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Please read Parts 1 & 2 first
Lisa explained the little device to Jill once she regained her composure, occasionally flipping the switch on and off. That always brought a smile to Jill’s face. Lisa had explained that, for her, this little vibrating bullet revved her up but had never taken her over the top into orgasm. Through this little discussion the two 20-somethings behind me kept shooting looks at our table, according to both Jill and Lisa; which I found somewhat ironic since they were about 10 years younger than either of the ladies, yet they were acting so prudishly. Or perhaps they thought we were talking about them?

“Well I must be more sensitive than you Lisa,” Jill said in a low voice. “I’ll admit it was a combination of the shock of the unexpected vibrations and yes, I had a small one as I was walking over.”

I got up and went to the washroom and when I returned we all left to go back to our house. Lisa told me later that while I was gone, Jill slid her ass to the edge of the chair, slouched back against the back of the chair, spread her legs and lifted the front of her sundress a bit giving the two gals opposite her a clear view up her dress. Lisa said she didn’t know if they could see the ends of the dildo and butt plug but the rope around Jill’s thighs and the crotch rope with the knot would have been difficult to miss. For good measure Lisa hit the button on the remote control again. With Jill’s legs spread the otherwise almost inaudible buzzing sound of the bullet could plainly be heard by Lisa and she wondered if the other girls heard it too. Apparently, Lisa looked over just in time to see one of the girls blush and subconsciously lick her lips as she stared at Jill, who straightened up just before I returned to the table. That explained why each of them grabbed my arms, on to a side as we walked out and they smiled at the two girls.

Back in our bedroom I regrettably announced that it was now time to remove the crotch ropes before any physical harm came to either of them because of having the ropes pulled tight against their sex for too long. Because Lisa’s Karada included the crotch rope as part of the entire harness, I had to remove the entire rope harness; which only takes a minute once the main knot is undone. Lisa pulled the harness over her head and then slipped a hand to her pussy. “It always feels so empty after,” she said still stroking her fingers along her glistening wet pussy lips.

Next I turned to Jill and suggested she lie on the bed so we could also remove the dildos. She eagerly complied, flopping down on the king sized bed with her arms and legs spread eagle. “Now I suppose you’ll have your way with me,” she teased.

“That’s not a half bad idea”, chimed the naked Lisa with a mischievous grin as she pulled a fabric tie from behind the head rail. We’ve always kept the hand ties attached to the head so we can use them whenever the mood strikes us.

“Hey, I was only kidding.” Jill was only half serious as she continued to lay there without attempting to stop Lisa as she tied her wrist to the headboard.

By this time I had the knot of Jill’s crotch rope undone as I sat beside her hip. I carefully brought the rope from between her legs. I also wanted savor the moment as I was enjoying the scent and the sight of two naked women. As the rope came from between Jill’s lower lips I could see her juices cling to the rope for a brief second before giving up its hold on the binding that had given her pleasure.

After completing the first tie to the bed, Lisa reached over Jill to retrieve the other tie and bind Jill’s second wrist to the bed. This positioned Lisa’s body almost over Jill’s head with her left breast hanging down just out of reach of Jill’s mouth.

As soon as the rope was removed from Jill’s pussy her tight muscles pushed out the dildo that had stuffed her pussy. She whimpered at the loss and rolled her hips down in search of the rubber object. Holding the dildo in my hand I looked up and caught Lisa’s eye as she turned to look in my direction while completing the binding. Without saying a word, my look was asking my wife if I should insert the dildo again. I was hoping she would give me an affirmative nod because I was eager to plunge the dildo in and out of Jill’s muff and make her cum.

Lisa, my minx, surprised me, giving me a broad smile and then pantomiming a big lick as though she was licking an ice cream cone. Did I see that right? Was my wife telling me to go down on her friend? I looked at Lisa quizzically. Lisa just smiled and sat up before swinging a leg over Jill so she was straddling her.

Lisa looked down at Jill and said, “Remember you said you owned me one?”


“Well, because you already came once it’s now my turn. Pay up.” And with that Lisa lent forward, put her hands on the headboard and maneuvered her dripping wet and open pussy onto Jill’s mouth. As Jill’s tongue touched Lisa both gals moaned.

Now that Lisa was distracted I felt comfortable she wouldn’t change her mind so I bent down and dipped my tongue into the damp, hot folds of Jill’s pussy - licking, sucking and then searching for her hard clit. She tasted wonderful and different from my wife. As soon as I touched her clit I inserted the dildo into her pussy.

Within seconds the room was filled with the sounds of women building to orgasm, the wet slurping sounds of licking and sucking on wet flesh and the sight of both women’s hips undulating for the best sensation.

“Fuck Jill! You do that so good… good…….so good…so AHHHHHHHHHH” Lisa exploded into her orgasm begging Jill not to stop. I could tell that she was having spasm after spasm as she rode her friend’s face through more than one orgasm.

Jill kept moaning into Lisa’s pussy “UHUH….UHUH….UHUH.” I didn’t know if she was encouraging Lisa through her orgasm, or encouraging me to continue my licking up and down and side to side over her clit while I sped up plunging of the dildo.

A few seconds later Jill screamed in ecstasy as her whole body stiffened as I sucked on her clit. It seemed to me that her body remained stiff as a board and she continued her moaning scream for at least a minute or two. Her pussy clamped onto the dildo sucking it into her, while I tried to slide it back out as though it was a sexual tug-of-war. (Jill later said that was one of her most intense cums ever as she released five months of pent up sexual energy.)

As Jill’s ecstasy subsided Lisa rolled off her and untied Jill’s wrists. While working to untie the wrist closest to me Lisa was crouched on all fours on the bed. Since I had been horny since the time Jill arrived and was behind them in the orgasm count it was a perfect opportunity. Dropping my pants to the floor I impaled my wife from behind with one swift stroke. Her pussy was still wet from Jill’s tonguing and Lisa was still aroused by everything that had just happened; but even so I knew I was going to be the first of the two of us to explode. Even though I tried to slow down the inevitable by using long, slow strokes I came with a series of grunts after a dozen thrusts into Lisa’s clenching pussy.

While I am average in penis length from what I’ve read I am somewhat thicker than most men. I also can last through two or three orgasms before my penis starts to fade. So although I’d just cum I only slowed a bit more to catch my breath. Lisa knows this and was ready for round two as she directed Jill to move around on the bed. Within a few seconds I was treated with the view of Jill squeezing her breasts while Lisa lowered her head between her friend’s thighs and returned the oral favors she just received from Jill.

Knowing I would last much longer now the urgency of the first orgasm had passed, I jack hammered Lisa from behind doggy style while her held onto the ropes still encasing Jill so she could continue her tongue lashing. Again the erotic sounds of female moans, sighs and squeals filled the room with my own grunts and comments about Lisa’s tight and wet pussy feeling so good adding to the mix.

It was hard to tell who came first but I think it was Jill, immediately followed by me and then Lisa as she hissed “Oh, YESSSSSSSSS.”

Afterward, we all collapsed in a heap on the bed. While laying there Lisa said, “We HAVE to do this again.”

“Please!?” replied Jill.

I just smiled cupping one of each woman’s breasts in my hands.

anonymous readerReport

2011-08-13 19:22:58
You are setting the stage for a wonderful series. You can do more wierd sex by the girls such as 69 positions, eating you front and back at the same time, If you add another female make her abit older and you can have them do really nasty stuff. She would be the mistress and they would be the slaves. Maybe taking a bath after drinking a lot of water or beer. Then they would not be able to urinate unless they stand up in the tub and do it, while the other two are willing receptacles. Naturally you should join that game.
I love what you wrote so far but reduce the intro and go right the sexy stuff.

Let's read sopme more soon.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-20 09:40:10
if only i was jill lol


2011-05-24 18:51:37

Thank you for the kind comment. Yes the two ladies did want another session and one day I may relate that one. We only got together as a threesome one more time though the girls apparently had some time by themselves too. I can't relate those stories as I wasn't there.

As I said at the start of part one, sometimes really spectacular things happen over a long and happy marriage and my Lisa has a wonderfully dirt mind.

I am trying to think of a time that readers will enjoy reading about because I got a low rating (no comments as to why) on this one. I have to assume they didn't enjoy this. I certainly did Lisa and Gillian.


anonymous readerReport

2011-05-23 14:26:05
Why does your title say "Final Part" when both your wife and her friend desire another session? Your story read like it was a very enjoyable afternoon; it was a joy to read.


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