Severus Snape’s Recollections of The Potters
Hogwarts School for Boys
Part Two: Severus Snape’s Recollections

Severus Snape stretched out luxuriously on his king size bed. This morning was off to a great start. He just finished having awesome sex with Harry Potter ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and the son of his long deceased lovers Lily and James Potter. Snape didn’t have classes until the afternoon so he decided he would take a rare morning off and just laze around in bed until noon. The thought of Lily and James Potter brought back a lot of memories for Snape. Snape and Lily Evans grew up in the same town and were friend before the got their letter’s to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They were sorted into different houses on their first day at Hogwarts. Snape, of course was sorted into Slytherin House and Lily as well as James were sorted into Gryffindor House. During their beginning school years Lily and Snape remained secret best friends but by sixth year they saw less and less of each other. Since Snape’s first day at Hogwarts James and his gang of friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, were all Snape’s mortal enemies. Snape joined the Death Eaters as soon as he left Hogwarts, but after a few years Snape began to view Lord Voldemort in a new light. He wanted out but that meant certain death. Snape, being very clever, convinced the Dark Lord that he should become a spy and ask Dumbledore for a job. The Dark Lord trusting in Snape’s loyalty thought it was a great idea. It was around that time that Snape reunited with the Potters.

One day The Dark Lord sent him to Godric’s Hollow on a mission to evaluate a possible new recruit. Snape had just finished his evaluation and was going to recommend the man join The Death Eaters. The man in question was very brawny but not very bright and Snape thought he would do less permanent harm that way. He was walking down a residential street in the town lost in thought when he happen to glance into a yard he was passing and caught site of a red haired woman the wind was blowing her really long ginger hair in her face, but her body was exquisite. Her c-cup breast were high and perky and he could make out the hardened nipples under her braless white tank top and her very tight and tiny white cotton shorts clung to her crotch showing an impression of her fat pussy lips, her long and shapely legs as well as her arms were lightly muscled and tanned. This woman exuded sex Snape’s mind raced with all the dirty things he wanted to do with her when suddenly the wind changed and the woman’s hair moved and he saw her face. She was beautiful. She had sultry pouty lips, a small straight nose and familiar green eyes which suddenly met his and despite herself she smiled at him and began walking towards him.

Snape couldn’t help but smile as Lily Evans, now Potter she had married that twit James Potter just last month, drew nearer, “Sev, it’s been a long time. How are you?” Lily asked Snape felt his carefully guarded heart melt a little when she said his name; Lily looked around at the neighboring houses. “I think you better come in the house.” Lily suggested and Snape readily agreed. It would do him no good at this time to be caught fraternizing with, “the enemy”.

Snape quickly followed Lily up the path and through the front door. Once Lily closed the door she rounded on him and hugged him tightly to her sexy body, “Sev, it’s been too long. I’ve missed you dearly.” Lily squeezed him a bit harder and gave him a quick but firm peck on the lips then suddenly released him. “Go into the parlor and have a seat. I’ll get us a spot of tea.” Lily gestured to a room to her right as she continued down the hall to the kitchen Severus presumed.

Severus stepped into the parlor and sat on the sofa his head reeling from the situation and his dick a semi-hard. Severus had wanted to fuck Lily since he realized what sex was and after that hug, he might have a chance but he had to play it nonchalantly. Lily returned and served them each a cup of tea. “I heard you married Potter.” Severus said casually with no menace in his tone and accepted the tea Lily was passing to him.

“Yes, we were married in a lovely ceremony last month. I heard you are leaving The Death Eaters.” Lilly retorted just as nonchalantly.

Severus was shocked by Lily’s comment and almost choked on the tea he had just sipped, “How did you…Where did you hear that?” Severus asked concerned there was a leak in his plans.

Lily smiled, “Relax, Sev, Dumbledore told James in strictest confidence. He remembered how close we once were and thought you would need allies now that you’re leaving Voldemort and joining The Order of the Phoenix.” she placed her warm hand on Severus’s upper thigh.

“Allies, who do you mean by “allies”? Severus asked very aware of the hand on his thigh but also concern about the plural of the word.

“James and I, silly.” Lily was now caressing his inner thigh and twice had almost brush against his penis. “I explained to James how close we once were and James would do anything to keep me happy and I told him rekindling my friendship with you would make me very, very happy.” Lily leaned towards him and kissed his ear just as her hand found his cock.

“Oh Sev, it’s grown since last I touched Nakey Snakey.” Lily whispered in his ear and then giggled when she referred to his genitalia by its old pet name. Severus couldn’t believe what was happening, he had never fucked Lily Evans but he had eaten her pussy on several occasions and she had given him a few good hand jobs and one excellent blowjob and now she was married to his childhood foe and rubbing his full, hard and yearning eight inches.

“Kiss me Sev.” Lily begged. Severus grabbed her by her long red hair; he knew she like it rough and kissed her deeply ramming his tongue in her mouth. Lily moaned at the passion and familiarity of his kiss, his mouth still had that faint hint of peppermint she recalled from their youth.

Severus grasped both her breast in his hands and kneaded them like a horny school boy. Severus freed himself from Lily’s lips and sucked her left nipple right through her thin shirt. “Oh yes Sev!” Lily cried when Severus savagely bit her nipple.

Severus moved to her right nub while Lily straddled his lap she pushed him away to remove her tank top and dry humped him while he resumed suckling her titties. Severus licked his way back up to Lily’s neck then kissed her deeply, “Lily, love, I’m going to cum if you keep grinding on my dick like that, come sit on my face and let me have a go.” Lily eagerly stood up on the sofa with one leg on either side of Severus’s body and grabbed Severus by his oily black hair.

“Sev you know I detest that greasy hair tonic you use,” Lily protested and Severus immediately whip out his wand and siphoned the hair tonic out of his hair leaving it soft, dry and more of a deep dark brown color, then he made her shorts disappear. Lily raked her hands through Severus’s silky hair a few times then grasped it and tilted his head back.

“Thank you, Severus.” Lily purred looking Severus directly in the eyes and then grounded her twat on Severus’s mouth and tongue every once and again rubbing her clit on his gonzo of a nose.

It was their second year of Hogwarts the first time Severus had convinced Lily to let him touch her down there, he had promised her she would love it and he was her best friend so she trusted him. Severus had met her on the Astronomy Tower, as planned, and eagerly ate her prepubescent pussy, she had her first orgasm, after that experience Lily secretly met with Severus often so he could munch on her young sex.

“Severus, love, it’s so much better then I remembered.” Lily rotated her hips faster against Severus’s face to generate more friction to her clit while Severus concentrated on tongue fucking her well lubricated cunt hole.

“OH FUCK, SEV, I’M CUMMING!” Lily screamed her orgasm and proceeded to squirt copious amounts of girl cum right into Severus’s mouth.

Severus was pleasantly startled at Lily’s ability to squirt. Severus swallowed as much as he could and the rest flowed down his chin and soaked his robes. Severus preformed a non-verbal spell that made his robes vanish, next he grabbed Lily, who was still shaking from her intense orgasm, and sat her on his lap burying his entire cock deep into her pulsating box. “MERLIN’S BALLS, SEVERUS,” Lily shouted in surprise, “YOU FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME.” Lily bounced frantically on Severus’s cock.

Severus was wracked with desire and took Lily by the waist slamming her on his penis. He wanted her for so long he would have like to have gone slower and prolong their pleasure but he was desperate to consummate his fantasy. Severus felt the cum churning in his balls and he wanted to take Lily over the edge with him so he stood up and laid Lily on the sofa hooking her knees with his shoulders and savagely pounded her hot, moist pussy. “I’M CUMMING.” That was all Severus could manage to shout as his sperm jetted out of his penis.

“ME TOO.” Cried Lily, “Oh Sev, you’re wonderful.” Lily gushed as she felt Severus shot his cum deep into her cunt again and again.

“That was brilliant.” said a male voice behind Severus. Snape felt hands erotically caressing his buttocks, “May I join the two of you. I would gladly clean this off for you.” One of the mystery man’s hands snake around Snape and fondled his now flaccid cock.

Snape would recognize that voice anywhere. It belonged to James Potter. Snape could not believe the words that where coming out of James’ mouth; it took all the will Snape had not to curse his former foe. Snape turned to face James and was taken aback to see him grinning lewdly instead of the usual sneer he always gave Snape. “Have a go Potter, if you wish.” Snape consented.

“Severus, let us be friends. I’ll suck this gorgeous cock of yours but you have to call me James, is it a deal?” James kissed Severus’s lips in a gesture of peace.

“Sev you can trust James, I promise.” Lily looked at Severus lovingly. “He’s really good at this Sev, I know. You are going to enjoy yourself.” Lily assured him.

Snape indeed trusted Lily so he sat on the sofa while James kneeled in front of him and licked his cock clean before fellating him with so much skill and technique that Severus’s cock was standing at attention harder than ever. James took Severus all the way down his throat and sucked him for as long as he could before withdrawing it totally.

“How am I doing Sev?” James inquired while continually pumping Severus’s swollen member.

“Gloriously,” Severus groaned, “please James don’t you stop.” Severus begged as he rotated his hips in time with the thrusting fist to generate more friction. Severus moaned as James polished his knob again and sucked with vigor. Severus no longer able to control his lust seized James by the hair and proceeded to fuck his face. All the years of taunting manifested themselves in the savage abuse he was bringing about by pounding into James’ mouth and down his throat. James took his punishment like a champ.

“I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” Severus roared and sprayed his spunk down James’ gullet. James dutifully swallowed it down and continued to suck Severus until he got too sensitive.

“Fuck Sev you’re a right tasty bugger.” James said cheekily before he began to lick some cum that had escaped his mouth and dribbled to Severus’ balls. “You were so right darling; Severus is going make us very happy indeed.” James smiled as he straddled Severus and snog with him.

Lily, who had just finished frigging herself to her third orgasm smiled brightly at the sight of her husband and reacquainted best friend making out. “I knew you two would hit it off.” Lily boasted as she quickly joined the snog-fest. “That’s enough mates we can snog later let get to the buggery. James hop onto Sev’s face so he can ready your bum for his knob and Sev slide forward a bit and spread your legs so I can prepare your arse for me.” Lily grabbed Severus’ thigh and pulled when he didn’t respond from shock. James, who had hopped into action at Lily’s command, nearly toppled over when Lily tugged at Severus’s legs. Severus marveled at the 9-inch long shaft above his face.

“Mate I reckon you should get going on my arsehole. We don’t want to get Lily upset, believe me.” James stated seriously.

“Nice knob Potter…ere…James. How is she going to bugger me?” Severus whispered to James nervously.

“Thank you Sev, with her “Magic Stick”, don’t worry your gonna love it. I promise you.” James winked at Severus and kissed him before sitting on his face.

Severus tongued and fingered James’ anus and felt Lily returning the favor on his own posterior. Severus was getting very randy when he heard James shout, “SHAG MY BUM, SEV!” Severus was feeling quite the same as James got off his face.

Lily stood up and Severus saw that she had what appeared to be a 7-inch dildo in her hands it was nice and thick, but it was flaccid usually dildos were erect, this artificial cock was also rather fleshy looking and it perfectly matched Lily‘s skin tone, it had a sweet mushroom cap and veins that ran all through the phallus and ended at the big hairless balls. Behind the nut sac was a large flat oval Lily seemed to whisper something into the oval then she placed it over her entire pussy from clit to hole and the oval magically fused to her pussy and became part of her. Severus was dazed by the transformation from the waist down she became a man and he was very turned on and ready to get fucked.

“Oh Fuck Lily that’s Sexy. Is it completely functional?” Severus stated incoherently. Lily nodded and smiled at him lustfully.

“James please come and ready my cock for Severus.” Lily begged as she wanked the big cock with her petite hand. James dropped to his knees and gleefully polished his wife’s knob. “You’re such a fucking good cocksucker that I’m already hard.” Lily said with pride.

James grabbed his wand and with a flourish preformed all the lube charms needed then laid on his back on the floor with his legs raised, “What are you waiting for Sev? Come and get me and just so you know big boy I like it rough.” James lewdly wagged his bum in the air to further tease Severus.

Severus sprang into action and mounted James and kissed him deeply for several minutes as he felt James’ legs wrap around his waist he could not believe how quickly his dislike for James had turned into affection. Severus could not get enough of James he could only assume that all their former animosity was just a misunderstanding of unrequited lust. If Severus was going to be truthful he would have to admit that he was always sexually attracted to James as much as he was to Lily. Since Potter never showed interest just loathing Severus never allowed himself to develop those feelings, but now they were rapidly escalating. Severus broke off his and James’ ball tingling kiss and let his lips drift down to his neck where he kissed, nipped and licked amid James’ moans and gasps. Severus trailed his lips and tongue down James’ body tasting his way to James’ left nipple lapping around a few times and then sucking the nipple to draw a cry from James.

“Severus,” James moaned lustfully and saw Severus smile wickedly at him as he switched to his other nipple and repeated the procedure on his right nipple, “you are so fucking sexy.” James gyrated his hips up and locked his legs tighter around Severus’ waist so their dicks were rubbing together. James looked at his wife and saw she was enjoying the show as she wanked her pseudo cock. The expression on her face one of pure pleasure. He was overjoyed that she had consented to marry him, he was very lucky, Lily was extremely kinky and brought the same out in James and he loved it. Lily was the one that made him see that his hatred towards Snape was really sexual tension and after he admitted his longing for Severus she admitted her adolescent tryst with the object of their desire. A few months after his epiphany Dumbledore pulled James aside after a meeting of The Order of the Phoenix and told him he wanted his help welcoming Severus Snape back into their folds. James had to admit he was very surprised and a bit weary, but he trusted Dumbledore explicitly and promised his and Lily’s cooperation. James knew that once his wife heard they may be able to actually realize their fantasy she would become insatiable. He and Lily had been plotting how to get Severus to their home what a lucky turn of events that he showed up on his own. Lily had owled James as she fixed their tea and he had dropped everything and rushed home. James got there just in time to see Lily slide Severus’ cock down her throat. He wanted to go and join in by tea-bagging Snape’s bullocks, but he knew they needed to go slow so not to freak out Severus. James hung back and watched and now the moment of his fantasy was soon to be realized.

“I need you in me Severus! Fuck me, fuck me hard.” James shamelessly begged.

Severus kneeled between James’ thighs and hoisted James’ legs in the air to better access his bum. Severus grabbed his own cock and lined up the head with Severus’ anus. James was squirming with anticipation.

“Hold still my little bitch,” Severus said cheekily and playfully smacked James arse then he unexpectedly rammed his whole cock in James bowel and stopped balls deep to allow James to become accommodated to his dick, “how does that feel?” Severus asked.

“Fucking brillia…” before James could finish his sentence Severus began rapidly fucking his anus with long hard strokes.

“How is this for rough, Potter?” Severus hooked James’ legs on his shoulders and leaned forward until James’ legs were pressed against his own chest, Severus then continued shagging James mercilessly.

“Oh it so good Sev, it’s so good! Oh don’t stop fucking me.” James groaned as Severus brutally boffed him.

“Hold still Severus while I prepare to bugger you,” Lily then inserted her faux cock and slowly pushed in until she bottomed out, “that’s it Sev, continue.” Severus resumed pounding James while Lily thrashed his arse. They had an awesome rhythm going when Severus would pull out of James Lily would thrust into Severus, both with long, hard thrust, soon all that was heard in the small parlor was moans and grunts.

Faster and faster the rhythm grew, “James your arsehole is so tight I can’t hold off. I’m cumming! Ooohhhh-yyeesss-ssooo-fucking-gooooodd!” Severus came hard and pumped several long, thick ropes of cum in James’ bowels with a loud grunt he fell over. James’ legs fell from his shoulders and Severus rested his head on James’ chest while Lily continued to pound his arse.

“James, darling, Severus’ bum is so lovely. You have to give him a go.” Lily told James.

“Well darling I believe we can share him. Can we Severus? That is share you?” James asked as he ran his fingers through Severus’ hair. Severus nodded on James’ chest unable to speak from all the pleasure he was receiving. Who was he to deny more pleasure? James help lift Severus up and prop him on all fours then he, James, slipped out from underneath and stood next to his beautiful wife. James kissed Lily passionately for several minutes while she buggered Severus. “Let’s turn him around, love.” James told Lily, “I want us to look at his face as we bugger him.” James explained.

“Great idea, darling.” Lily pulled her imitation cock out of Severus’ bum. His anus was gaping and James could not restrain himself from falling upon Severus’ gaping arsehole to lick and tongue fuck his bum. Severus moan loudly. “That is enough James,” Lily said after rather a long time and James reluctantly pulled himself away from Severus tasty anus, “Get on your back please, Sev.” Lily asked so sweetly that Severus responded immediately.

“I want James to enter me first.” Severus requested and James smoothly entered Severus’ anus and after quite a few long and slow thrusts of his hard throbbing cock he paused so Lily could add her “Magic Stick” to Severus’ already filled bum. Lily pushed in to full and she and James kept up a practiced rhythm. James tweaked one of Severus’ nipples and leaned down to snog him sucking his tongue and moaning in his mouth as he could feel Lily’s penis rub against his in Severus’ arse. The sensation was out of this world. Lily was squeezing Severus balls with just the right amount on pressure and James was wanking his aching cock. Severus was in sensory overload. The married couple fucked him harder and faster and he felt his balls churning and his orgasm building, “I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” Severus screamed out unable to stop the crescendo that was threatening to burst free. “OOOHHHH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, LILY, JAMES, I’M YOURS, FOREVER!” He cried as his cock erupted over James and Lily’s hands in the best orgasm of Severus’ life. James wanked him to completion then licked Severus’ cum from his hand as did Lily and then offered each other their hand; together they cleaned the others hand of any traces of sperm.

Lily felt the sperm rising in her fake cock, “I’m cumming! Oh Merlin’s Balls that is fucking good!” Lily cried as she came hard and fast. She pulled out so James could finish and kneeled behind James to lick Severus’ cum from James’ anus.

James thrusted faster now that there was more room for him to maneuver and Lily had her tongue in his arse. James shag Severus’ arse with a fervor that was unmatched. “Severus, oh Severus, how I have wanted you and now this is truly one of the most pleasurable fucks of all time. Oh Fuck, I’m gonna…Oh Shit…Fuck…I’m Cumming in your arse!” James roared as he pumped Severus’ anus full of sperm.

Severus laid between Lily and James and snogged them both. “Sev,” James began, “Lily and I would like you to be our lover and fuck us together or separately whenever you wish. What do you say?” James finished an eager look in his eyes.

“Nothing would please me more. I love you both so much!” Severus blurted out before he could stop himself.

“I love you, too!” James and Lily responded in unison and they all laughed, Severus was immensely relieved at their reaction.


Severus glanced at the clock and knew it was time to get up and start his day as much as he would love to lay about and relive all of his sexual escapades with The Potters he had to get to class. He hope to see Harry again soon, he did so look like James but with Lily’s eyes, even his personality was a melding of the two. It was like having sex with James and Lily in one body. Severus knew he belonged to another he just wanted to borrow a few stolen moments. Severus Snape dressed in his robes he decided to forego a shower so he could feel Harry’s cum in his arse all day and think lovingly of all The Potters.

I hope you enjoy this story. I would love to hear your comments. Part 3 will go back to the Boys of Hogwarts, I promise.

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