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My Sister Sarah and I - Part 1

My little sister and I had always gotten along reasonably well as kids. Sarah was a year and three days younger than me, and I somehow adopted the idea that I was supposed to be her guardian and protector. Now, I’m wasn’t the biggest kid on the block, or the strongest, but after you lose as many scraps as I did, you become the most dogmatic. So while it might take me a week to pull a bully off someone, I’d hang in there until I won, even if I did break every bone in my body.

By the time I was nine, Sarah didn’t seem to have many problems with other kids picking on her. I wish I could say that I had the same luck, but that would be a lie. In fact, there were a couple of times that my sister’s impeccable logic saved my ass when she’d argue with my latest adversary in an attempt to convince him that I wasn’t very much of a challenge, so why waste the effort. That led to a few days that I was accused of needing a girl to do my fighting for me. It was embarrassing, to be sure, but Sarah felt that it was our duty as siblings to stick up for each other. I’ve never forgotten that, even to this day.

Being that close to each other, it was only natural that we shared the adventures of our sexual awakenings. When I discovered masturbation at the ripe old age of ten, Sarah was curious to know why I did it. When I entered puberty a couple of years later, she was fascinated with the changes that my body was going through. Similarly, when she began to develop breasts, and her pubic patch began to appear, I was the first person she wanted to tell. In fact, I knew about her first period four days before our mother did! I just wasn’t sure what to do with the information!
Somewhere between age 10 and 12, Sarah always seemed to be asking me if she could look at my pecker, and being a guy, I’d never refuse her request. She was always quite willing to exhibit herself for me, too, so it was a natural progression to fondling and feeling each other up. I loved the feel of her pussy, especially when it became moist and slippery as I rubbed my fingers over her nub and down her slit. Sarah really enjoyed stroking my cock until I became hard, rubbing her fingers over my jizz slit and around the ridge of my cockhead. It wasn’t very long after we started that we both began to experience orgasms as the result of the other’s touch. My very first ejaculation was at Sarah’s hands and she was proud of herself. I was also the first person other than herself to finger her cunt until she came, and the guy she gave her anal virginity to.

It was losing our virginity to each other, though, that stands out in my memory the most. I was just 14, and Sarah’s birthday was still two days away. I guess that means she lost her cherry while she was till twelve, but for the sake of two days, we never made a big deal of it.

It happened one day after school when we both got home at about the same time. Well, I was maybe five minutes ahead of my sister on one of the few days that we didn’t walk home together. Anyway, I’d been sporting a hard-on since I left the school and really wanted to get into the house and jack off. I loved having a boner back then (still do!) But after a couple of hours they did get uncomfortable. Jacking off was the only way I knew to relieve that discomfort. So as soon as I got in the house, I ran up to my room, stripped naked, and began to stroke my hard cock. Damn, it felt good!

I never heard Sarah come in the door, or up the stairs. She just walked into my room and watched! When I looked up and saw her, I almost freaked.

“Sis! What the hell’s the idea of just walking in on a guy? Do I ever do that to you? Now how about some privacy, please!”. I was both uncomfortable having an audience and with being caught, especially by my own sister! But Sarah never made any move to leave. Instead, she pushed her own pants and panties down her legs and over her ankles, giving me a great view of her lightly covered pussy.

“Brain, can I watch? I’ll even do it to myself, if you want”. Wow! Just the thought of seeing a girl masturbate got me even harder!

“Oh, okay. You sit on that end of the bed, and I’ll sit here at the other end”. Sarah hopped up on the foot of my bed, sat with her legs wid open, and began to rub her clit as she stared at me pumping my prick. It wasn’t long before she started telling me what she was about to do, then doing it for my visual benefit!

“Brian, I’m gonna rub my clitoris. See?”, and she opened her slit so that I could get a good view of her clit. A little while later, “Brian, wanna see me put my finger in my pussy?”, and before I could answer, she started finger-fucking herself! She had me hooked on playing her little game, and I started to tell her what I was doing, and how good it felt.

“Sis, see? I’m stroking my cock, sliding my hand up and down my shaft! God, that feels so good!”. When my pre-cum began to ooze out of my piss hole, I told her, “Look, Sis! My cock is oozing pre-cum! I’m gonna smear it all up and down my shaft and make it slippery! Wanna see?”, and Sarah would gaze intently at my progress.

Soon her breathing got faster and more shallow. I was staring intently at her fingers sliding in and out of her hole as she ran the fingers of he other hand around her clit. “Oh Brian! My pussy’s starting to tingle! I’m gonna make myself cum!”, and she tensed up and fingered herself as quickly as she could, gasping as she fell back on the bed and lifted her hips up to open herslef as far as she could, partially to get her fingers in deeper, and partially to give me the best view possible of her twat! That got me red-hot horny, and my hand was flying up and down my prick.

“Shit, Sis! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna spurt my jizz! See?”, and Sarah forced her attention to my vertically stretched cock as I blasted several ropes of hot sticky cream out my jizz hole. The sight of me spurting cum must have triggered another mini-orgasm in her snatch, because Sarah screamed in lustful release as she pistoned her finger in and out of her love hole.

I felt exhausted, and Sarah was splayed out on the bed, not moving a muscle. It took a while for us to recover from the exertion. I figured that we’d probably just get dressed again, then hunt in the kitchen for something to eat as an after-school snack. But Sarah had other ideas.

“Brian? Can I stroke your cock and try to make it hard again?”. I wasn’t sure if my prick was up to it, but whenever Sarah jacked me, it always felt so good.

“Sure, if you want, but it’s pretty sensitive right now, so be gentle, okay?”. Sarah scooted up the bed and began to play with my tool, and her fingers on my shaft felt even better than usual. It wasn’t long before I was sporting another hard-on, and expecting maybe a hand job from my little sister.

“Brian, you can finger my cunt, if you want”, she invited me. I looked her in the eye and saw pure lust in them. Sarah was probably the horniest I’d ever seen her! Reaching over to her pussy, I slid my finger up and down her gash, making sure I excited her sex button on every stroke. She spread her thighs as far as she could without rolling off her side as she continued to pump me while I finger-fucked her cunt. God, was it wet? And hot! The heat just radiated out her hole and over my knuckles!

With a sharp gasp as I buried my finger as deep in her as I could, she moaned, “Shit, big brother, I love it when you finger me! It feels so much better than when I finger myself, too! Make me tingle again? Make me cum? Please?”, as I rubbed the ridges deep inside her love channel. “I want to make you jizz again! Stroke your cock until you’re hard-thick, then pump you til your cream spurts out!”, she growled
As I kept on fingering Sarah, I would lose my concentration as she ran her hands up and down my prick. I could feel that rush coming on as my nuts lifted and the pressure built up in my cum-tube
“Oh God, Sis! You’re gonna make me cream! I’m gonna cum!”, I howled as I felt my orgasm rising. Aara slid her hand to the base of my cock and clamped it like she was a pair of vise-grips! Holy shit, did that hurt!

“Oww! What the fuck was that for? You damned near broke it!”, I screamed at her.

“Because I don’t want you to jizz yet! When you jizz, you’re finished, done, and I’m not ready!”. She released my now aching prick from that grip and started to slowly stroke my member again, bringing it back to full erection in a few short moments. In an effort to keep her from ripping my penis from my groin, I concentrated on her pussy more than the feeling she was evoking in my cock, and she began to climax again. As her orgasm spread all through her body, Sarah slumped against my chest, gasped desperately for air, and began to shudder and tremble. It must have been one hell of a cum, because she was lost in its rapture for a good minute and some odd. I kept sliding my finger in and out of her cunt, but slowed down so that she could recover
“Wow, Brian! That was so intense! God, you sure can make me cum, and it feels awesome!”, she cooed in my ear. Her hands were still stroking my tool, making me really want to cum again myself, but with the speed she was going, it wasn’t going to happen.

“Sis? Jack me off? Please? I wanna cream, so bad!”, I pleaded with her.

Umm, Brian?”, she whispered. “I want to feel your cock inside me, in my cunt”. I thought maybe I had heard her wrong, but she asked me again. “Brian? Do you want to put your cock in my cunt? I’d like that, right now”.

“Sis? Are you sure? I mean, that’s a pretty big step, isn’t it?”, I asked in shock and disbelief. My sister was actually asking me to fuck her! I mean, I loved fingering her, teasing her clit, and making her cum, and all. But this was almost the ultimate! A part of me wanted to jump up and do a happy dance! There was another part of me, however, that was scared for what she was about to do. Sarah was about to lose her cherry, for God‘s sake!

“Yeah, I’m sure, big brother. One of the girls at school fucked her boyfriend, and she said it felt great! Hurt like hell when her cherry popped, but after a few minutes, the pain went away, and she actually managed to cum with his cock in her. Now I want to try it, too. But I want it to be you that takes my virginity, Brian. You’re about the best friend I’ve got, and I love you. I’m ready to lose it, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather give myself to besides you. So. Wanna put your cock in me?’
I felt overwhelmed, and special, and humble, all at the same time. My almost-13-year old sister wanted to give me, her big brother, her cherry! I would be her first! For the first time ever, I kissed her lips, and the more we kissed, the more I wanted to kiss her until the stars all went out! She ran her tongue over my lips, demanding access to my own lips and mouth. In all my years, I don’t ever remember as intense and urgent a kiss as that one! Ever!

Sarah rolled onto her back with my finger still up her pussy, spread her thighs wide open in invitation, and gently tugged on my cock to drag it to within striking range. As I positioned myself between her legs, she guided my turgid member to he entrance. As I pressed softly but insistently against her opening, my cockhead suddenly pushed inside her, and the heat of her sex washed over me, engulfing my consciousness with her lustful want.
“Oh yeah! That feels so good!”, she murmured. “Stick it in further! I want to feel all of it inside me!”.

I started pumping in and out of her slowly, easing my hardness a little deeper with each stroke, until I felt the resistance of her hymen against my knob. Sarah’s eyes flew wide open in shock as I pressed against her maidenhead.

“Oww! That hurts!”, she wailed, and I started to myself pull back. I loved my sister, and the thought of causing her pain just turned me right off! As my retreat neared her entrance, Sarah slammed her legs together tightly, smashing my balls between her thighs in another vise-like grip. Fuck, did that ever hurt!

“Oww! God dammit, Sis! That hurts, ya know! Christ, you’re gonna neuter me if it’s the last thing you do!”, I complained.

“Brian, don’t you dare pull your cock out of me! I knew this was gonna hurt, and I told you before we started. But I’d rather have to put up with a little pain than to have you pull your cock out, okay? I want this . . . and I want you. Inside me, deep, all the way in until you can’t get any deeper! Please?”.

I moved so that my hips were tight to hers, and the only part of me keeping my weight off her was my elbows and forearms. Sliding one arm under her back, I rolled us both over so that Sarah was lying on top of me. My cock was still inside her, maybe two inches deep. Thirteen years old, and she was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen! And the most amazing thing was that, of all the boys she could have been with, she wanted me!

“Sis, how about you slide down on me, and when you’re ready . . . do it? I can’t take the idea of me causing you pain. I love you too much, if you can believe that! But it’s true, even if you don’t believe me!”.

Sarah leaned down and kissed me again almost as urgently as she had the previous time. Her tongue ran along my lower teeth, then up behind the upper ones and along the roof of my palette. God, it felt like I’d been nailed in the back of the head with an electric charge! I have no idea where she learned that, but no one has ever been able to do that to me in all the years since! Except Sarah, of course. Then, when she had my attention completely diverted, she pushed against my chest, lifted herself up, and rammed my cock past her barrier and deep into her love canal.

“Oww! Shit! That fucking hurts!”, she yelled. God, was I scared! Not for me, but for her! I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, squeezing as hard as I could in a vain attempt to crush the pain out of her.

“Unggh! Easy Brian! You’re breaking my back! Just lay still until this pain goes away, okay? I’ll let you know, when”, she grunted. We lay there in each other’s arms, connected physically at the groin, and I revelled in the beauty of my sister, my lover, my Sarah! Within a few minutes, she began to slide her pussy up and down my cock, taking me in to the hilt, then sliding me out again until I was just inside her pussy by the distance of my cockhead. But each stroke was a little faster than the one before it, ans soon, Sarah was almost rutting with desire and lust!

“God, Brian! That feels so good! Dammit, big brother, YOU feel so good! Linda was right! The pain’s worth it! I’m fucking my big brother, and I love it!”, and she crushed my lips again, threatening to leave me with bruises that I’d never be able to explain! “I love you, Brian”, she crowed, then with a scream that I thought might wake the dead, he yelled, “I love my Big Brother!!”.

Right about here,, Sarah got into some serious loving! She pushed herself up onto her outstretched arms and rocked up and down my shaft like a crazy person. I could feel those tight pussy walls fluttering, grasping, pulling me deep inside her. We were both bathed in a shimmering film of sweat and Sarah continued to ride me, milking me, demanding that I cum for her. I could hear her breath becoming ragged as her first coital climax began to rise in her belly, and that realization induced my balls to tighten as they filled my cum-tube with more sticky white goo for my little sister’s steaming hot cunt!

“Oh God, Sis! You feel so fucking good! Jesus, I’m gonna cum! Arg-g-g-h-h-h!”, I hollered to her.

“Yes, Brian! Cum inside me! Spurt your cream inside my pussy! God, I want to feel you spurt it up my cunt!”. That was about all it took to push me over the top! My load blated out of my jizz slit and lathered the inside of my sister’s beautiful love tube! Rope after rope, spurt after spurt, my baby batter filled her up with my heat.

“Oh God, Brian! I feel it! I feel your jizz inside me! Give it all to me! Fill me with your cum!”, and Sarah exploded with the fireworks-like grip of a massive orgasm. Her muscles tensed and contracted so that I was imprisoned inside her, unable to move an inch! Her walls gripped and grasped my cock, milking my balls of every last drop she could extract from them! At the height of her pleasure, she collapsed on my chest, and I wrapped my arms around her again, holding her as tight as I dared, praying that we might be able to stay like this for the rest of whatever!

As we eased down from that high-power orgasmic bliss, I was struck by just how much more beautiful Sarah seemed to have gotten in the last half hour. I focus drifted to my alarm clock, and it dawned on me that it hadn’t been just a half hour. We’d been making love for almost two hours! Shit, our parents would be home any minute! We had to get up and get cleaned off, but neither one of us wanted to make that first movement!

“Sis, that was amazing! No, that’s not right. That was unbelievable! It’s YOU that’s amazing!”, I whispered to her. “But this means that you’re not a virgin any more, ya know . . . “, and I gave her a series of butterfly kisses on those delicious lips of hers.

“Yeah? Tell ya a secret, Big Brother of mine!”, she spoke down to me from an inch above my lips. “I have it on very reliable authority that you aren’t either! So there!”, as she reduced that distance between our lips to zero.

We managed to get ourselves cleaned up and dressed just as our mother walked through the front door. “I’m home!”, she yelled out. “Anybody here? Brian? Sarah? Are you two home?”.

I’m up here, Mom!”, I yelled back. “Be down in a minute, okay? Oh, what’s for dinner? I’m starved!”.

Sarah ran down the stairs and almost jumped into our Mom’s arms in a 13-year old’s version of a bear hug. Mom looked at Sarah with that look of concerned curiosity that only mothers can do.

“Hey!”, she said to her daughter. “What’s with you? And what’s that expression on your face all about?”.
“Nothing, Mom. I’ve just had the best afternoon that I can remember, that’s all! Make me feel all warm inside! What, you mean a girl can’t have a good day and feel happy now?” Sarah taunted her mother.

Over the next month or so, Sarah convinced Mom that she needed to start on birth control pills to help regulate her menstrual cycle. As she pointed out, that last thing we needed was for her to become pregnant. While I agreed with her logic, a part of me felt a little let down. I would have loved to be the father of her child! But she told me, in no uncertain terms, that it was either birth control or no sex. That made the decision a no-brainer! It also meant that we could make love whenever the opportunity arose, and my opportunity would rise in seconds whenever Sarah was near! She’d sneak up behind me when I wasn’t paying attention and rub my ass cheek, or give it a loving pat, and I’d have a hard-on in seconds! Sarah liked that, because it gave her a chance to help me survive some of the lust she arose in me!

I vividly remember a Friday evening when our parents had gone out with some friends. I was 15 at the time, and I was supposed to play pool with my buddies and Sarah was invited to a slumber party with her girlfriends. As I was heading for the door, she inquired where I was off to, and I told her. For some reason, I asked her why she wanted to know. I never got an answer, but she did give me a sly smile that only a girl with a plan in her mind can do. Naively, I never gave it a second thought and headed out the door.

We had been playing pool for about an hour and a half when, out of nowhere, Sarah walked through the pool hall door. The proprietor called her, telling the five girls that they were too young to be in his establishment. Sarah made the excuse that she needed to talk to her big brother quickly, then would be out of there. He broke down and said that she could come in, but her friends had to wait outside, and that she only had five minutes before he’d chase her out himself.

One of my buddies snidely remarked that my pesky kid sister was about to ruin our evening, and to get rid of her as quickly as I could. I could feel my blood pressure rise over his remark, and told him to shut his mouth before I did it for him! Boy, did I ever get scowled at! But in my mind, Sarah’s requests alway came first. Besides, his little sister was still eleven, and the biggest pain in the ass in the whole neighbourhood! Who the hell was he to complain about my sister anyway?

I went to the front of the pool hall to see what Sarah wanted me for. Apparently she had decided that she didn’t want to stay over at the party, and would I find some way to save her from having to? She suggested that I insist that she had to go home, and to be her enforcer by taking her there myself. I’d learned to never question my little sister when she had a scheme in her head! So I went along with it, telling my buddies that Sarah wanted me to do something for her. Mr. Motormouth groaned with one of those “I told you so” looks on his face. God, I wanted to give his dentist a retirement project!

Just before we went outside, Sarah whispered that I had to use a firm tone of voice, and insist that she couldn’t stay overnight, then drag her off towards our house. “Okay”, I thought to myself, “Whatever you say, Sis”. I must have done my job well, because I got four stares that implied I was just a big jerk for ordering my sister around, but Sarah and I followed through, and started walking home.

“Sarah, clue me in. How come I’m dragging you from a slumber party that you’ve been yapping about for the whole week? What gives?”, I wanted to know.

“Because Mum and Dad won’t be home until late, and I wanted to be with you tonight. Besides, when we get home, I’ll make it all worth your while. Okay?”, she lectured me, without going into any details at all!

As soon as we got in the door, Sarah wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me in a way that only she could. It caught me by complete surprise, but I enjoyed every second of it. God, could that girl kiss!

“Okay“, I said as we broke from our kiss, “What’s so important that I have to lie to get you out of that party?”.

“Well . . . I was listening to Linda Johansson bragging this afternoon, about how she and her boyfriend had oral sex , and how good she thought it felt, and I’ve been horny as hell ever since. Plus, we haven’t made love all week. So, Big Brother, I’m gonna need your help. I need you to teach me”.

“Teach you? What? What am I supposed to be teaching you?”, I stammered.

“Silly! I need you to teach me how to suck a guy’s cock! Last time I checked, you’re a guy, and I know you have a cock, right? So I need you to teach me how to suck it!”, relied demurely.

“Wow! You caught me off-guard with that one, Sis! I mean, I have no problem with it, but I never thought that I’d be chased home on a Friday night to give blowjob lessons! But it’s gonna cost you, big time!”.

“Yeah? Like what? If you think I’m taking on your chores for a week, forget it!”.

“Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll have to remember that”, I sneered right back at her.

“Okay, so what’s it gonna cost me? Can’t be my virginity, because I haven’t got it anymore, remember?”, she growled at me. “Or did you forget that part?”. I knew she was teasing me, because we never kidded each other about that subject. We’d taken each other’s virginity without regrets, then or now.

“Okay, if I teach you how to suck cock, you’ve got to teach me how to eat pussy! Is it a deal?”, I broke the news to her.

“Gee, I don’t know . . . the idea of you with your head between my legs is . . . well . . . kind . . . hot!”, she sniped right back at me. Then she hugged me until I thought it would be my back that broke!

We went upstairs to my room, and I gently undressed her. God, every time I looked at that body of hers, it seemed better than the time before! Her breasts were a 34C (I’d checked the label on one of her bras!), and her waist had to be no more than 25 inches around, at the most! Her hips had that gorgeous swell to them as they flowed to her firm and smooth ass! Her legs appeared to be all muscle and no fat, but they were silky and just as firm as her butt! By now, she was 5' 4", as a guess, and her facial features had just gotten better and better over the years. It was oval shaped, with high cheeks and the cutest button nose in the whole world. She had always been a blonde, but with all the fussing she poured into its care, her hair shone like straw with golden highlights that sparkled in the light!
Looking at a Goddess like my Sarah always gave me an instant hard-on. Tonight was no exception.

Sarah pushed me back onto my bed, then slowly undid my shirt, then the button and zipper on my pants. With a soft and gently touch, she had me naked in no time, with my boner feeling like it would scrape on the ceiling as it stuck straight up! She kneeled on the floor in front of me and pushed my legs apart, then clasped my prick at the base and slowly stroked her hand up and down my shaft. I damned near shot my wad right then and there!

“So what do I do first?”, she asked.

“Kiss the tip of it, Sis. Just lightly, right over my pee hole”. Sarah leaned forward and lightly pressed her lips to my glans. Her lips were soft, wet, and warm, and if I had died right then, I’d have gone a happy camper!

“Now let my cockhead slide just inside your lips, keeping a little pressure on the skin, but not too much. Not yet”. Slowly my knob disappeared passed her lips, her teeth grazing the ridge around the edge. “Gentle with the teeth, okay? My skin’s as tender there as yours is, and if you scratch it, it’s damned painful”. She opened her jaws so that my cock could pass deeper into her mouth. I had a burning desire to ram myself as deep in there as I could get, but that would have defeated the entire lesson.

“God, that feels good, Sis! Now slide your lips as far down my shaft as you’re comfortable with. You should be able to get at least half of me in you. Try it, but don’t let it get so deep that you gag and choke”. Sarah slid her lips further down my cock shaft until she had about four of my six-and-a-half inches inside her. “Good. Now, while sucking lightly, slide it back out until just my cockhead is inside your lips”. She applied a vacuum pressure to my cock as it slowly emerged back out. It felt exquisite! “You sure you haven’t done this before?”, I queried her. “That feels absolutely awesome!”.

“Umm-umm”, was all she could say with a mouthful of my meat.

“Coulda fooled me! Okay, run your tongue around the ridge of my knob, then suck it back in your mouth, and let your tongue slide down the underside until you have as much in your mouth as you’re comfortable taking”. As her tongue circled my glans, I involuntarily raised my hips in lustful anticipation of her taking me back in her again. God, this was heaven! I could feel the muscles in my groin twitching with delight! And this time, she took a half inch more of my prick than the first one!

“Oh God, Sis! That feels so fucking good! Keep doing it, but a little faster as you get used to me!”. Soon she was sliding up and down my cock about once every second or so. Her tongue dancing on every sensitive piece of manhood flesh I had was driving me closer and closer to the edge! I could feel my balls lift and tighten. I was gonna cum, and it felt like a big load!

“Oh God, Sis! I’m gonna cum soon! It’s up to you whether you want to take it out and jack me, or keep on sucking and swallow my spunk! But for God’s sake, please! Make me cum!”. Sarah kept on sucking, grasping my knob with her lips to keep me inside her at the top of each stroke, then sucking me back in until my cock rubbed against her tonsils. I could feel my cum-tube filling with hot white cream.

“Sis, put one hand lightly around the base! You’ll feel my jizz starting to fill and gt ready to spurt!”, and as soon as her soft fingers were encircling my cock base, the first rope of my scalding goo surged up my prick and exploded in her mouth! Sarah had let her lips follow my spunk up the tube, and as it blasted out, she greedily swallowed it down into her little belly! I screamed in ecstatic wonder as my little sister kept sucking my cock, swallowing rope after rope of my cum while pumping my shaft with her hand! As I came back down from that adrenalin-fuelled orgasmic high she sent me on, I felt drained in more ways than one! She’d sucked my cum right out of my nut sac!

“God, Sis! You sure you haven’t been practising on some lucky bastard? That was the second-best feeling I’ve ever had!”, I praised her. She might be a novice cocksucker, but she was a damned fast learner! I looked down at Sarah, and noticed that a couple of drops of my seed had seeped out the corner of her mouth. Just that sight alone would make a dead man cream!

“So how’d I do, Big Brother? Think I’ll ever be any good at sucking cock? Hmm?”, she purred with that irresistible twinkle in he eyes.

“Not bad, not bad! Might need a little more practise. Lucky for you, though, I give private lessons! But now it’s time for me to go back to school. Or aren’t you up to giving pussy-eating lessons?”, I lovingly sneered.

Sarah scooted up onto the bed, turned to face the other end, then plunked herself against my headboard. With a mock authoritarian voice, she announced, “Now children! I want you to take your seats. Hurry, hurry!”, and as she spread her thighs, granting me a wide open view of her soft pink little pussy, added, “School is now in session!”. I couldn’t hold back a light chuckle as her message washed over me.

Crawling up the bed so that I was positioned between her milky thighs, I leaned forward and kissed her softly in the middle of her taut tummy, lingering on the inside of her belly button. Damn, her skin tasted so sweet! Arriving at her furred pussy patch, I gently blew warm air against it, noting how my breath made her hairs ruffle and wave.

“Mmm, that feels so nice”, she cooed. “Do it again, Brian”. I repeated blowing on her patch, interspersing each
breath with a soft kiss to the top of her mound. After several such kisses and breaths, I extended my tongue and eased the tip into her gash, lightly flicking her clit before pressing a little harder in order to wedge open her outer lips as I teased her inner pussy and the entrance to her vagina. But I didn’t stop there. I carried on down her valley to its base and between her ass cheeks until my probe found her puckered little rosebud. Sarah almost hit the ceiling as I licked her asshole!

“Holy shit! What the fuck did you just do? That’s wild!”, she hissed.

“You mean this?”, I mumbled to her, then retraced my path back up her slit until I found her nub. On arrival at the top of her slit, I teased and tickled her sex button as it hardened under my attack, then sucked it between my lips as I flicked the tip of my tongue over and around its protuberance. By the sound of Sarah’s sharp gasp, I’d found just the right spot!

“Oh God, that’s awesome!”, Sarah exclaimed as she slowly exhaled. “Do that again, Brian! That almost makes me cum!”. I’d have to remember that when she did have her first orgasm of any intensity. If I could do it the way I had in mind, my poor sister would be literally driven up the wall!

With her clitoris now highly sensitized, I returned to her vagina, pushing myself passed her vulva and over her inner lips. My probing was rewarded with another sharp inhalation and a request for an encore. Licking her cream channel as deep as I could get, Sarah let loose with a mewl of delight, followed by some effective requests to do it again. And again. And again! I tongue-fucked her slushy little cunt until she almost drowned me in her juices as they flowed from her sex to my mouth and face. If I thought her tummy tasted good, this was ambrosia!

“Shit, Brian, you’re gonna make me cum again! Lick me, all up and down, then stick your tongue back in me! Suck my pussy and make me go off! Please?”, Sarah pleaded. Within a minute I could feel her pussy walls fluttering just above my extended reach as her vaginal muscles tried to grasp and capture my tongue. Shit, if she came now, I’d never be able to pull it out and latch onto her clit! I was almost trapped like a mouse in a cage! Sarah began to shake as the pleasure of her climax took over her whole being, allowing me a chance to retrieve myself from her cunt and clamp my lips over her marble-hard nub, then suck it into my mouth with enough pressure to let my sister know that her sex was mine! She screamed with full passion as her climax raised itself to a higher level.

“Christ, Big Brother! Do it! Suck on me, hard! Oh God-d-d-d-d-d!”, and she was overtaken by another wave of muscle-squeezing sexual tension. I kept the vacuum pressure on her clit as long as I could, but the intensity of her orgasm had her writhing and tossing about the bed. She convulsed one last time, almost pushing me off the bed and onto the floor. Before she could recover, I pounced on her pussy one last time and slammed my tongue as deep up her cunt as I could, lapping and slurping her juices until she pushed my head away from her crotch, then flopped onto the pillows like a rag doll. Licking the outside lips of her vulva and over her clitoral hood, I pleasured my little sister softly and slowly as she relaxed her muscles after their uncontrolled spasms of tension.

“God dammit, Brian! I thought I was supposed to give you lessons! You don’t need any! Shit, my cunt has never felt like that before! I came so hard, then before that one was over, I came again, but harder. And as if that second one wasn’t enough, I came a third time, more intensely than the first two combined! Where the fuck did you learn to suck cunt like that? You been sneaking into other girl’s snatches when I wasn’t looking?”.

“Nope, yours is the first pussy I’ve ever eaten! Course, having the most beautiful girl in town to enjoy is inspiring, if nothing else, Sis”, I crooned to her. She stuck her arms straight up in the air, inviting me to come and hold her sexy body to me. No way was I gonna think twice before I crawled into them and held her tight!

“So. When do I get my test results back, Teach?”, I teased her.

“Umm, nice try, but I think you cheated! We’re gonna have to get you to write a make-up exam, young man!”, as she used that mock authoritative tone again.

“Oh. I see, Teach. So I didn’t pass, huh? Shit, I think I’d better go back and study some more, before I do that make-up test! Or should that be a make-out test? Hmm?”, I replied in my best humbled student imitation.

“Oh yeah! Study hall, first thing tomorrow morning! And don’t you dare come in late, or I’ll have to give you detention as well!”. Then Sarah giggled as she melted in my arms, resting her head on my chest. She felt so soft, so warm, and just so . . . well . . . Special! I knew that I loved her more than anyone else I’d ever know, and it dawned on me that I was also deeply in love with her too. I wanted to yell it from the tops of the roofs, to let the whole world know how I felt! But I settled for the chance to whisper my feelings to her, punctuating my statements with light caresses and licks all around her cute little ear.

“I love you too, Big Brother”, she whispered back. “I’m the luckiest girl on the planet, ya know. My big brother takes care of me, protects me, and is my best friend! Not too shabby a lover, either!”

I kissed her cheek softly as I re-emphasized my message. “Sis, I do love you, and I think you know that. But, I’m also in love with you. There’s 4,000 kids in our high school, which means that a little over half of them are girls. That’s about 2100, right? And of that 2100 girls, you’re the most wonderful, the most beautiful, and the only one that could possibly turn me on this much! It’s a damned good thing you’re my sister, or I’d have to kidnap you and keep you in a special dungeon just to make sure no one else gets to come near you!”, and I paused to get my wind, and my courage back. “Sarah, we both know that this is incest, and that it’s supposed to be wrong. But dammit! If it’s so wrong, how come it feels so good, and so right? And how come I’m beginning to feel like I want to spend the rest of my life with you?”.

Sarah looked up at me with tears in her eyes and the biggest smile I’d ever seen. There was a glow about her that I didn’t ever remember before, and it screamed “Happy”.

“I love you too, Brian”, she said in a soft and almost scared voice. “I think I’m falling in love with you, as well. And you know what? That scares the shit outta me sometimes. To think that I could be in love with someone that doesn’t love me back would hurt so bad! I’m glad you told me how you feel, because now I know that it’s okay to be in love with my big brother! Well, it’s okay with him, anyway. Maybe the rest of the world might not approve, but I’m not in love with the rest of the world, so I don’t give a fuck! Which leads me to wonder what the hell we’re gonna do about this situation. Any ideas?”.

“Sis, about all we can do is be very careful, cover our asses a lot, and when we’re both finished high school, move to a really large city where no one knows us. Then start building a life that works for the two of us. If we can pull that off, then we’ve got it made. But, if we can’t, just remember that you brought a lot of love and happiness to a guy that wouldn’t have otherwise known what it’s like to love, or be loved. And that guy will always be ready to do whatever he has to do, to keep his little sister as happy as he can make her. That’s a pretty special gift for a guy like me to receive!”.

By the time I became a senior, Sarah and I had been lovers for almost half our lives. When I graduated, she was my prom date, and when she graduated, I was hers. I went on to university after my graduation. The summer after her grad, I worked in the Canadian Arctic as a transportation co-ordinator for one of the local charter airlines. By the time I got back to return to university, Sarah had embarked on a medical career. We kept missing catching up with each other by mere days, sometimes mere hours, but I didn’t see my sister for almost six years. By then, she had married, and a daughter, and they had moved out of the country. I went on to pursue my dreams and she, hers.

We wouldn’t see each other until events turned unexpectedly, almost thirty-five years later.

Let me know if you're ready for Part 2 . . .


2015-10-01 18:52:21
Hey pyroclast........ i notice something lacking from your profile........... any stories at all. If you can't read, it's a work of fiction. Then again, you probably can't write your way into a paper bag, let alone out of one.

I take the story for what it is, pure fiction. As far as fiction goes, I admire it. I know I'm no where near as good of a writer but, at least I've tried unlike most that decide to critique. Wise old saying, those that can.... do, those that can't critique. Let me know when you wannabes actually write something....Til then, shut up.....BigMan7307


2015-09-13 11:15:03
Great story that sounds like real life; looking forward to continuation. One point though: the hymen is at the INTROITUS, the opening, of the vagina, not 2 inches down inside. Trust the yanks to fuck up reality! They call a vulva a vagina, an arse an ass, like to dip their pricks in the sewer, mutilate their son's dicks, and rearranged the genital structure of their daughters by moving their hymens half way up their slack vaginas. Yeah, reality is rare in the good ole USA.

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2014-12-04 13:03:50
Stupid ending.....

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2014-08-30 13:03:02
What happened to those big plans the two of them had?
It seems to me that they gave up on them too easily. Also, it's somewhat unbelievable that they would not see each other for 35 years, in this age of fairly cheap air transportation. What, no funerals
or weddings in the family? Maybe they were trying to avoid each other.

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2014-05-12 03:56:17
SNE29r Wow, great post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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