While her son is away, Cindy gets more than she bargained for when she lets her son's best friend spend the night.
Cindy loved the feeling of the warm sun on her skin. The sun was streaming in thru the kitchen window and warming her naked body. She had been washing dishes when strong hands reached around her and began to massage her breasts. She stood up straight and leaned back a little, but couldn't feel his body behind her. But his hands kept massaging her sun-warmed breasts so she didn't care. Soon his fingers found her nipples and her back arched as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Her breathing deepened as he pulled and pinched her nipples just the way she liked it. She tried to reach back for him, but couldn't find him.

"Ooohhh," she moaned as his hands grew more eager. He continued to massage, and pinch, and pull, and caress her. "Mmmmm," she purred as she felt him begin sucking on one of her nipples. Hungry, urgent, and forceful was how his mouth felt on her breast. Soon she felt one of his hands leave her breast and touch her pussy.

"Yessss," she moaned out loud and she felt his fingers probing her pussy. When one of his fingers slipped inside her, "Ooohhh yesss!" she couldn't believe how good it felt. It had been so long since she'd felt like this. He slipped another finger inside her and again her back arched as tingling feelings shot throughout her body. As the fingers fumbled around inside her she began go moan out loud again. She tried to push back against him in an attempt to rub her ass against his dick, but couldn't quite find it. Again and again he pushed his fingers up inside of her as she began to rock her hips in time with them. His other hand was massaging her breast, occasionally stopping only to pinch, pull and twist her nipple. Finally she couldn't take any more foreplay.

"I want you inside of me." She told him. As he continued to pinch her nipple he pushed a third finger into her. " Please, I need you inside me now!" She pleaded! Slowly he pulled his fingers out of her and she felt something larger press itself between her lips and begin to push into her waiting pussy. She felt her body begin to respond by rocking her hips forward to meet his. With his dick only half way into pussy she felt her orgasm begin. Her last thought as the first wave of passion crashed thru her body was, "How did he get in front of me?"

When her eyes opened she found herself in complete darkness, lying on a bed and she was almost completely naked. A man was between her wide-spread legs fucking her and she was in the middle of a powerful orgasm. Fear and passion confused her mind as she tried to think of where she was, who this man was and why were they having sex. She wanted to crying out, but every time she opened her mouth her moans of pleasure grew louder. She did not want him to think she was enjoying this, but she knew that it was too late for that. It was only obvious that she was enjoying it as her body responded to his. As she lay there her body betrayed her as it shook and convulsed with passion. Maybe she had gone out and met this guy somewhere. As he continued to pound his dick into her, her body began to shake as another orgasm began to took over her body. She had known this intoxicating combination of fear and passion before, but had hoped she had moved beyond that part of her life. Her body was telling her otherwise.

Flash-backs of her ex-husband coming home drunk entered her mind. No matter how mad she'd be with him, he always knew how to make her body react when he wanted sex. And no matter how much she hated him for it sometimes her body loved every minute of it. She was a very sexual creature and she had always known it, even before her ex-husband. But she hadn't gone out last night. So either this had man broken into her house and began taking advantage of her while she slept, or she let him in for some reason and..

Her sudden realization did little to calm her fear, as the orgasm rolled thru her. She couldn't help herself as she grabbed his shoulders, wrapped her legs around his ass and began to thrust upwards to meet his thrusts. His stamina seemed endless as he thrust himself into her again and again. There was no finesse, no style, only raw sex. He was not acting as if he were trying to be brutal, or hurt her, only that he wanted her, invited or not. She realized at this point she couldn't stopped him, and even if she could she wasn't sure that her body would let her. This was not the first time her body had betrayed her as she found herself locked in the grip of fear and passion. She hated herself for that weakness, but could never bring herself to try and change it. And as much as she hated to admit it, many of her most powerful sexual experiences had involved a mixture of fear and passion. Suddenly she felt him adjust his position slightly and lower his head towards her. At first she was afraid he was going to try and kiss her, but then she felt his lips brushing over one of her breasts. In a moment he found her nipple and she was hit by yet another power orgasm. Again and again she thrust her hips up to meet his. She could feel his breath on her breast as he held her nipple between his teeth. He was beginning to breath heavier, deeper as he continued to match her hips thrust for thrust.

Suddenly he released her nipple, raised up and arched his back. His whole body began to shake as his thrusts slowed, but became more urgent. He slammed his dick into her now with deliberate strokes as he groaned out his pleasure. Again and again he thrust himself against her, and she felt her own passion rise up the meet his. One more time she felt her body begin to convulse as her own need overcame any fears she felt at the moment. She needed to come again and she would have it regardless of the consequences. As her orgasm hit her she abandoned any hope of dignity and thrust up against him as hard as he was thrusting down into her. She cried out in shameless passion, gasping for air as her body convulsed and heaved with pleasure. Again and again she thrust her hips upward into him as her orgasm rolled over her in a series of waves.

Her breath was coming in short gasps by the time she realized that he had stopped moving, but was pressed against her pelvis as she continued to thrust against his. With his groin pressed down against hers Cindy began to roll her hips to press her clit up against him as hard as she could. She felt him begin to roll his hips too, slowly at first but soon he was in time with her. She pressed against him even harder now as she felt her orgasm approaching. She was exhausted, both from this encounter and the earlier one she had suddenly remembered as soon as she realized who this was. She was rocking her pelvis against him with all her might to reach climax before her body gave out completely. Suddenly she felt his soft dick start slipping out of her. As she continued to rub her hips up against him his dick slipped completely out of her pussy, slid down between her ass cheeks, and begin rubbing over her sensitive ass hole. A jolt a electric passion shot thru her body as this new sensation hit her brain.

Her orgasm was almost upon her when her brain suddenly got hit to by to new sensations at once, and a terrifying realization. The man above her had suddenly began to grind down against her as urgently as she was grinding up against him. And his now semi-hard dick was pressing directly against her sensitive ass hole, and it was getting harder! As the memory of her last experience with anal sex hit her the mixture of passion and fear sent her over the edge. As wave after wave a pleasure raced through her she felt the dick at the entrance to her ass growing, and pressing harder against it. Her mind suddenly flashed-back to another time..

..They had just switched positions for the third time. She was now on her stomach, with her breasts pressed hard against the mattress and her face buried in the pillow to muffle her cries of passion. Her legs were bent with knees were spread wide, pointing towards the edges of the bed, and her ass was low and arching upwards as he pounded his dick into her from behind. Her breath was coming in short, loud gasps of pleasure as she felt yet another orgasm approaching. Her lover had slowed his pace for moment, as he often did, only to speedup without warning. She loved the sudden change of pace as it kept her guessing what he would do next. As it sometimes happened, when he was starting to tire, his dick pulled completely out of her for a second before slamming back into her eager pussy. Her orgasm was almost upon her when he slowed down again. Just as the first wave of pleasure begin to hit her she felt him shift backwards and his dick left her pussy for a second. She felt him shift his weight forward again to slam himself back into her waiting pussy. Suddenly a blinding pain shot thru her body as his dick entered her ass hole by mistake and slammed all the way into her. She screamed and bucked and tried to push him off of her as the pain lanced thru her body with each new stroke. Again and again he pounded into her as she desperately tried everything she could think of the stop the painful assault on her poor ass. But he held onto her hips with strong hands, pinning her to the mattress and denying her any hope of escape. All she could do was scream into the pillow, crying, and pray that it ended soon..

As her body began to come down from this last orgasm she felt the head of his hard dick press against her sensitive ass hole. Desperately mustering the last of her strength she pushed against him and scooted her ass further up the mattress and out from under his hard dick. "Dennis stop! Just stop, please!" she pleaded as she continued to try and scoot herself completely out from under him.

The young man immediately threw himself off of her and completely off of the bed. She heard the quiver in his voice as he tentatively said, "Mrs. Johnson, I'm so sorry, are you OK, I didn't mean, I mean I didn't know," as his voice trailing off in obvious fear. Cindy collected herself as she tried to shake the various emotions racing through her.

Finally, "I'm OK Dennis," she lied, "I just thought, well never mind that." When she didn't hear him move she realized he probably had no idea what he had done wrong and was likely just as frightened as she was. When she finally trusted her legs she slid to the side of the bed and stood up. She could now make out his outline in the darkened room and slowly approached him. When she reached him she put her hands on his upper arms and felt him trembling slightly. She gently pulled him to her and put her arms around him. "It's OK Dennis, really I'm fine." she said.

As she held his body to hers she realized that he was completely naked, and still very excited. She ignored the hard, warm dick pressed up against her stomach tried to focus on helping him calm down. The events of the previous night glided thru her mind. Earlier this very night she had seduced this handsome young man in a fit of desperate need. After a serious bout of loving making (he had come twice and she couldn't remember how many time she had come) she had left him in the downstairs den. Now they were standing in her bedroom, with their naked bodies pressed against each other, after another serious sexual encounter. She wasn't sure what had caused him to come upstairs and initiate this session, but she wasn't angry with him so much as she was just taken by surprise. But she needed some serious sleep.

Reaching down she touched his hard-on with her fingers and said, "Tomorrow, I promise I'll do what ever you like to take care of this. But I really need to get some sleep tonight. Is that OK, Dennis?"

"Yes ma'am," he answered sounding a bit out of sorts himself, "I understand." She was pretty sure he didn't, but he sounded so sweet and sincere that she couldn't be upset with her son's best friend. Despite the scare he had given her, he had also given her more sexual satisfaction this night then she experienced in a long time.

Kissing him on the cheek she said, "Good night Dennis." And as he turned to go she let one hand trail of his arm and down his back to brush lightly over his firm, young ass. She decided that she definitely wanted to touch that again.

"Good night Mrs. Johnson," he replied as he made his way from her room. Yes, she definitely wanted to have to have some more of that.

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