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Bobby was about 11 years old when he started jacking off. Whenever he got a free moment to release himself from reality he would jump for the chance. As soon as his mom would leave he would dart for the bathroom where he had his secret stash of porn clip outs of hardcore magazines. He would furiosly jack off, not taking anytime to cum. He would be waiting on the couch watching tv when his mom got back from running errands.

As he got older he started to get bored with just beating off. He wanted to be with some of the women he had seen in the magazines. Being 13 at the time he knew he had a fat chance of being with one of the glorious models, so he decided he would just settle with the regular girls his age.

He had been living in the same neighborhood for about 8 years and, a lot of good friends around him had some very beautiful sisters. One friend in particular, Jimmy, had a very sexy sister who was one year older than him. He figured he might have a chance with her because he was always around her. He could make her laugh hysterically in a split second, and they had shared a lot of personal things together.

One day after school Jimmy came up to him " Hey man come over as soon as you get home. I just bought the new Madden game. You need to check it out."

As soon as school was done I ran over there in a dead sprint. I walked in as usual and yelled for Jimmy, but no answer came. He made himself at home as he always does by grabbing a drink and headed for the recliner. He waited anxiously for him to get home so they could get started. After about two minuets of thinking that he said to hell with it and walked upstairs to Jimmy's room. As he got to the top of the floor he realized the shower was running. He thought nothing of it and continued to walk into the game room.

He walked over to the game and turned it on and waited for it to load. About the time the game showed up on the screen the shower turned off. He figured it was Katie, Jim's sister. The thought had not even come into his mind about getting a peak at her he was to focused on the game. He heard the bathroom door open and her bedroom door shut. A few minuets had gone by now and he started playing the game.

"Where in the HELL is he? He should have been home a while ago." he said

He heard katie's door open again and heard the sound of her stomping about. Booby decided he would walk out and let her know he was there. He walked towards the bathroom and peaked his head in. WOW, he thought. She stood in a pair of purple panties and a bra rubbing lotion all over legs, starting at her ankles and making her way up to her inner thighs, gently massaging them each time they reached near her pussy. She had long black wet hair that reched to the top of her back. Bobby was blown away at her figure. She had a nice pair of tits for a girl who was only 14, probably about a high B. Her dark smooth legs seemed like they went all the way up. Her panties were about a size to small for her and clung to her ass cheeks and pussy. The view he had gave him a good view of her mound underneath. Bobby had lost all of his quick reflexes by the time she turned her head.

"BOBBY!", she screamed in embarrassment.

Bobby did not know what to do. He just stood there and stared mainly because she allowed it. He began to fumble his words trying to say he was sorry but before he could she ran in her room slamming the door. Bobby figured he had messed up enough so he headed for the back door. On his way out he ran into Jim and his mom.

"Where you going man? Lets get to that game."

"I am not feeling to hot. I am going to go home and lay down"

"Whatever man. I will talk to you tomorrow at school"

Bobby headed home and luckily his mom was not home. He headed to the bathroom and beat off. He thought about Katie and her awesome body standing right infront of him. Once he pictured her completley naked he came eveywhere.

The next day Bobby headed for Jim's after school. He knocked on the door this time being a little more cautious. No one answered so he let himself in. He yelled all over the house making sure no one was home. After yelling at the top floor and the bottom floor he figured no one had got home yet. Thoughts of Katie started to race into his mind again. He realized he was getting aroused but just thinking of Katie in the short pair of underware. He tried to ignore his feeling but it would not subside. He walked upstairs again, to the game room. On the way he realized Katie's door was wide open. Bobby's mind was flooding of images of her again. He took a deep breath and walked into her room. He knew he could hear the door open if someone came home. It was kinda dirty with clothes all over the floor and her bed was unmaid. He started snooping around just for the excitement. He walked over to the corner of the room to look at the pictures he had seen a thousand times of Katie and her cheerleading friends. He stared at the pictures and looked down at his side. A dirty clothes hamper was sitting against the wall with clothes filling up half. He opened it and saw the pair of panties Katie had worn yesterday. He grasped them in his hand thinking of that moment the day before. His heart started racing. He drew them to his nose and took a big whif. It was the sweetest thing he had ever smelled. He looked down and his dick was standing at attention. He pulled it out and beat of slowly with the pair of underware at his face. Right as he was getting into a rythum he heard the bedroom door close. Standing there was Katie with a suprised look on her face. Bobby dropped the panties and hurridly put his dick up.

"You must really like those" Katie said with a smirk on her face.

Bobby tried to mustar up the courage to face her again

"Dont worry Bobby. This will not leave the room"

As soon as she said that Bobby turned and faced her with his dick poking through his jeans. Katie looked at him and laughed.

"Yea it must suck not being able to finish that off." she laughed.

"Yea a little bit." he grinned.

Katie started walking his way, her eyes fixated on his tent. Bobby's heart was pounding. He had no idea what was about to happen. She walked up to him and quicly grabbed his dick through his pants and massaged it. Bobby groaned at the touch of the pressure.

"What about your brother and mom coming home?"

"Dont worry about that. Jim has a dentist appointment."

Katie grabbed his hips and slung him on her bed. Bobby laid back and let he work he magic. She unzipped his pants and pulled them off with aggresion. She pulled at the elastic on his boxers and slowly pulled them down to reveal his 7 inch dick. Her eyes blew up at the site.

"WOW! I never thought you would be this big."

She grabbed the base of his dick and slowly put the tip in her mouth. Bobby was about to go nuts. He had never got a blowjob and it was definatley mindblowing as his friends had told him. She moved her head up and down, side to side, each time making a slurp. She pulled it out and used her tongue to play with tip. Pre-cum was starting to ozze out. She stopped and told him to sit up. She pulled down her pants and revealed her tight ass hanging out of her small panties. She put her thumbs on the sides and pulled them down revealing her beautiful ass. She bent down to pull them off her feet, giving Bobby a view of her fat pussy. She pulled her shirt off revealing those awesome tits held up by her bra. When she unclasped it they fell out. She slowly walked over to him. She straddled him kepping her pussy right above his dick. Bobby leaned back a little more and watched her grab his dick and gently slide into her pussy. He grabbed her by the hips and motioned her up and down. She bounced and bounced each time moaning. She began to shudder and vibrate slowing down on his dick. Bobby started to pant harder and harder as she slowed down. He was on the verge of coming all inside of her.

She got off of him in the knick of time as he shot his load all over her stomach and hand. They laid there for a little while and Katie told him that he probably need to get dressed. Bobby put his clothes on, not believing what had just happened.

He walked out of her room saying, "Never leaves this room, right?"

She gave him a smile, "Promise"

When he walked through the doorway she said, "Here this will give you something to think of me till the next time." She threw him a white silky pair of panties.

"Thanks" and he shoved them in his pocket and walked into the gameroom.


2007-05-25 20:48:03
With the exception of titman Al, all of the comments on this page SUCK THE WEENIE. I thought this story was great. And i love to stroke my hard cock while reading incest stories. However, this story does not count as incest, because she was the sister of a friend, not his sister. Either way i think its great because I love stories involving young girls and boys getting fucked. 10/10


2005-06-15 18:43:06
making the sister 18 would have been nicer...


2005-06-01 01:00:19
sex needs to be longer but gr8 story nonetheless


2004-11-05 02:47:29
Good story... does that really count as insest? perspective works, aggresive women r gr8


2004-09-11 18:39:33
WTF is with ppl and incest? of all things i belive that is the sickest of them all..just stick with wut u have, oh and try to stay with one perspective, and the 7 in pecker at 13....more like 7cm....but it was an okay story

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