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Life was hard for Victorian Pony girls in Yorkshire
A Victorian Pony Girl

Part 1

Sweat glistened in the candlelight. dripping from her forehead onto her breasts and on again to the floor, she breathed the musky odour of coal dust and sweat and heaved again at the tram with half a ton of coal she had to drag back to the pit shaft.

Her harness chafed but she was proud and would not be beaten and slowly she dragged her load to its destination.

"That's it pet, all done for now, till night shift come on, get thee head down lass, and her trainer Ernie Shuttleworth, led her to her stall.

She had her own stall with fresh straw changed every fortnight without fail, and she often got to sleep for three or four full hours between shifts, but it was warm, underground, constant temperature, no fog, no rain, dry and warm, utopia to a Yorkshire lass.

She had run away from home when her first born was delivered one night, her mam thought she were putting on weight, but thought it were school meals, in fact it were school master giving her extra curricular, normally up the ass but on this one occasion he missed and found somewhere eve more accommodating wherein to broadcast his seed, and the ground was fertile and in due course came forward her newborn.

Her mam spent all one Thursday down Hexam market and still only got five bob for the bairn, "Don't thee get any more bairns else thee might have to keep and feed them now think on, the ass hole 'ent just for sitting on, make them squirt thee up there if the wont tek em int gob" was her mother's helpful advice, but that Monday her big sister Fanny came back with tales of London, how she was working as a courtesan in a bordello and how men would pay two and sixpence for a single fornication if she was dressed in the outfit of a Pony.

May did not like the idea of fornication, she did not know what it was, she liked fucking of course, but no she would not stoop so low, or lie down for that matter as to fornicate.

"Can I be a Ponygirl Dad?" she asked at supper.

"Dangerous work lass," he cautioned, "But brass is good, look don't tell thee mother and I'll set it up for thee."

She were doing Mathematics in school room on Thursday just before snap time when Ernie Shuttleworth came for her,

"Thee dad signed papers so thee is to come with us" he suggested and she left her slate and chalk and childhood behind and followed Ernie.

They walked over the beautiful Saddleworth Moor gazing at the Saddleworth number two tip which reared towards the sky like the volcanoes in geography book except it were black and there were no snow on it, and on down Saddleworth high street where pit entrance stood between Bots the Alchemist, and Markson - Spencer the solicitors.

Ernie led the way, "There's pit head baths, the gets a bath Christmas eve before Christmas holiday." and they stopped at shaft where Shaft Captain checked her papers.

"May, fucking dead cert more like eh Ernie, bet you sampled her on Moor you old goat."

Ernie knew he had forgot something, but it was too late to take her back and shag her now.

"Thats fine" said the captain and grabbed her by the neck as she went to step into the shaft. "wait for bloody tram, that's a fucking mile drop down there."

May pissed herself at the thought.

The tram arrived and they descended into the bowels of the earth, down, down, down the went, and down again, till they were right down, down at the bottom of the shaft.

Ernie led her to the "Stables" this will be your place, if you get yer kit off I'll get a harness sorted.

May quickly undressed, slipping her simple robe over her head to stand naked in the candlelight.

"Right, this goes here," Ernie wrapped a thick wide leather belt around her waist,

"And this goes over yer head" Ernie produced a strange array of straps and buckles to fit around her head, like a bridle, he produced a metal bar. "this is the bit, so as we can let thee know when to stop it goes here." he lipped it into her mouth, the rust grating on her tongue. "Fuck, wont fit" he said.

"Hold up, open thee gob."

She opened her mouth showing her full set of yellow teeth,

"Agghhh" she squealed, as Ernie ripped out her back tooth with his pliers, and "Arrgggh" as he ripped the one the oher side out as well.

"Whad thoo doin" she asked as the blood trickled down her throat.

Ernie tried the bit again and it fitted nice, clamping down on her tongue and stopping her stupid questions.

"Hows that lass, gee thee looks champion."

She blushed, she was not used to such sweet small talk so she opened her legs wide in case he wanted a fuck or something.

Ernie looked at her feet and removed her street clogs and lashed Pit clogs, with proper nails for grip, on to her feet. she thought she would sit down for a bit if Ernie did not want a fuck just now.

But Ernie had other ideas and he quickly hitched her to a tram, then led her to the shaft and said to follow another girl who had just set off down, she slipped and slithered but it was warm and dry, it was always cold and wet up top, she loved the warmth and knew she would like being a Ponygirl.

Lads at pit face were too busy to waste time fucking so she strained to move the half ton (0.495 tonne) tram up the slight slope.

She did three round trips before Ernie took her off the tram, bent her over and fucked her pretty little Ass, she was disappointed that he did not fuck her sooner, but his stiff old prick made it all seem right. Ernie told her how he and her Grandad had been in same class at school right up until they left at eight, a big change to leaving at twelve like them did now.

Ernie was impressed by May's speed and stamina, and before she had finished her fifth trip he had whittled a plug from a busted pit prop to shove up her cunt to stop her getting a baby.

He shoved it up her between trips holding it in with strap round her crotch.

Her sixth trip was torture for her, the plug inflamed her, cunt juice ran down her leg and made her clog slip on coal dust on floor and her kept having orgasms and bumping into things, and when she got back in the end strap got in way when he tried to fuck her ass, and she couldn't have a piss properly.

He chucked it away in disgust as she squatted and blasted a bladder full of wee all over floor.

Shift ended and Stan Hardcastle took on. He gave May a few slaps with the whip and she kicked him in bollocks with her clog and they came to an understanding, he left the whip alone, except after a couple of trips he stuck the whip handle up her cunt and wanked it around, bit or no bit they reckoned thy could hear her in Blackpool she enjoyed it so much, and then Stan let her rest, a nice bucket of oats and a few Jars of Newcastle extra strong black fortified ale, were laid out and all the girls met up, some young, some old, but they all tucked greedily into the food and drink.

The world slowly turned crimson and green, Stan saw her confusion. "We put a few poppy seeds in for flavour." he explained.

May did not care she was floating with the Fairy's on cloud sixteen B, a cock would be nice she decided but all the other girls had the same idea lying back displaying their cunts, or in Amelia's case their ass hole, but she was in luck, shift was ending and there was a man for each, more than enough, she had five, Stan called her a greedy cow, but she thought that was not fair, he mother often had twelve or more on a Saturday Teatime and she lost count of how many at night, but at a penny each she needed to do quite a few to pay the the ten bob a week rent.

May slept soundly that shift end, three whole hours and realised she had found true happiness, warm, dry, fucked whenever she wants, and no bath, she bloody hated having a bath, the carbolic soap always gave her thrush.

May settled into the routine, pull, fuck, eat, sleep and soon she was pregnant again, the kid in her belly made pulling hard and then suddenly her waters broke and she had kid halfway down shaft, her Mam came for babby and they flogged her to some rich bitch who was too tuck up or frigid to fuck, for eight and sixpence, and May's mother spent it on beer and betting on Blayon Races and got knocked over by tram on way home.

They gave May time off for funeral but she could not be fucking bothered so she screwed the foreman as the coffin was lowered.

Fanny came to see her, they let her down shaft, to find May.

"Bloody hell" said Fanny, seeing May for the first time in her harness, "where them tits come from, thee were flat chested last time."

May looked back sadly, her hair now down to her waist. full of coal dust and spunk, she wished Fanny would fuck off.

"Fuck me you got a cushy number."

"I bet you ent had a bath for weeks, I has loads of baths and the carbolic soap gives me thrush."

May nodded agreement, and as the hooter sounded she grabbed Fanny and hoisted her skirt over her head and pulled her bloomers down then held her so lads could see waht was on offer.

The Lads queued up to sample Fanny's pale pink ass and when the last had finished Fanny knew what she had to do.

"Got a harness for me" she bellowed stripping off and Old Ernie soon had her tacked up. the two sisters now in adjoining stalls in the warm and dry stable, and lets face it there are precious few warm and dry places in Yorkshire, and even fewer where you can get fucked for free as often as you want.

To be continued.

It's a fantasy Ok, not an historical text so some details may not be entirely correct.

Originally titled "A Pony girl in the Yorkshire coal field in pre nationalisation days."


2014-06-13 13:05:27
Obviously the person who wrote knows all about Lancashire in the 1870s, Idiot. Its fantasy not a bloody documentary.

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2012-07-05 09:46:51
what a load of shit just plain stupid and whats with the thee's thats moroninc and not even accurate to the victorian era

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2012-07-05 09:46:35
what a load of shit just plain stupid znd whats with the thee's thats moroninc and not even accurate to the victorian era

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