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A Hard Day at School 2
I wrote Part 1 several years ago. For the skeptics 95% of the story is true, save for the names. Also I provided no reliable information regarding the type of school, although, from context, it was a college. Nor did I provide information regarding location, subject matter (although reference to lab, is a clue). I think, write (& type) fast. I also tend to tell a stories in ' a semi stream of consciousness' technique. ["... stream of consciousness is a narrative mode that seeks to portray an individual's point of view by giving the written equivalent of the character's thought processes, either in a loose interior monologue, or in connection to his or her actions."]. I will try in the future to format paragraphs and punctuation etc. for easier reading. I hope readers will have a little patience. Narrative writing is different from technical writing I will try to learn ... in advance .. Thanks ...Depraved

As for my choice of vocabulary: sex, scum- No apology ... take a time machine and travel back in time .. this is how we talked: so TS.

To recap part I, I fucked 4 girls. I am into 'totally natural, depraved, perverted, animalistic, primitive unsanitary sex.' I don't want a girl to smell like soap and perfume, I want the scent of sex and all of her body---any part of her body. I fucked Sharon in the lab in her twat, dirty asshole and mouth. She her period during when I ate our her sex then fucked her. My mouth and cock was coated with spit, cunt juice, menstrual blood, brown from her ass and my own scum. To say the least I was very damp and scented in my groin. Sharon licked me clean.
I went to my office and found the two Linda's --we went back to Linda C's apartment and the three of us cunt and ass fucked. We did the same thing as a threesome as Sharon and I did, but neither girl got their period. (Too bad). The more discharge we had from our bodies, the hotter we became: spit, sweat, cunt juice, scum, and ass slime.
Later, back in my office, I fucked Polly. She knew, I had Sharon, and the two Linda's before her. Our sex was less intense but still dirty. Polly couldn't miss the beautiful filthy, scent, sight and wetness in my groin. It seemed to turn her on and simply told me she was available for me and be able to do her any time under any circumstances. She didn't care if I fucked other girls as long as I did her too.
Non-essential update: Sharon and I eventually got married. We had a 'very' open marriage. Interestingly, we never told one another what we did with others.
My sexual activities at school continued as usual. Some of my girlfriends I would 'hook-up with (a contemporary expression), would be at my school office, their homes or apartments, motels, or the downstairs office in our home. Sharon knew about my 'home' encounters.' I would tell her:" coming over tonight, we are spending a few hours downstairs." Of course when I came up to the bedroom, I reeked of spit, piss, shit, and male and female cum. I would get into bed and we would either fuck or just hold each other. Sharon never asked questions or wanted to know what I had done.
Together we regularly attended private swinging we would see each other fucking others on a regular basis. This was a 'turn on' to both of us and we would usually fuck real hard after we left swinging parties. In as much as 'swinging' is so common, (& thus uninteresting) I won't relate any of these experiences.
Plato's Retreat would not open up until the mid-70's ...Sharon and I never went, but many of my other girlfriends and I were regulars ... but that is another story.
The start of a Threesome
I will relate a not-extremely-hot encounter Sharon, I and one of my student's Nan-cie. Nan-cie was about 5'6'', beautifully shaped body, good full size tits, blond, both on top and bottom. Of course, given the time period (early 70's full hairy blond groin ---and really blond.) Nan-cie and I had several private encounters. Many at my 'home-office' in mornings or early afternoon. [By the way Sharon worked at the same college, but in an administrative position. Thus she had fixed hours: 9 to 5).] Nan-cie had a boyfriend and so an evening encounter with her was not possible. If Nan-cie and I would have had an office evening meeting, I would have told Sharon, but in this case: no necessity. Basically I had many daytime encounters with no necessity of disclosure. It was an accepted fact.
Nan-cie and told me during one of our copulations that one of her top fantasies was to have a girl, tongue fuck, that is to say, really french her ass, while she was fucking. Obviously, Nan-cie would be 'on top' and her partner on bottom. I loved it. I told her, I could ask Sharon if she would like to fulfill her fantasy. Sharon readily agreed. Plans were made to go to my 120 farm in a rural section of the North East US for a "sex weekend." ..
Now the trip up from the metro area was a thing it itself. DWI laws were practically non-existent. The three (Nan-cie made some lame excuse to her boyfriend about a weekend conference she had to attend) of us drove up, drinking, masturbating, making out ... etc. As the driver, I was not as 'pleasured' as much of the girls were doing themselves. I heard moaning and groaning .. etc. But to their credit, every few minutes one of would come around my seat (I had a Van) and put their wet lips on my cock, try to swap spit with me, put their cum and ass ooze covered fingers in my mouth ... I cannot say driving was 'easy.'
At the Farm
We arrived at my farm late in the evening. The three of us were very tired (5 hr drive), and half drunk (by today's standards: probably if caught: incarcerated for life). The three of us jumped naked into my King Size bed. (I know a basic farmhouse .. but one very large main bedroom: not bad for a mid 1800's home). The three of us wanted to at least have a basic fuck. So the girls did a complete Lesbo act, (without ass licking), I got my full hard cock and managed to get my scum into both twats, with all of us attaining orgasmic bliss. The three of us immediately fell to sleep.
The Next Morning
Now the action starts. None of us have taken showers. We are dirty and smelly from the day before. I wake up imagining Nan-cie being on top of me, with my boner deep in her twat, and all of her juices drowning me. Something I have not said before (but implied): I cannot let beautiful, dirty, filthy warm girl piss to go down the drain. Both Sharon and Nan-cie had to piss. No problem! ... I first brought pulled Sharon's cunt to my mouth. She said "I have to piss bad." My response... piss ... Now she had pissed in my mouth before, in many of our encounters. At first, she did not make the connection. ...but now something clicked. She knew that piss in my mouth and me frenching it back to her was probably the greatest aphrodisiac I could have. She brought her pissed filled pussy right over my mouth and let out a stream of golden nectar. I could feel my cock getting harder. But I really wanted Nan-cie's piss. The thrill of the forbidden ... I had drank piss from her sex before ..and it was always explosively orgasmic. Not only did I want her piss in my mouth and drink her warm flow , but to french Sharon with it and have enough to french Nan-cie as well. I hope she had enough piss to continue. She did. While still pissing slid down my chest, stomach and to my groin and still pissing impaling herself on my rigid boner. Our bodies were now entwined, coated with sweat and sticky slimy piss. I was in sexual paradise.
I will say one thing for Sharon ..she would get off ... but she knew the main attraction was Nan-cie and myself really going extreme. Sharon would get right into it. I could not see her, but from Nan-cie's moans, the movement of Sharon's head and hearing the suction coming from Sharon's mouth, I new she was not just rimming Nan-cie, but tongue fucking and slurping out any slime she could from Nan-cie's shit hole. When Sharon came around to kiss Nan-cie and I she had a light coating of brown goo all over her mouth and face. Nan-cie devoured Sharon face. Her mouth was dripping with spit and she was tongue cleaning Sharon's entire face. I was up doing the same thing. The taste and scent put Nan-cie and I both over the edge simultaneously.---our bodies convulsed in ecstasy I shot my cum into her twat, while Nan-cie was grinding on my groin while reaching down to Sharon's cunt with her hand and bringing her to orgasm too.
In comparison to what we just did the rest of the weekend was relatively uneventful. I took the girls to tour the mountains and lakes in the area. Every now and then we would stop for some oral sex a quick fuck. We had a pretty good fuck a that evening before going to sleep. The girls got into a pretty good lesbo action, with a lot of ass and twat licking ---I got off one more time with Nan-cie ... a rather regular sex, although I did shove my fingers up her slimy ass and be both gave them a good licking during our climax ... The next day ... we left to go home. Nan-cie remained one of my regular girlfriends.
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