This is a true story about my first sexual experience and how my life has continued. I understand it may not be pleasing to every reader, but to those who have experienced it........enjoy!
I was 10 years old and grew up in a very small town in the Bible Belt. My step-dad was tall, thin and had dark curly hair. He wore cut-off denim shorts and from time to time they were cut very short. My sister and I would giggle when we saw his cock and balls fall out of the leg of his shorts. He was always drunk so he never knew what we saw.

Him and my mother rented movies according to their taste but the whole family watched. My sister and I had our nightly baths and the family was engrossed in this movie. I remember one part in particular. The man and woman were in bed and he was eating her pussy. I did not want to watch but then again I did. His fingers spread her wide and his tongue tasted every part of her womanhood.

The movie was over and it was time for us to go to bed. We hugged mom goodnight. My sister hugged “Dad” goodnight and then it was my turn. Mom had taken our infant brother to his crib and my sister had left the room as well. I bent down to hug Dad and noticed his hand stroking massaging his balls. He saw me looking and played it off saying his nuts itched.

I hugged him and he pulled me down on top of his lap. He pulled my gown up to my waste and put his finger over my mouth. He told me he loved me and wanted to show me. He told me he wanted to kiss me like the man was kissing the woman in the movie. He pulled me closer and put his lips to mine. He whispered against my lips, “Daddy loves you baby. Let me prove it to you.”

He scooted my pussy over his cock and began rubbing my slit through my panties. I was scared. I was nervous. He ground his cock against my pussy and kissed me passionately. I tried to remember how the woman was acting in the movie and I wrapped my arms around my Daddy’s neck. His kissed my neck and asked me if his cock felt good rubbing against my pussy. “Daddy you always make s me feel good,” was the only reply I had for him.

My mother called out to him and said she was going to take a hot bath. Everyone knows when Mom soaks, it is for a good hour. Daddy held my hips and ground his cock into my pussy. “Ok Momma, enjoy!” With a low mutter he looked into my eyes and told me we had plenty of time for him to finally show me he loved me.
Just then he reached under my hips and lifted me over his mouth. His tongue probed at my slit through my little girl panties. He brought his hands to my small tits and started squeezing and rolling them in his hands. He bit at the crotch of my panties and soon demanded that I take them off. I stood up and me slid my panties down my legs. He grabbed my torso hard and sat me back down on top of his mouth. His tongue licked and kissed all over my smooth pussy. His fingers spread me open just like in the movie. His tongue began an assault that I will never forget. He licked and probed my pussy. Circling my clit with his tongue. He closed his lips over my clit and suckled it.

His hands reached around to spread my ass. He lifted me slightly and my pussy from my clit, passed my opening and toward my asshole. He moaned as his tongue went flat and he listed my entire asshole. I held on to his head and looked down to see his face. His eyes were smiling up at me. Daddy attacked my asshole with his tongue. He licked around, kissed used his hands to spread me wide. His tongue became hard and he slowly began tongue fucking my asshole. His hands guided me to bounce up and down on his tongue. His moans and my moans mixed together should have been loud enough to wake the entire house. I felt my pussy begin to get wetter and my breathing was more labored.

Daddy moved his mouth back to my pussy. His tongue darted inside of me like it knew its place. Daddy’s finger rubbed around my pussy opening. The slurping sounds he made told me it was really wet down there. Hi finger slid slowly inside with his tongue. He was tongue fucking me and I had never felt so good. He slipped his finger out of my pussy and I felt him trailing it to my ass. Hi finger traced my asshole adding a little more pressure with each pass. He moved his tongue to do the same on my pussy.

He used his tongue to let me feel what he was also doing with his finger. His tongue flat against my pussy with added pressure he pressed his finger against my ass. Daddy’s tongue went hard and he touched my pussy hole. His finger was pressing into my anus. Slowly he slid his tongue in my pussy and his finger tip into my ass. Once he got the tip of his finger into my ass and my breathing slowed he asked me to stand up and let him watch as he finger fucked my ass. I stood up. Daddy spit on my asshole and his finger continue to slide inside my ass. It hurt I will not lie but I trusted my Daddy would not let it hurt for long. He sensed my concern and told me to relax and that he promised to make it feel good.

Daddy licked another finger and I felt it poking against my pussy. I looked down and saw Daddy’s cock sticking straight up from his shorts. The lady in the movie begged to be fucked and so I thought I would try that. I looked into Daddy’s eyes and asked him to please fuck me. He ripped his fingers out of me and placed his full mouth over my pussy. He licked my clit and began to hummmm into my pussy. It was almost instantly that my body began to quiver. I held on to Daddy’s hands and ground my pussy into his face. My Daddy made me cum all over his face. He continued to hum as my body began to shake. He waited for me to stop shaking and moved his face from my pussy. He told me to lay down on the couch.

He stood up and grabbed his cock, sticking out from his shorts leg. He told me to spread my legs and put my feet in the air. I did and he asked me to bend my legs just a little. He eased in between my legs, his legs stretched over mine. I could feel his weight on me. He rubbed his cockhead around my pussy and clit, getting it wet. He asked me if I was ready and I felt the tip of his cock pushing into my hole. I tried to breath instead of cry. He put his hand over my mouth and the look on his face said, ‘I’m sorry.’ With a hard thrust he buried his 9” cock inside my pussy. I could feel his balls smashed into my ass. Tears streamed down my face. My pussy had just been ripped wide open. His nostrils flaring he stared into my eyes. He told me he had been waiting for this for over a year. Then with his hand still pressed over my mouth he began to fuck my pussy like an animal. With his free hand he placed my ankles on his shoulders and pulled my ass up off the couch. He scooted his knees up under my hips and drove his cock even deeper. Under his hand I was begging him to stop. Tears flooding my eyes, pain ripping through my pussy he told me to hold on just a little bit and he would be done. He pinched my lips closed and told me not to yell. He placed a hand on each of my shoulders and pulled me harder to him. I could feel his cock deep in my belly. I sobbed loudly and covered my mouth my my own hand. He took my right hand and moved it to my clit. He told me if I would rub my clit it wouldn’t hurt so bad. I rubbed and rubbed. My eyes locked my Daddy’s eyes. He fucked me with animal instinct. The pain had subsided and a new energy was growing in me.

I rubbed my clit and held my fingers to Daddy’s lips. I told him to taste what he did to me. He licked and bit my fingers. Grunting and groaning he told me he was going to cum. He ripped my legs open wider one on either side of him. I felt like he was going to rip me in half. He told me to rub my clit again, hard and fast he said. So I did. He bent down and bit my tit. The pain seared through me but with each thrust his cock went deeper and deeper. He was no longer fucking me. I was convinced he was trying to force himself into my body. He bit down harder on my tit and shoved his cock even deeper. I could feel his long thick hard cock throb inside of me. Then I felt his hot cum spew from the tip of his cock, filling my underage pussyl

He released his grip on my tit and my ankles. He laid his cheek on my chest and apologized for not waiting. He told me that he hoped his sperm would make me pregnant with a baby some day. He took my face in his hands and kissed me passionately. I could feel his cock twitching inside me. I took his hand and guided it to my clit and moved it in a circular motion. He ground his cock in circular motion as well. He kept kissing me and rubbing my clit. I wrapped my legs around his waste and lifted my pussy against him. Unnnggghhhhh he ground into me. He slid his finger from my clit and into my ass. Slowly he finger fucked my ass and pussy. He told me he wanted me to cum all over him and lick his finger clean. I told him if he fucked me like that every night I would do anything he wanted, as long as he wanted.

Mom called from the bathroom that she was going to bed. He quickly removed his finger and without taking his cock out of me he spun me around and placed my hands on the arm of the couch. Daddy laid his body against mine and started fucking me wild. He turned my face to his and kissed me passionately. Then Daddy whispered against my lips that it was going to be a long night. He moved his finger back to my asshole and began his dual assault again.

It was indeed a long night. Daddy and I fucked until the sun came up. He convinced Mom that I had been up all night very ill and he had taken care of me. She had a business meeting so he volunteered to stay home with me all day. Daddy and I still fuck every chance we get. My family and I live next door to my parents. I will always be Daddy’s favorite toy.


2016-09-24 18:54:54
Enjoyed it a lot. One of my faves close to home and part. Still wanking

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2013-11-03 06:23:42
10y olds are good for anal but 8y olds for sex.just had a bj from a 6y old

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2013-07-18 07:58:15
To the author: I enjoyed your story. from 8 to 10 is a real sensitive age range for kids. some want to know what is going on with this thing between my legs. some like it some do not. if your dad did not do it a little boy in the neighborhood would have. i just hope he did it the right way to teach you properly.
To all with negative comments: It kills me when others come out with their version of how other people are suppose to live and be who they are. we all experience things we are "not suppose to" and most continue to live good lives. some even have an appreciation for that experience, as the writer sounds in this story. If you do not like the topic involved just stop and read something else.

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I need a daddy. Asian girl tight pussy. :)

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2012-04-05 20:27:27
My mom died when i was 8. dad was always so sad being alone all the time, so one day i surprised by by wearing one of moms teddies and before long we were fucking, I was 14 when we started. Im 16 now. almost 17, I have been sharing his bed since we started, we now live as a couple unless someone comes over we know. cant wait till im 18 so i can stop the pill

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