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What Two Cousins do
It was a normal sunny summer weekend, Someplace around the fourth of july. My parrents are divorced you see and when i am with my dad every
other weekend are whole family go's out camping. Now i am a big fan of camping however if you go every other weekend it
can get rather boring, and this weekend was no different. My family is made up of me my sister, Dad, uncal and two cousins. My one cousin, me
and him are like brothers we do everything together we are even in a band togeter. Now this story is about my other cousin Jill.
Now I must confess that i all ways had a little crush on Jill she is one of the most astonishing bodys i have seen. She was 18 has a C-Cup breast size
and a amazing butt, the way her butt cheeks sit on her hips the most beautiful site a mans eyes could ever see. anyway when we get to the
campground we normaly just sit by the fire and chill or go play baseball but the night before i stayed up all night so i was varry tired so
i went right in the camper. In are camper there is a normal amount of space. It is a fith weel camper and in te back has four two bunkbeds for the
four kids. Anyway i was varry tird so i went right to lay down on my bed and fell asleep. I woke up with a crash when my two cousins arived and
was now invading the camper. As i turned over to see who it was i was greated with a nice ass in my face, I know whos ass that is.

"Sorry I did not know you were sleeping in here". Remarks Jill
"Its ok i just had a ruff night last night, whats up?" I Asked
"Nothing", As she continued fixing stuff on her bunk.
"Hey everyone is going down to the pool in a bit you coming right?" Asked Jill
"Sure if i can get a little sleep now." i said

I woke up a little latter and ate dinner with the family and everyone trying to get the adults to go down to the pool with them this was unsuccessful.
Then after dinner the girls went to get changed in the camper and started walking down to the pool with my cousin Tim, I however stayed after dinner talking
and doing dishes. After they were all done i went into the camper to get changed to go swiming. As i was walking into the camper i sliped on the
floor and was abled to grab onto the top left bunk which happened to be jills bunk. I notied that Jill did not put away her semi dirty clothing
with the intention of puting them back on after geting back from the pool. I started looking though her dirty clothing and all of a sudden i spot
a white bra. This was a normal C-Cup Bra but some how it gave me a the bigest hard on. To think Jills Tits were in this. After a little I started
looking again and found something i was not expecting. A FUCKING THONG! Now my cousin was varry outgoing in the family but outside she is varry
shy. I put the clothes back making sure that it lookes like they were never tuched and walk down to the pool.

"Here he is". Jill Said
"Here i am." I Replied
I jump in and we swim for a little, the four of us race eachother and then we get tird.
"Hey you want to play castle"? asked jill
"Sure!" we all Replied

Now this is great news to me because in the game of castle we have two on a teem its normally me and my cousin Tim vs my sister and Jill. The object of
the game is to capture the enemy and hold them in your castale unless the other member of the teem comes to tag them. This is my faverite thing
to do in the pool because i allways get to chase jill. A lot of the time i let her slip by me just so i can come and drag her back to are castle
and by mistake grabing her tits or geting a peace of her ass but this time was a little different when i was trying to grab her ass and make it look
like a mistake she responded by grabing my cock and she flashed me a little smile.

We got out of the pool because it was geting dark this made my upset because i wanted to see were this could lead. We got Changed and went to go
sit outside by the fire. My father and Uncal wanted to go to this market tonight and wanted all of us to go. There was only one problem someone had
to stay back and whach the fire. I was still tired so i volunteered with the hopes also of taking another look at some of jills underwear again.
I thought i had a free night untill Jill said she would stayback aswell so i wasent alone at night even know we were both 18. I said ok and smiled.

"Did Everyone leave yet?" asked Jill
"Ya they are all Gone." I Replied
A little time went by as we were staring at the fire.
"Do you want to put more wood on the fire?" I asked
"No we should probably head in". Replied Jill
"Do you want to play cards?" Asked Jill
"Ya Sure", I Replied

We put out the fire and headed into the camper to start started playing cards on my bunk and start engaging in small talk when the conversation
turns into relationships.

"You have a girl friend?" asked Jill
"Not at the moment." I Replied
"Why you were dating a nice girl?" Asked jill
"Ya, not really if you know her." I Responded
"What? she a Bitch?" Jill Responded
"Did you ever have had? you know?" Asked Jill
"Sex?" I Responded
"Yes i am not a virgin." I said
"Are You?" I Asked
"Yes, I am, I mean im not afrad of losing my virginity but i want to do it with someone i can trust first." she said
"I can understand that." I said
"But there is no better feeling in the world then when you holding each other and your deep inside her. There is a conection". I said.
She looked at me and smiled and said "you sound like a porn star."
We both looked at eachother and laughted. Then the question came.
"Do you think we could umm try some of that? I Trust you and we are all alone." Asked Jill
I Smiled and just said stop.
We started making out are lips tuching and are tungs entering each others mouths in a beautiful circular motion. As we were kissing i starting feeling
her soft body up. I started feeling up her beautiful tits they felt so great. I layed down and let her lay on top of me. I Removed her top and
we continued making out still feeling up her tits now only bound by her bra. I starting feeling up her great tight little butt.
"Do you want to see my tits?" Asked jill
"Fuck Yes." I said
She removed her bra and her beautiful tennis ball size breasts bouced free. I allmost came there. I took those soft pink nipples in my mouth
she squarmed a little with the plessure. Then she stoped me
"My Turn." She said.
She Climed off me and done to my belt. She Quickly removed my belt and pants as my cock came into view.
"O My God Its hudge." She said
I Was average size but consitering she was a vergin that was the first and only one she ever saw. Before i could respond she grabed a hold of
of my cock and and stuck the whole thing in her mouth,
"FUCK!!!" I Yelled
It felt so good with my cock shoved down her mouth. And then she started teasing me.
"You like you cousin sucking you big dick." She spits.
She continud pumping my shaft and i was just about to climax.
"Fuckk Im CUmmming" I yelled
"Swallow it." I spat
She kept pumping my shaft while I climaxed, shooting Cum into her mouth. She swallowed a lot of it but she did spit a little out.
"Wow That was a lot." She said satisfied
"Ya Its a good thing i did not jack off today," i said
"It tasted good." She said
Im sure" i said as i told her to lie down on her back. She did
I took up a spot between her legs. I kissed her and pulled her sweet pants down. To my suprise i a compleatly hairless mound and pussy came into
"Wow no panties?" i asked?
She gave me that Fuck you look and said "what do you think? is it the nicest pussy you ever seen"?
"Fuck Ya." And i supprised her by driving my fingers into her varry wommenhood
"Shit!" She yelled
She evan more supprised when i started licking her hairless pussy.
"Dam your so wet!"
"Fuck" She screams as i am sucking the cum driping from her most privete part of her body
"That was the most amazing thing i ever felt" she said trying to get her breath.
"You thought that was good feel this." I got out of the bed and instructed her to do the same. She fallowed me and ass she jumped off the bunk her
ass and tits were bouncing. I was harder then ever at this point. I instructed her to bend over the bottem bunk bed and opean her legs. She looked
so hot bending over her ass hole and pussy wating for me to pounce, her ass was varry inviting.
"You dolt need to use a condom i am on the pill" she said and i remmbered that she was in a car crash when she was around ten that she broke her hymen.
This made me evan more harder i slamed my hard cock into her!
"Fucckk" She screamed at the top of her lungs.
"Your so Fucking Tight"
"You like fucking you horrny vergin cousin?" she spat in between her heavy brathing
Before long i was starting to feel pressure and was ready.
I told her to kneel down and i blow my hot load all over her 18 year old face.
"That was the best thing in the world. I cannot wate untill the next camping trip."
She said slaping her ass as she went into the shower.

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