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The morning after and how things got twisted up in a way I didn't see coming. This is based on actual events, roommate portion encounter made more interesting, but true at core. I don't want to ruin the surprise as you read. You might want to read Chapter one to understand the background.
All For Mr. Redman Chapter 2

In the morning I woke up slightly disoriented. I opened my eyes and glanced around. I knew my dorm room didn't look this nice. The gorgeous furniture, amazing decor, the tranquillity of silence. I smiled sleepily and it all came back.

I had just had the most amazing night of sex with Mr. Redman, my favourite highschool science teacher. Well, no guilt there. I had a strong crush on him when I was in highschool and I had discovered last night that this way more than a crush. Much to my delight it went both ways. I was so happy. I slowly and gently turned over.

He looked so peaceful and cute laying there. I put my head back down and just watched him sleep for a few minutes. I was almost afraid to touch him, I wanted him to have a great sleep, especially after the way he had rocked my world last night.

An idea forming in my mind I move carefully out of the bed. I'm really stealthy when I need to be. My roommate at University always joked with me calling me the only Ninja in the world that scores beer. I always laugh at it. I have always been able to move with stealth because I simply don't like disturbing others. Okay, I admit that and my lack of fear of heights makes me the perfect beer smuggling “Ninja Girl”. Lol.

I stood looking down at him and felt calmness and serenity. He was clearly sleeping very well.

I put on on of his collared dress shirts and moved to the kitchen. I am 5'3” tall, 105lbs and I have long black hair. I am slender measuring 32b-22-30. I have brown eyes. No tattoos or piercings, other than my ears.

I had decided that he deserved a breakfast in bed. Peter had an amazing kitchen. It was laid out for not only looks but functionality. I the most challenging part was a direct result of our heights. He is 6'1” tall and I am only 5'3” tall. I looked around and there was no step stool. His tall stools for seating would not work. I felt like a five year old going after the cookies when I had to climb up on the counter a couple of times.

I made his breakfast. It's so easy to make breakfast for someone when you know what they like by looking at their shopping list on the fridge and by checking out what they have available.

Mr Breakfast for Peter consisted of back bacon, home fries, sliced melon, orange juice, thick cut toast, and western omelet. While I was doing this I also made coffee for him. I noticed the machine did seem used and figured he probably has it in the morning because he never drank it at school.

I prepared the serving tray and spiralled an orange and took a flower from his table arrangement. I was very pleased with my effort. I looked at the clock and saw it was 10:30am. This had taken a bit of time and at least I knew her had 8 hours sleep.

I had just picked up the tray when I heard something from the entry. I froze with the tray and set it down. I heard keys and the door was opening, someone was coming in. I set the tray down gently and padded my way toward the living room and used the window reflection to see carefully who it was.
I saw her at the same time I heard her heels on the wood floor. It was a blonde woman. A really attractive six foot tall blonde. Her hair was long and arranged attractively so it was flowing down her back and but stayed out of her eyes. Her blue jacket and skirt combination was elegant and conservative. It did not hide the fact she had a body guys take the time to watch, appreciate, and remember. She was gorgeous and looked like she could be a model.

A gorgeous woman with KEYS!!! I looked around quickly. I did not have many options here. I heard her removing her shoes and she called out “Peter? Are you in the kitchen? That smells wonderful”. I knew she was coming. I glanced around fast.

My roommate would have been proud of me. I placed my hand on the island, jumped over it and landed like a cat and ducked into the recessed space under it and froze.

She walked in and said “Peter?”

She stood there and I heard her mumble and she walked over and I knew she was trying the food. Now, I realized I was hiding from her. My dress, heels, underwear, everything is in his room. My purse... oh shit my purse was sitting next to the coffee table on the floor. I didn't know if I should run or what.

Then my mind shifted again. Who the hell was she to come in, with keys, eat food I prepared and act like she owns the place. I decided I would have to do something.

She turned and walked out of the kitchen saying “Peter where are you? That omelet is fantastic. Your breakfasts get better and better.” She was walking to the bedroom.

I stood up and thought “Oh so she has breakfast here, that's great.”

I pondered this as I heard her open the bedroom door and call out again to him.

I knew Peter had told me the truth. I knew I could trust him. There is no way this was the woman who blew him off last night. I didn't see her picture.. wait a second!

As fast and quietly as I could, because I heard conversation starting in the bedroom, I moved over and looked at his family pictures. Not good, she was not in them.

I decided I am going to own this and not run and why the hell am I nervous. I know he has been honest and I am sure there is a logical reason for her coming in, having a key, and showing up knowing he makes great breakfasts. I clung to that because what the hell else could I do?

I heard Peter voice “What breakfast?” kind of loudly. Then I heard her say loudly “Oh my God” and Peter moving fast out of that bed “Where is she?” I heard the blonde reply “I don't know, your the one who slept with her!”

Peter came flying out of the bedroom as I was setting the tray on the table. He looked stunned for a second and actually seemed to have been struck silent. I smiled at him and said “ I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed, but clearly that has not worked. I hope you like it, but she did eat try the omelet.”

I stood there and he looked floored. I said “Sorry, I forgot the coffee” and as I was turning the woman came out of the bedroom and she was stunned. I smiled at her and said “Good morning. I'm Sachiko would you like some coffee? It's not trouble I already made a pot. Please.” She was stunned.

I know I was a sight. Wearing a men's white collared dress shirt that looked like a dress on me. I was naked underneath and the sun was coming in. I knew she was seeing more than I would of preferred.

She looked at me and then at Peter, who was now smiling at me, and said “I'm really sorry. I'm thinking someone forgot the plan for today.”

We were both looking at Peter. She touched his arm and he looked at her and said “What?”

She started laughing and turned to me and said “Oh Sachiko, I would love that coffee, thank you. I really want to talk the woman who made him forget about his plans with me for today.”

I got the coffee and could hear them speaking quickly and quietly. I came back in and set the coffee down for her on a coffee service. I asked them to please excuse me and went into the bedroom.

I looked at my cocktail dress and thought yeah right. I opened his dresser and found a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts with a draw string. They would come down almost to my knees. I put them on and walked back out and rejoined them.

She smiled at me as she stood up and offered me her hand

“I'm Barbara. Peter and I have been best friends since we were about ten. I just came over to take him to a birthday brunch. I feel horrible if I startled you. I should have called before I came by. I didn't play alarm clock today because I really thought he would be up.”

I shook her hand and said “I'm very pleased to meet you.” She was actually smiling broadly and sat and chatted with her. Peter said he had to get ready and headed for the shower. He stopped as he was passing my chair. He leaned down kissed me gently and caressed my hair. “You don't have to rush off, I will only be a couple of hours.” I smiled at him and said “I need to change. I will head home and you call me when you get back.” He smiled and headed into his room.

When the door was closed Barbara exploded with questions. They were basic information, just getting to know me. I asked what she does for a living and she said she works as an Administrative Director and told me the company. I asked if she was married and she laughed and said “I was, once, if you want to call it a marriage.” I asked “What do you mean?” She smiled and said “He cheated, lied, emptied the joint account and took off with a neighbor.” I was kind of stunned and said “How did she could she possibly compete with you?” She started laughing hard and said “She was a he.” I almost choked on my coffee. I recovered and said “Wow.” She laughed and said “If you think I was shocked you should have seen his parents.” I nodded, having no idea what to say. I could not imagine it, having no experience with that sort of thing.

Not long after Peter was ready. I left with one of his gym bags carrying all my other clothes and they dropped me off at home. I rushed in and startled my roommate. She looked at me and said “Oh my God did you go home with that hot guy Christine said you were with?” I nodded. She started pushing for details and I asked her to please stop.

Amanda looked at me and said “Okay, skip the juicy stuff and just paint it for me in broad strokes.” I told her how wonderful it was and what we did, about Peter's home and how romantic he was. She seemed happy for me, there was something in her eyes. I told her I was not done. I then told her how the morning went. She was rolling on her bed laughing and said she would have just died if it happened to her.

I went and grabbed a shower and went back to the room. I was sitting at my desk, in my panties and a tank top. I was lost in thought when I felt Amanda's hands on my shoulders massaging. She is so good at that. She leaned down and said “So is he your boyfriend? Is this serious” whispering in my ear. I could feel her breath on my neck. I shivered and said “God I hope so, I've dreamed of it.”

She leaned in and kissed my ear and then my neck.

Confession time gentle reader. I'm bi-sexual. My parents would not let me date forever so what can I say? A girl needs an outlet after all.

Amanda was a cheerleader in High School, played field hockey, and was as fit. She is 5'9” tall, has long dark brown hair, green eyes, and a body sculpted by hours spent in the gym. She is feminine, but toned and has beautiful skin that is so silky. She has some latina in her, so her skin has that sun kissed look. She is really pretty and has a fetish, Asian women. Lucky me!

She and I first got together after a party. When we got back to the room I stripped and fell back on the bed, having a nice buzz from the alcohol. I closed me eyes and the next thing I felt was her caressing my inner thighs. I looked down and she was kneeling between my legs. She told me I was beautiful and leaned in and started licking me. The rest, as they say was history.

I turned to her and she said “Should I stop?” She was sliding her hands around to my breasts. I looked in her eyes. She was one of my best friends, sometimes lover, and I had never refused her before. For the first time I felt a twinge of guilt as Peter flashed to my mind. As that happened her lips met mine and I caved in.

I turned in the chair and stood. She was really fired up. I was not sure what had gotten into her, not that she is not enthusiastic usually. She was kissing me, one hand on my back, the other caressing my ass. I wrapped my arms around her and we were really getting hot. She was wearing only panties and stopped for a second to pull my top off. We started kissing again, our tongues duelling hotly, when she lifted me up her hand supporting me as she cupped my ass. I wrapped my legs around me and she walked me backwards and we lowered onto her bed together.

She slid down my body, pausing to kiss my nipples. She took my wrists with one hand and held them up above my head. He other hand cupped one breasts as she feasted on the other. There was no other way to put it. She was attacking it with kisses, nibbles, bites, and sucking on it.

Amanda is a very dominate person with me. The way she handles me sometimes makes me feel like a fuck toy. It gets me so fucking hot because she is so hungry for me. Today was going hot and heavy really fast.

She switched breasts and didn't lighten up at all. I love the way she worships them. She has made me cum more than once that way. I was writhing under her, but she had me pinned effectively, her trapped little Asian girl. She paused and looked up at me. The lust in her eyes was burning hotly an I though “Oh fuck she is going to wreck me.”

She practically growled “Did he fuck you?”

I nodded and she slapped my breast and said “I want to hear an answer.” This was new, she was aggressive but not like this before.

I said “Yes, he fucked me.” I was really turned on and I know she knew it.

“Did he fuck you deep and hard?”

“Yes” I replied

“Did he cum inside that tight little cunt?” Okay, the C word was also a first for her.

“Yes, he fucked me and came inside my pussy.” I replied meekly. She was kind of scaring me but turning me on too.

“You fucking little slut. You meet some guy in a bar and the first night you let him cum inside you. Did you suck his cock? Did he cum in your slutty little mouth?” She was so intense it was scary.

“Yes.” I said.

“Yes what?” she growled and bit my tit.

I cried out and said “Yes I sucked his cock and he came in my mouth.”

“Did you swallow his cum you whore?” she asked. I was staring at her. This was all new. She was never like this and it hit me. She was jealous, but from what I had seen she was also really turned on. Maybe she was trying to lay claim to me.

“Yes, I swallowed it.” I was forming a plan. If she wanted to play like this I would go along with her.

“Did you like it bitch?” She asked as she pinched my nipple.

I arched my back and moaned. I replied “Yes. You want to know, fine. I fucking loved it. I deep throated his big hard white cock, I sucked it deep in my throat and swallowed it all. When he came in me it felt so fucking hot. When he pounded my little cunt with that big cock it felt fucking amazing. He fucked me so deep and filled me up all the way. I fucking loved it. I cant wait to do it again. I can't wait for him to fuck my tight cunt again and make me his. I want his cock in all my hot little holes.”

Her eyes were on fire and I heard her groan in arousal. She suddenly flipped me over, pulled me up onto my knees and buried her face in he from behind.

There is no other way to say it, she attacked my pussy ferociously. She was eating it like she could not live without it. I was screaming ito the pillow and came on her face. She never stopped. She slapped my ass, spread my cheeks and buried her face in my ass. She started finger fucking my cunt roughly and was tongue fucking my ass and making me insane. She buried her face deep in my ass and lifted me.

I was face down, my chest and face on the bed as she pulled me back and up. She had my thighs on her shoulders, my lower legs kicking in the empty air behind her. She had lost all control and was biting me and sucking my ass and pussy and her arms moved around my waist as she suddenly stood.

I was left hanging face down along her body. I was totally being dominated by my amazonian roommate and she was using me like a fucking sex toy. I was cumming all over her face and was lost in the lust of her frantic sexual aggression.

She suddenly lifted me and threw me onto my bed. She jumped on me and straddled me, lowering he pussy onto my face. She grabbed my hair in a fist and jerked my face forward, mashing her hot shaved cunt on it. “Eat my cunt you nasty little slut!” she commanded.

I love performing oral sex and dove right in. She was grinding all over my face and I found myself eating her pussy and ass alternately as she thrashed on my face, nearly suffocating me. That was when she started spanking my pussy and calling me a slut. She started including my breasts in her slapping punishment for whatever the hell I did.

She came with a growl all over my face three times before she climbed off. My pussy and breasts were sore from her spanking them, red marks from her hand visible on my tits and thighs.

I was panting for air. She climbed off and turned and looked at me. I looked at her and wondered what the fuck.

She grabbed me suddenly by the hair and pulled me off the bed onto the floor, dragging me to my knees.

I'm not new, but no one, and I mean no one has ever done anything like this to me. I was scared of her and what she might do next. I also realized I was turned on. I mean I knew I liked my ass spanked sometimes, but this was a whole new level.

She jerked my head back and was looking down at me. I knew my fear was showing and I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. She suddenly released me and went onto her bed and curled up laying there looking at me. She looked like she was going to cry. That was when I realized she was actually hurt that I had gone with Peter. I had not done anything with any guy since we became roommates and I didn't talk about guys that often.

I said quietly “What the fuck was that all about Amanda.” Her lip quivered and I stood up. “I asked you a question. What the fuck was that all about? You have never done anything like that to me. You better start talking.”

She mumbled something and I moved closer and put my hand on the side of her face gently. She looked like she was going to breakdown. “I didn't hear that. Please, why did you do that to me?” I mean I consented at the start but being actually scared of the person your making love too. That was a new feeling.

She started cry and said “I love you.” I sat back. This was so not how I expected my day to go.
Oh shit, I thought, life just got complicated.

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What an amazing twist. Good flow of the events. Please continue writing. I enjoy reading ot

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It's very difficult when this happens. My fuck buddy & I are both committed to other people and we fell in love. Can't wait to hear how you handled this! You're a really good writer and I love to read your stories.


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