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my story continues
when i got to the detention room i toke a seat and thought that a jack ass harvey was for telling about me and why was he being such a jerk to me again. i was sorry for leaving him in the hotel room like i did. i was in deep thoughts then detention room door opened and brit stepted in. i looked at her and asked "what a you in here for" stocked to see her. "that bitch mrs timmer send me hear for calling ryan in my class a hocker" i laughed but didnt feel like being happy right now. "what you in for?"(asking that like we was just sent to jail) "i lied to the teacher saying i needed a piss and went to the field to have a cig" brit looked at me with concern and said "whats up with you leon you never get in trouble and now the detention room is like your second home" i started to cry and said "brit ive fucked everythink up". she walked over to me and put her arm around me "what do you mean?""

"im sleeping with harvey"

"no!! (a breif pause) really" brit said

"yeah and now he hates me"

"why does he hate u hun?" she said

"because ( taking a deep breath) we went to a hotel on saturday. i got a call from kyle saying he needed me on sunday and i went to him after harvey asked me not to"

(brit stopped hugging me and stood up)

"boy when will you ever learn" brit shouted at me in a strong tone

"kyle doesnt love you or he wont of cheatted on you"

"so what? i ment to believe that harvey does love me? he is the captian of the football team he probably screwing everyone of the fucking cheerleaders"

brit didnt say anythink. she walked to the door to leave. she opened it but turn round at said "you have changed leonardo and it britney from now on"

i shouted ""why do you care so much britney ?"

she came back in grabbed me by the hand and started walking with out a choice i had to follow her ""where are we going?"" she didnt answer but i noticed we was on the way to the football field. when we got there we went to the top row of seats. as we sat down she let go on my hand and said "look" pointing to harvey. harvey looked like he wasnt having a good day, he looked really stresses and from the long distance i could tell he had sadness in his gorgous eyes. brit broke the silence and said "he likes you more than you think" i looked at her with a sad look on my face and said "how do you know?" "he came upto me this morning and asked if you had mentioned him" "what did you say?" "i said no why would leon mention your ass. then harvey told me about your little weekend trip away and how you bailed on his ass" "britney i dont know what to do anymore" "well first me and you are going to have a cig then your going to talk to him even if i have to beat on your skinny ass" "britney i wanna talk to him but i dont think he will listen to me. "well you better try coz i know he acts like a total jerk but you can see he isnt" brit was right i really wanted to talk to him and i owed him an explaination.

after harvey football practice i walked onto the field and said "harvey wait" he was pissed off i had shown up "what do you want leonardo"(when he said my full first name it felt like he had just cut me so deep that i could felt pain) "i want to talk to you i want to exsplain" harvey walked off but i followed him. "the only reason i left the hotel was because i promised kyle no matter if we was together or not if he needed me i would be there" harvey turned round and said "thats a nice thing to promise" i gave him a faint smile. harvey looked to the floor and said "you look really pretty today" and walked away. britney came behind me and said "aleast you tried leon that all you can do" i turned round and brit hugged me i started crying she said to me "come on now im not having my boy cry over anything" rubbing my back as she said it i come to my senses and told brit to wait for me outside the boy changing room i will be 10 minutes

i walked into the changing room. it smelled so bad i almost gipped. walking up to harvey a jock said to me i bet you havent sucked one this size showing me his dick. i carried on walking saying back to him "ive had bigger" all the boys in the changing room laughed including harvey but i didnt say that to the jock for attention i said it so he would leave me alone, i walked up to harvey and said "im sorry" harvey stood up with nothing but a towel around him. he told me to follow him so i did. he walked to a quite spot and said "just tell me what you have come to say" "harvey im sorry i didnt mean to disrespect you back at the hotel. i like spending time with you and i dont really think you think of me as a botty call" harvey gave me a weak smile and started walking away he was giving me a really hard time for what i had done but i know deep down i deserved it. looking at all the jocks getting changed i thought to my self im not going to cry in here where they can all take the piss out of me as i was walking out the changing room harvey said to me with a fully smile "ive packed your bag for you come pick it up tonight at 8 and believe me leon (my heart felt warm again when he said my shortned name) you going to make it up to me big time" i smiled and he winked at me i wanted to ask how i was going to make it up to him but i thought im not going to push my luck so i left the changing room

to be continued


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Long or short love your stroies keep going........


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Long or short love your stroies keep going........


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Long or short love your stroies keep going........


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Long or short love your stroies keep going........

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