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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. And I believe you’ll thank me for this because, as where chapters I and II were just two parts, this one chapter was supposed to be 11 parts. You’re welcome. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Seven By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter III: 9th Grade - Winter 1986 Part 6 - Romp in the Park (mc, exhibition)

"This feels so dirty!" Suzi said as we slipped into the girl’s bathroom. "Yeah, I've never been in this girl’s bathroom before," Joey admitted. "Tim, I still can't believe you picked the bathroom on the other end of the school! Gawd. I'm so wet, it's running down my leg!" "I wonder why the girls get little trash cans in their stalls, and not the boys?" Joey pondered. "Duh!" Suzi said as she got into her stall and shut the door. "Why don't you look and see what is inside?" "Awe, that's nasty!" I said after taking the bait. "I think I'm going to get sick." "What? Mine's empty.... Oh, I get it. Never mind." As I started forcing myself to poop, I popped into Jerry Austinberg's head and checked the time. I needed to string this out for about ten minutes. A loud fart echoed throughout the bathroom. "Joey!" Suzi said as I laughed. "What?" Joey said, farting again. "That's gross," she said before giggling as farts started coming from both sides of her. "Hey Suz, any requests? Maybe Yankee Doodle?" I said as I started playing the first few notes with my butt. "Awe cool!" Joey said. "Let’s do Row, Row Your Boat. You start, then I join." "Okay.. But I'm not sure I can get us to do a whole verse. I was lucky to get Yankee Doodle to work." "Come on guys..." Suzi pleaded. "I'm trying to concentrate here..." "Heh. Well, hang on a sec anyway Tim. I'm starting to dump." "Suz? Need any help?" "No, thank you very much."

We all had a minute of silence, apart from a few grunts. I checked with Jerry again, and figured on another seven before packing it in. "Okay Tim, let'em rip!" Joey said a moment later. I had Joey start, and I started once he got to the merrily, merrily part. Suzi at first was objecting, but by the time I was doing the merrily, merrily, Suzi was laughing so hard, I couldn't help but let her finish my verse for me. Joey almost fell in from laughing so hard. "Okay guys.. I'm gonna make sure we're all clean now.. Ready." "Let the shit roll, Timmy boy," Joey exclaimed. "Do it and let’s get out of here," Suzi agreed. After a group deep breath, we all heard a few plops in the water, and we were done. I check with the time, and we had another three minutes before I had planned on leaving the bathroom. "Okay, I think you're both done," I said, "but I'm not." Two toilets flushed, and then I heard their stall doors open. I stalled for a while longer, then reached down to pull up my pants. I grinned, wondering if the other two had done the same. I checked the time, flushed, then had to wipe the grin off my face before opening the stall door. "Ready?" I asked. "Yeah," Joey said at the door. Suzi nodded, already starting to blush with anticipation. I knew by the time we got back to our private little room, she was either going to kill me, or rape me. Probably both. I peeked at the time again, and saw I needed just a moment more. I washed my hands, taking my time. The moment had come, and timing was everything.

As we sneaked out of the girl’s bathroom, I allowed them to rush ahead, trying to get back to the stairs as quickly as possible. As they both passed through the door way to the stairs leaving my sight, I quickly took my position behind another door, and watched the clock count down... 3, 2, 1. "RING!" The hallways erupted as the fifth period ended. I closed my eyes and concentrated on all those minds that were going up and down those stairs. Joey and Suzi were trapped on the landing between the first and second floor, just as I had planned. I had known I was going to have problems with so many people, but I figured the worst that could happen was I just wouldn't get everybody in time. I managed to peek at their state of minds as there was a momentary decrease of people on those stairs. Suzi was so embarrassed from all the people walking by staring, she was almost ready to have an orgasm without anyone touching her. It was even dripping down her legs to the floor.

Joey, however, was not finding any pleasure in people looking at him, snickering, even when he kept getting wolf whistles from some of the girls. His dick was not only soft, it was shriveling up. His hands were clasped over his crotch, and he was shaking all over with shame. That was not what I had planned. But by that time, the stairs were starting to thin out, and Joey had collected enough wits to scramble up the stairs to the second, then third floor. With Joey out of the picture and the stairs and hallway traffic thinning, I was able to keep the pressure up on Suzi while I abandoned my hiding place. No one I passed took any particular notice of me. As I started climbing the stairs, the bell rang again. I found Suzi still standing on the landing, shaking and panting, her face still filled with the shame and lust she was feeling. She didn't even realize I was standing beside her until I spoke. "Excuse me, but if you don't stop puddling on the floor, I going to have to ask you to leave." "YOU! YOU!" was all she said before I grabbed her, pulled her tightly to me, and kissed her with all my might. She couldn't stop herself from giving back what I was giving her. She began struggling, trying to impale herself with my erection. I broke away from her frantic mouth long enough to say, "Suz, stop trying. We have to take our pants off first."

It didn't register with her, so I repeated it, while canceling the few harmless commands I had made earlier. She suddenly found herself wearing her shirt and pants. She jumped away from me like I had turned red hot. I saw her realize the joke I had played on them, her eyes appeared ready to murder me. "I gave you what you wanted, you know," I said with a grin. "And you have to admit, it was the only way to make sure we didn't get in serious trouble." She turned without a word and started climbing the stairs. "Oh, shit!" I said. "I forgot about Joey!" I dashed past Suzi, then nearly slammed myself into the wall as I turned the corner at the top of the stairs. I flew down to the room, and found Joey wrapped up in the king size comforter trying to find his clothes. He saw me standing there, then realized I wasn't as near as upset as I should have been. "What the fuck have you done with our clothes!" he said as he started towards me. I canceled his illusion as well, then said, "You're wearing them." The shock on his face turned to anger. He dropped his cover and launched himself at me full force. He rammed me, partially knocking the wind out of me, but I managed to swing his momentum around, pushing him to the ground with me on top. We struggled for several moments, and finally I just took his energy from him so I could reason with him. He found himself becoming as weak as a newborn, so he let himself go completely limp, but looked at me with hatred in his eyes. Suzi had passed us without comment, and now was sitting on the couch waiting for Joey and I to settle things on our own. Whatever I could have said would have been a waste of time. My little joke had backfired. I never considered Joey taking it so bad. Suzi had wanted it, but he hadn't even truly considered it. I looked at him with my most apologetic expression, then kissed his unresisting mouth before getting up and walking to the stairs. I was going to let him cool off while I figured out what made me play such a dirty trick on them. Something just didn't feel right.

I wound up going to the main office, asking to see Principle Higgs. As I expected, everyone there was familiar with who I was, considering I had tried to kill my self not 30 feet from where I had stood. I talked to Higgs for about five minutes, then he phoned one of the secretaries to arrange what I needed. Except to release Joey from his helpless state, I hadn't used a single command or peek into a single head. A few minutes later, the phone rang while we were waiting. Joey and Suzi had come to the office because they had been unable to find me. They thought I might have gone off the deep end again. After the secretary told them I was in with Principle Higgs, Joey literally forced his way into the office, shocked to see I was actually here. He thought I had tried to trick him with a phony trail. After I reminded everyone how I had been able to talk the nurse and several others in leaving me alone in the nurses’ office during my suicide attempt, no one questioned Joey's motives for his actions. I told Joey and Suzi I was okay, and I would talk to them after school.

As Katie walked in the office, Joey's eyes went wide, and Suzi frowned. I gave them both a pleading look not to say anything, not wanting to upset anyone. Joey wasn't going leave without an explanation however. "What the fuck is going on with you?" Joey thought to me. Out loud I said, "Joey, come 'ere a sec." We stepped away from the others, while Higgs took Katie into his office and closed the door. "I think something in Katie's head did something to me. Higgs is gonna hypnotize me to help me look for it in Katie's head." "Why did you leave us like that? You should have told us this." Joey said, showing a little anger from earlier. "You wouldn't have listened. And it wasn't until I was about to hitch a ride home that I figured it out about Katie. I think someone did something to her just to make me go crazy." "You? I think you are going crazy. If it hadn't been for Suzi, you wouldn't have ever found it." I stopped to think about that. He was right. It had been pure chance. No one could have foreseen Suzi finding it. I certainly would not have. "Shit. Maybe you're right. I was so sure that what I just did to you and Suzi had been... No. I know it was. I may not be able to tell exactly what someone else has done to my mind, but I can feel it... Something made me want to trick you in a way that would break us up. I can feel it, Joey... Oh, shit. Someone just touched Katie's mind. We have to get out of here, fast." I grabbed Joey's hand and pulled him with me as I tried to shield his mind like I was shielding mine. I couldn't let whoever it was find out what I knew. The surprise on Suzi's face as Joey and I each grabbed an arm was almost comical. The shield around Joey was holding, and I found him able to sustain it without my help. The people we left behind us in the office started to react to our fleeing, and I suddenly felt very conscious of how vulnerable they were. I constructed a shield around Suzi's mind, and tried to explain what was going on to Suzi as we ran out the front of the building.

To our surprise, we found a black limousine parked in front of the school. As we turned to go around it, the driver seemingly came out of nowhere and opened the door. "Please get in," a male voice said from within the vehicle. "I promise you and your friends will not be harmed, Timothy," the voice added when we hadn't responded. "We have much to discuss, you and I." "What did you do to Tim!" Joey said, the first to get over the shock. "Believe it or not, the only one who has done anything to Tim, is Tim himself. Now get in the car, all three of you. Or do I need to start recruiting your teachers and friends to help me?" "You want me, not them," I said shaking. "I don't want any of you. Now stop acting like a scared little child and get in!" Then he sighed. "Please, you do not have anything to fear from me." I looked at Suzi, then checked with Joey. I climbed in first, followed by Suzi, then Joey. Even though I thought I was prepared for anything, I was still shocked by what we found inside. I can only imagine how Suzi and Joey felt. We were all so entranced by what we saw, we never noticed the door had been shut behind us. Inside the large cabin was a loosely robed man laying on a satin covered bed with his back cushioned by the breasts of two naked women wearing black leather collars sitting immediately behind him. "I apologize for being so rude a moment ago. I suppose I am just used to being obeyed without question," he said as the blond women on his left handed him a small gold box. "What do you want with us," I said as the vehicle pulled out of the school yard. "Timothy, please. I really do not mean you any harm. In fact, I only wish to give my only son a gift in exchange for a few hours of your time," he said as he held out the box to me. "Son?!" the three of us said.


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