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He approaches her and places his hand to her face and tenderly Kisses her warm soft red lips.
The tall slender woman takes a look at the neatly set table to make sure that every thing is in its right place. She moves the tall wineglass slightly to the left wanting to make sure that every thing is perfect.
She strikes the match against the box a small flame jumps to life. She looks at the glowing flame, and then lights the white candles that have been placed in the center of the table. She hears the sound of the heavy car pull in to the driveway. She knows her man is home. She once more quickly looks over her shoulder to make sure that everything is just right.
She stands there waiting for her man, to come in. he opens the door and the sight before him is a vision of beauty. Her tall slender body with her milky white perfect skin .The long black flowing hair. The lights from the candles have given her such a warm inviting glow. He approaches her and places his hand to her face and tenderly Kisses her warm soft red lips.
The sight of the woman that stands before him is so over whelming that he has the burning desire to make sweet passionate love to her, he takes her by the hand and leads her to the bed room.Where she has all ready set the mood. With the soft light and the, sound of the soft music playing. The big bed has been turned down. And made up with the red satin sheets. He leans the woman up against the bedroom wall. And stands before her. Leaning in to kiss her softly. She parts her soft lips waiting for his tender lips to meet hers.
She brings her hand up to his face and gently caresses his face with her fingertips running them over his slightly open mouth. She can feel the warmth of his breath on her fingers.
He greets her touch with the tip of his tongue wetting her fingers as she glides them over his tongue, placing two fingers on his neck she runs them very tenderly over his neck moving from one side to the other. He stands back away from her. Looking at her he slowly undresses her with his eyes.
He feels the passion build in him the burning desire building up in his manhood. Reaching up he slowly undoes the top button of her full-length dress and kisses her on her soft tender neck. He kisses down lower with every button that he undoes, slipping her dress of her shoulder letting it fall to the ground. She stand before him eagerly awaiting, his touch .he brings his large hand to her breast, touching lightly with his finger tips he follows the out line of her black lacey bra.
Allowing his hand to brush across her nipples. Her nipples react favorably and quickly hardens bringing his mouth to her neck he kisses her. Placing his tongue on her warm body. Licking and kissing over her shoulder and towards her chest, he feels her breathing change to a long drawn in breath letting it out with a soft moan. He removes her lacey bra. And continues to kiss his way across her breast reaching her now hard nipples he runs his tongue across her nipples with a circular movement.
He brings his massive hand to her firm breast and grasps it. Taking her nipple between his fore finger and thumb he applies a little pressure pinching her. He drops to his knees with his hands placed on her waist he kisses her stomach .she reaches down and runs her hands through his hair. Continuing over her thigh he slides his hands until they reach the top of her black lacey panties. Pulling them down as he kisses her.
Moving down lower on her legs. She steps out of her panties. He moans soft as he can smell the sweet scent of her body. He stands and taking her hands in his he leads her to the bed. He sits down on the edge of the bed pulling her in to him. So that he can kiss her belly. She raises her hands to her neck and touches soft, feeling her own warmth of her body. He sits back and watches as she touches her self, sliding her hands over her breast letting her fingers knead gently on her soft white breast.
Moving her hands lower down across her body reaching her neatly trimmed pussy. She opens her legs wider allowing her to be able to touch her warm pussy she closes her eyes lost in a trance as she moves her hands across her body. Swaying gently to the sound of the soft music that is playing softly in the background.

She opens her eyes and moves closer to her man. She takes his hands and pulls him up and undresses him. Kissing the side of his neck she whispers to him to sit back down.
Once again she moves in close to him seeing his hardness grow. Standing before him she lets her hands wonder down to her pussy.
Pushing her finger across her clit .she begins to sway now placing two fingers on to her clit she rubs up and down. Her clit hardens with each move she makes. Looking down at her man she sees him touching himself. His hands on his hard throbbing cock. Running his hand the full length of his shaft. Taking hold of it he run's his thumb across the head.
Feeling the precum. Rubbing his wetness over the head of his hard erect cock. She moves in close and leans over and kisses his sweet lips. Pushing her tongue deep inside his mouth exploring every part of it. Their tongues intertwine as they explore each other's mouths she takes hold of his tongue between her teeth and bites very softly and they begins to suck on it.
She pulls away from him and places soft hot passionate kisses over his body. Dropping to her knees she kisses across his chest and belly she begins to lick him, making her way down to his cock teasingly arousing his desire.
She licks around his cock being careful not to come in to contact with his hardness in anyway. Placing his hands on her shoulders, trying to guide her to his very hard cock. She licks the tip of his cock and places, her mouth gentle on him sucking on him taking every inch of him in to her mouth, while sucking on him she rolls her fleshy moveable tongue up and down him flipping the tip of his cock while sucking.
She pulls away a little and licks him down lower until she reaches his balls. Touching and grasping them in to her mouth she sucks firmly. Moving down lower under him so that she can lick just under his balls and suck him. She stands up and takes hold of his hands pulling up in front of her she turns him around so that is back is towards her.
She places her hands on his waist and lets them slide forward in a v like shape movement towards his hardness. While kissing his back softly she takes hold of his cock in her hand and gently touches him. Running her hand up and down his long shaft, he tilts is head back and lets out a soft moan.
He turns around and lifts her gently and takes her to the bed laying her down.
Coming up along side her he feels the heat from her body. He moves his hand over her smooth hot body. Once again feeling her neatly trimmed pussy. He parts her moist pussy lips and rubs her clit applying slight pressure.
She can feel the muscles in her body tighten as he touches her most inner parts, she puts her arm under him allowing her to place her thin delicate hand over his back. Touching him with light loving strokes caressing his back.
He leans over and reaches for the baby oil, straddling over her she watches him intensely as he slowly removes the lid. Placing it on the headboard he tilts the bottle so that the oil dribbles down on to her chest. The coolness of the oil makes her shudder.
The little bubble like droplets make there way towards her neck he quickly puts his hands on her to stop the oil from running off her. With small circular movements he caresses her chest, she closes her eyes and with her tender lips slightly open she lets out a small moan of pleasure.
He takes the oil again this time he holds it just above her allowing the oil to float its way down to her soft smooth naked body.
Making a small puddle on her warm body, he places the oil up on the headboard alongside the cap that he placed there only a few short moments ago. With his large hands he massages the oil in to her skin, gently, ever so gently, starting at her neck and moving towards her breast.
He cups his hand firmly around her well-rounded breast. Moving his thumb over her nipple. Her body quickly responds, her nipple growing hard.

She feels her breast ache she feels the burning desire growing deep inside her every nerve in her body reacting to his touch.
Running his hands over her warm silky body. A long her sides across her belly in a v shape movement. Allowing his hands to just brush past the top of her pubic hair, rubbing down her legs slow coming back up on the inside of her legs. His thumbs just touching her warm moist pussy.
Moving his hands in a circular movement, he slides his fingers so that they just touch her pussy. Her body responding to his touch. She lets out a light moan, she knows that it won't be long before he will be pleasing her.
He slips his finger in to her moving in and out of her, he then places two fingers in side of her wet hot pussy exploring every inch of her. Moving deeper in side her he finds her g spot and gently pushes on it. She lets out a soft moan the pleasure that she feels is over whelming. He continues to please her. She moves her body so that they move as one, she lets out a long moan as she has a orgasm, the juices flowing from her body.
He moves around so that he comes up between her legs slowly moving up on her. He slips his hard throbbing manhood inside of her pushing inch by inch inside of her. She places her arms around him. Her nails running down his back. They move together in a trance like movement.
He starts to push a little harder and deeper inside of her. He slips his hands down her legs lifting them higher up so that he can go deep inside her. She grabs hard at his back nails pushing hard in to his skin. Both of their bodies responding to each other's movements.
In one last push they both explode in to an orgasm their bodies shaking.
He rolls of and lies beside her. Lifting his arm so that she can cuddle up in to him. Her head resting on his shoulder. He lightly strokes her hair and she closes her eyes. They both sleep peacefully, until the new day is born.

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2009-03-01 14:26:40
the deion is good, but try to add a little story. Who are these people? Why are they gtogether? More story adds to the eroticism.


2005-01-06 23:24:51
not bad, but not in the tense it was written in. it becomes boring and almost tedious with the repitition of he and she and he and she and he and she. got the point?
but, a good imagination and if put into the proper perspective....... probably excellent


2004-11-26 08:42:10
Very romantic, a good story. Keep writing in present tense, I like your style.


2004-09-25 01:00:16
A good story but I am not comfortable when reading stories in the present tense. It bhappened. Its not happening now. Change the tense and I'd rate it higher.

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