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Denise went back to work
Denise went back to work on Monday. She went in early so she could catch up in areas where she had fallen behind with her unscheduled absences. Her associate, Dave, was already at work. He looked up and said, “Hi,” and Denise responded. After talking for a few minutes, Denise noticed that Dave seemed a bit agitated and since he would not acknowledge to anything bothering him when she asked, Denise went to her desk. After a short while, he asked her to give him a hand back in their paper storage room. Once there, Dave admitted to Denise that he was troubled. He said that he had been at the Penny Road Pub last Friday night and had seen Denise leave in a van with two strange men. Two other men had driven off in her car and her husband’s car; along with her husband, who seemed to be passed out. Dave admitted to following them and had ended up at her house where, after putting Harry into the house, the two had joined Denise and the first two men in the back of the van. Dave wanted to know what was going on.

Denise broke down and told Dave the whole story. After she was done, Denise was almost in tears. Suddenly, Denise’s senses became crystal clear. Dave was massaging one of her breasts. She abruptly pulled away from him and asked what was he doing. Dave replied that he now had gossip to spread. Denise was shattered; here was a person who she considered a friend and he was hitting on her! “Go ahead and tell your stories,” she angrily responded. “Fine, I’m outta here,” Dave said and turned to leave. Denise grabbed him and said, “Just what do you want?” and Dave replied, “Everything, anytime.” “OK.”

Denise then quickly kicked off her sandals, unbuttoned and removed her blouse and unwrapped her skirt. Dave was looking over her naked body with desire burning in his eyes. The front of his pants were tight with his hard on. He ran his hands over hers breasts and said, “You are going to be my bitch for today!” He sat down in a chair and pulled Denise down kneeling between his legs. Dave then unbuckled his pants and pulled out his eight-inch dick. “Suck this like the cocksucker I have imagined you to be!” and pulled Denise’s face down to his dick. She opened her mouth and he pulled her head down until everything was in her mouth. Denise started sucking and tonguing his large penis. Dave was so excited that he was finally having sex with Denise and that he was in control, as he had fantasized, that he blew his wad in her mouth with no warning. Denise choked and spit up most of his cum. As most of what came out ended up on her chest, Dave had her use her fingers to clean up her tits and lick his cum off of them. He then had her again take his prick in her mouth. When it was hard he pulled it out and had Denise lie back. Dave kneeled between Denise’s thighs and as he lay down on her he used one hand to guide his dick into her pussy. With no pause he pushed his full length into Denise’s vagina. Although he had just cum, Dave was so excited to be fucking his fantasy that after a short time, he again exploded with no warning. Denise felt his juices spurt into her and when Dave sat up she asked him what he wanted next. He stated that he was finished for now. Denise said that she needed to clean up and Dave replied that she could sit at her drafting table and use her fingers to wipe up the sperm seeping out of her and lick them clean.

Denise returned to her cubicle and started work. After a couple of hours she was at her drafting table when Dave called her. She got up and went to his cube. He smiled at Denise and said that it was almost lunchtime. He pulled out his dick and said, “I’m buying.” Denise went to her knees and licked the entire shaft and then covered it with kisses. Dave was panting with desire and struggling for control. Denise then, in one swift move, engulfed his dick with her mouth and began furiously sucking and licking Dave’s penis. Dave could not control himself and blew his wad in Denise’s mouth. Denise swallowed and then licked Dave clean. Dave said that he would “See her later.”

It was nearing the end of the day when Dave told her they would be “working late” today. He told Denise to make whatever phone calls she needed. When everyone had left Dave called out to Denise to meet him at their staging table and be dressed for the activity she was about to participate in. Denise removed her blouse, skirt and sandals and walked over to the table. Steve was already there and he was naked. He had Denise climb on the table and then he climbed on top of her. Dave spent several minutes kissing Denise and playing with her breasts. He finally guided himself into her and began fucking. “I can’t believe how tight your cunt is!” he panted. Denise felt herself starting to respond to his physical movements. Her clit was tingling and with a sharp cry she came. Dave continued to fuck her so she did not stop. Something was bothering her but she could not make a decision now with Dave plunging in and out of her. “Oh you beautiful bitch,” Steve managed to breathe. “You should quit work and just fuck for a living!” Finally Dave drove himself as far into Denise as he could and cried out as he blew his juices into Denise.

“What in hell is going on here?” this statement caused both Denise and Dave to jerk in surprise. They saw their boss Jay standing there. Both of them scrambled to their feet. Jay stopped them. He told Dave to go home he would talk to him in the morning. He told Denise to get her ass over to his office. When She asked for time to dress Jay just said, “Now is not the time to piss me off! Get your bod to my office!” Denise ran naked to Jay’s office. Once there, Jay swept his desk clear and had Denise lay back on it. Jay was overweight with a huge gut. He lifted up his stomach and rested it on Denise as he fumbled his way between her thighs. He finally got his dick inside of her, it was also large, but a little on the soft side. However, he managed to plunge it in and out of her. Denise felt herself color with shame. She was just sinking lower and lower. Now a fat man who could not see his own penis was fucking her. Even with his mass rubbing her clit Denise felt more shame than desire. However, making her feel even worse, the physical rubbing of her clit by Jay’s dick made her cum. She tried to hold back her cry as the orgasm slammed through her but she could not. Jay kept on sliding his shaft in and out of her pussy. Denise could not get her legs around Jay to have them hold him. After what seemed to her like an eternity she felt Jay stiffen and a massive amount of sperm enter her. Jay was still moving and when he drove in, he forced a good amount out of her pussy and onto her thighs. Denise felt Jay step back and his stomach slid off of her and down her thighs, wiping them clean. Jay sat down in his chair and leaned it back. “Clean me off,” He commanded, “and only use your tongue.” Stifling an urge to vomit, Denise licked the cum and the sweat off of his stomach and dick. She then realized that Jay was on the phone, “…Yeah, she is amazing, I have not had a fuck like her in years,” Jay said, “yeah we can be right there!” “We are going to the boss’ office.” On the way to Jack’s (the Boss) office, Jay had her stop an at the ladies bathroom. Following her in he watched as she peed and washed herself off.

They arrived at Jack’s office and He looked up from his desk. Denise was uncomfortable standing naked in front of him. He stood up and told Denise to come around his desk. Once there, Jack started rubbing his fingers over her nipples. While suffused with shame, Denise physically responded to his touching. Her nipples enlarged and became rigid. Seeing her response, Jack’s desire for her jumped. He laid her back across his desk. Running his fingers through her pussy, Jack’s fingers came back wet. He noticed that Denise’s thighs jumped a bit when he dragged his fingers across her clit. Since she was wet, Jack just dropped his pants and guided his nine-inch dick into her. Denise felt Jack’s penis fill her cunt. She realized that she had now crossed a line as far as her job went. She would be fucking her management for as long as she stayed with the company. Jay running his penis into Denise’s mouth distracted her mind from this subject. He managed to get his complete shaft into her. Denis was having trouble trying to keep her breath with her mouth full of Jay’s dick and his stomach covering her face. She wrapped her legs around Jack and tried to keep matching his movements as he jammed his dick into her cunt over and over. Now she was also trying to keep up with Jay ramming his dick down her throat. Denise felt Jay speed up his motion of running his penis into her mouth. He abruptly stopped and she felt him spurt into her. Jay’s sperm was more than she was ready for but she kept on gulping and managed to swallow it all. With Jay done and stepping away, Jack really started to hammer his shaft deep into Denise. “Damn, I can’t believe how tight and wet you are!” Jack panted. Denise felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm starting at her clit. As her orgasm exploded through her body, she heard Jack cry out with his and felt him spurt into her pussy several times.

Jack cleaned himself off and arranged his clothes. Jay had already done so. Jack’s phone rang and he answered it. When he hung up he looked at Jay sitting on the couch. Denise had rose from the desk and was huddled in a chair across the room. "I ordered some pizza and beer when you called," he told Jay, "One of the security guards is bringing it up." Denise tried to get up and leave but Jack said, “Where do you think you are going? We’re not done yet!” Denise tried to argue that she did not want the guard to see her like this. Jack replied that since “the guard was going to get the chance to fuck her, it seemed like it made no difference if he saw her naked first! Denise had a choice to make, and she had to make it fast. Denise thought that as bad as things were right now, she still had her family together, so she stayed.

The security guard showed up and stopped with his jaw dropping when he saw Denise sitting there naked. Jack had the guard come in and thanked him for delivering the food. He then asked the guard if he wanted to try out Denise. “Wha..wha….what do you mean?” was the stammered reply. “If you want to fuck the lady, take her next door. Send her back when you’re done, was the response. With that the guard said, “Yes!” and Denise got up and followed him from the room.

When they got to the room next door, Denise used some paper towels to wipe herself off. She then lay down on the couch in the office. The guard lowered himself onto her and nibbled at her nipples before guiding himself into her. Denise felt his dick enter her pussy and he immediately began fucking her. Denise accommodated herself to his motions; she was feeling no desire, only some sadness that this was happening. The security guard was so excited that he quickly blew his wad in Denise. He then got up and left without saying anything. Denise slowly raised herself up. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up a bit before returning to Jack’s office.

Back in Jack’s office, he offered her a beer and some pizza. Taking the beer, she mumbled that she did not feel like eating. She sat down and started drinking. Jack said that she was going to be getting a new position. She would be traveling quite a bit. In fact, she was to take the next two days off and a limo would pick her up the third day for a trip to Caligfornia. Then Jack had her lay face down on the couch. Inserting a beer bottle tip into her ass, he poured some beer into her and, using the beer as a lubricant, shoved his prick all the way into her ass. Denise was so surprised by this that she rose up and came. Jack kept on fucking her in the ass. Denise really did enjoy the feeling and started a string of climaxes. Finally Jack groaned and she felt his dick jerk inside of her as he spurted his cum into her butt. Jack then rolled off of her and Jay took his place. Jay was large enough that Denise had some trouble but she eventually took all of his mass into her. She rocked back and forth as Jay fucked her up the butt and occasionally his weight forced a grunt out of her. After a time she felt him speed up and he finally came in her and finished.

Denise left Jack’s office to back to her cubicle and get dressed. Four security guards stopped her, one of whom was the guard who had fucked her earlier. When she saw the look in their faces Denise took off running. She was tackled by one of the guards and the others came up. A gag was placed in her mouth and she was carried into a room and laid on a table. Her legs were immediately spread apart and one of the guards stepped between her thighs, dropped his pants and ran his stiff dick into Denise’s still wet pussy. Denise tried to buck him off, but she only succeeded in making his sexual assault on her better for him. The prick was being continually rammed up into her cunt. Other hands were grabbing at her breasts, and her head was pulled around and someone was trying to stick a dick in her mouth. Finally the guy fucking her grunted, slammed his shaft as far into her as he could, and blew his wad in her pussy. Before the next guard to take his turn on her, Denise managed to get her legs closed for a moment. She managed to get all their attention. Denise said, “You are all going to fuck me no matter what, so here is the deal. I will go along cooperatively with whatever you want. You don’t hurt me, and I get an escort to my clothes and then to my car. Nothing will ever be said.” The guards quickly agreed. Denise spread her legs and a guard stepped up. He guided his cock into her and began pumping his prick into her pussy. Another one stepped up to her head and she opened her mouth and took his entire length into her. She quickly began tonguing and licking the shaft as it moved into and out of her mouth. The cock in her pussy was rubbing her clit just right and Denise snapped her legs tight around the guy between her thighs and cried out around the dick in her mouth as she had an orgasm. As a new individual was stepping up to her cunt, the cock in her mouth jerked and ejaculated its sperm into her mouth. Denise swallowed and licked the cock clean. This continued until the guards were satiated. Then they made her do one last thing. They had noticed the cum seeping out of her anus. She was forced to suck each one hard and then let them fuck her in the ass before they completed their part of the bargain by letting her get dressed and escorting her to her car.

As she drove home, Denise thought about how things were going. Just today, she had been fucked by an individual she had considered one of her better friends. She could either quit her job or be a sex toy for her management, and she had survived what was essentially a gang rape by the security guards. Denise just wanted to go home and sleep. Maybe she would make her decisions after the trip to California.

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2009-08-19 01:34:39
This is a hot story with flaws. You need to break your story info smaller paragraphs. If Denise goes from one office to another, that's a new paragraph. Generally, if she services separate sex partners, it's one paragraph for each guy. If two or more people converse, use a separate paragraph for each person's comment, even if it's very short.

Also, please use spell-check. Taking these steps will improve this story a lot, and you'll find your approval rating climbing.


2007-01-10 19:01:22
Way too confusing, but has good potential.


2005-09-29 02:39:24
The premise was good, but too many guys having her sexually against her free will began to make your story lose impact by the third rape. Slow it down and forget all the guards taking her. Each of the first three could have taken her a different way, wtih #2 forcing her to take oral further than she ever had with her own husband, and #3 raping her virginal young ass. Stress repeatedly that she was a faithfu married woman, caught up in forced sex because of blackmail. P.S. Forget Orchid's knocking your grammar and language. Check out the spelling, improper use of commas, and lack of capital letters beginning sentences on Orchid's comments! Keep submitting, but make rapes like enjoying a bottle of fine wine, not as if slamming down a quick six-pack of cheap beer!


2005-02-26 16:18:37
Hot, overall--but you've got to get a handle on the many language and grammar mistakes laced throug this thing--all three parts--if you've got ideas of ever taking your stuff anywhere but here. Most reputable erotica sites require thorough editing before they allow fiction to be posted. Sadly, those types of errors make good story ideas, like yours, difficult to read when actually written into story form.


2005-01-06 13:30:44
Great Story, Love To Read More, Hope It Get's Even More Nastier, And More Humuliating. I Would Also Like To Help Yoy With More Story Line's.

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