Love and loss go hand in hand
What Could Have Been

by onehandedtypist

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You never know what it feels like to love and lose until you lose it all.
Bound in red velvet
Draw me into your warm center
I long to touch everywhere
You pull me closer
And our lips meet
Time never stood still like it did that moment
Two souls intertwined
Wrapped in each other
Sprawled out they yearn and crave intimacy
An unknown sensation
Words don't describe the equal bouts of excitement and nervousness
A tireless ache disturbs my sense of the world
You assure me it is for the best
We kiss gingerly
Neglect the emptiness inside
And harbor something within arms reach of love
I hear you sigh
My breath catches suddenly
The tension builds between us
And proves to be too much
I overflow
We melt together
A burdened obedience
Triggered by our struggle
To keep us above ground

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2011-07-03 14:57:41
A special vote for you "sweetheart".

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