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the story continues
Now again I am being blackmailed, by a doctor into having sex with him, however eaven though IT was blackmail I was enjoying ever minute of it. He has me on the couch in his office about to put the bigest dick into me I had ever saw. Doc reaches down and pulls my short little legs up on his shoulder, I am only 5 ft 2 in tall , weight 115 lbs, so to keep my feet up on his shoulder my ass is up off the couch, he is holding me in this position, he puttes his dick in my slit and rubbes it up and down still me up off the couch, when he gets the giant head of his dick wet with my juce he starts to push it inside me . I have to tell him to go easy he is a lot bigger than anything I had ever had.

Doc is being gentle , but punping more dick into me than I thought possible. When he was all the way in he stopped and ask me how I liked Black dick. I said it felt good, I had to ask does this mean that I am not in trouble for having sex in the hospital ? He smilled and said we will work it out . Now I know that I can relax and enjoy the fuck ! Now I start pushing my ass up at him trying to get more of that big dick up in me and making it rub all the places I wanted it to rub , TO MAKE ME COMMMMME AND HARD.

Finally he fills me up with his come and I have come to many times to count , he pulls out and startes to put his clothes back on and I also start getting dresses .

Wben we are both dressed he does tell me to not have sex in the hospital any more that most areas are on cameria and I could loose my nursing license.

How would you like to come to work for me he said ? I have got to go out of town next week for a medical convention, how would you like to go with me as my assistant ?
You will get paid for your time and a free trip, not to mention the fact that I am going to fuck that fine pussy of yours as much as I can day and night !

What can I say , YES , I did go on the trip to the medicl convention, not only did Doc fuck me as much as he could , two other doctors had sex with me and they both offered me a job to come to work for them !

I don't know what I am going to do yet, I love my husban , but now I don't think that he alone wil be able to keep me happy ??????????

What can I say ,I have turned into a slut and love to fuck men with big dicks and the fact is that my life is easyier . I am now on sallery and work when one of the doctors need an assistant !


2016-04-13 00:47:04
hey racist.
why not die instead of hating?

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2012-05-16 05:05:04
I hate white women who fuck black guys........... they have no self respect and should be shot......... I hope her husband finds out what she is doing and kicksx the shit out of her then throws her ass out on the street


2006-08-19 15:11:48
good story


2006-06-11 15:49:17
Ditto all of the above


2005-12-17 21:31:13
ni66er lover...fucker

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