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Nanny and Marjorie see the future lies with Pony Girls
Harry, Second Baron Acheron of Grimsdyke, stood transfixed, "Mother, what have you done,"

A vision in White stood before him, long limbed slim, but entirely clothed in white silk, His mother Marjorie Lady Acheron soon to be the Dowager Lady Acheron explained. "It's May, I lent her some clothes, I feel you can have no qualms about her suitability now, and even if you do I do not care, you will marry her and provide an heir." her voice became more strident, "Do you hear me?"

He looked relieved, "Oh, gosh, sorry, I didn't recognise you with clothes on."

"May tells me she has had children already and lucky you, she has had no one but you since she lost the last one."

"Children, before?" He stammered.

"Yes children, little people that cry. children, her mother sold them at Heaton Market so we can do the same if your first child is female," Lady Marjorie said with commendable compassion.

Even May was shocked to find her mother in law was such a heartless cow.

"I was sold, my mummy was too frigid to fuck daddy so they bought me from a young wench in the Dog and Duck in Digbeth." Lady Acheron explained, "Then they beat me until I became accomplished at etiquette and the pianoforte and I married very well, as you see."

"Well I hope you are my real mother," Harry enquired.

"Oh yes, dear that's why you are such a useless prat like your late father."

"Mummy, what has got in to you?"

"I just realised if I get you married off, I am free to remarry myself," Lady Marjorie added, "And god knows how I have survived all this time without a regular fuck."

Harry stared open mouthed, his whole life collapsing round him yet the prospect of screwing May again in fact frequently for the rest of his life was intoxicating.

"But Mother, what about Nanny."

"I have a plan for Nanny, don't you worry," Marjorie muttered.

And so it was done, on the quiet in the family church, and May became Lady Acheron of Grimsdyke, but not before Lady Marjorie Acherons gun coaxed her over the "Forsaking all others," bit.

May, now Lady Acheron of Grimsdyke, lay in her bed, looking bored, she realised she was getting fat and not just because she felt she was pregnant, but she was not getting any exercise.

"I'm getting fat," May moaned to the Marjorie the Dowager, "What can I do."

"Well you can hardly go back down the mine, how about pulling a small cart would that do?"

So next morning they found the small cart and Hardington the Coachman and Boggins the Ostler set about adapting the harness to suit a girl instead of a Pony and then they set off May pulling the Cart and Marjorie following on her horse.

They stopped a mile or so out on to the moor "Its too easy, climb on" shouted May and Marjorie hitched the horses reins to the Cart and gingerly climbed aboard. May ran easily, "We need more" she said and on she ran easily her long skirt blowing in the wind the light soft shoes a dream after her clogs from her childhood, soon they needed to return and she strode triumphantly into the courtyard to the astonishment of Nanny.

May waited as Boggins unhitched the Cart and then she stripped to the waist and tipped a bucket of water over her head to cool off.

"My Lady" Nanny exclaimed, and May realised she needed to rethink.

"I need somewhere secluded," May explained, "It is too hot dressed up."

"It looks like fun," said Nanny, "but how about we have a serving wench pulling and have a proper bridle so the people in the cart can steer,"

"And use the whip. eh Nanny" said Marjorie.

"Not on me you bloody won't." May informed her bluntly, but soon they had a plan.

They put it into action the very next morning.

Annie the scullery maid was summoned and she had to sit while Nanny and Marjorie fashioned a bridle to slip over her head from thin leather, they added blinkers and fastenings for reins before they were satisfied, then they sent her to Boggins the Ostler to have a harness made up and finally they stripped her naked and stood her with the cart and tried to work out a suitable outfit, they decided a strip of leather about three inches wide at the front hanging from her waist to cover her cunt and a tail made from an old black wig hanging past her bum from the same thin waist belt was enough.

They hitched up the little two wheeled Cart, Annie gripped the shafts and straps to a a yoke around her shoulders were adjusted to even out the load, a wide belt around her waist was also fastened to allow her to pull as well as lift then finally Nanny climbed on and suddenly Annie was their Pony, she trotted up to the Colliery gates where Nanny adjusted the blinkers.

"I can hardly see" she whined.

"Let me steer you" whispered Nanny and with a gentle crack of the whip they moved off Nanny thrilled at her power over her Pony Girl as she steered the terrified girl among the crowded high street, and soon Annie had relaxed, she forgot about the people watching, she could see just the ground immediately in front of her , and she had not run since her childhood, and she revelled in her new freedom.

They stopped up on the moor.

Nanny cracked the whip a few more times over the girl buttocks then climbed down and whispered in her ear,

"Good Pony, are you tense, excited, yes I see you are," she slid her hand down between the girls legs and inserted her thumb in the wetness she found.

"Is that nice Pony,"

"Yes Nanny"

"Then this will be your special treat when you are a good pony."

The girl stood still unable to do anything more until her moans told Nanny that she was satisfied and it was time to return.

They had several sets of harness made up and most of the servants took a turn until a near naked girl pulling a cart was something people expected to see.

May was than able to continue her pulling without comments as people thought she was just a servant, except on her return Harry would often slip round behind her and enter her from behind before they released her from the shafts, revelling in her glowing glistening sweaty body in the peak of condition.

And with people used to seeing Pony Girls around the main plan could commence.

Nanny needed a role now Harry was grown, and Pony Instructor was her chosen role, and further than that she saw a lucrative trade in training wayward girls obedience.

It was a few weeks later that an elegant young lady was procured to initiate the plan and they watched as a Coach and four swept up the drive to decant her.

Sarah Selmington - Smythe swept elegantly into May, Lady Acheron's dining room,

"Mother, sent me, but I really have no idea what use you can be to me."

"You bin laid yet?" asked May.

"Don't be impertinent" squealed Sarah.

"Don't worry pet, it won't be long now, Your mother says Lord Alton's eldest is your intended."

"Y, yes," stammered Sarah, "But he is betrothed to another."

"That's where we come in, so get your kit off." May insisted.




Sarah felt strong hands at her shoulders, "Shall I proceed Madam," asked Nanny

"Yes lets get her undressed,"

"No I forbid you," wailed Sarah but as Nanny held her shoulders, May unbuttoned and unhooked and undid knots until Sarah was completely naked, but for her silk knickers the last garment and their evident wetness sent a thrill through Nanny's being.

May took over holding Sarah's shoulders as Nanny slid the scrap of silk from between Sarahs legs and placed her head between Sarah's thighs easing them apart so she might kiss the delights within, Sarah shivered and then to her shame she felt the same tingles such as Lord Alton's breath upon her cheek had engendered, why had he spurned her for another, her mind reeled it should be he not this woman.

May carefully placed Sarah's clothes in an Iron trunk and fastened the lock, but Sarah was disinterested her attention entirely upon Nanny and the effect she was having on her sex.

Sarah writhed in her pleasure surrendering to Nanny in a way she never believed possible, and within an hour Sarah was content her frustrations relieved and they carried her away to Nannys bedroom where she fell immediately into a deep and contented sleep.

May and Marjorie returned to the bedroom as the sun came up bringing a supply of leather straps and as they made Sarah kneel floor as Nanny made up a harness and bridle for her. May idly wondered what they were planning but nothing in the least prepared her for what was to come.

Nanny led her from the room, down stairs and then threw her reins over a beam in the stables leaving her naked, unable to move or even sit down.

"Please you can't" she wailed. as Nanny left.

She watched the dawn break and at a time when she should have eaten breakfast Boggins hitched her to the Cart, and as Nanny's whip stung her she took her first faltering steps towards the Colliery.

Her bare feet slipped on the polished cobbles and the wind blew cold on her exposed nipples making them tingle and harden, she saw the people and realised she was naked in public yet they barely noticed her, she was sweating, her lungs about to burst and then suddenly she was going home to the Hall.

She saw May, Lady Acheron also in Pony attire arrive pulling a larger cart with Lord Acheron and another gentleman and as Nanny guided her alongside she saw his lordship slip behind his wife and to her great shame she could not look away as her lowered his breeches and the manhood of a stallion slowly disappeared an improbable distance within Lady Acheron.

"Yours awaits yonder my Lord, partake as you will she will not deny you." and seeing the irresistible maid or Harlot he swiftly exposed his own manhood and drove it hard within the glistening pink peach of her Vagina.

He was caught unawares by her virginity but thrust it aside to sate his needs and as Boggins unhitched the cart he broadcast his seed mightily within her while cupping her breasts and kissing her neck.

"What call they you." he asked.

"Sarah," she announced, "Selmington - Smythe."

"Yes very funny," he joked until he realised it was indeed Sarah on the end of his Penis.

"Oh god," Alton moaned.

"Your Fiance old chap, thought you would like it." replied Acheron grinning, "keeps em fit don't you know."

"Yes she fucks like a dream," he observed, "I shall ask her fathers consent forthwith."

"You might have asked me first" Sarah commented.

"Take her to bed, you can see she is not yet satisfied, truly she gags for it." but Alton and Sarah headed instead for the straw of the Stable where Sarah fell into a deep exhausted contented sleep, "I am totally fucked," she later explained.

The end, Andrew Broadsword copyright 2007


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