, honey."

Reaching down with her fingers, she spread the fleshy lips of her cunt
farther apart to allow his swirling tongue greater access to her little
lust-swollen pussy. The youngster was completely overwhelmed by these
wild new sensations as the intense pleasure seemed to increase.

"Oh, you hot-tongued beauty!" she insane- ly babbled. "Don't ever stop

Deep in her mind, the horny little redhead knew she was committing a
depraved act, but she'd never experienced such joy in her young life.
Suddenly nothing else seemed to matter except her rapidly-approaching
climax that seemed only seconds away. She writhed her crotch up against
his face, trying to get more of his heavenly tongue into her steaming
little cunt.

The intense pleasure between her legs grew and grew until she was aware
of nothing but the electrifying sparks of sensation that were exploding
throughout her body. An ecstatic tension gripped the youngster deep in
her cunt and she seemed to freeze. Holding her breath in her hot,
scorched lungs, she waited... waited...and then suddenly exploded.

"OH, FUCK!" she screamed to her brother who was still excitedly
watching. "I'M COMING...COMING!"

Squealing in ecstasy, Amy twisted and thrashed, frantically writhing
her spasming cunt up around his hotly-licking tongue.


Wanting to protect his sister, Jimmy grab- bed Max by the collar and
pulled the animal out from between her legs.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Amy a few moments later as she sat on the edge
of the bed slowly recovering. "That was really something. "

"Did it feel real good?" her brother asked, still holding the trembling
dog back.

"Fuck, yes," Amy giggled. "It was fantastic."

Suddenly breaking away from Jimmy, Max lunged forward and began
frantically fucking his cock against the little redhead's leg.

"What the hell's the matter with him?" gasped the startled girl.

"I think he wants to fuck you." Jimmy grinned, seeing how hard Max's
prick was as he rubbed it against his sister's leg in a wild, fucking

"Do dogs fuck people?" Amy asked in a shocked voice as she stared at
his long, red cock.

"Beats the shit out of me," laughed Jimmy. "But he's sure horny for

"Do you think he'd really try it if I gave him a chance?"

"I don't know."

"Shall we find out?" she giggled.

"That's up to you," he answered.

"I'm gonna try it," decided Amy, wonder- ing how his hard, red prick
would feel in her cunt.

Remembering how Aunt Alice had crouched for Uncle Paul yesterday, the
horny little redhead dropped to her hands and knees on the floor. Max
had fucked Alice enough to know what this position meant. Slowly
inching forward, the dog began sniffing around Amy's juicy cunt while
his bone-hard cock speared out from under his belly.

"What's he doin'?" Amy whispered to her brother as she felt the dog's
hot breath on her bare ass.

"Just smellin' your pussy," said Jimmy, ex- citedly rubbing his own
hard prick.

Without any further warning, the dog let out an excited whimper and
hurled himself onto Amy's kneeling body. Throwing his big paws over her
shoulders, he drove the full length of his fiery, red cock up into the
youngster's little virginal cunt. Pinned down under the huge animal,
Amy was surprised that she felt practically no discomfort at all as he
began rapidly spearing his hot, slippery cock in and out of her unused
pussy. The youngster hadn't known what to expect, but as the
deliciously-wild sensations mounted be- tween her legs, she slammed her
little ass back to give the beautiful animal complete access to her
slippery cunt.

"Holy shit!" she squealed to her brother. "I'm gettin' dog-fucked!
Look, honey, I'm being fucked by a dog!"

The youngster's entire young body was charged with electricity as the
animal's super- hard prick vibrated rapidly against her scream- ing
clit. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog's thrusts was almost driving
the youngster out of her mind. Digging her fingers into the carpet as
she knelt, Amy could feel Max lustily drill- ing his hard boner in and
out, making her young tits bounce crazily beneath her.

"YES! YES!" she screamed, her cute ass wildly wriggling as the animal
feverishly fucked into her hot, little cunt. "THAT'S A GOOD DOGGY!"

"How does it feel?" her brother excitedly asked. "Does it hurt?"

"Shit, no!" She grinned. "It feels neat."

Her entire young body was tingling with pleasure as Max's rigid cock
blazed in and out, stimulating every slippery inch of her sweet, little

"Ooooooh, yes!" she whimpered, creaming all over his fantastic dog-cock
as she shook and wriggled her ass. "That's the way, you sweet fuckin'

As she kneeled with her ass in the air and her little freckle-dusted
face resting on her arms, the big dog violently rocked her body. Her
lit- tle pointy tits were jiggling deliciously beneath her as his furry
hips drilled his hard, red prick in and out of her sizzling cunt. The
youngster was almost out of her mind from the intense joy of it all,
thoroughly enjoying the erotic slurping sound of the animal's stiff
prick as it deliciously fucked into her.

"Oh, sweet Max!" she cried. "I love your cock!"

Kneeling beneath the feverishly fucking animal, Amy was slamming her
sweet, young ass back to meet every thrust of his rapidly- plunging
cock. The lips of her frothy cunt sucked and pulled ravenously on his
rigid prick, trying to get even more of the dog-cock into her little
adolescent cunt. The hot juices that oozed out from between her prick-
squeezing cuntlips were splattering all over his furry belly

Little Amy had never enjoyed anything so much in her life. Each deep
thrust of the animal's bright-red prick was carrying er to new heights
of ecstasy. A wild grin covered her flushed face, and her eyes rolled
around crazi- ly in her head as she frenziedly clawed at the carpet
with her fingers.

"OH, MAX!" she suddenly screamed, wild- ly waving her ass around. "I'M

Shuddering from head to toe as her cunt contracted and spasmed around
the length of the animal's plunging cock, little Amy was swept up into
the wildest orgasm she'd ever had. The pleasure of her fantastic climax
was intensified when she felt the dog's scalding cum shooting into her

When the dog finally pulled his limp, wet prick out of her cunt and
curled up on the floor, little Amy crawled back up on the bed and
collapsed in her brother's arms.

"Goddamn!" exclaimed Jimmy, excitedly rubbing his hard boner as his
sister slowly recovered. "That sure looked like fun."

"Do you wanta try it?" she asked.

"Are you serious?"

"Sure," she giggled. "If I let a goddamn dog fuck me, I don't see why
you shouldn't."

"When can we fuck?" he excitedly asked.

"Right now if you want."

"Okay." Jimmy grinned. "Get on your hands and knees."

"I think I'd rather lay on my back while you fuck me," said Amy.

"Where did you ever hear of that?" asked Jimmy, thinking dog-style was
the only posi- tion people ever used.

"I saw a picture of it in a book once," she explained. "The guy was
layin' right on top of her as they fucked."

"Okay," agreed Jimmy, not giving a shit what position they used as long
as he could stick his prick into her cute, little pussy.

When Amy was on her back, Jimmy crawled up between her widely-spread
legs. Grasping the base of his shaft in his fingers, the trem- bling
boy guided it toward her sweet, little, red-fringed cunt. A wild wave
of excitement rippled through him when his sensitive cockhead first
touched the hot, slippery tissues of his sister's pussy. Feeling her
brother hesitate, Amy grabbed his ass and pulled him forward, forcing
the rigid length of his hard little prick into her horny cunt.

Jimmy wasn't prepared for the unbelievably-delicious feeling of her
hot, juicy cunt-flesh squeezing around his throbbing cock. He couldn't
believe the hot moistness of her heavenly young pussy.

"Gee, honey," Amy whispered when her brother began fucking his hard
cock in and out. "That feels so good."

The pleasure was so intense for Jimmy that he lost all control of
himself and was soon driving his cock in and out of her pussy with a
savage intensity.

"That's it, Jimmy!" squealed the squirming girl as his prick drilled
wildly into her little white-hot cunt. "Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me hard!"

The cute, little redhead was squirming mad- ly under her brother's
feverishly-humping body. Her tight little cunt walls were squeezing and
sucking passionately on his slippery cock as his prick raced in and out
of her juicy little pussy. Their healthy young bodies tightly locked
together, the youngsters were frantical- ly fucking toward a thunderous

Lost in the bliss of his very first piece of ass, Jimmy's tight little
ass was pumping wildly up and down between his cute sister's wantonly-
spread legs. The girl's soft young thighs were locked tightly around
his waist as she pas- sionately clung to him. Her eyes shut tight, Amy
was squealing with unsuppressed delight as her hard little titties
burned against her brother's chest.

"Fuck me, Jimmy," the pretty youngster whimpered. "Fuck me! Fuck me!
Fuck me!"

Crazed with these delicious, new-found sen- sations, the boy was
driving his hard prick into her slippery cunt at a fantastic rate of
speed. He could feel his climax building deep in his balls, and he knew
that coming in his sister's hot little pussy was going to be a million
times better than coming in his hand.

"Oh, shit!" Amy suddenly squealed. "I'm coming, Jimmy! I'M COMING!"

Jerking violently, the little boy began shooting a hot stream of cum
into his writhing sister's pussy.

"Oh, yes!" squealed Amy when she felt his jizz gushing into her
climaxing cunt. "Squirt, honey, squirt! Fill me with your cum!"

The little boy continued pumping until he'd emptied the last drop of
jizz into her cum- filled cunt.

"Oh, Jimmy," she whispered a few minutes later as they slowly recoverd.
"Wasn't that neat?"

Chapter 5

The following Saturday morning when her husband took the twins with him
on a business trip to a nearby town, Alice slept in later than usual.
Waking up and knowing no one else was in the house, she went down to
the kitchen for some coffee, wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

Alice was in an exceptionally horny mood, and she could feel the hot
juices oozing out from between her legs as she sipped her coffee.
Looking down at Max as he lay on the floor by her feet, Alice had just
decided to take him up to her room for a hot fuck when the doorbell

Glancing through the window, she saw.that it was her husband's friend,
Bernie Clayton. She was just about to run upstairs and put on a wrap
before answering the door when she sud- denly changed her mind. She'd
always thought Bernie Clayton was one of the most handsome men she'd
ever met, and being in a horny mood this morning, she decided it would
be exciting to let him see her in the brief undies she was wearing.

"Hi, Bernie," she greeted as she brazenly opened the door. "Come on

She was more than pleased with the expres- sion in his eyes as he
stared at her deliciously- exposed body.

"Is Paul h-h-home?" he stammered, step- ping into the room.

"I'm sorry," said Alice, brushing her long, blonde hair back from her
face. "He drove over to Midvale and won't be back until late this
afternoon, but how about joining me for a cup of coffee?"

"I s-s-suppose so," he nervously stam- mered, unable to understand
Alice's wanton boldness.

Alice could feel his eyes on her panty-clad ass as he followed her into
the kitchen.

"Sugar or cream?" she asked as she picked up the pot.

"Just black," gulped the man, dropping into a chair.

After pouring his coffee, Alice sat down across from him, her big, rosy
nipples brazenly visible through the almost-transparent material of her

"I hope you don't mind the way I'm dressed." She smiled at him with a
warm glow in her eyes. "I wasn't expecting company."

"That's all right." He blushed, trying to avert his eyes from the
delicious, big tits that were almost falling out of her bra.

Alice was pleased with his obvious excita- tion as they idly chatted
across the kitchen table. Watching the man as they talked, the horny
woman began wondering if she could get him to fuck her. She realized he
was her husband's friend, but from the look in his eyes, Alice could
see he was secretly lusting over her nearly-naked body.

"More?" she asked when he'd emptied his cup.

"Please," he nervously answered.

Picking up the pot from the counter, Alice walked back and gently
pressed her warm body against his shoulder as she refilled his cup.

"Am I making you nervous?" she whispered, placing her hand on his arm.

"Of course not," he stammered. "Why?"

"You act like you're afraid I'm'going to rape you," giggled Alice as
she returned the pot to the counter.

"Why do you say that?" he asked as she walked back to the table.

"I guess because I feel like being raped," she whispered in a naughty
little voice, step- ping in front of him rather than sitting down in
her chair.

She could see Bernie's hand trembling as he tried to lift the cup to
his mouth.

"See how hot I am," she softly cooed, tak- ing his other hand and
pressing it against the warm, moist crotch of her soaked panties. "What
I need is a wild fuck."

Unable to control his lust any longer, Bernie jumped up and took the
lovely blonde in his arms.

"Am I gonna get fucked?" she giggled, her eyes filled with mischief as
she felt his hard boner throbbing against her steaming pussy.

The man just stared at her in a stunned silence until Alice took his
hand and led him up to her room. Throwing herself across the bed, she
watched him start undressing. Feeling the hot juices oozing out from
between her legs, she excitedly studied the wild lust on his face as he
fumbled with his clothes.

The horny blonde began shivering with anticipation when he dropped his
shorts, deliciously revealing his hard cock. Seeing how long and thick
it was, Alice knew this prick would give her exactly what she needed.

"God, that's a beautiful cock," she whispered, anxious to feel his
prick buried in her seething depths.

As the naked man leaned over to kiss her, Alice threw her arms around
him and pulled him down onto the bed.

"God, you're lovely," he panted, fumbling with the straps on her bra.

Aware that the man was having trouble with the hooks, Alice reached
back and unfastened them herself, letting her luscious, big tits spill
out in front of his ogling eyes. Lying back and arching her hips up,
she excitedly watched him peel her panties down over her softly-rounded
hips and legs.

Trembling as he leaned over the delightfully- naked blonde, he began,
sucking voraciously on one of her big, turgid nipples, and his hand
roamed over the soft, vibrant flesh of her bare thighs and hips.

"Oh, yes, Bernie," she passionately whispered as his lips worked over
the super- sensitive flesh of her tits. "Oh, God, how I need your big,
hard cock in me."

Little tingling goose bumps were popping out all around her erectly-
swollen nipples as his tongue sucked and pulled on them. The man's
passionate suction on her tits and the way his hands were hotly
caressing her heated flesh was almost blowing Alice's mind. The warm
moisture oozing out from between her legs was soaking her golden cunt
hair, adding to the intense lust that was flaming throughout her
writhing body.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," she moaned in rapture, feeling his hand squeezing
her tingling boobs as he continued sucking on the stiffened flesh of
her hard nipples with his feverishly-hot lips.

Most of the men she'd known had all been wonderful lovers, but none of
them could compare to this passionate man. Every other sexual
experience was completely forgotten as this new lover pressed his
strong body against her deliciously-naked flesh, his hands moving down
over her hips and goosing into the wiggly crack between her soft

"Yes! Yes!" she panted, winding her arms around his body, pulling his
masculine hard- ness against her nakedly writhing body.

Panting with lust, the man suddenly heaved himself on top of her,
trapping his thickly- throbbing cock between their hot, bare bellies.
Violently shaking with lust, Bernie began urgently pumping his swollen
prick back and forth between their stomachs.

"Oh, you big-cocked beauty!" Alice hotly whispered, reaching between
them and grasp- ing the thick root of his prick in her hand. Feeling
his cock throbbing wildly in her fingers, the passionately-aroused
blonde eased the bloated knob between her hotly-waiting cuntlips. When
his prick was firmly lodged in the steaming entrance of her over-heated
pussy, Alice reached back and firmly grasped his hard, sinewy

Closing her eyes in rapturous anticipation, she arched her hips up and
tugged him toward her. Lying with her thighs wantonly spread for him,
she could feel his thick cock hotly parting the slippery lips of her
steaming cunt.

"Fuck," she whimpered. "For God's sake, ram your cock in."

Crouched above her, about to impale the woman, Bernie could hardly
believe this was happening to him. It seemed unreal that his friend's
beautiful wife was actually begging him to fuck her.

"Ooooooooh, yes...yes," whimpered Alice, feeling the delicious pressure
of his bloated cockhead starting to spread her cuntlips farther apart.

The horny woman let out a soft moan of delight when she felt his big,
hard prick slip deeper into her slippery cunt, spreading her juicy
opening wider and wider. As his cock slowly sank in, the pressure
against her widely- stretched cunt walls was the most exciting thing
she'd ever felt.

"Oh, fuck," she whispered as his prick moved deeper into her tight, hot
channel. "More...more! Give me all of your cock...all of your prick!"

Shuddering with lust and seeing the wanton desire in the beautiful
woman's pleading eyes, the man continued slowly easing his massive cock
into the sucking hotness of her deliciously-tight pussy. He'd never
found a cunt this hot before in his life. Lunging for- ward with all
his strength, he could feel his bloated prick powering deeper into her,
spreading the tight, moist flesh apart as his cock advanced. Finally
feeling his balls pressed between the soft cheeks of her sweet ass, he
realized he'd finally penetrated her hotly- sucking cunt. With her
shapely legs spread wantonly on either side of him, he could feel Alice
writhing her hips up, wanting to make sure she had every inch of his
hard prick embedded in her hot juicy fuckhole.

Alice had never felt so deliciously full of cock in her life. The
hotly-bloated head of his prick was stuffed so far into her trembling
body that she wondered if his cock might lodge in her throat. She could
feel every vein and sinew of his thick prick as the soft, sensitive
walls of her cunt clung passionately to the entire throbbing length of
his cock.

Pressing his mouth against her moistly- parted lips, he sensually
entwined his tongue around hers as he began rocking back and forth
between her soft, smooth thighs. He could feel her naked body
responding deliciously to his body as he fucked his cock in and out
with short, smooth strokes.

Writhing and twisting beneath him as her squeezing pussy deliciously
swallowed and ex- pelled his thrilling thrusts, she involuntarily
reacted to the man by rhythmically fucking back at him. As the slow,
sensual fucking con- tinued, she began responding even more pas-
sionately to the moistly-hot strokes of his heavenly prick.

Feeling the woman fucking back so lustily beneath him, the wildly-
aroused man began increasing the tempo of his thrusts.

"Yes! Yes!" Alice squealed with delight. "Fuck it to me, Bernie!"

Deciding to insert a little variety into their fucking, the man slowed
down and eased the length of his bloated boner out until only his big
knob remained between her hotly-grasping cuntlips. Then, after just a
short pause, he rammed all the way back into her with all his strength.
Loud animal-like cries came from deep in her throat as he did it again
and again. The loud slap of his loins hitting the sodden plane of her
belly resounded throughout the room. The squealing woman had never been
so violently and deliciously fucked in her life.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' baby!" she cried out with delight as the tumultuous
fucking con- tinued. "Fuck it to me, Bernie!"

Wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, she began slamming her
crotch up against him, spiraling her pussy up to meet his every
downward plunge. The sound of his weighty balls slapping against her
juice- smeared ass seemed to increase the excitement for the horny
woman. Sinking her nails into his muscular back, she began slamming her
cunt up harder against him, trying to get even more of his thrusting
cock into her fiery depths.

"OH, SHIT, BERNIE!" she hysterically screamed as the man rhythmically
pounded his cock deeper into her. "FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK ME GOOD! FUCK!

Bernie was aware that the wildly-aroused woman was rapidly approaching
an orgasm and hoped he could hold back his own ejacula- tion until she
could come. Wanting to bring her off before he shot his load, he was
grunt- ing and puffing, speeding up his long, wild strokes, sinking his
massive prick even deeper into the shuddering woman's fiery pussy.

Writhing and squealing beneath him, Alice had never experienced such
thrilling pleasure. She was enjoying this fuck more than any she'd ever
had, and she felt certain the man would give her an orgasm that she'd
never forget. Almost out of her mind from the in- tense ecstasy she was
feeling, she was aware of nothing but the delicious hot waves of
burning pleasure that were searing through her loins.

Screaming with joy, Alice suddenly felt her climax rapidly approaching
as his bloated cockhead slammed into her scalding depths like a runaway
pile driver.

"OH, JESUS!" she suddenly shrieked. "I'M GONNA COME! GONNA COME!"

Alice's body suddenly stiffened, and with her pussy spasming wildly
around the length of his plunging cock, her fuck-juices began flow- ing
hotly over his stiff prick.

"OOOOOOOH, GOD! I'M COMING! COMING!" she squealed, her entire body
shuddering and lurching beneath him as the glorious orgasm seemed to
grab at every raw nerve end.

When her wild climax finally began sub- siding, she slowly became aware
of Bernie's big prick still slamming in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned with joy. "Make me come again, honey! Make me
come again!"

Dying to experience another orgasm like the last one, Alice was almost
out of her mind with ecstasy as his fantastic cock rubbed against every
nerve in her tight little pussy. From the first moment the woman had
met Bernie, she'd always thought he'd be a great fuck, but she hadn't
dreamed he'd be this fantastic. Want- ing him to bring her off again,
she was thrusting her cunt up to meet every delicious plunge of his
bloated prick. Grasping his sinewey asscheeks in her hands, Alice was
pull- ing him violently toward her, arching her hips up to receive the
full length of his hard cock.

As their slippery bodies slapped frantically together, he began ramming
his cock faster and deeper into her juicy fuckhole, wanting to bring
her off once more before shooting his own wad.

"OH, SHIT, BERNIE!" she squealed with rapture. "FUCK ME HARDER, HONEY!

Frantically increasing the tempo of his lusty strokes, the man could
feel that unmistakable sensation building up in his balls and knew he
was being rapidly hurled toward a wild climax.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" panted the hotly-aroused blonde, pulling her
knees back almost to her shoulders, exposing the entire length of her
open slit to his plunging cock. "Fuck it to me, baby! I'm almost there
again ...almost there!"

The pleasure in Alice's loins was further in- tensified when her
lover's prick began violent- ly erupting his thick, hot cum into the
depths of her writhing cunt, mixing frothily with her fuck-juices.


Chapter 6

When they finally recovered from their fan- tastic fuck, Bernie went
into the bathroom to take a piss. Smiling at Alice as he returned, the
handsome man sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Goddamn!" he exclaimed. "You can really fuck!"

"So can you," whispered the horny blonde as she reached out and stroked
his thick, limp prick. "Am I gonna get some more? Paul and the twins
won't be back until late this after- noon."

"You bet you are," grinned Bernie. "All we have to do is get my goddamn
cock hard again."

"Don't worry about that." Alice giggled as she dropped to her knees on
the floor in front of him. "My hot lips will take care of your cock."

Gently inserting his limp prick into her mouth, Alice was thrilled with
the taste of his spunk mixed with the cunt-juice that covered his
thickly coated cock. After swirling his flac- cid prick around in her
hot mouth for a few minutes, Alice was thrilled to feel his cock
starting to swell and throb.

The man's tasty prick was rapidly growing in her mouth as she
rhythmically bobbed her head up and down over his cock. Feeling his
cock getting harder and thicket, the woman loved the texture of his
throbbing prick as his cock deliciously filled her mouth.

The kneeling woman was so engrossed with Bernie's thrilling cock that
she didn't notice Max stinking into the room. The big dog sat down on
his haunches directly behind Alice, his eyes riveted on the hot cunt
that was so deliciously exposed just below her little pink asshole.
With his tongue hanging out and drip- ping perspiration, the feverishly
aroused animal was whimpering and trembling.

Slowly inching forward, Max was sniffing around her juicy, cum-filled
cunt with his nose while his throbbing cock thrust out from under his
furry belly. Alice was vaguely aware of his hot breath on her cunt, but
she was too in- volved with Bernie's prick to pay any atten- tion.

Suddenly letting out an excited whimper, the huge dog leaped up and
threw his paws over the kneeling woman's shoulders, driving the full
length of his fiery, red cock into her slip- pery cunt. Pinned down
under the animal, Alice could feel his hard shaft spearing rapidly in
and out of her pussy.

As the deliciously-wild sensations mounted in her flaming cunt, Alice
threw her arms around Bernie's waist to help support the animal's
weight on her back.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed, momentarily removing her mouth from Bernie's
cock as she raised her ass to give the dog easier access to her
slippery cunt. "Just fuck me good!"

Once more sucking frantically on the man's tasty cock, Alice's entire
body was charged with electric-like sparks as the beautiful animal's
super-hard prick rubbed rapidly against her screaming clit. The
machine-gun rapidity of the dog's strokes was building up to such an
intense ecstasy that Alice could hardly stand it.

With her arms locked around Bernie's waist and her lips sucking
frantically on the man's lurching cock, she could feel the animal's
fan- tastic prick knifing faster and faster into her sizzling cunt. It
was thrilling to feel that bright-red cock drilling deep inside of her
as she sucked. Alice's big, full tits were swinging wildly beneath her
as the force of the animal's wild humping violently shook her naked

"Harder, Max, harder!" she whimpered around Bernie's spit-drenched

Sucking passionately on the, man's thick cock, Alice felt a delicious
warmth between her legs as Max's long, red penis made her seething
pussy boil. The wildly-aroused animal was panting loudly as he drilled
in and out, slamming the entire length of his prick into her with every
rapid thrust.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned in ecstasy. "Mmmmmmmm!"

Each time the animal drew back for another inward thrust, the thrill of
it made Alice shud- der and shake. She could feel it fucking into her
with a jerky rhythm, probing into her hot, slick pussy with a canine
hardness. Knowing nothing about gentleness, the panting beast was
ravaging her hot cunt with his plundering cock, his furry haunches
pounding against her soft ass with every rapid thrust.

"Goddamn!" Alice panted around the thick prick in her mouth as the
unbelievable joy between her legs increased.

Crazed by the moist hotness of his mistress' juicy cunt around his
stabbing boner, the whimpering dog began fucking even faster. The woman
was so hot and wet that the animal was insanely drilling his long, red
cock through the delicious folds of her scalding cunt-flesh.

Thinking how good it felt to be fucked by her beautiful Labrador, Alice
tightened her pussy muscles around his wondrous tool, in- creasing the
friction as he pumped it in and out. Thrilled by the way her dog's
bone-hard prick was fucking into her, Alice's tongue began working
overtime on Bernie's cock, whipping it into a lathered frenzy. Taking
almost the entire length of his thick boner into her mouth, Alice could
hardly wait to taste the man's creamy cum.

"Oh, I love these cocks!" she excitedly whimpered.

Alice was almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy as Max
penetrated her cunt deeper and deeper with every thrust. Each time he
pulled back, his swollen cock drew her pussylips and clit out with it,
and each return- ing thrust would deliciously push them back into the
soft folds. The way his hard prick was pushing and pulling her slippery
cunt-flesh in all directions was the most incredible thing Alice had
ever experienced. The unbelievable hardness of her dog's cock was
enough to drive the woman wild.

Thrilled at the way her pet's fantastic prick was reaming out her slit
from the rear, Alice's face was bobbing faster and faster over Bernie's
loins as she sucked ravenously on his straining prick. The handsome
man's entire body was trembling and jerking from the wild sensations
being induced by Alice's hot, slavering lips.

"Oh, my God!" Bernie gasped, digging his hands into her long, blonde
hair as the softness of her tongue swirled around his big, hard cock.

The feel of his tasty prick sliding over her tongue was driving the
horny woman crazy. Wrapping her hot, juicy lips tighter around his cock
while her dog continued fucking into her cunt from the rear, Alice took
his prick deeper and deeper until she felt his swollen cockhead nudging
against the back of her throat. Slowly lifting her mouth with a
powerful suction, she could feel the man's entire body shuddering with

"Suck, Alice, suck!" he moaned, half- crazed from the heavenly feeling
of her leeching lips slithering up and down over his ready-to-explode

With his breath coming in short hot gasps, his hands were curled into
her hair, forcing her mouth down tighter over his throbbing boner.

"Suck, Alice, suck!" he shouted again, almost out of his mind from the
intense pleasure she was giving him.

Sucking passionately on his shaft as she knelt beneath her feverishly
fucking dog, the woman's entire body felt warm and wet from the intense
ecstasy that was flowing through her. Her soft lips were sucking deeply
on Ber- nie's thick cock as wave after wave of prurient pleasure washed
through the depraved woman's naked body. Alice could feel the
tumultuous pleasure mounting throughout her writhing loins and could
hardly wait to feel the animal's hot dog-jizz shooting into her pussy.

"Come on, Max!" she squealed back over her shoulder as she temporarily
pulled her mouth off Bernie's big, tasty prick. "Fuck me harder, you
big-cocked beauty!"

As if he actually understood her, the big, dumb beast began drilling
his prick even harder into her pussy while Alice ground her cunt back
against his furry loins.

"THAT'S IT, MAX!" she screamed.

Each backward thrust of her soft, wiggly ass was bringing her new and
more intense waves of convulsive pleasure.

"Oh, you sweet doggy!" she whimpered. "Fuck me good, darling! Fill me
with jizz, you beautiful, big fucker!"

The unbelievable joy that was streaking through the naked slut's body
was further enhanced by the knowledge that she was being ravaged by an
animal. The realization that a dog was fucking her seemed to intensify
the pleasure.

"Oh, my God!" she heard Bernie sob as she started sucking even harder
on his cock.

Alice was aware of how much the handsome man was enjoying the blow-job,
and she wanted to please him even more. Her mouth was flying up and
down over his spit-drenched boner as her swirling tongue lapped wildly
around it.

Reaching down as Alice vigorously sucked on his throbbing cock, Bernie
grasped her bouncing tits. He lightly pinched and pulled on her big,
turgid nipples as the beautiful cock- sucker writhed and jerked beneath
her feverishly-humping dog.

"Suck it, honey!" he sobbed as the incredi- ble suction of her lips
increased. "God, what a hot broad you are!"

Lurching wildly, Bernie's hips were rocking up and down on the edge of
the bed as he fran- tically plunged his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Jesus Christ!" he panted, his breath com- ing in hot, ragged gasps as
he pressed his hands down on the back of her head. "Keep suckin', baby!
I'm almost there...almost there!"

Wanting to please the handsome man as much as possible, she sucked
deeper and harder on his lurching tool as her dog con- tinued fucking
into her from the rear.

"Oh, shit!" the man cried out. "I'm ready to shoot! Just keep suckin'
that cock!"

Sucking deeper and harder, the beautiful woman could hardly wait for
him to flood her throat with his deliciously-thick cum.

"OOOOOOOOH!" roared Bernie, digging his fingers into her long, blonde
hair and slam- ming her mouth down tighter over his prick. "HERE IT

Then without any further warning, the man exploded a torrent of cum
into her mouth. Sucking wildly, Alice was able to swallow every tasty,
slippery drop of it. Thoroughly en- joying the delicious treat he was
giving her, she thirstily drank up his heavenly spunk until his limp
penis slipped out of her sucking mouth.

Excitedly licking her lips, Alice was once more able to concentrate on
the wonderful dog-cock that was fucking into her from the rear.

"Oh, yes, Max!" she panted. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me good!"

The woman was almost out of her mind with pleasure as Max's long, red
prick penetrated her pussy deeper with every stroke. Pinned down under
the animal's weight, Alice was moaning with joy as his hot, slippery
cock zip- ped wildly in and out of her writhing cunt.

"Oh, Max, baby!" she squealed. "You sweet fucker!"

Sitting on the edge of the bed with his limp, wet prick dangling down
between his legs, Ber- nie could hardly believe his eyes as he watched
the animal fucking his friend's beautiful, blonde wife.

"FUCK IT TO ME!" Alice screamed.

Like a bitch in heat, the wanton slut kept her creamy ass high in the
air, giving the animal plenty of access to her overheated cunt.

Whimpering with joy, Max was drilling his long, shiny cock deeper and
deeper into Alice's sizzling pussy. His furry hips were just a blur as
he rapidly fucked his bright-red boner in and out of her slippery cunt.
Hunched over under the wildly-humping animal, Alice's glaz- ed eyes
were staring crazily into space, her face flushed with excitement.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Bernie was breathlessly watching the
dog fuck his prick in and out of Alice's gold-fringed hole. He couldn't
believe the rapture on her face as she writhed beneath the savagely-
humping animal.

Now fucking into her as only a dog can, Max's cock was flying in and
out at a dizzying speed, his tail wagging crazily as his drooling
tongue dribbled saliva all over her back.

"Fuck it to me, Max!" she cried out with joy as the lust-crazed beast
further increased the tempo of his rapid thrusts.

The woman's dangiing tits were jiggling and bouncing like crazy as the
big animal rocked her deliciously-naked body. He was almost knocking
the breath right out of her every time he drilled his long, hard cock
into her juicy cunt.

"Oh, yes, Max!" whimpered the depraved woman. "Fuck my cunt!"

Excitedly watching her, Bernie could see how much Alice was thoroughly
enjoying get- ting fucked by the dog. Her beautiful face was grossly
distorted with perverted lust, her tongue lolling out just like the
dog's, as she feverishly slammed her ass back to meet his deep thrusts.
Helplessly aroused by the red-hot friction of her pet's hard prick,
Alice was creaming all over the slippery length of his cock, making his
prick glisten with her frothy juices.


The beautiful blonde's face was flushed with pleasure as she excitedly
took Max's hard, rapid strokes. The hard, red meat of the dog's
thrusting prick was fucking the juices right out of her sizzling cunt,
the thick, white cream splattering all over his belly.

"FUCK, THIS IS GOOD!!' shrieked Alice.

Max's furry hips moved with a blinding speed as he fucked his long, red
boner into the slippery hotness of the beautiful blonde's juice-
slickened cunt. As the ecstasy mounted in her steaming pussy, Alice
slammed her ass back even harder to receive the full thrusts of his
hard cock.

Like all dogs, Max wasn't slow or gentle about fucking, and as he
feverishly fucked his mistress, his tail was wagging madly, his long,
red cock pounding deep into her.

Watchin the woman perform this lewd act with her dog, Bernie could
hardly believe what he was seeing. The big Labrador was fucking her
with a powerful savageness, rocking her body, making her big, full tits
jiggle crazily beneath her. Bernie could see that Alice was in a state
of sublime ecstasy. Her lovely face was distorted into a mask of
animalistic lust, her tongue lolling out just like her wildly-fucking
dog's. She was urgently slamming her ass back to the tempo of his
strokes, creating a heavenly sensation as her slippery fuck-juices
boiled ceaselessly from her wantonly aroused cunt, deliciously coating
his long, red prick.

"OOOOOOOOOH!" she screamed with joy. "YOU'RE SO NICE AND HARD, YOU

Flushed with sexual bliss, Alice was shrilly squealing as she took the
repeated thrusts of the animal's hard cock. The noise of their wanton
fucking was obscenely squishy as Max's long, red boner reamed the hot
juices right out of her.

"OH, FUCK, IT'S GOOD!" whimpered the crouching blonde, clawing at the
carpet. "DON'T EVER STOP, MAX!"

Having no thoughts of stopping, the wildly- aroused dog's teeth were
bared in an insane grin as he vigorously fucked into her.

"Oh, sweet humpin' Jesus!" sobbed Alice in ecstasy. "That's the way to
fuck a cunt!"

The woman's entire body was being jolted by the thrusts of Max's steel-
hard cock. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog's strokes was, carrying
the wildly-aroused blonde to new heights of ecstasy. The perverted
pleasure built and built in her loins as Max's blistering cock knifed
into her hotly-creaming cunt.

"OH, MAX!" she squealed. "MAKE ME COME, HONEY! MAKE ME COME!"

The animal had fucked her countless times in the past, but it had never
felt as fantastic as now. Feeling herself rapidly racing toward a mind-
blowing orgasm, the beautiful woman firmly braced her hands against the
floor for support and passionately screwed her cunt back around the
dog's deeply-plunging prick.

"OH, FUCK!" she squealed. "HERE I COME!"

With her climax starting to engulf her, the woman was almost hysterical
as her dog's juice-slickened boner raced in and out of her exploding

"OOOOOOOOH!" she suddenly shrieked. "I'M COMING...COMING!"

Alice's body was writhing wildly as her orgasm enveloped her. Her horny
juices boiled out around the animal's throbbing boner as her cunt
muscles deliciously contracted around his cock.

"CREAM ME, MAX!" she sobbed. "FILL ME WITH JIZZ!"

The words were hardly out of her mouth when the dog began coming.
Yelping wildly, the animal shot spurt after spurt of slippery jizz into
the beautiful blonde's cunt.

When her exhausted pet finally pulled his spent prick out of her pussy,
Alice rolled onto her back and smiled at Bernie who was strok- ing a
brand-new hard-on.

"Oh, honey," she whispered, spreading the lips of her cum-filled pussy
apart with her fingers. "Why don't you empty that hot load right in

Chapter 7

Going upstairs the following afternoon, Alice was shocked to see the
twins squirming around nakedly on Amy's bed. The girl was spread out on
her back and Jimmy was kneel- ing between her legs, trying to get his
hard little prick into her cunt.

"What are you kids doing?" gasped the woman, unable to believe what she
was seeing.

"Nothin'," they mutttered as Jimmy pulled away from his sister.

"Don't lie to me." Alice grinned, amused by the sight of Jimmy's hard
young cock. "Why were you trying to put your prick into your sister's

"He was gonna fuck me," admitted Amy.

"What do you kids know about fucking?" asked Alice, smiling.

"We started doing it a few days ago," said Jimmy, surprised that their
aunt didn't seem to be mad at them.

"Who taught you how to do it?"

"No one." Amy grinned. "We sorta figured it out for ourselves."

"I'm very proud of you," their horny aunt said with a smile. "But
there's a lot more to fuckin' than just pumping a cock in and out of a
girl's pussy."

"What do you mean?"

"Well," answered Alice, starting to feel hot and wet between her legs
as she stared at Jimmy's cute hard cock. "There's a lot of different
ways to fuck."


"Of course." Their aunt smiled, unable to take her eyes away from the
little boy's exciting young prick. "There are so many different

"How can we learn them?"

"Well," whispered Alice, reaching down and lightly running her fingers
across the sen- sitive head of Jimmy's stiff cock. "Why don't you let
me give you some lessons in fucking?"

"What are you doing?" gasped the boy, startled that his aunt would
touch him down there.

"Messing with your prick," giggled Alice. "Do you mind?"

"I guess not."

There was something extremely erotic about the feel of his hard cock,
and Alice was getting even wetter between her legs as she gently
fondled his hard prick. The youngstr's cute cock was at least four or
five inches long and was as hard as steel.

"That's a real beauty," she whispered. "I'll bet you have fun fucking
Amy with it."

"Shit, yes," he grinned. "It feels neat."

"Then let me get my clothes off so I can start giving you kids some
lessons," said the depraved woman.

When his aunt had stripped, Jimmy gazed excitedly at her gold-fringed

"What are you staring at?" Alice giggled, seeing the obvious pleasure
on his face.

"Your pussy."

"Do you like it?"

"Shit, yes."

"Would you like to fuck it?" she asked, gently stroking his hard cock.

"Sure," he grinned.

"Then let's do it," whispered Alice, lying down on the bed and
spreading her legs for him. "Amy can watch this time, and then you can
fuck her next."

Trembling with excitement, the little boy moved up between her legs,
and grasping his hard prick, he guided it toward her juicy, gold-
fringed cunt. After Jimmy had made two clumsy attempts to insert it,
Alice gently took his hard young cock in her hand and nosed the head of
it into her hot, drooling cunt.

"Oh, Jeez!" panted Jimmy, feeling the soft hot flesh of her juicy cunt
closing around his sensitive cock. When his young prick was com-
pletely buried in her, he could feel the slippery, warm tissues of her
talented cunt walls expert- ly squeezing around the tingling length of
his throbbing boner.

"Oh, honey, that's sure a nice, hard cock," whispered Alice, wrapping
her shapely legs around his body.

Jimmy realized that Aunt Alice's pussy wasn't as tight as Amy's but the
way her ex- perienced inner muscles milked, sucked and pulled on his
cock was the wildest thing he'd ever experienced.

"Now let's fuck," she whispered, firmly grasping his hips as she began
guiding his prick in and out of her slippery pussy. "Stay up high so
the top of your cock rubs my clit."

"Like this?" he panted, raising up slightly on his knees.

"That's the way, honey," she whispered. "You're gonna be some fucker
when I'm finished with you."

The youngster was soon drilling his prick in and out of his aunt's
deliciously-hot twat with no further assistance from her.

"That's it, honey," panted Alice, a delicious pleasure filling her
loins as the top ridge of his steel-hard cock vibrated against her
tingling clitoris. "Amy's gonna love this."

The feel of Alice's hot, slippery cunt-flesh rubbing and squeezing
against his thrusting boner was almost more than the young boy could
stand. Crazed with the joy of these delicious new sensations, the
youngster was pumping his hard cock in and out of her pussy at an ever-
increasing tempo.

"Is this the way you fuck Amy?" Alice giggled.


"Well, slow down," she grinned. "You'll pop your nuts before she's even
ready to come."

Taking his aunt's advice, Jimmy began slowly moving his hard prick in
and out.

"Now that's much better," she whispered. "Just take it nice and easy
for awhile."

Unable to control his excitement any longer, he suddenly began pounding
his cock into her pussy again with the same impatience he'd shown only
moments ago.

"Stop that. Slow down," panted Alice. "You don't jack-off in a cunt,
you just fuck it sweet and slow."

"I can't help it," he gasped. "It feels too good to slow down."

"All right, honey," she giggled. "Roll over on your back, and let me
show you how it's done."

Reluctantly pulling his hard little tool out of his beautiful aunt's
juicy cunt, Jimmy did as she suggested. Spread out on his back with his
stiff boner spearing straight up in the air, he watched Alice face him
and straddle his loins, lowering her hot, slippery cunt down over his
hard cock.

"Holy shit!" he spluttered with excitement, watching his cockhead
disappear into his aunt's juicy pussy. The heavenly feeling of her hot,
grasping cunt walls slipping down over his throbbing hard-on was almost
more than the excited boy could stand. Once the length of his virile
young cock was completely buried in her steaming slit, the woman began
lewdly rotating her hot, juicy pussy around the base of his tingling

As she rubbed her own little oozing twat, Amy stared at her aunt
squatting on Jimmy's rock-hard prick. It was driving her crazy to see
the joy on the woman's face as she slid her hot, slippery cunt up and
down over his stiff prick. Amy could hardly wait for her turn.

In the meantime, Jimmy's fingers were play- ing with aunt Alice's hard
nipples as she con- tinued slowly moving her hot, sucking pussy up and
down over his slippery cock.

"Shit, this is neat!" whispered the boy.

Finally stopping the up and down move- ment, Alice reached back and,
bracing her hands against his knees, she began sliding her cunt from
side to side over his rigid prick. First she'd slide slowly to the left
until only the head of his bent cock remained in her, then she'd slide
quickly to the right, bringing squeals of delight from the horny little
boy. Each rapid motion forced the top ridge of his hard young boner to
rub deliciously against her wildly- aroused clit.

He was only a kid with a five-inch dick, but Alice was almost out of
her mind as she fren- ziedly rubbed her tingling joy-button back and
forth over his steel-hard prick. She was no longer fucking him with the
slow, sensual rhythm she'd used earlier. Now she was fran- tically
sliding her cunt back and forth over his jerking cock with a maddening
urgency. Realizing that Jimmy was almost ready to shoot his wad, Alice
rolled him over on top of her with his prick still deeply embedded in
her sizzling cunt.

"Now fuck me, baby!" she panted, clutching him tighter in her arms.
"Just fuck me as hard as you can!"

Spreading her soft thighs farther apart, Alice grasped the cheeks of
his tight young ass and pulled him deeper into her hot, juicy hole. As
he began excitedly drilling his cock in and out of her slippery pussy,
she continued clutching his lean asscheeks, pulling him more violently
into her. Wanting to give the cute youngster an extra thrill, Alice
began teasing her naughty fingertip around the sensitive ring of his
little puckered asshole.

Feeling his pretty aunt's finger tracing light- ly around his sensitive
asshole, Jimmy began pounding his cock in and out at an ever faster
tempo. Then feeling her finger slipping into the opening of his ass,
the boy drilled his prick deeper into her hot, juicy cunt.

"OOOOOOOH, YES!" she shrieked with joy. "THAT'S THE WAY TO USE A CUNT,

As his beautiful aunt lewdly massaged his fiery asshole with her
finger, Jimmy frantically fucked his hard tool in and out of her cunt
at an even faster tempo.

"Eeeeeeeeggghhh!" she squealed, thrilled by the way his hard cock was
sawing and vibrating against her clit. "Oh, shit, that's good! Fuck me,
honey. Fuck me good!"

As the youngster's steel-hard prick drilled into her at an ever-
increasing speed, Alice could feel herself rushing toward a wild

"OH, JESUS, I'M COMING!" shrieked the woman as she was engulfed by an
intense orgasm. "I'M COMING, HONEY, COMING!"

Then as her spasming cunt sucked and pulled on his cock, she felt his
hot load gushing into her writhing pussy.

"That's it, you cute little fucker!" squealed Alice. "Shoot me full,
baby! Cream me good!"

They clung desperately to each other until the very last drop of cum
dribbled out of his slowly-shrinking prick.

"Now it's my turn," Amy excitedly giggled when Jimmy finally pulled his
limp dick out of their aunt's jizz-drenched pussy.

"You'll have to wait until I get another hard-on," said her brother.
"But that won't take long."

They were startled when they looked up and saw Uncle Paul walking into
the room. Think- ing how much she'd like to have him screw her while
Jimmy was recovering from his ejacula- tion, Alice gave him a sexy

"Hi," she grinned, lying there completely naked. "Why aren't you at

"It was slow today," he answered, staring at the three nude people on
the bed. "So I decided to take the afternoon off."

"Come on in, and get undressed," she invited, wearing only a grin.
"We're having a little party."

"I can see that," he answered, staring at the glob of cum oozing out
from between her legs as well as the string of jizz hanging from the
end of Jimmy's limp prick. "But it looks to me like you're robbing the

"Not really," Alice giggled. "I'm teaching the kids how to fuck."

"Are you guys having fun?" he asked the twins.

"They are," Amy said with a mock pout. "All I get to do is watch."

"That doesn't seem quite fair." Paul smiled, feeling his cock explode
into an instant erection at the sight of her little pointed tits and
the soft wisps of downy hair around her cute pussy.

"It isn't," sighed Amy. "I like to fuck, too."

"How long have you been fucking?" her uncle asked.

"Since Jimmy started fucking me a few days ago," she grinned. "And I
sure think it's fun."

"So do I," agreed Uncle Paul, quickly removing his clothes, letting his
thick boner spring free. "I'd be more than happy to fuck you."

"You can't do that!" exclaimed Alice. "She's not big enough."

"She looks big enough to me," he said with a laugh, seeing the way
little Amy was staring wide-eyed at his big, man-sized prick.

"Are you crazy?" Alice gasped. "You'd split the kid wide open with that
big cock!"

"No, he wouldn't," Amy finally protested, still staring as if
hypnotized at his huge prick. "I want him to fuck me."

"But, darling," Alice said, turning to her little niece. "His cock is
too big for you."

"Please let him try it," the little girl pleaded to her aunt. "He can
always stop it hurts too much."

"Will you be gentle with her?" Alice asked her husband, seeing how
determined her little niece seemed to be.

"Of course I will," he answered.

Picking the naked youngster up in his arms, Paul put her down on the

"Now darling, get up on your hands and knees," he whispered.

Kneeling on the bed behind her, Paul grasped her hips and gently eased
the bloated head of his cock between her juicy little cuntlips.
Gripping her firmly, he began pushing forward.

"Does it hurt, honey?" he asked when his thick cockhead slipped through
the tiny entrance of her cunt.

"Not yet," she whispered.

Digging her fingers into the sheet, Amy moaned with both pleasure and
anguish as her uncle shoved and pushed his thick prick deeper and
deeper into her little pussy until, at last, his cock was completely

"See, my cunt's big enough," she whispered, feeling his enormous cock
throb- bing deep in her pussy. The horny youngster's hot juices were
flowing hotly around the thick length of Paul's huge boner as she
passionately writhed her ass back against his loins.

Staring at them, Alice couldn't believe her little niece had been able
to take the entire length of his prick so easily. It was quite obvious
that the youngster was more than capable of handling anything Paul
could give her.

"Do you like it, sweetheart?" Amy's uncle whispered. "Do you like my
big cock in her cute little pussy?"

"God, yes!" she panted. "Now start fuckin'!"

"Don't worry, honey," he grinned, partial- ly withdrawing his thick
boner. "When I'm finished with you, you're gonna know you've been

Then he suddenly slammed his huge prick back in, his swollen cockhead
pounding against the very end of her cunt.

"OOOOOOOH, YES!" she shrieked with delight, her cute little ass
wriggling deliciously as he lustily fucked into her hot, slippery pussy
from the rear. "FUCK ME GOOD, UNCLE PAUL!"

The man could hardly contain his excite- ment. This was the tightest
little pussy he'd ever been in. Her cunt was so deliciously hot and
slick as her pussy squeezed and sucked on his thick cock with a
feverish greed.

"How does it feel, sweetheart?" he panted. "Does it hurt?"

"Fuck, no!" she called back over her shoulder at him. "It's really

Paul could feel her horny pussy-cream boil- ing all around his deeply-
embedded boner as the youngster's snug little cunt sheath squeezed
passionately on his plunging prick. Her tiny pussy was hot and slick,
the tightest cunt he'd ever fucked in his life. Unable to control his
burning lust, he began fucking the youngster with long, deep strokes
that tore deep into her luscious little cunt, almost knocking her off
her knees with every thrust.

"OOOOOOOOOH, YES!" she shrieked with prurient delight, hotly creaming
all over his bloated cock as she shook and wriggled her ass back
against him. "That's it, Uncle Paul! Just fuck the piss outa me!"

Kneeling with her cute ass high in the air and her face resting on her
arms, Amy was being bounced all over the bed, her pointy little tits
jiggling deliciously beneath her as his huge, blue-veined prick rammed
in and out of her hot young pussy.

"Oh, shit, your cock's so good!" she whimpered. "I love your prick!" I
love the way you fuck!"

Paul was panting hotly as he plunged his thick cock into the delicious
tightness of the young girl's juicy cunt at an ever-increasing tempo.
In all his years of fucking, Paul had never found a cunt as hot and
tight and juicy as the little pussy he was fucking now. He couldn't
believe the way the youngster's strong young cunt muscles squeezed and
sucked on his plunging prick.

"Oh, I sweet fuckin' Jesus!" squealed the wildly-aroused girl, writhing
her cute little ass more frenziedly. "Fuck it to me, Uncle Paul! Fuck
me to death! Oh, God, how I love it... LOVE IT!"

Wanting to please the pretty little child as much as possible, he once
more increased the rhythm of his lusty fucking. As his big, slip- pery
prick pounded into her wildly-stretched cunt, hot juices boiled out
from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips, dribbling down her- inner

The horny youngster had never enjoyed anything so much in her life,
each lusty thrust of her uncle's thick cock carrying her to new heights
of ecstasy. A crazy grin split her lust- distorted face and her eyes
rolled wildly around in her head as she clawed at the sheet with her

"Harder, Uncle Paul, harder!" she cried out at the top of her lungs.
"Give it all to me! Give me every thing you've got!"

Paul began fucking his huge prick into her for, all he was worth,
slamming his tingling cock in with all his strength, almost lifting the
child off her knees with every lusty thrust.

Amy couldn't get over how good it felt to be fucked by a big, man-sized
cock. Her tiny little cunt felt raw, numb and tingly, experiencing an
ecstasy beyond deion. The tight walls of her little pussy were
burning deliciously from the heavenly friction of his plunging boner.
She could feel her nipples burning and stiffening with excitement as
her wild climax rapidly approached.

"OOOOOOOOH, SHIT!" she suddenly screamed passionately waving her hot
little ass around in the air. "I'M COMING, UNCLE PAUL! OH, FUCK HOW I'M

Shuddering and jerking from head to toe as her climaxing cunt
contracted and spasmed around the length of his massive cock, Amy
exploded into an unbelievably wild orgasm. The joy was further
intensified when his hot sperm began gushing into her little writhing

"YES! YES!" she squealed with delight as his thick, hot cum filled her

Collapsing beneath the man, the exhausted little girl knew she'd just
had a fuck that she'd never forget.

Chapter 8

Alice couldn't explain why, but nothing had ever aroused her as much as
watching Paul's cock pumping in and out of their little niece's juicy
cunt. It wasn't her husband's big, hard prick that intrigued her, it
was Amy's darling little pussy.

When Paul finally pulled his spent cock out of the youngster's cum-
flooded cunt, Alice couldn't seem to take her eyes away from Amy's
pussy. Seeing a string of slippery cum oozing out from between Amy's
darling little cuntlips, Alice lost all control of herself.

Moving over next-to her cute little niece, Alice drew the naked
youngster into her arms. Gently cupping one of Amy's firm young tits in
her hand, Alice covered the youngster's softly-parted lips with her own
heated mouth. The older woman had never had any desire for a girl
before, but right now she was madly lusting for her little naked niece.
Still teasing Amy's cute little tits with the fingers of one hand,
Alice moved the other down between the youngster's slightly-parted
thighs, excitedly seeking her sweet young pussy.

"Oh, Aunt Alice," Amy giggled when she felt the woman slip a finger up
into the moist hotness of her little cum-filled pussy. "You're doing
something naughty."

"I know," whispered the woman. "But isn't it fun?"

"Shit, yes!" exclaimed Amy. "It feels neat."

"I'm glad," answered her aunt, drawing the youngster's deliciously-
naked body closer to her, once more covering Amy's sweet young lips
with her own warm mouth. The cute little redhead began squirming with
delight when she felt Aunt Alice's probing tongue in her mouth.

As they passionately French kissed, Alice cupped the youngster's tit
more firmly, feeling Amy's naked little body trembling with un-
concealed excitement as she began kneading Amy's erect nipple between
her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, Aunt Alice," the child whispered when the woman covered her
swollen nipple with her lips. "That feels so shittin' good."

Still sucking on her young niece's cute tit, Alice continued fingering
the youngster's hotly-creaming cunt.

"Oh, shit, Aunt Alice," Amy whimpered, writhing her steaming pussy
around the woman's deeply embedded finger. "That feels wild."

Clinging tightly to her aunt, Amy pressed her passionately-parted lips
to Alice's as the woman's finger plunged in and out of her little
scalding cunt. Every thrust of her aunt's finger was carrying the child
to a higher plane of ecstasy.

"Mmmmmmm, Aunt Alice!" she moaned with joy when the woman's finger
found her clit. "That's it! Oh, how good!"

Holding Amy's cute, naked body in her arms, Alice continued toying with
her sensitive joy-button until the youngster was almost beside herself
from the intense pleasure.

"That's it, Aunt Alice!" squealed Amy, opening her sweet young thighs
still wider, giving the depraved woman even more access to her
wantonly-exposed cunt. "Oh, shit, that feels good!"

With her shapely little legs splayed lewdly apart, Amy could feel her
aunt's middle finger carrying her closer and closer to a bell-ringing

"Don't stop!" screamed the little redhead when her aunt suddenly pulled
her finger out of her cunt. "I'm almost ready to come!"

"It's all right, baby," panted Alice, jump- ing to her feet and rolling
her young niece onto her back. "You're gonna come."

"What are you doing?" asked Amy as Alice tugged the child's ass to the
very edge of the bed, letting her legs hang over.

"I'm gonna eat this cute little pussy," whispered the woman, dropping
to her knees between Amy's thighs.

Alice had never dreamed of licking another woman's cunt until this very
moment, and now looking up between her niece's open legs, she had this
wild desire to go down on her.

"Oooooooh, Aunt Alice!" little Amy excitedly squealed when she felt the
woman's tongue swipe hotly across her juicy young pussy.

Completely carried away by her sudden lust for the youngster, Alice
didn't give a shit whether it was a girl's cunt or not. All that
mattered was that the sweet, soft flesh tasted good. What difference
did it make whether it was male or female flesh as long as it was
exciting to suck on?

"Oh, Aunt Alice," the youngster whimpered, spreading her thighs farther
apart to give the woman easier access to her steam- ing pussy. "That
feels so shittin' good."

The deliciously-moist flesh of the little girl's pussy was wildly
exciting to Alice as her warm tongue explored the hidden recesses of
the child's cute pussy. The strange, but erotic taste of Amy's sweet
cunt-juices was enough to blow the woman's mind.

"Oh, Jesus!" squealed Amy when her aunt's tongue found her sensitive
clitoris. "That's it, Aunt Alice!"

Sucking the pearly little joy-button between her lips, Alice began
flicking her tongue all around it, bringing squeals of delight from
deep in the cute youngster's throat. Being a woman, she instinctively
knew how to bring profound pleasure to her niece's clit.

"Oh, shit!" the youngster shrieked. "That's so good, Aunt Alice! It
feels so fuckin' good!"

Uncle Paul and Jimmy could hardly believe their eyes as they watched
Alice hungrily going down on her little niece's pussy.

Alice could feel Amy's soft thighs squeezing against her face as she
drew closer and closer to an orgasm. Thrilled by the way Aunt Alice was
eating out her hot little cunt, the horny child spread her legs wider
apart, and then grasping the woman's head, she pushed Alice's mouth
down tighter against her seething crotch.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" squealed Amy, feeling her aunt's hot, wet lips sucking
on her pussy. Completely aroused by the erotic contact of Aunt Alice's
tongue, little Amy arched her hips up, excitedly writhing her hotly-
oozing pussy against the woman's mouth.

"OOOOOOOH! OOOOOOOH!" shrieked Amy as Aunt Alice's tongue swirled
around deeply in her juicy slit. "OH, SHIT, IT FEELS SO FUCKIN' GOOD!"

Thrilled by the horny fragrance of her young niece's tasty cunt,
Alice's tongue was slashing rapidly in and out between the slippery
lips of the little redhead's helplessly- aroused slit.

" good," sobbed the wildly-excited child.

Watching through half-closed eyes, little Amy could see Aunt Alice's
juice-lathered face rooting around between her shapely young legs. The
youngster began whimpering louder as her aunt's tongue continued
stabbing at her throbbing clitoris. Writhing feverishly on the edge of
the bed as her brother and uncle watched, the cute youngster was almost
out of her mind with joy.

Hungrily going down on a pussy for the first time in her life, Alice
seemed to instinctively know how to bring the cute child the most
pleasure. Swirling her tongue into the most sensitive parts of the
girl's heated cunt, the depraved woman reached under Amy's ass and
slipped her fingertip into her little puckered asshole.

"Oooooooh, Aunt Alice!" the youngster squealed with delight. "That
feels good!"

Whimpering and moaning from the intense pleasure she was feeling, Amy
squeezed her soft little thighs more tightly against her horny aunt's
juice-drenched face. The intense ecstasy was streaking so wildly
through the youngster's body that she could hardly control her screams.
As her depraved aunt's tongue carried little Amy closer and closer to a
climax, the cute little girl thought she was losing her mind.

Alice was so busy going down on her niece's tasty cunt that she didn't
notice Max slinking into the room. Seeing his mistress kneeling between
Amy's legs, the dog moved over behind her. His cock exploded into a
throb- bing erection as he sniffed around her juicy cunt and asshole.

"EEEEEEEEGGGHHH!" Alice shrieked, completely shocked when the animal
suddenly mounted her and speared his long red cock into her cunt from
the rear.

Alice always enjoyed her dog's fantastic prick, and feeling it
burrowing into her, the cunt-sucking blonde eagerly welcomed it. Still
licking feverishly on her niece's little pussy, the woman began slowly
grinding her hips in a circular motion as Max worked his cock deeper
and deeper into the hot slickness of her writhing cunt. The sex-crazed
woman was filled with a wanton ecstasy as her beautiful dog's hard
boner slowly filled her tingling pussy. When Max had buried the last
hard inch of his canine-cock into her juicy, overheated slit, the
feverishly-aroused woman lewdly writhed her creamy ass back against his

"Oh, goddamn it, Max!" she gasped, momentarily removing her mouth from
the youngster's little red-fringed pussy. "That big cock feels so
fuckin' good in my cunt!"

With the beautiful Labrador's heavenly prick buried deep in her horny
pussy, Alice once more lowered her face into Amy's hotly- oozing
crotch. The deliciously-fresh aroma and taste of the child's sweet
young cunt seemed to get better and better as the dog began fucking his
cock in and out of her pussy more rapidly. Her entire body trembling
with excitement, the kneeling woman thrust her tongue deeper and deeper
into her cute young niece's hotly-leaking cunt.

Hungrily sucking the tasty juices from Amy's little pussy, the depraved
woman was acutely aware of her dog's fantastic cock plunging in and out
of her seething cunt. With the animal's furry weight on her back, Alice
was almost oblivious to it, conscious of nothing but the delicious
warmth of the slippery, red boner zipping in and out between her legs.
Pile-driving his rigid cock into her with the blinding speed that only
a dog can achieve, Max had her cunt deliciously tingling from the hot
friction, bringing wanton squeals of lewd rapture from deep in the
debased woman's throat. With his forepaws wrapped firmly around her
naked waist, the insanely- aroused animal was pounding his long, red
boner deeper and deeper into Alice's writhing cunt while she feverishly
sucked and licked on her sweet young niece's pussy. Buffeted by the
wildly-fucking dog, her big, full tits were bouncing and jiggling
wildly beneath her. The hotly-aroused animal's hard cock sent wondrous
sensations churning through her cunt.

"Oh, sweet Max," whimpered Alice, once more removing her mouth from
Amy's cute young pussy and banging her hot ass back against his furry
belly, almost matching the rapidity of his blazing, fucking prick.
"God, how I love the way you fuck!"

The heavenly friction of his slippery dog- cock speeding in and out of
her lust-slickened cunt was driving Alice wild. Passionately suck- ing
on her cute niece's juicy, hot pussy, the horny woman's entire body was
on fire as Max's long, hard cock reamed out her sizzling cunt from the
rear. The woman's slippery cunt juices were flowing all around the hard
length of his prick, thickly coating the dog-cock with her frothy

"Mmmmmmmm," she sobbed into little Amy's hotly-oozing cunt as the
feverishly- aroused animal's strong forelegs gripped her deliciously-
naked body and pulled her creamy ass back against his furry belly,
working his long, red cock still deeper into her bottomless cunt.

The heavenly pressure of Max's hairy body against her soft bare ass
sent a searing heat scorching through her scalding pussy. The woman's
body began writhing more passionately as the awesome pleasure
increased. It was the heavenly height of depravity to be sucking on the
cute little youngster's adolescent pussy while her beautiful, big-
cocked dog fucked into her obscenely-exposed cunt from the rear.

Trying to work her tongue even deeper into Amy's tasty young pussy,
Alice's lust-crazed face was saturated with the young girl's hotly-
oozing juices. Sucking feverishly on the youngster's teenaged cunt,
Alice was becoming further aroused by the lewd sound of the dog's
cream-slickened cock pumping noisily in and out of her horny pussy.

As Uncle Paul and Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed watching, the man
couldn't under- stand how his wife could possibly enjoy what the dog
was doing to her. The animal's savage fucking was virtually knocking
the breath right out of her lungs.

"Oh, Max, honey!" the woman panted. "Give me more of that beautiful

Alice had never been so completely aroused in her life. It was pure
heaven to be sucking Amy's juicy little twat while her dog's magnifi-
cent prick slid in and out between her hotly- sucking cuntlips.

"Oh, fuck!" she moaned, her mouth ravaging her niece's cunt. "Fuck me
good, you sweet doggy!"

Passionately sucking on Amy's tasty quim, Alice was almost beside
herself from the sweet agony of Max's hard boner fucking into her
writhing pussy.

"Oh, yes, Max!" she squealed. "That's the way to fuck!"

With the dog's prick driving recklessly into her steaming cunt, Alice
was sucking out the hot juices from Amy's tasty pussy. Max was fucking
his mistress into an ass-shaking frenzy as he savagely pounded his
boner in and out of her sizzling cunt. The beautiful animal was holding
nothing back as he brutally slammed his hard prick into the woman's
slippery pussy.

"Oh, God!" Alice sobbed into Amy's juicy little cunt. "You sweet
fuckin' dog!"

The beautiful animal's cock made a slippery, meaty sound as it squished
in and out of the depraved woman's snug pussy. Whimpering and moaning
in ecstasy, Alice could feel Max speeding up the tempo of his thrusts
as he rapidly approached his climax.

"WHAT A COCK!" she suddenly screamed, momentarily pulling her face out
from between Amy's legs. "I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!"

Once more stabbing her tongue deep into Amy's tasty little pussy, she
let out a moan of cunt-loving delight and wriggled her soft ass around
Max's plunging cock. Almost out of her mind with the joy she was
receiving from the dog's fantastic prick, Alice was sucking even more
vigorously on Amy's sweet young cunt.

"Oh, Max, honey!" the woman panted, slamming her ass back to meet every
delicious thrust of the animal's hard, red prick. "You're really
fuckin' now!"

"DON'T STOP SUCKIN', AUNT ALICE!" little Amy suddenly screamed. "I'M

Burying her face deeper into the squealing youngster's cunt, Alice was
completely lost in the depraved ecstasy that was flooding through her
kneeling body. She could feel her climax rapidly approaching as Max
continued pumping his blazing cock into her juicy pussy with even
quicker thrusts.

"Ooooooooooh! Ooooooooooh!" Amy suddenly squealed. "I'm coming, Aunt

The woman began sucking more heatedly on the little girl's oozing cunt,
wanting her to have an unforgettable orgasm.

Suddenly feeling her dog's cum gushing into her own cunt, Alice
exploded into one of the wildest climaxes she'd ever experienced.

"YES! YES!" she shrieked, writhing her horny cunt back around the
animal's spurting cock. "CREAM ME GOOD, MAX! FILL ME WITH YOUR JIZZ!"

As Amy fell back on the bed and her aunt collapsed on the floor, a
strange silence fell over those in the room.

Chapter 9

"My God!" Paul finally said, breaking the silence in the room. "That
was quite a show."

"It looks like you enjoyed it." Amy giggled, pointing to her uncle's
horrendous hard-on. "What are you gonna do with that big boner?"

"What do you suggest?" he asked, a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

"I still feel horny," replied the cute little redhead. "Why don't you
empty it into my naughty little cunt?"

Reaching for the naked youngster, Paul drew her into his arms and
lowered his mouth down to her softly-pliant lips. He kissed her warmly
and deeply as her sweet, honey-coated tongue sensuously slid into his

With their mouths locked in a passionately- deep kiss and his heart
pounding wildly in his chest, Paul lowered his hand and began caress-
ing the deliciously-rounded cheeks of her cute little ass. Goosing his
fingers into the soft crack of her ass, he pulled the youngster tighter
against him.

"You're so sweet, Uncle Paul," she whispered into his mouth as her
fingers lightly stroked his broad bare chest.

Feeling his caressing tongue moving around deep in her sweet young
mouth, Amy reached down and began gently fondling his hard cock and

"Oh, sweet Amy," he whispered, removing his hand from her soft
asscheeks and easing it up between her inner thighs. Worming his finger
through the youngster's soft growth of red pussy curls, he slipped the
tip of it into her juicy young cunt.

"God, that's a cute little pussy," he whispered, wriggling his finger
around in the warm, slick folds of her adolescent cunt.

"Mmmmm," she passionately responded, her fingers still gently stroking
his thick boner. "I'm ready to fuck."

Releasing the youngster from his embrace, he started to roll her onto
her back.

"No, Uncle Paul," she excitedly whispered. "I'm gonna sit on your

"Why do you want to be on top?" he asked.

"Because I think it would be fun," she said with a giggle, facing the
man and straddling his loins on her knees. "This is gonna be one fuck
you'll never forget."

There was another long silence in the room as her aunt and brother
excitedly stared at them.

Her oozing little cunt hovered just over his throbbing cockhead. Paul
could feel the moist heat radiating from between her legs. He excitedly
watched as the adorable youngster parted her slippery cuntlips with the
thumb and forefinger of one hand, deliciously exposing her little erect
clitoris at the top of her open cunt. Then grasping the thick stem of
his boner with her other hand, she began rubbing his sensitive knob
against her tingling joy-button.

Both of them shuddered with joy from the first electric shock as their
burning flesh met. The hot, slippery cream from her oozing cunt flowed
down over his big, blue-veined cock, saturating the tangled hair around
the base of his prick with its oily stickiness. Amy had a wild desire
to plunge her burning pussy down over the throbbing length of his stiff
cock, but she controlled herself and continued delicious- ly massaging
her quivering clit with the hot tip of his flaring cockhead.

"Oh, Uncle Paul!" she panted as the intense ecstasy burned through her
writhing pussy. "This is gonna be so fuckin' much fun!"

"Then squat down on my cock," he excited- ly urged. "I can't stand much
more of this!"

"Take it easy, honey," she whispered. "We have plenty of time, and your
hot prick feels so good on my clit."

After she'd rubbed her hard little joy-button into a wild frenzy with
his big prickhead, she began slowly moving her moist cuntlips down over
his cock. In his wild lust, Paul was aching to drill the thick length
of his prick deep into Amy's steaming little pussy, but Amy would only
allow the tip of his cock to enter her.

"Please," he begged, his balls aching with the excruciating need to
fuck her. "Put the goddamn thing all the way in!"

Still teasing herself with the head of his prick, she fought back the
burning desire to fill her cunt with his thick cock, wanting to make
this fuck last as long as possible.

"Oh, Uncle Paul," she whispered, writhing her hot, juicy cunt around
the sensitive-head of his fiery cock. "This is gonna be so neat!"

"Then prove it!" he panted, grasping her writhing hips in his hands.
"For God's sake, start fucking me!"

Unable to control his wild lust any longer, he tightened his grip on
her softly rounded hips and jerked her down at the same time he
violently arched his ass up from the bed.

Wanting to tease him a little longer, Amy struggled to remain on her
knees, but her strength was no match for his, and he managed to force
two or three more inches of his prick into the hot juiciness of her
tight little pussy.

"Please, Uncle Paul," she whispered. "Take it easy. I want this fuck to
last a long time."

With the bulbous head of his cock securely lodged in her tight hot cunt
sheath, she began deliciously squeezing and massaging his prick with
her strong, young pussy muscles.

"Feel that," she crooned to him. "Can you feel my naughty little cunt
milking your beautiful prick?"

"Shit, yes!" he panted, writhing with the ecstasy that was being
induced into his prick by her incredible little fuckhole.

"Oh, Uncle Paul," she whispered. "You're really gonna know you've been
fucked when I'm finished with you."

Still anxious to bury the entire length of his cock into her heavenly
pussy, he violently bucked beneath the youngster until a couple more
inches of his hard, throbbing prick was forced into her.

Realizing that she wouldn't be able to hold him back much longer, she
began slowly lowering herself down over his thick cock of pulsating

"Mmmmmmm!" she softly moaned, feel- ing his stiff prick slowly moving
up into her writhing cunt, feeling the soft slippery folds of her hot
pussy-flesh giving way to the delicious pressure of his rigid cock. Her
entire body was aflame with passion as his hard boner pressed out,
widening her tight cunt sheath as his cock sank deeper and deeper.

Paul was now desperately pushing his prick into Amy's cunt as the
shuddering girl pressed down, taking more and more of his slippery

"Feel my prick, honey?" he panted.

"Oh, yes...yes!" she whimpered, writhing her cunt down over his
blistering cock. "Give me more of your cock!"

"Don't worry!" her uncle gasped, arching his hips up higher off the
bed, trying to force every last inch of cock into her hungry, grasp-
ing cunt. "You're gonna get all of my cock!"

"Oooooooooh, yes! That's what I want!"

At last his lusty boner was buried to the hilt, pressing out against
the tight, slippery walls of her steaming pussy. The girl had always
thought how good her brother's prick had felt in her little cunt, but
now being fucked by her uncle for the second time this afternoon, she
decided that bigger cocks felt better.

"Oh, Uncle Paul," she whispered, falling forward over his body with his
wonderful prick embedded so deliciously in her hotly- sucking fuckhole.
"Your cock feels so nice and big in me."

With her hot, hard nipples burning into his hairy chest, Amy covered
his mouth with her moistly-parted lips. Clinging tightly to each other
as they passionately kissed, the aroused youngster writhed her horny
little twat all around the length of his hotly-throbbing prick.

After rubbing her tits against his chest for a few more moments, Amy
once more sat upright on his loins, deliciously impaled on his
wonderful prick. Her uncle's cockhead was buried so deep in her
squeezing cunt that it felt as if his bludgeoning knob was going to
punch right through the walls of her stomach. Sitting on his cock like
this, her strong young inner muscles sucking and squeezing around the
long thickness of his boner, the horny youngster felt so deliciously
full of prick.

"Are you ready, Uncle Paul?" she whispered to him. "Are you ready for
the wildest piece of ass you've ever had?"

"God, yes, I'm ready!" he panted, his entire body shivering with

A soft groan escaped his lips when she began slowly and lewdly rotating
her hips, making his throbbing cock twist and rub around deep- ly in
her hot young pussy. As it deliciously ground first this way and then
that, he could feel his hard prick squashing around deep in her warm,
slick cunt-flesh.

Becoming more excited with every rotation of her hips, he began moving
beneath her. The sensuous feeling of her cunt walls milking and
squeezing on his pulsing cock was more than he could stand, and,
letting out a groan, he suddenly slammed his hips up from the bed,
lifting the cute little redhead into the air. Then as she dropped back
down, his hard prick drilled even deeper into her pussy.

"OH, YES!" she squealed with delight as he began rhythmically fucking
his hard cock in and out of her.

"Jesus, honey!" panted Uncle Paul as he lurched violently beneath her.
"That's gotta be the hottest little cunt in the world."

"You haven't felt anything yet," she claimed, deliciously squeezing his
thrusting cock with her slippery inner muscles. "Just wait'll I get
revved up."

Seeing how excited her uncle was getting, Amy stopped her rotating
motion and began bouncing up and down over his thrusting prick, forcing
it deeper and deeper into her cunt.

"Jesus Christ, baby!" he groaned with pleasure as his slurping cock
fucked in and out of her cute bouncing pussy. "That's the way to fuck
honey! That's really fuckin'!"

Grasping her by the hips, he bucked and heaved, getting more of his
thrusting prick into her with every frenzied thrust. Squealing with
joy, Amy bounced and gyrated above him, reveling in the ecstasy of his
pounding prick. Her little pussy was deliciously twitching, and the
harder he fucked her, the better it felt.

Clamping her knees tighter against his waist for leverage, she began
pumping her cunt up and down over his turgid cock with an even- faster
tempo. Her eyes blazing with lust and her long red hair flailing wildly
around her beautifully-flushed face, Amy was fucking him for all she
was worth.

Lurching wildly beneath the youngster, Paul was almost out of his mind
from the way her hot, spasming cunt was sucking and pulling on the
super-sensitive flesh of his tingling boner. Every time she dropped
down, he'd meet her with a violent thrust, deliciously jolting her
entire body. He was slamming his frothy cock in and out with increasing
power while she frantically bucked up and down over his steel- hard
cock. She'd promised him the best fuck of his life, and he was
certainly getting it. He'd never fucked anyone as wildly passionate as
this little teenaged nymphet.

"Oh, Uncle Paul!" she suddenly squealed, looking down between her legs.
"Look how your big prick is going in and out of my pussy."

Glancing down at the sight of his blood- swollen boner plunging in and
out between the slippery pink lips of her sucking cunt was enough to
blow his mind. His naked shaft was gleaming with the hot, slippery
juices that were oozing out of her wildly-fucking pussy.

"See! See!" she squealed with excitement, still bucking up and down
over him. "See how your beautiful cock is fuckin' my hot little cunt!"

On and on they fucked, every thrust and plunge bringing more intense
pleasure to them. They were both moaning and groaning with ecstasy as
the grasping walls of her pussy contracted deliciously around the
length of his throbbing cock. Paul snorted like a wild bull as he
lurched and thrashed beneath her.

"Ooooooooh, that's it, Uncle Paul!" the little girl cried, her
deliciously-firm tits jiggling and bobbing wildly as he once more
speeded up the tempo of his powerful upward thrusts.

Feeling her orgasm building up deep in her loins, she began fucking her
cunt up and down furiously over his plunging cock, hoping to bring him
off with her.

"Oh, yes!" she shrieked. "I'm almost there! Fuck it to me, honey!"

"Me, too!" her uncle gasped, feeling her hot juices drooling down
around his cock as her fiery pussy contracted more tightly around his

The room was filled with the sound of their sweaty, naked bodies
pounding wildly toward their rapidly-approaching climax.

"Oh, shit!" Paul panted, grasping her thrashing hips. "I can't hold
back much longer!"

"LET IT COME!" she hysterically screamed. "CREAM ME GOOD! I'M COMING

She could feel his hard shaft starting to quiver and jerk deep in her
belly, and then she suddenly felt his hot, swirling cum gushing into
her pussy.


Moaning with uncontrollable lust, he violently slammed his erupting
cock up against the very end of her cunt, spraying a hot stream of
swirling jizz deep into her writhing belly.

"Yes! Yes!" she moaned, the walls of her climaxing cunt clamping
tightly around the length of his spurting prick. "I'm coming...

Her entire body was shuddering above him as her fuck-juices boiled
hotly around the length of his belching cock.

"OH, SO GOOD...SO GOOD!" she wailed, their bodies bucking lewdly
together as they wildly writhed in an orgasmic frenzy.

They came and came and came, their bodies bucking and fucking as the
intense ecstasy mounted.

"OH, GOD, I LOVE IT!" squealed Amy, feeling her uncle's hot jizz
filling her cunt to overflowing. His cum started oozing back out of her
pussy, coating his belly and balls with the sticky wetness.

There was no way to stop the flow of cum that he was hosing into her,
and her own cunt- juices were mixing with his as they kept cream- ing
together. It didn't seem as if their wild climax was ever going to end,
and as they pounded their bodies together, his cock still shot his hot
jizz into her.

Finally his spurting cum slowed to a trickle, and then stopped
entirely. At last her exhausted little body collapsed over his chest,
his limp prick still in her juice-drenched pussy.

Chapter 10

From that afternoon on, all four of them slept together in Uncle Paul's
and Aunt Alice's big king-sized bed. They spent every night sucking and
fucking each other into a wild frenzy.

The following Sunday they all went on a picnic together. So they could
frolic around in the nude, Paul drove them to a deserted area near the
river where there was nothing but a few scattered farms.

Finding a spot by some trees on the edge of a meadow, Paul parked the
car, and they all got out. After spreading a couple of blankets on the
ground, the family quickly disrobed so they could enjoy the sun and
fresh air on their bodies.

"Gee, this is nice," commented Alice as she lay on her back, gently
stroking Max's hard cock.

"It sure is," little Amy agreed. "But I think I'll take a walk along
the riverside."

"That sounds like a great idea!" exclaimed Alice. "Do you mind if Max
and I come with you?"

"Heck, no," Amy said. "I wish you would."

Getting up from the blanket, they slowly walked over by the river.
Strolling along nakedly with Max following them, they had just walked
around a clump of bushes when they almost bumped into a donkey that was
grazing by the bank.

"My God!" cried Amy. "Look at the hard cock on that bastard!"

"Holy shit!" Alice gasped. "It's as big as my arm!"

"How would you like to be fucked by that thing?" questioned Amy.

"I'd love it!" exclaimed the depraved woman. "Imagine having that big
beauty shooting jizz up your cunt."

"You can have him if you want," urged Amy. "But I'm afraid that goddamn
big cock would rip me open."

"You're probably right," Alice wistfully sighed as they slowly
approached the animal. "But I'd sure like to try it."

"He's ready," observed the little redhead as they stepped up next to
him. "Look at that shittin' hard-on he has."

"Maybe we should jack him off," Alice suggested when the donkey made no
attempt to shy away from them. "The silly thing sure looks like he
needs relief."

"Help yourself," urged Amy. "I'll bet he'll shoot a bucket of jizz."

Curious as to what his big, hard boner would feel like, Alice reached
under his belly and stroked the length of his hard shaft with her

"Jesus Christ!" she breathlessly whispered. "That's the hardest,
hottest cock I've ever touched!"

"What's it feel like?"

"Try it."

Reaching out, Amy grasped the donkey's thick prick in both of her soft
little hands.

"Oh, shit," she said with a giggle. "Touching his cock makes me horny."

"I know," agreed Alice. "I'm starting to get all hot and wet between my

"Look at that," Amy whispered, pointing to a glistening drop of fuck-
fluid that was bubbling from the end of his prick.

"I wonder how it tastes," mused Alice.

"Try it."

Moving her face down under the donkey's belly, the woman swiped her
tongue across the head of his cock, making the dumb beast quiver with

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed to her little niece who was excitedly
watching. "This fuckin' cum tastes good."

"Let me try it," said Amy, seeing another drop oozing out from the slit
in the end of his bloated cockhead.

Bobbing her cute little freckle-dusted face down, Amy quickly licked up
the tiny bubble of slippery cock-juice.

"Goddamn!" exclaimed the youngster, rubbing the head of his prick
against her cheek and neck. "His dick does taste good."

"I wonder if he'd like a blow-job."

"I'll bet he would," Amy giggled. "Let's give him one."

"I'm willing," claimed her depraved aunt as she began licking his big

While Alice slobbered around the donkey's cockhead, Amy grasped the
base of his thick prick and began running her tongue up and down along
the sensitive underside of it, making the animal bray with delight.

"He likes it," said Alice.

"D'ya think so?"

"Shit, yes!" the woman repeated. "Just keep lickin' and we'll soon pop
his nuts."

Feverishly licking and lapping on the donkey's enormous cock, they soon
had the full length and girth of it completely saturated with their
sweet, warm spit. Anxious to bring the animal off, they continued
lustily sucking and licking on his huge, thickly-lathered prick.

Braying noisily as the intense pleasure in his throbbing boner
increased, the trembling beast began excitedly pawing the ground with
his hoofs.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Aunt Alice., "The silly sonovabitch really
digs this!"

"You're not just shittin'!" agreed Amy as she continued feverishly
licking up and down the slippery length of his spit-drenched cock.
"It's blowing his mind."

"Mine, too," the horny woman panted. "The taste of this prick is really
turning me on."

As Alice momentarily started licking the animal's lusty balls, little
Amy brushed her long red hair back from her face, and opened her mouth
as wide as possible, she slowly moved it toward his bulbous cockhead.
Finally managing to wrap her widely-stretched lips around his huge
knob, the youngster proudly smiled at her aunt who was vigorously
licking the donkey's lust-swollen balls.

Smiling back, Alice was thoroughly enjoy- ing the feel of his cum-
bloated balls against her tongue. The bigness of his balls and the
exciting texture of his heavy ball-sac were sending a series of
heavenly sensations streak- ing through her cunt. There was something
about the weight of the animal's deliciously- swollen balls in the palm
of her hand that was really driving the depraved woman wild.

Little beads of perspiration stood out on Amy's upper lip as her
leeching mouth sucked and pulled ravenously on the donkey's enormous

"Goddamn!" panted Alice as she slavishly licked and sucked on his
bloated balls. "How the hell were you able to get that big fuckin'
prick in your mouth?"

"It wasn't easy," the little redhead gurgled around his big, meaty

Excitedly braying, the trembling donkey began pumping his hindquarters
back and forth in a frantic fucking motion, working his spit-soaked
cockhead around in little Amy's hotly-sucking mouth while, Alice
continued licking and slurping on his deliciously-big balls.

Watching the donkey's magnificent boner fucking into her little niece's
mouth, Alice wished it was buried in her cunt. She realized the huge
thing would probably hurt a bit at first, but God, what a fuck it would
be before it was finished! Watching the donkey's huge prick working
around in Amy's mouth, Alice's horny cunt was burning and itching with
desire. She passionately licked and sucked on the donkey's lusty balls.

Loving every moment of it, little Amy was slurping noisily on the big
cock that was fucking into her very-willing mouth. The feel of his
thick prick slithering around in her mouth and the feel of the bumpy,
sinewy surface of his hard cock rippling over her tongue and lips was
the most erotic thing she'd ever experienced.

Momentarily removing her mouth from the donkey's balls, Alice began
once more licking up and down the entire length of his huge cock,
running her hot, writhing tongue all over the sensitive underside of
his throbbing prick. The excitedly-braying animal was jerking and
lurching wildly as the depraved woman continued licking his prick and
balls while her little niece passionately sucked on his big cockhead.
The trembling beast's body was jerking crazily as their ravenous lips
sucked and pulled on his tingling cock and balls.

The thrill of sucking off a donkey was the most exciting thing that had
ever happened to Amy, and the way his huge cock filled her mouth was -
driving the horny youngster wild. Because of his loud braying and from
the way his trembling body was jerking, Amy knew the donkey was on the
verge of blowing his load. Thrilled at the prospect of tasting donkey-
cum, the cute youngster clamped her horny little lips more tightly
around the base of his huge cock. Suckding with all her power, she
began drawing the cum up from deep in his balls.

Alice deliciously mouthed his hot balls while Amy sucked on his
cockhead. The pretty little redhead suddenly felt the thick hot jizz
splattering against the back of her throat. She had never dreamed that
anything could shoot such a huge amount of cum, but the youngster
valiantly sucked and swallowed until the donkey quit coming.

"Wow!" she exclaimed as she crawled out from under the animal with her
mouth full of jizz. "That was neat!"

"How did it taste?" Aunt Alice excitedly asked.

"Like this," gurgled Amy, throwing her arms around the woman and
pressing her open, cum-filled mouth to hers.

Writhing their naked bodies together, they sucked the slippery jizz in
and out of each other's passionately-kissing mouths for several
delicious moments.

They were suddenly brought back to reality again by the donkey's
excited braying. Staring at him, they could see a string of slimy sperm
dripping from the end of his rigidly-erect boner. He nervously pawed
the ground with his hoofs.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Amy. "The silly bastard still has a hard-on."

"You're sure right," Alice grinned. "He acts like he wants another

"My God!" gasped the horny woman when the donkey suddenly lowered his
head and wetly licked her naked pussy. "He's after my cunt."

"He must like the smell of it," Amy observed with a giggle as the
animal continued sniffing and licking her aunt's gold-fringed twat.

"Holy shit!" Alice squealed with joy as the donkey began licking her
hot, juicy cunt a bit more vigorously. "He's really going after it."

"I think he wants to fuck you," Amy said, seeing lust in the donkey's

"And I'd like him to do it," Alice excitedly panted. "But he's too big
and heavy to hump on top of me like my dog."

"There must be some way you can do it," said Amy, glancing around for a

"Look," said Alice, pointing to an old broken down cart that had been
abandoned in the field. "Maybe we can use that."


"I could lay on the bed of it with my legs hanging over the edge. My
cunt would be at just the right position for him if we could get his
front hoofs up on the wagon bed," she excitedly explained.

Leading the donkey over to the old broken- down wagon, Alice lay back
on it with her legs dangling over and her cunt perched on the edge
while the animal continued sniffing and licking her deliciously-exposed
pussy. Alice and Amy were trying to figure out how to get the donkey's
front feet up on the bed of the wagon when he suddenly reared back and
did it. Donkeys aren't noted for their smarts, but it didn't take this
one very long to figure out how to get at that sweet-smelling pussy.

"Help him get in," Alice whispered to her little niece when the animal
had made two or three futile stabs at the woman's cunt.

Taking the long, thick shaft in her hand, Amy inserted the swollen head
of it between her aunt's hotly-oozing cuntlips.

"Come on, dummy," she urged. "Stick it in."

Feeling the moist heat of her pussy closing around his big, sensitive
knob, the donkey suddenly reared back and drilled into her.

"EEEEEEEGGGHHH!" the woman shrieked from the sudden, brutal penetration
of the long, thick cock.

Glancing up at the animal's head above her, Alice could see the wild
joy in his glazed eyes as he began frothing around his mouth and

Stomping his feet on the bed of the old cart, the donkey began
thrusting his thick meat in and out of her more-than-willing cunt. They
were fucking rather clumsily at first, but after a few moments of trial
and error, Alice was soon rhythmically slamming her hips up to meet the
heavenly thrusts of his magnificent cock.

"Holy shit, Amy!" she squealed to her little niece. "This bastard can
really fuck!"

The animal had fucked a lot of donkeys in his life, but he'd never
found a cunt that was as tight and hot as this one. Feeling his cock
being so deliciously squeezed by this new kind of pussy, the donkey
began fucking into her with a wild frenzy.

"Oh, you beautiful fucker!" squealed Alice, thoroughly enjoying the
fantastic thickness of his long prick.

Having never felt anything to equal this hot, human, cunt, the donkey
was soon feverishly fucking into it, bringing the woman more pleasure
than she'd ever had in her life.

"YES! YES!" Alice chanted. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

With the huge head of his cock banging against the very end of her
cunt, it was almost more ecstasy than Alice could handle. Staring under
the donkey's belly through lust-glazed eyes, she could clearly see his
obscenely-big prick fucking into her little gold-fringed hole. Watching
his shaft plunging in and out of her writhing depths, she could see how
thickly coated it was with her hot slippery juices. With her head
rolling from side to side in rapture, the erotic sound of his thick,
hard cock squashing in and out of her hotly-juicing pussy seemed to
further excite the depraved woman.

"Oh, fuck it to me, you big-cocked beauty!" she screamed as she reached
down and grasped his swollen balls.

The wildly-raving blonde had lost all sense of reality, and right now
there was nothing else in the world for her except this fucking
donkey's big, lewd prick.

"GODDAMN!" she shrieked. "FUCK ME HARDER!"

Excitedly watching them, Amy was vigorously rubbing her own naked
little cunt, wishing she had a nice hard prick in it. She couldn't
understand how her aunt's cunt had ever been able to take such a huge
cock, but it was obvious that it had been elastic enough to adapt to
it, and the woman was thoroughly enjoying herself.

"Oh, fuck!" whimpered Alice as the wildly- aroused donkey pounded his
thick cock into the deepest recesses of her obscenely stretched
fuckhole. "Oh, Christ, how I love that cock!"

Being such a hopelessly depraved slut, the satisfaction of getting
fucked by a donkey's monstrous prick was the ultimate in sexual
fulfillment. The knowledge that her cunt would soon be bathed in
donkey-spunk seemed to further arouse her. The perversion of what she
was doing made the whole thing even sweeter.

Mewling incessantly beneath the wildly fucking beast, the feverishly-
aroused slut was writhing her slippery hot twat up and down over the
thick length of his plunging cock. Excitedly digging her heels into the
donkey's flanks, Alice arched her ass up to get the full force of his
deep thrusts. The slick lips of her steaming pussy were sucking and
pulling on his throbbing prick, trying frantically to get even more of
it into her horny pussy.

Writhing beneath the animal, Alice could feel the head of his boner
swelling even larger as it slid in and out between the heavenly-soft
ridges of her hotly-sucking cunt walls. She was aware that the fucking,
braying animal was about to shoot her pussy full of cum, and she could
hardly wait.

"Oh, fuck it to me!" she whimpered as the glazed-eyed donkey fucked
harder and deeper into the steaming hotness of her deliciously- ravaged
cunt. "Fuck it to me!"

Every wild plunge of the animal's big rock- hard cock was carrying the
perverted woman closer and closer to an orgasm. The ecstasy of his
heavenly-big prick pounding into her cunt was enough to blow her mind.

Feeling Max rubbing his face against her bare leg as she excitedly
watched, Amy dropped down onto the grass with him and began stroking
the dog's throbbing hard-on.

"Are you having fun?" she whispered to the whimpering dog. "Is it fun
to watch your mistress being fucked by a donkey?"

Still whimpering, Max began burrowing his nose up between her bare

"Oh, you naughty doggy," she scolded, still fondling his hard cock and
balls. "You're ready to fuck."

The dog's tongue flashed out and swiped hotly across her naked little
pussy, making the horny youngster shiver with ecstasy.

"Okay, I'll let you fuck me," Amy giggled. "But wait until the donkey
and Aunt Alice are finished. I wanta watch him shoot his load into

Over on the wagon, the power of the donkey's thrusts were literally
rattling Alice's teeth as his huge cock drilled deeper and harder into
the woman's juicy cunt. The nearly-hysterical slut could feel her
orgasm wildly building up in her loins. Suddenly every nerve in her
body drew taut as she tensed for her explosive climax.

"FUCK, DONKEY, FUCK!" she squealed. "CREAM MY CUNT!"

Suddenly feeling the animal's thick, hot cum gushing into her pussy,
Alice started climaxing all over his big squirting cock.

"OH, FUCK!" she screamed, screwing her hot slit up tighter around the
length of his shooting boner. "THAT'S IT! JUICE MY CUNT! I'M

Spread out on the grass as she watched the donkey back off her aunt's
exhausted body, Amy was once more aware of Max licking her pussy.

"Okay, you horny bastard," she said, getting up on her hands and knees.
"Here it is."

Needing no further encouragement, the animal quickly jumped up and
mounted her.

"Oh, yes, Max!" Amy whimpered back over her shoulder when his hot, hard
prick was buried to the hilt in her horny little cunt. "Now give me a
good fuck."

As the well-trained dog began pumping his cock in and out of her fiery
little cunt, the cute youngster was feverishly slamming her ass back to
get the full thrust of his wonderful prick.

"FUCK, MAX, FUCK!" Amy squealed at the top of her lungs.

Whimpering with joy, the animal's furry hips were working swiftly as he
drilled his long, red dog-cock in and out of her sizzling little slit.
Like all dogs, Max wasn't a bit slow or gentle as he frantically fucked
into her. The only thing on the dumb beast's mind was shooting his wad.

Having recovered from her wild fuck with the donkey, Alice slowly
walked over to where the dog was excitedly fucking Amy.

"Having fun?" she asked.

"Shit, yes!" exclaimed the cute little redhead. "That goddamn donkey's
cock would be too fuckin' big for me, but Max's is just right."

"Good," Alice said, suddenly noticing her husband and Jimmy walking
toward them, their stiff boners standing up in front of their bellies.
"And now it looks like I'm gonna get some human meat."

Paying no attention to her uncle and brother as they approached, Amy
began once more concentrating on the nice, hot dog-fuck she was
getting. Her adorable little face was twisted into a naughty mask of
lust as she began slamming her sweet young ass back to meet his
strokes, creating a red-hot friction in her horny little pussy.

"OH, FUCK IT TO ME!" she wantonly screamed with joy. "YOU'RE SO NICE

The pretty little redhead was flushed with sexual bliss, squealing with
delight as she blatantly took the deep, hard thrusts of the animal's
wonderful boner. Max's shiny, red cock was reaming the hot juices right
out of her cunt, the slippery discharge splattering all over her
canine-lover's furry belly.

"Oh, it's so shittin' good!" whimpered the cute little redhead, clawing
at the grass in her excitement.

The big Labrador's long, red tongue lolled out, dribbling saliva all
over the girl's naked back, while he furiously fucked her. His furry
hips were just a blur as he feverishly fucked into the slippery
slickness of her hot little cunt with a blinding speed.

"Oh, sweet pissin' Jesus!" she whimpered, raising her sweet young ass a
bit higher to give the insanely-fucking animal even easier access to
her ravaged cunt. "Now you're really fuckin', you sweet doggy!"

The youngster's entire body was being jolted with electric-like
sensations as the top ridge of Max's long, red boner stroked against
her clitoris. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog's deep thrusts was
almost blowing the cute youngster's mind. The wanton pleasure grew and
grew in her cunt as the big dog's fantastic cock speared in and out of
her hotly-juicing pussy.

"That's a good doggy!" she squealed. "Now make me come, Max...make me

Her uncle and brother had joined Alice, and now the three of them were
excitedly watching the show.

"Goddamn!" Uncle Paul exclaimed, watching Max's hard cock zipping in
and out between the youngster's legs. "That kid sure loves to fuck."

"I do too," chimed in Jimmy, reaching over and patting his beautiful
aunt's bare ass.

"What are you after?" giggled Alice, feel- ing her little nephew
goosing his fingers into the soft crack between her asscheeks.

"You," he whispered. "I feel like fucking."

"Then just help yourself," grinned the woman, spreading her naked body
out on the grass for him. "I could use a good fuck myself."

Paul continued staring at Amy and Max, anxious for the dog to shoot his
load so he could get at his little niece's cute hot cunt.

"OOOOOOOH!" he heard the youngster suddenly squeal. "I'M COMING...

The adorable child's body began jerking spasmodically as the
overwhelming orgasm exploded in her loins. Oblivious as to what was
happening, Max just kept pumping away until his big red cock filled her
pussy with jizz.

When the exhausted animal finally pulled his prick out of her, little
Amy rolled onto her back and saw her naked uncle smiling down, his hard
cock in his hand.

"Oh, Uncle Paul," she whispered. "Am I gonna get another fuck?"

"You sure are," the man assured her, dropping to his knees between her
wantonly- spread legs.

The End

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