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Survival in the Rockies takes a special talent . . .
While this is a work of fiction, I based it on some actual events that I either went through, or know the people that did. This isn’t a particularly sex-oriented story, but it has its moments.

Again, your constructive comments are welcomed and appreciated. However if all you want to do is rant, please give your keyboard the day off!

The Storm

Roy felt the truck sliding towards the ditch, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He tried to remember exactly where he was, and whether he was about to crash into a cliff or fall over one.

It was a really shitty night to be driving, and after all the years he’d been on the highway, he knew better. This load was supposed to be in Crofton by morning. By the look of it, he never would be able to deliver it, not tomorrow, not ever.

Then he remembered the girl still in the sleeper, totally oblivious to the situation. If they went over the cliff, neither one of them would survive the crash, but maybe she’d die quickly, before she ever regained consciousness.

The girl. She had been standing at the side of the road, hitch-hiking in the pouring rain, in the middle of nowhere. Roy didn’t usually pick up hitch-hikers, but even in the glare of the headlights he could see her shivering, and if he hadn’t picked her up, she wouldn’t have lasted another hour in that cold before hypothermia got her.

Now that they were about to crash into God knows what, maybe he hadn’t done her such a great favour after all. Dead was dead, no matter what the cause.

The truck hit some gravel, then began to lean to the left as it careened off the highway. Whatever was out there was going to come through his door before anywhere else, and he leaned to the right of the big steering wheel by instinctive reflex. It seemed like hours, but it was only a second or two before the side window exploded into a million little shards of glass and sheet metal crumpled like paper all around him.

Roy blacked out almost on impact.

When Roy regained consciousness, he had no idea what time it was, where he was, or how long he’d been out of it. He was cold. He was wet. He was covered in snow. It was pitch black everywhere. Oh, and he couldn’t move. There was no real pain, but whether that was the numbness of shock or just dumb luck took more thought than he could muster.

The girl. Was she dead or alive? And if she was unfortunate enough to have survived, was she injured? How bad? Roy wanted desperately to look in the sleeper behind him and try to help her. If he could have moved, he would have checked, too. But he was trapped, and of no use to her now. That’s when he blacked out again.

The next thing he remembered wasn’t much different than the last one. He was still wet. He was still cold. It was still snowing. And he still couldn’t move. About all that had changed was that it wasn’t dark any more.

Roy carefully tried moving his arms, then his legs, and finally his head. Amazingly they all responded. They just didn’t have any room to move from, or to. Looking to his right, he realized that the passenger seat had ripped off its mounts and was pinning him to where the door should be. That seat had bent the steering column away from him, probably saving his life, for what that was worth right now. The air bag that supported his driver’s seat had ruptured, leaving the seat as low as it would go and pinning his legs against the kick panel in front of the door.

Now, if he could just get the stupid seatbelt undone, maybe he could push that seat off him and get out of this metal coffin. Slowly, he inched his hands and fingers to where the release latch should be. Shock and disbelief! It was there, and he managed to get to it, then unfasten himself. With what felt like his last ounce of strength, Roy got a perch on the seat that had him pinned and pushed with all his mite.

Unbelievably, the seat moved! Summoning up one more burst of energy, Roy shoved again, and the seat careened to where the windshield had once been, then tumbled out of the cab. It was immediately replaced by two feet of the coldest snow Roy could remember! But at least he could move a bit, and that made him feel better. Not a lot better, but better.

The girl! He had to find her, to discover what condition she was in, whether she was dead or alive! He turned to look into the sleeper, which should be to his right. But all he saw was white, white, and more white. What the hell? Where was the sleeper? Where was the girl?

Roy gave himself a few minutes to clear his head. He could feel a couple of broken ribs stabbing at his sides, but that seemed to be the only damage he’d sustained. Shit, what a miracle that was! Then he realized that where the gear shift should be on the floor no longer had a gear shift. There was only a hole left, and a lot of light coming through it. That didn’t make any sense. There should be the top of the transmission, at least!

He cautiously peered out where the sleeper should have been. There it was, about 20 yards away! Both the cab and the sleeper must have come off the truck and been thrown clear of the chassis, but with all the snow, that 20 yards might as well be 200 miles! There was something lying on top of the doorway. What the hell was that, he wondered. Then he focussed his blurry vision and realized it was the crash guard that should have been anchored to the truck’s frame, right behind the sleeper. He had to get over there and check on the girl. That’s if she was still alive, which he doubted.

It took all his will and energy to cover that 20 yards. A lot of the time he seriously considered turning back and finding some sort of shelter in the remains of the cab. But he just had to find out, to keep going, and if she was still alive, to do everything he could to keep her that way.

After what seemed like two lifetimes, Roy managed to get to the bunk and pull himself up to the entranceway. His first idea was to just push the crash guard off, but something stopped him. Maybe it was a lack of strength left, or maybe it was some kind of Divine Intervention. He didn’t know and didn’t care. It was only afterwards that he realized that the sleeper offered more protection from the elements than the cab did, and the guard would act as a roof to keep some of this frigging snow out. Pushing the guard back enough to see inside, he saw her. She was shivering, and there was a lot of blood splattered over everything, which didn’t bode well for her survival. Shit!

Summoning energy he didn’t know he had, Roy clambered through the opening and bent over the girl’s body. She was a pretty thing. Maybe a little on the skinny side, but she was about 18 or 19, had beautiful looking breasts, firm, round and soft. Her little patch of pubic hair looked a little long and untrimmed, and her inverted -V camel toe was a delight to behold. But she was naked!

It took Roy a few minutes to remember that when the girl had crawled into the truck, she was soaked to the skin. He’d told her to get into the sleeper, get out of her wet clothes and into the sleeping bag. He had explained to her how to crank the heater all the way to maximum, and demanded her to stay in that sleeping bag until she built up a real good sweat. Oh, and if she felt thirsty, there was a cooler on the floor with lots of bottled water in it. She could help herself, to make sure she didn’t dehydrate, under any circumstances.

Looking at her body, Roy broke out of his reverie and realized that she was still breathing! Shit, she was alive still! The crash guard had held in most of that heat that she’d poured into the bunk, and after all these hours, it was still relatively warm in there. He grabbed anything that would work like a blanket and threw it on top of her in a effort to give her some of that warmth back.

Roy’s mind went back over the few details he had, and realized that when the sleeper had come off the truck, the girl had been covered by all the blankets and pillows, the mattress, and his flying laundry as she was tossed around. The bunk’s padded upholstery had protected her from anything sharp. If she had broken bones, he could deal with those. If she had internal injuries, however, that was a different matter. He’d never been a religious man, but for the next number of minutes, he prayed like a Benedictine monk!
Checking her pulse, he found it was strong and steady. There was some blood on her lips and nose, and she was going to have one hell of a shiner over her right eye. Now if he could only get her back to consciousness.

In an attempt to bring her back, he slapped her face. Not hard, but enough to get her attention. And the result? Nothing. He waited a moment, then slapped her again. She rolled her head and moaned. More gently now, he patted her cheek to help her back into the land of the living. Suddenly she grabbed his wrist and slammed his arm against the sleeper roof with more force than he figured her to have.

“Fuck off, asshole!”, she growled at him. Well, he’d gotten her back to being conscious, but wasn’t sure if it had been worth it.

“Hey, take it easy! I’m not going to hurt you, okay? Promise. Can you move at all?”, he asked her.

“Who the fuck are you, anyways?”, she glared at him. “Where the hell am I? And why is it so fucking cold in here?”. Well, she sure had a colourful vocabulary, if nothing else, but the memory wasn’t too good. He glanced at her hair and saw that she was a brunette. So much for the blonde jokes.

“Take it easy, girl. I’m the guy that picked you up when you were hitch-hiking back near Standard. You remember that?”.

“No! No, I don’t remember hitch-hiking! You son-of-a-bitch! You fucking kidnapped me! I’m calling the fucking cops!”

Shit, no one should have to take that kind of crap! He’d saved her life, sort of, and what was he getting for his trouble? Yelled at, accused of kidnapping, threatened, that’s what! Maybe he should have left her there to freeze to death. Not that this was much different. Same death, different location.

“Look, I saw you standing at the side of the highway with your thumb out, shivering and soaking wet in the rain, three quarters frozen, and stopped to try and help. When I asked you where you were heading, you just yelled at me to get you the fuck outta there. Actually, you were a lot more insistent than that, but anyway. That was sometime yesterday evening. Now we’re about three hours into the mountains, we’ve been in an accident, and it’s snowing like a sonofabitch! No one will be down this road until after it stops snowing. That might be tomorrow, and it might be next week! But I’ll tell you this, right now. If it’s any longer than that, it ain’t gonna matter because we’ll both be froze to death! Okay?”. It took all Roy’s will to keep from screaming at her, until he remembered that it wasn’t her fault that they were stuck here in the middle of nowhere. It was his, and he owed her a chance to survive.

“I . . . I’m sorry. The last thing I remember is three guys grabbing me and dragging me off to someplace. I was scared they were gonna rape me, or maybe kill me. When they were busy, I snuck out and ran like hell. I didn’t know where I was or where I was going. I just knew that I had to run before they caught me again. But I don’t remember any highway, or sticking my thumb out, or any of that stuff you said”.

“Yeah, and I’m sorry I bit your head off like that”, Roy apologized to her. “Let’s start again, okay? My name’s Roy. Roy Cuthbertson, but you can just call me Roy. You got a name? Girl doesn’t sound right, and I gotta call you something”.

“Hi Roy. I’m Chrissy. Chrissy Donaldson. And I apologize for screaming at you, too. But how the hell did we get way the fuck and gone in the middle of nowhere?”.

“It’s a long story. Let’s see what you’ve broken and injured first. Can you move your head from one side to the other? Go slow”.

Chrissy turned her head all the way to the left, then to the right. That meant there was no real damage to her neck.

Okay, try to lift you right arm, as high as you can.” she raised it almost up to the far wall. “Good. Now the other one”. That moved freely, too. “Perfect. Now try to sit up a bit, but go slow”.

Chrissy attempted to sit up then screamed loud enough to be heard for miles in spite of the snowstorm they were stuck in.

“Ow-w-w-w-w! Jesus Christ, my fucking leg!”, she hollered.

“Easy, easy! Here let me see. Which one is it?”.

“My left! Holy shit, that hurts!”.

Roy carefully felt her left leg, starting at the top of her thigh and working down towards her ankle. As he put his hand over her upper thigh, he could feel the warmth of her crotch radiating against his hand. Under different circumstances, he’d love to explore that juncture. Get your mind out of the gutter!, he told himself. As he got passed her knee, she howled at him again.

“Oww! Take it easy! That fucking hurts!”. Well, he’d discovered two things. First she’d broken her lower leg, but it wasn’t a compound fracture, so a simple splint would hold it in place until they got medical attention. That’s if they lived long enough to get medical attention. Second, she definitely had a colourful vocabulary, and wasn’t afraid to use it. Damn! The girl could make a sailor blush!

Roy reached out his hand to her. “Here. Pull yourself up on my arm, and don’t use that leg. I think it’s broken, but it ain’t that bad. I’ll see what I can dig up fro a splint so it doesn’t start to set all wrong”.

She grabbed the offered hand and pulled herself up. It was at that point that she realized she was naked from the waist up.

“What the fuck? You sonofabitch! Where’s my clothes?”, she screamed at him.

“Chrissy, when you crawled into this . . . make it that . . . truck, you were soaked and shivering. I was really scared you were gonna die from hypothermia. Anyway, I chased your butt into the sleeper, told you to get the hell outta them wet clothes, crank up the heater, and crawl into the sleeping bag. You were told to stay there until you started to sweat up a storm. That’s the only way I know of to counter that hypothermia stuff. Anyway, when we crashed, you were still in the sleeping bag, I think. It should be around here somewhere, but it’s probably soaked by now. But I got lots of extra clothes laying around here, so we should be able to find you enough to wear. Ain’t gonna be designer gear, but it’ll keep you warmer than what you’ve got on now”. Roy began to route around and found a wool shirt and T-shirt that were still dry, and an old pair of jeans. He shoved them to where Chrissy could reach, then searched for some socks and maybe a coat.

“Umm, I hate to sound ungrateful, Roy, but I really could use a pair of panties”, Chrissy said, and it was the first time he’d heard her talk without screaming or cussing. “I don’t suppose you have any, do you?”.

“Sorry. I gave up wearing those a couple years back. Might be able to find a pair of my shorts, though. Would they do, ya think?”. The levity of his comment broke the tension, and Chrissy started to chuckle. Her chuckle became a belly laugh, and it infected Roy, too. Maybe, if they could keep their spirits up like that, they’d actually survive this horror story situation!

As they got over their laughing fit, Roy figured out that Chrissy hadn’t broken any ribs, but he sure had. Shit, his sides felt like he’d been run over by a train! But if he could splint her leg, maybe she could help him wrap his ribs. First things first, though, and he searched for those socks and hopefully a clean pair of underwear she could use. After turning half the sleeper upside down, he found what he was looking for.

“Here, Chrissy. They’re gonna be a little large, and probably won’t fit worth a shit, but these undershorts are clean, at least. And here’s some socks, too. Oh, I just might have some boots that’ll work. What size shoe you usually wear?”.

“Usually a size 7. Why . . . fucking Jesus!”, and she winced in painful agony. She’d tried to lift herself up to put Roy’s shorts on and had forgotten about her leg for a split second.

“Whoa, girl! Don’t even consider thinking about using that leg! Here, give me the shorts and I’ll put ‘em on for you, okay?”.

As Roy worked the undershorts over Chrissy’s ankles, he never even thought about how he was going to get them past her thighs and up to her waist. He was fine until he past her knees and half way up her thighs before that logistics problem reared it’s head.

“Umm, Chrissy, we may have a problem here”, Roy mumbled. “Your naked under that blanket, and these things have got to go over your hips. With that leg all busted, the only way I can think of is for me to put my hand under your . . . butt . . . and lift you. You’ll have to pull ‘em up while I do, and it’s gonna take a couple of tries to get them up. You gonna be okay with this?”.

“Shit, I’ve trusted you this much. Hell, you could have done anything you wanted when I was out cold, then left me to die, right? If flashing my pussy at you drives you over the edge now, what the fuck, huh? Let’s just do it and get it over with. Besides, I think my ass is starting to freeze, so let me get some clothes on before it falls off”.

It took quite a while and a lot of non-existent co-ordination, but between the two of them, Chrissy was clothed again. Roy’s pants and shirt were big enough that she could have worn one half this year and the other half next! Chrissy wasn’t too keen on wearing the T-shirt until Roy pointed out that the wool of his shirt would grind strata marks in her nipples if she didn’t. He’d pulled the crash guard over the doorway, giving them some shelter from the blowing and drifting snow, but it was still damned cold in the bunk.

“Roy? How’re we gonna stay warm?”, Chrissy asked softly.

“I’ll scrounge around and find some blankets, then you’re gonna have to trust me again, because we’re gonna share some body heat. That should last a day or two, if we’re lucky”, he replied as softly as she had asked.

“How are we supposed to share body heat?”, she wanted to know.

“It’s called cuddling. I lay behind you, wrap myself around so our bodies are close together, and that keeps you warm”, he explained. Shit, maybe she was a blonde after all?

“I see. And what keeps you warm while you’re keeping me warm?”.

“I have no idea, but we’ll figure something out. Okay?”. Roy rummaged around for a bit, finding several old blankets and what was left of the sleeping bag. The bag was wet and shredded, but there was enough of it left to be useful. The water just might help to act as a seal between them and the cold winter air. He’d also found some cookies and crackers, and a loaf of bread that hadn’t turned green yet. Not much, but it would be something to keep them from starving, at least. Pulling the cookies out of their wrapper, he offered Chrissy a half dozen, then took the same for himself.

“Umm, chocolate chip! My favourite!”, Chrissy cooed.. That set them to giggling again, and Roy felt a little better. This girl had a certain something about her that he found appealing, once she turned off that sewer mouth of hers. Under different circumstances, he could possibly learn to like her! After ten years on the highway, that would be a new experience for him.

As night fell and the snow kept drifting against the sleeper, Chrissy’s spirits held out well, but Roy was starting to feel discouraged. At least if he was going to die out here, he’d have a pretty girl to keep him company until he met his maker. If they were going to go, though, he hoped that she went first, for her sake.

“Roy? I’m getting cold. Could you cuddle me now?”, Chrissy softly inquired.

Roy piled the blankets over them as he curled up behind Chrissy spoon fashion. Christ, but she had a beautiful body! Her ass fit against his groin like a glove, and it felt so soft and firm. He could feel his cock begin to stir, and he moved himself so that she wouldn’t notice. He’d have to get that animal urge under control before he embarrassed her! But as often as he backed his emerging boner away from her, she shifted her butt against it again.

“Roy?”, she called to him softly.

“Yes Chrissy?”, he answered.

“Am I imagining it, or have you got a hard-on?”. Shit! How the fuck was he supposed to handle this one? With her ass pressed that tightly against him, there was no way she could ignore that growing phallus!

“I’m sorry, Chrissy. Maybe if we ignore it, it’ll go away?”.

“Roy, you can press your hard cock against my ass, if you want. I don’t mind, ya know. Besides, it feels nice”. God, this wasn’t happening, was it? Here they were, stuck in the middle of a snowstorm, on the verge of freezing to death, and he just had to get an erection? Someone up there had a real warped sense of humour, that was for sure!

“Roy?”, she called again. “If we needed more body heat, moving around would help. Wouldn’t it?”.

“Yeah, I suppose it would, but this isn’t the Boondocks Hilton, complete with indoor gym. Why are you asking?”.

“Well, if we were to keep moving under the blankets, we could generate some more heat, if we need to. Right?”.

“Yeah, we could. But how are we supposed to move without kicking the blankets off and freezing even faster? Ever think about that?”, he quizzed with a trace of annoyance in his voice.

There was a long lull, and Roy hoped that she had either gone to sleep, or was thinking about something else, preferably warm and dry. The quiet was nice, but didn’t last as long as he had hoped it would.


“Yes Chrissy. What is it?”. Now he remembered why he’d gone out on the highway. Women! Once they started yapping, they never shut up! Being alone in his truck seemed the only place he could find enough peace and quiet to even think!

“Umm, I had an idea”. Hmm, that would be a first! “If we have to move to stay warm, we could always . . . fuck. Couldn’t we?”.

“Chrissy! Watch your mouth! Where’d you come up with a shitty idea like that anyway?”. Roy felt like yelling at her, but something stopped him. Must be that damned Divine Intervention again, he told himself.

“Oh, go fuck yourself then!”, she snapped back. He deserved that, and he knew it. She was cold, scared, and understood that they might die out here. What she didn’t need was some stupid thirty-year old truck driver yelling at her.

“Chrissy, I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve to be yelled at. Look, we’re both freezing cold, scared, and have no idea if we’re going to live or die out here. And I shouldn’t be snapping at you all the time. So I apologize for that outburst, and for being such a . . . shithead, okay? But you have to admit that when you’re in the middle of dying, fucking doesn’t usually get to the top of your Things to do today list, does it? So, wanna tell me what brought that idea on?”. It wasn’t much of an apology, he thought, but then, this wasn’t much of a sex resort, either.

“Okay Roy. Apology accepted . . . this time. But think about it for a minute. If we stayed under the blankets while we fucked, having sex would generate body heat, right? And it might just be enough heat to help us survive until we’re rescued. But even if we did die out here, can you think of a better way to go than having your cock buried in some hot young chick like me? Because if I’m gonna die out here with you, I’d sure want that beautiful prick buried as deep in my cunt as it would go! In fact, would you promise me that if we aren’t gonna make it, you’ll fuck me while I freeze to death?”.

Jesus, what the hell kind of logic was this girl using! Had she really asked him to fuck her til she was frozen cold? Mind you, her idea of screwing each other to generate heat made sense. Well, it sort of did. But he could just imagine the reaction of anyone that found their dead bodies! “Holy shit, guys! They fucked themselves to death! Look at this!”. but she did have a point. If you gotta go, go happy!

“Chrissy, I’m not going to promise you anything of the sort. Besides, what if I die first? How am I supposed to fuck you then, huh? But your idea of generating body heat that way has some merit to it, I’ll give you that. Can I think abut it for a bit first?”.

“Yes”, she softly answered back. “But could you cuddle me again, Roy? And don’t be afraid if you get a hard-on while you’re against my ass, okay? I don’t know if it’s me that causes that for you, but I’d like to think it is. It made me feel . . . I don’t know . . . like a real woman, maybe? I’ve only been with one boy in my whole life, and all he wanted to do was screw me and get out! So if I have to die, I’d really like to be with a real man who thinks I’m a real woman. Even if he has to lie to me about it. Okay?”.

Roy had to mull what she said over in his mind for a bit. He could hear her pain and unhappiness, and it ripped his guts out. If he could give her nothing else, he’d make her dream come true. Not because he felt guilty, or because he had to, but because he wanted to. Now, more than anything else. He also realized that he didn’t have to lie to her about whether she was a real woman or not.

The day wore on and if anything, it got colder. Chrissy’s idea of sex had merit alright. Anything to fight this cold that was slowly destroying them had to be a good idea. Besides, she was a good looking woman! Roy had to think about whether she was a woman for a moment, or just a girl. After considering that for what seemed like hours, he decided that she was a little of both.

“Chrissy? You awake?”, he whispered in her ear. Shit! She wasn’t moving, and her breathing wasn’t very strong. God dammit, she couldn’t die on him now! He needed her to help keep their spirits up, to keep him from going mad. And for heat. Life-giving heat! He pulled off his half-frozen glove and checked for breath by holding his hand under her nostrils. Damn, it was so frigging cold that he couldn’t tell. He slipped his hand inside her shirt to try and find a heartbeat, and his hand slid over her left breast. Not only was it still warm, but felt so soft, the skin so smooth, its shape so beautifully round and appealing! And her nipple! Hard, sticking out so wonderfully, her textures making her so . . . desirable!

“For fuck sake, Roy! If you’re gonna feel up my fucking boobs, would you warm your goddamn hands first?”, she almost screamed at him. She was alive! Roy wasn’t prepared for just how relieved he felt to discover that fact. He also wasn’t quite ready for the real reasons why he felt this elated, but in the back of his mind, he knew! She was more than just a companion, or a source of heat. She had become his reason for living, for fighting to survive, and maybe more. She was working her way into his heart, something he hadn’t let any woman do for a long, long time.

“Chrissy! Thank God! I was afraid you’d died on me! And I’m not feeling you up, just checking for a heartbeat, okay?”, Roy confessed. Mind you, her breast did feel good in his hand, and he couldn’t think of a nicer place to warm his half-frozen hand. Well, maybe her pussy, but that was pushing his luck!

“Sorry Roy”, she softly apologized. “Your hand felt nice on my tit, actually, and if your skin weren’t so goddamned cold, I’d have asked you to leave it there! Oh, and by the way? Yes, I am still alive!”.

“Chrissy, it’s getting colder out there. I’ve been thinking about that idea you had. You know, where we fuck to keep warm? We might have to seriously consider doing it soon, because I’m having a helluva time keeping both of us warm enough. That is, if you’re serious . . . “, Roy almost begged.

She seemed to be lost in thought for a minute or two, then began to roll from her side to her back. Roy rearranged himself to give her some room while he tried to keep all the blankets from releasing their life-sustaining heat to the atmosphere.

“Okay, Roy, if that’s what we have to do, let’s do it”. He was expecting her voice to be more anticipating than that. But he wasn’t ready for the tone of resignation, and he suddenly had waves of doubt flood his brain.

“Help me get these pants down, will ya?”, she broke into his reverie. “This fucking splint is gonna get in the way, but if I can get them down just far enough so you can get your cock in me, that’ll work. All you have to do is open the front of yours, you lucky sonofabitch! Why did God have to make fucking so tough for women anyway?”. There was that gutter-mouth of hers again, but he’d have missed it if she didn’t have it, he realized. It was becoming a part of Chrissy that Roy was beginning to hold dear to his heart. Just the fact that she had found a way into that heart was scary, and yet he cherished her invasion of his soul!

They struggled between pulling her pants down enough to expose her pussy without losing the minimum of heat and protection, then Roy undid his pants and pulled his still limp cock out. As much as he willed it to stiffen, it remained flaccid and useless.

“Jesus, Roy! You gonna get that thing up, or do I have to jack you?”, Chrissy growled. “If you’re gonna fuck me, you’ll have to do better than that!”.

That’s about when it hit Roy in the head like a gopher on a Mack truck’s bumper. He couldn’t just fuck her! The thought of her as just a piece of meat to stick his cock in almost made him retch!

“Chrissy, I can’t do this! It’s just not me, not who I am, not what’s inside my heart! I can’t simply whip my cock out, fuck your cunt, and forget about everything else that I’m feeling! I’m sorry, but I just can’t do it!”, Roy quietly confessed.

“Oh fucking great!”, she drilled into his ear. “My one chance at survival, and you don’t even want to fuck me, even if it’s just to keep us warm! Shit, of all the people to have to die with, I gotta find me some guy with a cock that’s out of order!”, and then she paused her tirade as she looked him straight in the eye. “Roy, don’t tell me you’re fucking gay? Shit! My fucking life is depending on a homo? Jesus! Just get the fuck off me and let me die in peace!”, and she struggled to push him off her, to no avail. He was too heavy for her to move.

“No, I’m not fucking gay! If it makes any difference, I’m as straight as a fucking railroad track, okay? But I’ve gotta do this my way, or it won’t work! Maybe that’s a part of men you never knew, but some of us actually have feelings! God dammit, girl! This is hard enough for me as it is! Don’t make it any tougher!”, then he softened his voice and added, “Please?”.

Chrissy gazed into the face of the man that she felt had rejected her, had dangled a carrot in front of her only to snatch it away again, and she saw something in his eyes that she’d never seen before in her life. The sonofabitch actually cared about her! For the first time she could ever remember, there really was another human being that gave a damn about her! It scared her a little, but it also warmed a place I her heart that she never knew existed.

Roy leaned over and brushed his lips softly against hers, then again a little harder, and a third time, but more insistently. She’d never been kissed like this! Ever! There was a new feeling that he invoked in her soul, and she wanted more, needed it, couldn’t live without it! That feeling flooded every pore of her being! She caught herself craving his kiss, his touch, his very essence! She just had to have him! All of him! She wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him back to her lips in a grip that Roy knew he was powerless to overcome. Then she did something that she’d never felt such an overpowering desperation to do before. She began to probe against his lips with her tongue, seeking his permission to give him a part of her that was emerging in her for the first time in her 19 years. Her soul!

Chrissy’s kiss left Roy breathless! Shit, could she ever kiss! He opened his lips, begging, pleading, desperately wanting her to come inside him! And the heat! That glorious heat that was their lifesaver began to rise in him! He was only vaguely aware of its presence because the passion was much more intense.

Almost instinctively, his hand sought the soft round firmness of her breast, the hard pebble that was her nipple. He had to have that part of her under his hand! Sliding his hand under the T-shirt, he sought for her like it was the only thing that would save him from death! He cupped her in his palm, his thumb encircling the underside of it while his fingers assaulted the delicious pliability of her! She jumped at his touch, pulling back a bit, but wanting to push her breast tighter into his grip.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you”, Roy apologized, and began to withdraw his hand.

“No, Roy! Don’t let go! It’s just that your hand is so goddamned cold, and I wasn’t ready for it. But you feel so good, so wonderful on me. Please, touch me some more? Please?’”, she almost begged him.

Roy returned to pleasuring her, and the heat in her chest rose, warming his hand until he thought it might burst into flames! God, he wanted to taste her, feel her between his lips, suck on her like a starving baby! Despite the impracticality of it, he lifted her T-shirt just enough to wrap his lips around her teat, pulling it, sucking on it, nibbling it softly as she yielded to his demand. She moaned lustfully, driving his own lust higher and higher!

“Oh God, Roy! Suck me! Suck my tit! No one has ever done that to me before, not like that! Feels so good!”, she growled at him with more passion than she had ever felt in her whole life! The more he sucked and chewed on her, the more she began to feel that magnetic tingling sensation in her pussy. It grew, swelled, and rushed through her entire body! Christ, he was making her cum! She’d only felt something like that whenever she rubbed herself between her thighs! But this felt different, more intense, more overpowering! Dammit, if he stopped now, she’d rip his cock off! In a desperate bid to keep his lips on her tit, she pulled him to her chest with a grip that threatened to suffocate him!

That was when Roy felt her start to tremble and shake. Not knowing what was happening to her, his first thought was to pull away from her, but she had him squashed against her breast so tight that there was no way he could move. Her breathing had become so much faster, shallower, and ragged that he was beginning to feel fear inside him. God, she was going to die, right here in his arms! His other arm squeezed her to him in a battle to hold her here on the side of life, away from the clawing fingers of death! No! She couldn’t die on him, not now, not when he was beginning to know just how important she had become to him!

Her orgasm receded slowly, letting her loosen her death grip on the man that had taken her to Nirvana, even if only for a moment. If she never breathed another breath she didn’t care! She’d experienced a blissful connection that no one could take away from her hungry memory! She could feel Roy trying to lift his head while keeping his lips and those teeth still clamped to her teat. He felt absolutely . . . wonderful!

“Chrissy? You okay? Christ, you scared the hell outta me! What happened?”, Roy demanded with real concern in his voice. Her heaving chest beckoned him to return, while that gnawing need to know forced him to demand an answer to soothe his fright.

“Jesus, Roy! I don’t know how you did that, but you just made me cum! No one’s ever done that for me before, in my whole life!”, she told him between gasps for air. The cold hurt as it seared her lungs, yet the heat that he’d kindled in her chest was more important than anything as mundane as breathing! She grabbed his hand and clamped it to her exposed boob, partly to retain that heat he’d given her, but mostly to satiate that craving for his touch that was ruling her very being!

Roy kissed her in that valley between her breasts, re-establishing his claim on her beautiful orb even as he struggled between an inner desire to pleasure her other boob and the need to help her retain that life-giving heat of her circulation. She started to protest that she wanted him to suck her other tit, to nibble and chew on it, to make her cum again the same way. His lust pushed him towards acquiescing to her demand even as practicality forbade him from such a move. He leaned up and planted his lips tightly on hers, both stopping her protests and fanning their flames of desire more brightly.

Roy’s hand began to move down her body to that magical juncture of her thighs. Chrissy winced a bit when his fingers caressed the fuzz on her mound, more in heated anticipation than anything else. But as his finger slid into her slit and lightly grazed her clit, she literally jumped off the mattress and clamped his hand tightly with her own!

“Dammit, Roy! What the fuck did you do to me? No one, and I mean no one has ever touched me there, except me! How’d you even know about that spot?”, Chrissy hissed.

Roy was shocked, having always believed that all women knew about their clitoris! He might be just another Blacktop Bum, but he wasn’t completely ignorant about a woman’s body! He’d learned where to touch, how to give a woman pleasure, and he was proud of his ability to do so!

“I can stop, if you want, Chrissy”, he whispered to her. “If it feels uncomfortable, just tell me and I’ll stop. I don’t want to do anything you don’t, okay? That part is important to me, girl”.

“Stop? Don’t you dare stop! I’ll keep your fucking hand down there until the fucking thing freezes to me before I’ll fucking let you stop, you bastard! Christ Almighty, I’d intentionally die on you first!”, she howled back at him. “Just do it! Do me, and make me feel my cum again! Now!”. she was almost on the verge of hysteria as she demanded his touch and attention to her sex!

Roy slid his finger down her slit again, tickling her nub and feeling her try to push her hips up so that he pressed against her even tighter. The pain of her broken leg hurt like hell, but the need to feel his fingers on her love button was more demanding. Roy continued to slide his finger down her crotch, teasing one side of her vulva until he was just above her pucker, then returning up the other side and over her clit again. She moaned as the electric sensations blasted through her when she felt him stroke her heated pussy, changing to a deep lustful growl every time he flicked against her clitoris. By the third time Roy moved his finger up and down her gash, he could feel her moisture issuing from her love canal. Sweeping back up from the bottom of that feminine canyon, he smeared her juice on his fingertip and transferred it to her nub, then returned to her entrance for a reload. When her outer lips opened like a flower to his probe, he tested the waters and eased into her up to the first knuckle.

“Oh God, yes, Roy! Put it in me! Put that fucking finger in my cunt! Damn, it feels so good! Play with me, fondle me, feel me up! Yes-s-s-s!”, Chrissy demanded in a tone that only a man with ice water in his veins would refuse! As his finger entered her deeper and deeper, she sharply gasped, then gasped again, and one more time, all without exhaling between breaths. Roy’s finger curled inside her as he sought the ridges of her G-spot. It only took two or three soft rubs on those ridges before Chrissy smashed Roy’s hand tightly against her sex, arched her back, and screamed out at the top of her lungs.

“Fucking Jesus! Oh God! I’m cumming! Dammit Roy! Make me cum like that!”, and she shook and trembled like a woman possessed by the Devil himself! Never that she could remember had an orgasm been so intense, so all-consuming, or so fantastic! And Roy was doing everything he could, she realized, to make that climax last as long as possible!

As she slowly came back from Nirvana, Chrissy just knew she needed Roy’s manhood deep inside her at all costs. She moved her hand to where his cock should be, only to discover that he’d retreated back into his undershorts. The telltale bulge was there, though, and as she groped and grovelled against his groin, she found his turgid member waiting for her, erect, warm, and fearfully hiding. Her fingers clawed at the fabric, demanding that she be permitted to join his phallus in its warm hiding place. As he felt her fingers wrap around him, pulling his skin up and down his shaft, imploring the entrapped blood in his prick, Roy let out a lustful groan of welcome.

“Roy? I want this!”, Chrissy growled in wanton lust. “I want your cock buried in my cunt so bad! Inside me so deep that it makes my nose run! God dammit, Roy! Give me this cock! I want you to fu . . . “.

For some reason, she couldn’t finish that last word. It wasn’t like she’d never used it before, but all of a sudden, it wasn’t the right one. This wasn’t just fucking! It was something more, softer, intimate, a joining of two souls in a ritual that was beyond just animal rutting. She had to rethink her words, for both their sakes.

“Roy? I want you! I need you, deep inside me, dammit! I need to have you, pleasure you, give you my entire cunt to fill up with your . . . love juice! Please? Love me? Even if it’s just this once?”.

Chrissy had never thought of sex in those terms in her whole 19 years before! Yet here she was, on death’s doorstep pleading and begging a man that she’d only just met to allow her to pleasure him! She also knew, as if by hidden instinct, that his pleasure was more important than her own! God, she couldn’t think of anything but his pleasure, of giving him complete satisfaction, or of surrendering everything she was to his demands!

It all worked out perfectly, too, because Roy just knew in his own soul that he couldn’t refuse her, this young woman that had become the very centre of his Universe! He straddled her thighs as best as he could, given that her jeans were only at mid-thigh. If they had been anywhere else but in the middle of a blizzard in the Rocky Mountains, he’d have ripped them off her, spread her as wide open as she could get, and filled her to the very depth of her womanhood! But he couldn’t, they weren’t, and all that mattered was being inside her, pleasuring her, loving her! As his knob slowly entered her vagina, the heat of her sex blasted out and drenched his entire groin. Chrissy lustfully groaned as she felt his cock sliding up inside her, taking her filling her up to the brim. In short, making her feel more like a woman than she ever thought possible!

Roy slid deep inside Chrissy, then stayed there momentarily, absorbing the luxury of her heat, the softness of her velvety walls, the feeling of her pulsations. He withdrew until only the tip of his cockhead remained. She growled at him in complaint of the emptiness he left behind. Acceding to her demands, he pistoned himself to her full depth, once again remaining stationary as her loving washed over him. Then, once more he pulled out and pushed back in. Her hips matched his rhythm almost as though they were of one mind, rocking up to meet his thrust, then dropping down again as he withdrew. Each push-pull cycle became slightly faster than the one before. Within minutes, he was pounding his phallus deep into her, his pubic bone rubbing her clit in hungry passion. He could feel Chrissy’s breathing becoming faster and more shallow with every pumping stroke back into her, as much as hear it. Her climax began subtly in the pit of her stomach, racing outwards to engulf her, then exploding as she tensed every muscle. Her reflexes caused her to shake and tremble as a sign of her ascent to Nirvana.

Roy now knew what her body was telling him, and he strived to enhance and extend that response for as long as he possibly could. He could feel his balls lifting as they filled his cum-tube with the scalding white goo of his spunk, threatening to drag every cell in his crotch with it as it blasted up and out his jizz hole. The combination of his orgasm and Chrissy’s clutching and fluttering walls centred all his consciousness at their joining point! He sensed, more than felt, first one long thick rope as it spurted from him. Then another, and another, and still another! She pulled, sucked, and milked his engorged member until he was dry, and still she wanted more! It was so intense for both of them that they nearly passed out!

Yet the strength of the growing bond between them refused to allow either one to escape its grip!

When the rush of their mutual cums had relinquished its lustful hold over them, Roy almost collapsed on top of his new lover. It was only through sheer determination and will that he didn’t. Not that Chrissy would have cared at that moment, as all she wanted was to hold this strong yet gentle man against her, inside her, until the end of time!

Regaining a modicum of composure, Roy gazed lovingly into Chrissy’s glazed eyes, seeing something that he’d never seen before, the twinkling glow of pure love. He wanted to hold her, protect her, shelter her until his dying breath had finally escaped his lungs! Kissing her with a part of himself that he never knew existed until this moment, he promised himself that he’d be with her for as long as she needed him to be.

“Roy? Thank you! For the first time in my life, I really do feel like a woman!”, Chrissy whispered into the ear beside her lips. “If we get out of this alive, I owe you, okay? For what you’ve given me, a part of myself I never knew was in there! For the hope of living to share another day, of being wanted, needed, desirable! Of actually mattering to someone besides myself!”, then returning to her former self, she added, “Oh. And for all this wonderful warmth you’ve poured into the blankets, too!”. Then she turned her head, seeking his lips to accentuate just how important he had become to her in those last minutes that had irreversibly changed both their lives.

Roy wanted to answer her, to open his heart to her comprehension, but there just weren’t words enough to express himself. So he did the next best thing. He returned her kiss with as much love as he had ever found inside himself.

It was a struggle to get their pants back up, but the heat that they so desperately needed for survival made it all seem worth the effort. Roy fumbled with his fat fingers to do up the buttons on Chrissy’s shirt, although the sight of her breast disappearing left him feeling almost deserted. God, but she was beautiful! Hair stringy and matted, her face still showing the scratches of their crash, flecks of dried blood still clinging to her skin. None of that mattered. All Roy could see was the warmth and love in Chrissy’s eyes, on her face, radiating from her very core. He folded her in his arms, protecting her from the bitter cold, and drifted into peaceful sleep.

When he woke up, it was almost dark, but there was some kind of noise outside. The fog in his brain just wouldn’t clear so that he could determine what was going on. His first conscious movement was to check Chrissy, listening for her breathing, feeling for a heartbeat. Both were there, sounding and feeling as strong as ever! But where was all that noise coming from? He could barely remember where they were, let alone how they’d gotten there, or why.

Despite his struggle to clear the fog and regain control of his thoughts, Roy could feel himself slowly slipping back into that dark black pit of unconsciousness. Just as he was about to fall over the edge, maybe for the last time, there was a loud scraping noise above him, followed by an invading white influx of diffused light that also brought intense yellow beams with it.

“Hey! I found two over here! Get those stretchers down here! Now! Move!”, he heard someone yelling in the distance. The racket was deafening, and all he wanted was to drift back to the peaceful oblivion of that dark pit again. But something was pulling him, trying to rip him away from his precious Chrissy! He remembered screaming, “No!” at the top of his lungs, then everything went black.


Roy came around to bright lights in his eyes and the comprehension that it wasn’t cold anymore. In fact, it was downright warm! A face that he didn’t recognize was looking down at him, inspecting something about him, but it was all too complex to understand. Then a Voice addressed him.

“Hi, how you feeling?”, it interrogated him.

“Umm, likes something the dog should have left outside”, he heard himself wheeze out. The Voice giggled, then asked him a bunch of questions that made no sense at all. Jesus, would that Voice never shut up? He had a burning question somewhere in his head, but couldn’t figure out just what that question was. A minute later, it exploded in his brain, streaked up his throat, and burst from his lips.

“Chrissy? Chrissy? Chrissy!! Where the hell is Chrissy?”, he heard his panicky vocal chords howl.

The Voice was back! “Chrissy? Was that the young girl we found with you ?”.

“Yeah. Where is she? Is she alright? Did she make it?”, he needed to know. Needed more than he needed to live!

“She’s fine”, the Voice replied softly. “A broken leg and a lot of bruises, and her back will require traction until it settles back into place properly, but we’ll fix her up, good as new”. That Voice had better not be lying, or the morgue was gonna be a busy place!

“Take me to see her! Now!”, Roy screamed. If he knew she was okay, he could handle whatever else they did to him, but he had to know! Nothing else mattered, in his mind.

“Hey! Easy! We’re going to give you a complete examination, and maybe you can see her in a couple of days, okay”, the Voice commanded.

“No! Not a couple of days! Not even a couple of hours! Now!”. Roy was almost hysterical, but there would be no rest, no peace, and probably no living with him until he knew!

“Okay, okay!”, the Voice tried to soothe him. “Is it that important that a couple of days is going to matter?”.

“Fucking right it is! I’ve gotta see her! Now!”. Christ, he’d picked up her gutter-mouth habit! Maybe he should have been embarrassed, but he wasn’t. It was a part of her, and he cherished it, held it inside him, couldn’t let it go! Not now, not ever.

The Voice pushed him into a bright room with sheets hanging everywhere it seemed. God dammit, he didn’t want to see their fucking laundry room, he wanted to see Chrissy! The Voice pulled back one of the hanging bedsheets and there she was! She was a little battered up, covered in bruises, her left leg twice as big at it should be with a heavy white clump on it, and she looked like she’d lost a fight with a herd of charging bulls! Roy had never seen anything that beautiful before in his life! It was all he could do to stop himself from leaping out of the wheelchair and clutch her to him.

“There”, said the Voice from the background. “See? I told you she was okay. Believe me now?”.

Yeah, thought Roy. Now I believe you. He tried to get closer to her, but the damned wheelchair wouldn’t take him where he wanted to go, needed to go.

The Voice helped him, pushed the chair beside her bed, then softly spoke to him. “I don’t know how you did it, fella, but you saved her life out there. She has you to thank for that. I’ll let you tell her all about it, though, when she wakes up. Okay?”.

He’d saved her life? Nope, it was the other way around. If it hadn’t been for her, for the love she’d shown him, for that part of his soul he’d been searching for until he met her, it was Roy that wouldn’t have survived. But damned if he was gonna tell that to the Voice!

Just then, Chrissy rolled her head towards him, opened her eyes slowly, and smiled. “Hey, handsome! I owe you, ya know. Big time!”, she whispered to her new-found lover.

“Hi, Girl. Looks like we beat the odds, huh? Couldn’t have done it without you, Chrissy. It’s me that owes you, Big Time now”, he softly told her, then added, “Oh, just in case you wanted to know, I love you”.

She reached over and gripped his fingers in her hands, stared deep into his eyes. “I know, Roy. I know”, then her eyes closed as she drifted back to sleep, but the smile stayed right where it was.


When they were finally released from the hospital, Roy retuned to his house in the Fremont Valley. Chrissy told him she had no place to go, but would keep in touch. “Fucking right you will!”, he lovingly commanded her. “Right from the other side of our bed. You’re moving in with me!”. but he knew she wouldn’t be forced into a mould that someone else had made. It had to be somewhere that she wanted to be. “Okay, “Roy went on, “what I’m trying to ask you, and doing a shitty job of, is will you stay with me? Please? You’ve become a hard habit to break out of, ya know”.

She’d answered with the tightest hug he’d ever felt. Well, maybe the second-tightest, but it was a damned close contest with whatever was number one!

“Roy Cuthbertson, are you asking me to be your woman? Hmm?”, she teased him lightly. Hell would freeze over before she’d let this magnificent man that had saved her life ever leave!

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am, Chrissy Donald! Never thought I’d say that, ya know! But yeah, I’d be honoured if you’d be my woman. That’s if you think you can stand a miserable, boob-grabbing, fucking sonofabitch like me”.

“Roy, nothing would make me happier!”, and she hugged him again. He felt like she was going for that number one spot again, but wondered if his neck would ever survive! Whispering in his ear so that no one in the world could possibly hear, she added, “But we’ve got to do something about that gutter-mouth of yours! It sounds terrible!”.


Seven years later, Roy was relaxing in his favourite recliner, his five-year old son on one leg, and his three-year old daughter on the other. Most people would have winced at the volume and intensity of their screaming laughter, but it was music to his ears. If it hadn’t been for their mother, he would have never lived long enough to hear it. He reminded himself of that every day. Looking up, he gazed lovingly at Chrissy with her belly growing with another bundle of love, just like the first two.

“Hey, Girl! Starting to look like we’re gonna have to get you on a diet! That beautiful belly of yours is getting to be kinda prominent, ain’t it?”, he teased her. “By the way, medical science has finally figured out what causes that, ya know”.

Chrissy slapped his shoulder, then reached down and kissed him tenderly. Many days his shoulders became painfully sore with her assaults, but it was worth it if just for the kisses.

The love was permanent, though. Nothing could diminish that. Not even a snowstorm.


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