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sexual awakening. further parts will be harder
The outline of a petite female form lay peaceful, her outline accentuated by the bed sheets. Long Strawberry blonde curls cascading on the pillow, circling her pretty face. Pink beautifully defined lips separated revealing a glimpse of gently moistening tongue. The sheet laying over her, hugged her slender body, small pouting breasts visible as they swelled against the sheet as she gently breathed.
A leg moved down the bed making the sheet slide across her sensitive nipples, which revelled in the sensation, becoming hard became visible through the sheet. Her perfect teeth nibbled her bottom lip.
Her young brother gazed at his older sisters body under the sheet. Although just ten, he marvelled at her figure, the way her small waist tucked in. the rise of her hillock below her belly. And now the shape of her breasts and nipples pushing upwards.
He had seen pictures of girls in his friends magazines, naughty pictures. He had his first erection looking at the pictures. Now he was having another one, looking at his sister.
He nearly jumped out of his skin when she moved, thinking she had woken and he had been caught red handed. Instead she had moved in her sleep. The sheet pulled down in her movement, to his delight her breasts became visible. He stifled a gasp. He couldn’t believe his luck, he also couldn’t believe the raging hard on in his trousers. His mates would never believe him when he tells them later. Quickly thinking he quietly disappears to his room and returns with his mobile. Pointing at his sister he takes numerous photos. Becoming excited he wants to see more, he moves to the bottom of the bed, bravely he gently pulls the sheet lower. Slowly revealing more of his sisters naked body.
With all of his attention on her nude body he doesn’t notice her open eyes.
She closed her eyes again. Shocked and angry were her first thoughts. She wanted to jump up and give him her hardest slap. But to her own surprise she didn’t. she laid still and quiet, pretending to be asleep. As she felt the sheet lowering she became more aware of a strange feeling inside her. A wave of exciting warmth was flowing through her. She could feel her small breasts swelling, her nipples so hard they were straining. Her heart was beating faster.
As the sheet dropped below her belly button, she turned her head to the side so her heavier breathing wouldn’t be noticed and scare her little brother off. She wanted to kick the sheet off her, she wanted to be totally naked. She wanted him to see her naked. It was so wrong and bad, she was wrong and bad. But she realised at this precise moment in her life, she new, she liked this powerful feeling of bad wrong things and not being in control. Like now, she wasn’t in control she was letting her ten year old brother be in control. And he wanted her naked and she was letting him. On this realisation her pussy quivered with a small orgasm, making her whole body tremble. She couldn’t hold back a tiny moan of pleasure.
She realised the sheet had stopped moving. Maybe he had seen her tremble. She couldn’t open her eyes, he would be looking closely for her waking. She moaned a little and moved one arm to the side of her head. Trying to make him believe she was still asleep.
A few seconds later she new it had worked. The sheet lowered again, she felt the cool air from the open window breeze across her small strawberry blonde fluff decorating her mound. She felt her pussy throbbing in anticipation of its public appearance. She inwardly cursed when the sheet stopped again. Then she heard the click of the camera.
Her heart skipped a beat her breathing caught in her lungs. A million thoughts raced through her head. He was taking pictures of her. She hadn’t seen the camera till now. Whats he going to do with them is he going to show his friends. An Image of a group of ten year old boys ogling at naked pictures of her filled her mind. A more powerful orgasm crept through her body, gently at first then built up stronger till it ended in her pussy. This time she stopped the moan escaping from her mouth.
She felt so moist between her legs. Her pussy lips felt swollen as they throbbed between her legs. Very quickly the sheet slid down more this time, her brother didn’t stop, he slid it right off her legs and feet.
Neither realised they both gave a sigh of pleasure at the same time.
Gem laid still quietly, wallowing in her nakedness. Listening to the click of her brothers camera. Each click made her pussy and tummy flutter in excitement. She could picture his friends seeing the photos tomorrow in the school playground. Making lewd comments about her body. It was all making her so hot. Thinking lewd thoughts herself she faked a stir in her slumber and moved her body slightly.
Gem had both arms above her head and repositioned a leg. It was at right angles to her body letting her knee fall to the bed. Now her pussy was on full view to her brother. Her aroused puffy pussy lips were parted, giving view to her innermost secrets. Her virginal hymen.
She could hear her brother breathing heavy as the camera snapped away. The young teenager laid still letting him take all he wanted of her.
Just then a shout from below brought the game to an end. Her brother left her room fast, to answer his mothers call for breakfast and get out of the crime scene.
Gem opened her eyes and looked down at the view her brother had been captivated by. Noticing how her perky swollen breasts were flushed and her stiff nipples begged attention. Jumping up she stood in front of the mirror and stroked her strange erotic body. She had never touched herself before. Her mothers strict religious views totally disallowed any such evil behaviour. But today Gem new she hadn’t been evil, she hadn’t touched herself. Somebody else had been in control of the situation.
Gem opened her legs and looked at her engorged pussy, she had never seen her body like this before. But she definitely knew she really liked it. The young teens hand crept to feel her pussy but stopped herself just in time. She so wanted more of the incredible feelings she had discovered today, but she must not touch herself, her mother had instilled this into her from an early age. Even in the fathers sermons at church he had become so serious and said punishment would fall to those who partake in self masturbation.

Gem in her dilemma turned away from her wanton body and searched out her clothing for the day. Now she had just finished school , she could wear whatever she pleased. Slipping her panties on, she didn’t own any bras, mother believed she didn’t have enough to warrant buying such expensive items. Finding her favourite dress, she noticed for the first time how it hung like a sack of her nubile frame. Throwing it off, she hunted and tried each of her dresses, testing how each one fitted her. She finally found one that pulled in at her waist. Unknowingly Gem had become aware of her sexuality.
Next she started on her wild long curls. Half hour later the petite teenager, all 4 foot 7 of her, was walking into the kitchen for breakfast. She amazed herself how nonchalant she was with her very nervous brother. His mother was amazed how he left the house early seemingly eager to get to school.

That afternoon after a day doing extra chores while her mother was at work. Her brother returned from school, to Gems horror he had brought three friends home with him. When they walked into the kitchen his friends faces were full of knowing smiles. Gem hadn’t thought of actually seeing the boys face to face. She felt a quiver deep in her pussy, Gem realised her pussy was an exhibitionist. Disappearing upstairs she slipped her panties off and went downstairs naked under her dress. As she approached the kitchen she could feel her young nipples stiffening, looking down she could see them pushing obscenely through the material. She felt glorious under her dress, making a decision never to wear panties again. Walking into the kitchen she could feel the all the eyes burning through her dress trying to make see flesh. She turned to the boys and asked who wanted a drink. Four sets of eyes caught sight of her stiff nipples, in unison she received a yes please. To Gem it felt like a yes please for her little breasts. As her pussy trembled her legs went weak and she stumbled, falling to the floor she landed over the laundry basket. Her upper torso one side her legs the other. As she became aware of what had happened she realised her dress had flipped up at the back leaving her naked rear up high, to the joy of the boys who were quickly positioning themselves behind her to take in the glorious view of her pert bottom. She realised she wasn’t hurt but remained still a bit longer savouring the humiliating position she had landed in. As she tried to get up she purposefully opened her legs wider letting the boys view her pussy, which was now quivering with joy at the attention. Gem briefly heard clicking cameras again. It sent shock waves of pleasure through her body reminding her of this mornings game.
When she finally got to her feet she looked at the boys who were opened mouthed looking at her chest. She caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror on the wall. Some buttons on the front had popped open leaving her pert young breasts blatantly bare as the dress curved round either side of each breast. As her pussy started to throb, she felt a trickle of wetness seep down the insides of her thighs. Gem decided to pretend to not notice. She turned and started to make drinks for the boys. With the kitchen door open she could feel a breeze on her rear. Her dress was still hooked up over her waist. The teenager had to rest her belly against the worktop as her legs went weak again at the spectacle she was displaying. Her naked bum and breasts available for these 10 year old boys viewing pleasure.
When the drinks were made she told them to sit at the table, when they did she slowly walked round the table, as she placed each drink in front of each boy she let her breasts go within inches of each boys face. Her nipples strained on her breasts for full attention. Lucky for her she caught the time on the kitchen clock. Her mother was about to walk in the house, as she did each evening 5 days a week. Quickly Gem darted up stairs and dressed herself just as she heard the front door open. Gem felt her wet pussy throbbing with anguish.
The next day was uneventful. Apart from Gem spending her first day with no panties, a day of freedom and incessant arousal. But in the afternoon when her mother returned home from work, Gem was given news of a job offer. To help Mr Boyce at home cleaning, shopping.
“Mr Boyce is wheelchair bound, losing his legs in an accident. When he lost his wife. He says he will pay you over the normal rate.” explained her mother.
“Oh, ok then it will be nice to earn my own money.” Gem was pleased, but suddenly confused why her pussy quivered.
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