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This is a duel-authored poem. I say verse and the other person comes up with something to follow, It starts out as a joke but turns into something serious...
BOY: I bless you with my heavenly penis!
GIRL: I thought it was small.
BOY: You be the judge

Girl: It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean
Boy: Strangle me in your hallows so I'll meet you in the gallows,
you shall consume me in what we call fertile penitration, let our bodies speak for us with no hesitation,
In retrospect you'll feel a nit, maybe it'll help if i play with your tits.
Girl: Sounds good, maybe you could eat me like food
Boy:With my cannabalistic ways, all you'd have to do is spread your legs.
Girl; I'll spread my legs for you, only if I get to make you cum too.
Boy:You'll treat me just fine as we do the 69,
and upon penitration i take your life as mine,
I speak in this rhyme admiring your beauty as true divine.
Girl: You're too kind to see me as divine
Boy:I dream of your moans and admiration, I'll give you everything I have, complete exaspiration.
Girl:You're such a whore, it makes me want more.
Boy: On shrooms I masturbate, but with you, I'll deeply penitrate, my small organ will compensate.

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2012-02-25 10:40:40
that was so good i loved it

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