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my story continues
tyler i said thats your little whores name. kyle walked away from me and i couldnt help but feel a little victorious inside. my friend come back over to me and said "what did he want" and i said "nothing" so we continued shopping in the gucci store. after spending about $3000 we left. as we just got out the store harvey and this friends walk past. harvey said "gay boy" to me but he was checking me out as he said it in a away that his friends couldnt see. i smiled and my friend said to me "okay did we all just see that the captian of the football team just checked me out" she was so excited i didnt have the heart to tell here it as me he was checking out.

monday finally came but harvey never arrived to his first lesson. i have to admit i was a little upset he wasnt there however the second lesson he was there but looked really angry for some reason i asked him "are you okay" he said "yeah but your ex boyfriend's teeth wont me" i have to admit i was a little worried for kyle it come to the last lesson that me and harvey was still not allowed into so we went to the detention room i asked harvey "what did you mean about kyle" he looked at me smiled and said "it doesnt matter" i said to him in a angry voice "it fucking matters to me" harvey didnt answer me so we sat in silence for the hole 50 minutes the end of school came and i went to my jacket. as i was going to my car i kept hearing the word fight being chanted i looked to my left to see two guy fighting so i walked over out of pure intrest to my horror it was harvey and kyle so ran in the middle of them both and shouted as loud as i could "that is enough" push both boy out of arms reach. kyle had blood poring down this face and i wanted to help him but when i went to touch his face he said "dont touch me this fight was over you" i looked at harvey who also had a little blood on his face. i walked back over to my car thinking i cant deal with this ballshit right now.

when i got home i found harvey's car parked out side so i told him to come in. we walked in to my house. i was greated by my lady maid she said to me "sir you parent both called about an hour go they have to work late so i was told to take care of you is there anything you need?" me and julieta (my maid) walked into the kitchen as we was walking i said to harvey "you know where my room is i will meet you up there". when we got into the kitchen i asked the cook if he wont mind making me a sandwich please and one for are guest (i believe that even though they work for us matters is still a nice thing to use) the cook was happy to do so i took them of him and said thank you. i walked into my room but at first i couldnt find harvey so i said his name he was in my walk in closet. i put the sandwiches down and ask "why are u in my closet" he turn and round saying "you have so many nice clothes" i thanked him. then he kissed me and closed the closet door this was a really big turn on i was going to have sex in my closet. harvey without breaking are kissing though some of my clothes on the floor to make a kind of bed then lowered me to the floor. he took my top off and he pulled my pants off so hard i followed my pants for a few seconds. i climed ontop of harvey and ripped open his tank top.he was so hot i wanted him so badly undoing this pants felt like forever but when they was off him his massive 12 inch cock was waiting for me i started to jack harvey off he smiled at me and said "your not wearing underwear" i did a smile/laugh and said i was but you pulled then off with my pants. harvey started to enjoy being jacked off closing his eyes he started moaning as i went faster he screamed "im gonna cum" so i went alot faster. true to what he said a few seconds later he cummed but i didnt stop i wanted to see how much he could take he started moaining loader and loader he sorta scream "i cant take no more" so i stopped i laid him on his back lifted his butt up and shoved my dick into him. he was tight he was a virgin when it came to his butt finally i got all 9 inches into him i was frusting him like he was the last fucked id ever have we was moaning sweating and most of the time harvey had ahold of my butt about an hour later i said to him im gonna come he was saying "come in my virgin butt you know u want it " this was turning me on even more i must haved cummed aleast 5 time i was so tired i started to get up but harvey said "dont leave me" i told him i was tired and we should get into my bed but harvey said "why cant we sleep in here" so i agreed and rested my head on harveys body when i woke up harvey had him arms around me like he wanted to protect me i woke harvey up and asked him about the fight earlier with kyle he said "it was nothing" but i told him kyle told me it was over me. harvey opened his eyes and was finally honest with me he said "it was over you. kyle has seen the way i look at you and figured out we are doing stuff he didnt like know i was touching you. the words he said was his property so i punched him and he hit me back" i gave harvey a weak smile and said dont be going to trouble over me also im no ones property

to be continued
please comment this story is 100 percent true

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2012-01-07 22:52:41
I don't mind a couple of mistakes but u have so many it's hard to read


2011-06-01 09:54:03
the story is awesome, lol but come on it would be a whole lot better if the miss spelling was not there

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