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Again, sorry about the paragraphs. I don't care about the format, I just care about getting the story on here. I am gonna make a series of these two people so yes there will be a second episode. There are hints in this story as to what the second episode is about. Hope you enjoy!
“Ahhhhhhh!” Shouts a young Mrs. Housened.
“It’s just a spider, sweetie.” Mr. Housened grabs a paper towel from the kitchen and stands up on the end table to get the creepy crawly.
Mr. and Mrs. Housened are high school sweethearts, married right out of high school. Married a few months after graduation.
“Flush it!” Melody Housened demands.
“No, I want to keep it as a pet.” Jake Housened jokes. He gets a glass jar from the recycling bin and sticks a piece of lettuce inside. “See, it won’t hurt us.”
“NO! FLUSH IT! KILL IT!” she backs away from her from her husband and puts her hands in front of her chest as to guard herself. “It’s gross!”
“It’s an animal.” Jake laughs, emptying the paper towel into the jar, the spider falls into the jar and skitters all over the lettuce.
“It’s a pest!” Melody shivers with thoughts of spiders overtaking her body. “Throw it out if your not going to kill it!”
Jake lets out a final laugh and opens the back door their humble, little town house. He opens the jar and lets the spider crawl out onto the grass. “There babe, it won’t hurt you now.” He comes inside and sets the jar on the counter.
“Wash your hands before you touch me.” She cowers on the couch and braces herself for her husband’s spider hands.
“Alrighty baby. I’ll go wash them.” He goes into the bathroom and washes his hands.
Melody lays back on the couch and begins looking a baby magazine. She rubs her bulging stomach and smiles at an article she is reading.
“What would you like for dinner?” Jake sits down on the couch and rubs her feet.
“Chinese food?” Melody smiles and peaks out from her magazine. “Or tuna fish sandwich with a pickle.”
“You sure?” Jake leans down and kisses the tops of her feet.
“I don’t know! I hate questions like that… I can never decide.” She rubs her belly and it growls. “Chinese food, and pizza.”
“Both?” Jake asks, just to make sure. “Chinese food AND pizza?”
“Yes!” Melody smiles. “The variety pack of Chinese. Potstickers, orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, fried rice, and fried shrimp!” She lists.
Jake gets his phone out of his pocket and writes it down. “What kind of pizza?”
“Just get a medium pizza. Pepperoni, pineapple, olives, and the garlic ribbon in the crust! No! no! The cheese inside the crust.” She sets the magazine down and looks at her husband. A big smile spreads across her face.
Jake looks up from his phone and looks at his wife. “Your so beautiful.” He says.
Melody has long auburn hair, green eyes and a petite frame: 5’2 in height. Her lightly colored skin makes her face angelic. Those breasts of hers are to die for! All through high school, Jake couldn’t wait to get his hands on those breasts. Melody was very precise: She wanted to save her body for her husband. On their wedding night, he got what he had been waiting for: Melody’s virginity and her body. They both saved themselves for each other.
Jake smiled at her. “Baby, I love you so much.” He slides off the couch and crawls over to the other side where her head is laying down on a pillow. He shoots up and Melody giggles. “ Come here, you.” He supports her back and brings her up to him. Kissing her puckered lips he slides his tongue inside her open and willing mouth. “Mmmm.” Jake moans. The nerves on their lips mingle together and the sensations shoot their body and to their loins.
“Oh Jake.” Melody closes her eyes and sucks on his tongue. She lifts her arm to the top of Jake’s head and runs her fingers through his soft, dark brown hair.
Jake’s hand glides down her neck, over her breasts, and to her bulging tummy. He can’t keep his strong hands off her belly. He gently pulls away from the kiss and smiles at his wife. His hands walk to the bottom of her shirt and he pulls it up over her belly, revealing the beautiful baby bump. He bends his head down and kisses her tummy, rubbing it with his hands. Addicted to the softness of her skin. His tongue pushes out his lips and he licks her belly, bathing it in his saliva.
Melody giggles and smiles. She loves the attention Jake gives her belly.
“My baby is in there.” Jake looks up into his wife’s eyes and smiles. “I love the little life inside your belly.” He pulls her shirt down, covering her belly again. He kisses her lips a final time before he heads off to the store to get some food. “I also love my Melody. My beautiful wife and the mother of my child.” He grabs his phone off the couch and puts it in his back pocket on vibrate. “You call me if you need anything. I shouldn’t be long. Do you want anything else from the store?”
Melody leans over from the couch and grabs her phone off the coffee table. “Pimiento stuffed green olives.” she says.
“Anything else?” Jake grabs the keys to his car and walks over to the couch again.
“Dill pickles, were running out.” Melody looks up like she is thinking. “Brownie ice cream!” She smiles at her husband. “If it’s not too much…”
“Nothing is too much for my baby!” He leans down and kisses her lips. “I have a couple things in mind too, so I’ll get those things as well.”
“What are they?” Melody looks up at Jake when they finish their passionate kiss.
“You’ll find out.” He grins. He says good bye to her and leaves.

Jake gets to the store and orders the Chinese food from the deli. As he waits on the food, he makes his way to the aisles of food. He picks up the items and heads over next door to grab up the pizza. Jake checks his phone to make sure he is on time to pick up the Chinese food. He puts the groceries and pizza in the car then goes back to the grocery store to get the Chinese food.
“Jake Housened?” A girl’s voice says.
Jake turns around and sees Lana McCannon, a girl from high school who tried to steal him away from his Mel. “Hey….Lana.” He wanted to make sound like he forgot her name for a second. He picks up his Chinese food and tries to hurry out the door.
“Jake, wait a second.” Lana picks up her order and runs after him.
“Ugh.” He says to himself. “Lana, I’m kinda in a hurry.”
“For what? Some hot date?” She flips her hair and smiles.
“Yeah. My wife. Melody. She is pregnant.” Jake makes it obvious he DOES NOT want to talk to her.
“Melody? What? Jake, when did you get married?” Lana is so dumb. Or tries to act like it.
“In August, after graduation. You were there… at the wedding.” Jake backs towards the door, “I gotta go Lana.”
“Maybe we could get together sometime! For coffee!” She grabs his arm and tries to hold him down.
He jerks away from her not-so-tight grasp. “No Lana! I am not interested in you! I am married, go away!” He runs to his car for a quick get-a-way. He unlocks the car, opens the door, and slides into the driver’s seat and brings the door to a close. He starts the car and pulls out of the parking space and drives out of the parking lot.

“God!” Jake slams the front door with his foot and sets the groceries on the kitchen counter.
“What happened?” Melody gets up from the couch and waddles to the kitchen.
“Lana McCannon shows up at the grocery store.” Jake furiously starts putting away the groceries and slams the cupboards.
“So?” Melody finds the olives and opens the jar.
“She was totally trying to get with me. She, on purpose, ‘didn’t’ remember our wedding, which she was at. She wanted to go out for coffee, with me!” He preheats the oven for the pizza and takes his phone out of his back pocket and sets it on the counter. “Shoot, sweetheart. I’m sorry. I need to calm down.” He goes over to her and wraps his arms around her from behind. “You’re my one and only, ok?” He kisses her neck and smells her body spray. “Your wearing your gift?”
Melody giggles, “Yes, I sprayed some on for when you got home.” She always loved smelling good for her man.
“Well, you smell amazing!” Jake rubs his hands over her belly. “Are you hungry sweetheart?”
“Very hungry!” She spins around in his arms and wraps her arms around his neck. “Your so good to me.” She stands on her tippy toes to kiss her 6’0 husband.
“Your so good to me. You spoil me, woman!” He lifts her up off the ground and kisses her lips deeply. “I love you.” He sets her down and pulls out a chair for her from the table. “Madam.”
She takes his hand and sits down so elegantly. “Thank you, kind sir.” She giggles when he kisses hand.
He walks over to the counter and grabs the cartons of Chinese food and reaches into the cupboards to grab two plates. He sets them down on the table in front of Melody. “Gotta get the forks.” He shuffles over to the silverware drawer and grabs two forks.
“Thanks baby.” Melody says after she is handed a fork. “I’m going to have a lazy day tomorrow.” She shovels some orange chicken onto her plate. “Just kick it with the kitties.” She smiles at Jake.
“That sounds like a good deal. You need a day of rest baby, you shouldn’t be working so hard.” He takes a bite of his fried rice and shakes his head, “Needs soy sauce.” He gets up and goes to the fridge, grabbing the soy sauce and the pot sticker sauce. “Those deli ladies don’t give you the sauce you ask for.” He chuckles and sits down. “We should have a lazy together.” He suggests.
“But don’t you have to work tomorrow?” Melody asks, with a pots sticker in her cheek.
“No. I have a day off tomorrow.” Jake moves his eye brows up and down. “We can paint the baby’s nursery tomorrow.”
“That sounds like a good idea.” Melody finishes off her pot stickers and looks at Jake with puppy eyes, “Can I have that last pot sticker? Please?”
Jake chuckles, “Anything for my woman.” He shovels the pot sticker out of the carton and onto her plate.
“Thank you baby.” She forks a piece of orange chicken and shoves it into her mouth. “They have great Chinese food!” Melody says, covering her full mouth.
“I know, it’s literally the best.” Jake gets up from the table, unwraps the pizza that sits on the counter and puts it in the oven. “Pizza wont take long.”
Melody rubs her belly and smiles. “I am so anxious to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.”
“It will be exciting to find out.” He walks over to her and kneels down beside her chair and rubs her belly. “Look at my beautiful, pregnant girl.” He smiles up into Melody’s green eyes.
“Look at this handsome lad.” She looks into Jake’s hazel eyes. “He will be handsome, just like his daddy.”
“She will be beautiful, just like her mommy.” He stands up and kisses her. “I like your outfit.” He chuckles.
“I just threw this on when I got home from work.” Melody looks down at her attire. A pale pink tank top, with a pale gray zip up that fits to her body and arms and black capris yoga pants that fit to her thighs and slightly flair below the knees.
“What are you wearing underneath?” Jake smiles, so attracted to his wife’s body.
“I guess you’ll have to find out yourself.” Melody smiles and eats her food that is left on her plate. “Because, I’m not gonna tell you.” She says with a devious smile.
“Oh, so your playing games with me, huh?” Jake chuckles and sneaks up behind her, and starts rubbing her shoulders. “Because, two can play at this game.” He kisses her neck and inhales that luscious scent.
“What kind of game are we talking here?” She smiles, knowing exactly what he means.
“Just a naughty game.” Jake slides his arm around her front and to her chest. His hand cups her breast from outside the soft, gray fabric.
“Don’t squeeze too hard, remember last time I leaked milk inside my clothes.” Melody bites her lip. “But I like when you touch them.”
Jake quickly removes his hands off her and runs to the kitchen to turn off the oven. “We can make the pizza for a mid night snack, because later after our night activities, we will be two hungry animals!”
Melody leaps off her chair and turns off the dining room light. “Chase me, lover.” She runs her slow run, careful not to jostle the baby inside her. She hikes up the stairs and Jake catches her, enveloping her small body in his arms and carrying her to their bedroom.
He gently lays her on the bed and kisses her, brushing the hair from her face. “Mmmmm… I’m going to do you so good tonight.” He slowly unzips her sweatshirt and pulls on her arms to sit her up in order to take the light sweatshirt completely off her body. He then proceeds to peel the pale pink tank top off her back. Slowly revealing the beautiful belly, a white lacy bra, and over her head. “God, Mel.” He can’t resist. He dives in to plant kisses on her stomach.
“Jake, you know how much I love that.” Her smile broadens on her face. “Work your magic tongue on my body.”
With that said, Jake slides his tongue up her belly, slowly working his way to her bra covered breasts. He sits up and gently massages the two trapped beauties. He reaches behind and underneath her to unclasp the menacing bra.
Melody sits up and lets the bra slide down her arms and off onto the floor. She takes her own breasts in her palms and pushes them together to make massive cleavage. “Mmmm, I know how much you like it when I do this.”
Jake licks his lips. He stares at his wife’s long, thick, light colored nipples. During Melody’s pregnancy, her nipples haven’t changed color. “Those nipples are begging to be sucked.” He takes her hands off her breasts and keeps them squished together with his hands. “Your going to nurse me like a baby, huh little mama?” He looks up at her and runs his hand down her cheek.
“Yes, suck my sweet milk from my delicious nipples.” She smiles and feels the familiar, hot feeling of her pussy getting wet.
“Mmmmmm baby.” He sticks his tongue out and gently swirls his tongue around her areola and circles it to the middle where the precious prize awaits him. He purses his lips around her nipple and sucks on it.
“Mmmmmm Ohh Jake.” Melody’s hand goes to the back of Jake’s head to keep him there. Her pussy is getting so wet.
He gently pulls away and grins, “You like that, huh?”
She vigorously nods her head, “Keep sucking baby. It feels so good!”
He places his mouth back on her nipple. He sucks hard and nibbles a little bit. Milks squirts out of her thick nipple and into his mouth. He swallows and sucks harder.
“Ohhhhh Jake! Yes baby!” She closes her eyes and starts kneading at her left breast. “Suck your slut’s nipples.”
He grins. He loves when she calls herself names like that, it’s so unlike her. “Mmmmm you are my pregnant slut.” He mumbles as he sucks. He empties her right breast, relieving the heavy feeling for her. He gently removes her hand and lays her head on the pillow. His lips wrap around her left nipple, and he sucks hard. He places his hand on her shoulders, caressing her soft skin.
“Mmmmmm.” Melody’s nipple harden in his warm, wet mouth. “Oh Jake.” She whispers. Her fingers go to her right nipple and she squeezes it. Pinching it in between her fingers.
“No baby.” Jake lifts off her nipple and kisses her lips. “Let me do all the work. Just lay here and enjoy it.” He slowly kisses down her neck and to her nipple again, to finish it off. Before he resumes his snack of breast milk, he smiles at her, “It’s an order, don’t do a thing but moan and enjoy, that’s an order.” He whispers to her. Be blows cool air onto her nipple, letting it shrivel up to a little hard nub.
“OoooOooo.” Melody arches her back.
His tongue swirls around her areola and circles it to her nipple. He tongues the tip of her nipple and takes the whole thing into his mouth. Sucking away like a little baby. Again, the milk shoots out of her nipple and into Jakes awaiting mouth. He swallows and keeps sucking the milk out of her nipple, like it’s a straw. He soon empties her breast and removes his lips from her breast. “God, our baby is lucky to get that daily!” He holds the back of her head and kisses her forehead.
“So I get to pleasure you tomorrow night?” She giggles, knowing how much he loves her blow jobs.
“Yes, you get to be in control tomorrow. Now don’t say another word.” He says sweetly as he kisses her lips. His finger tips gently tug on the waist band of her yoga pants.
“I’m shutting up now.” She giggles, anxious to get his big 8 ½ inch cock inside her.
“You don’t have to shut up completely, baby. I just want you enjoy it completely. I love hearing your voice. Talk dirty to me, you can do that.” He loves dirty talk.
“Yes sir.” Melody says, in a seductive voice.
Jake slides down his wife’s body, her 34 C breasts poking into his shirt covered chest. He scoots down her body and pushes on her calves, bending them at the knee and spreading her legs. He quickly removes his shirt, getting hot and steamy. He smiles at her through her legs. He stands up on their bed and undoes his pants, pulling them off legs and tossing them to the floor. Revealing his green, plaid boxer shorts. His cock is sticking up, making a nice tent in the boxers.
“I think your little friend wants to say ‘Hello’, Jake.” Melody giggles. She loves his cock, it’s perfect to her.
“Yes, he wants to say ‘Hello’ to his playmate, Pussy.” He chuckles. Jake sits back down and reaches his arms to her waist and slides his finger tips down to the waist band of her yoga pants. He pulls them down and off her legs. The only barrier is the pink, lacy panties. Melody can’t stand thongs. He winks at her and then steps off the bed and goes to the light switch, flipping it off. The room goes dark and he shuts the door. “Are the kitties in here?”
“No, they are down stairs.” Melody giggles.
“Good, we have complete privacy.” Jake chuckles and walks carefully to the bed. He crawls onto it and feels his wife’s knee. As he sits in between her spread legs, his hands rub down her soft, smooth thighs. Gently massaging them.
“Stop teasing me, Jake! Just take off my panties!” She whines.
“No… I need to make your pussy very wet so my big penis can fit inside. I’m gonna fuck you so good, babe.” He locates her pussy and begins rubbing it from outside her panties. “God, Mel. Your getting soaked.” He feels her fluid seep through the soft fabric of her panties.
“It’s your fault.” She giggles. Her breathing becomes short when he slides his finger tip up to the location of her tiny clitty. “Oh yes Jake, THERE!” She whispers, unable to speak with her voice.
“Here?” He rubs her clitty harder, making it swell. “You like that?”
“Yessss!” Melody’s toes curl and her back slightly arches.
Jake smiles and takes his hands from her pussy and reaches his hands to her hips and pulls her panties off her legs. Now his sweet Melody is completely naked. The aroma of her pussy floats up to his nose. He inhales deeply. “Mmmmm the smell of your knocked up pussy drives me nuts, In a good way.” He kneels down and lowers his head. “Baby, get the lamp ok? I wanna see your pretty little pussy.”
Melody reaches over and turns on the lamp on her bed side table. “You like my pussy?”
“I love your pussy.” He spreads open her pussy lips to reveal a drop of pussy juice sliding down her butt. “Oh baby, your so pink. God your so wet.” Jake strokes a finger up her moist slit and feels the swollen nub of her clitty. “I’m going to make you cum so hard!”
“Mmmmmmmm!!!” Melody moans in anticipation. “Eat me!”
Jake chuckles, “I wanna taste this pussy.” He sniffs her again and gets his face really close to her. He puckers his lips and kisses around her pussy lips. “Mmmmmmmm you smell so good. I can’t wait to taste you.” Jake has tasted her many times before, but each taste a new time is a different flavor. “I’m gonna eat that little pussy out.” He stick out his tongue and slowly starts to lick up and down her slit. “Mmmmmmm.”
“Fuck Jake!” Melody curls her toes, squeezing them together. “Ohhhhh God! That feels so good!”
Jake loves the praise from his wife. He puts his right on her belly and caresses it. “Mmmmmm. You taste so good!” He says. He goes back to licking it gently. He licks up to her swollen clitty and gently nibbles on the sensitive nub.
This makes Melody go crazy. She writhes in pleasure. “Make me cum, Jake!”
Jake knows exactly how to make her cum. He sucks on her little clitty and removes his mouth from the nub, moving his left hand further up to her clit, he rubs her nub with his middle finger. Pressing down hard and rubbing fast. His tongue slides down her slit and plunges into her sweet fuck hole.
“GOD!” Melody’s eyes squeeze shut. Her hand goes to his head so he stays there. “Mmmmmmmm tongue fuck me, Jake!”
Jake swirls his tongue inside his young wife’s pussy. Two years ago, when they got married, he wasn’t very good at the tongue fuck, but two years of training and great sex almost every night, he has mastered it. He sticks his tongue in and out of her hole.
Melody’s pussy isn’t all the way bald, it has a little bit of fuzz on it. Just how Jake loves it. He loves licking the wispy pussy hairs. “Mmmmmmm Jake! I’m gonna cum!”
Jake quickens his tongue flicks. He plunges in and out of her pussy, he wants his wife to flood his mouth with her sweet juices.
Melody’s body shakes and quivers, lifting her sweet ass off the bed and arching her back, releasing her delectable juices into her husband’s mouth. “Ohhhhh!!!!!!!” She writhes in pleasure.
Jake swallows the flood of delicious pussy juice and smiles. “Baby, you made my cock even harder. Do you want this hard prick inside your fuck hole?” Jake loved talking nasty to his wife. He pulls down his boxers and tosses them to the ground. He immediately grabs his cock with his hands and gently starts rubbing it up and down.
“Yes baby! Make sweet love to me!” Melody loved being on bottom.
Jake lets go of his cock and he crawls on top of her, hovering over her so her doesn’t squish her stomach. He kisses her so she can taste herself on his lips and he kisses her cheek. “I love you.” He whispers.
“Fuck me Jake!” Melody wraps her arms around his neck and holds onto him.
He positions himself in front of her pussy, and grabs his dick with his left hand and puts it right outside her tight opening. “We haven’t done this for a while have we?”
“We had sex last week…” Melody giggles.
“That is a long time ago for me.” Jake brushes his long fingers through his wife’s long auburn hair. “You ready baby?”
“Yes!” She moans.
He feels her wetness on the tip of his cock, and he pushes in. “Oh! Oh fuck!” He hold onto her back.
“Fuck, Jake!” Melody grips her husband’s back and runs her nails down the back of his neck.
“Mmmmmmm. Do you want it hard, love?” Jake slowly thrusts in and out of his beautiful wife.
“Fast and hard!” Melody likes sex rough but loving.
He just smiles, and caters to his wife’s needs. His hips quicken in pace and start thrusting in and out.
“FASTER!” Melody moans. Her hot breath hitting his ear lobes, making Jake quicken his thrusts even more.
“You like that baby? God your so tight. You pussy is so hot baby.” He fucks her faster, due to her request. Melody’s breasts jiggle underneath him as he fucks her good.
“Cum on my face Jake!” Melody screams.
“You want my sperm on your face?” He asks, double checking.
“YES FUCKIN CUM ON MY FACE!” Melody grinds her hips to his thrusts. “Fuckin cum!”
He pulls out and then thrusts hard, shoving his whole cock deep into her pussy. “GOD!” He kisses her and moans into her mouth.
“Ohhh! Jake! Right there! Yessss!” Melody wraps her legs around his butt so he stays inside her.
Jake found her most sensitive spots, her hidden depths wrap around his cock, tightening and grasping his dick, not wanting to let go. “Are you going to cum, Love?” He asks her, breathlessly.
“Yes! I’m going to cum Jake!” Melody grabs the bed sheets with her fists. Their sweaty bodies rub together as they make love.
“Yes Melody, Cum on my cock.” Jake felt that familiar heaviness in his balls. The build up of his cum. “Baby, I’m gonna cum too. I wanna cum inside you! I will cum on your face tomorrow, please let me cum inside you! Let’s cum together!”
Melody nods her head, “Yes, Jake! Cum inside me!”
Jake smiles and takes his right hand and moves it down to her clitty, rubbing it hard and fast, wanting to make his beautiful woman cum hard. “I’m gonna cum baby!” He kisses her nipples and then kisses her lips, “Are you ready?”
“FUCK YES! I’M CUMMING TOO!” Melody shivers with pleasure, goose bumps raise on her skin.
“I’m cumming baby.” Jake thrusts one last time and the hot streams of cum shoot inside of her cervix, bathing her insides in hot, wet cum. He then feels a flood of her cum bathe his cock. “Mmmmm baby!” He kisses her and holds her tight. Rolling onto his side, while his cock is still deep inside her, he kisses her and holds her in his arms.
Melody wraps her leg around his waist and nestles her head under his neck. “Thank you, Jake. I love you so much.”
“I love you too, my darling angel.” He kisses her head, smelling her luscious shampoo and hears her light breathing. “Good night my love.” He holds her tight and pulls out of her. He lets go of her for just a second to get the sheet and pull it over their bodies. The night turns quiet as the young couple drift off to sleep.

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