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True story, first time writing
My wife brings her lover into our bed for some action.
Happened just this morning. True story if there ever was one.
Go easy with the comments, its my first time recounting our adventures.
The names have been changed to protect the naughty.

The players:

Susan, my wife- 30 5'5" not skinny but not fat. 36DD tits pierced.

Chip, her friend with benefits- 20 5'10" skinny but toned. Cock prolly 6 inches.

Joe, me- 30 5'7" average build few extra pounds. Cock is 4 1/2 inches.

After a night of pool and hangin out in our game room, its 3am and I go off to some sleep.
Susan & Chip are night owls and will be up till atleast 6am. After a while she comes in and
asks me if its ok if he share the bed, cuz the spare is uncomfy as hell. "Why not." I say.
She gets in the middle and each of us on a side. I can tell shes loving it, either way she rolls
she has a warm lover to snuggle with. We all drift off in the cool and the dark.

About five hours later I awake and go off to the kitchen for a drink. When I return, it is to
the sound of soft kisses and then the sight of her lowering her mouth onto his cock. I slide into bed
and kiss her back as she slowly shifts to her knees, offering me a full view of her sweet ass and moist,
shaven pussy. I slip my finger in and taste her sweetness. Then I put two fingers inside her and explore
her depths as her Chip groans under her expert attentions.

Once Chip has fully awoken she has him stand next to the bed and she backs up into him. I lay on my
back and she takes my meat in her mouth. I feel her moan vibrate through me as he impales her on his length. A few strokes to get his balance and Chip starts pounding her pussy like theres no tomarrow. I can feel his powerful thrusts pushing her head harder into my cock. I grab a handful of hair and shove my cock deep, feeling the back of her throat caress me. After I let her up she works my shaft as she teases the tip with her tounge.

Her moans quickly turn to screams as she peaks and cums around his cock. I know the feeling of that vice-like grip and imagine he must be loving using my wife for his pleasure. I reach under her to play with her nipple ring. As she rides to the top again I pinch her nipple hard,drawing out a pained and pleasurable moan from her. He leans forward to drive an angle on her dripping pussy. Again she goes wild, crying out as we draw the lust from her from both directions.

As he rails her unmercifly, I shift over and slowy reach under her, seeking her clit with my fingers. My fingers find themselves on either side of her steamy lips, feeling them streched around his cock as it ravages her body. I set my fingers working her clit, drawing circles over it and grinding it down. Her quick breaths become more frantic as she accepts our dual assault on her pussy. She screams and moans, alternating between my cock and biting she sheets. It doesnt even seem like shes coming down between orgasms, just riding wave after wave of feeling.

This goes on for atleast another 10 minutes as he fucks her so hard the bed jumps each time he bottoms out. I sense him getting close to release and I hope for a moment that he will cum on her face or tits, but my lovely cum slut has other ideas. As his thrusts become frantic she spins around and jerks his cock as she sucks the head. He moans and I know hes filling her mouth with his hot cum and shes swallowing everydrop. He lays down on the bed in front of her and I move over to make some more room. She gets back on her knees with her ass facing me and starts sucking his cock back to life. Now I get my turn at that sweet pussy of hers.

Reaching over into the nightstand I pull out the wireless bullet vibe and slip it deep into her dripping pussy. I follow it with my hard cock and force it even deeper. Fliping a switch the toy roars to life and she shivers as it sends volts up her body. I feel the vibrations around me as I grab her hips and thrust into her with everything I've got. After all the attention she gave me with her mouth I know I won't have long so I just go for sheer pounding. Within a minute shes moaning again and i feel her pussy drench my cock with her juices.

"Such a dirty cum slut" I think as I fuck my meat in and out of my wife. I feel her squeezing me with her cunt muscles, trying to milk my cock of its seed. That being the unique pleasure I recieve, I relish in the pressure building in my balls. Others may use her and fuck her as they wish, she may moan like a slut and tell them her pussy is theirs, but I know better.

"This pussy is mine" I think as I reach the point of no return. Only I can cum inside this tight little cunt, I claim it each time I coat her pussywalls with my hot cum. "All mine slut!" I think as I pump squirt after squirt of cum into her cunt.

Spent and satisfyed we all lay there for a moment. My wife lets out a contented sigh and sports a cheshire grin on her glistening face. I sit back and think of what a great night this turned out to be. Ever the forward thinker I imagine where to go from here. Perhaps I'll sit out and video next time. A nice close up of a hard cock thursting into her wet pussy long a dream of mine. Maybe the rare but always interesting double penetration. The vision of her riding his thick tool while I come from behind to full her slutty ass with my own cock makes me tingle, and I drift off for a time.

The End....for now.


2015-01-14 07:20:39
That was a great story

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-29 19:01:50
my wife has had a boyfreind for18 years who as lived with us for17 years they share a bed together.we are all best friends i love the both of them more than anything.I still get excited watching them hold hands kiss cuddle and hearing them having sex while i masterbate in my own room When they are out i go into there room and lie on there bed with there dity underwear and wank myself off. I would not want to change this arrangment im so happy.the way things are.

anonymous readerReport

2012-08-01 05:26:15
Update: My wife left me 2 weeks before xmas 2011. She was preggers within 2 months. Shes happy as a clam and Im basicly living on the streets.

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-02 02:53:13
what a sick fucking husband this guy is double teaming his wife with her lover............... no fucking way would i ever allow my wife to have a lover and if she did it behind my back it would be the
last thing either of them would ever do....... I'd shoot the both of them, then cut his cock off and stuff into her mouth leaving them, to be found like that for all the world to see

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-08 13:17:44
I love the story, I love her reactions when you are both making her cum.

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