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my story continues
harvey laught at me and said i know your no ones property. I put my head back on his chest but i had a question i really wanted to ask him. Harvey? yeah he responded ive got a question for you. Go ahead he said. What do you think about me? harvey sat up so i laid on the floor. He said "well when i fist ever meet you i thought you was just a rich brat. but now i think your a really nice guy " i smiled at him. Suddenly a voice came from down stairs shouting "Leonardo your parents are home" i totally freak out telling harvey to get dressed. i put on my dressing gown then walked down stairs. "hey mom hey dad" my mom walked over to me and said "are you okay you look a little hot" at this point harvey had just walked down the stairs. i looked at the floor but that was all the information my mom needed. she turned to face harvey and said "im mrs spencer. whats your name?" "im harvey mam" "pleasure to meet you but i think it is time for you to be going" harvey turn around and left me to deal with my parents all by my self i hated him for it. my mom said "living room now" as i sat there my mom said to me "what happened to kyle? is this boy a quick fix? are you being safe with this boy? answer me leonardo!!" i found my voice and said "kyle cheated on me when i was in england. i dont know if harvey is a quick fix . yes i am being safe with him i lied" with that i must have said somethink right because she said "okay off you go" with a smile

at school the next day i went to my locker to dump my book in there.when i opened my locker there was a note saying sorry on it in harveys handwritting. still angry at him i screwed the note up but i keep it (like i did with the other notes) so i went to my lesson walked up to harvey and said "you will be" then sat down harvey looked at me with a scared look on his face. the lesson finished and i really need to piss half way though class but was rejected the toilet pass so i was the first one out to go to the bathroom. harvey must have followed me becuase when i had finished pissing and done my self back up i turned around to see him watching me. i jump becuase i thought i was alone and said "harvey!!! what do you want?" harvey walked upto me with his confident walk that really pissed me off "i wanna know what your gonna do to make me sorry" i shouted at him "why u scared harvey? like i was last night when my parent found you. and u just left me" harvey went from scared to upset saying "i didnt wanna leave you babe" as i washing my hands i turned around and said "im not your babe" he went to hug me but i pushed him off then i left the bathroom

however the next lesson was the one i still wasnt allowed to go into so i made my way to the detention room. i was shortly joined by harvey we sat in total silence. i kept thinking i shouldnt have been so mean to him. i got out of my seat walked over to him sat on his desk and said "harvey im sorry" harvey got out of his seat and i hugged him with so much love and passion. but it was bad timing because kyle had just walked into the detention room. he looked so angry he walked up to me and went to hit me i blocked his shot so he spat in my face. harvey push him and kyle started shouting "coming on then" i got in the middle of them both and said to harvey "please dont im so not worth it" harvey looked at me and said "yes you are" i closed my eyes. harvey kissed me but i soon found out kyle fights dirty and punched me as me and harvey kissed i fell to the floor because it was so unexspected. kyle began to kick me in my stomack. harvey pushed kyle with so much force kyle fell to the floor too. harvey got on top of kyle and was punching him in the face. i got up holding my ribs and said "harvey please dont" harvey listened to me and got off kyle. i walked out of the detention room to go to the medic office

harvey followed me then half way down the corridor harvey made me put my arm around him. he walked me to the medic office so i could be checked out as he waited outside the room all i could think about was how much i really didnt know kyle at all. i left the medic office with a leave of school note but i had to hand in my car keys to the office so i couldnt drive home.

i went to my locked to get my stuff including my brand new cell i called my mom to come pick me up from school. as i waited in the office with harvey the receptionist told him to go to class. harvey looked at me and said "do you want me to go?" i looked at him and said "no but you gotta go to class" harvey smiled at me and said "i dont wanna leave you" "i will be fine my mom will be here in a minute" harvey gave me another smile and left looking back to see if i was still okay. i sat in the office in pain thinking a few weeks ago i thought harvey was such a jerk but now all i can see of him is his nice side and the side that just wants to protect me. my mom arrived at school a few moments later saying to me "o my god my bady boy are you okay" "im fine mom but i really need some pain killers"

to be continued

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