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Sheila kept her secret for many years until a stranger changed everything
I was on my first vacation in over ten years and had decided to drive from Illinois to California to visit family. I was coming through the small town of Harrah, Oklahoma when my car decided to break down. I was sitting in a diner across from the repair shop eating my dinner trying to figure out where I was going to stay when I noticed a very attractive asian woman sitting in the booth next to me. Using this as an excuse to strike up some conversation, I asked if she knew of any good places in the area close by that I could find accomodations for cheap since the auto repairs were taking away from my budget. She mentioned a couple of hotels but after subtracting the repair bill from the budget I was only able to afford about $50 a night and that was no where near enough for any decent hotel on short notice. We sat and chatted for a few minutes introducing ourselves to each other, she said her name was Sheila Ducusin said that she had two daughters that also lived with her, Asley Ducusin who was 13 and Jersey who was 11. During the conversation she mentioned that she had a room above her garage that she could rent to me for the weekend but it was mostly used for storage and wasnt really liveable at the moment. We set up an agreement that I would pay her $50 and clean the place up for payment to stay there until my car was fixed. We ended up talking for a couple of hours after we both finished our meal when she said that she needed to get home. I followed her out to her car and got in with her and she drove us to her home. On the way there she said that she was needing to get home to let her dog out. When Sheila opened the door she was met by a very happy and excited yellow lab named Boomer. She told me that he was he was overly excited because we spent more time at the diner and he was late for his exercise. After letting him out into her fenced in back yard she started to fix boomer some food and noticed a note on the counter that said that Asley and Jersy had gone to their cousins house and would be back in the morning. Sheila showed me to the room above the garage and let me settle in while she took Boomer for his exercise. After getting everything situated and relaxing for a few minutes on the bed in the middle of room lined with storage boxes I started to get a little thirsty so I went back into the main part of the house to get a glass of water when I heard some noises in the far end of the house. Since the house was pretty much dark and the door to the back yard was still open I thought maybe someone had come in to rob the place. I crept down the hall to the last bedroom where the noise was coming from I could tell it was that it was a person grunting. Still thinking there were robbers in my new friends home I walked into the room to catch them in the act when to my surprise I see this gorgeous Asian woman that just a few hours earlier I had met and never thought in a million years I would get to see her naked was spread out on her bed with nothing on her legs hanging over the end of the bed, her tits pointed to the heavens and Boomer licking furiously at her pussy. "HOLY SHIT" was all that I could say. Sheila must have been in the middle of an orgasm because it seemed very difficult for her to raise up and push Boomer away from her crotch and pull the bed sheets over her to cover up. I was frozen, I wasn't sure what to do. I was transfixed, not really staring at her anymore but replaying what I had just seen in my head. It was her pushing me back out of the door and slamming it shut that finally brought me back to reality. I just stood at the door until a few minutes later it opened again. There was Sheila in her robe with Boomer sitting behinde her on the floor. "What, havent seen enough" she snapped. I told her that I was extremely turned on by what she was doing at that I wanted to see him fuck her. She said that she had never done that before and was scared to try it. I told her that I would help her if she wanted. We went into the kitchen and sat at the table to discuss it. She finally decided that I could help her. She closed all of the curtains on the windows in the living room so no one would see what was about to happen to her. I had her kneel over the couch and call Boomer over to her. He instantly started to lick her pussy and ass making her start to moan. I didn't really have to do anything to help because Boomer knew exactly what to do. He jumped up on her and mounted her like he had been waiting to fuck that gorgeous Asian pussy for years. She let out a loud scream when his dick penetrated her. He started humping her like he was a jackhammer. All Sheila could do was grab the couch cushions and hold on for the ride. She sounded like she was on a roller coaster with the way she was screaming and moaning. I thought that few of her screams would alert the neighbors but no one ever came knocking at the door. When I finally looked down between her legs to see the dogs dick pumping in and out of her I noticed why she was screaming. His knot was still trying to push into her pussy and was only getting about half way in. This is when I knew I needed to help. I started pushing on Boomers butt to help get the knot all the way in. It only took a few seconds and the knot finally popped into her pussy with a scream that someone outside had to have definitely heard. A few more minutes had passed when Boomer started to slow down and Sheila was able to catch her breath enough to tell me that his dick had entered her cervix and was still in there and that he was stuck inside her. I sat down on the couch next to her while she waited for Boomers swelling to gown enough for her to be free of him. She told me that was the best sex she had ever had and was asking me if there was anything she could do to repay me for helping her experience that. Just as She asked me that both of her daughters walked into the living room and saw their mother bent over the couch with their dog laying on her back with his dick still in her and a strange man sitting next to them. we both looked up and noticed them at the same time. Sheila tried to hide under Boomer from the embarassment but was unsuccessful. Asley, her oldest daughter could only mutter the words "what the hell" and Jersy just covered her eyes. I took control of the situationa and escorted teh girls to their rooms. I could not help but notice how much these two girls looked like there mother. They were all extremely gorgeous and I had a rock hard dick from watching Sheila getting frucked by Boomer. After returning to Sheila on the couch and Boomer had finally released her from his rod I told her I knew how she could repay me for helping her. She would have to get one of her daughters to do the same thing that she had just done and it was her choice of which daughter. Just as she opened her mouth to speak I was expecting her to say "go to hell you bastard, those are my daughters" she called out "Asley, come here we need to talk"...........(to be continued)

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Craeetd the greatest articles, you have.

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Good story BUT please break it up into paragraphs!

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