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   I am basically madly in love with him. Just him, not anybody else. It has been like this ever since the midst of eighth grade, when we all were experiencing puberty, and my real feelings developed for him. That was the year my petite A breasts bloomed into a C size, hitting D in the summer, and became a DD by the end of my freshman year. I wasn't fat or anything, I was actually one of those girls who look like their growth spurt was a late delivery. For me, it was. I am 5 foot 6 inches, 120 pounds, dark brown hair, lightly tanned skin, and emerald-hazel eyes which I block off with my "signature" red framed dark sun glasses. I guess I'm pretty attractive, except if you met my twin sister Serena. She's the same height as me, has petite B breasts ever since the fifth grade. Even if B was big then, she's never stuffed her bra, but boy, does her breasts make the guys look! I always wear hoodies, trying to conceal mine, but they just clarify the shape of them: round, even, and big. Why exactly did I have to get mine bigger? At least I'm not the only over blossomed child at my high school. 

   But Serena gets the guys! Seduces them at school dances, which leads to them getting drunk and fucking their brains out in the janitor's closet. I know because at our Halloween dance, one of the guys went up to me, drunk, squeezed my tits and said "Hey, Serena's are real!" Of course I slapped him and told him that I was Natalie and he walked away, drunk and discouraged, but found Serena five minutes later and they had oral behind the stage curtain, which was very dimly lit and rarely accessed, and soon had sex in the janitor's closet. Nobody hear them from the over powering music, but I heard the low grunts and moans and "Aww, you sweet bitch. Ooh, I'm going to cum. Oh yeah" from the closet. I don't know when she lost her virginity, but I know it was from Erik, the guy who I madly love. At least they broke up, so maybe something could happen...

   Early in the morning Serena and I wake up, get dressed, go down stairs, eat breakfast, and meet Erik outside.
"Hey Natalie, and erm, Serena... How are you guys?" Erik gives me a big hug as soon as we start walking the short 2 blocks to our school. 
"Good." I attempt to give him a sly kiss on the cheek, but he moves away.
"Hey babe." Serena says and plants a strong kiss on his mouth, and strokes his slowly bulging cock.
"Stop that. I don't want to jack off in the men's restroom and it'll stain my pants if I do." He whispers harshly, not trying to be loud. "We are not together any more Serena!" He continues. I blush furiously at his cock, which gets less hard and finally goes down.
"Fine. I guess I better get to school if you don't want this. You don't deserve me any way."
"Oh but every other Junior and Senior does?"
"Ugh!" She storms off.
"Sorry you saw that Nat."
"It's okay. Natural for the human body, eh?" I joke.
"Yeah, I guess. Hey, can ask you something?"
"Sure. What?"
"Will you out with me?"
"WHAT?! Serena will kill me if I did!"
"She'll flip, but I really think y-y-you're just plain beautiful. Inside and out. I know you haven't had a boyfriend, never been kissed, and you're a virgin. You're pure in every way and I love that about you."
"Really?" I blush.
"Of course."
"Then yes."
 "Thanks." He hugs me so tight that my breasts are about to jump out of my bra, then shirt, then hoodie, and give him a black eye from all the pressure from the hug. I stare deeply in his eyes and he presses his soft lips on mine. His warmth crawls into my mouth and I bit his lip.
"Ow, not so rough." He laughs.
"Sorry, but now I've been kissed."
"Haha." He laughs. We walk to school, holding hands, just happy.
   After school, we go to my place, Mom at work, Serena probably fucking some guy upstairs. Erik and I move to the couch, and we start making out. Groans and moans can be heard from upstairs, and it makes me so damn horny. After 20 minutes, he has to leave, and I go up to my mom's room. I get a dildo from her closet and go to the attic, which was converted to my own room. I close the trap door and lock it. I broke my hymen due to horse back riding when I was 12, so I use this event to sneak my mom's sex toy to my enjoyment. I I take out my tampon, and push my finger in. I place the medium sized faux purple dick in my wet entrance and I slowly push in. My mom has many other dildos and vibrators, so she won't mind if this one is gone. My mother bought these when our father and her divorced, so she could pleasure herself. I soon come to a climax after twenty minutes of pushing the cock in and out, and I lie lifeless on my bed. I suck the dildo of my juiced and put it in my drawer. Maybe Erik could do that for me...

   I do that for weeks. Erik and I make out, and when he leaves, I use the dildo and go to sleep after eating a small dinner. But Erik now has been taking my shirt off. He rubs my tits and sucks on them after removing my bra. We do this for a while and I feel his hard cock against my throbbing cunt.
"I need you in me. Oh, please I need you in me. My pussy is throbbing for your hard member in me. I want you NOW!" I groan.
"Maybe later. I just want you to enjoy sexual pleasure with your virginity. You'll feel good about it later." He resumes sucking.
"Ugh, Ooh, fine." We groan and after a half hour he leaves. 
"Love you." They words creep from my mouth before he leaves."
"I love you too." He smiles and leaves. Instead of masturbating, I just go to sleep, happy.

   We continue doing this, and we have started oral. His hard cock bulges and is standing fully erect in his jeans. I pull them off, and only his boxers cover his throbbing dick. I slip them off and his cock is about seven inches. My first prick, and boy, is it huge! I slowly take the head after I jerk him off a bit, but he doesn't care. He's in pure sexual ecstasy.
Of course this goes on for about a few days while Serena is with her new fuck buddy, Warren, one of Erik's friends.

   "Hey, um Natalie?" Erik asks after I do another blow job on him.
   "Yeah babe." I grin deviously.
   "Well has anybody ever touched you here?" He stuck his finger in my throbbing cunt.
   "Wait Erik! Ugh, could go slow? Eee!" I squeal.
   "Or do this?" He took a big drink of his beer that was on the table. He lubricates his cock and rubbed the head of his dick against my entrance. I shake violently from his tease and an orgasm coming. Oh shit, I thought, my first orgasm by Erik. 
"N-n-no! S-stop!" I yell, but his cock pushes in. I feel like a ripped rag doll. Ripped open, stuffed and filled up with "cotton", then sealed with thread, then ripped apart again. 
   "Ugh, your tight, ooh, virgin pussy. Ooh!" He pushes in and out over again and again, taking long strokes, going fast, and going slow and savoring each stroke. Even though my hymen broke when doing Equestrian Camp at age 12, the saddle broke it, still, Erik's cock is tearing me apart. But after a while, I'm feel sexually ecstasy. I don't want to enjoy it, but I like it.
   "Stop it bitch. You are MINE." He locks eyes with me and slurs through his teeth.
   "Calm your balls, like, seriously." I wish I didn't say that because as soon as I did he slapped me and flipped me over so I was on my stomach and he started spanking my ass really hard.
   "Cum for me bitch!" He continued to spank me and after a few minutes the orgasm I tried holding in and keeping composure with released.
   "Good… Mhmm!" He starts to lick my throbbing cunt juice and jizz squirts on my face. He stops eating me out and returns fucking me.
   "MHMM! SO GOOD!" He releases his load deep inside me.
   "Ow stop." I murmur weakly.
   "No. Suck me dry bitch. You dirty little slave." He slurs. He immediately sticks his nearly deflated dick in my mouth. I swallow all the excess cum and his dick gets hard again. After ten minutes of me slurping on his dick, his releases a load in my mouth. Before he does, he makes me deep throat and I gag, but surprisingly none of it spills. 
   "Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!" He says the last one in concern. 
   "What?" I ask quietly.
   "You're a virgin right?"
   "Let's clean you up." He takes me to the down stairs hall bathroom and looks at me.
   "What?" I ask.
   "Pee to clean your insides then we'll jump in the shower." I do as he says and some sperm and pee, with a little blood comes out. He starts the shower and goes in. I reluctantly go in. He cleans my hair and washes my body. He gently washes around my scared cunt and wipes it very softly. He then instructs my to suck his cock.
   "HELL NO!" I yell and he slaps my ass.
   "Do as I say. From now on, you are my bitch, and I'm trying to be gentle with you, and any unneeded sass will get you punishment. Now suck." I do as I am told and suck his incoming load.
   "Good. Now dry me." I dry him when we step out and dry myself. I dress him and dress myself. Before he leaves, he gives me a long kiss.
   "See you later." He says. As soon as he leaves, Serena walks in. 


To be continued...

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2011-06-10 17:07:27
great story
please cotinue

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No just no, it started off good but then it just turned into another weak rape story


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First story. Enjoy 

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