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I had tried Gay sex several times. I seemed to have taken a liking to it. It was not the same as with a girl, but I enjoyed having other guys pay so much attention to my often neglected areas. I was starting to enjoy anal sex, and I particularly enjoyed having a tongue deep inside my asshole. However, what I loved most was having a fat cock in my mouth. I didnt like the long cocks, because I could not get them deep into my throat. I preferred gagging hard on fat cocks as they were shoved in my mouth.

I tried to meet guys online but they were always to picky (I was a bit on the chubby side). Bars did not quite work, because I wasn't great at talking to people. I decided to try the 'sauna' thing. I wasn't sure what they were but from what I understood, men had sex with each other in there.

I approached the sauna very carefully, taking a look around to make sure no one saw me go in. I paid the man at the front, and he gave a key and towel. "You have four hours" he told me. "Thank you", I said quickly, running off into the dimly lit locker area. I almost immediatly got an erection due to all the naked men milling about. I wanted to suck all their cocks, and have them bathe me in their warm cum. I quickly got undressed, and headed for the steam room.

Every once in a while, as I sat there, someone would gently pass by and squueze my balls. I had no idea what to do so I just leaned back, and enjoyed the strangers hands pleasuring me. I had a pretty big erection, but it didn't seem this was going anywhere so I headed to the other wooden suana area. There was a guy lying on the top bench jerking himself off. He was slim, early 30's, and had a nice long cock. "Need any help with that?, I suggested. "No thank you.", he said back to me. Oh well, I guess its time to give up. I had already been in the sauna for thirty mins, and it seemed this was all going nowhere. Just as I was about to give up, someone came and sat next to me. He must have been at least fifty. He was chubby, and had grey hair. He reached his hand up my leg, and rubbed my cock through the towel. This was GUY NUMBER 1:

"Do you like to suck?" he asked me in a broken french accent. Before I could even answer him, he was standing in front of me with his cock dangling in front of my face. Wow it was so wide!. I opened my lips, and slowly sucked up and down. "oooohhhh" he moaned. I reached down, and stroked my cock as well. This went on for about ten minutes. I could hear myself gagging hard on the guys warm cock. Then, im not sure why, he said 'thanks' and just left. I was kind of sad. I really wanted his load. Before I could get to worried GUY NUMBER 2 showed up.

By now I was not embarrased about my erection. I set the towel on side, and stroked my cock for everyone to see it. The man who walked in looked pretty similar to the first guy. He was also about fifty and had great hair. We didnt even say anything to each other. He took my hand, and made me stroke his cock, while he sucked hard on my cock. The sauna steam combined with his well skilled blow job, felt so good on my cock. He sucked me for a long time, but I think he was upset it took me so long to come. He left me stranded again, I really needed some cum. It wasnt going to bad. I had already recieved a blow job, and given one. I started thinking of heading home again but I still needed more. I headed for the jacuzzi right outside the sauna. The big screen TV right above the sauna was playing some sort of gay porn. It was really hot seeing that so up close to me on a gaint screen. I played with my erect cock underneath the water. After about twenty minutes, I decided to head back, and see if there were more cocks to tend to. When I got in, I saw the hottest thing ever. On the opposite side of the sauna were two young guys. On was seeing facing me, and had the other guys cock deep in his ass. I wasnt sure if I should leave but I really wanted to see all this..I jerked my cock as I watched them fuck some more. I had never seen any guys fucking so it really turned me on. The guy on top kept moaning, and would sometimes turn his head back to kiss the guy underneath. To my dissapointment, the fucking stopped, and the top guy headed out. He was decent looking. I caught a glimpse when he walked past me, to leave the sauna. He was skinny, had black hair, and a small moustache. I could barely see the guy in the corner. He was chubby like me, and had brownish hair. What caught my attention was his fat cock.

Guy # 3:

"You liked watching us?" he asked me. "yea it was kind off hot", I said, smiling at him. "Well my boyfreind couldn't take the fucking anymore, so he left for a bit", he said as he stroked his cock. I felt some pre-cum on mine, as I did the same thing. I got up and decided to sit next to him. "Ok but we have to be quick, so my boyfreind doesnt catch us". I got on my hands and knees, and shoved my mouth down on his cock. I could taste his boyfreinds ass on his cock, but that turned me on even more for some reason. I was sucking so hard on his cock, I didnt even notice NUMBER 4 and 5 show up to the sauna.

I only noticed them, when I felt a warm tongue lick deep inside my ass. His partner went to the other side of my body, and sucked my cock while I choked on the one I was working on. At this point I wasnt even paying attention to what anyone looked like, I just wanted to get fucked. I felt someone wiggle a finger deep into my ass. The steam from the sauna worked while to lubricate my asshole. One of the men sat down on the bench, and opened his legs to expose his balls and large cock. I sucked both cocks back and forth. I wished I could have sucked a third one, but I felt something else go deep in my. "OOOOHHH FUUCCCKK" I moaned with pleasure. HIs dick was so perfect in my ass. He fucked me nice and gently while I sucked the two cocks. They even managed to shove both their cocks into my mouth. I choked hard on their cocks, begging for more. He fucked me harder and faster, like I always wanted a guy to. I was sure he was hittng my g-spot because I had never felt anyhing so good in my life. THe cock in my ass felt so warm, and I was sure he was gonna cum soon. I was really sad because he took his cock out, and I thought he was done. No! he had other plans. He laid a towel on the floor, and told me to lie on my back. Of course it took me awhile, becuase I had to stop and suck on his cock to taste my ass. He raised my legs unto his shoulder, and slammed his cock into me. I jerked my cock at the time, and I knew it was going to be time to cum soon. But first I needed something, and I was gladly rewarded with what I wanted. I spat all over the cocks that kept going in and out of my mouth, until both guys shot all over my face, and chest. Here goes...! He fucked me harder, and harder making me shoot my own load all over my chest, and the sauna floor. He jammed his cock deep into my ass, and I could feel his warm cum deep in me.
I did not even notice the other two guys had left the sauna, and before I could even move, the guy who had his cock in me was gone. I sat on the bench, covered in three men's cum and still wondering why I wanted more cum so badly. I didnt even hear the guy who just showed up, when he suggested we go to my 'room'.

Guy # 6:

He followed me into my room, and told me to lie down. My ass was a bit sore from getting fucked so hard, so I was hoping he wouldn't try that. He was chinese, and I was sure he was going to have a tiny cock. I was overjoyed when I saw he had an at least 8 incher. He was tall and thin with a bit of facial hair. It turned out there was only one thing he wanted. He stood at the edge of the bed, and had me lie down so I was facing his hard cock. He shoved his cock deep inside my mouth, and fucked my face hard. WOW! this was so hot. He wanted my mouth so badly! I didnt move at all, I just opened my mouth, and let him fuck my eager mouth. He must have been a 'minute-man' because he was only fucking my face for a few minutes before his cum was shot all over my face and in my hair. We both said a quick 'bye', and he left. I needed more cock, and I was going to go find some. I walked back to the sauna, and sat there for a bit. It wasn't long before eager # 7 showed up.

We went back to my room, and he wanted to 69 with me. He sucked hard on cock. He wanted me to lick his balls. I thought that was a bit weird but the way he was sucking my cock made me do anything he wanted. I tenderly licked his balls back and forth. He was so turned on. He sucked me faster and harder. I could not take it anymore. All the action I had seen in the sauna today, and the fact that I could see myself in a 69 licking another mans balls, made me shoot all over his face. "Who is better, me or my boyfreind?" I was shocked. I had not even noticed who it was. He just smiled at me and said, "go on your hands and knees, my boyfreind wants you nice and ready"

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