“Dennis, if you really want to learn how to please a woman then I would love to teach you, if that’s OK with you?” “Yes Ma’am!” He said with a huge grin on his face. “I would really like that!”
**WARNING** This story may be considered a bit length at 7 typed pages. But I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday (Day 2)

Cindy placed her hands on the legs of the young man sitting naked on the couch in her den. She pushed herself up from a kneeling position between his legs to stand right in front of him, she also was fully nude. "Well Dennis, I'm not sure what you'd planned to do today, but I had planned to just stay home and relax. Are your parents expecting you home this morning?" She asked.

“No Ma’am, they know I was coming over to see Bobby, and they never mind me hanging out over here. Besides, they’re heading up to a retreat this weekend so I’m on my own.” He replied as he tried to keep his eyes on her face while they talked; a battle he was losing. Cindy did give him kudos for trying though. “And other than hanging out with Bobby I had no plans.”

“I see. Well with Bobby gone I hope spending time with me hasn’t been too much of a disappointment.” She chided him as once again his eyes strayed to her fully exposed private parts.

“No Ma’am!” He said, looking straight at her face when he did. “Last night, and this morning were awesome, I mean I knew sex would be fun, but that was totally rad!”

“Well I’m certainly glad I could be “rad” just for you.” Cindy winked as she said this and smiled when he blushed slightly. “Now, what would you like to do today?”

“I don’t know, I was just gonna play video games and hangout, but that was with Bobby. Is there anything you'd like me to do?” The way he asked the question made Cindy realize that he was hoping she’d take the lead and offer him another opportunity for “play-time”. After a moment of thought she answered him.

“Actually, there are many things that you might be able to do for me. The question I have is what would you like to do for me?” She asked, and then watched as her son's best friend thought for a moment.

“Well, I really enjoyed making you come. I’m mean, I knew girls like sex, but I never saw one actually get off before, I mean not in real life, until last night. And that was sooo cool! I guess now I just want to know how I did it so I can do it again.” He told her.

Cindy was seriously impressed with this young man. Many men could care less whether their partner enjoyed the experience or not, as long as they got their rocks off. And some that did, only cared enough to satisfy their own ego by telling themselves what great lovers they were. “Dennis, if you really want to learn how to please a woman then I would love to teach you, if that’s OK with you?”

“Yes Ma’am!” He said with a huge grin on his face. “I would really like that!”

Cindy gazed at the handsome young man sitting naked in front of her as he in turn gazed up at her own naked body. Turning around she bent over to pick-up her bathrobe, and looked over her shoulder as she did. Dennis' eyes were locked on her exposed ass. Picking up the robe and turning back around she cocked her hips to one side as she struck a sexy pose. "Do you like what you see Dennis?" She asked with a mischievous grin.

"Oh yes, Mrs. J, I like it a lot!" He said with a great deal of enthusiasm. Cindy held up the bathrobe in from of him.

"And since I can't seem to find the tie for the blasted thing, should I even bother putting it back on?" She asked looking at it for a moment.

"Oh no, I'd much rather you leave it off!" He said. Cindy flipped the robe over her shoulder and turned to leave the den. "Um, Mrs. J, should I stay here?"

"It's going to be kind of hard for you to enjoy my nakedness if you stay in here, don't you think?" She asked as she walked out of the den.

Cindy heard Dennis leap off the couch and follow her out. As she passed one of the mirrors in the hall she saw him following with his eyes locked onto her swaying ass. She smiled as she thought of the last time she paraded around naked in front of a young man this age.

- It was the summer between her junior and senior year. Cindy had agreed to play strip-poker with her boyfriend, some of his friends, and one other girl. After a few hands the other girl decided she didn't want to play anymore and left. After a few more hands Cindy was completely naked. The night got progressively more interesting after that..(but that's another story)

A slight shiver moved up her back at the memory. Up the stairs Cindy went with Dennis right behind her. She thought she feel his gaze on her ass the whole time. When she entered her bedroom she tossed the robe onto her bed and headed into the bathroom. She saw in the mirror that Dennis had stopped at the door and was watching her intently, or at least parts of her. She reached in and turned on the shower before turning back to Dennis.

"Alright, the first lesson for today; a woman loves to be pampered." Having said that she turned and walked into the shower. As she stood under the water she looked at him and asked, "Are you coming?"

Dennis practically leaped into the shower and stood behind her. Once she was thoroughly wet she handed him a wash cloth and a bottle of scented body wash. "Please wash my body." That was as all she said as she turned her back to him.

Dennis quickly put some body wash on the wet cloth and began to apply it to her back. He started with her shoulders, working from side to side, and then began to work his way down her back. Cindy hadn't been bathed in years by another and relaxed to enjoy the moment. Dennis only paused for a moment when he reached her ass. He washed both cheeks, very thoroughly, and then moved the cloth between them.

Cindy leaned forward as he rubbed the cloth over her ass hole several more times than was probably necessary, but she let him have his fun. She felt her body beginning to respond and fought the urge to push her ass back towards him. After several minutes she realized he was mentally stuck on this part of her body and said, "Remember Dennis, this is a lesson in pampering a woman, not seducing her. That lesson will come later, I promise."

Cindy didn't need to see him to know he was blushing. Dennis then began to work his way down one leg. When he reached her foot he slowly lifted it and carefully, as if not to tickle her, washed it. Setting it back down he repeated the process on the other foot before working his way up the other leg. When his cloth clad hand reached the top of her thigh he very carefully began to wash the area where the tops of her thighs, ass and pussy came together. Cindy was impressed by not only how gentle he was being, but also how he was heeding her warning to pamper, not seduce.

When Dennis finished that area, and he had been very thorough, he stood up again. Hesitating for only a moment he gently turned her to around and for a moment stood face to face with her. She watched him manage a pretty good poker face as he began to wash the front of her. He started with one of her shoulders, and then moved down that arm. After working his way down and washing each finger carefully he moved to her other shoulder and repeated the process.

Once done there Dennis applied more body wash and began washing just above her breasts. As he washed his way downward he moved to the left breast first. Washing completely over and around her breast, he then carefully washed her nipple. But as careful as he as trying to be Cindy felt little jolts of pleasure shot through her body. But she wasn't sure if it was the cloth on her nipple or how hard he was trying to please her that stimulated her. After finishing the first breast he repeated the process on the second, but seemed to take a little bit more time then on the first.

Dennis then moved down to wash her stomach and then her pussy. Cindy was again seriously impressed as it was evident that he was trying very hard not to stimulate her when he gently passed the cloth over her pussy. What he did next surprised her though. After finishing her pubic area (and she thought he'd get hung up and spend way more time there) he rinsed out the wash cloth under the shower and then began rinsing the soap off of her. He was very deliberate in his effort not to tease or excite her, and to only finish the task assigned him.

When he had wiped the wet cloth over her entire body he then turned her completely around, letting the water spray over her to ensure there were no traces of soap left. He even lifted her breasts gently and parted her ass cheek just enough to let the water do its job. When he was finally finished he stepped back away from her and simply looked her over, completely.

Cindy turned around under the water a couple more times before rinsing her hair again and turning off the water. She then smiled at him and said, "That was actually quite good Dennis. Very thorough, but good non-the-less." Dennis beamed with pride at her praise. "Now, there's an extra towel under the sink for you. I'm going to sit in the bathtub for a little bit before we move on to the next lesson."

Cindy realized that Dennis was hard again. She looked down deliberately and then back up at he face. "I guess the next lesson is actually about patience. Are you going to be OK if we don't take care of that for awhile."

Dennis blushed and looked down for a moment before answering her, "Ya, it's OK Mrs. J, it just does that sometimes." He looked back up at her and continued. "I really want to learn how to please a woman. But, were you serious about teaching me to seduce a woman?"

Cindy smiled and answered, "I was very serious, but not so you can take advantage of a woman. What I want to teach you is how to relax a woman by showing her that you want to please her first. Women really love a man that think of them first because it makes them feel special, and not just a 'thing' to satisfy a man's immediate needs. Unless of course they enjoy playing games."

"And will you teach me about these games too?" Dennis asked. Cindy was taken by surprise both by his question, and by the fact she had brought the subject up. She had offered to teach him about sex, but she hadn't thought about how curious he might be and how much he might want to learn. 'This could be a very interesting summer indeed!' She thought.

"That will have to come later, young man. Remember we're working on patience at the moment." She reminded him. "I'm going to be in here for little bit preparing for your next lesson. When I'm done in here I'll come find you." Reaching down Cindy touched his hard dick with one finger and said, "I'd prefer that you save this for me, OK?"

Dennis blushed slightly, but grinned and said, "Yes ma'am!" With that he turned and walked out of her bathroom, through her bedroom and into the hall.

Cindy started the bath before checking to make sure Dennis had left. She then reached under the sink for the items she'd need. After quickly drying off her pubic area she picking up the first item and plugging it in. A few minutes later she inspected her work before climbing into the tub to finish her preparations. When she was satisfied that everything was ready she soaked in the warm water for few more minutes. Then she got out, dried herself off, wrapped the towel around her and went in search of her young, eager pupil.

Cindy found Dennis in the den playing video games. She thought about interrupting him and taking the lesson upstairs, but decided against it. 'This is as good a room as any.' She thought. Going down the hall to the closet she pulled out some items she would need and went back to the den. He was still playing she stepped between him and the TV and spread out a large quilt. She then spread a soft blanket over that and laid a pillow at one end. Turning around she walked over to stand directly in front of him. She noticed his erection had gone done since the shower. "I have a surprise for you." She said as she spread her arms up and away from her body.

Dennis had already put the game controller down and now reached for the towel. His look of curiosity suddenly changed to one of stunned surprise as the towel fell away from her body and he looked directly at her smoothly shaven pussy. Cindy smiled as she watched his mouth slowly drop open. "This, Dennis, is what a woman's pussy looks like without it's natural covering." She said. Dennis slowly reached one hand out, but stopped and looked up at her. "Yes, you may touch it." She answered his unspoken question. Slowly he brought his hand up and brushed his fingers over her freshly shaved skin, touching her entire pubic mound. After of moment of this Cindy stepped back and said, "Show and tell is over, now for your lesson."

Cindy returned to the blanket and laid down, feet together and her arms at her side. "Now you're going to learn your way around the female body. Please come sit by my side so you can see, and reach everything." Dennis walked over and sat down beside her.

He suddenly looked away from her towards the other side of the room, then at the TV. "Hold on." He said as he got up and went back to the couch. He fumble around for a second before turning back towards her. He turned the game off with it's controller and then the TV with the remote. Putting them both down he quickly returned to her side.

"Now, before we begin I need to lay down some ground rules." Cindy began. "During this lesson I'm going to give you instructions. Like in the shower, this is not about trying to seduce me, this is about learning about a woman's body. So if I tell you to touch something then touch only that thing. If I tell you to slow down or stop then I expect you to do so. This can be a very vulnerable position for a woman to be in with a man, and so she has to trust her partner or she may not relax enough to enjoy it. And if you're trying to please her then you want her to be able to trust you, do you understand?"

"OK, that makes sense, " he replied, "but how do 'games' change that? Cindy realized that he wasn't going to forget the comment she made earlier. She'd have to be more careful around this curious young man.

"We'll save that for later in our lessons, but first the basics. Do you agree to follow these rules?" She asked. "Yes ma'am." He quickly answered.

"Good, now have you ever gotten to second base with a girl?" Dennis nodded and so she continued. "Have you ever reached third base?"

Dennis looked down for moment and replied, "Yes, once. We were on a band trip to Disneyland and me and this girl kind of messed around on one of the rides." He said. "It was dark and I didn't really see anything, but it felt nice."

"Then for now we'll skip the breasts and nipples, go over the other parts." Spreading her legs wide apart she said. "Please on put your hand on my pussy." Dennis reached over and placed his hand gently on top of her mound. "This is my mons veneris, mound of Venus, or pubic mound. It's the nice bump you see in the front of a woman's pants or shorts. The two large 'outer lips' running it's length are called the labia majora. They're also known as a woman's pussy lips. Now, carefully spread these lips apart." With two fingers Dennis very carefully spread her pussy lips and looked inside. "You see the smaller pair of lips inside me?" She asked him. When nodded again she continued. "Those are the labia minora, or inner lips. Now the hole you see between them is the entrance to my vagina. That is where your dick was last night."

Dennis leaned way over to get a better look. She saw his face redden slightly but he never took his eyes off of her pussy. "Now if you follow the inner lips upward you'll see a little button hiding under a little hood. Very gently pull the hood upward, but just a little bit." When she felt him pull it back she said, "Now that is my clitoris, or clit. It is very sensitive so you have to be careful how you touch it." Dennis was still inspecting her pussy when Cindy noticed his hard-on. It was all she could do to keep from reaching out and touching it.

"Now, notice how damp it appears at the entrance of my vagina." Dennis looked closer and then nodded his head. "That’s the way it normally looks, at least for me. Now, are you ready to learned about foreplay." Dennis looked at her and said, "Oh, yes ma'am!"

"Excellent. First, take your right hand and start softly caressing one of my breasts, your choice, but stay away from the nipple" She said smiling. Dennis smiled back and began to softly cup and brush his fingers over and around her left breast. His gentle touch felt great. "Now, take your other hand and just as softly start caressing my pubic mound, just the outer lips." As Dennis complied Cindy felt her little tingly sensations move through her body. His hands felt wonderful as they gently caressed her. After a few more moments she said, "Now I'd like you to run your fingers along the inside of my pussy lips, spreading them gently, but do not go so far as to touch the entrance to my vagina, OK." Dennis nodded to her and then turned back to concentrate on his task. His look was a mixture of fascination and determination and she admired his desire to learn and please.

"Now Dennis, I'd like you to start playing with my nipple." She said. As Dennis took her nipple between his finger and thumb he looked at her and asked, "Is it OK if I pinch it?" Cindy smiled and said, "You may pinch it, pull it, twist it or caress it. Just remember to be gentle." As Dennis began playing with her nipple her body responded with a sharp intake of breath and her back arched slightly. Dennis looked at her and they locked eyes for moment. Then he grinned and went back to playing with her body.

Cindy's breath was getting deepen and louder. As Dennis continued to manipulate her nipple his other hand kept stroking her pussy lips. Finally she said, "Dennis, its time to learn a new trick." He looked at her as his hands continued playing with her nipple and pussy. "As you move your hand up and down between my pussy lips I want you to take one finger and ever so lightly brush it over my clit. Can you do that for me."

"You bet I can, Mrs. J." he replied. Dennis looked down at the hand playing with her pussy. He began to raise his forefinger to reach for her clit, but then changed his mind. Keeping his four fingers sliding along her pussy lips he moved his thumb over and began to rub up lightly over her now protruding clit.

Cindy's back came off the blanket as his thumb started brushing over her clit. She looked at him and saw a look of wonder come over his as he watched her body respond to his touch. "That's it," she gasped, "Dennis." As he continued to gently manipulate her body she felt a spasm course through her body. "Dennis," she gasped out, "that's just," she gasped again, "the right amount," this was proving difficult, "of pressure." She finally said.

Her body was responding so completely to his touch now that she realized she was reaching her 'point of no return'. She had learned along time ago that when her body hit this point she would do anything, allow anything, so long as it helped her reach an orgasm. But much to his credit, Dennis was following her instructions to the letter. Which meant he would continue his gentle caresses until her damn burst. She felt her body begin to shake as little waves of pleasure raced through her. Her hands were now palm down against the blanket and her fingers were digging in as hard as she could. She heard her moans of passion getting louder and louder as her body began to rock uncontrollably and her hips began to thrust upward to meet his fingers. Suddenly one of his finger slipped deep inside of her and her whole world began to spin. She looked up at him and saw the look of surprise on his face, but when he quickly looked at her something changed. He got a very wide grin and then suddenly a second finger joined the finger deep inside of her. She lost it completely.

Wave after wave of pleasure swept through her body as she gasped for breath. Her body shook with passion as he continued stimulating her with his fingers. She couldn't think, she could only except it and go with the feelings coursing through her body. Again and again her hips thrust up to meet his fingers as her chest heaved with the effort to breath. Finally, after her body began to lose strength she felt her climax begin to falter and her body started to slow down.

"Dennis," she gasped, "it's time," she fought for breath, "to stop!" she managed. She felt his fingers leave her body and felt just a touch of disappointment. But she needed to breath. After a few minutes of her chest heaving and body shaking she finally felt it start to relax. With her eyes closed she waited until her breathing was slow enough that she trusted her voice. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at Dennis. He sat there beside her just watching her, with a look of pure joy painted across his face. Finally she raised one hand and laid it on his arm and said, "Dennis, that was wonderful."

Dennis looked down at her face with a look of wonder and pride and asked, "Can we do it again?"

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