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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. And I believe you’ll thank me for this because, as where chapters I and II were just two parts, this one chapter was supposed to be 11 parts. You’re welcome. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Eight By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter III: 9th Grade - Winter 1986 Part 7 - A Day With Dear Ole Dad (mc, oral mf mF MF)

"My father was a slave of my mother's. He didn't have any powers like... this," I said, indicating his backrest. "Oh, so your mother didn't tell you I had the talent. I wonder why? No matter. Yes, your mother did make me her slave. Actually, it was probably the best sex I had up to that time. I especially enjoyed it when I was freed from her control and made her do all sorts of interesting things. But this isn't about your mother and I. This is about you. You are my son, and I felt I should pass this on to you. So please accept it." "How do you know he is your son?" Suzi asked as I reached out to take the box. "I check on some of my pets from time to time. The girl Katie is one of my summer girls. I was missing her lovely ass, so I sent for her, planning to spend a weekend using her. I discovered her thoughts had been altered slightly to cover up Tim and yourself kissing during a class period. It was a simple matter of checking school and state records to find who he was. When I realized who his mother was, I found the son I never knew I had." "What IS this?" I said as I picked the red transparent coin out of the now open box. "Feels comforting, does it not?" He said with a grin. "Yeah," I admitted. "Here, feel this Suz," I said handing it to her. "I don't feel anything," she said turning it over in her hand. "Here, let me try," Joey said. Suzi passed to him, and after he held it a moment, he gave it a flip. "I can't really feel anything either. Well, it does kinda make my fingers feel kinda nice and warm," Joey admitted as he handed it back to me. "That might indicate you have a slight touch of the talent, Joey. Timothy, I'm very curious to know how it makes you feel. Could you describe it to me?" "Uhm, okay. I guess it feels like.. like.. I don't know.. sorta like I'm not alone or something. Or like... Yeah.. Like it’s rubbing my chest like my mom does when I'm sick or something. And there's.. there's something else.." I said concentrating on it.

He waited patiently as I reached out with my mind to touch it. There was something being emitted from the strange red coin. Something which had a physical shape to it. Then I realized there was not one, but many different feeling shapes, almost like... "Symbols! It's shouting symbols at me!" I exclaimed excitedly." "Incredible! I spent years of probing it before I understood that. And I never learned anything else about them. Perhaps you will find some meaning to them.." "Wow. Thanks, Mister, er.. How do you know I'm your son and not from one of my mother's other lovers?" "Very simple. Most people with the talent learn early on how to control the woman's menstruation cycle. Your mother could have never gotten pregnant while she was in control without deliberately allowing it, which she hadn't. It could have only happened while I was taking out my revenge on her. I simply had overlooked that possibility, probably because she had always taken care of it herself. I suppose it was sheer carelessness on my part since she didn't even remember her name at the time, but then you wouldn't be here now with me if I hadn't been so careless." "Uhm, thanks, I think." "Your welcome. Now, you have some other questions you need answered. But before we start, would you care for some refreshments?" The dark haired woman on his right side began to slide out from behind him, his weight transferred effortlessly to the other woman. I suspected he usually only had one of them supporting his back from the way he seemed to have shifted his body to a more natural position. The other probably normally performed other... functions. Joey was becoming increasingly aroused by these two sex goddess before us, and so was I.

When the dark haired woman took out an orange bottle from a refrigerator, her body movements captured our eyes, and even Suzi was starting to breathe a little harder. We were handed a glass each containing a faintly purplish liquid. "This is my favorite drink. I call it 'Life's Essence'." The dark haired woman held his drink for him as he drank. It had a pleasant, almost bubblegum odor to it, and as we tasted it, I knew it was the greatest drink I had ever had. "It always makes me horny as hell," he said as the dark haired girl handed the glass to the other and began working her way down his body. "I hope you don't mind," he said as the woman uncovered his rising member. "It's time for my 3:00 blow." We didn't say anything as the woman slipped the large organ into her mouth. Joey gasped as we all realized she had effortlessly taken it down into her throat. The woman began slowly work it in and out of her mouth, using her tongue to stimulate him as much as possible. "Carol, why don't you help the poor boy relieve himself," my father said, indicating Joey. "I can lie against the back seat for once," he added when the blond beauty looked concerned about leaving him. "Huh? I... I.... Uhm. That's okay.. I'll uhhh... I wouldn't want you to go to any trouble...." Joey stammered out. "No trouble at all, my dear boy. Tim, if you like, I can program Suzi here with Vicki's technique. And I suppose her gag reflexes would have to be inhibited.. Perhaps I could.." "No thanks," Suzi said huskily. "I can manage without your help." "Huh?" I echoed Joey. "You're gonna do it to me in front of my daa... daaa..." I finished gasping. Suzi already pulled down my fly, and since I hadn't bothered putting on my underwear earlier, Suzi had already worked my hardon into her mouth. "ghewdo?" I squeaked to Joey. "Umm, I guess," Joey said back, pulling his own pud while Suzi began making me wiggle. Carol, gently eased her master off her. His face showed a moments discomfort when his skin made contact with the soft leather. "Carol, remind me to have Janice and Tanya do an extra good job on my back when we get home." "Yes, master," she replied as she got down on her knees and peered up to Joey with a longing puppy dog look. "Should I?" Joey whispered nervously to Suzi and I. "Don't think they hear you Joey," my father replied. "Doesn't look like they will mind either." "Okay, I guess. But you don't have to, if you don't want to," Joey said to Carol. "My master wishes me to, and I only live to do as my master wishes," she said before sucking Joey's head into her mouth like a spaghetti noodle. "Gaaaaaaaa!" was all Joey could say. "MMMMnnnnnnnnn," I agreed, struggling. "Ah, to be young again," my father said to no one in particular. For a minute, the only sounds in the cab were sucking and slurping noises, mixed with a few gasps and moans from Joey and I.

Then a buzz came from somewhere on my father's side of the cabin. "That will be for you, Timothy," my father announced. "I suppose I'll have to answer it." "Hello Samantha," he said immediately into the mouth piece before anyone had spoke on the other end. "I must congratulate you for tracking down my unlisted car phone so quickly. I wasn't expecting your call for another five minutes." I opened my eyes in shock, realizing he was speaking to my mother. "Yes, he's fine. As a matter of fact, he's better than fine. He was just getting his boyhood serviced by his lovely girlfriend here. Just a moment, Samantha dear, I believe he wishes to talk to you." He passed held the receiver out for me, smiling at my red face. "Uhm, hello?" I said once I had it to my ear. Suzi had stopped, and now was looking a bit red in the face herself. I momentarily wondered whether it had been from my father's embarrassing words, or from her energetic efforts. "Are you all right?" my mother's voice said anxiously. I could feel her mind trying to touch mine. I permitted her to access my mind, and felt her search for any meddling. "Yeah, I'm fine," I said to confirm her own conclusions. "Is Suzi okay?" my mother said, implying the worse. "She and Joey are fine," I said, a little hurt. "I'm sorry dear. I feared Charles had somehow made you do something when he said.. you know." "Sorry mom," was all I could say. "Where is he taking you? Has he tried to hurt you?" "I don't know where we are going," I said looking at my father's relaxed face. "and no, he hasn't."

"Let me speak to her, Timothy," he said. Carol had been disappointed when Joey had stopped her, but now she happily took the receiver back to her master, knowing how much he needed her chest to be truly comfortable. "We are on our way to my south mansion. Yes, that's the one. Efficient as usual, my dear Samantha. I only wish to spend some time with Timothy and his two friends before I leave for Europe for a week. I promise I won't change a single thought in their heads. Not that I could anyway. Would you believe he is actually shielding their minds as well as his? "Yes, I remember.... I think so too.... No, they stopped...... Yes.... I'm not sure either, but let me ask him." He lowered the mouth piece slightly and bluntly said to me, "We were wondering if you had fucked Suzi in the ass yet." He had to hold the ear piece away from his ear due to my mother's loud protests. All three of us started turning red. I looked down at the floor and said, "I haven't... er, that is, I'm still a..." "He's still a VIRGIN, Sam! Imagine that! I never bothered checking that. I just assumed... Yes, he certainly is stronger than either one of us there.." "We were going too.." I weakly added. "We just got... distracted from it today." "Did you hear? He said they were going to fuck their brains out today if I hadn't come along. Sorry Samantha, of course he didn't say it like that... Do you remember when you first had me do you up your butt? Yes, I did too. I have a confession to make, Sam. I missed your ass after they made me release you. You know how I had never done it that way before you? Well, it's been my favorite kind of sex ever since. And you have to admit, we must had liked doing it because we did it a lot."

My mouth was hanging open, listening to my father talking to my mother about old times. The conversation was warm and friendly, as if they had been close friends for years. Joey was shaking his head in disbelief, and Suzi was smiling like a cat. "Sam, I believe we may want to reminisce about the good old days another time. Apparently these are more innocent ears that I had assumed. How about we get together sometime after my trip and get to know each other again, but on more equal terms this time. Well of course I want to fuck your ass again. So would a month from Thursday be okay? I'm sorry, I forgot you worked for a living. Well, I suppose I can manage the anticipation until that weekend..." He looked up at me with a sudden thought and said, "Unless you have a problem with your mom and pop getting it on for old time’s sake? Maybe you could spend the weekend at your friend's house?" He looked hopefully. "Uhm, let me talk to her a sec," I said, not believing my ears. Vicki was still slowly sucking at his cock, having a little more bulk to deal with due to the effects of the conversation. But she passed the phone over to me without disrupting her concentration. I stared at her ass while I spoke into the mouth piece. "Uhm, mom? Are YOU all right?" I asked attempting to connect to her mind like she had to mine earlier. "I'm fine, Timmy. I'm sorry you heard all that. But if it makes any difference, your father and I really did have some great... times together. Okay, I'm not going to lie to you. I miss having sex with him. He was my favorite, and I was almost upset when they set me free." "I'm a big girl, you know," she said a moment later when I didn't reply. "I can take care of myself. If he tries to pull something, I'm stronger than he is, but I know he is sincere about this anyway. He let me scan his mind when you got off the phone last time, and I don't think he will hurt you either. Watch out for Suzi, though. He finds her extremely, shall I say, tempting?" "Okay mom. Uhm, he wants to talk to you again, so here he is."

"Sam? We are pulling into my drive now. I promise to behave. If they wish too, would you agree to let them spend the night? I believe they have some unfinished business to attend to, and I wouldn't dream of my only son not having the best on such an important day of his life." The three of us exchanged looks. None of us were all that sure about whether we wanted to do it like this. I also wondered if they still wanted to include me. "So, you'll contact their parents? All right. I'll call you later when they know what they're doing tonight. I'll look forward to it. Goodbye, Mistress," he said smiling at his own joke as he hung up the phone. The car came to a halt, and Vicki gently disengaged from her masters softening appendage. "Vicki, you did an excellent job," he purred. "Why don't you put yourself down for an extra butt fuck this week. I may even do you myself." "Oh thank you master!" Vicki shouted with glee. "Just thinking of your big hard prick up my tight ass make all hot and wet! May I go and play with myself while I fantasize about it?" "Please perform your other duties before taking any personal time out such as that." "Oh, I will master! Thank you master!" Vicki said voice filled with joy. She closed her master's robe as carefully as she could using her lips, then waited for everyone to get out of the car before getting out herself and quickly going up the steps and into the enormous house.

We climbed the same marble steps up to the main entrance, finding a line of partially nude mostly women servants waiting for their master's orders. They all wore the same collar around their neck, and two twin completely nude women had a leash attached to them just like Katie had in her memory. "Sherman," he addressed one of the men kneeling before him. "Timothy and I will be having a private talk in the North study. Please see that Suzi and Joey are given anything they desire. And prepare three of the inner-connected guest rooms for them." "Which wing, Lord? The South wing? Or the North?" "The North, of course. They won't need the, er. toys, so have them removed, won't you?" "Yes, my Lord." "What are we going to talk about that Suzi and Joey can't hear?" I asked. "I know all about your dream, and how it's still bothering you. Joey and Suzi are very much involved with your problems. It is best they go and enjoy themselves instead of being dragged through your emotional chaos." "Tim?" "I'm okay, Joey. I guess he's right. Go ahead, and I'll join up with you two later. Then I can tell you all about it if you want." "Timmy?" Suzi said putting her arms around me. Then in a whisper only I could hear, she said, "Be careful. I don't trust him." "I don't think I'm in any danger, but watch yourself," I thought to her. "My mom said he has the hots for you, not that I can blame him. Just stick with Joey, and don't let your guard down for a moment." "Joey can call me if something happens, so don't let each other out of your site," I thought to both of them. Then just to Joey, I thought, "Keep her safe, buddy. She's the only one who can't defend her mind on her own."

The man holding the ends of the twin's leashes handed them over to my father, and he led them and myself down a long hall. We took an elevator attended by a woman who obviously was past her sexual peak. She must have been nearly 50 years old. The surprise must have showed on my face because he smiled and said, "Tim, here is someone you I would like you to meet. Mother, say hello to your grandson." "Hellooo," she said in a deep sexy voice. I began feeling sick in my stomach when I stupidly peeked into her head. I found nothing grandmotherly in her mind. She was just another mindless sex toy. Her hand reached out to my crotch, making me jump back away from her. It wasn't until the elevator doors opened that I realized I had backed up against one of the twins chests. If she hadn't started breathing so hard because her master's son was touching her, I probably would have never known. "Sorry, Tim. I shouldn't have done that yet. You see, my father had the talent also. My mother here was just another one of his slave girls. I never really had a mother like yours. She gave me my first blow job when I was only a day old. The first cum I shot was in her mouth, and when I was three, she was the first woman I fucked." "That is... sick," was all I could say. "Perhaps, but try and look at it from my point of view. You see, you never forget the first woman you kiss, the first woman you fuck, or the first mind you enslave. That woman has always been my mother. It is a special kind of bond between us. In fact, the only thing I didn't do with my mother first was fuck a woman in the ass. That was your mother. She really is a good fuck, Tim. Maybe you will try it someday. To me, fucking mom is the most natural thing a son could do." After my bile settled down in my throat, I asked him, "Did she rub your chest when you were little? Like when you were sick or sad?" "No. When I was sick, she would suck on my dick all night long. And whenever I got depressed, all I had to do was go fuck mom, and I would feel all better. It's not all that different."

We arrived at the door to his study. Study would have been the last thing I would have called it. It was more like a miniature arena, like the Roman Coliseum. The circular room had a c shaped raised platform which began from the entrance we were standing, and ended on the opposite side with another entrance. The platform was actually a continuous mattress with silk sheets, hundreds of pillows, with a narrow carpeted pathway along the wall for walking. The platform was only four feet higher than the main floor, which had two more entrances, equally spaced apart. I was mystified about what went on in this room, not that I didn't have a few ideas. The platform could have easily held a hundred people. (I still do not understand why he called it his study. I theorized he must have had a room which resembled a traditional study at one time, but it had slowly taken on a different function over a long period of time.) (Of the three mansions I have visited over the course of my life, each had two - a North study, and a South. I sneaked into a South study once a few years ago, and I never will do so again. There was only a mattress large enough for perhaps five people to share. The rest of the platform was a contiguous array of restraints, littered with objects and devices, their functions mostly obvious, but some not so obvious. Like the thing you use to peel potatoes and carrots with. I still shutter wondering what he used all those for.) He handed me one of the twin's leashes, which I immediately rejected. He explained that the carpeted path was too narrow for the two girls to walk side by side, and he always has trouble keeping one of them behind the other. For a moment I forgot we were talking about two human beings instead of a couple of dogs, so I agreed. I kicked myself for doing it, but I got kind of a kick watching her ass sway back and forth in front of me.

As we approached the mid way point, three more nude women appeared at the opposite entrance and quickly made their way towards us. He indicated to me to crawl onto silken sheets at a parting of the vast number of pillow which where piled almost to my head. By the time I had managed to get myself situated on the plushest and comfortable bleachers ever imagined, the three women had joined us. "Now Tim, before I start, you need to relax. Even though you are shielding everything from me, I can see you are still very tense and disturbed." "You're not going to try and hypnotize me, are you?" "Hypnotize? Now that is an amusing idea. No. I just want you to allow me and my staff to make you as comfortable as we can." "Well, I can't promise anything, but, okay, I can try." "Good. Then just sit up a moment and let Sandra here scoot in behind you. I promise you will enjoy it, and she really does want to, don't you Sandra." "Yes, please? I've never felt the heartbeat through my chest of someone so young before. Please?" "I don't know.." "Well, just try it, and if you feel uncomfortable, you can just lay against the pillows. The point here is to make you feel as comfortable as possible." "Okay, I guess," I said, leaning forward. I naturally was curious about it, but I wasn't sure about how proper it was. And what if I liked it too much? As I laid back again, her soft breasts seemed to flatten out more than they should. She was just like warm pillow. But after I got comfortable, she let out a dissatisfied sigh. "What's the matter?" I said sitting up gain. "Did I do something wrong?" "Oh, no!" she cooed, "It’s just that... I couldn't feel your heartbeat. Your shirt blocks it." I found that hard to believe since my heart had been doing double time from the erotic nature of it all. But I did see she truly enjoyed feeling the heart beat of another person resting up against her chest. It was one of the things that gave her joy in her life that my father hadn't needed to program her for. I knew that was why he had picked her for me. I didn't mind allowing him to succeed since it did make the true Sandra happy. I doubt I would have done it if she hadn't naturally been that way. "Okay," I sighed, taking off my shirt. As I laid my bare back against her naked chest, she whispered, "Thank you."

After I had settled down, she gave me a quick hug, indicating she felt my heart beat. Her skin touching mine was quickly becoming less of a focus, and in a few minutes, her warmth became more of a comforting feeling, instead of an erotic one. My dick still wasn't giving up, though. I wondered about whether Joey had blue balls just as I did from all of the teasing and no release. To make matters worse, the twins started to nurse from their master's dick, competing for the head. "Ack!" my father said as one of them accidentally scraped some teeth across the sensitive edge of the crown. Both of the girls looked up as if they had pottied on the carpet and knew they had done something bad. It was very easy to think of them as some kind of canine. Not that they looked like one, but all of their mannerisms were of a well trained dog, faithful and completely dependent on their master. For all the years I've known them, they have never spoken a word to anyone. "That's it!" he said in an annoyed tone. "If you two bitches can't share without fighting, Nina here will do that, and you two can go back to the kennel." They both got upset about that, and crawled up his disrobed body. I wasn't sure when it had been removed, but I saw no sign of the robe. I knew what was coming next, for I was sure this was all for my benefit. "Okay, down girls, down. Maybe if Timothy would let one of you nurse off of him you both can stay." The three of them looked over to me expectantly. The tent in my jeans gave an obvious lurch from the suggestion, despite the fact I was expecting it. They probably could even see the slight bouncing motion from my pulse through my pants, which wasn't a hard thing to do considering I didn't have any underwear on. "Yeah, I guess," I said. "I just want to make it clear that I draw the line here. I know you set both of these things up. I wouldn't be doing this if my balls didn't hurt so much. And you didn't set that up." "Tim, I'm hurt," my father said with a grin. When I started to pull my dick out, he got serious and said, "Tim in this house hold, it is an insult to the others around you to attempt uncovering or undressing yourself. Even I have attended to undressing, and redressing some of my slaves. Let her do that, and don't resist. You would only be hurting her feelings." One of the twins came over to me obediently and happily began to remove my shoes.

I was having trouble keeping my hands off my painfully hard dick. Every movement she made was an incredible feat of sexual torture. I never knew how sexy it could be watching someone take my shoe off. Of course I never imagined anyone using their tongue like that. When she got my socks off, she started to sensually lick my toes. The conception of her cleaning every toe like she had began to do my right little one was more than I could withstand, so I said huskily, "If you don't start soon, I'm gonna have do it without you." She nodded her head, but finished the toe before she gracefully and unhurriedly removed my jeans. She did not rush anything. Even when I couldn't help jerk off a few strokes while watching her carefully place my clothing off to the side. Her hand seemed to move in slow motion as it firmly removed my own hand and laid it off to the side. I let out a breath of frustration from the agony of waiting. When her hands touched my legs to pull them a part, I couldn't help but groan. I looked up at Sandra's face above me and slightly off to one side and said, "Could you hold me a few minutes? I think I'm about ready to go nuts." She just smiled and said, "I would love to, young master." Her words sent a chill down my spine, and I was about to tell her never to call me that again when she wrapped her arms around me, giving me goosebumps.

That was nothing compared to the wet warmth which began slowly working its way up my throbbing penis. If she hadn't been holding me, I probably would have grabbed the head devouring my meat and made short work of it. But my arms were trapped. My body went through several shutters of sexual pleasure and frustration. My balls literally burned with the need for release. The agonizingly stimulating mouth probably made a complete pump in two minutes, compared to the 20 pumps a second which I desired at the time. I was wiggling so much, that I finally got a hand free. But instead of using it, I gasped out, "I need to cum! NOW! PLEASE!!" Then I started to struggle against Sandra's hold, which she finally released. I sent the twin at my dick a private message, "Please, go faster? I can't stand it anymore." Then for the first time in my life, I got that familiar feeling without ever making eye contact. My frustration and need flooded into her. She immediately increased the tempo to three pumps per minute. "HHHHUUUUghh," I moaned. It was getting there, but she still was going pitifully slow. She literally was incapable of doing it quickly. But just as I was about to force her to, I saw that my father wanted me to take her like that, and more. I wasn't about to fall for that. So I cheated.

"GRRAAAAAAAAAA!" I said as I forced my orgasm. I didn't even have to use my powers. I just imagined that it was Joey's hole slowly pumping me, and that sent me over the edge real fast. I pumped it out so fast that even her experienced mouth couldn't hold it all. It began flowing down her chin, and I felt her suddenly jump as she had orgasm herself. She appeared surprise, but I wasn't entirely sure what about. I finally whimpered to a stop. The world faded for a few minutes as I bathed in the post orgasm bliss. I was brought back out of the clouds by a second pair of lips working on my balls. The first was still nursing at my softening dick. Both twins were now working on my genitals, and my dick was starting to respond again. It went to full size when the second twin cleaned up the remains on her sister’s chin and neck. Having restored my hardon, the twin who had blown me allowed her sister to take her place. She gave me the first human expression I had seen either one of them show. She smiled her thanks before taking her place at her master’s dick. "Congratulations, Tim. I didn't think anyone could have withstood not using the talent like that. These two can make oral sex an all day affair if anyone could stand it that long. They have been specially conditioned to keep their subjects on the verge of orgasm, without ever reaching it. It helps that they are empathic." "Empathic?" I said, staring at the loving lips suckling my penis. "What does that mean?" "An empath is somewhat like a telepath. These two can share their emotions with others, and feel other people's emotions as well. It seems to be completely different than our own powers. They can't read thoughts or control them like we can. But at the same time, we can't detect their probing our emotions unless we are monitoring their thoughts or they share their emotions with us." "Oh, so that's what it's called. Wait. What is it called? Empathicy? Like telepathy?" "Empathy, I believe would be the term, but I'm not certain. Tim, have you experienced an empathic contact?" "Huh? I don't think so," I lied. "Well, I did feel some kind of connection with that one for a moment right before I cum. It was... very different than what we can do." "Hmm. They have never slipped like that before," he said frowning at his nursing twin.

The twin between my legs was keeping me from going soft, yet she wasn't making me anymore aroused than that. I was staring at her incredible body, finding myself getting turned on by her perfect skin, her perfect ass. I studied her breasts hanging straight down from her chest. They were pleasant to look at, but they were on the petite size, especially compared to the other women in my father's household. But this made them that much more... sensual. I fell in love with the two girls at that moment. They were simply... precious. I felt that familiar feeling form, and felt her sharing with me a warm fuzzy cuddlely feeling. She was letting me know she had felt my affections toward her, and felt how it had melted her heart a bit. She gave no outward appearance anything was going on, and I wondered if my father would ever know.

Their thoughts were not like other people's. The twins thought in terms of feelings, senses, and other nonverbal forms. They clearly could understand every word said to them or around them, but they could not read, nor could they talk. They had absolutely no verbal skills at all. (Most people's primary mode of thinking uses the same thought structures they use in speaking. I had often wondered whether I would be able to read a person's thoughts if they had never spoken a word of English. As my understanding of the symbols grew, it rapidly became apparent that there were two categories of the symbols for the human species. There was the language dependent kind, and then there was a more fundamental type that all humans shared.) (The thought patterns created in your mind as you read this would be incomprehensible to a mind reader of another dialect. However, the image of the green and red poka-dotted penis currently in your mind would easily be understood by any mind reader native to our species.) (In fact, there are several other fundamental categories all creatures with a centralized nervous system share. However, some of my research for the past few years has concentrated on finding something like the symbols which a few of us are able to use in empathic connections. So far all we have are several theories on why there are no such symbols for empathy.) (One such theory even suggests that even the telepathic symbols do not exist. Instead, some people's minds (like mine) begin to conceptualize the thoughts of others in the form of symbols. This theory is the popular theory held by the physicists on my team. Personally, I think they just don't like the idea that these symbols are floating around without their knowledge or understanding. Or maybe they just don't have much imagination.)

I could see the twins were truly loyal to my father, and they were happy to be his. I found their minds clean of any mental commands. Their entire life had been structured in a way so that they had never needed to be enslaved. In fact, they were probably the only two people my father trusted enough not to bother monitoring their thoughts. "Oh, and in case you haven't discovered for your self yet," my father said, noticing my attention was centered on the woman in between my legs. "They are completely immune to our mental control." "Huh? How?" "No idea. You will probably find one, maybe two people in your life who are immune. Besides these two, that is. They are my two most treasured possessions." "Possessions," I echoed staring in her eyes. The word seemed so heartless. But I suppose that was the closest he could get to feeling love for someone. Even the woman that raised him had been his possession. He didn't know what love was. The nearest thing he had was control. "Tim, I believe this would be a good time to talk about what is troubling you." "I don't see how you could possibly know anything about what troubles me," I said darkly. "How could you. You are everything I am afraid of growing up to be like." "I'm sorry you feel that way. But the truth is, you probably will grow up to be just like me. But is that so bad? Look around you. No one is unhappy." "No. But they don't have any choice, do they. If you felt like it, everyone would be unhappy all the time. And what good is being happy when there isn't any love?" "What do you mean there is no love? Sandra, do you love me?" "Oh yes master. I love you. I love your nice big hard dick too. Especially when you fuck me in the ass. I love it when you fuck my ass." "Sandra?" I said looking up at her. "Do you love me too?" "Oh yes my young master. I love you. Do you want to fuck me in my ass too?" "I'm sorry Sandra, but I don't know you. I mean, I don't want to hurt you, but I also don't want to fuck you. And I don't love you. I don't know you." "That's okay, young master. I still love you. I'll love you even if you never fuck my ass."

I looked at my father and said, "That's love? Why should she love me when she doesn't know me, or if I don't love her?" "But don't you see? It is so much simpler this way. Sandra is happy just by you using her. As long as you are happy, she is happy. All my slaves would do anything to please me, make me happy. It makes their life complete." "But do you love them?" "I love all my possessions." "Possessions," I echoed again. Then I remembered his gift. "Uhm...." I said realizing I didn't even know the girl's name that was just starting to move her mouth off my prick to begin working on my happy sack. "What's their names?" I asked my father. "They don't have any. They never needed any, and they never wanted one." Made sense considering they didn't speak, I supposed. But, still. Even pet dogs had names. "Can I call them something? I mean, can I give like a nickname or something? Just so I'm not calling them hey you, or lady number one, lady number two." "I don't know. They never have had a name in their fifteen years of life. I'm not sure..." "FIFTEEN!?! Holy Shit! They're just a little older than I am!" Both of them had stopped their caresses and looked at me from my use of such language. Or probably more like my own shock. I could feel that even though only one of the girls was pleasuring me, they both were keeping their empathic connections on me at all times. As they went back to their work lovingly, I said, "Well, I can't just call them twin A and twin B. I mean, I haven't known them more than maybe an hour at most. But I can already tell them apart. I have to give them nickname or something." "How could you tell them apart? They are identical twins. Every inch of their body is the same. _I_ can't even tell them apart." "Hmm. Have they ever been apart from each other? Even for a short while?" "They don't even like being in a different room from each other." "Well, I just meant that Honey over there is the one who gave me the sweet blow job, and Joy here is keeping me very happy." Both the girls looked back up at me, each giving me another human smile.

Suddenly they both looked at their master with startled, apologetic expressions. Then Joy joined her sister in kissing their master all over his body. He finally held up his hands with a laugh and said, "All right! All right! Honey and Joy it is. If you two wanted names so bad, why didn't you ever tell me?" "Uhm, how?" I asked. "Oh, they may not be able to speak, but they can communicate. Sometimes better than I do," he said lovingly as he stroked their cheeks with his hands. "They're still only possessions, though, right?" "Right," he said misinterpreting my meaning. "Incredibly priceless possessions." "Joy, could you hand me my jeans?" I said as she returned to her previous position between my legs. "I just want to get something out of them," I added when she looked at me with a hurt expression. I realized they didn't use their empathic powers for everything. As Joy handed me my pants gracefully, I asked my father, "Do they get tired if they use their empathic powers a lot?" "I suppose. They used to, but now that they have gotten older, they don't seem too." "Oh," I said. Then I said to Joy, "Do you feel anything special when you hold this coin?" I gave it to her, and she stared at the coin for several moments, then looked at me in my eyes while handing the coin back. It had been a definite no.

"I already tried that." "Why did you give me this? You don't have another, do you." "No I don't. I gave it to you because.... well my father gave it to me. When I found out I had a son, I knew I wanted you to have it. I wanted to pass on the tradition, I suppose. I was hoping we could form a more trusting relationship. That coin is my most valued..." "Possession?" "Exactly." "So, this coin is like Joy and Honey here?" "Precisely. I think your getting the idea." "Do you know if there are any more coins like this?" "I would think so, but I have never come across one." "So if I lost it, you would be upset?" "Of course I would." "What if I traded the coin for something else of yours?" "Oh? Like what?" "Like one of your servants." "What? Why would you want one of them? You're quite capable of getting your own servants." "Yes, but would you trade?" "I suppose. But the coin is so much more than any of them." "What about Joy or Honey?" "I knew you were going to say that. No. I would not trade them." "They are special to you. More special than anything else?" "Yes. I don't see what this has to do with your problem. My girls are my.." "Most valuable possessions, I know. Why?" "What do you mean, why? You know very damn well why." "Yes, but I don't think you do." "Ah... HA Ha Ha ha... You're trying to.... Hahahahahaaaa" "You think its funny? You see? You can't understand my problem." "I'm sorry. Truly. It was just you remind me of, well, me." "I am nothing like you." My father sighed. "We are getting nowhere. I see I need to.." "Uhm, no. If you really want to help me, just hear me out. You haven't been really listening to what I've been saying. Just humor me for five minutes, Okay?" "Fine." "Sandra loves you. Do you love her?" "I love all of my possession." "So you love this coin." "Yes, yes I suppose I do. But you know that's different. The coin doesn't love me back." "Do you love me?" "I would like to." "So you want to own me." "Ah. I see. Well, no. I don't wish to possess you. You're my son. In a way I already do own you. But it is more than that. You will be the legacy I leave behind. I can not live forever. That is why we have children."

"Hmmm. Okay, I guess can accept that. So, let me see if I got this straight. You give me something you love to me in hopes of receiving my love in exchange. You gave me the coin because you only have one of them, which makes it priceless to you. The rest of your possessions just don't take that kind of value, except Joy and Honey which is more. Right?" "Yes.." he said, wary I was leading somewhere that he wouldn't like. "You have two of them, but only one coin. All of your servants love you as much as the twins do, and can suck your dick all day just as well as these two do. So why are they so much more important to you?" "Apparently you know why, so why don't you just tell me instead of playing this guessing game." "Okay, I will. You can get as many servants as you want. Therefore they really cheap to get, not worthy as a gift. The coin is very valuable to you basically because it was your fathers, and you only have one of them. And it _is_ neat too. But it doesn't love you because it's a coin, not a person. Your servants love you, but they have no choice." I turned to Joy, took her face in my hand, then indicated to her to sit down beside me. She complied, not understanding why, but trusting me to have a good reason. I had her lay down beside me. My dick started get wet with precum as I moved half my body on top of hers. I looked deeply in her eyes, formed an empathic connection, then said gently, "Joy? Do you love my father?" She smiled brightly and I felt the answer was an absolute yes. "Why?" I asked as I let our mutual attraction bring my lips closer to hers. She frowned, then started broadcasting feelings of protection, warmth, fun, pleasure, tenderness, excitement, and... well, love. "Why does Sandra... love... him?" I asked, faltering when the distance between our lips reached less than a half an inch. All I felt in response to my question was a sort of emptiness. "Do I love you?" I whispered. Another definite yes. "Do you love me?" I mouthed the words without making any sound. When the answer came back the same as the last, our lips touched, sending the two of us into a separate world filled with bliss. I felt my lust build, and I wanted to crawl on top of her the rest of the way and loose my virginity on her right there and then.

I broke the kiss, then slowly slid off. Joy just laid there with her eyes closed while her breathing returned to normal. "You can't make them love you. They choose to love you. That's what love is. As soon as you used your powers on these other people, you took their love away and replaced it with lust. Oh I know they 'love' you, but you don't feel the same 'love' for them because you forced it on them." "Bull Shit." "Okay, fine. If I stole one of your servants, what would you do?" "I'd probably just get another one." "If you hadn't given me the coin, and I stole it, what then?" "I'd get it back from you one way or another." "What if I took Joy away from you?" "You couldn't. She wouldn't go." "Because she loves you?" "Yes." "What if Joy loved me more than she loved you? What if she went with me willingly?" "She wouldn't and you know that." "Why?" "Because you couldn't make her love you more than me." "But you can't make her love you. Why couldn't she love me more than you?" "Okay, I suppose she could. But she doesn't." "I know. But what would you do if she did and wanted to leave with me? Would you let her?" "I... I don't know." "What if I told you that right now Joy loved me more than she loved you, and she wants to be with me? Would you let her go?" "This is ridiculous! She doesn't and you know that. Are you trying to make me angry? Because you are succeeding." "No! I am trying to make you understand my point of view. I understand yours. And that is why I have the shit scared out of me every morning! I understand your way of thinking too well!" I suddenly was shaking with emotion. The twins had taken cover behind their master, feeling my anger and frustration. I was trying to shield them as much as possible, but so far I had only managed to contain my fear. "Then say what you have to say and stop playing games. I am not a fool you know!" he said in a raised voice.

"Fine! I hate everything you are. People are just toys to you. They don't matter to you. You use them and then discard them. You don't care who they were, or what they wanted to be. You just take them, make them your happy fuck machine, and pretend their fake love is enough. You don't know what love is! You love a coin more than a woman who you forced to love you! "You deserve what I am going to do right now. I am going to take away the two things only thing you truly love. Possessions you call them. You’re just a...." "THAT IS ENOUGH!" he said getting very angry. The twins started to whimper and cry. We both immediately turned to them, trying to comfort them. Once they settled down a bit, I turned to my father and said, "I meant what I said. I can take your girls away from you like that," I said snapping my fingers. "Tim, if you don't stop saying that, I'll, I'll..." "What. Make me your possession? Or my friends? Or maybe even my mother?" "Perhaps.." "Father, you said you wanted to help me. Look. I will tell it to you once, straight out, without any tricks. If you don't understand then, well, I either am taking the twins with me as I leave, or you will have broken down my shield and made me your 'possession'." "Don't threaten me." His eyes were ready to kill. "The only true love you have is for the twins because you gave them your love first before they gave them theirs. You value their love because you can't control it. If they love you no matter how you treated them, you wouldn't be satisfied with their love any more. I don't want to find myself searching for those one or two people in my life whom I can't control just so I can have true love. If I become like you, that would mean I had destroyed all the people I love now just for a few hours of pleasure." "That is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard," he said. "Fine..." "What are you doing?" "I lied to you earlier. You see, I'm not only a telepath like you. I'm also an empath. Right now I am sharing with the twins everything I have been feeling. Things like how I love my mom, Suzi, and Joey. How I fear becoming like you.." The girls started to shutter and whimper. "STOP THIS!" he said as he leashed out commands for me to stop. My mother's shields were stronger than anything he could throw at me. "You can't stop me. You brought this on yourself. You should have never planted that dream in my head." "YOU STUPID CHILD! I NEVER PLANTED ANYTHING IN YOUR HEAD! YOU DID! YOU DID IT YOURSELF! NOW STOP MAKING MY CHILDREN CRY LIKE THAT!"

I took that in a moment, then closed my empathic connection to the girls, and opened one to my father. He was telling the truth. "I'm sorry," was all I could say. He was then holding both of the crying twins, one over each of his shoulders. He began to cry with them as he found that he could not comfort them any longer. I went up to the three, laid my hand on my father's back and said, "Do you understand now?" "NO! What does this prove? Why did you hurt them? WHY?" "I only shared the truth with them. They will be going home with me to stay with my mom and I." The two girls raised their heads, sniffing and wiping the tears. The both looked at me, and I realized that I had missed a possibility. "Their not going with you!" he said gleefully as he understood what the twins were sharing with him. "Yeah, I know," I said relieved and disappointed at the same time. "I didn't think about them seeing you as their dad. I guess they found my feelings for my mom and theirs for you the same, more or less." "I don't believe it. Tim, I think I understand. At least partially. What you have been calling true love is just love that you can loose. If you can't loose it, it isn't true love." "Yeah. I wish I could have said that in the beginning. It sure would have taken less time." "I doubt I would have understood."

We had all laid back down, and now I was giving Honey little teasing pecks on the cheek. They both were the sweetest sex pots I ever knew. "Yeah. So, back to my problem... What did you mean I did it to myself?" "Well, enlighten of my new discovery, I think I can see what I didn't before. You are afraid that you will turn your friends into 'possessions' and loose their true love forever. That is what you were trying to tell me. Well, it seems your dream and everything else you thought I had done was actually your own subconscious doing it. I suppose you wanted to get Joey and Suzi away from you to protect them from yourself. Just like you tried to kill yourself to protect everyone. "I do see what you mean about love, but I still don't see what is so bad about having all of this. Just don't use your powers on the people you love." "But don't you see? Resisting that.. That's the real problem."

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