Reaching down she touched his hard-on with her fingers and said, "Tomorrow, I promise I'll do whatever you like to take care of this. But right now I really need to get some sleep. Is that OK?" "Yes ma'am!" he answered.
Saturday (Day 2)

Cindy woke up feeling relaxed, alive and just a little bit sore. She stretched as she lay on her bed and remembered the previous night's events, and how she had seduced her son's best friend.

Dennis had shown up at her front door last night and was soaking wet from the rain. His parents had been fighting again and he often sought refuge at their house on such nights. Last night was different because her son hadn't been home (he was spending the summer with his father). But seeing him standing there, soaking wet, Cindy let him in and sent him off the den.

As fate would have it Dennis had shown up just as Cindy was desperately searching the house for fresh batteries for her vibrator. After failing to find any she decided that a hard dick in her den was better than a dead vibrator in her bed, and so into the den she went.

Suddenly she remembered that there was still a hard dick in her den and she had made a promise to take care of it this morning! She rolled out of bed and into her bathroom. After a quick pee, she washed up and headed out of the bathroom. Before she left her bedroom she remembered she was only wearing her mini-bathrobe and a mid-drift length, satin camisole. Locating the matching satin short-shorts she quickly slipped them on and headed down stairs. She still didn't know where the tie to her bathrobe was so she just left it open for now.

She went down the stairs and far enough down the far hallway to see that Dennis was asleep on the den couch. So she went into the kitchen, started some coffee, and pulled the pitcher of orange juice out of the refrigerator. Shortly after she sat down to enjoy her first cup Dennis peeked into the kitchen door. "Morning sleepy head," she greeted him. As he walked into the kitchen Cindy couldn't help but notice that he wasn't sporting a hard-on this morning as she expected. Maybe he had forgotten the promise she had made to him last night. She as a little disappointed, but also somewhat relieved as she was still a sore from the night's events. It had been a long time since she'd had sex, not counting her toy, so it didn't surprise her. But still..

"Good morning Mrs. Johnson." He replied. Looking around the kitchen Dennis spotted the pitcher. After retrieving a glass from the cupboard he poured himself some OJ, turned towards the table and then just stood there a moment. When he saw Cindy nod towards the chair opposite her he walked over and sat down. Cindy watched him drink his OJ for a moment before speaking.

"Dennis, I think we need to talk about last night." When he only nodded she continued. "What happened in the den was my fault and I take full responsibility for that. But why did you come to my bedroom afterward? It's not that I'm upset about it," Again, like last night, she lied about her reaction. "but I hadn't expected it and was just a little surprised. To have sex with a woman while she's sleeping is considered, how should I put this, it's kind of taking advantage of her."

Dennis just looked at her for moment almost in shock. "Mrs. Johnson, I'm so sorry. I really thought it was OK. I'd never, I mean after what you said, and then I thought you told me to, you know, I really thought it was OK, I mean," Cindy could see that he was upset with that revelation so she said, "Dennis it's OK now, and I'm not angry with you, but maybe you should tell me what you were thinking last night so I better understand."

"Well, after you kissed me goodnight I tried to go to sleep," His eyes stared down at the table the whole time. "but I started thinking about what had happened and I just, you know, got excited again. And then the more I thought about it, and how good it felt, well the harder it was to get to sleep. And it started to hurt and I couldn't get back to sleep. Then I remembered what you said about - if there was anything I needed, anything at all - so I started trying to decide what you meant. I thought that maybe you were giving me a hint, like if I wanted to again that you would want to again, so I went to see if you were still awake. So I went to your room and saw your door still open, so I looked in and saw you laying on the bed, like maybe you were waiting or something. So I walked in and when I saw you were still naked I thought that, well maybe, you know.."

Cindy waited a moment and when he didn't continue she prompted him. "So you thought I was lying on my bed naked, waiting for you to come to my room?" Cindy was starting to feel a little antsy as she listened to this handsome young man talk about how he had come to her last night. "So what happened next?" She asked.

Dennis looked liked he wasn't sure how to continue, but eventually he did. "Well, I looked at you for a few minutes and, well I thought that you might wake up, but when you didn't I sat down next to you on the bed. I was hoping that you'd look up and, well you know, but you didn't. So I just sat there and was looking at, well looking at your body and it started to get, harder again. And then, well.."

When he paused, Cindy notice him fidgeting under the table and realized he must be getting hard again just talking about it. She had to admit she was starting a little excited herself. "Please, go on Dennis. I really want to hear what you were thinking, and feeling at that moment" She said, as she adjusted her position a little bit.

"..well, I was looking at your body and I just wanted to touch you again. I thought that maybe you were waiting for me to touch you again, so I put my hand on your breast. You moved a little and so I started to just kinda moved my hand on your breast, just kinda softly brushing my fingers over it. You moved some more and made a little sound like you were enjoying it. So I put both hands on your breasts and started softly kinda feeling them, you know, like caressing them to see if I could, well, turn you on a little. After a little bit I started kinda playing with your nipples. You seemed to really like that so I did it some more until you started kinda moaning a little. So then I kinda started pinching your nipples a little, not too hard, just a little. And then you started moaning a little louder, and so I.." Dennis paused for a moment.

Cindy was intrigued by his version of what he had done to her while she was asleep. She'd never had a lover tell her his side of the story before and was really quite interested in how he saw the experience. "Please don't stop, Dennis. I'm not angry, really. It's just that I've never heard a guy's side of the story like this before, and I'm really interested to hear what happened from a different point of view. Please continue."

"Well, I thought that you were really starting to enjoy me playing with your breast so I bent down and started sucking on one of your nipples. I guess you really liked that because you started moving your legs a little. It kinda felt like were moving your hips around a little, so looked down and saw your pus, um your pubic hair, so I.." he paused again, but when he saw Cindy nod he continued, "..I reached down and felt your, you know.."

"My pussy?" Cindy offered. Dennis blushed a little before continuing, "yes, so I put my hand on your, pussy and started feeling it. You really seemed to like that so I kept feeling it and sucking on your nipple. You started moving your hips and pushing your, pussy up a little, so I put a finger inside of your, inside of you. You were really wet, so it went in real easy. You started moving around, you know, down there some more so I put another finger into you and was kinda moving them around and, you seemed to really like that a lot, so I kept moving them around. And it felt like your nipple was getting harder, so I kinda started sucking on it harder. You really starting moving a lot, down there, and you starting moaning a lot so I figured you were really enjoying it so I got another finger inside of you and you really started moving your hips around and moaning a lot. Then I heard you say something, so I looked up so I could hear you better. Then you said, "I want you inside me" so I got up and climbed, you know, between your legs. And you were moving around a little, so I was trying to put my, myself inside of your, pussy. Well, then when I got my, you know, my dick up against you pussy and pushed it in. Well, you were really wet, so I just pushed a little and it went in all the way."

Dennis paused again, and Cindy could see the tent in his shorts as his hard-on was straining again the fabric. Dennis away breathing a little deeper than before. Cindy was entranced listening to Dennis tell his side of the story, and could only imagine what he was feeling at this moment. "Please Dennis, finish telling me how you remember it."

"Well, as soon as I got all the way inside of you, you started moving your, hips around. So I just started pulling back a little and pushing back against you. I thought that this was what you were waiting for so I was trying to make you, you know, make you come again. I wasn't sure, but I thought you came a couple of times earlier and I could tell you really enjoyed coming, so I was trying to make it happen again." He said.

"Did you like making me come, Dennis?" she asked.

"Oh yes, you seemed to really enjoy it and I felt kinda proud that I could make you come. I guess it feels kinda the same as when a guy comes, so wanted you to feel like you made me feel earlier. Except it looked like you can come longer or more times than I can so it was kinda cool and so I wanted to see how much I can make you come."

"I see. Please continue." She said.

"You want me to tell you everything?" Dennis asked as if he were not sure what she wanted from him.

"Yes I do. It makes me feel sexy listening to you tell me how you touched my body." Cindy answered as she looked at him with a slight hunger in her voice. She could believe how much his side of the story was affecting her, but she was starting get wet just listening to him.

"Well, I started to, um," Again he hesitated.

"You started to fuck me?" She prompted him over the word he was having trouble saying to her.

"Yes, I started to, fuck you. And you really started enjoying it then cause it felt like you were, well, fucking me right back. I mean you were really moving your, pussy up to meet me it seemed. So we were fucking and you grabbed my arms and then I felt your legs wrap around my ass and it was pretty cool. I mean, I was trying to figure out just how hard to push into you and you were pushing up against me, so it was kinda like we had this timing thing going on. And I was really digging listening to you cause you were really breathing hard and moaning and it sounded like you were really enjoying it. And you started really, well pushing up against me hard, and then it felt like you were shaking, but you kept moaning and so I figured you were coming again. I didn't know want I should exactly, so I just kept fucking you and hoping you would enjoy it some more. When you slowed down and started really shaking and moaning I didn't know if you wanted me to stop or not, so I just kept going. I was starting to get a little tired, but I was enjoying it and I didn't want to stop if you were enjoying it. And then you started to move some more and I figured you might be about to come again. But pretty soon I could my own come building up and I knew I was going to come inside you, so I just kept fucking. I was hoping you were going to come again with me, but I couldn't tell if you were getting close to coming again. I heard you start moaning again and you started pushing up again and I guess I kinda lost control, because I started coming again. It felt awesome, so I just pushed inside of you as far as I could go and just hold it again you. Then it felt like when you came earlier because you were pushing up against me again. So I just pressed up against you again like we did earlier and you just kept, fucking up against me. I could hear you breathing real hard so I knew you were going to come again, so I pressed against and was kinda hoping I would get hard inside you like before. It felt kinda weird and good, I mean more good than weird, being inside you while I was still soft and you were still humping up against me like that. I was trying to press down against you like we did earlier when I felt my, dick starting to slip out of you. I tried move to keep me in you, but I felt me dick just pop out. But with me pressed down against you and you humping up against me I felt slip out and kinda slide down between your, between your," He paused again.

"It slipped down between my ass cheeks. It's OK to say things like that to me, I promise." She said and saw a look of relief cross his face.

"Thanks, Mrs. Johnson. Well ya, it slipped down and kinda started sliding between your, ass cheeks while you kept fucking up against me. It felt really cool, and you must have liked it because you were really moving your, ass around a lot. Well, I just kept pressing down against you and you were really working hard against me and I figured you like it when I was sucking on your nipples, so I bent down and found one with my mouth, then started sucking on it. You really started moving around then so I just kept doing that. I really wanted you to come again, and I started feeling my dick start to get hard again. I didn't know if I could get hard again, I mean when we did it earlier I came twice and was pretty spent. Until I started thinking about it again and that's when I got hard again a could sleep cause it started to hurt. But it really started to feel good so I started pushing back down against you like you were pushing up against me. And it sounded like you were moaning even more and I could tell that you were pushing up against me even harder, so I was trying to push down even harder onto you. And then you were really gasping for air and kinda grunting or gasping really loud so I figured you were coming again, so I was trying to help make you come again. But feeling of my dick pressing between you ass cheeks felt really good so I starting thinking about that. It was just the way it was rubbing felt really different, but good. I mean I would like to be in you again, but this felt really good too. And then it felt like you were coming again so I was trying to press down real hard so you could come again. But while I was doing that I realized that my dick sliding between your ass cheeks almost felt like I was fucking you cause we were still humping against each other. I knew I wasn't ready to come again yet, but I think I might have been able to, that is if, I mean before you," Dennis finished abruptly and didn't look up at her for a few moments.

Cindy under stood why he stopped suddenly and immediately felt guilty. "Dennis, you didn't do anything wrong, in fact you did make me come again, thank you." Cindy smiled at him when he looked at her again, and he smiled back a little. She continued, "And yes, your dick sliding against my ass felt really good, but it scared me a little." When saw the questioning look on his face she continued. "It's just that right at the end, when your dick was getting hard again, it felt like it was pressing against my ass and I was afraid that you, that it might push into my ass accidentally. Anal sex can be very painful and I was afraid you might accidentally push it into the wrong hole, that's all."

Dennis looked like he was thinking about that for moment before stating, "I didn't know you could accidentally put it in the, wrong hole."

"I'm sure there are many things about sex you probably don't know yet, unless they've radically changed sex-Ed since I was in high school." Cindy replied, smiling. "Which," she thought for a moment about how to phrase this next part, "we may be able to remedy, if you will follow a few rules."

"Mrs. Johnson?" Dennis asked with a slightly puzzled look.

"Well, I'm sure you realize that I could get into some trouble if what happened last night were to get out." Cindy said, looking directly at him.

"Mrs. Johnson, I would never do anything that would get you in trouble. Bobby is my best friend, and you're his mother and I like you a lot. Well, maybe a lot more now." Dennis said, and blushed slightly after saying it. "I would do anything to keep you or Bobby from getting into trouble."

"I'm glad to hear that Dennis, because I know Bobby thinks of you as a brother. And I'm pretty sure Bobby wouldn't understand what happened last night between us." she said, still looking him in the eye.

"Mrs. Johnson I wouldn't do anything to hurt Bobby, or lose his friendship." Dennis replied is a very serious tone.

"Well, then I guess we should now discuss where we go from here." Cindy was still watching him when he looked down at his lap for just a moment, and then back at her. Smiling she said, "Ah, I believe I made you a promise last night and since you upheld your end of the bargain it's now my turn.” She looked at him a moment longer then said, “OK, first I’d like you to go upstairs and take a nice shower. I’m sure you remember where the towels are?” She waited from him to nod yes. “Good. When you’re done then meet me back in the den, alright?”

“Yes ma’am!” Was all he said before he was out of his seat and on his way up the stairs. Cindy smiled to herself as she thought of all that untapped energy.

Cindy then took herself upstairs and had to smile as she passed Bobby’s bathroom. Dennis was already in the shower and she had half a mind to walk in on him. But she resisted that urge and went into her own bathroom, through her bedroom, instead. She took a quick shower, dried off, and then went to her dresser. After a few moments she decided against any of her lingerie and put her mini-bathrobe over her naked body. Before heading downstairs she grabbed some lubricant out of her night stand, placed it in one of the pockets of her robe and walked out of the room. She remembered she still hadn’t found the tie for her robe so she just wrapped it around herself and held it closed. The shower was off as she went by her son’s bathroom and she realized that Dennis was probably waiting for her in the den already.

Sure enough as she entered the den there sat Dennis on the couch in only a bath towel. She approached the couch and stopped just a few feet away him. “First off, young man, I’d like to say that your performance last night was very impressive, especially for someone with no experience. But, because I haven’t had sex in some time I’m afraid I’m a little sore down there. But I promised “to do whatever you like” so what you would you like to do?” She asked.

Dennis looked at the floor for a moment before looking back up at her, “Mrs. Johnson, I really don’t want to hurt if you’re sore, down there. It’s OK if we don’t do anything.” He looked back down at the floor.

“Well then, is there something else I can do for you?” Cindy asked, trying to look helpful. She watched Dennis glance up at her again with a half a grin, then went straight faced again. “Um, could you, I mean, would you give me a, a blow job?” He half looked up at her as she regarded him carefully.

“Dennis, after the pleasure you gave me last night I’d delighted to give you a blow job.” She said, then she let go of her robe and let it fall open. Dennis just stared as her breasts and pussy came into view. He looked from one to the other several times before looking back at Cindy’s face. This whole time Cindy watched as the front of the towel started to rise. She was really enjoying the affect she was having on this young man’s body and the affect he was having on her ego.

Cindy shrugged her shoulders and the bathrobe fell to the floor. Slowly she walked to him, placed her hands on his legs and then dropped to her knees. She reached up and opened the front of the towel. She was rewarded as his hard dick spring up from in front of her. Slowly she reached forward wrapped the fingers of one hand and around it. In slow, deliberate movements, she slid her curled fingers up the shaft until they were just below the circumcised head before slowly sliding them back down to its base. Dennis drew in a deep breath and Cindy looked up to see a look of pure wonder on his face. “He hasn’t seen anything yet.” She thought. With both hands she grabbed his knees, gave them a tug and said, “Scoot down a bit.” Dennis slid down to where she indicated with her hands, leaving his ass just at the edge of the couch.

Once again Cindy grabbed his dick in a soft grip and began to slowly slide her fingers up and down his shaft. His sudden intake of breath caused her to look up and she had to stifle a laugh at the expression on his face. She continued to gently slide her hand up and down his dick in slow, deliberate strokes. His breathing began to deepen and his hands were gripping the couch cushions tightly.

She scooted forward on her knees until her face was right above his dick. With her hand still stroking it she moved even closer and brought her lips down to it. As the warm head touched her lips she heard Dennis suddenly suck in his breath again. Not looking up she slowly began to open her mouth, making sure to keep both lips in contact with the head of his dick as she did. While her hand continued to softly stroke up and down the length of his shaft, her lips softly glided over the top of his dick until the entire head was inside her mouth. Holding it just between her lips for a moment she continued to slide her hand up and down on him. Then without warning she licked her tongue over the top in a single wet, warm motion. She felt his body stiffen suddenly, before slowly relaxing again. Sliding her hand down his shaft she let in come to rest with her fingers pressing against his pubic hair and her thumb resting near his balls. Slowly she began to lower her mouth over his dick until she had half of it inside. Again his body went rigid and again she stopped her motion. She didn't want him to come too soon. When his body relaxed again she began sliding her mouth further down his dick. She paused when she felt her gag reflex start to tickle the back of her throat. Pulling back up she paused when only the head of his dick was still inside her mouth, and then began to slide her mouth back down again. When she got the feeling she might start to gag she stopped, slid her hand up until her first finger touched her lips, and then got firm grip on his dick. With her fist wrapped around the bottom part of his dick she brought her mouth back up until only the head of his dick remained in her mouth again. Now she started sliding her mouth down his dick until her lips touched her fist and then slid it back up again. She began sliding her mouth up and down his dick without pausing. She heard his breathing quickened and felt his body stiffen and relax in time with the movement of her mouth. Up and down her mouth slid over his warm, hard flesh, again and again. Again she felt his body stiffen and his breath with coming deep, hard, gasps.

She quickly pulled her mouth off his dick and began blowing on it, from its base to its head. His breath faltered at this new and unexpected feeling. Letting go of it's base she continued to blow on it as it shivered slightly at the sudden change from a warm mouth to cold air. His breathing began to slow down, but was still deep and labored. After a few minutes of this his dick started to lean a little. It was still hard, but was no longer standing straight up. His breathing was slow and steady now as she looked up to see a young face staring back at her.

She locked her eyes onto his as she took his dick in her hand again. While still looking up at him she guided his dick to her lips, and with one smooth motion slid it all the way into her mouth. When she felt the head touch the back of her throat she fought the urge to gag once, twice, and then she forced herself to relax and breath. As soon as she realized she had all of him inside her mouth and she was OK, she slid her mouth back up his shaft. When the felt the head pass over her tongue she suddenly pushed her mouth back down again. As she got her rhythm going his breathing quickened and his back began to arch up slightly. Her mouth moved up and down, again and again as she watched the wonder in his eyes. Over and over she sucked his dick all the way into her mouth before pulling back and doing it again.

She suddenly recognized the familiar taste precum leaking into her mouth as she continued bobbing her head up and down on his hard dick. Cindy knew that it was just a matter of time before her young lover shot his load into a woman's mouth for the first time. A moment later she got a renewed taste of precum and decided it was time to reward this young stud.

As her mouth continued to moved up and down his shaft she gently took his balls in one hand and began to softly caress them. Once again she watched his back arch and felt body stiffen slightly at this new stimulation. Up and down the length of his dick her mouth moved as she listened to his breathing increase and felt his body begin to tremble. She turned her head to better prepare for the cum that was soon to fill her mouth. She didn't want to disappoint him on his first experience. As his dick slid in and out of her mouth she began to run her tongue quickly over the sensitive underside of his shaft.

She felt his hand brush over her arm and then reach up come to rest on the back of her head. Cindy had wondered if he would do that, as many men liked to do, but as she continued to sliding her mouth up and down his dick he suddenly removed his hand. She would have smiled if not for the dick sliding in and out of her mouth. With her free hand she reached up, found his hand and placed it back on her head again. Then she brought her hand down to the base of his dick and circled her forefinger and thumb around it in a vise-like grip. His body was starting to tremble below her as her mouth continued to moving up and down on his young dick. His hand slipped to the back of her head and she felt his fingers start to curl. He wasn't trying to force her head down onto him, yet, but she knew he was close now.

Suddenly his breath started coming in short gasps, and he said, "Mrs. Joh, Mrs. Johnson, I'm , I'm going to, going to come, I'm, I'm COMING!" as the last coherent thing he said as he started gasping and grunting. Suddenly his hand cupped the back of her head and began applying pressure, slowly limiting her up and down motion until both of his hands were holding her head down, pressing his dick as far into her throat as it could go. His back arched up and his legs stiffened as his cum shot out of his dick and into her waiting mouth. She felt his dick twitch several times as her mouth filled with his cum. She swallowed as fast as she could until his dick stopped spewing out cum and eventually stopped twitching all together. She was quite pleased that she managed swallow it all, as it had been awhile since she as orally pleasured a man.

Dennis quickly released his grip on the back of her head and began to apologize, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Johnson, I didn't mean to, I mean, I'm sorry."

Cindy ignored him for the moment as she focused on her current task. She continued gently sucking on his dick as it quickly began to soften in her mouth. 'Just like M&M's.' she thought as she felt his body relax more and more, until he was finally was sitting back in complete exhaustion. With one last little suck, she released his soft dick from between her lips, letting it fall back against inner thigh, and then looked into his eyes again. Sitting back on her heels, with her knees tucked up underneath her, she looked him over.

"Thank you." He said as looked over her naked body and still trying to catch his breath.

"You're very welcome, Dennis." She replied as she continued to regard him thoughtfully. 'This young man is gentle, polite, considerate, and has the stamina of bull.' she thought to herself. 'This is going to be a good summer.'

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Great story it's so erotic in so many ways. Reminds me of how I've been wanting my best friends mom(who was also my god-mother) for a long time.


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That was an excellent story and the best one so far in this series. You definitely have a talent for conveying eroticism. And yes, there were a few errors but they were minor enough to be excusable. Hardly any authors on this site write with perfect literary quality.

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Good imagination and decent story.... but you dragged it out so much that you overdid it. There was a lot of poor grammar and you've obviously never heard of proof reading.

If you want to be proud of your work, do work that worth being proud of. Don't resent critics who point to your errors because if you hadn't made them, they wouldn't have them to point to. It's up to you to avoid criticism in advance by doing work that leaves no openings for criticism.

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Good story. Keep fucking Dennis and have his baby. Mabe more than one.

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