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my love triangle
this is my true story

my name is leonardo spencer i am 18 years old and i come from a rich family so i am very lucky i have black and blond streeked hair nice tan and a six pack

anyway when i landed back in l.a from london england i was meet my my usal driver. i walked upto him and he took my bad and opened the car door for me and i thanked him. when i got home i was so happy to see my parents. i walked upto my room to check my email and i had one from my 4 year long boyfriend kyle say he need to talk to me as soon as i read this email. kyle was never one for being serious unless it come to our relationship anyway my phone began to ring and i asnwered it "leon im so sorry to tell you this but kyle has been cheatting on you" my best friend said i was angry i though my phone at the wall where it smashed. i ran out of my room picking up my car keys as i was decending down the stairs then opened my front door then unlocked my porshe 911. i started speeding to kyles house going about 60 mph im a 40mph zone when i got to kyle's i knocked on the door and he answer. i said "is it true" he answer my saying "yes im so sorry" i turned around and ran back to my car and started driving home. kyle was driving right behind me so i pulled over and told him to stop following me. when i got home my afternoon meal was waiting for me but i wasnt hungry i went to my room and cried my self to sleep.

the next day i woke up at 6 in the morning for my usal run. i finished my run at 7 then went to my bedroom bathroom and took a shower then got dressed i went down stairs with a fake smile on my face saying "morning" my lady maid answer me saying "good morning sir your parent have gone to work and ur bag is in your car" i simply answer with a meaningful thank you

when i got to school i parked in my usal space and light up a ciggarette. kyle came over to me and said "leon we need to talk" i couldnt even look at kyle so i walked straight past him as if he wasnt there but that hurt me so much inside knowing how much i loved him and how much he had hurt me. i got into my boring english lesson i sat down and this guy called harvey kept saying "queer" at me so turned around and said "do u just wanna piss off u total fucking jerk" my teacher came upto me handed me a detention form so i got up and to my joy harvey had one to

in the detention room where wasnt a teacher so me and harvey sat in silence. i decided to have a ciggarette out the window. havrvey came behind me and said "im sorry for being a jerk can i have a cig please" i gave him one then i felt his hand on my ass he was smiling at me but for some strange reason i did not stop him from touching me i just looked deep into his eyes (the after school detention bell rang) so i picked up my bag to leave but harvey was blocking the door "move out of my way please harvey" i was tired and i couldnt be bothered to have a go at him. he moved out the way and said "all you had to was ask" i walked out the door saying "why are u suck a fucking jerk" harvey followed me to my locked pinned me upto it and kissed me i was so shocked but managed to say "what are u doing your straight " but he just kissed me again then walked off. my heart was beatting so fast and i was thinking the schools football captian just kissed me

when i got home where was a car on the estate that didnt belong to anyone there as i pulled up harvey got out and said "can i come him" i said "sure whatever" we went to my room and he pinned me to the door and kissed me undoing my t-shirt he kissed my all the way down to my belt then though me on my bed like i was his back pack he got ontop of me and slide him hand down my pants and asked "why are you not wearing underwear" i said because these jeans are ment to be tight fitting he undid my pants and freed my 9 inch cock he suck on it like it was the best candy he had ever tasted i shouted "im gonna cum" but that made him go faster i shot load after load in his mouth moaning so load im sure someone would walk in on use but they never harvey got up and just left i was really confussed

the next day at school in lesson harvey shouted cock sucker at me i shoot him a dirty look and the teacher sent use to the detention room yet again harvey keep staring at me. i turned around to face him fully and said "stop staring at me" he walked over to me and said "i like looking at you" what mind games are u playing i shouted at him your fucking straight he said to me "i know i am but i cant get you out my head" i said to him "try harder to get me out your head i just had a break up and im not going to take your shit" kyle? he asked yeah i said he put his hand on my back and said "he is more of a jerk than u know leon" i walked out of the detention room leaving my bag but later that night harvey cam over to give me my bag back he told me to open my bag when he had left so i did and found a not saying i dont know if im gay or not but i am attracted to you

to be continued

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2013-09-22 17:14:46
Ok i am so disapointed in your spelling please work on that like its not hard to spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2013-04-10 07:47:23
This story is so fake

Even Americans wont believe it.

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2013-03-14 00:28:17
OMG!!!!! PLEASE INVEST IN A DRAGON. The spelling and grammatical errors are horrendous.

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2012-05-27 02:01:27
Where is part 2 I can't find it dang!

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2011-12-04 04:07:43
hey i love ur stories keep writting them plz..

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