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my story continues
i smiled at harvey as the shower water was hitting us and said i dont mind. harvey came a little closer to me and started kissing me again i opened the shower door and lead him into my bed room still kissing he stripped and landed on my bed. me and harvey was kissing each other all over the place. then harvey got on top of me and put my legs on his shoulders he wasnt bothered about hurting me now because he was ramming his cock in me so hard i was screaming. when harvey was all the way in he said "are you okay babe?" "yeah im fine" harvey kept ramming my butt like he was some kind of porn star but it felt so good. after about 30 minutes he shot his load without telling me and i was suprised my but was full of cum. he laught at me and i told him "keep laughing and i will slap you with my cock" he said "kinky" so i got off him stood up and told him to suck me off. when he went to do i got my cock and slap him with it and i said "told you i would" he smiled and took my cock in his mouth anyway for a guy who had never been on another guy before he learned fast how to deep thoat a cock. me and harvey got tierd so we went to sleep in my bed i turn to face him and he did the same. i closed my eyes and i could feel his hand covering me like he always would do when we slept together.

i woke up the next morning with harvey next to me i tired to wake him up to but soon found out he doesnt like to be woke up i said "harvey we got school" he replied with a yea i said "seriously harvey get up" he replied "yeah 10 more minutes" so i pushed him off the bed. i went into the bathroom and started the shower having the best flash backs of last night and got into it. i sweaped my hand though my hair with my eyes closed harvey open the shower door and said "that hurt your floor is soild oak" i laughted a bit but didnt open my eyes. harvey got into the shower with me and closed the door.he stepped behind me and i could feel his breath on my back it sent shivers down my back i could also feel harvey soft cock against my butt. he started kissing my neck and giving me a hickie. so i carried on washing he got a bottle of shower wash put some on his hands then started washing my body from behind. he was getting lower until he was washing my dick for me he could feel my dick geting harder in his hand until it was fully hard he started jacking me off after i cummed we showered normally. when we both decided we was clean we go out the shower i started drying my self off but harvey had other ideas he wrapped the towel up and wipped my butt. i shouted "oww you fucking jerk" harvey walked over to me and started kissing my neck for every kiss after he would quicky say sorry and kissed me again after about the 5th kiss i was hot for him again but i had to keep my self under control because we had to drive to school i half a hour.

i went to my closet and picked out a outfit put it on harvey walked into the closet and said "damn it was good in here" i know exactly whatt he ment and said "yes i was but you need to get dressed big boy" after harvey had got dressed we went back into the bathroom to bush are teeth harvey said "do you have a toothbrush i can borrow" i said "sure they are in the medic cabinet. the one that havent be opened" we brush are teeth in silence but i was the one that broke it i said to him does "my hair need streeking again" harvey laughed and said "i dont know im new to this gay thing" i told him you dont have to be gay to have ur hair streeked or know information about it. so anyway i got my gell out of the cabinet and spiked my hair up as me and harvey was walking down the stair my mom was walking into the living room with out even looking at us she said "good morning leonardo. good morning harvey" we both went a little red and simply said morning my mom now looked at us and said "the cook has breakfast ready if we want any" we agreed and walked into the kitchen "good morning cock can i have my usal please?" the cook handed me a fruit salad and a protein shake harvey however only wanted some pure orange

we left for school and harvey said i should come round to his tonight for dinner because his whole family will be there i asked "is that a good idea? harvey" he said "sure" he looked at me with sad eyes and said "if they see im hanging with someone like you they may not thing im such a loser anymore" harvey was driving but i realli wanted to give him a big hug but i said "harvey your not a loser u get good grades you go to school you the fucking football captian" harvey smiled at me and i had to admit i missed his smile "harvey why do you care what your family think of you?" harvey replied "because there my family" harvey stopped the car at a red light and jumped at the chance to kiss him when we finished kissing i looked him in the eyes and said "your not a loser harvey believe me" we arrived at school and i got out his car and said "okay will come to your house for dinner tonight but remember i dont eat meat" harvey smiled and said okay see ya at 6 tonight and walked off

to be continued

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2011-06-05 02:59:30
Hey i love your stories the get me to cum atleast 5 times im a have my dick sucked by my boyfriend afer


2011-05-26 16:37:26
darthcaedus- thank you but this story is 100 percent true and im just wrtting about it for people to read xxx


2011-05-26 16:33:44
just thought i'd let you know, i'm enjoying your stories, keep them coming


2011-05-26 16:32:23
my story continues with rich boys love 7 and i an currently write number 8

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