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a guy has his first huge experience
I went to my grandmothers to help with some handy man work and noticed she had company. It was her worker, she was almost 10 years older and I was instantly attracted to her. I was 18 she was 26 and had a couple of kids but that didn’t bother me. We dated and fell in love with each other. She was blonde and very hot, and pregnant with my child. Although I did not intend on getting married, we both loved each other and wanted to start a family, so we set the date and made our vows. The first year was great; at first she was reluctant to give head but eventually would suck my cock almost every night. We had our child and never slowed down until about the second year. It seemed excuses became the norm to avoid sex. She started becoming very jealous and questioned everything with scrutiny.

I stayed with her because I loved our child. We would have good and bad times but the bad times were multiplying and rarely did we have any good times. She had some friends and we started going to their houses or they would end up at ours and we would play cards and drink beer till the wee hours of the morning.

We eventually settled down with a pair of friends that we continually planned activities together. Their names were Darin and Terri. Terri and my wife, Cynthia, were friends in high school and now they were nearly inseparable. Darin was quiet and didn’t say much, Terri, his wife more than made up for his quietness. Terri, wore the pants in the family, so to speak. Darin had a good job but Terri took care of his paycheck. Darin had a small build, about 5’4”, and thin. Terri was slightly taller and also thin. They seemed to get along well and like us just trying to keep from being insanely bored.

Darin and Terri started coming over earlier, we would plan cookouts, the women would usually shop leaving Darin and I babysitting our kids. Darin and I started talking about various topics that eventually led up to sex. We both agreed that we didn’t get nearly enough sex and talked about ways to improve or improvise with other women. We never would cheat on our wives but didn’t stop us from talking and dreaming. Darin and I were now helping each other with the yards, and cars, or any other handy man work we had. It was agreed that we got things done quicker together than alone with our wives.

I was the young one of our little group, Darin an Terri was both about Cynthia’s age and so I looked up to Darin. I wasn’t old enough to buy beer, but would chip in when Darin made a beer run. Darin started doing things that I didn’t know how to address. He started touching me more, rubbing my shoulders, sitting next to me on the couch and letting our legs touch, it was subtle signs and I might be reading them wrong, I had to be very careful. I had sex with one guy before and now with my wife and I only having sex maybe every other week, I would consider having sex with another guy just to get my rocks off.

Cynthia and Terri had found bingo leaving Darin and I at home babysitting more often. One Friday night the both set of kids were at their respective grandparents houses leaving Darin and I completely alone while Cynthia and Terri went off to bingo. It was raining and we just planned on watching a new release and drinking beer. As I arrived I was greeted with a beer and a smack on the ass. “Hey”, I said surprised. Darin responded, “Good game”. He often done that especially when we were alone, mimicking sports players. Although shorter and smaller than me, I looked up to Darin in a combination view of a cross between a friend and father. He often gave advise and listen intently to me. I told him my problems and we spoke of things guys normally talk about like fishing and cars. We had planned on changing his oil, but the rain changed that and we spent the evening with a beer run then started a movie. The women wouldn’t be back until about 1030 tonight leaving us to fend for ourselves. We found something quick to eat and settle in drinking. Around 8 that evening we were both feeling very good, complaining and bragging about who got it less, “Cynthia and I would bring down the average in a nursing home” I bragged. “well they kicked us out of an abstinence convention because we didn’t even have any sexual desire to refrain from” Darin retorted. We both laughed at each other and then I sucker punched him in the arm. Although smaller, he was solid and took me down. We have wrestled before but this time Darin was in sweats and both of us was buzzing hard with alcohol. Darin started tickling me so I turned over giving him my back. He immediately wrapped his arm around my neck and pinned my legs with his leaving his crotch against my ass. I wasn’t sure but I thought I felt his cock pressing into my ass. We wrestled a bit and I was sure his cock was hard pressed against my ass. “Whats the matter, Terri isn’t giving you any so you have to pick on me” I said pushing my ass against his crotch. Darin responded by pushing back with his crotch, “even if I wasn’t getting any, your not man enough to take it little boy”, Darin shot back. He was rubbing his crotch in my ass and choking me, as I was fighting back my mind drifted back to Scott and how my first time with a guy was. I loved my time with Scott but I married and buried that event in my life deep inside me. He and I never told anyone and didn’t speak about it after I got married. Now, those feelings were flooding my mind again as I wrestled with Darin. I could feel my cock betray me and was getting hard, I needed to get up before I was fully hard. I finally rolled over and almost threw Darin off but he regained his balance and I was on my back. He was sitting on my stomach and I could feel his cock, my gosh he is hard, I thought to myself.

He was holding my wrist as I wriggled to get free and he was tickling me when he could causing me to scoot across the carpet and coming out of my jeans. “im coming out of my jeans”, I screamed. “What” Darin asked? “I said im coming out of my jeans”. He looked down and worked his crotch on mine and pressed against my cock. “You like kinda look like Terri from behind, and it’s giving me a hard on”, Darin laughed. “Well all your rubbing caused me to get hard, its been a couple of weeks and I cant take stuff like that”, I said. Darin was now scooting me and his knees were at my hips causing me to work myself out of my underwear. “My underwear is coming off, you have to stop” I said forcefully. Darin kept wiggling and laughed.

“Dude, my cock is hanging out” I snapped. He looked down and grinned. “Do you want to play a game?” Darin asked. “A game?” I questioned and before I could say anything else I felt his hand wrapping around my cock. “Your not cut” Darin stated very surprised. He seemed intrigued by my cock and started playing with it. I stopped wriggling and he asked, “does that feel good.” “of course it does, it feels good with any hand”, I responded. “Ok, now answer my questions, Do you like me?” Darin asked. “No” I responded and he pulled my cock hard, “yes” I screamed, Darin then squeezed and pulled harder. Darin continued asking questions as I held his arm trying to keep him from stretching my cock any further. He finally released cock, it was hurting slightly and numb all the same time. “Fuck that hurts”, I stammered. Darin laughed and then he started gently stroking my cock. “I bet if I done this long enough you would cum” he stated. “Whatever” I exclaimed, knowing that I would but didn’t want to admit it. “Ok we will see about that and if you try and stop me I am going to squeeze and pull your cock real hard”, Darin replied. I just laid there trying not to think about Darin pumping me but I drifted back to my earlier thoughts and was hard instantly. “You’re thick” Darin said surprised. He kept his hand steady and then with his other hand rubbed my balls. That sent me over the edge and started cumming all over his hand. He kept pumping and finally I was done. Darin slowed down then he pumped again really fast over the tender part of my head and before I could get his hand off my cock I screamed and out came about 4 long ropes of cum. I sent one on his chest, and 3 landing on my chest and face. I was dumbfounded, I never knew that was possible. I didn’t realize I could have a double orgasm like that.

Darin looked at me and asked “how was that?” “Amazing, how did you know how to do that?” I questioned. “Terri gets on top and one time she didn’t stop after I came and was tender, I ended up cumming again.” Darin explained. I wriggled out and got my underwear on and then went and cleaned up. I was speechless, I wondered if Darin had this planned and wanted the same in return. I felt ashamed, I didn’t know what his plans was but I definitely didn’t want Cynthia to know.

“Hey man are you almost done cleaning up because the women will be here soon and I need relief too” Darin spoke loudly. “Yeah, give me a minute” I responded. I exited the bathroom and down the hall to the living room, there was Darin nude on the couch. “You like my cock” he asked. I looked at it and thought “that is the biggest cock I have ever seen”. “Some people say its big” Darin laughed. He was as thick as mine but about 3 inches longer and his thickness was all the way down his cock. His head was as thick as his shaft and dark purple. I was amazed, I have seen guys in high school showers but nothing prepared me for this. Terri complained to Cynthia ,as we played cards, a couple of times but I never thought anymore about it.

I grabbed his cock and started pumping it. It was so heavy that it couldn’t stand fully upright. Darin started moaning and I kneeled and got more comfortable between his knees. I put both hands on his cock and pumped it. It was truly amazing and found myself totally intrigued by this monstrous cock. I took one hand away to rub his balls, omg they were heavy and huge also. I had both hands on his cock and his head was still poking out, then I could barely fit his balls in one hand, my mind was reeling how his cock could be so big. Darin was moaning and I was pumping myself back into excitement.
Darin was rocking his hips in tune with my pumping action. His cock was getting thicker and his veins started popping out. The shaft just behind his head was really thick now, getting wider and thicker. His cock had to be almost 3 inches wide and almost 7 inch girth. Darin was telling me his measurements as I stroked him and he wasn’t bragging.

“Put your fucking mouth on it”, Darin’s words pierced the room. I was surprised and put the head of his cock to my lips. His head was so soft and firm at the same time. I closed my eyes as the huge purple head slid passed my lips. I didn’t want to suck his cock, I felt I wasn’t cheating but was a guilty taboo to my marriage. He grabbed the back of my head and I reluctantly complied allowing him to get about half of his cock in. I couldn’t take any more as he pressured my head. His head was at the back of my throat causing me to gag terribly. He released my head and I took as much as I could without gagging. I felt so ashamed having this cock in my mouth that I had to kiss my wife with. I trying to give head the best I could but my heart wasn’t in it at first. I was trying to keep my teeth off his cock but damn he was so thick it stretched my lips and my jaws were aching, and my mind kept racing back to Cynthia.

Darin kept working his cock in my mouth, and I started getting more incensed. At some point my body took over and forced my mind to shut down and I started enjoying giving Darin head. I was stroking his balls with one hand, pumping with the other and sucking as much as I could as his musky scent infiltrated my nostrils. I couldn’t believe I was enjoying this lewd secret sexual act. His cock was ready to burst and I took it out of my mouth and rubbed my face all over it causing Darin to go berserk. His cock could stand out on its own now and appeared truly massive at over 10 inches. I suck his balls and licked underneath just above his rectum, Darin was moving his hips and fucking the air while I was licking his ball sack. I worked my way back up and tasted his precum, while his musk swirled around my head. I was working his cock when I felt his hand again behind my head and he started humping my throat, I had my hand at the base of his cock and he was shoving his cock in causing me to gag again with my lips resting on my thumb and finger. I finally adjusted to his cock somewhat and wasn’t gagging when I felt his cock go rigid and then felt a pulse of warmth against the back of my throat. Darin started flailing and grabbed my head hard and pumped it using my hair as his hand hold, I thought he was going to pull my hair out and finally he calmed down. I had cum everywhere. I couldn’t swallow it all and it was running out of the corners of my mouth.

He then brought me head up and kissed me deeply, as our tongues intertwined I stroked his cock. He licked some of his cum off my chin and kissed me again. He pulled away, “thanks for that, it felt so good, Terri won’t even swallow. I can barely get her to suck it. She complains that I want sex all the time and it hurts her.” “Ok, dude, it probably does hurt. That is the largest cock I have ever seen. I can’t believe she can handle it”. “She can’t, I only put about ¾ in, I allow her to get on top a lot so she can decide what she wants. If I’m on top I start pounding her hard and trying to fit it all in and she goes crazy gets mad and shit.” Darin stated sadly.

“Man the women are going to be here soon, we gotta get cleaned up. I’m sorry man I hope we can still be friends. Hope you’re not too mad at me; I was just really horny and drunk. It’s all fun.” Darin said almost pleading. “Hey don’t worry, it was ok. I just don’t want Cynthia to find out. I am all about having some fun, besides they should be giving us more head and we wouldn’t have these problems”, I said laughingly. Darin giggle and agreed. We just sat silently and watched television, usually we are always talking about something but this time we just sat quietly.

Cynthia and I drove home making small talk and started talking about Darin and Terri. I commented about their sex lives and Cynthia opened up. She explained that Terri doesn’t like having sex and complain that Darin is too large for her. She said it is no fun when he is pushing her uterus up in her throat. I acted totally shocked and stated that Darin isn’t very big to have such a large cock. Cynthia laughed and agreed. I teased Cynthia about liking big cocks and wanting Darin, she just laughed and said that mine was fine and didn’t want another guy. We got home and went to bed I didn’t even act like I wanted any, I felt so ashamed and guilty. I hugged and kissed her and expressed how much I love being with her, she cuddled up to me and we went to sleep.

The next month it seems everyone was busy and that was fine with me. I was trying to distance myself from Darin and what happened. I mean, I went to church every Sunday and had a family and was sucking another guys cock. This was a total abomination of my religious beliefs. I never thought of cheating on Cynthia and wanted to prove that I was going to be different and support my wife and family with all my energy. Then Cynthia’s rage became overwhelming. She was an older woman that definitely had problems and projected them on a young man that just starting out. She cut me down telling me how bad a father I was and wasn’t a very good husband and just went on and on. I was young and naïve and just thought this was family life. I didn’t dare talk about our family to anyone and held a lot of feelings inside and let them broil.

Cynthia and I continued to argue and fight for a while finally Terri called and they made plans to go out on a girl’s night out Friday. I found out that Terri was cheating on Darin but I figured it wasn’t my business and let it be. I kinda think that Cynthia may have been thinking about cheating on me because the women had replaced bingo with dance clubs and stayed out later, leaving the kids and I stuck at home. Cynthia and I argued over Teri’s cheating, and she flew off the handle stating that Terri needed a normal guy and I wouldn’t understand and to keep my mouth shut.

Friday arrived and both sets of kids were at their grandparents and Darin wanted me to come over. I had been fighting with Cynthia so much that I welcomed going over there and was planning on getting very drunk. We drove over to their house and they left. Darin and I were alone and was making small talk. We were laughing and joking drinking just like we had always done. He pulled out a little bag and we smoked a little then drank some more and I noticed his bulge in his pants. He got up and put a porn tape in and he was talking about how Terri hasn’t giving him any in almost a month. “Really, that’s a coincidence, because I haven’t gotten any in at least 3 weeks. He went and got his sweats on and came back and was very noticeable that he was active in his pants. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this again but my cock was tensing up and I could feel my body betraying my thoughts and replacing them with sexual desire.

Darin moved first, he sat nearly on top of me. “Are you all horned?” he asked. “Always” I replied. He stood up and took my shirt off. I was defenseless to fight any advances. I wanted my cock sucked or something and had deep stirring in my groin. Darin knew I was weak and took advantage of the situation. He was being rougher this time. “Darin your my best friend dude, thanks for understanding” I said trying to break some ice and relax my tense body. “man I feel the same way. If the women won’t help us then we will have fun our own way and this is safer and really not cheating” Darin said persuadingly. “That’s right” I said relaxing now. Darin undressed and he was still amazing. His cock just hung limp about halfway down his thigh. I undressed and my cock was at full attention.

Darin laid me on the couch and squeezed my cock then stroked it. I was young and it didn’t take me long to almost cum. Darin stopped and squeezed my cock real hard and carefully took his finger and dipped in my precum and stuck it in his mouth. Darin then leaned over and kissed me. Our tongues danced then he started slowly going down toward my cock. He started working on my head then enveloped my cock swiftly. He worked his tongue just under my head in a circle and fuck I knew that was it. I stiffened and he just kept his mouth going. “im cumming man” I said. He just stayed there and swallowed it all. After I was done he lifted his head and smiled “don’t you hate when women take their mouth away leaving your cock hard and throbbing. I hate that shit.” He stated forcefully.

We sat up on the couch and talk a bit while I started stroking him. I got between his knees and couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth. I worked him up good and hard. “Hey lets go to the bed”, Darin said. We went to the bed. “Get on your stomach” Darin demanded. Darin started rubbing my back and then grabbed my hips and pulled them up. “I don’t know about this”, I said. “it’s ok just relax, we are going to have some fun and if it’s too much I will pull out” Darin pleaded. That fair, I thought and put my ass in the air. Darin started rubbing my ass and I could feel him put his fingers on my asshole. I could hear him fiddling with lotion or something and then wiped in on my hole. Then I felt his finger slowly invade my privacy and started working in and out until I relaxed then he withdrew and I felt 2 fingers work in. I took a deep breath and tried to relax as he stroked my cock and balls. It was really feeling good then he quit, got some more lube and fingered my ass again. I heard him stroking his cock and then I felt his cockhead at my entrance.

Darin rubbed his huge head around the entrance and then underneath my ball sack and rubbed our cocks together. He pulled back up to the entrance again. He pressed his cock and I could feel the tension in my hole. He stopped and just went in a little then out, he done this several times and then asked “you want my cock in your ass?” “yeah I want your cock dude, its fucking hot”. The whole time he was working in and out slightly. “ok im going to enter your love hole, just relax”. “fuck yeah, work it in”. I felt pressure and then I felt 2 pops inside me as he entered swiftly. My insides instantly started burning and I felt my world go dark. My hips buckled and my knees got weak. I screamed out in pain and agony. I was flat on my stomach and he was still in me, I could feel his body lying on top of my with him gripping my hips tightly. “I THINK YOU TORE ME”, I screamed. “YOU GOTTA GET OUT”. Darin was still holding me, “relax, just relax. You will get used to it”. I was writhing in pain trying cope with the horrendous intrusion into my anal cavity. “Darin, please it is hurting real bad” I pleaded. He just laid there trying to calm me down. I could feel tears running down my face, as I was trying to breathe and relax, slightly sobbing. “Dude don’t be a fucking pussy, you wanted my cock so I gave it to you, now lay there for a minute it will feel better if you don’t fight it”. “k”, I said shaking my head yes. Darin grabbed my hair and pulled it and started talking dirty. “your my fucking bitch aren’t you, you like that huge cock in your ass. I just busted your asshole bitch.” I adjusted the best I could and place my hand on his hip in hopes he would withdrawal. He withdrew a little then slammed me again. I could feel his balls resting on my balls. I never had this pain before and I didn’t want him to know I was crying. So I just buried my face the pillow and kept adjusting. His cock felt like sandpaper as he started pumping my ass. He would withdraw and push in again as deep as he could. I felt pain deep in my abdomen as the head of his cock forced up into my colon.

He continued to pump me, I finally regained strength and got on my knees to allow him better access hoping my ass would stretch to relieve the pain but it didn’t work. I could feel him almost withdrawing his full length and forcing his way back in. As I cried out in agony he smacked my ass and calling me names and talking dirtier causing me to suffer. I thought of Scott and how I forced into him and I was very sorry for that. Darin’s cock felt like rough sand paper going back and forth at the entrance of my hole. I felt a burning from my entrance to deep inside my stomach. His cock tensed and his pace quickened as he buried it deep inside my tight ass. His balls were slapping against mine then it felt like something ripped and I really cried out. He pumped faster telling me to relax because he was close. “Finally”, I thought with relief, he was getting close; I just wanted this experience to be over with. Why was he doing this? I ask myself, I just wanted to go home. I could feel my hole move in and out as Darin pumped me. My ass had a tight grip on his cock and could feel it pulling out as it clung to his cock when he withdrew, then as he pushed in it felt like it flipped or rolled onto his cock causing intense pain. I could tell he was getting close because he was getting rougher and deeper. Darin‘s cock was at its full width and for some odd reason seemed to be getting easier but it still hurt. He smacked my ass hard and then grabbed my hair, “im cumming”, he screamed and I arched my back with pain. He pulled out and rammed in hard, I couldn’t take no more “fuck Darin stop please”. My hips buckled again and he followed me down and rammed me hard when I flattened out. I felt a warm sensation in my ass and knew he was pumping his seed in me, his balls again were against my ball sack and it felt good. Darin wasn’t pumping now just jerking thank God. He wrapped his arms around me with his pelvis jerkin against my ass. “ahhhhh fuck your tight, im cumming hard, uuggh, yeah, fuck yeah” he breathed heavily. He drew me in close and jerked in my ass. My ass had slightly adjusted to his size and this was feeling good. For once I was enjoying his penetration, persuading my stretched little anal bud to suckle his massive blue veined enormously girthed flesh stick. His cock was jerking and wriggling, wedging farther in my ass. He finished and withdrew his cock out of my ass. I could feel every inch passing out of my colon and when he withdrew and the relief was welcomed. I just laid there and couldn’t help it but I just cried. “Man I am sorry; I didn’t know it was that bad. I was just caught up in the moment; I thought you had gotten used to it a little. I am so sorry. Do you forgive me” Darin pleaded. I shook my head yes and grabbed my underwear and went to the bath room. I looked over and his cock was covered in blood.

I sat on the toilet cramping and burning. I wiped and the tissue was red. I couldn’t tell anyone because I was afraid Cynthia would find out. I shoved some tissue between my ass cheeks and pulled my underwear up hoping to keep the blood off of them and not raise suspicion. Darin met me in the hall. “Look at my cock, its red, I am so sorry dude are you sure your ok? Darin asked. “Yeah I was in there and didn’t have any blood I could find.” I lied. “ok im going to clean up and then we can talk k”, Darin stated. I shook my head yes and finished dressing. I sat gently in the recliner and sulked. We made small talk until the women arrived and we went home. I went to bed, told Cynthia I ate something that made me sick and fell asleep.

Darin and I fooled around a couple more times but nothing anal. I tried to top him and he just laughed and said maybe some other time. After 20 years I can still recall vivid details about that evening. After Cynthia and I divorced I lost track of Darin and Terri. They moved away and got divorced later.

I do prefer women over men but I want to have a great time with sex. I have come to the realization that sex is just sex, have fun and enjoy your time with your partner. If you have a huge cock please be easy on us tight asses and pm or email and tell me your about your huge cock or huge cock experience.
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