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An older divorced white woman with what she thinks are few prospects goes to work at K-Mart where they have just hired a new manager and the fact that he is young and black has created several awkward situations!
Divorce, a Job at K-Mart, and the New young Black Manager

Chapter two

Ashley with no panties and the helpful submissive feelings of champagne, is ready to do most any sexually kinky thing! This is exactly what David wants, and has planned on. She has put her arms around his neck as he scoops her up swinging her legs over, and placing her bottom onto his lap! She is almost bare from the waist down! The tight short little red dress has worked its way up almost above her hips! This has left only her garter belt an white stockings the only thing covering her, and they are not covering much! Her eyes are quite big as she feels her bare pubs against this incredible hard bulge in his suit pants that seems to be growing bigger and throbbing by the minute as they continue to kiss!

Her hands are still lovingly around his neck as she tries to hold her big breasts tightly against his chest and with this throbbing feeling against her is an unbelievable sensation! If this was not such an expensive limousine the windows would be more than steamed over, and this would be do to the sexual heat that both are generating! For her to feel this young mans desire, and his strong young body tightly against hers is a feeling that leaves her breathless and even more wanting!

One of his hands are just above her bare bottom pushing her forward, and his other hand is in between her thighs, and has been working its way up an into her almost dripping wet pussy! His fingers first one then two and finally three have now found their way in deep, and his thumb has been forcefully pressing her perked rosebud of a clitoris forcefully against her pelvic bone! She gasps erotically and just as he thinks she will orgasm he stops,.. again he is a master of perception!

Ashley wanting him more that ever not to, continues to push forward in between more and more passionate kisses and says please , oh please oh, don't! Oh my gawd please don't stop! To have a half naked woman in your arms, one that is hugging and kissing you and that is close to an orgasm that you are responsible for even in denial is a most wonderful and very enjoyable thing! She is breathing heavier and is not resisting at all!

David, with her bare bottom still on his lap has pushed her head and shoulders back and down onto the soft luxurious leather seat next to him. This has left her wet bare pubic folds arched up so perverse and even more exposed, her pubic mound labia and clit it is so inviting as he continues to ardently pleasure her. He can feel the muscles of her bare buttocks tighten and work against his pubes! This makes her raise up slightly again and again as his fingers continue to probe! His thumb is even more harsh in abusing her now very sensitive and even more swollen clit!

No! she pants, no what he asks? Knowing full well what the answer will be, her hands have found both big nipples that were just barely covered by the dress, and she starts to aggressively twist and pull on them. He slowly starts to slide his fingers out, this is followed by another noooo.... from her! Please don't! His fingers are on their way back in, he can feel the muscles of her vaginal opening pulse and tighten and her wet labia lips seems to have wrapped themselves around his fingers! The feeling of this most intimate feminine place , so wanting that has been neglected for so long and so starved for attention is now showing its interest with more than a, mild vengeance!

The noise that some women make when sexually enjoying themselves is wonderful, and Ashley is no different than many other women when pleasured this way.. To hear a woman get off as she reaches climax is a marvelous thing to experience and again as the one responsible for giving a woman this kind of pleasure is one of the most satisfying things a man can do to a woman!.

She is close again as David teases and torments her even more, knowing just how far and how much! His touch is perfect ! She pushes her genitals up especially her clit and groans as her vagina and the muscles surrounding it again tighten, her eyes are half closed and her head is off to one side as a most pleasurable shuddering orgasm rushes from her innermost stimulated sexuality! OMG!, OMG! As she breathlessly tries to arch up even higher to his touch! The limo drivers eyes are not on the road!...

He swerves and the tires on the limo screech slightly as his attention is now back on the road and his driving! Ashley is really relaxed and even more helpless as the limo finally comes to a smooth stop! Still on her back and almost naked from the waist down only stockings and garter belt leave her with with just a touch of modesty. Her legs are slightly apart as the limo door is opened from the outside!

It is the doorman of this old downtown luxury hotel where she has been taken that has opened it! Not only is he surprised, but several onlookers who's attention has been drawn to this “Beautiful Lincoln Town Car” Limousine also catch more than just a glimpse of Ashley's stimulated pubic nakedness!

The hotel is along the river front and is called the Rivers Edge. This hotel has luxury suites, private community rooms, Trader Vic's and a world class restaurant called the glass house on the top floor overlooking the city and the river!

This hotel is the perfect place for food drink, romance and sex! David has planed this evening well and this woman Ashley will be the one to receive the full benefit of his devious and incorrigible plans for evening, and for the weekend.

Her heart is beating faster, as if she is an oversexed giddy school girl that has just been caught red handed playing stinky finger, with her panties off!.. . It has been a very long time since someone has played with and pleasured her like this?! The look and touch of this vibrant half naked vivacious woman has caused Davids desire for her, to enlarge this black male attribute substantially!... He has picked her up and with her in his arms has scooted her over lowering her legs and placing her red heels on the hotel walk. With the exception of the garter belt and stockings she is still naked from the waist down!

This dress is going to present several problems, when she was fitted the girls at the dress shop have used some bodice structure to force her big breasts up in order to give her even more cleavage! They have also used some special contact cement to keep the dress from slipping down and leaving her breasts totally exposed! The other problem is if she bends over at all, it will leave her full figured pantiless bottom sinfully exposed!
Other couples gawk at Ashley's naked pubs! He has told the limo driver to be back at 7:00 pm the following evening as he has plans for Saturday night that will show Ashley others have feelings of more than just lust and desire for an attractive older white woman like her!

The doorman now somewhat recovered from this shocking bare encounter, has reached for her hand and helped her up!. More and more couples pass and inter the hotel lobby. Many have viewed this sinful spectacle and the fact that she is not only wearing this incredibly revealing dress she is also a stunningly attractive woman!

Once in the lobby David has signed for the room and picked up the key cards to their luxurious hotel suite! But this will have to wait as several other things will happen first. One is reservations for two in one of the Skyrooms of the Glass house Restaurant! The other will be her attendance in one of the community rooms of the hotel as a guest of David. This is an invitation only all singles dance club and David is one of the principles.

In the elevator that leads to the top floor restaurant and with her in front of him, his arms have found there way around her and he is holding one of her hands tight and helplessly in front, as he lovingly kisses her on the neck she turns her head slightly and leans back just enough to be kissed fully on lips!. She, with several glasses of champagne and some clitoral manipulation has gone from submissive to a most wonderful feeling of sexual contentment along with little concern as to what will happen next! He whispers in her ear most lovingly that this is only the beginning of an evening she will not soon forget, and that she still not fully aware that it will end with some incredible sex and submission, especially on her part!

As this evening progresses, several situations will become even more sexually perverse and will lead to her becoming more than just the center of attention!

In the elevator with several other couples , David makes a comment about Ashley, and loud enough that everyone can hear! You have beautiful breasts and I will just bet you have an even nicer clit! the same time one of his hands has dropped down and inched up the red dress and lovingly squeezes her bare wet slit!.

Ashley is embarrassed, but trembling from his touch! A couple standing behind, are amused by this comment, and the fact that her tight red dress is just barely covering the cheeks of her soft round bottom has made this statement blatantly accurate as she pushes it up against him.

The restaurant is packed, the noise of everyone talking stops for a moment and all eyes are on her,... as she is so stunningly beautiful and dressed for sex! The fact that they are a hansom couple does not hurt either. There are a number of all glass cubicles called skyrooms that are built out overlooking the city, these are very romantic and intimate place's for food drink and romance!

Most of the couples in attendance are attractive and well dressed. David thinks to himself that more sexual fun and games with Ashley are only just beginning!

The host escorts them to one of the empty glass dining booths. This one is on the corner all by itself, is very intimate and has the most beautiful and excellent view!

These small booths allows them to sit very close together. The sparkling lights of the city and the view of it and the river is incredible. Just setting, Ashley's red dress has already inched its way up and the white suspenders that lead from her stockings to her garter belt are the only things that are keeping her upper thighs from being totally exposed! His hand has slightly spread her legs and easily found its way up and in between her moist female softness!

The waiter has stopped to ask if they would like drinks? He cannot take his eyes off of Ashley, .she is so beautiful and he can easily see her bare thighs, and David's hand as it forces her thighs even farther apart! Ashley is blushing and trying with little success to squeeze her legs together and push his hand away as the waiter takes his time and looks approvingly at her exposed shapely white thighs with black fingers that come together at its apex!...

.This helplessly sinful display is followed by......her having another glass of even better tasting champagne, Ashley after the meal and champagne is more relaxed than ever from a perfectly prepared fillet, along with the drinks and small talk. David takes his time and lovingly looks into the eyes of this incredibly beautiful older woman that is setting next to him in this most romantic place. He cannot help himself, turning towards her, and at the same time his other hand has found its way in between her thighs! He then lovingly barely touches her lips to his, and kisses her ever deeper than before.

This kiss lingers for a much longer time and she does nothing to resist at all, the feeling of her next to him is wonderful. For her to be in his company with his hand shamelessly exploring her, and for her to feel the desire of this hansom young black man that only seems to want, and to pleasure her leaves her heady with anticipation! David can feel Ashley's thighs squeezing his hand and fingers and knows she is more than ready, and that soon enough he will be able to really pleasure her in a way that will leave her more than ever hooked on kinky sex and a large black cock!

With this wonderful dinner over and the table cleaned up they just sit and cuddle. Ashley is refreshed no longer hungry and feeling hornier than ever, and with even less inhibition. She has now become more adventuresome and has placed her hand on his bulge and is trying to figure out just how big David is, and with hands, his and hers exploring, they stare in wonder at one another?

With the check on the table David has taken Ashley's bikini panties from his suit pocket and has placed a fifty dollar bill along with them in the tray as a tip! Ashley is again embarrassed as the waiter has picked up both and is admiring the panties and holds them up close to his face enjoying the still damp female ambiance of Ashley, and with a sigh takes only the fifty dollar bill commenting that he could not possibly accept something of such value, and that what he has seen of this attractive woman along with the money is more than enough!

David tells him thanks as he places the folded panties back in his suit pocket and thinks to himself that they may still be of some value later this evening. With the bill paid and with a number of patrons looking her over has escorted her out of the restaurant. This is to the elevator, it is only several floors below to the community rooms where the private dance club is holding one of their monthly dances!

The theme for the clubs dance this evening is skimpy attire! Ashley is certainly dressed for this! It is an all singles dance that caters to couples, and mixed couples is the norm. There are also several bisexual females and several dominant lesbians in attendance, they use these dances to meet prospective bisexual women. The name of the dance club is called “The Lovers” and David is one of the principles. The band playing tonight is called the Infernos this band is really good at two kinds of music one is hot fast and wild! This is their trademark and the other is slow sensual and smoldering romantic music the latter of course allows for more than just blatant groping and tummy rubbing!

This music, along with an open bar will last until 2:00 AM in the morning! Ashley now with food drink and uninhibited adventurism is more than ever ripe and ready for the evening. She hears this loud fast music and starts to wiggle her butt as they enter the hotel community room. She hasn't experienced anything like this since she was a young hi school girl years ago. She really liked to dance but has not done so in years and is worried if she can remember how, as this music is so different?

David is going to act the perfect gentleman, but has already asked several of his male friends not to be gentlemanly at all with Ashley when asking her to dance! His words to them was to hit on her every chance and make her feel desirable, appealing and lusted after! The band is just getting warmed up, and David has ordered her another glass of champagne leaving her by herself at the temporary bar in the community room. He is one of the club officials and is responsible for being the M C and making several club announcements along with his own.

He has left her setting there dressed to the nines knowing full well what is going to happen. She is a very attractive woman especially after her incredible make over. This along with the fact that her short red dress has once again ridden up as she has scooted her bottom onto the bar stool! When she set down this has left her legs and upper thighs again sinfully exposed in only her white stockings and garter belt!

The horny men in attendance are mostly young and black. They are drawn to Ashley like bee's to honey and the fact that she is a looker with large breasts an incredible cleavage and that this dress is just barely covering her nipples, plus she is wearing so little makes them even more attracted to her! For Ashley this will be a night to remember . She really likes this young man David , and desperately wants him to be her first lover in years, and that he is black and well endowed has now gone from hesitation to desirably appealing!

David has made several of the clubs obligatory announcements and has got to the question of asking if there are any new members or guests? Several get up and tell their name where they are from and briefly their interests. Ashley has made no move to do so as she is his guest, so David knowing that she is more than ready takes this opportunity to embarrass and push several of her buttons!

He has taken her white string bikini panties out of his pocket, holds them up and has asked for those in attendance to be quiet! Then he says, who would like to bid on these ? This sort of thing, along with dues or things like it, and off the cuff auctions are ways the dance club can generate some extra money in order to pay for all of their expenses!

David then goes on to say that the highest bidder will get the first dance with the owner of these panties! Many in attendance know that Ashley, David's girl is the owner, but are wondering if she is indeed pantie less!. David is having a lot of fun at her expense and plays this out to the hilt! .. As he says what am I bid,.... followed by saying that the woman these came off of is a very attractive one!

Fifty dollars is the first bid then a hundred followed by several more fifty dollar bids and then another a hundred! He stops the bidding for a moment trying to pump up the crowd and says that the woman these fit,.... again holding them up is an incredible woman! While at the same time is looking directly at Ashley, and.... doesn't someone want to up the bid! The last bump is several hundred more and that ends the bidding!...

Ashley is quite surprised and embarrassed that David would do this in front of everyone, but after the tip in the restaurant is also quite flush, and excited that others would actually bid on her panties and pay so much money just to dance with her! She, will find out shortly why! The most interesting thing is that the top bidder is not one of the young black men who did most the bidding, it is from a tall and attractive young black woman, one that is obviously to most,...but not Ashley, is a dominant lesbian bitch!

Ashley is shocked and again has no idea what to do or say as David hands this young black woman Ashley's panties and excepts her check! The girl sticks the panties in her purse and quickly turns around and heads straight for Ashley!...

Who, is still awe struck by what has just happened and had been thinking that the first dance was going to be with one of the young men that had been doing the bidding, and that had also been trying to hustle her off the bar stool! This most bazaar outcome has left her speechless and still in shock! The young woman has grabbed both of Ashley's hands and pulled her off the stool,.. she is even more hesitant as this young woman practically drags her out onto the dance floor! They are the first and only couple on the floor as the others only want to watch! This will become a sinful and most exposing steamy sexual display!

The music at first is slow and sultry as this young black woman has pulled her up tight crushing her breasts against Ashley's, just like a forceful man would do! She is then danced around the floor, by this aggressive young woman and after a few moments has both of her hands down on Ashley's bare buttocks and is playfully squeezing her sharp "fingernails" into the white globes of Ashley's bottom as the muscles in them move so inviting to the slow music!

She is quite surprised by the sharp sexual feelings this is giving her, and cannot believe she has become so wet from this perverted sexual abuse, and especially from her new female dance partner! OMG, as she realizes, and it finally sinks in that this is from another woman,... and one who is sexually stimulating her! It has been a long time since she has danced and this woman is helplessly leading her quite expertly just like a man all over the floor, as they dance to the sultry music!

A crowd had gathered to watch. Ashley, still pantie less is wearing only her short red dress, garter belt and white stockings! This young black woman has also started to kiss her very soft, almost lovingly at first, but as the dance continues these kisses have become more forceful and aggressive!

The kisses continued harder and deeper, so much so that her heart is pounding and what she has not realized is, that she is kissing back! Ashley was even starting to somehow perversely enjoy herself as the song ended and this young woman laid her back. Now the kiss and tongue lingered even hotter and deeper than ever as the crowd applauded wildly!. Then, the music started again, but this time with a hot and really fast number.

The first problem with the fast dance is her red dress, and the special contact cement the girls had used at the dress shop, it had been compromised earlier when she had pushed the top down just enough in order to twist and play with her nipples as David played with her to orgasm in the back of the limo.
The top had held up fine during the slow dance with this girls breasts tightly against hers, but as this dance got faster and wilder the top of her dress was slowly working its way down and off of her big breasts! The other problem was in order for her to dance this faster and wilder dance her short tight little red dress had to move in the opposite direction and it was creeping up higher an higher as she danced!

Ashley at first do to the champagne and fun of it all had not realized this at all, as she started to get into this dance and was even making up some of her own moves to music she had never heard before. First one of her big breasts followed by the other were totally out and shamelessly swinging and flying around as the crowd sensing that something more that just a dance was in store! Were now clapping whistling hollering and hooting!

After dancing her around topless for most of the song, and with it coming to an end this young woman had hooked her fingers into Ashley's red velvet wraparound dress, as she pushed her away and the music ended. At the same time she had pulled it loose and unwrapping it from her! This has left Ashley standing there totally naked in only red heels, white stockings and garter belt!

Ashley now standing there by herself in front of everyone, strangers, and many of them horny black males that were all clapping and yelling wildly as to what has just happened! If it was not for the fact that she has had one to many glasses of champagne she would have been even more embarrassed, the gal she had been dancing with has so far let her stand there making no effort what so ever to help cover or give her dress back!

Ashley again, not knowing what to do was now trying to get it! But this tall young black woman was easily holding it behind her back and straight arming Ashley so that she was unable to get at it! Then she has turned her around and easily pushes her off the dance floor naked and through this crowd of people towards the ladies restroom! As she is pushed through the crowd Ashley is shamelessly groped as hands find her bare breasts ass and pussy! Once in the rest room this woman has tossed Ashley's dress on the floor,.. has forcefully grabbed her and has pushed her up against the wall hard!

She is taller and stronger than Ashley and has undone her top exposing a equally attractive set of much smaller firmer breasts and is quite forcefully pushing them against her!. She is surprised at how strong this woman is along with the fact that she is not going to be denied! Ashley still naked and trembling with concern has no idea what this woman is going to do, and is virtually helpless do to the drinks and the forcefulness of this aggressive young woman. So does not try to nor can she resist at all, only being able to blurt out please,.. please don't hurt me!...

This young black woman then says, Oh! Sweety I'm not going to hurt you,... well not very much anyway? Ashley's heart is pounding again as she feels this woman's sharp fingernails just barely and so very sensually start to cut into the soft wet flesh surrounding her slit and clit!

Continued in Chapter three


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That limo scene is way too hot! Topless dancing too! Great exhibitionism.

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I work with so many girls like her. It alactuly hurts when I see their struggle. What I love about this one is the fact that she is completing her tasks and trying. That is impressive. I think giving her your number would be lovely. Maybe seeing if she wanted a playdate. You might be just the mentor she needs.

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