Chapter 1

The bell for third period rang and I was ready for gym. After a boring Bio class anything seems like fun. While walking into the gym my best friend Tori walks up to me.
“You gonna talk to him today?” She said in her somewhat obnoxious tone. This was probably the hundredth time she asked him. It was just starting to get annoying.
“I don’t know, I’m not really feeling up to it, and keep your voice down!” Tori was the only person who I told that I also like boys.
“Dude, nobody is going to hear us, Oh crap look he’s coming. Seeya, I have to go to the locker room.” Tori said as she pushed me right into him. He is a little shorter than me with very short light brown hair and was stocky. He was not one of those anorexic boys but not chubby. His best feature was his over proportional butt.
“I’m sorry Scott,” I managed to sputter out. Crap! I used his name, I must sound like a stalker. How I managed words after I made contact with him amazes me.
“Its fine Max,” he said looking at me with his puppy dog brown eyes. How does he know my name? For a moment I had butterflies in my stomach. Our eyes met for a second, it felt like forever. Finally I broke the gaze and walked into the locker room. I have yet to see him in his underwear =3. I have never seen him in the locker room.
I took my pants off and put on my gym shorts. I started to walk out the door when I see feet under one of the stalls in the connecting bathrooms. The stall door opened and Scott walked out in his gym shorts holding his jeans. The fact that he changes in the stall makes him even cuter to me.
My gym activity was adventure. Which is climbing the rockwall and other equipment outside. I am the only one of my friends to be doing it. Since most of my friends were girls they were apprehensive of rock climbing. They all picked dancing as their activity. I waited outside for the rest of my group so we could start climbing. To my surprise, Scott walked out and stood next to me. My heart was beating for him more than the fear of climbing.
I really did not know anyone in this adventure group. Looking around, the only person I know is Scott. Luckily he is quiet and he has a few close friends. Clearly he knew no one either. Perfect.
The teacher arrived with a bucket of harnesses and asked us to partner up. I picked up a harness and attempted to put it on. Confused, I gave up. I looked up and saw Scott already has his on.
“Do you need any help putting that on?” He asked me.
“Ya, I’m getting no where with this.” I said as I pulled the harness to my waist.
“Here, you tighten it like this.” He got extremely close to my crotch. My heart was beating fast. “Turn around, there is a buckle in the back.” He reached at the buckle and pulled it over the waist and buckled it. While pulling his hand back he grazed my butt with his hand. I almost jizzed my pants.
We both know it happened and we looked each other in the eyes. He started to blush and I needed to diffuse the tension.
“Hey Scott, do you want to be partners,” I am happy he has no other choices.
“Sure!” He said a little too excited, it was clear that he was aware of his mistake. “Which one do you want to climb first?”
Getting a better look at him I noticed that the harness accentuated his junk and butt. I could not help but stare… Oh ya, He asked me a question. With the image of seeing up his shorts in mind I suggested the catwalk.
I clipped myself in, ready to belay him. “You ready to climb?”
“Yup.” He responded. On his way up I gave him the rope he needed. He made his way up to the catwalk and started to make his way across. I looked up and saw up his shorts. He is wearing tighty whities. Does his cuteness ever end?
“Can I jump now?” Scott said as he knocked me out of my daze.
“Ya, your fine.(that’s for sure).” He jumped off and I eased him down. The fall had tightened his harness and his junk bulge got even bigger.
“Do you want to climb now…” His speech was cut off as he looked down and saw that his crotch was sticking straight out. “Do you want to climb now?” He asked the question again.
“Sure, lets do the rockwall.” I responded. We got to climb and bond for forty minutes until it was time to go change. We walked in together joking about one of the girls who was crying on the rockwall. We made it to my locker.
I opened my locker and got my pants and shirt out. I see him looking towards the stall and hesitates. He looks at me while I take my shorts off and opens his locker. He gets his jeans out and starts to change. We got changed side by side and waited for the bell to ring.
The bell rang and we left the locker room and exchanged glances.
“Hey Max, seeya in Algebra.” He said with a smile and walked away.
From across the hallway I see Tori. She can tell that something happened. She runs over and gives me a hug.
“So how was Adventure?” She asked.

Chapter 2
The lunch room is so loud I can barely hear myself think. I can’t believe that he actually noticed me. Hell, he even talked to me. My thoughts were ripped apart by Tori’s unnecessarily loud voice.
“When are you going to ask him out?” She asked me. I had completely forgot that other people were even sitting at my lunch table. I am so lost in thought.
“I don’t know, we talked for the first time today. And don’t be so loud!” I tried my hardest to get her to stop so I could get back to thought. It did not work.
“Just do it! You know, just rip it off like a band-aid.” She persisted.
“No! Not yet. Besides I don’t even know if he is gay.” Ya, that was a flaw in my plan.
“Ughh… What did I do to deserve you?” Tori laughed and went back to her conversations with everyone else at the table.
Getting back to my thoughts I realized that he might not be gay. But he did blush when he touched my butt. He also was very excited to be my partner in gym. That’s it, I’m gonna go for it. I won’t chicken out.
Next period was Algebra, my only other class with Scott. And it is Friday, this needs to happen today. The lunch bell rang and the entire room started pouring out one door. Tori wished me good luck as I walked down the hall to Algebra.
This is it, I thought to my self. I walked into the room and I see a mostly empty class. I look around for Scott, I see him in the corner of the room. He singles me to come over. He motions me to the empty seat next to him. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
“Max, do you want to sit here?” His voice makes everything he says cute.
“Ya, I’ll sit here.” We both really don’t know anyone in our algebra class so we might as well sit next to each other.
The class began and Mr. Douck asked us to take out our books. I took my book out of my book bag and put it on my desk. I look over at Scott and he looks a little flustered.
“Shit, I forgot my book,” He was about to get one of the books from the shelf when I jumped in.
“We can share my book,” 10 points for me =).
“Sure lets do that.” He said as he slid his desk touching mine. He was so close that I could smell him. He smelt like deodorant, it I is adorable.
Mr. Douck asks us to start the quadratic equations from yesterday. I am truly having trouble in math, which is why I am in a lower level math class. Scott could definitely tell that I was having trouble.
“Do you need any help?” He looked at my paper then I caught another glimpse of his puppy dog eyes.
“I cant seem to understand how to graph these.” I said.
“Here it goes into a parabola.”…I was lost and he could tell. “It goes like this,” he grabbed my hand and made a U shape. I looked up at him, he was blushing but I didn’t stop it.
“Thanks, now I know how to graph these fuckers.” We both laughed together. Wow, I’m actually starting to become friends with him.
Throughout the period we joked around, mostly about movies or still that girl crying on the rockwall, she did make a funny face.
Eventually, the class was almost over and everyone started to pack up. This was my last chance.
“Hey Scott,” he turned from his back pack and looked at me. “I’m going to the movies tonight with Tori,” LIE, “Do you want to come?”
His face lit up. “Ya, it sounds like a lot of fun. What movie are we seeing?”
Come on Max, think of something boring. “ We are going to see the new Madea movie.” I could tell he was a little disappointed but her still wanted to go. I don’t think he gets invited places very often.
“Cool what time?” Uhhh a time?
“About 6 I guess. So we can hangout at the mall after.” I am gooood.
“Sounds like fun.” We continued to talk and joke until the bell rang sending us home.
“Seeya tonight,” I waved and he waved back. I went to my locker to get my jacket
“I’m so proud! You actually grew hair on your balls!” Tori yelled from behind me and make me drop my mathbook.
“What are you talking about?”
“I saw you two wave at each other. What was all that? Tell me!” She is so nosy. At least she is a good friend.
I told her about everything, from the push, to the locker room, and all the way to his bulge. After all that she told me that she hopes that he is straight and we both laughed. We parted ways and I went to my bus.
I walked to the back of the bus and sat in my usual seat. I pulled my ipod out but didn’t listen to anything. I was too busy thinking about tonight. I was so excited that I didn’t even notice the bus was moving.
After one day of contact, we are instant friends. I hope I can change that later tonight =).

Chapter 3
For once in my life I had finally been noticed by some one I like. It feels like thousands of butterflies flying around in my stomach.
I opened the door to my house, set my back pack on the chair and made my way upstairs. Nobody seemed to be home. I walked into my room and sat in my computer chair. Staring straight ahead I looked into my full body mirror.
I am medium height, with medium brown hair. I am not really athletic but I am fit enough.
I needed to start getting ready for my outing with Scott. First thing, I sniffed my armpits. Woah did they stink! I guess I will need a shower, and I need to change clothes.
I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. Grabbing a towel from the closet, I began to take my clothes off.
My shirt off first, I looked at my stomach, I had the beginning of a six pack. I am not one of those girly gay guys, I’m just a normal guy that happens to be gay. Next, my pants came off. Just in my boxers I made sure the door was locked.
I thrusted my pelvis towards the mirror and laughed when my junk flopped forward.
Slowly I took off my underwear. My dick is average size, a bit thicker than average, and I am circumcised.
For a while I played with the mirror. Waving my dick back and forth. Catching it in between my legs. I finished all my laughter and entered the shower. I am not sure if I should jack off or not. If I did it would probably take me out of the mood and screw up tonight. And nothing will mess with tonight.
The shampoo poured onto my fingers and I slapped it on my dick. I don’t know why I feel the need to shampoo my pubes. Feeling the urge come on, I started to pee in the shower. My Mom always told me not to, but I feel that there is nothing wrong with it. I washed my hair and proceeded to brush my teeth in the shower.
I turned the water off and grabbed a towel to cover up. With a towel around my waist I walked to my room. Again I looked at myself in the mirror. Quickly I flashed my dick by opening my towel. I laughed it off and looked for my underwear. The only pair I could find was the ones that Tori got me for my birthday as a gag gift. They were Captain America, with a shield on both butt cheek.
Well they were cute. Hmmmmmm what to wear? I looked around my room for clothes. I see an IWRESLTEDABEARONCE shirt. Nah, its too poppy. I come across an old black shirt with SAOSIN on it and nothing else. That’s it.
Now to look for pants. I looked around and instantly found a pair of blue jeans. I really did not want to overdress. I wanted to go extremely casual.
Now that I was dressed I did not know what to do until 6. I guess I will just go on the computer. My first reflex while on a computer is to go on face book. I look for notifications and I see that I have a friend request. Its from Scott. I quickly accepted it and opened a chat with him.

Max: Hey.
Scott: Hi.
Max: You excited for tonight?
Scott: Ya haha, I’m reallyyyy excited for the Madea movie…
Max: You don’t want to see it?
Scott: Not really lol
Max: Its fine then, we don’t have to see a movie. We could just hang out at the mall.
Scott: Ya that sounds fun. Don’t you have to tell Tori then?
(Oh ya… Tori)
Max: She cant come, she has piano.(BIG LIE) It will just be you and me. Are you fine with that?
Scott: Its fine, she does kind of bother me haha. (you and me both…)
Max: Alright, I have to go. Seeya later =)
Scott: byeeee =P

His cuteness is infinite. He is actually excited for tonight. I hope I don’t fuck any of this up.
I went downstairs to talk to my mother. I looked around the house and she wasn’t there. In the kitchen I looked at the refrigerator. There was a note: I am going to the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert tonight. I will be out almost all the night. There is money for food on the counter. Be good!
Yes! Now I have extra money for the mall tonight… But no ride! Shit. I need to ask Scott for one. I ran back upstairs to go back on face book. He was still online.

Max: Hey dude can you give me a ride to the mall, my mom is out.
Scott: Ya sure, just let me go ask my dad…
He said it is fine, just tell me were you live.
Max: I live on the corner of Wycoff, right across from the quick check.
Scott: Ok. I know exactly were that is, I will be there at six =P
Max: bye again lol
Scott: bye=P

Chapter 4
It’s five thirty and my nerves are through the roof. I keep pacing around trying to tell myself I will do fine. This is not enough, I need to call Tori. I slid open my phone and went to her number. Its ringing…

“Tori I need help with all this!”
“This Victoria’s voice mail, leave a message, bye!” Fuck. I forgot about that, gets me every time. Now I had nobody to help me out with this. What should I do to diffuse all of these nerves?
I will just watch some TV. I plopped onto the couch and saw that it was 5:45.
That was enough time to get though have a show. I flipped to CartoonNetwork and johnny test was on. I have always thought he is so cute, especially the episodes where he is in his underwear. If I ever saw someone like him in real life I need to fuck him.
For fifteen minutes I watched terrible television until I heard a knock at the door. Six already? He is here! I quickly grabbed by black zip up hoodie and money and answered the door.
“Hi,” Scott said as his face lit up with excitement. He was wearing a brown pullover hoodie and blue jeans. We walked to his dad’s mini van. The big door slid open and he walked in first then I followed. Aww he sat in the back for me.
I could not see his dad very well but he sounded very young and from what I could see, he looked it too. He must be in his thirties or something. The car started to roll out of the driveway and Scott and I joked around a lot. We actually have a lot in common, we play the same video games, listen to the same music, in fact, he wants to borrow my SAOSIN shirt sometime.
Our conversations died down as he argued with his father, which seemed to happen quite often. I looked out the window, we were getting close to the mall. I got hypnotized by looking out the window, I barely noticed that Scott said something until he shook my arm.
“How much money did you bring?”
“I have forty dollars.” Twenty from my own and twenty from my mom.
“Oh, I only have ten.” He laughed.
“Okay guys we’re here,” We slid the door open and walked out. Scotts dad rolled down the window
“Call me when you want to leave.” His dad rode away and we walked inside.
“Do you want to eat first?” I asked him.
“Ya I’m feeling pretty hungry. Should we eat at the food court or do you want to go to Johnny Rockets?”
“I think we should eat at the food court, it would be a lot easier.” I responded. We both stood there and pondered what we should get to eat
“I think I am going to get Taco Bell,”
“Ya, I think I want that two.” I really could not care for Taco Bell but I did not want to be away from him.
The zit faced teenager behind the counter asked us for our orders. I order a 1 taco meal combo with a mountain dew. The total was only 5 dollars, sweet, I still have 35 more.
Scott ordered a three chalupa meal combo. Shit, that kid can eat. We took our trays over to one of those two person tables and sat across from each other. While we ate we did not really talk too much. Scott ate his food faster than me. I did not finish a piece of my taco and he asked if I was going to eat it. This kid is a beast. It surprises me that he is not fat at all. He had taco sauce all around his mouth. I motioned to him but he was clueless.
“Uhh, you have something…” I grabbed a napkin and wiped off his mouth.
Scott blushed and tried to diffuse the awkward by suggesting where we should go next. I needed to buy something with all of this money, I am not leaving empty handed.
“Lets walk to Hot Topic, I saw a beanie I liked their the other day” The mall was very crowded since it was Friday. Many people saw me and tried to say hey, but I quickly ended any conversation they tried to start, not rudely though. Nothing can distract me from Scott’s cuteness.
We went into Hot Topic and went to the back of the store. I looked around for the hat I wanted. And I found it! It was a beanie that looked like a fish was biting your head. I walked to the front to buy it, but I saw Scott trying on a puppy dog beanie with floppy ears and a tongue sticking out. He looked to cute in it and he really looked like he wanted it. He had no money to pay for it himself.
I looked at my beanie and pondered it for a moment. My decision was made, I put by hat down and walked over to him.
“That hat is really funny, and It looks good on you.”
“Ya, I like it but I have no more money,” he replied sadly.
“I could pay for it for you, I have a shitload of money and nothing to do with it.”
“Nah, I couldn’t let you do that,” SO CUTE =3
“No, I insist, I will pay for it for you as a thanks for a ride here.”
“I cant let you buy this for me, when could I pay you back?”
“You don’t need to, its on me.”
“Thanks dude, I really want this hat.” We walked to the register and are going to buy the hat. The hat was 20 dollars. Instead of taking it off to scan it, he leaned over and put his head under the red light. We laughed about it and even the cashier laughed, hard to make them laugh after dealing with scene kids all day hahaaa.
He took the tags off of his hat and wore it proudly. I suggested we go to Cold stone and get ice cream. Its on the other side of the mall so it would be a long walk. Scott was up for it, and I am sure that he wanted to flaunt his new hat.
A group of girls walked by and eyed the both of us. One of them winked at me and I winked back. One of the others made eyes at Scott. He was too busy playing with the tongue on his hat to notice. He was oblivious to all of the moves she used on him. Good, he is mine. =)

Chapter 5
I was kind of glad that he completely disregarded the girls. I think that he is either completely innocent or is gay. He didn’t even notice any of them.
We made it to cold stone and got one huge cup of ice cream. We sat on a bench and began to eat it. Scott took big scoops. He is not even full yet?
With Scott eating ¾ of it and me only eating ¼ we finished the ice cream.
“Well since there is nothing else to do at the mall, do you want me to call my dad now?”
“Ya and it’s getting pretty late.” No wait, I had a plan, “Hey Scott,” He was just dialing the number. “Do you want to sleep over at my house?” His face lit up.
“Sure! I just have to ask my dad.” I’m starting to think he does not have a mother. He called up his dad. “Hey dad, can I sleep over Max’s house?” Scott paused, “I could just go home to get it.” He paused again. Oh the anticipation. “Really? Thank you! I guess you can pick us up now.” Scott closed his phone, “He said yes.”
I could see the excitement on his face. I don’t think he has ever had a sleepover before. Scott’s dad arrived in a few minutes and we drove to his house first. Scott needed to get stuff for tonight. I was expecting us to pull into a neighborhood, except we pulled into a trailer park. We stopped in from of a very rundown trailer.
“I will only be a second,” Scott said as he rushed out of the car and into the trailer. He came back out a minute later with his backpack full of stuff, like video games, toothbrushes. The usual.
Since Scott’s dad remembered were I live, we got to my house very fast. We both got out of the car and Scott’s dad rolled down the window.
“Call me in the morning Scott. Or whenever you want to be picked up” He rolled up the window and drove away. We walked into my house and Scott asked me a question.
“Are your parents home?” Oh yea, my mom…
“Well, my parents are divorced and My mom is out, she will be back early in the morning.”
“Should you call her and tell her that I am here?” Aww, he worries.
“No, she won’t care,” She really won’t, she will probably come home drunk at 2 am.
We went into upstairs into my room to play some video games. He took out an extra controller and synced it up. We played Nazi zombies for about an hour and then got bored.
“What should we do now?” Scott asked me.
“I really don’t know, I’m not tired yet,” I though for a while, “Oh! I know what we could do. Lets play truth or dare.”
“Sure, I have never played before but I have heard how to play.” He seemed excited to start playing.
“I will go first, truth or dare.” He is probably gonna pick truth…
“Uhh, Truth.” I was right.
“Umm,” I thought for a while, “Is it true that you have ever kissed a girl?”
“Ya, a bunch of times,” He turned red, I could tell he was lying but I did not say anything about it.
“Ok, my turn. Truth or Dare?” I should probably pick dare do get things going.
“I pick dare,” It took him a while to think of a dare.
“I dare you to eat a spoon full of salt,” this dare was gonna suck a lot. I agreed and we walked to the kitchen. I got out a spoon and the salt.
“Do I really have to do this?” I already hated salt, I could not imagine how gross a lot of it is. I had to do it. Without hesitating another second I plunged the spoon into my mouth. It was probably the foulest thing ever but I had to shake it off.
“Was it bad” Scott said as laughed.
“No, not at all,” I lied. This game needed to carry on. “ Okay, it’s my turn, truth or dare?” I hoped he was feeling brave.
“I’ll pick dare this time I think.” Yesssss. It took me a while to think of a dare, but a I finally got one.
“I dare you to moon the neighbors.” I saw that his face went blank.
“I’m not doing that! What if they see me?”
“I’ll do it too if you want me to.”
“It’s not nearly as bad as what you made me do.” We both laughed it off.
“Uhhhh…. I will only do it if you do it too.”
“Alright” We walked over to the window that faces my neighbors house. “You ready?” Scott nodded. I undid my belt and pulled down the back of my pants. I look over and I see Scott with his jeans pulled down in the back and I saw it. I finally saw the butt that I have been waiting to see. It was round and had white tan lines. Scott looked a lot more comfortable with the situation and started waving his butt at the window. I joined in and both of us laughed as we pulled up out pants. We looked at each other and there was a moment of awkward eye contact with his puppy dog eyes.
“I guess its my turn,” Scott said, “Truth of dare?” I needed to say dare. This fun could not end.
“I dare you to… run around outside in your underwear.” I could tell that Scott was feeling the vibe too.
“I don’t want to do that,” I saw the look on his face, “I will do it if you do it with me.”
“Uhhh, if I have to.” We went out side onto my deck.
“How long do we have to do this,” I asked him.
“For at least 30 seconds.”
“Alright, lets do this,” I undid my belt and slid my pants off revealing my black boxers. I look over and Scott is already in his tighty whities. We begun the dare and we started running around. Scott turned and looked and me and did something unexpected. He ran over and pulled my boxers down. I could feel the cold air on my dick and yelled for him to stop but I was drown out by his laughter. I pulled by underwear back up and he composed himself. I needed revenge.
I tackled Scott and pulled his tighty whities down.

Chapter 6
Scott struggled but I got his tighty whities from him. Within seconds I had thrown them into my pool. From the short glimpse of his junk I got before he pulled his shirt down I could see that he was mostly average down there except for on thing. His balls. I don’t know how else to put it, but this boy has big balls. Judging by how dark it was down there I believe he is not shaved either.
“Dude what the fuck!” Scott was ticked off but he was not mad at me. I think he expected it.
“You gonna go get those?” I laughed.
“You suck.” He laughed. Scott saw the fact that he needed to get his underwear from the pool. He was about to jump in and get them but I stopped him.
“Dude, you should take you should take your shirt off first.” That comment was half out of concern and half out of seeing his junk again.
“Ya, I did not bring a change.” Scott took off his shirt and jumped in. He fished up his underwear and climbed out. For once I got a good view of his junk. He was circumcised and had a penis about an inch or two shorter than mine. His balls however, were much bigger than mine. I could see that Scott was building up courage and didn’t even care anymore.
“Did you get a good look?” Scott said as he shook his junk back and forth. It was so cute. I had to look away so he would not think I was gay. Scott put on his wet underwear. I could still clearly see through it.
“Do you want to get back to the game?’ I asked him.
“Sure, but first I need new underwear.”
“Alright I will get you some.” I ran upstairs to my room. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a blatant boner. I quickly flipped it into my waistband and opened my drawer. Damn, all my underwear is in the wash. I looked around longer and all I could find was a couple pairs of pajama pants. He could wear these without underwear. I looked for the biggest pair I had, grabbed them and ran back downstairs.
“Okay, I don’t have any underwear, but you could probably wear these with no underwear. I do it all the time.” I handed him the pants and he looked at me.
“Can you turn around?”
“Dude, I’m pretty sure I have already seen it.”
“Whatever,” Scott said as he took off his wet underwear. I got another good look at his dick as he pulled up the pants. The pants were clearly too big.
“Do you have anything smaller?” They were so big it looked like he was sagging. The best part was that he was wearing no underwear. Every time he moved they fell a little and I could see his butt crack.
“No, sorry. It’s all I have.”
“Whatever, it’s fine. Do you want to get back to the game?”
“Sure, but whose turn is it?” Scott looked puzzled. “Oh yeah, it’s mine.” I thought for a while. While gazing around I saw a sharpie. I had an idea. “I dare you to draw a smiley face on your ass.” At this point we had completely disregarded truth.
“Alright,” He didn’t question it at all and grabbed the sharpie. He pulled down the back of his pants but had to hold the front so it did not fall down. He walked over to the window so he could see the reflection. His ass was completely smooth. He drew a dot on each cheek and then a smile going across both.
“Make it talk!” Of course I was joking but he actually did it. This boy is wild. Scott pulled his butt apart and pushed it together while talking nonsense. I was laughing too hard to even notice that his pants had fallen down.
“Oh shit!” Scott yelled as his pants fell. He pulled them back up and we both composed ourselves.
“Alright, now its my turn.” Scott had a devilish look in his eye. I knew this dare would be good. “I dare you to…” His eyes wandered. “Stick your dick in the peanut butter and rub it onto a slice of bread, then eat it.” Whoa, now that’s a dare.
“Uhhhhh, if I have to.” I grabbed the peanut butter and twisted the lid off.
“Do it!” Scott seemed really excited about this.
“I will! Just go get me a slice of bread.” Scott got me a slice of bread and I undid my pants. I slid off my pants and stood there in my underwear. I took my dick out of the front and put it in the peanut butter. I moved it around in there and covered it completely. Then, I did something Scott did not expect, I turned around and whipped him with my peanut butter dick.
“Get more on there”, he said as he laughed. I continued the dare and wiped my dick on the bread.
“I don’t want to eat this.” I said as I looked at it. I had to pretend to be straight.
“Dude you have to. It’s a dare.”
“You eat it!” I handed it to him not expecting him to actually do it.
“Okay,” Scott said as he grabbed it from me and took a bite. “I was hungry anyway.”
“That’s nasty,” I said as I laughed.
“It’s just skin and I have one too.” I like his logic. We have the whole night to look forward to ; ).

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