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my story continues
when me and harvey got to the hotel we went to the reception desk to check in as harvey was signing his name i asked the woman at the desk "could you please send up two botte of coke and two fuilt salads" to my shock the woman said "im sorry sir we dont do room service" i remembered the money my parents had given us and asked harvey "what room are we staying in" the receptionist answered for harvey saying "room 401 sir" i told harvey i would meet him up there. harvey with a strange look on his face said "okay" i walked out of the hotel and found a local store.

i went into the store and got some food supplies and drink supplies ( not liquor) i paid the man the $42 i owed him and waked back to the hotel on the way a guy stopped me and asked "how much do you charge" i looked at the man in total disgrace and said "im not a fucking hocker" when i got back to the hotel i went to room 401 knocked on the door after 5 minutes or so harvey finally opened the door dressed but looking a bit wet. i walked in and told him i got some supplies and i also go him some meat products. he kissed me and said "thanks babe" i smiled and was getting to term with someone apart from kye calling me babe i silently thought to my self this isnt the kind of hotel im acustom to staying in. i asked him if he just got out the shower he smiled and nodded his head in the yes direction. we got on the bed and i handed him a botte of coke (the drink not the drug) i opened mine and it fizzed all over me. harvey was laughing so hard he was crying. i asked him in a playful manner "do you think thats funny" he said it was so i fizzed my drink up and open it over him. the fizz went all over harvey shirt but to my shock harvey wasnt laughing he got off the bed and walked about 5 steps away from me. he was angry i had just done that he said "i went clothes shopping so i would look nice for you and you dump your drink over me" i said i was sorry and i would buy him a new shirt harvey reply "its not about the money leon"

i got off the bed pissed off that i had upset him i walked to the bathroom but on my way harvey asked me "where are you going" i said in a pissy tone "im gonna take a shower" slamming the door behind me i went to lock it but noticed there wasnt a lock so i just got undressed and climbed into the shower after about 10 minutes of shower harvey walked in the bathroom butt naked got into the shower grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck "im sorry babe i just want everythink to be perfect" i turned around and said "everythink is perfect" (apart from the hotel room but i respected harvey didnt have a lot of money and he had got the best room he could so i was happy with the room and with him) i stared lowering my self down harvey body and said "i dont have to wait anymore we are at the hotel" harvey rememebering earlier this morning said "you didnt wait" i took harvey soft cock into my mouth and started going up and down it. it was amazing feeling his cock getting harder and harder in my mouth until it was fully hard i worked his cock uptil he cummed in my mouth however harvey must have been a bit to excited because the load of cum he feeled my mouth with was to much and it started spilling out i drank as much as i could but hearing harvey moan i kept working on his dick way after he had cummed. harvey took his dick out of my mouth then he couldnt take anymore he grabbed hold of my head and pulled me back up so i was standing. he lover him self down to my cock that was rock hard at this point he started jacking me off and waited with his mouth until i cummed drinking my load he said i taste better every time he drinks my cum when we had finished showering i walked out of the shower to get dressed but harvey quickly gradded hold of my boxer short and started running away with then.

i ran after him chasing him thoughout are room i managed to get hold of him. when i did get hold of harvey i suddenly wasnt intrested in my boxer short anymore i reached over to harvey's face and kissed him he took my hand and lead me over to the bed harvey got ontop of me and started to kiss me even more he was also teasing my ass with his dick moving it up and down my butt crack. i broke the kiss and begged him to put it in me after about 5 minutes of him still teasing me and me beggin he started to shove his massive cock in me i was moaning so loud i though the room next door was going to complain or bang on the wall. harvey was fusting me so hard i couldnt help scream he manged to say "told you i would be worth the wait" i screamed keep going harvey keeping working my ass gasping for air eveytime he frusted me harvey and i was having sex for about 2 hours when he said im gonna cum and you going to take it. i kinda liked harvey telling me what i was going to do so i shouted "give it to me i want every drop" harvey cummed in my ass so much i thought i was going to faint when he was finished he feel ontop of me took his dick out of me and we well asleep in eat others arms

to be continued


2011-05-28 11:51:46
i just publish art 11


2011-05-28 10:00:10
im glad u are becuase part 11 has a twist in it


2011-05-27 23:58:06
I got home late tonight after witnessing the Bruins move on the the Cup finals, looking forward to part 11. :(

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