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Brian gets some more jailhouse training
Jail Force

Parts 7-9

By: Jimmy T Seay

(m+/t oral forced enema jail)


Bruno knew he was endowed, over endowed actually. Bruno was extemely proud
of his body, his looks, and most of all, his dick. As Bruno moved, the pure
weight of his dick moved much like a pendulum. Instead of tic-toc, it was
cock cock.

Bruno claimed to have 10 inches. He didn't really, it was closer to 9 3/4.
Anyway you looked at it, Bruno was hung. Not only was it long, it was thick.
And like a lot of Latin men, it was a extremely nice looking dick. From the
thick base, up the long expanse of shaft, to the darker skin covering the
flared head, it was one very nice looking cock.

Bruno didn't even like head, oral sex and over sized cocks don't mix. What
Bruno did like was pretty white boys. As he looked at Brian, he saw the one
fine little mother fucker. In prison, riots could start over boys like
Brian. The sturdily built kid had it all, the blonde hair, the blue eyes,
big red lips, and an ass that didn't quit.

In this tank, there were rules, though. Don ran the show. For now, he had a
turn at some head. "Come here, fuck boy." Bruno said. Bruno watched the kid
walking towards him. The boy had a graceful walk, even in a situation like
this. He was naked, his big cock and balls flopping as he moved. Bruno's
dick got a little harder just watching the kid.

Bruno threw an arm around Brian's shoulder, leading him to the table. Bruno
begin with a, "Climb up on the table, baby, Lay on your back, and let you
head dangle off the end."

Brian wondered what this was all about, but begin to get in the requested
position. Something about this guy really put Brian on edge. Brian begin to
wonder how could he suck a dick that sized? His jaws were so sore now, it
hurt to just move them.

Bruno walked to the tables edge, he adjusted Brian's head slightly. "Be sure
and keep your teeth covered, I don't like no fucking teeth. You did right on
the others, be sure you do right by me."

Bruno grabbed his staff in both hands and placed it up to Brian's chapping
lips. Brian's eyes had crossed as he watched the huge thick cock
approaching. Bruno eased his foreskin back, exposing the shiny head, Bruno
placed the tip against Brian's lips.

Brian held back a gag, and opened his mouth wide. The curved head of Bruno's
cock cleared the opening. Brian was using his lips as a tooth guard. The
boy's jaws hurt bad, but at least he was doing what the guy said. Bruno
shoved more cock into the kid's mouth. Brian couldn't move his tongue, there
was no room!

Bruno was about half in, half out of the pretty kid's mouth. His cock head
rested against the boy's throat opening. Bruno grinned, 'So far, so good,'
he thought. Out loud he said, "Come over here, I want you to see something!"

Don didn't move, he lay resting and thinking. Keith and Ricky walked over.
Bruno grinned at them, "Watch the punk's throat!"

Bruno flexed his hips forward, forcing his dick against Brian's throat
passage. Brian's beautiful, cat shape eyes got wider and wider. The huge
Latino dick was cutting off his air, Brian couldn't breath.

As Bruno used his cock to penetrate Brian's throat, they all could see the
dick's shape as it entered Brian's neck. The boy's Adams apple bulged out as
the dick made a tunnel for itself. Brian begin to turn red from the lack of
air. As Brian attempted to breathe, his throat massaged Bruno's dick.

Bruno started pulling out right as Brian was seeing stars. Over and over
again, Bruno repeated the process. Then as he had his cock shoved down the
kids throat, he would place his hands tight around the boy's neck, adding
more pressure.

As Bruno faced fucked the boy, he fought for any air he could breathe.
Bruno's pelvic bones were bruising Brian's face, Bruno's balls were slapping
into Brian's eyes.

As Bruno felt the end nearing, he reached for the boy's big nipples. The
man's nut unleashed, as they pumped their load deep inside Brian's throat,
Bruno twisted and pinched the boy's sensitive nubs.

Bruno had finished, he pulled his cock out of Brian's throat and mouth. The
boy lay there, gasping for air.

Bruno said, "Good job, kid, your a natural dick sucker! A lot of free world
fag's can't do it that good!"

The comment was not appreciated by Brian. However he knew he was supposed to
answer. He opened his sore mouth and said "Yes, sir." Only a deep bass croak
came out, the poor kid's throat was too raw to speak.

Ricky was already stripping. "I'm next," he said with a dumb grin. Ricky
didn't want the others to know he had never had sex with a punk. Ricky had
played full back in high school. He still had that type of large build. As
he stripped, Brian was relieved to see Ricky's cock was a lot smaller then
what he had already dealt with.

Ortez had gotten a full erection watching the violent throat fucking. He
unzipped, hoping he had time to jack off before his company arrived.

Part 8 - Flash of Light

Poor Brian, his throat was raw, his lips were chapped, his whole face hurt.
There was still another cock to suck. Brian wasn't thinking a head, he had
forgotten the other threats, he just wanted to get this over with, to be
left a lone.

Ricky had blow jobs before, what high school foot ball star hadn't? He'd
just never received one from another guy. The idea turned Ricky on, making
another dude suck his dick, yeah! Ricky sat on the bench, and spread his
big, hairy legs wide. "Come and get it, little faggot!" he yelled.

Brian walked over and knelt in front of the dumb jock. He forced his tongue
out of his sore mouth. As the tongue hit Ricky's hard 6 incher, Ricky
sighed, it felt so good.

Will and Steve had just arrived. Ortez pointed to the monitor. The three
watched as Brian slurped at a guys dick.

Will shook his head, "So McKee is a gay boy, huh?"

Steve said, "The sick fuck! And I've showered with his faggot ass!"

Brian's head bobbed up and down, his cheeks sucked in, he was taking care of
another cock, the fourth and last one. This one was a dripper, slimy lube
leaked into Brian's mouth. Brian didn't care anymore, he just wished this
was over.

Steve said, "Can we get pictures from this thing?" as he pointed at the

"I don't know," answered Ortez, reaching into a drawer. He pulled out a
digital camera. "But, I know we can get them from this!"

The three smiled. All of them disliked Brian for some reason or another.
Pictures of him dick sucking would end his popularity. Wait until everyone
found out!

The three walked silently to the tank. They arrived just in time for the big
climax, Ricky was moaning loud, as he filled Brian's mouth with cum.

The flash of light alerted Brian, as Ricky pulled his cock out, Brian turned
his head. There was another flash coming from the bars. Brian wiped the cum
dripping from his mouth, trying to adjust his vision.

The three step back quickly after getting the two pictures. They stood out
of sight, laughing at the sight of Brian McKee with cum dripping down his

Don had seen the flash. To him, it didn't matter. He figured the jailer was
in on it. Don had also heard the loud noises Ricky had made as he came. Don
sat up. It was time to teach the boy more tricks.

Don said, "Come here, Brian, we need to talk." Don sat on the mattress as
Brian walked towards him. "Sit down there on the floor, boy." Don commanded.

Brian sat down, fearing what was going to happen next. "Yes, sir," he

The three stood in the hall, listening. Steve held back a laugh after
hearing Brian's voice.

Don said, "Well, you've learned to suck dick. You did okay, with practice,
you'll be very good. But sometimes a man needs more than his cock sucked,
sometimes a man needs to fuck. A handsome boy like you, you understand,

Brian knew where this was leading, he wanted to say, hell, no, I don't
understand, instead his hoarse voice said, "Yes, sir."

Don nodded, "Good, now you've fucked quite a few women, right?"

Brian said, "Yes, sir."

Don continued, "Well, now a woman's pussy is made to enter, a boy's pussy
isn't. Your pussy is made to shit out turds, not to let a dick inside. One
of the most important things to remember, when a man is going to fuck your
pussy, you need to push out, like you were shitting. You got muscles there,
pushing out will reduce the pain, and keep your ass hole from being torn.
After a while, a boy gets used to get fucked. Your pussy will stretch, your
hole will get tougher, it will be bigger, and you won't have a problem
taking dick. You follow me, Brian?"

Brian's mind was filled with the awful picture of a dick stretching his ass
hole, he answered "Yes, sir."

Don smiled, "Now, some dicks, will always hurt, like old Bruno over there.
He's got a pussy buster. But believe it or not, I've seen punks take two
dicks at once in their pussies, even a man's arm. You'll be okay."

Don reached out and touched Brian's hair. "You're a special case. You're
100% boy, all male. The idea of getting fucked repulses you. You're real
lucky, I'm going to be the man that takes your virginity. I like boy pussy,
I've fucked a lot of boys. I know how to make a punk get hard from being
fucked. I'm gonna make you get hard when I fuck you. When you got a dick in
your ass, and you get a woody, you really know your place then."

Don stood up, he was still naked, he was hard. "Come on, Brian, you need to
learn about hygiene now."

Brian reluctantly followed Don back to the toilets. Under one of the sinks
was a cut off water hose fastened to a faucet. It was normally used to fill
the mop bucket. In jails, it had other uses.

Don said, "This is something you need to remember, so pay attention. I'm
gonna put some soap suds on this hose, then stick it in your pussy. I'll
turn the water on, and fill you up. When I tell you, you will dump the water
out. We'll repeat the process until the water is clear, you understand?"

"Yes, sir." Brian sobbed.

Out in the hall, the three were laughing their heads off. Brian McKee was
about to be fucked in his ass.

Part 9 - Boy's Do Cry

Don instructed Brian to bend over and spread his ass cheeks. Don made some
suds from the jail issued lye soap. He coated the hose with them, in an
attempt to provide lubrication. Don looked at the perfection of Brian's ass.
In a while, Don would know this boy very intimately.

Brian gritted his teeth as the hose was placed against his sphincter Don
rubbed it gently into Brian, and said, "Push out, boy, push out."

Don watched the lips of Brian's ass flutter and he carefully inserted the
hose. Brian felt the hose stretching him. It was a normal sized water hose,
it had been cut off, and was about 3 feet long. To Brian's virgin ass, it
felt like a tree trunk.

Don stuck about 4 or 5 inches inside of Brian. He turned the faucet on, just
a little. The luke warm water flowed inside of Brian. Brian tightened his
ab's as he felt the strange sensations in his guts.

Don let maybe a quart of water enter Brian and shut the water off. He
reached under Brian and begin massaging the boy's stomach. 'Hold it, hold it
in, boy."

Don rubbed the boy's belly, he liked the feel of the tight muscles under the
soft skin. After a few minutes, he said, "Okay, dump it out."

Brian sat on the toilet. He hoped that Don would at least turn away. He had
never shitted in front of anyone, and wanted privacy at least in this act.

Don watched him a second, and laughed. "Boy, go ahead and dump it. I'm gonna
have my dick up there shortly, you ain't got nothing to hide from me."

With total shame, total embarrassment, Brian forced the water out. To Brian,
this was even more humiliating then being made to lick arm pits, or suck

The process was repeated several times. Each time, Don put more water inside
the boy. The water had been totally clear the last two times, but Don had
gotten into douching this boy. He reinserted the hose, letting the water
flow at a fast pace. Don wanted to see how much water he could get in the
boy. He felt of Brian's ab's as the boys stomach distended.

Brian felt like he would explode by the time the water was shut off. He
hurriedly sat on the toilet, the water poured out in a large stream. His
stomach was cramped.

Don smiled, "It's just like watching a woman piss, boy, but, I think your
clean enough now."

Brian was sickened by the comparison of his body to that of a woman's. Not
only had Don made the comment about the water flow from his butt hole, Don
had kept referring to his ass as a boy pussy. Brian wondered what was next.
Was Don going to actually fuck him now?

As Don walked away from the toilet area, he saw the jailer and the other two
standing outside the bars. Don realized that Brian had an audience, he
walked up to the bars and smiled at the three, "Are you all up for a show?"
Don asked.

Ortez thought briefly, and answered. "What you got in mind?"

As Brian was drying his very clean ass hole, Don walked up to the bars. He
said in a low voice, "I take it you don't like the kid?"

Steve snickered, and said, "You mean the faggot?"

Don said, "He ain't a real faggot, well, not yet, anyway. But, I'm gonna
dick him in a little bit, you ever seen a boy get his first dicking?"

Will said, "That's some sick shit, man. I guess it takes all kinds."

Steve said, "I wanna watch."

Ortez grinned, and held up the camera. "I want some pictures."

Don said, "Good, then. I'm gonna put you fellows a real show on." He pointed
at Steve. "You look about his age, I take it you go to school with him?"

Steve snickered, "I did, I don't think Brian will be going back to school,
after this gets around."

Don nodded, "Real good then. You boys got disk space?"

Ortez pulled out two spare disks. "I hope so, man."

Don didn't care if his face was photographed, he didn't care about much. He
had 20 years. Don said, "I want a couple of the photos, for memories sake."

All four men laughed. Brian heard the laughter. He didn't have a view from
where he sat. Brian figured it was the men whose dicks he had been made to

Don turned and yelled, "Brian! Get up here, boy!"

Brian got up and headed towards Don's voice. He stopped dead in his tracks.
He stared at Steve in horror. 'Oh, fuck,' Brian thought.

Brian had forgotten he was nude, he stood still thinking this was the worst
nightmare he had ever had.

Steve pointed at a camera. "Say, dude, we've been watching you. Wassup with
all the dick sucking? It's like that, huh, man?"

Brian looked at the camera, it that second he knew that his life would never
be the same. Brian could not stop the tears. Brian said over and over, "No.

Don let the punk cry for a few minutes, then he said, "Boy, come here."

Brian forced himself to move. The tears made his handsome face shine. Don
smiled as he watch this handsome stud walking towards him. "My boy, my
punk," Don said.

Steve said, "You mean your faggot, dude!"

Ortez snapped a picture.

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