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You favorite friends with benefits return in the third installment of Speech Class. This is a direct sequel to the sequel so you may want to read the first two first. I might write some more, but I might write a story with another theme.
The moon had just crested over the mountains in the distance, surveying to me it was around 10:00 PM. As the beach sand pressed down under my weight, I nudged Courtney. “If you wanna come to my house to clean up, that’s alright. I was just about to head home anyway.” She glanced at me with a relieved sigh. “I would love that. I forgot my phone at my house, so I have no way of getting a ride home. Would you mind if I used your phone after I clean up?” I didn’t see how it would take any longer by making a phone call, so I agreed.

Courtney and I walked over to my bike that I had set against a knocked over tree. Once we got there, I reached to the ground and pulled up my T-shirt. I pulled it over my head as I stepped into my sandals. Courtney’s belongings were close by, so she retrieved them as I was getting my stuff. She proceeded to step into her flip-flops. It would appear that that was all she had brought; no shirt, no pants, nothing. I stood my bike up and told Courtney, “I guess we’ll be walking there, since you have no bike.”

She had no objection. She simply said, “Alright. So it’ll take a little longer. Whatever. It’s nice out here.” We strolled down the beaten gravel path along the lake until we could get to a paved road. The trip there was relaxing to say the least. The warm summer night air surrounded us; a band of crickets chirped their soothing melody, and a cool breeze flowing past us, bringing the sweet smells of summer to our nose. We cautiously walked down the steep hill and made it onto a paved sidewalk… finally. We meandered past various suburban shrubs as our way was lit by the orange glow of street lamps. We turned into the cul-de-sac of which my house was on.

As we jogged up the front steps of my house, I noticed that there weren’t any lights on inside. I reached for the doorknob, but it was still locked from when I had left the house. Nobody was home, for some strange reason, so I walked over to the garage door. We had an external garage door opener, so I simply punched in the numbers and the door opened.

We headed through the laundry room and entered into the TV room. Courtney tapped me on the shoulder and asked where the bathroom was. I pointed upstairs. She strode up the stairs and walked into the bathroom. She shouted down the stairs to me, “You don’t happen to have an extra shirt I could borrow, would you?” I yelled back, “There should be one in my closet. I’ll go get it for you.” I walked to my room and pulled an old XL gray T-shirt out of the closet. I knocked on the door, which promptly opened. Courtney swung the door ajar, expecting the shirt. With the exchange, I asked her if she would save me some hot water. I needed a shower too. She gave me a quiet, “Mhm”. I left her to her business and walked down the stairs into the living room.

Out of the corner of my eye, I was a red light flashing. It was the home phone. The flashing light meant that there some new messages on it. Inquiring, I pressed the tab. A robotic voice stated talking, “You have TWO new messages. First message: “Hey kids! It’s Mom. Just calling home to remind you that Dad and I are going on the weekend vacation we’ve been talking about. The number for where we’re staying is on the fridge and money for pizza is on the counter. If you have any questions, just call. Bye.” Second message: “Hey man, it’s Ian, your brother. Just in case you were wondering, I’m at that college seminar thing in Denver. I’ll be back later tomorrow night. See ya.”

Meanwhile, while I was listening to messages, Courtney was disrobing in the bathroom. She pulled her flowing fawn hair out of her ponytail, setting the hair tie down on the counter. She turned the shower knob, so the water would get hot before she stepped in. After doing so, she reached behind her back, pulling at the drawstrings of her bathing suit top. The bright crimson top became slack around her neck allowing her to pull it off and fling it on the ground. He breasts bounced out upon doing so, as her fabric restraints were no longer interfering. She rubbed them, getting them warmed up in turn of the frigid air inside the bathroom. After her tits were used to the surrounding air, she hooked he thumbs in her bottoms and pulled them down to her ankles, spryly hopping out of them. She stepped into the shower which was heated to the perfect temperature.

Courtney began washing off all the sand and dirt we had picked up at the beach. The steamy water cascaded out of the showerhead, washing over her full chest, along her taut stomach, across her trimmed mound and down her long, smooth legs. She pumped some liquid soap onto the loofah, proceeding to wash all over her firm, teenage body. The suds trickled down her chest, cleansing off all the dirt and grime. Soon after, some suds dripped down across her velvet slit, sending a shockwave through her spine. This gave her a wonderful, dirty idea.

Unbelievably, she wasn’t satisfied with the activity she had done earlier that night, so she turned the loofah’s slick curved wooden handle facing her, and she guided it towards her pussy. After stretching her lips with the tip, she slid the handle deep inside her yielding cunt, in a quick, smooth motion. The girth of the thick handle was enveloped by her slit, giving Courtney an intense feeling in the pit of her stomach; like the kind you get when you’re doing something you really shouldn’t. She pulled it out as pressed her chest up against the shower wall. Her pink nipples automatically turned hard from the cold tile of the wall. She positioned the brown vanished handle under her dripping cunt and pushed it up further. She had always loved this position; it always hit the right spot that really got her hot. Thrust after thrust, she slid the pole deeper and deeper into her cunt, loving every second of it. The force she was using was nudging her up along the wall. Courtney kept thrusting the mahogany handle into her slit, soap suds lubricating her penetration, until her cunt muscles clamped down on the handle and she felt weak in the knees. She shuddered and moaned as the strong sensations ripped though her body. She started bucking against the wall as a powerful orgasm tore through her body. Spurt after spurt of pussy juice pushed the loofah out of her twat with great force, banging it to the ceramic ground. She fell to her knees and then to her side as she let the orgasm take its course through her body. She shivered on the shower floor, panting heavily. It took her nigh 3 minutes to be able to stand up without her knees quivering out from underneath her.

Ten minutes after I listened to the phone messages, I heard the rush of water cease in the shower. Five minutes after that, Courtney drifted out of the shower room and waltzed down the stairs, fancy-free, in the loose fitting T-shirt I had given her. The shoulders of the T-shirt were a darkened gray from her damp hair resting on it. I’m not sure, but I think that’s all she was wearing. She walked past me and headed for the phone. As she strode past me, her globe-like breasts bounced from behind the baggy shirt. This confirmed my presumptions; she was definitely not wearing anything under that shirt. She had joyful skip to her walk as she past me, like she was really cheery about something. It was a mystery to what she was so giddy about. She picked up the phone and dialed her home number. Meanwhile, I clicked off the TV and mouthed, “I’m going to take a shower now.” She gave me a nod and focused back on her phone call.

20 minutes later, I came back down to the living room to see Courtney plopped down on the couch watching TV. I inquired, “So when are your parents coming to pick you up?” She replied, “I don’t know why, but I can’t get a hold of them. They’re not picking up their cells and the home phone is putting me on voicemail.”

She continued, “I live, like, 10 miles from here; you can’t expect me to walk all the way there in the dark!” I interrupted, “I never said you had to leave; you can stay her for the night and call back in the morning… unless that would make you feel uncomfortable, of course.” Courtney looked back at me, “I guess it’s not like I have much of a choice really. Besides, hanging out with you for the night could be pretty fun…”

I replied a little later, “I suppose I wouldn’t be much of a host if I didn’t offer you anything to eat. You want anything? I could buy us a pizza if you want.” Her eyes lit up, “That would be amazing; after all that we did at the beach, I could use some food.”

I picked up the phone and called up the pizza place and placed an order for two medium pizzas; one Hawaiian and one pepperoni. Now all we had to do was wait. In the meantime, Courtney had picked out a movie. Luckily, it was an old kung-fu movie with Bruce Lee as opposed to a rom-com that my mom likes so very much.

After the opening credits had finished, the pizza had arrived with impeccable timing. I gave the delivery guy the money and he gave me the pizza. Simple as that. I’m pretty sure he was stone out of his mind, but that’s beside the point. I set the pizzas down on the kitchen counter and dished out a couple slices for Courtney and me. Courtney shut off the lights for that “cinema” effect.

We sat on the couch eating pizza and watching the movie in silence for about 45 minutes. We finished our pizza at roughly the same time, so we both lay back on the couch and relaxed. Courtney snuggled up to me, getting very relaxed. She lay her head down on my shoulder, letting out a long, cozy sigh. This wasn’t any normal sigh of relaxation; Courtney wanted something and I had a pretty good idea of what. Not even 3 hours ago were we at the beach and now she wants to go for round two. Before I could say anything, she was rubbing my thigh, getting closer to my shaft. I had no objections, so I returned the favor.

Our lips met, avidly going at each other. My hand slid along her thigh, caressing it back and forth, each time coming closer to her cleanly-trimmed pussy. Courtney straddled me, pleading for more. My hand slid underneath the extra-large T-shirt Courtney had borrowed and glided my finger between her labial lips. She was soaked! I pressed down on Courtney’s hand off my shaft stopping it dead, reciting the age old saying, “Ah, ah, ah, ladies first”. My two fingers circled her petite clit, which sent electricity traveling up her spine. I sat up from beside her, off the couch and knelt down in front of her pussy, which was warming up after just a few finger strokes.

Courtney reached down around bottom of her shirt and pulled it up, finally showing her glowing slit, illuminated by the moonlight slicing through the windows. She bit her lip lightly and giggled softly through her smile in anticipation. I wet my index finger in my mouth and poised it against her entrance. She inhaled sharply as my digit slid past her slit and into her silken hot box. I pulled off my shirt before things got too intense. Courtney teased with her damp chocolate hair, admiring my handiwork. I pet the inside of her, attempting to pinpoint her erogenous zone but without any luck.

Then it happened.

I had found it. My extremity rubbed against Courtney’s “special spot” causing her to inhale harshly and her milky thighs to clamp down on my wrist. A whimper of content echoed throughout the empty house. I looked her in her reddened face. “Guess what I found”, I said, teasing her slit some more. She giggled half-heartedly, still getting used to the agile digit wriggling inside her tight, teenaged cunt. It was then I slid in a second finger. Courtney’s sleek pussy took them both in, still craving more.

Sensing she longed for more, I lowered my mouth to her dripping cunt. My tongue slinked out of my mouth and lapped at her clit. Her tone instantly changed. It used to be a soft, yet bold whimpering, but now it had changed into a lust filled, passionate moaning. My tongue flicked about her clit for several minutes; every time my tongue made contact with her fragile clit, she would moan and whimper like never before.

Continuing to pleasure her, I reached under the T-shirt and laid my hand upon her 34C breast, groping, squeezing, and fondling it. Courtney’s breathing increased. I kept hooking up with my fingers, stimulating her G-spot. My pace increased as I continued to eat her out and massage her yielding tit.

Her time had finally come. Her moans turned to cries of joy as her cunt squirted out of streams of pussy juice all over my chin and chest. In total, she let out three streams of it before coming to a halt. After the explosion of bliss, she sprawled out on the couch, panting for air, her blushed face steadily returning to its usual pallid tone. She had never had an orgasm that intense before.

As she lay sprawled out on the couch, Courtney stretched out and said, “That was amazing. How do you do that?” Shrugging, I said, “I guess it’s a talent of mine.” She looked my shirtless body up and down, “Well, your talent isn’t going to go unrewarded.” She grabbed my arm and helped me up; repositioning me to sit on the couch she was just on. She crouched down in front of me.

“Oooh… looks like I got you a little excited, didn’t I?” she said as she kneaded the bulge running down my leg. “We’ll just have to take care of that, won’t we?” She licked the bulge running through my jeans, getting it harder every second she had her tongue on it. “Let’s see what we really have here…” Courtney reached for my zipper and pulled it down. She yanked my pants down along with my boxers. She gasped in awe as she witnessed my eight-inch cock pop out of my pants and droop down between by legs. “I never get tired of seeing it”, she giggled with a smile. She wrapped her small hand around the shaft of my cock and slowly pumped it. As she pumped it up, a bead of precum spilled from the tip. “Oooh… a little treat” she whispered before licking it up.

Then she stopped. “Wait, this doesn’t seem right. We can’t do this… at least not in here. Where’s your bedroom?” Relieved, thinking it would end here and leave me with blue balls, I pointed down the hall. She lightly grasped my shaft and pulled me up, leading me into my room. She positioned me at the foot of my bed and she herself laid down, chest to the bed. “There we go; now it feels right.” I kicked off my pants and let her continue. She gripped my shaft and pointed it up to the ceiling. Her tongue slithered out and met the surface of my hairless balls. She continued licking up and down, taking one of them in her mouth. Courtney dropped the ball out of her mouth and slurped up my pulsing shaft, prolonging the sweet agony of her teasing.

My anguish was demolished when her tongue slid up to the head and pushed 4 inches of it into her alluring mouth. She continued to pump my shaft up and down, swirling her tongue around the head. No words could describe what I was feeling, but I’ll try: delight, ecstasy, paradise. Courtney looked up at me with big doe eyes, sucking powerfully on the head. A smile beamed out from Courtney; well, as much as she could with a cock in her mouth. Her cheeks caved in as her mouth applied powerful suction to my cock. By now, my shaft was a blushed color, pulsing hard.

She bounced on the bed onto her back where her head drooped over the edge of the covers. She tongued around the swollen head before instructing me to “fuck her face”. Complying, I started gentle. I pushed my cock 5 inches deep, pulled out and repeated. After building up the courage, I increased my pace and drove my warm shaft deeper into her mouth. I thrusted seven of the eight inches into her mouth and consequently into her tightening throat. She gagged a little, which was expected, but she began bobbing her head back and forth to meet my thrusts. She really wanted to down my entire shaft. My cock slammed down her throat, putting Courtney in a state of euphoria. She was impressed of how far her throat could expand.

I eventually ran out of steam and my hips stopped to a crawl. Courtney withdrew the pulsing, slick shaft from out of her mouth with three strands of viscous, sticky spit attached to it. She swallowed for the first time in about 2 minutes and rubbed my cock, evenly distributing her warm saliva all around the entire shaft.

She hopped off the bed and knelt down in front of me. She looked up at me with a thoughtful look. “I picked this up watching a couple videos online, but I’ve never had a chance to try it out… until now.” She took my engorged shaft and rubbed the head in circles around her bright pink nipples. In seconds, they hardened. Then, she guided my rock hard meat in between her luscious, round breasts.

They had no imperfections at all. They fit in your hand perfectly with no “overflow”. Her nipples weren’t too dark or too light. They didn’t puff out either, but rather stuck erect from her breasts like large mosquito bites. Their color was something of the gods. They were the ideal median between milky white and golden tan; still having some complexion but not overdoing it, like artificial tans would bring. The selling point: they had absolutely no sag to them at all. Sure, she was a teenager, but even then do some girls get a little sag. With Courtney: none. Some girls’ breasts would part down the middle, forming a sort of V-shaped crevice, but Courtney’s spread that optimal amount. The gap in between was the exact measurement of the space her fingertips would take when holding her breast to cover them up.

Courtney guided my shaft to her aforementioned perfect tits and stuffed it into her cleavage. She pressed her beige bust together, rubbing up and down. To make it easier for her, she hugged her breasts together, accentuating her bust even more. I leaned up against the wall behind me, getting light headed. She pumped her breasts up and down, up and down. It was the single most mesmerizing thing I had ever seen.

To make matters even more lustful, Courtney bent her head down and opened her mouth, aiming my cock right at her open, drooling mouth. My shaft thrust into her mouth, getting licked on the way in. By now, my precum was flowing freely, lubricating Courtney’s cleavage. Despite this, Courtney drooled another strand of saliva into her cleavage, slicking it up even more. With this much slipperiness, it was inevitable.

I knew it. Courtney knew it. I was cumming. I groaned, signaling I was on my way. My cock departed from her cleavage and was now being pumped vigorously by Courtney’s soft, feminine hand. What was unavoidable finally happened; from the tip flew out a white glob of cum that splashed over Courtney’s cheekbone. Another splattered over her taut breast, dripping down onto her leg. She placed her mouth inches away from the head, ensuring that she could get some of the sweet and salty reward in her mouth. A large spurt flew onto her tongue, flowing down her throat. A stray burst of semen flew landing on her forehead, dripping down her nose into her open mouth. My spasms grew weaker and eventually stopped. Courtney’s cum covered lips wrapped around my shaft, forcing it down her throat one last time. Feeling it soften in her throat, she retracted the shaft from her throat and sucked on the head, getting every single drop of me into her mouth before swallowing it all down.

She kissed the head of my cock before standing up and saying “I’m gonna get cleaned off. I think I’ll go to bed after that; it’s nearly 2:00.” She headed off to the bathroom as I glanced at the clock. She was right, it was 1:45. I headed to the bathroom to tell her where she could sleep. I walked in on her wiping up the cum on her leg with toilet paper. For some reason, she was embarrassed to have me see her naked, so she did her best to cover her naughty bits. I was quizzical, but ignored it. I told her she could sleep in my bed for the night and she graciously accepted. I walked back into my room and put on my boxers before heading for the couch.

I laid down on the couch with a blanket and pillow while switching on the T.V. A few minutes had passed when Courtney came walking into the T.V. room (sadly with my shirt on). She hesitantly said “Uhm… thanks for everything tonight. I… I really liked it” before kissing me on the forehead. Before I could acknowledge her, she had already walked away, her curvy ass disappearing around the corner. I fell asleep around 2:30 after watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. God, I love that show.

I awoke 2 ½ hours later at around 5:00. I had just woken up from having a dream about Courtney (go figure). But it wasn’t about sex; we were just doing stuff normal couples did. Going to get ice cream, listening to music together, sitting by a pond watching the sun set, all that stereotypical stuff. I lay on the couch for 15 minutes trying to interpret what the dream meant. But I couldn’t take it any longer; I had to see Courtney.

I tiptoed into my room where Courtney was resting after a long night. The bed was a mess; sheets were thrown off, one of the pillows had fallen off and the other was crumpled in a bunch behind Courtney. It was quite evident she had dreamt that night as well. I couldn’t help but adore her as her petite body curled up in a ball, clutching one of the bed sheet corners. Her body from the midriff down wasn’t covered by the T-shirt, so her pink, hairless mound protruded out from between her thighs.

I couldn’t help myself. I set myself on the edge of the bed, smelling her scent. It was, to say the least, intoxicating. I reached around her and took her pert breast in my hand and squeezed, trying my best not to wake her up. She moaned inadvertently as my hand caressed around her chest, simply become overwhelmed with lust. I slipped her rose colored nipple between my fingers, twiddling it between, making it harder.

Suddenly, from Courtney sighed and clutched onto my hand. My hand froze on her breast, realizing she knew I was here. I tried to say something, but nothing would come out of my mouth. She moaned, “Why did you stop? I liked that. It was a nice morning surprise.” Finally realizing she wasn’t made aghast by this surprise groping, I continued being less gentle with her tender tits. My other arm reached around her body and clamped onto her other unattended breast. Courtney continued to moan louder as recognition of my less mild squeezing. Involuntarily, my shaft had grown thicker and longer in part of the sensual groping I was performing and the morning wood factor. It was now nearly nine inches long with a six inch circumference. Blood was pumping through it like there was no tomorrow.

Courtney reached behind her back and grabbed hold of it, slowly pumping it up and down. I finally coughed up the courage to set my raging cock at her entrance, rubbing it across her slit, making her wetter by the second. She sprawled out on the bed, spread eagle and gave me the go-ahead by licking of her lips. I hovered over her body with my arms at her sides and aimed my throbbing shaft at her dripping slit. I suddenly shoved it in halfway, for which a breathy gasp was Courtney’s response. I held down her arms as I pumped away at Courtney’s aching pussy.

She was panting and sweating profusely all across her body as seven inches of rigid flesh pounded into her over and over again. Through the grunting and panting I asked her, “You ready for all of it?” She didn’t even need to utter a single word. Her fierce eyes looked deep into mine, telling me that she wanted it all. I did a short, yet powerful thrust all the way into her up to my balls. Courtney arched her back up from the sudden erotic titillation. She screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh, fuck! I’m cumming!” My shaft was pushed out by a sudden rush of pussy lubricant.

With Courtney still panting for air, I kissed her wet lips before grabbing her by her waist and forcing her against the wall with her arms pinned behind her back. Courtney knew this was her favorite position, and being completely helpless just sweetened the deal for her. From behind her, I pushed my shaft back and forth between her pussy lips, glossing them up with both my precum and her own juices. Courtney shivered as her slit emitted more murky clear liquid all over my shaft. Her mound was pounding, just aching to be filled. Back and forth I went, gradually increasing my speed.

I guess it was inevitable. With all the lubrication that was going on down there, my shaft slid the entire length into her. Courtney yelped as her entire body quacked in bliss from the ground up. I pushed strongly against her, keeping her from falling to the floor. I pounded deeper into her slippery cunt, sliding against her erogenous zone, causing her body to constrict and her heart pump faster.

Alongside her body clamping up, Courtney whimpered like a puppy, so overwhelmed with pleasure she couldn’t even think straight. Soft groans sounded from her with every stroke up in between her blushing lips. I pounded and pounded into her until she could take no more.

She exploded in a shrill scream that surely woke the neighbors up. Unlike all the other times she came, her cunt didn’t explode in juices; but rather the slick liquid expanded around my shaft dripping down onto my balls. The feeling was so exhilarating, I nearly came inside her. After such an intense orgasm, Courtney fell to her knees, as she had done in the shower before, sighing, “Oh, fuck… fuck…” I laid her down gently on the floor, letting her recuperate. I gently asked, “How was that?” to which she panted the obvious, “Oh my god… that … that was amazing.”

Then she said something I didn’t expect at all, “What else ya got?” I was shocked. Courtney had a sex drive that just wouldn’t quit; she was insatiable. Impatiantly waiting my response, she gave me a hint of what she wanted next. Well, not really a hint, but more of a blatant example. She lay on her side, her curvy ass facing my direction. She lowered her middle finger to her still dripping cunt and slid the finger between the reddened lips. With her finger slick with her juices, she directed the digit to her totally exposed asshole. She rubbed around it, effectively lubing it with her sticky juices and pressed gently against her tempting hole.

After pushing back and forth a couple times, her middle finger broke past the barrier and into her ass. She worked her finger in and out of her ass, letting out a sultry moan. She licked her lips, obviously getting me harder for more fervent penetration… and it was working. She slid her ring finger into her ass, working them both around, passionately moaning. She started breathing harder as the two digits worked around inside of her, getting more into it.

Before she knew it, she was using both hands; one to poke around her ass and the other to rub up and down her dripping slit. I was pretty sure she had become lost in her own world; one of only sexual bliss and fantasy. I made the decision to bring her back to the real world, but only for a moment. I laid down beside her, cock in hand. I pushed her hand aside and lined my pounding shaft to the entrance of Courtney’s sultry ass. She looked over her back with a kinky smile spread across her face, yearning to be penetrated. She wiggled her ass, signaling she wanted it… bad. I pressed the head up against the tight hole and pushed forward.

As I pressed the head into her stretching asshole, she was aghast at how thick the invader was that penetrating into her tiny hole. It was so much thicker than the one that penetrated her ass at the beach. As I pushed deeper into her, her eyes only got wider and wider. Her ass took in my shaft in its entirety. The nine inches of raw flesh nestled deep in her ass, throbbing inside her. Courtney’s ass had quickly adapted to the shaft driven deep in it; in response, she began rocking back and forth along my meat, driving the stick in and out of her ass.

She took the initiative and got on her hands and knees, imitating doggy-style. She wiggled her ass in front of me, telling me to make my move. I knelt behind her and grabbed her hips. She lay her head down on the ground, grinning and awaiting what was coming. I guided my pole to her asshole and gently pushed in. My shaft slid effortlessly into her slick hole. I thrusted quickly into her. My balls slapped against her dripping slit, intensifying her sensations. She moaned as the thick shaft pressed deeper into her, filling her with more raw flesh than she thought she could ever handle.

Her hand reached up to her slit, where she began sliding her middle and ring finger into it. Instantly, her cries of joy turned to groans of lust as she endured the huge shaft that was sliding into her ass and the fingers that pushed their way into her raw cunt. Her petite body rocked back and forth from the powerful thrusting. She kept moaning, which in turn made me thrust faster in and out of her raw hole. This soon prompted me to pull out and watch her quiver in delight.

Courtney’s body shuddered as her two fingers pushed farther into her velvet slit. She groaned when she realized I wasn’t in her anymore. She pleaded for me to push back into her asshole and fuck it senseless. I explain, “Courtney, I was about to cum. I didn’t want to cum so quickly, so I pulled out.” She got off her hands and knees and sat down beside me before hesitantly replying, “Well, you know… you didn’t have to pull out. You could have done it right inside me; right inside my tight little ass. I would have let you. C’mon.” Courtney then got up and bent over my bed, pressing her chest against a pillow, making herself it more comfortable. She reached behind herself and grabbed both of her cheeks, pulling them apart. Her middle finger stretched out and pushed into her asshole. She was hoping I would replace her finger with my shaft, and her hope became reality when I stood behind her, cock in hand.

I guided my shaft to her ass and pushed in again. Courtney’s hands left her cheeks and gripped the bed covers, becoming overwhelmed in euphoric feeling and thought. My pulsing shaft bottomed out in her, ramming against the depths of her ass. She grunted as the nine inch flesh pole rammed deep inside her; possibly so loud that the neighbors would be woken up if they weren’t already. My bed rocked back and forth; nearly hitting the wall with every single thrust (my bed is six inches from the wall, mind you). You can only imagine how Courtney was holding up. She was practically drooling from how much her ass was being assaulted.

The raw flesh impaled into her compact, tightening asshole. Her cries echoed through the vacant house, filling my ears with erotic sighs and whimpers. Adding on to it, Courtney cried in climax, “Oh, fuck! Fuck! Right there! I’m fucking cummiiing!” She burst out in orgasm, crying like never before as I pumped away into her ass. Her orgasm forced her asshole to clamp down on my cock, pushing me over the edge.

As her asshole tightened on my shaft, I knew this was it. I threw her hips back to meet mine, my shaft swelling inside her. This caught Courtney off guard, only intensifying her orgasm, causing her to quake over the bed. My cock bulged and unleashed a spurt of cum inside her. She inhaled sharply as she felt the hot cum drip inside her. She had never felt so sexy before. Spurt after spurt, my giant load collected inside her ass. She steamily moaned as she experienced her ass filling up with my sticky white cum, loving every moment of it.

I collapsed on her and began kissing the back of her neck. She bit her lip in appreciation. My shaft eventually deflated and pulled out of Courtney’s raw ass. A stream of cum leaked out of her asshole and ran its way down her leg. I whispered into her ear, “We really must do this more often.” She giggled and nodded in agreement.

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