Who said Jesus would come back as a human?
Suzy has a problem. Even while sitting in Evening Mass, an activity that normally brings her peace, her mind wanders. Her poor puppy is lying sick at the veterinarian. And all she can think about is his upcoming gastroplexy. He should be having the surgery right now, but she knows that the Lord would want her here to pray for his wellbeing.

As the father concludes he service, she bows her head in earnest. She clears her mind in order to better glorify God without distraction. She focuses on the spring breeze ruffling her dress through the nearby window until all her cares seem to float away.

Then quietly she recites to herself, "Our Father who art in heaven. It's your daughter Suzy. Please look after Sparky. He is the only companion I have in these dark times. Please see to his surgery and bring him home safely. Amen."

Less stressed, but still burdened, she files out with the other parishioners. She walks out into the blinding sun pulling her hat low over her eyes. She makes small talk with her fellow churchgoers, but is unable to focus. The calm that followed her prayer is rapidly flowing out of her mind. She says her goodbyes and wanders off alone to the parking lot.

The friendly chirp of her car alarm precedes her. The unlocked doors beckon her to drive off to check on Sparky. Her mind becomes focused intently on driving to the vet's office. She hops in and slams her keys into the ignition, but the slam of her rear car door startles her. Alarmed, she turns to see a huge malamute releasing the door handle it holds in its jaws.

She recoils in terror from the unannounced intrusion. She tries to squeeze her frame between the steering column and the locked door. Her mind races unable to connect two thoughts much less think to pull the door handle and escape. The furry dog shifts uncomfortably in the back seat. His bulk barely fits in the space. But it turns its snout to the frightened woman and opens its maw wide as if to bark.

Then Suzy heard a deep voice echoing in the car. "Do not be afraid my child. I mean you no harm."

"Who said that?"

"It is I. The one you see before you."

Suzy stares open-mouthed at the mutt. Even though she knows it is impossible she can see his mouth moving in time with the words. His lips forming syllables no dog should be capable of. And she becomes even more terrified. Her voice trembles as she asks.

"Who are you?"

"I am Jesus of Nazareth come to answer your prayers."

With just the mention of His name she can feel her body relax. A cooling calm suffuses her soul as she stares into the big brown eyes of the talking dog. But she is still wary.

"How can I trust you? I was just on the way to. . . "

"The veterinarian?"

Suzy gasps in astonishment. There is no way a dog, even if it can talk, would know where she was planning to go.

"Yes, I know you were heading off to see your poor sick puppy. But Sparky will be fine. I came to you to give you my blessing. Since your prayer involved your dog I came in a form that would be pleasing to you. Unfortunately, even Gods must obey many of the laws of physics and my size could not change, merely my shape."

Suzy nods slowly listening to the smooth voice of Jesus. The steady wave of peacefulness has completely eased her fright.

"But I cannot give you my blessing here. We should retire to your home at once. Unless you want the rest of your flock to see you talking to a strange dog."

"But they must see. This is the second coming they have to know."

"It is not yet that time my child. And if you try to call them to me I will be forced to remain silent. Faith can only be achieved through the occasional miracle or blessing or grilled cheese appearance. A wholesale showing before the appointed time could prove disastrous."

The eager Catholic deflated. She was hoping to share Jesus with the world. But she immediately perks back up. He chose her for His blessing and now she just has to return home to receive it. She cranks the car's engine and races out of the lot setting new speed records on the way to her house.

She leads the large dog into her abode. He runs about sniffing the unfamiliar area much like a normal pooch. Suzy has a brief flutter of doubt in her own sanity as she watches the dog with his tail held high stalk around her possessions. But her fears disappear when he returns to sit before her.

"If you will take me to your bedroom we can begin the ritual."

"Ritual? What are you talking about?"

"You must prove your Faith to receive my blessing. And much like a baptism or your first communion certain procedures must be met."

"Okay," she replies shakily unsure of what's to come. But she leads the malamute to the back of her small house.

"Please open the shades of your window my child." Once she does as asked, he peers out of the open window. The trees surrounding the property provide excellent privacy. And the dog nods his head in appreciation.

"Good, those trees should hopefully make your next task easier. I'm afraid I must ask you to disrobe. I will ensure no one sees your naked body, but you must bathe in the light of the sun."

Suzy is taken aback by the bold suggestion. But a small part of her mind sends a small thrill down her spine at the prospect. Trusting in her faith, she places the hat on her nearby dresser. She pulls the straps of her dress off her shoulders and slides it down over her frame. Carefully, she places it back on its hanger before unclasping her bra. Her mounds spill out of their enclosure as it loosens and falls to the floor.

Last but not least, she hooks her thumbs into her panties and slides them down and off of her ass. She lets gravity drag them to the ground before picking them up with her toes and throwing them into the hamper. Finally nude, she shivers with a slight chill and excitement. She waits for her further instruction as the sun's warmth drives off the chill.

"Now you must lie down on your bed. But you must hang your head off the foot of the bed upside-down."

She quickly complies and once her head is hanging off into space she asks, "Like this?"

Her vision settles on the new upturned version of her bedroom. The talking dog stares into her avid eyes, but the new position provides a fresh perspective on things. Her eyes are now level with his chest and they unconsciously track along his black and white fur to find a long red protuberance. Suzy gasps in surprise. She has often seen her little terrier's red rocket, but it can't hold a candle to this massive missile. She imagines that it must be a least as long and thick as a human male, but she has no reference to gauge it with.

"Now I must ask you to take of my flesh and my blood. But you mustn't bite my offering. Do you accept my offering and my blessing unto you?"

"Yes, my Lord."

The dog comes forward approaching the prone woman. He licks her forehead gently. His tongue lifts up to her lips and softly kisses her. Than he lifts his paws onto the bed pulling his upper body above her. She becomes temporarily fearful as the shaking cock inches towards her face, but the fear drains from her as his tongue licks over her erect areola.

Her flesh quivers from the moment his tongue graces her tits. He supplies slow careful tastes of her pert hills. His long tongue caresses her tender breasts with long loving licks. The rough texture swirls around their bases forming a slow infinity sign to encapsulate their beauty. The circuit gradually tightens around each individual breast as his warm muscle rises along her peaks.

Her moans continually spill out into the room as he proceeds at an achingly slow pace up his generated tit trail. The shear bliss of his coarse tongue pulling at her breasts nearly makes her eyes squeeze shut. But the long red pole wiggling before her eyes is just as entrancing. And with every careful lick her fear of the massive organ morphs into anticipation.

She admits to herself what she was afraid to earlier. That Jesus's offering of his flesh was most assuredly his penis. And instead of fearing the coming intrusion she licks her lips in preparation for it. But then his tongue reaches the tips of her mountains and the resulting electric shock of lust makes her eyes cross. For a moment she thinks she sees two giant rods bouncing for her attention which only boosts the passion filling her loins when Jesus licks her other nipple.

His textured tongue grips the ice-hard bud and pulls it into his wet mouth. Her flesh receives a gentle nip of his teeth before springing back to her body. She cries out with every prick and tangles her hands in his fluffy coat. She plays with the soft fur digging deep to reach his warm body as he continually alternates from one jutting peak to the other.

Just when Suzy feels like she's going to explode, the almighty malamute starts a tongue trail down the center of her chest. The momentary abatement allows her to focus once more on the red tip slowly inching towards her gaping mouth. She extends her tongue desperate for her first taste of His heavenly organ.

She is so intent on the advancing flesh that she doesn't even keep track of the lingering tongue. Until it wraps around her clit pushing deep into her already dripping cunt. The not-unwelcome surprise of his penetrating muscle forces her mouth open wide in a gasp of pleasure. Jesus takes that opportunity to hunch his haunches hard impaling the young woman on his hardness. She chokes on the sudden meat injection sending pleasing ripples through his cock. And even as her mouth fights the intrusion, her hands pull him harder against her face.

Her tight snatch undulates around his thick tongue sucking it deeper into her warm body. But he retreats from both holes to allow Suzy to catch her breath. Even before her breath rate calms down she is pulling on his legs silently begging him to return to her cavity. Always obliging, Jesus thrusts his cock into her stretched throat until his balls settle over her nose. Her throat fights and constricts around his erection tantalizing him, but somehow she manages to get air into her lungs beyond the obstruction.

He leaves his member buried in her orifice and returns to licking her cunt. Her rippling esophagus provides plenty of stimulation for now. He renews his assault in the same slow careful manner with which he claimed her breasts. With his paws completely beneath Suzy's head, he can stretch his body far enough to tilt his head down and see her flower splayed out before him.

Even after the lightning strike penetration, her labial folds are closed tightly. He can see and smell the secretions seeping into her ass crack, but her cunt remains obstinately tight as only a virgin honey pot can. A shiver of lust courses through the mighty beast and he dips his muzzle low to her sex.

Not wanting to prematurely spoil the occasion, he starts by licking her thighs. His tongue moves even slower than when it assessed her tits. Its movement is so deliberate she can feel each individual taste bud as they roll over her flesh. Her moans reach a fever pitch boosting the vibrations surging through his loins, but he's just getting started.

He continues his slow careful laps along her legs. Inch by inch his efforts move them farther apart on the bed. Suzy, unable to resist his charms, pulls her legs wide forcing her cunt to bloom before his eyes. The scent of her wraps around his strong nostrils and pulls him towards the open petals of her sex. But he refuses to give in and continues the methodical tonguing of her legs.

Suzy's body arches towards the moving tongue. Even with her head trapped in place by Jesus's stiff meat she wriggles her pussy towards the primary source of pleasure. But every time she shifts, he moves to the other leg and begins anew. But the rasping organ slowly moves towards the vee of her groin.

His tongue toys with the cleft joining her leg to her hips. He circles her open snatch like a shark sensing an impending meal. He applies one last lick to both sides of her cunt being careful to only grant the barest whisper of contact to the outer folds of her lips with each swipe. Finally he gives her open hole a strong lick splaying her lips wide.

The forceful blast of air bursting from her body forces his dong several inches out of her lips. Before he can reinsert his full length, though, she grips him tightly and pulls it back into her depths. So Jesus concentrates on her seething crevice and begins a campaign of frequent hard licks. He can feel her flesh shift under his ministrations eliciting gurgles of pleasure from the impaled woman.

Each lick starts over her exposed clit rolling it underneath his skilled tongue as it flows between her lips. The electric tingles spark through her in a never-ending torrent as his tongue fills her aching need. He drills his thick organ into her orifice once more pushing her walls apart with its might.

Unable to contain himself any longer he pumps his cock in and out of her mouth. His tongue maintains its slavering over her privates as he repeatedly penetrates her oral cavity with powerhouse thrusts. The steady slap of his balls on her face contrasts with the wet sucking of her mouth to create music in the ears of both human and God.

With the steady thrum of his cock down her gullet, his knot quickly expands. Suzy kisses the oversized bulb with every hump of the large canine's hips, but she misses the feeling of his full penetration slipping down her throat. Desperate to have that full feeling once more she opens as wide as she her position allows until with a slight scraping against her teeth it slips into her mouth.

Jesus gives a small yip of surprise when he feels her warm cave surround his bulb. But he quickly regains his rhythm and drives his full erection down her extended neck. Suzy relaxes her jaw trapping the canine cock within her. Still unsatisfied, she pulls harder on the dog's haunches forcing the tool into her orifice while her tongue swirls around his knot.

The constant stimulation is too much for the beast. His rapid thrusts force his pointed member deep towards her stomach until he suddenly stops. With one final hard thrust that drives her head into the mattress he unleashes his load into her eager gullet. Yearning to taste the cum of the Gods, Suzy pops her jaw open and slips the knot free. She pushes his humping legs back until she can feel the spurting dick filling her mouth.

She plays with the spunk rapidly filling her mouth. She spins it around her tongue like cotton candy before swallowing the full load sending it to join the rest that already dribbled down her throat. As she watches the inflated bulb shrinks back to a normal size. The animal pulls back from the bed leaving the faithful woman gasping.

With her head still flopping off the bed she asks, "So does that mean it's over? I have your blessing?"

Jesus can hear the need threading through her voice begging him to say no. Her desire makes his deflating member twitch. Suzy sees the jumping cock and beams.

"There is another portion to the ritual if you are willing," he hedges delicately.

"Anything you desire is yours," she responds.

"For the next ritual, you need to climb fully onto the bed and get on all fours."

Suzy's smile fills the room with its brightness. She knows exactly what her deity wants and is more than eager to provide. She crawls up from her prone position and lifts herself onto her hands and knees. The welcome weight of the malamute's body depresses the bed behind her. She pulls a pillow up to her head and bends over lifting her ass higher for the approaching God.

Without preamble he hops onto her ass and spears her cunt with his still erect spear. Suzy bites the fluffy pillow as his massive organ bursts through her maidenhead. He grips her waist tightly with his paws and slowly moves back and forth allowing her to become accustomed to the novel intrusion.

The initial spark of pain transforms into screaming pleasure. Suzy sinks into the pillow moaning loudly and grinding against the furry body on her ass. The immense dog is content to remain buried in her twitching twat for the time being relying on her to provide the motion. Her ass swirls around in circles tickling Suzy on the soft fur of his underbelly.

She dips her body forward loosing several inches of thick meat from her hole before slamming impaling herself once more on the straight shaft. She eagerly twists and contorts desperate for added contact, but her pinned body does not allow the leverage to fulfill her desires.

The moment he feels her energy wane, he pulls his powerful love muscle from her warm embrace. It slithers free slowly retreating from her cave until only the tip is pressed to her opened lips. He holds her waist tightly with his powerful legs maintaining the distance for a full minute as he uses his tip to caress her lips and clit.

He was halfway into the second minute of tortuous teasing when Suzy cries out through the pillow, "Please God, fuck me."

At her urgent behest he buries his bone in her happy hole. His forelegs pull her slender waist back into his hips driving him harder against her flesh with each stroke. He beats a staccato rhythm within her body slamming his giant member into her inner walls. After several rounds of intense plowing his pointed projectile perpetually pierces her protected womb entering her baby factory.

Suzy's cries of God and Jesus stream perpetually from her mouth like blasphemy Tourette's. The wet sounds of ardent fucking fills the house. Until suddenly, silence. The horny dog once again slowly pulls out of the glorious channel until only the barest whisper of his tip graces her opening. Suzy bemoans the loss, but this time she doesn't have long to wait for her powerful lover to make his move.

In contrast to the lightning fast thrusts from before, he eases the tip into her entrance and shifts his hips playing with her drooling slot. She holds her breath waiting for the powerful lunge that never comes. Instead, he once again slips his cock from her warm embrace. He repeatedly toys with her in this manner. Slipping just a taste of his giant pole into her opening and playing with her walls.

After the ninth shallow penetration, Suzy is practically buzzing. Even without the bone deep thrusts, Jesus's cock is working wonders on her. She has gotten to love the slow sensual seduction of his silent slippery rod. The only warning she has that things are changing is the sudden firm grip of his forelegs right before he plunges fully into her cavity.

Suzy is expecting the small shallow penetrations at this point and the sudden fullness takes her by surprise. The rapid expansion of her cervix to accommodate the invader and the slap of his testicles against her clit fill her with pleasure even as his meat fills her with its hardness. He grinds his groin against hers scraping his turgid member along her walls. Then as suddenly as he spread her wide, she was empty again.

He starts inserting just the tip repeatedly building her passion to new heights once more. But this cycle after eight steady surface strikes he rams home two full body quivering plunges. After the last full insertion he once more grinds his furry body against hers.

He continues his meticulous rhythm, each batch adding one more jarring thrust and removing one shallow insertion from the lineup. By the end, Suzy is begging and pleading with him to fuck her silly, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Besides, she only has the ability to plead during the short thrusts and even then her cries are imbued with her constant moans. When he takes her like an animal pounding his flesh into hers all of her breath is reserved for screams of ecstasy.

He finally comes to the last revolution. After a pattern of only one soft motion he's ready for ten full thrusts. And Suzy knows it too. She bites the pillow and waits for the inevitable. Jesus, not without a sense of dramatic tension, waits half a minute poised to take the plunge. And just before she can implore him to continue he pulls her ass onto his raging bone again and again.

Suzy vibrates as her orgasm begins to take hold. Her arms grow weak and drop her face first into the pillow. Her breath comes in slow shallow gasps. Her face flushes with the rising heat. And in perfect timing with Jesus's last thrust she flies off into the abyss.

Her whole body shakes and tingles electrifying her mind. Her pussy ripples and clasps his rod. The added stimulation forces his knot to fill spreading her vagina wide. His massive member ties itself to her embedded within her shivering body. And he takes full advantage of the tying ramming himself into her again and again.

The constant thrusting keeps her orgasm going continuously. Even as one wave crests, the motion of his blindingly fast pumping brings the next one crashing through her. The unremitting orgasm keeps her snatch twitching and tight locking his bulb within her. This allows him to thrust even faster and deeper. It is a perpetual fucking machine that neither woman nor dog wants to end.

But all good things must cum to an end. The overstimulation of his doggie cock rapidly takes its toll on Jesus's control. With a few final thrusts he fills her shuddering body with his seed. The steady release of his balls spurts into her hungry womb. Her body drinks him dry and he simply holds her waist in his strong arms.

When her body ultimately becomes stable, he jerks free with a sodden pop. A thick mixture of their fluids cascades down her leg once his plug is released. The satisfied woman collapses sideways with a smile of pure bliss. His job done, Jesus turns and leaves. But as he grips the front door with his jaws to pull it open, her voice startles him.

"Thank you, Jesus."

He turns to see her standing naked in all her glory before him. He jams his large head between her legs and gives her still dripping snatch a few farewell licks. The resulting aftershocks make her knees weak and she plops onto her butt.

He gazes into her warm eyes and says, "I will always be here if you need me. And I will always come in the same form so you know me."

With that he leaves the trembling woman and pads down the street. She watches him go and liberates a sigh of contentment.

As soon as the massive dog turns the corner a man emerges from between two houses carrying a camcorder.

"Hey Frank. Did you get it all?"

"Every last bit, 'Jesus.' "

"Now don't start that again."

"What? Don't you feel bad at all conning these luscious girls into sex by pretending to be their God?"

"We've gone over this countless times. I have a particular skill set and I'm going to use it. Besides would you rather I do ALPO commercials and put you out of a job? I don't hear your conscience crying while you're filming me banging these girls."

"I certainly feel terrible about it. But my dick outweighs my conscience, in more ways than one."

"Jesus" gives a hearty laughing bark at his old friend's crude humor. The give and take of their quasi-argument is old hat to them both, but it helps to pass the time.

"While I was listening in to that Mass and eavesdropping on that girl's prayer, I also overheard they are having a potluck gathering for the community tonight. How would you like to get some free food and scope out our next star?"

"Sounds like a plan. But still, aren't you concerned about God's wrath with you humping your way through his flock?"

"Haven't you heard? All dogs go to heaven."


2014-03-07 10:27:30
"Second Coming" - Suzy and Jesus - (Horney Female and Dog)

Anyone with a problem of the connotation of 'Jesus' and religion, can alleviate the issue by referring to Suzy's furcker as 'Heyzeus', the Hispanic pronunciation!

Suzy sure did get her sexual world rocked with the realistic poundings that "Heyzeus" dumped into her sex machinery! Her machinery is so well oiled with dog cum she'll probably feel sated for quite some time! She took it all rather graciously and deeply!


2014-03-07 10:20:53
"Second Coming" - Suzy and Jesus - (Horny Female and Dog)

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