A Girl Called Carol

Carol stood facing him with her shoulders and the palms of her hands pressed against the bark of the tree trunk. She was still trembling with the shock of suddenly feeling his hand clamped over her mouth stifling any cry she might have made, of feeling him drag her away from the path deeper into the woods, of seeing the knife appear in front of her. She knew that her home was only a hundred yards away through the trees but it could as well have been a hundred miles for all the good it did her. His hand was pressing against her mouth, pushing her lips against her teeth. The knife was pointed at her throat and the menace in the man’s voice froze her. She had no thought of trying to run or resist. His eyes were cruel and the look in them made her shiver. “Quiet bitch, or I’ll kill you.” She nodded her head to show that she wouldn’t make a noise. He stuck the knife into the trunk of the tree. She could see the blade as it quivered close to her face.

With the one hand still covering her mouth he leaned away from her as he pulled a length of cord out of his pants pocket. He was naked to the waist. Carol wondered sickly if he was going to strangle her. Then, taking his hand from her mouth, he leaned into her; pushing her body against the tree and her face against his chest. She turned her face sideways so that she wouldn’t suffocate; she could smell his sweat. His hands grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms around behind the tree trunk where he tied her wrists together. The tightness of the cord and the scratching of the bark on her bare skin made her whimper a little. When she was securely tied her attacker stepped away and stood in front of her looking at her. She didn’t know what he would do. Her teachers and parents had warned her of strangers and not opening the door when she was alone but they’d never said why it was dangerous. She’d heard some of the girls whispering at school but hadn’t really understood even though she’d pretended that she had.

Carol knew that it was something to do with sex and that it would hurt. She hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much. The way he was looking at her made her more and more frightened. It reminded her of a cat ready to pounce; a predator. The word jumped into her mind. He was a predator, a child predator. She’d heard about them on the news but her parents hadn’t answered her questions so she’d stopped asking He seemed to really like looking at her from the waist down. She wished her shorts weren’t so tight. Her mother had bought them on sale last Fall and she’d grown since then. She was at least three inches taller and they were snug. She’d had her first period three months ago and her mother teased her about how she was starting to be a young woman even though her breasts were only the tiniest of buds. She wished she’d listened to her mother when she’d said to always come back by the roads, but it was so much easier to cut across the wooded lot from Sandy’s house and it saved ten minutes easy.

He moved closer. She could smell his breath. She wanted to ask him what he was going to do but, as she opened her mouth, he slapped her face so hard she saw flashes of light. “I said not to make a fucking sound bitch.” he snarled. The tears welled up in Carol’s eyes and her shoulders sagged in submission. He slid both his hands under her tshirt up her sides and then onto her chest. His hands found her little breasts and his fingers pulled at her nipples. She moaned and whispered to him to please stop, but her laughed and pulled harder.

Carol felt a surge of hope as he finally let go of her tits and took his hands out from under her shirt. But the hope died. With one hand he held her by the chin and licked her tears. His fingers felt rough and were so strong she knew she wouldn’t be able to pull her face free even if she felt brave enough. His smile showed yellow, nicotine stained teeth as his lips pulled back. “You’re a pretty little thing.” he said and he kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He nibbled her lips and then bit hard, she cried out without thinking. His fist thudded into her stomach, winding her and she began to cry harder.

Suddenly she felt his hand, the one not holding her chin, between her legs, on the bare skin of her thighs. It moved slowly. She began to tremble as the hand moved up on to the cloth of her shorts first to slide round to feel her bottom and then back around front to begin rubbing her in her private parts. Carol wanted to say something; to ask him to stop; to promise she wouldn’t tell but she panicked and started to struggle pushing her legs together and wiggling from side to side. It was hopeless and the man responded by dropping his hand from her chin onto her throat and beginning to squeeze. She realized she shouldn’t have struggled, she’d made him angry. He was going to kill her; she should have let him do what he wanted. All thoughts of anything else than staying alive left her as she started to choke.

Then, just as her eyes were loosing focus he suddenly let go. Carol slumped forward only held up by her hands tied behind the tree. She could hear her breath rasping in her throat. She had no energy for anything but trying to breath. The man disappeared from sight and she felt him working on the cord that held her hands. Suddenly the cord loosened and, with nothing holding her up, she fell forward onto her knees and then onto her face on the leaves and dirt under the trees.

She vaguely felt the man pulling her arms up over her head and then working her shirt up over her head and off her arms. The dirt was cool on her naked chest. She didn’t think of resisting as he pulled her arms behind her back and retied her wrists. Perhaps if she let him do whatever he wanted he wouldn’t kill her. She wanted to go home to see her parents again. She found her eyes filling with tears at the though of her home. She decided she’d do whatever he wanted; she’d make no noise; that she’d do nothing to annoy him.

With his foot he rolled her over. Her tied hands pushed into the small of her back and hurt but Carol didn’t make a sound. He bent over her breathing hard and pinched the little breast buds, pulling on her sore nipples. She bit her lip and lay there limply as he fondled her roughly. Suddenly he turned her back onto her front and she felt his hands run back and forth over her thighs and bottom feeling her body through the cloth of her tight shorts.

After a while he seemed to get tired of that and, grabbing a handful of her hair he pulled her up onto her knees. He stood in front of her, holding her upright by her hair. As she watched with terrified eyes Carol saw him unzip his pants and pull out his man thing. It was big and hard. “Kiss it” he ordered and moved it close to her mouth. As she leant forward she could smell the piss and her nose wrinkled in disgust. She started to pull back but a painful yank on her hair reminded her of her decision not to anger him. Closing her eyes she gave a quick peck to the end and hoped he would be satisfied. He was not. “Open your eyes, open your lips and give it a real kiss.” Carol obeyed. It was hard and warm to her lips.

The man grinned at her. “This is your popsicle, bitch. Give it a good lick.” Her tongue slid over the bulb and touched the skin. As the skin rolled back the smell of piss was stronger than before and she reacted by pulling back before she could stop herself. A sharp pain as his hand viciously slapped her cheek. Next the order was to take the whole thing into her mouth and to suck it. Feeling sick Carol did as she was told. Soon the man’s breathing began to change; it got shorter and quicker. He must have been enjoying it as he was muttering “Yes, yes, yes” between his teeth. Suddenly Carol felt her mouth fill with some sticky liquid and she started to pull back so she could spit. The man must have been expecting that as he had his hands on the back of her head stopping her. “Swallow it all bitch” he snarled and she did her best, gagging at the feel all the same. His man thing got soft in her mouth and he pulled it out with a satisfied sigh and wiped it on her hair before he dropped her, coughing and gagging onto the ground.

Once again he turned her over onto her back with his feet. She looked up at him he towered over her; enormous, powerful, threatening. He reached down with one hand, grabbed her ankles and held her legs up off the ground. He pulled her feet higher and higher. With his other hand he wrenched her sneakers off her feet, not bothering to loosen the Velcro. His fingers felt like metal clamps through the cotton of her ankle socks.

Now his hand dropped back to her shorts, found the waist button and ripped it open before unzipping her shorts. His fingers grabbed the crotch of her shorts and pulled. Carol felt the shorts slip over her hips as he pulled them down her legs. She was looking up at what he was doing, watching her panties come into view. She couldn’t do anything. She tried to twist out of his hands but he just laughed and his fingers slid down her thigh to rub her crotch.

Suddenly he dropped her legs back onto the ground and, bending over her, pulled Carol’s shorts all the way off. His breathing was getting harder and he grabbed her panties and pulled them down and over her feet. Now she was completely naked, except for the ankle socks. “Open your mouth bitch” and she obeyed. He balled up her panties and shoved them in her mouth. They were warm from her body. He kicked her legs apart and she lay there, waiting, feeling sick in her stomach from fear.

He took off his shoes and trousers. He didn’t wear socks or underpants. His man thing was big again, like a rod or a gun threatening her. Carol felt strange, as if she wasn’t only herself but was also someone looking at the scene. She felt the pain from her wrists as she lay on top of them. She felt the air on her naked body but she was also looking down on what was happening. She could see the naked girl lying on her back on the leaves and twigs with her legs spread wide and strands of hair stuck to her cheeks by her tears.

That strange moment ended as the man dropped onto his knees and reached his hands under Carol’s bottom, lifting her privates up to his face. He licked her and she felt strange sensations as his tongue slipped into her slit. He spat into her and then lowered her down. “That should lube you enough.” he said. Carol didn’t understand but then screamed with pain as he pushed something into her. It was his rod she realized as the pain went deeper and deeper. Her panties muffled the sound of her screams. She could feel something tear inside her. “Oh God, please don’t let me die” she screamed inside her head as she felt him ramming himself deeper and deeper. He pulled back only to thrust again and again and the pain grew worse and worse. Carol felt she couldn’t take any more when, finally, with one last thrust the man gave a gasp of relief and stopped pushing. Even through the pain Carol could feel some liquid coming inside her; what he’d done in her mouth he’d done in her sex parts. Maybe now he was finished; she was still alive; he’d go away and they’d come and find her and take her home.

Why hadn’t they already come? Didn’t they care? But she’d promised to come back by the roads so they wouldn’t start looking in the woods.

The man stood up. Was he going to go away now? He knelt down beside Carol and rolled her over onto her stomach. “We’re not finished yet, bitch” he said as he untied her wrists and pulled her to her feet.

Carol could hardly stand up as he dragged her back to the tree and made her bend over face down and put her arms around the tree. Once again he tied her wrists behind the tree. With the pain and the shock everything was fuzzy. Why had he tied her this way? Was he going to beat her backside? She’d read stories of the olden days when grownups beat children. She felt him pull her bottom cheeks apart and then heard him spit and felt the wetness on her.

A rush of horror as she realized that he was going to ram his rod in her potty hole as he’d done in her sex. He was too big to go in there. He’d tear her apart. As his hands held her by the waist, Carol began to scream. She could hear the sounds muffled by the panties stuffed in her mouth.

Then the pain started. She could hear him grunting as he pushed his man thing into her rectum. She could hear and feel muscles tearing. The pain was coming in waves each one worse than the one before. The waves of pain started to fill her head with color: blood red, deep black. The tree in front of her face began to fade. The pain was getting too bad to stand she felt she was going to die. The pain got worse. She know she was dying. Her last thought was “Of course – predators kill.”

Too intent on his needs the man hardly noticed when the girl’s body went limp. He continued until he climaxed and, with a sigh of relief, pulled back and let go of her body, letting it slump down against the tree. He put his pants and shoes back on, pulled his knife out of the tree trunk, folded it up and slid it back into his pocket. He looked at the girl’s lifeless body and took the panties out of her mouth. She wouldn’t be calling for help and he always liked to keep a souvenir. As he walked back to his Harley he could hear some woman calling for a girl called Carol.


2016-09-02 11:09:36
Should have her pass out and wake up in his basement, not killing her. There could've been much more from the girl.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-10 00:24:58
Didn't like this one....A good rapist would never kill. Please can all your snuff stories, they suck.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-24 14:09:10
I Didn't like that she died but otherwise it was a good story.

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-03 22:49:08
I gota say. It did turned me on really fast, the end when found out she died....turned me off 100%..

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-03 22:48:08
I gota say. It did turned me on really fast, the end when found out she died....turned me off 100%..

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