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Brittany was smokin hot! But she had never said a word to me.
Every year my wife and I host a huge July 4th get-together, inviting dozens of family and friends to a BBQ/Pool party in our spacious backyard. At night we set off some small fireworks. This last year my fireworks came early. Let me explain.

My daughter Emily had just graduated from high-school a few weeks before, and she had invited a number of her friends to celebrate the Fourth with us. I had always been a faithful husband, nevertheless, I was hoping to see Emily's friends prance around my backyard in their bikinis.

Especially Brittany, who was absolutely stunning. She was about 5'5" tall, probably weighed not more than 105 lbs, had shoulder length auburn hair with highlights, and a face that belonged on Teen Vogue. Her perky B-cups contrasted nicely with her perfectly slim midriff. Whenever Emily had her over, I would take every chance I could to eyeball her. Brittany almost always wore skinny, lowrider jeans, and Wow! she looked hot in them. She never paid me any attention, though.

The day of our party there were dozens of people swimming, talking, eating, playing ping-pong and all in all having fun. Alas, Brittany was nowhere to be seen. Oh well, I thought, Emily's other 18 year old friends were still pretty hot, especially in their two-piece swimsuits. On the positive side, without Brittany there, I could focus on being a good host.

"Sweetie," my wife addressed me, "we need more towels. There is a stack in the upstairs bathroom. Do you mind?"

"I'm on it!" I said, and went to get them. The upstairs bathroom door wasn't closed, so I walked on in. Pow! There was Brittany in a skimpy, pink string-bikini, with matching pink hoop earrings, struggling to put some sunblock on her back.

We locked eyes as we startled each other, both of us just standing there. "Uh, do you need some help?" I didn't wait for an answer. This girl was too HOT! standing right there in my bathroom in a skimpy two-piece. I just grabbed the sunblock, warmed it up in my hands and began rubbing it into the firm skin of her back.

"Uh. OK. I guess." Brittany said. She was kind of stiff at first, and I worried that she thought I was a creep. I was enjoying it though. I finally had my hands on this hottie and was loving every moment of it! I started at the top of her back and slowly, very slowly, worked lower. When I got to the string of her bikini-top, I thought about pulling the string and untying it, but decided against it. I didn't want to scare her off. So I just rubbed the sunblock under it.

I could see her face in the mirror, and her eyes were closed. I couldn't tell if she was enjoying my touch, though. When I got to her waist, I firmly worked the lotion on her back and sides. I got bolder and bolder, and practically was grasping her at the waist as my hands worked toward her hips. Man, she was hot! There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere on her. My dick was getting stiffer by the second; a bulge in my shorts was starting to show.

I took a chance and slipped a finger around her waist and into her belly button, fingering it for just a split-second. Brittany gasped, and her eyes opened and met mine in the mirror. Then her eyes looked down at the reflection of my bulge. She didn't say anything though. She just closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip (pink lipstick!), and rested her shoulders on the counter, and gently pushing her hips out. She was breathing heavier too. Now I new she was enjoying it! Maybe even getting off! I sure was, my dick was almost perfectly hard, tenting my swimshorts severely.

As I rubbed the lotion into her hips, my thumbs were on the exposed part of her butt. I paused here for a while, rubbing and rubbing. Brittany began to moan, just a little. The bathroom door was still ajar, so I quietly closed it with my foot. I hoped Brittany wouldn't say anything as I took one hand off her butt to lock it. She didn't. I locked it just in time too. Not two seconds later there was a knock.

"Sweetie? Are you in there?" It was my wife!

Brittany opened her eyes wide and looked at me in the mirror with a surprised expression. "Uh, yeah, I'm in here Baby." I replied. "I'm using it."

"Well, we really need those towels."

"Uh, OK, I'll hand them to you." Brittany, still wide eyed, changed her expression from surprise to a naughty smile.

I opened the door as little as possible and handed my wife the towels, the whole time keeping one hand rubbing on Brittany's perfect butt.

"Thanks Sweetie. Hurry up and rejoin the party. We're about to have a cannonball contest."

"I will Baby. I will." My wife left. Whew!

Brittany turned and looked at me with her naughty smile. Without saying a word she put her manicured hand on my stomach and lightly raked my abs with her pink fingernails, mere inches from my obvious boner. I looked at her with smoldering eyes and took her by the hand. "This way. Follow me."

I opened the door and peeked outside. The coast was clear. I led Brittany across the hall and into my daughter's room, where there was a full-sized bed covered in stuffed animals. I closed and locked the door. Brittany just looked at me with that same naughty smile. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She kissed me back, HARD! Mmmmm. She was so sweet. Her hair smelled of fresh apples. Brittany worked her tiny hand inside my swimsuit , grasping my throbbing cock, and she moaned in appreciation. So did I!

She slowly jerked me off as we kissed. I pulled the string on her top and removed it. Her tits were perfect. My hands were all over her perfect body as we made out. Then I pulled the string on her bottoms and tossed them on the floor. Brittany let out a muffled squeal as I did so. I made out with my daughter's gorgeous, naked, teenage friend while she jerked me off for about five minutes. Then I pushed her onto the bed, among the teddy bears and stuffed unicorns. I kissed her some more, then worked my way down her fit body, bit by bit. I licked and kissed her perky titties for a while. I gently smooched on her flat tummy, tonguing her bellybutton just a bit. Then I went for the main course.

Brittany's pussy was everything I thought it would be. Lightly haired, and bikini waxed. It smelled just like her hair, of fresh apples, and tasted sweeter than homemade apple pie. I used a thumb to rub her clit as I spread her legs and began to poke my tongue at her hole. Brittany was really moaning now, squirming her hips against my face.

Then someone tried to open the door. When they found it was locked, they tried again, harder. Both Brittany and I looked at the door with shock, though my thumb kept rubbing her clit.

"Who's in there? Is someone in there?"

It was my daughter! "I am. Your Dad." I replied.

"Why are you in there, Daddy? With the door locked?"

"I, uh, was feeling sleepy and wanted to take a nap."

"Why didn't you use your bed?" she asked suspiciously. Man, I sure hoped she didn't know I was eating out her friend's pussy on her bed!

"Because yours was closer, and I was really tired." I knew it was a lame excuse, but what would you say?

"Well, okay I guess." Great, she was buying it!" She paused for a second, then continued, "Hey Dad, have you seen my friend Brittany? She said was coming up here to get some lotion."

Brittany and I looked at each other with naughty eyes. "No Sweetie," I paused as I licked Brittany's hole quickly, "I haven't seen her at all," another lick, "I'm sure she's around somewhere," more licking.

"Yeah, somewhere. If you see her, tell her I'm looking for her. She's going to miss the fireworks."

Another lick, "I will." Then my daughter left. I looked at Brittany and we both smiled, almost laughing. I stood up and took my trunks off, Brittany's smile turned to awe when she saw my huge prick. I rubbed my cockhead at her hole and she closed her eyes. Then I climbed on top of her, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, and we kissed hard as I began to fuck her deep and slow.

"God, I hope there are no more interruptions!" I thought. Brittany's pussy was just like her bod, firm and tight. I moaned and she whimpered as we rolled around on my daughter's pink bedspread, making a mess of her stuffed animals. In and out, In and out, In and out; I made sure I gave it to her good! As I pounded away, I could hear the splashes of the cannonball contest outside.

After ten minutes Brittany said her first words to me, "Oh! Oh! I'm cumming!" I plowed through her minute long orgasm and then it was my turn. I went balls deep, grunted, and shot my white-hot seed into her. We lay there for a few minutes, stroking each others hair and body, then I said, "We better get back to the party. But not together, you go first."

I watched with a smile and stroked my softening dick as Brittany put her bikini back on, and tried to fix her hair. She smiled back at me as I watched. Before she left she gave me one last peck on the lips, then she scampered out. A minute later I looked out the window and saw Brittany run out of the house, yell "Cannonball!" and jump into the pool.

I heard my wife say to my daughter, "There she is, just in time for the fireworks. And she sure seems happy." They would never know it was because Brittany and I got our fireworks early that year!

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