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A trouble-maker becomes the subject of a humiliating exam
Anna had been dumped off unceremoniously at the convent by her stepmother when she was only 12. The young woman who had married Anna’s father for his money in exchange for occasional sexual favors had no interest in competing with his daughter – a precocious girl who was developing far too quickly and could pose a serious danger to the spending money she’d gotten used to.

Anna was indeed precocious and had already mastered the art of bringing herself to orgasm.

She had used her position as the only child and the perky little buds developing on her noticeable tits to wrap her father around her little finger – biding her time until she was sure she could convince him to pop her cherry.

But all this would now have to be achieved during holiday visits, as the majority of the year would be spent in drab clothes and doing chores.

Little did Anna know that her sexual desires would soon meet someone just as salacious – and far more willing to exploit her perpetual horniness than dear old dad would ever be.

By the time Anna was 15, she was the most popular girl – last but not least because she got up to no good, found ways to break all the rules but was never expelled, thanks to her stepmother’s constant and generous donations to the convent.

Mother Superior was not about to refuse the monetary gifts, most of which she kept for herself, but she was getting increasingly annoyed with Anna’s antics
The convent had a reputation to uphold, especially with the other girls’ parents who were concerned about preserving their daughters’ chastity until they could be married off to the sons of equally wealthy, upper crust parents.

Initially, Mother Superior had simply taken away Anna’s privileges, given her the worst chores, even taken away her personal items. When this hadn’t worked, Mother Superior had delighted in finding abundant reason for corporeal punishment.

She had commanded Anna to bend over her desk, legs spread, skirt up and panties down. With pleasure – not just out of a sense of satisfaction but at seeing the troublemaker’s gorgeous plump, round white ass – Mother Superior had paddled Anna.

But Anna not only didn’t seem to see this as punishment, the girl actually seemed to enjoy herself!
When the paddle didn’t work after repeated attempts to bring Anna to tears, Mother Superior consulted with the Archbishop.

Together, they devised a plan that they were sure would be so humiliating that even Anna would finally become submissive and stop causing trouble.

Mother Superior called a woman who had been once been a resident at the convent herself and explained the situation.

The woman, who herself was an expert at dealing with difficult girls, was more than happy to oblige.
The next morning, Anna was taken out of her first class and packed into a car. After about an hour’s drive, she was led into a boarding school for boys.

She acted like she didn’t care – in fact, she was glad to be out of the convent, for whatever reason! As the principal took her through the stark, drab hallways, Anna grinned to herself as she imagined telling the girls of the great day she’d had.

The principal led Anna to an auditorium, where some 200 boys of different ages were seated in blazers and khaki pants.

The teacher, a buxom redhead with a seemingly conservative dark blue skirt suit that was tight enough to make her blouse gape, motioned towards a metal table set up on the stage.

Next to the table stood two burly men, big and brawny with angry expressions on their faces. Suddenly Anna wasn’t grinning anymore.

“Today, you will be learning about female anatomy.” The teacher said with an even tone.

There was some commotion in the auditorium as all the boys saw Anna being led to the podium. Her eyes darting around like a trapped animal, Anna was desperately looking for a way to escape – but before she could do so, the two large men were on either side of her.

“Take off her clothes.” The teacher said. Anna struggled but she was no match for the strength of two men. They took their time, groping her tits and ass as they proceeding to rip off her clothes.

The bright light shining onto the stage made Anna painfully aware of the fact that she was now completely exposed to everyone in the auditorium.

She tried to cover up with her hands – the eerie silence of eager boys waiting to see what happened next was unnerving. Without further instructions or a single word, the two men lifted her off the floor like she was a rag doll and positioned her on the metal table.

Before Anna could do anything, her arms and legs were tied down, leaving her in a spread-eagled position.

The metal was so cold against her bare skin, involuntarily making her nipples extremely hard.
The teacher walked over to the table and whispered into Anna’s ear: “This is what happens with naughty little whores who don’t listen to Mother Superior.”

Anna’s eyes widened in fear, but she was smart enough to know that there was nothing she could do now – she was at the mercy of this woman.

“Now, let’s get started. First, you will learn about breasts. We will examine in detail what a woman’s breast looks like, feels like, and of course tastes like.

Our test subject here will be available for you to experience this first hand. Now, do I have any volunteers? Don’t be shy now!”

Anna began to tremble, as much from the cold table as from fear. She didn’t dare turn her head to see how many boys would volunteer to grope her.

Eventually, a line began to form on one side of the table, while the teacher came to stand on the other side. “Now, here we have your average teenage girl.

She is in good health, and as you can see has very big tits. Her nipples have gotten hard because of the cold table she’s lying on, although with a little slut like her it could also be because she’s turned on. Let’s find out!”

And with that, the teacher took the nipple closest to her between two fingers, pinching it so hard that Anna cried out.

Within seconds, the other woman began pulling and twisting Anna’s nipple, clearly enjoying the abuse. “Alright boys, now it’s your turn.

We’re going to have two lines, one on either side of the table. You will each be allowed about a minute so that everyone can have a turn.

Now remember, you can go about this in any way you like, but right now we’re only touching so use your fingers only. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come!”

With that, the first two boys stood on either side of Anna’s chest and began to repeat the teacher’s actions.
Over the next hour, Anna’s tits were groped, fondled, squeezed and slapped; her nipples pinched, both softly and hard, twisted and pulled.

By the time the first portion of the anatomy lesson was over, Anna’s luscious white tits were red, bruised, her nipples swollen and erect like two dark pink mini phalluses.

“Very good, boys. A woman’s tits are very sensitive but can withstand a lot of abuse.

In fact, some girls and women really like to have their tits abused. For those women, having their nipples twisted and pulled very hard actually arouses them.

With these kinds of girls, you can take our first experiment a step further.”

And with that, the teacher produced a little basket of wooden clothing pegs. “For today, I have only brought a commonly available household product.

However, when you conduct these experiments yourself, you may choose to purchase metal nipple clamps, which can be more effective. But let’s see what happens when I put one of those pegs onto one of Anna’s swollen nipples!”

The teacher opened one of the clothing pegs and positioned it over Anna’s left nipple, looking straight into her eyes.

Anna flinched as she saw the glee in the teacher’s eyes – oh yes, she was definitely enjoying herself!
SNAP!! With a surprisingly loud sound, the wooden peg snapped shut onto Anna’s already sore nipple, and she cried out in pain.

“Very good.” The teacher said and proceeded to repeat the action on the other nipple. “Now, who would like to try?”

Several boys stepped forward. One after the other, they unclamped a nipple and watched as the peg snapped back onto it. By now, Anna’s face was stained with tears.

“Very well done, boys!” the teacher praised her students.

“Now, as I’ve told you, even though you’ve heard Anna cry out in pain and you can see that there are tears in her eyes, it’s quite possible that she’s still secretly enjoying herself.

You see, some little sluts like Anna actually get off on pain and humiliation, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you did something wrong. In fact, I’m fairly certain that the next step in our experiment will prove me right.”

With that, the teach walked to one end of the table where Anna’s feet were, and with a loud clang pulled out a pair of stirrups.

“Now, boys, we’re going to play doctor. These stirrups are the same style as what you would find in a gynecologist’s office.

I’m sure that after today, many of you will be eager to become gynos so that you can spend your days conducting the kinds of exams that we’re about to do!”

Anna’s eyes opened in horror. While her reputation for mischief was legendary in the convent, the truth was that Anna was a virgin and had never been to an obgyn.

“No, please!” she pleaded with the teacher.

“Ah, this reminds me of something I had almost forgotten in our lesson plan. “ the teacher said as she reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a black leather strap. In the center was a bright red rubbed ball.

“Sometimes, when you conduct these kinds of experiments, it’s very important to be able to concentrate and not be distracted.

These very practical gags are essential to keeping you focused on the task at hand.”

With that, she hand the device to the two burly men, who forced the ball into Anna’s mouth and strapped it down, essentially making it impossible for Anna to speak.

Next, the two men repositioned Anna’s body so that her legs were in the stirrups, strapped down with leather restraints.

The teacher went back to Anna’s feet and, with a few clicks, the stirrups were as far apart as possible – leaving Anna’s legs wide open and her entire pelvic area open and exposed.

“That’s much better! Now, before we begin the invasive part of the gynecological exam, I’m going to let you all get a close-up look at Anna’s pussy.

If you part her pussy lips, you’ll be able to see and feel the hard little nub that’s her clitoris. This is a woman’s pleasure center, and if you rub it just right, you can make a girl orgasm very quickly.

Of course, with a little slut like this, you might only have to touch it to make her cum.

Now, I understand that some of you will already be experiencing quite painful hard-ons, so when it’s your turn to examine the outside of Anna’s pussy, you may masturbate.

Please make sure to aim your cum at her belly, tits and face, as we will need an unobstructed view of her pussy for the next part of today’s lesson.”

Anna was frantically shaking her head no – along with being a virgin, she was also not on any kind of birth control but was informed enough to know that even the smallest drop of sperm could be trouble for her.

For the next two hours, all the boys took turns examining Anna’s pink hairless pussy. The teacher was pleasantly surprised to find that Anna apparently shaved her pussy – like she herself did.

The hairless slit and tight pink flesh was welcoming to say the least, and the teacher found herself thinking about what she herself would do after today’s lesson was concluded.

Anna’s face felt hot with shame and humiliation as the boys took turns touching her most private parts.

Some were hesitant while others were quite bold, rubbing her clit until her thighs were trembling – but each time she came close to climaxing, the teacher would stop the boy and move him along.

Not all of them masturbated, but enough of them did to cake her belly and tits in a thick coat of hot sticky cum.

“Very good. Now, for the next portion I will ask all of you to go back to your seats. I will be conducting the gynecological exam, which will be on the big monitors so that you can see everything I’m doing in close detail.

Please pay attention and take notes, as this will be on your test and you will be expected to complete a gyno exam for your end of term.”

At this point, the teacher walked over to a chair that had a big black doctor’s bag
While she rummaged around for her tools, the two big men set up a tripod with a camera very close to Anna’s open legs, at an angle where the camera would be able to record every little move the teacher made during her exam.

The men had previously agreed to take turns looking through the viewer – a pleasure neither of them could wait for, as obvious by the enormous bulges in their pants.

As the teacher prepared for the exam, she spoke to her class to explain the process.

“Now, first I will be using latex gloves to conduct this exam. It’s very important that you do this, unless you feel that it would be more comfortable for you to use your bare hands.

You may want to do two exams on the same patient, one with gloves and one without, so that you can see which works best for you.”

“First, I will examine the outside of Anna’s pussy. As you have already seen, Anna shaves her pussy so that we have a nice, clean bald pussy to work with.

I highly encourage girls to do this because it looks a lot nicer and makes the exam much easier.”

The teacher spread Anna’s pussy lips with her gloved hands, every movement displayed in huge format on the screens clearly visible in the auditorium.

With the crystal clear picture on the screens, the light sheen on Anna’s pussy was obvious, and as the teacher moved further down along her slit and used both hands to spread her open, the moisture inside Anna’s pussy was undeniable.

Behind the camera, a man groaned as his cock throbbed painfully inside his pants.

In the auditorium, several boys gasped and even more unzipped their pants and took matters into their own hands.

“Now that I’ve examined the outside of Anna’s pussy, it’s time to begin the invasive part of the exam.
For this, I will use a tool called a speculum. The speculum is inserted deep inside the pussy and used to spread the pussy wide open so that you can see the cervix.

You may choose between a plastic or a metal speculum; personally, I prefer the cold metal one.”

“Some doctors will use commercial lubricant such a KY jelly to facilitate the insertion of the speculum, but I find that this is not necessary.

Remember that a woman’s body is built for breeding and the pussy is therefore highly conducive to stretching.”

And evil grin that only Anna could see spread across the teacher’s face as she lined up the tip of the cold metal speculum with the opening of Anna’s virgin pussy.

On the tv screens, Anna’s pussy appeared a hot, moist, quivering mound waiting to be opened.

The groans in the auditorium grew louder. Several boys shot thick loads of cum as they watched the teacher stick the tip of the speculum into Anna’s pussy.

The tight, unused tunnel was quite resistant, but this was precisely why the teacher preferred a metal speculum – it was more invasive and could quite easily overcome any resistance.

She pushed hard and forced the speculum into Anna’s tight little snatch.

Anna’s eyes bulged as the searing pain of being stretched by a hard, metal object spread. No one noticed because everyone was focused on what was happening between her legs.

“Once you had inserted the speculum deep inside the vagina, it’s always a good idea to twist it around a few times and make sure that it’s properly positioned.

You may also want to partially withdraw the speculum, push it back in, draw it back out, and repeat this action a few times.”

The second man was now staring through the viewer of the camera and was shamelessly rubbing his exposed cock. Most of the boys were doing the exact same thing.

“Once you have performed these minor tasks and the speculum is positioned the way you want it, you will click to open it.”

With this, a succession of short clicks opened the speculum quickly, which shot another wave of pain through Anna’s body.

“Remember, the wider you open the speculum, the easier it will be to perform the exam.”

“But before we continue with this portion, there is another part of the exam that we need to discuss.
Many doctors do not routinely perform this very crucial exam on women, even though they should.

An integral part of any girl’s or woman’s medical workup is an in depth, detailed rectal exam.”

“ Now, since the anus is not quite as easy to access and not quite as easily opened up as the vagina, I recommend getting the anus ready while you perform the vaginal exam.

To do so, I will insert a long, tapered candle into Anna’s anus.

While I perform the rest of her exam, her sphincter will relax and get used to the intrusion, thereby making her anus more accessible to my exam.”

On the tv screens, the teacher’s hands were seen producing a tube of KY jelly and a white tapered candle.

“Since Anna is quite young, it’s unlikely that her anus has ever been accessed in the way in which I’m about to.

You do not have to use lubrication for this process, but without that it may take a lot longer so, for today, I will use some assistance.”

“You may want to moisten the tip of your finger with your spit and rub it around the puckered hole to prepare it.

Next, pop just the tip of your finger into the anus; you will feel the sphincter spasm around it. Pull your finger our and pour some KY onto your hand. Dip your finger into the KY and repeat the same action. “

“You will notice that it’s already much easier to get your finger in with the lube, but you may still have to use some force to get your whole finger inside.

Once you have done this, slide it partially out, then stick it back in. “

“Repeat this action several times until you feel that the inside of the anus is coated with lube.

Now you may want to use a second finger in addition to the first one and repeat all the actions you’ve done with one finger, only now using two.”

“I’m sure some of you will be surprised to learn that most girls and women are greatly stimulated by this.
They may pretend that they don’t like it, but their bodies will tell you the real truth.”

The teacher continued to force both her fingers deep inside of Anna’s virgin asshole, coating it with KY while fingering her hard and rough.

Then, she lined up the bottom of the tapered candle with Anna’s asshole. “I find that one swift move is usually sufficient to insert the candle into the anus.”

Without warning, the candle was forced deep into Anna’s anus in one rough shove. The teacher smiled to herself as only one inch with the candle wick was still sticking out.

“Since it is very important for the candle to remain in the anus during the vaginal exam, I would recommend using duct tape to keep the candle from slipping out.”

A silver X now marked the spot where Anna’s anal cherry had just been popped, keeping the candle deep inside her backdoor.


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